Should I “Hate” The Jew or Just The Negro?

The personable, “conservative” Youtuber, RAMZPAUL, recently got back from the American Renaissance conference in Tennessee and put out a video telling of his experiences. He happily reports to have bonded with the few Jews who attended and bragged about accepting an invitation to do his kind of “schtick” at one of their ZIONIST JEW SPECIFIC confabs in New York. Hmmm.*

ONE OF THE things you probably noticed on the Internet, is that pretty much all of the so-called “truther” sites distinguish between doing things on NWO government-illuminati-black pope conspiracy stuff (like Alex Jones), commies or maybe black-on-White crime. But most can’t bring themselves to look at the whole puzzle, so hamstrung are they over PC and race issues. Often, they can be seen dancing carefully up to the line and jumping back, hopefully before anyone thinks they are a Nazi, KKK man, hater, or the all inclusive, “White supremacist.”

I got news for these people: You’re still going to get called that, regardless of how nice you are about it. You should have noticed this by now.

Of course, you do have the somewhat socially accepted hatred of the Muslims, thanks to continuous “War on Terror” psyops, 9/11 (false flag or not) and biased Mideast media reporting. The real power matrix and psycho little Jewry enjoys stoking Muzzie hate, since it’s a good diet to feed the cannon fodder; they just can’t be too obvious about it, since the sheer hypocrisy might alert too many of the multicults they’ve been steadily brainwashing over the years.

All this crap just kills me, since it’s right in front of our faces. It’s like some sort of evil daze has enveloped the White race, keeping us from speaking about much of anything in support of our race. Most of the time, we can’t even talk to our own flesh and blood. I’ve literally had liberal, multicult Whites break down, start yelling or sobbing right in front of me for saying the smallest thing that might be called racist. The Jewish multicult brainwashing runs deep, my friends.

Take this site, for example: “Black Racism and hatred.” The guy does a bang-up job on exposing all the truly horrible crimes of blacks, but stays clear away from the Jew question. He even “borrowed” some of my graphics (which I don’t mind t-tall). He never puts up anything on the “Jew question” but does point out Jew operations like the SPLC — just can’t seem to bring himself to face the predominance of Jews involved.

Same thing with the Council of Conservative Citizens (COFCC), who often run stuff on liberal Jew operations — again like the SPLC — but don’t really talk about the Jew per se, even though I sense many of them get it. I think they are afraid they might piss off the few “conservative” Jew members they have (more on this in a minute).

Then there’s the liberal, hippie anti-war Zionist angle, where you’re supposed to only hate ZIONISTS and what Israel does, but never Jews just for being Jews. Regular Jewry, supposedly non-Zionist (BS — liberal democrap Jews are usually big pro-Israel nuts too), is again off-limits because of the supposedly race angle.

Like the color of their skin, the whole PC bit has been berry, berry good for the Jews to confuse us White people and hide behind.

Then there’s some sites that only talk about the “Jew” business across the board, but stay away from the Negro stuff — probably because they rightfully understand far too many Whites are hopelessly brainwashed over race and would tune them out. I can dig it.

“alien race of perverted sicko liar brain scanners”

— Search string typed in by two different people on the same day leading them to my site.

Now getting back to the so-called “conservatives” who talk about all the bull but studiously avoid the Jew question because they have Jews embedded in their ranks.

First, I will fully admit there are Negro-hating Jews out there. In fact, more Jews hate the “swartzes” then they’ll let on. I can’t tell you all the times I’ve heard supposedly hipster Jews say bad stuff about blacks, even the ones who act all high and mighty with the liberal crap.

This knotty problem has been with us for a long time. It’s what has kept people like David Duke away from some pro-White events. You occasionally see a big argument break out, like when Duke gave a speech at the American Renaissance conference awhile back, those few Jewish members attending got up and left in a big huff. This year Duke stayed away because of it and had this to say to the fools.

It’s a crying shame to see a genuine American hero, Dr. David Duke, have to put up with spineless YIDiots and embedded Jewry.

“Every time new and promising opportunities for meddling have arisen,” he brought out, “the Jew has been immediately involved. He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to sniff out like a bloodhound anything which was dangerous to him. Having found it, he uses all his cunning to get at it, to divert it, to change its nature, or, at least, to deflect its point from its goal.

