Filthy TURD WORLDERS Crapping Up White Lands


When will the West wake up? Asks Pat Buchanan in his latest article. Folks, our country has been inundated with non-Whites since 1965, when Shabbos Goy, Teddy Kennedy, acting as the frontman to jewish politicians, passed a bill purposefully changing the demographic quotas of immigration to favor non-Whites from the Third world. Now they want to give a free ride to citizenship of even more. When will it stop?

You see the nicely dressed liars on TV telling us 24/7 that we have to do this for “the good of the country” and because Americans are so caring and fair-minded to the downtrodden of the entire planet. The republicans have to do it, should they want to the hispanic vote, even though they never get it anyways. And Hollywood constantly brainwashes the populace on immigration, right along with homo stuff and black hero worship.


Screen capture of a kiddie cartoon — look at the character they have out in front.

Notice all the required good guy roles jews have worked into movie scripts for the last twenty years or so, like the black Nigerian immigrant Marine who bravely gives up his life and various Hispanic heroes in the sci-fi movie “Battle of Los Angeles” shown on FOX over the weekend. Countless other Hollywood movie scripts follow the same jew spiel. Even cartoon shows for kiddies on Saturday mornings and PBS, like “Dora the Explorer,” are chock full of pure, very obvious multicult brainwashing — like the little bearded jew leading a multicult parade on the right. How in-your-face about the jew agenda is that?

White people, when are you going to get it? We do indeed have an alien race in control of the media and our finances — a traitorous, self-serving bunch that has slowly, but surely, worked to brainwash and destroy our race in our very own lands. No doubt at all, anymore.


JEWS FLOODING GREAT BRITAIN XPRTIreland’s Alan Shatter, Minister of Defense, is actually a Jew in charge of immigration. He lets in black-as-coal Nigerians into the Emerald Isle all the time. Just think about that! Ed Miliband is head of Britain’s Labor party and is always calling for more immigration into Mother England. Oh, yeah, his daddy was a big time Jew commie intellectual. These backstabbing Jews SUCK.

You see it everywhere, not just Hollywood movies, either. Magazines, newspapers, primetime and cable news shows. Everywhere you turn in the media. The filthy GD jews have long been using your emotions and sense of fair play against our very own race.

Most of the jews in our countries are all for immigration (around 80% voted for Obama). White people just don’t get it, since the immigrants are not jews and often even muslims as well — supposedly enemies of jews because of sacred Israel. This disconnect serves jewry well — because the whole point of immigration has always been to turn White people into a powerless, spat-upon minority. This has been the case since day-one.

leibler, Isa maybe mark, AussieThese subversive jews are unbelievable hypocrites, too, like the Australian (but who is really Israeli) World Jewish Congress honcho Isi Leibler, who writes that multiculturism is all just so great for Australia and other White, Western countries, but writes in Israeli publications that it’s not any good for his sacred Israel — which the media now openly calls “a jewish state” (they have been quietly putting that out there, hoping not too many multicults notice the sheer hypocrisy).

Leibler gloats “Australia is no longer exclusively white and primarily of British origin.” Can you believe the GD nerve of these people? The more you know about these stinking, lousy jews, the more sick and angry about them you get.

JEW NWO AGENDA: It’s Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYBODY!

This is obviously disenfranchising White people from our own countries, as well as turning them into stinking sewers like the rest of the planet. All these Third Worlders come over here, drive us White people into the poor house with special favors and financial assistance, breed like rats, and then have the GD nerve to commit crimes and riot in the streets over just about any GD thing!

The Scandinavian countries, like Sweden and Norway, have taken in tons of black African and brown Semite muslims, who gang rape and kill White women all the time. And just like America, the traitorous media does everything it can not to report on these kinds of things, because they don’t want Whites to get a clue.

Hell, American multicults and media care more about Pakistani women getting gang-raped in Pakistan than if Paki immigrant men do it to a White girl in Norway. You think I’m kidding you?

After black muslims rioted and burned cars all over Malmo, Sweden, meter maids went out and issued parking citations to the owners of the burnt-out hulks (lower left). Can you believe the total bull nowadays?

Last week, Pakis, Somalis and Sudanese blacks in Sweden went haywire for almost an entire week, looting and burning cars in the street. Did the police do anything about it? No, they only backed off and let them do their thing for days. The traitorous government over there is so bad they even issued parking tickets to White people who hadn’t moved their burned out cars yet! I told a neighbor about reading it on the Internet, but since FOX news didn’t say a word, he didn’t believe me. Sad.