Schopenhauer called the Jew ‘the dregs of mankind,’ ‘a beast,’ ‘the great master of the lie.’ How does the Jew respond? He establishes a Schopenhauer Society.”

— Dietrich Eckart

Now, I figured out the real deal years ago, quite on my own, but mostly in a round-about way. Trust me: I did not wake up one morning and say “I’m a Nazi boy and today I’m getting my big fat White head shaved! After that, I think I’ll go downtown and get a swastika tattooed on my chest!”

No, not at all. I was pretty much into other stuff. Besides, I wanted to get laid and knew all the liberal chicks would be turned off.

But if there was anyone on earth who should have gotten it about the Jew, it should have been me. It seemed like everywhere I turned I found hard evidence of these people’s devious meddling. I am not kidding you. Whenever I’d dig deep enough into “X,” I’d see the filthy Khazar Jew blinking in the light like a bug.

From the FIAT money slavery of the Federal Reserve; to Wall Street financial shenanigans; to DC politics and foreign affairs; to the multicult brainwashing of the media. Even things you might not expect, like sociology and anthropology. All sorts of “OLOGIES” and “ISMS” have ample, provable evidence of Jewish origin and meddling.

History (mostly the 19th and 20th century) is chock-full of total lying Jew BS, right along with murderous wars and communism killing millions of us “Goyim.” Funny, how only Jewish victimhood is important to these hugely self-absorbed people, huh?

Then we got Jews involved in everything from civil rights to open-air faggotry. Merely turning on the TV will show you smiling, smarmy Jew “pundits” pushing the Jew agenda on America 24/7. Even the supposedly “conservative” Jew talking heads are all for things like immigration and homo marriage.

JEW TRAITORS GRAPHICTrouble is, most White Europeans think those they are listening to and watching on TV, are other Whites just like them. TV Jews never, ever look orthodox or Hasidic (like the Jew behind RAMZPAUL in my top photoshop illustration). Some of them even make special efforts to look more “goyish” for us Goyim.

One good example is Ari Fleischer (George W. Bush press spokesman and occasional FOX news commentator). Ari is an ordained rabbi in the ultra-Zionist, Jewish extremist organization, the Chabad Lubavitchers, who always sport big nasty Eastern European Shtel beards, black fedoras and plain black suits. But when you see the bald Ari on TV, he’s clean-shaven, no hat and wears waspy Brook Brother suits and power ties.

Jews often even have Gentile-sounding names, as well. Ever know another bunch who specifically changes last names so those around won’t get wise?

And it’s far greater than just the “liberal media,” too. I labored under that foolish assumption for years, even though I came across boatloads of stuff saying otherwise. Indeed, Jews are the ultimate “pied pipers” of mayhem to generations of fooled Whites in the West.

Look at immigration here in America, for crying out loud. It’s easily provable that the Jew has worked diligently since the 1920’s to bring down the percentage of White Europeans in America. In 1965, they succeeded by using a “shabbos goy” frontman, Teddy Kennedy, to pass a new immigration bill, one that completely turned around who we legally let in here. Used to be mostly European Whites (including the Jews, unfortunately), but they flipped-flopped it all around so they now come mostly from Africa and Asia (Hispanics are White Spanish Caucasians, but the MESTIZOs are not White — illegal or not).

Hell, the Jew-owned and controlled media now practically crows over the “coming White minority” status right in our faces these days. The whole point to immigration has always been to destroy White demographics and political power. It should be clear as day by now.

And no, before you think I’m a big conspiracy buff, it’s not secret instructions written in invisible ink on parchment from the hidden Jew headquarters up in the Catskills. Sure, the hidden money powers are behind the FED, the holocaust “industrial gassing” myth, NWO globalism and turning our countries into more profitable Third World-style states — right along with continued support of their long-running project in the Mideast: Israel.

Notice how the media constantly tells us that Israel is our only “little friend” in this region of the world. With friends like them, who the hell needs enemies?

Israel uses and abuses America like a bitch. They are always spying and stealing our technology. The backstabbers once purposefully tried to sink one of our naval vessels (the Liberty), killing 34 and terror bombed Americans in Egypt (Lavon affair) in the effort to keep us from any Arab alliance. Jews, Israelis AND “American” Jews, constantly deny these things, but they are absolutely true.

But even little Jews are involved in the destruction of the White race. Jewry often appears to act like one big crime family or biological organism. Seems like once they gain enough power in a host nation, something clicks internally and things go to hell — acting up, causing troubles of all sorts and well-earning the nickname: The Nation Wreckers.

It may be exactly the same as the inner biological mechanism that causes birds to flock in rhythm, or better yet, locusts that suddenly start marching in ranks, sprout wings to fly off to devour the crops of another land. Sound crazy? Hell, it happened to Germany after the Great War (WWI) and you’re seeing this happen to America right now.

Think about all this when you’re gassing up or buying groceries. Think about it when you hear about a loved one going down the wrong path in life.

Now let’s look at the African-“American.” The sub-Saharan Negro (also called black, etc., etc.), has got to be about the most worthless GD race on the planet. Look at any country or city they have control and you’ll see non-stop corruption in high office; the infrastructure going to hell and a hand basket; welfare, sponging off food stamps, AA and socialistic government benefits; to stabbing or shooting each other in the streets over chicken bones every five minutes.

Just take a look at the now pisspot cities like Detroit, Newark and Atlanta, for crying out loud. Every single place this race lives in any numbers, eventually turns into a filthy, dangerous sewer, if it’s not already like that.

Ever see one single ancient or modern civilization they’ve created? Of course not. That’s why these “people” are desperate to make out Egypt and Carthage as black — simply because these civilizations happened to be on the African continent.

If all that wasn’t enough, these violent spoiled brats are literally raping, robbing and killing us Whites in our own lands. Sometimes these brutal bastards actually torture their White victims before killing them. You just never hear about such “hush crimes” because the media doesn’t want the majority of us Whites to get it about this savage bunch.

Hell, blacks kill each other all the damn time over practically nothing, so what makes you expect them to be all sweet and nice when it came to us Whites? Many of them actually hate us — simply because the Jew media has been pumping them up with hate-whitey stuff for decades now.

But blacks would never, ever be a problem for our White countries if it wasn’t for the Jew. I’m telling you that’s the case. Sucks, but there you have it.

So, any of you so-called pro-Whites who might hate the criminal Negroes, Muslims, multicults, homos, liberals, commies and all around cultural saboteurs, but will not touch the Jew, I got big news for you: Nothing is ever going to change until we deal with the Jew. NOTHING.

That’s just the way it is, whether you like it or not.

— Phillip Marlowe

* Don’t get me wrong, I still like RAMZPAUL. I just think he’s becoming a “Judas Goat,” for Whites and sucking up to the Jews like Glenn Beck (especially noticeable when he was trying to hold on to his FOX gig). And I certainly wouldn’t socialize or find common bond with these creeps, especially after all they have done and are doing to America right the hell now.

Notice how I put in the word “ZIONIST” in that caption under that top illustration. You can bet your bottom dollar those “conservative” Jews — who invited RAMZPAUL to their own Jew York gig — are major league Israel supporters, hence a huge part of the problem corrupting America today. Basically, they are traitors and will never be “comrades” (like in commies, LOL) to INCOG MAN.

“They are going to call you a HATER, no matter what, so you may as well go all out.”

— ME

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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243 Responses to Should I “Hate” The Jew or Just The Negro?

  1. Bailey says:

    Yea but, If it was evil white supremacists they would have blown up the front runners being that they’re all from Kenya, right?

    It wasn’t the Israelis, they were more worried about this.

  2. Bailey says:

    Boston police issued an alert for a rental van that may have sought access to the marathon route.

    Is it just me or is there always a rental van?

  3. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I just read a few minutes ago that they was holding some kind of exercise during the marathon. Just like 9/11 and the London bombing. Did anyone else hear that? I’m wondering if they will use the bombing to attack Iran. If they say Muslims did it, you can bet that is what is coming.

  4. Cleansweep says:

    Defense against state terrorism. JB Campbell urges us to prepare and be ready to defend ourselves against the horrific and bloody network of state terrorists.

  5. Cleansweep says:

    Look at this traitor! Listen to his lying tongue.

    This shitbag goes in the same category with Dick Cheney etc.
    A licker of jew boots. Just listen to his arrogance infront of the audience.
    An audience made up of american people. This McCain is a sorry example of what the official America is today. And whats wrong with his face?