Black immigrants in Great Britain and France riot and loot all the time, whenever they have an excuse, like if one of them gets hurt by the police during the commission of a crime, or if they just feel they are not getting enough government freebies. Hell, blacks in the US do the same thing and have lived here all their worthless lives!

John Thuo

Looks like the murderous African is enjoying himself with those nice new clothes and shoes, huh?

How about John Thuo (right), a criminal Kenyan who has spent the last TEN YEARS living a pretty nice life in Great Britain, getting free housing and monthly financial assistance — usually without working much of a regular job. The guy fully admits to reporters that he brutally butchered up to 400 people using machetes (imagine that) and taking part in female genital mutilation, when he belonged to a vicious criminal syndicate back in Kenya.

I guess there’s no black African they won’t take into our lands!

It’s not just Europe getting African immigrants, either. America takes in quite a few too; even the criminal and piratical Somalis are allowed to immigrate here — getting housing assistance, monthly financial aid from the government and White do-gooder organizations. They don’t even have to pay taxes for years. Getting to America is literally like winning the lottery for these Turd Worlders!

Are you not sick and tired of the BS going on today? Folks, all this is due to the jew and his brainwashed White multicults.

Now the traitorous jews and multicults in the USA are trying to get “comprehensive immigration reform” passed, so the illegal Mestizo scum now in America will get citizenship and can vote for more liberal democrats. Oh, sure, they’ll tell us that border security will get beefed up in return. Yeah, right: How many times have we been told that line of pure BS? Hell, they can’t even tell us the truth on how many are really in the US (22 million plus).

Whites need to get totally proactive. Tell all your family and friends to at least call your state’s senators and congressmen and say NO to this latest bill. I’m not saying it’s going to work or if that’s enough. Just take a few minutes and do it anyways.

You also need to tell people around you about the stinking jew’s destruction of America and other White lands. I know it won’t be easy for this, but you got to stiffen your spine a little and do it.

— Phillip Marlowe

Call Your Senators and Congressmen NOW and tell them to vote NO TO AMNESTY!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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181 Responses to Filthy TURD WORLDERS Crapping Up White Lands

  1. Bailey says:

    Hey sog,

    Did you catch that post above about how my grandfather would get all excited when ever he saw a nigger?

    Back then they didn’t need walls, It’s almost like that back in the early seventies they were content with having the government give them everything.
    They just stayed in the hood and white people would never go there, they knew it was the hood, nothing there but niggers.
    Hell, I’d go so far as to say I know of a few nighoods from back then and our jew gov. was behind in supplying the heroin and coke to those areas.

    Back then it was more on a city thing.

    Now, The shit’s everywhere and the white kids really like it, WTF??

    It’s the jews 🙁

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Left Wing (JEWS) Rails Against JC Penny’s Teapot

    Yes the left wing! Only jews would raise a ruckus over a teapot, by claiming it looks like Hitler. This gives weight to the belief that jews are insane. Do you believe this? I added JEWS, in the heading to this article. Incog this teapot would make a good article. Your famous artwork would be nice. They have a picture of the teapot. Paint a little mustache on it. Give it a Hitler haircut.

  3. Bailey says:

    @ Frank,


    “This gives weight to the belief that jews are insane. ”

    LOL x 3 !!!

    I’m gonna get one of those before they’re pulled from the shelves.

  4. sog says:

    yeah bailey i read on that shit sometime back real attempt to cover it up you know.. the federal drug importaion agency smuggling in dope and sellin it to the king chimps pins
    now the federal mexican drug importation complex is fronting deadly heroin into american cities know ,the gangs that eric holder and obama is runnin guns to ..i remember the iran ,contra bs ..heh heh when congress started issuing paper to contract cia agents to testify in congress they all started to “disappear” permanently in most cases ..if i remember right it was a number around 300 …the chief force behind the drug movement is always been kikes ..even in south america ,which is why kikes hate chavez for strangling the drug trade and kinf pins in venezuela so the kikes got upset and 1000’s of kikes “fled” ….
    america has lots of active heroin addicts althiough that depends on how you define what real heroin is ..number 3 or 4 and is it processed right and enough times or rudhed ,bleached and acetylized …etc ..but the new heroin coming in from mexico is killing loads of addicts with the needle still in the arm deal and even snorters goin out from the strength ..back in the day fentanyl was used to cut heron and it was hundreds times more potent so alot of people died then to ..back in the day the east coast had a stronger mix than the west coasrt but the occasional hot bags were killin dopers ..
    can we make the jews disappear …a fuckin t pot for fuck sake ..whats next ..hey i think we should all cut our stasches to look like adolfs …heh heh …
    niggers dont have to buy the dope ..they blame the white devil for fillin the ghetto with dope and just who the fuck do ya see sellin that shit to thier own peoples n shit ..uhmm hmmm ..lousy stupid good for nothing jive ass niggeres always blamin other people for thier own stupidity …