    Obviously they did not keep him long enough in cage in Vietnam.
    This man would be a horrific prison chief. He does not hesitate for a second to round up American citizens to be exterminated while flooding the nation with third world illegals. He is full of hypocrisy. And dares to refer to judeo-christian values. He only knows how to lick jew boots. Disgusting piece of shit. An awful creature of the lowest class.

    And some people still call him a war hero? This is unbealivable.

    NDAA Author John McCain

  6. brian boru says:

    I believe that McCain’s father was involved in the cover-up of the kike attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. Naturally, McCain is a traitor and scumbag. He wouldn’t be in the position of power he is in if he wasn’t. All of these rats are conditioned all their worthless lives to support the kike agenda. To debate with them or even acknowledge them at all is a waste of time. The only time you focus on them is when you line them up in the sights of your rifle or shove a gasoline-filled tire over their shoulders. McCain and his ilk sold their souls long ago, if indeed they ever had souls.

  7. condeez says:

    Thank God we have Mike Delaney and Scott Roberts!

  8. sog says:

    mcCain sold out to the n.v.a. from the very first ..i do not believe for a second he went thru and difficult times with the nva while in captivity of the things he did when he acsended to power later in the jewSA was to get some kind of laws passed to hide his pow record ..besides being the buffoon that caused the small boating mishap in 1967 on the USS why then was he the only guy that gets transfered off was an admiral i guess ,dont really give a fuck as McCain was given a pass thru all the navy shit and flight school least he could fly the damn thing whereas fairy princess bush couldnt fly a kite on a windy day ..there is obvious disparities and arguments as to whether the jr. mccain started the fire with wet start hijinx ,but you will always have to ask ? then why was he immediately transferred off the ship ..ahhy ?McClown is a dubious excuse for a half wit and known kike ass rimmer …brian b. is right and j.b. campbell is right ..anyone that realizes that the muslim marxist matrix owns the govt and all need to effen be specie eliminated is right ..its them or us ..
    all these gas bags in marxist american politriks are duplicitous psycopaths ..who listens to these ass holes ..hmmm other psycopathic assholes ?
    america was founded by real people, real hell raisers, and good hearted intelligent human beings ,,
    rugged citizens who hated big govt. and avoided bs taxation ..spoke out strongly against tyranny ,farmed and planted tobacco and brewed spirits and beer and smuggled weapons when british banned guns ..the usa will be saved by these very same people ..
    the original “assault” rifle was a real long and real heavy single shot rifle …you could actually say one of the major reasons for the war in 1776 was over gun control since the british banned and confiscasterd weapons banned from import in 1774 .. attempted confiscated in 1775 ………………………..1776 revolution … la revolution..
    What Britain did to anger the Colonialists was to insist that they get their guns & powder from Britain, through commercial channels that could be policed. And the amount of weapons and especially powder ,that an individual could own was the biggest bone of contention. . A man might argue that he needs a rifle and a certain amount of powder but when that man owns more than a dozen rifles and several barrels of powder, well he might be agitating against authority….yeah uhmm hmm ..did you know that no matter how many rifles and nice warm or cold guns you own you can only fire 2 at a time ..heh heh ..
    Authority was the the issue in the American Colonies. When Britain(under jew power) asserted authority by demanding that Americans enumerate their weapons & stores of powder and restricted the amount of gunpowder imported into the colonies and prevented th colonies from starting a gunpowder manufacturing plant of their own, the Americans got angry.. Hence the ammendent proclaiming the right to bear arms.
    obama says weapons of war have no palce on our streets ..poohnanny nigger ..niggeres are weaopons of mass destruction and D.ept. H.omo S.exuals is putting civil mercenaries on the streets wont be to stop niggeres from rampaging you can bank on thet ..people who are for gun control are in essence for gun confiscation and these misguided morons dont realize that the govt will confiscate guns and put the weapons into the hands of lawless racist anti white muslims, mexcans and niggeres and jews ..
    when the jews slaughtered millions in russia they had a lot of goyim helpers ..
    still want to go out and eat that chinese food ..ahh sooo no msg noooo msg no veeeceee no msgeeee ..fuck china to ..and chinese ..these fukers are coming here to whip our asses and serve us up as 4 course chinese meals ..ahh ruooo eart ahr uhh cheirnrese foord annuh yu wuhllluh bre ahuh hung-reee agrin in ah uh harf an hower ,,ay ..heh heh …too much switching to japanese food ..hold the nuklear waste.. ..
    we should all have at least 10- 20 ,.22cal type rifles of various and sundry types 22 Lr 22 mag etc ..cheeep ammo and good enough for anti govt work anti chinese work …always aim for the bridge of the nose..and make sure to rub shit all over the bullets ..

    you can produce a virulient mass of scary shit in a jar in your kitchen if you like or back yard ..the jar contains effluent and many other stomach churning entities and is duly fermented and used as a seal of quality on each bullet tip might accidentally produce a new type of airborne plague tho ..heh heh ,,be careful …like the man said ..aint no room for prisoners or mercy …..the anti christ is emerging soon ..
    sazzy in the gulag ? already ,gtr man to ,barney ? in fema camps so soon ..send us a post card ..

  9. sog says:

    thats it .we must call our representatives ..howling representatives ..reprobate politicains ..there must be an immediate ban on all rental vee-hickles …get mark leno the man from nambla on that .. just tell him its a liitle kid and he’ll get right on it ,all over it ..sic fuckin world out there safe yall ..

  10. nodollarsjustcents says:

    sog , in 22 cal I suggest 22-250 ..TNT 55 GR HP Projectile.

  11. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    The shill Bergen was on CNN planting to idea it was a “right wing extremist group” which is code for “white nationalists”.

    “Once the device — if it a device — is found;” he continued, “what kind of explosives were used. So for instance, if it was hydrogen peroxide, this is a signature of al Qaeda. If it was more conventional explosives, which are much harder to get hold of now — that might be some other kind of right-wing extremist. … We’ve also seen, for instance, right-wing groups trying to attack the Martin Luther King parade in Oregon in 2010.”

  12. MIKEY says:


  13. Jewish Banking – the Greatest Scam on Earth

  14. Bailey says:

    According to a dupe interviewed in JYC,

    “You don’t know where you’re safe or not safe, when you see the extra security you know the country really cares.”


  15. Biker says:

    via NTS and Kennys sideshow:

    i wonder what their angle was or is? notice the list of crap thats gone down this week in history. the final mile dedicated to the victims of Sandy Hook?! something is definately rotten in Denmark, and also in Boston.

  16. I hate McCain so damn much it is off the charts.


    Am I the only one around here that thinks that McCain is looking more and more jewish in his old age?

    Could it be?

    Maybe: if you have someone who is an AZ senator who does everything he can to help out israel and the jews but does nothing to help the people of America or AZ…

    Could it be?

    Of course it could.

    My two cents this Boston Marathon explosion? Definitely a false flag. On What Really Happened there were some voting buttons:


    The first three are indistinguishable save for different insignia. They are anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-America, pro-israel, pro-fed and pro gay. If one did it, they all did it.

  17. “Right and wrong in propaganda have no meaning. There are only effective and ineffective.”

    – Geaorge Lincoln Rockwell

  18. Karen says:

    Very good article.

  19. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    The Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon connection is odd. 26 “victims” at SH and 26.2 miles in a marathon and the race dedicated to SH “victims”. May the the “victim” count was predetermined to dove tail and tie into the Marathon. Then, add the April 19 (Blood Sacrifice) and Family Guy Turban Cowboy scene – and we know how much they like to telegraph these events with hidden symbolism planted in movies and TV shows (eg. 9/11, Aurora/Batman, Sandy Hook – e.g. Trading Places, The Simpsons, Dark Knight Rises, etc.)

  20. Bailey says:

    That’s effed’ up, are the jews putting warnings in their filthy productions now?

    Boston police are asking people for their photos and videos in hopes to find a lead to who is responsible for the bombings and the jew media must be overjoyed to show us all such horrible images.

    This morning i heard on Fox jews network that police were looking for a man with “dark” skin wearing a hoody.
    I doubt they were implying it was a nigger they’re looking for, don’t Iranians have dark skin?

    Yea AOP, McCain is aging just like a jew, we’re seeing more alien like features as the years pass.

  21. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    That’s effed’ up, are the jews putting warnings in their filthy productions now?