  5. sog says:

    seems leftists ..left right in out up down ..i remember when left was right and right was wrong or is it that way now ..anyway the evil empire is collapsing under its own weight a little bit ..americans read it all in differnt ways but they read corruption and chaos in our midst ..gorillas in the mist and jews mucking it up …
    have you torn down that piece of shit mandela bill board yet ,bAiley ,,lol
    paint a hitler mustache on that worthless nigger …lefteists have strokes and heart attacks for a cruel and heartless attack on the hero mandelas pictuer on a bill board ..i can see the news head lines …write fuckin dirty nigger on it to ..gets people real upset ..lofl…shhhhhh

  6. sog says:
    there was aguy in germany who tauhgt his dog to give the roman salute and the guy got jail and the dog prbably got eaten by some pakkis tani with a swarm of ass flies …
    then there was a thrower of clay pots in germany who made some dwarfs for x-mas i think and they looked like hitler …hell everything looks like hitler to kikes …

  7. sog says:

    from the link above is a double post but
    “The New Sturmer Website:” line between the new sturmer title block picture on top and the bottom block picture of the 2 dudes is a line to clik for all the earlier steurmer arty’s …

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Moscow Police March Huge Procession Of Illegal Alien Gangbangers To Police Station

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for any of the mayors of our big cities doing what the mayor of Moscow did. They are too busy telling us they refuse to arrest illegal aliens.

  9. MJ says:

    Here Incogman, this dude is a young Jew hater like you–but he is funnier than you.

    “Tweets and news, ya dirty Jews”
    he says;
    “Not racist cuz it rhymes”

  10. sog says:

    jews seek to welcome worthless welfare parasite colonialsts niggers mainly muslim gangrene into countries kikes didnt build but they sure as hell are tearin em down …
    jews wont import muslims on any level into their sacred fucking kazaar israel kingdom..
    hopefully leaders in these nations can see what the hell is going on while their countries burn down around them ,,ya think ?….
    all whites should get out of london so it can be properly nuked ..jews whjo are not israleites and either way it is looking like forced marxism everywhere …
    these shitstain muslims are rioting every where in all the countries now …
    top conservative news is a fucking ball breaker ..niggers need to be slaughterd ..
    we cant have niggers in political or legal professions either …how about that ignorant nigger senator from rexas who thot we landed on mars …
    or the response a white guy got from a nigger mayor or representative when he wrote to him ..
    in a time where jewish judges give major lenience to jewish thugs now the niggers are copying this trend further endangering the public …wtf …
    good news great news ,2 dead niggers …
    more dead nigger scum

  11. sog says:

    ok im hogging the page and being redundant for now ..
    look at israles kazaar asswipe hypocrisy hiphopcrasy ..heh heh
    israel says thet israel belongs to white people ..code propaganda ..get whitey in trouble ..its jews who live there .white kazaars white jews ..etc ..

  12. sog says:
    yeah reeeeal cozy bullshit ..the white countries need to effectively terminate immigration programs asap ..the logic of termination cannot be argued on a ratioanl; level but jews dont play fair and immigration extreme policies are controlled and omplemented by global kikery for the end results we see now especcailly in the usa as africa and europe ..its bad every where ..nigger control is not optional..
    i wish the usa could shoot all the fuckheads in border enforcement issues …………

  13. sog says:

    hey mj you ever gonna lite up that stogie …

  14. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    This story was on a mainstream news website. Sorry but I have to share it with you all. I swear I did not make this up.

    LONDON (AP) — Actor Michael Douglas says that his throat cancer was caused by a virus he contracted by performing oral sex on women.

    The Guardian newspaper published an interview Monday in which Douglas blamed cunnilingus for the grave malady that was diagnosed in 2010.