    Check this out ….

  22. Everyone makes mistakes.

    Turns out we here at Incogland were wrong all along.

    It’s actually the aliens, not the jews.

    WHEW, good to know, those jews seemed mighty terrible.

    But the jews themselves are victims of the aliens. Poor jews. Now I feel so sorry. It’s like the holocaust all over again inside my heart.

    Now we just have to prepare, however, for being called “anti-alien”.

  23. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    That’s effed’ up, are the jews putting warnings in their filthy productions now?

    Aurora telegraphed/linked to Sandy Hook; and Sandy Hook telegraphed/linked to Boston via movie and TV.

    Check this out Part II ….

  24. t bone says:


    I understand your point of view about the Swedes. When you think about it, the US faces the same dilemma. We are just as accountable. But in the last 5-6 years, there has been a major change as fas as how info gets passed along. We are in the first stage of ousting the jew.

    BTW-‘Turban Cowboys’? My goodness gracious. Talk about brazen.

  25. Pat says:

    This is how they are going to get the public to “accept” invasive searches at public events.

    Then, it will be random searches on the street.

    Then, it will be check-points on the roads.

    All just to “keep you safe”.

    “If you see something – say something to the NKVD”…they even have an app for that you can download on your phone.

    Basically, what is going on here is “Counter-Insurgency”.

    The jewish government is making moves to thwart any emergence of an “Insurgency”. Just as in the world-at-large, the claim that all political enemies are insurgents eventually creates the reality.

    An effective politics of resistance will require that we learn principles of insurgency that outmaneuver the operational principles of counter-insurgency.

    The US government is dominated by Money-Power and Money-Influence to such an extent that it overshadows and eliminates any populist policy voice.

    The exploitation of Money-Power and Money-Influence by a foreign group is actively destroying our fundamental rights and freedoms.

    I think that we are seeing overt moves towards tightening up the “Police State”

  26. Biker says:

    thats what they are pushing for Pat. i counter with this, posting it far and wide.

    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Ben Franklin

    yesterday was also the day of rememberance for the IDF. like the sandy hook movie, there is just too much wrong with the Boston bombings. it stinks.

    crazy sh.t the Family guy connection! thanks Laydee L

  27. Jack says:

    Another one of these “Judas Goat” traitors is Mike Delaney, who stole ZCF’s work/website and robbed several others of the ‘Missing Links’ film, which he did not write the script for or do the video editing.

  28. Chloe says:

    Personally I don’t hate the Negro, I hate Niggers. I’ve met good people that are Black.

    But, I hate Jews. I’ve never, ever met a Jew who wasn’t a liar or a backstabber. Ever.

    And who is the MAJOR cause of our problems, hell the worlds problems for that matter?

    Now, think about this. If we removed a good chunk of the middle east from this planet, we wouldn’t have much problems left now would we? Hmm, why is that?

    And yes a BIG BIG problem is that they look like us so not only are many of our own kind fooled by them, but, we (White people) also get blamed for a lot of stuff that we didn’t even do!

    “Nothing is ever going to change until we deal with the Jew. NOTHING.”

  29. AlbKenshiro says:

    I really liked this article because just last night i found this video out
    and the usual Jews going in tears all over the place flooding everyone ‘nazi’, faggots, moslems, communists, hippies and so on

    quote ‘neo nazi antisemitism and left wing antisemitism is just the opposite side of the same coint’ says the Jew

  30. rotocolsRtrue says:

    The first call came in Dad I’m at the recrueters office. I’m going to be a marine. I said holy fuck back up a minute. Did you talk to your mother yet? I did talk to mom she said call you. So I said no join the coast guard or border patrol. Long story short Mark was a marine dad come see me graduate from paris island. I was there and first tour to afghan I worried every phone call it could be him or otherwise . Second tour I’m a combat Marine I’m in the heavy weopens company don’t worry about me. I still worried every day. So point two is that we send people with heavy weapons and flak vests and the right equipment. We either send girls or we go strong.

  31. Someone else felt the same way!

    ” I am not kidding you. Whenever I’d dig deep enough into “X,” I’d see the filthy Khazar Jew blinking in the light like a bug.”

    “Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light – a kike!”

    Adolf Hitler from Mein Kampf

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