    The newspaper also quoted doctors who were skeptical about his claim.

  15. sog says:

    prt the medical mafia under jewsih control tried to push the (the PREPOSTEROUS bull shit cervical cancer vaxxine)gardisil vaccine for women to men based on this very lie ..they try to give this shot to male children ,,internet has a watcher watching social media to search out vaxxine nay sayers angelina jolie getting her boobs cut becuase of a propaganda device for brainwashing women into doing same ..she had the brac gene ,,organic vegetabkles can totally counter the brac fear ..mammograms offer many false negatives and many false positives …how about the doctor who invented the prostate PSA test process itself ..he comes out a few years ago and says it is total bs and the medical kike community attacked him …what about oncogene A it is a gene in womens breasts that is exxxtrreemly sensitive to ioniozing radiation of the type you get at airport scanner or doctor mammogram procedure..there has been a 300% increas in breast duct cancer from the mammograms no doubt ,a very particular and different form of breast cancer …
    many cancers are promulgated by the presence of yeast ,and acidic blood levels .ahhy so it goes care ful what you eat are what you eat ,,i wonder if it was kosher ..oh well i think he really got it from oral sex with a studio jew exec as part of his contract ,speaking of contracting.
    yeah the poutty boy from streets of san fresco …mike stone and inspector keller ..heh heh ….he got the fatal attraction ..
    anyway back at the ranch …jews borrowing jews loaning ..never deal with a kike ..jews borrow sorrow and synthetic sympathy patters from shclemiel whites on the holohoax ..
    the medal of honor law passed where a bunh of kikes recieved a MOH and well to tell the truth many of them flasified their actual combat experiences or some had no military service at all ..kikes walking around 4th of july and memorial day gatherings with their undeserved medals and campaign ribbons and pins ..picture it ..
    many kikes were engaged in producing counterfeit food and gas coupons durung the ww2 ..what a shock ..honest people starved while kikes got fat …so chicken head bush hands out MOH ‘ s to many kikes cus they were recipients of bias and persecution during ww2 and did not get their medals ..ahhemm ..fat bunch of scrote licking kikes ,many who never wore a uniform also d=showed up at the nuremburg criminal torture trials in usa military uniforms … preposterous …reading what people had to say about the monkeysheins of the nuremburg showtrials in the day reveals that alot of people thot about in in relative legal terms as extremely illegal ..go figuer .. operation keelhaul under shit likker eisenhauer the terrible swedish jew who went from lite kernel to 4 star genital in a few short years ..nothing to see here .move along ,nothing strange or semetic goin on …these be gods holy choesen long sufferink chews ..actually a chew is a chinese jew but who cares …or kink ahhye ,,ok not too funny ..

  16. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Yeah sog that Michael douglas story just left sooo much room for me to make a smart ass comment. Like what kind of pussy has he been eating? Whats he trying to do start a major new medical scare? What about the lezbos? What will they do?

  17. Bailey says:

    Not vaccinated, No kisses.

    This billboard was on Rt8, It made me sick to see it.
    Thank God it’s gone now.

    Michael Douglas should stay away from street whores.

  18. sog says:

    there were jews who claimed ww2 or korea service and got vet benefits etc ..
    anyway what got me looking at this shit was a group of old fat kikes who had biomper stikkers on their cars that said pearl harbor survivor etc and they were not even in the military ///kikes …

  19. Bailey says:

    Tibor’s Sgt. Was An Anti-Semite

    This anti Semite gave every dangerous assignment to Tibor. Jewish witnesses said he wanted Tibor dead!!

    He told his troops: ~ “If a Jew is wounded, leave them for the enemy”.

    LOL, Oy Vey, Such a Hero!

  20. CSR says:

    More Jew-Tarded handouts…

    Fraudulent Bonanza for Illegals

    The question I had this morning is a simple one: has anything been done yet?

    It does not appear to be the case.

    On April 16, 2013, The Washington Times featured an article by Edwin S. Rubenstein Collecting billions in a loophole, subtitled “Fraudulent tax refunds yield a bonanza for illegal immigrants”.

    As federal services from air-traffic control to White House tours are ratcheted down thanks to the budget sequestration, millions of illegal aliens are now eagerly await billions in illegitimate Treasury payments, courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  21. white colonialkiller says:

    all you white illegal fat pigshit smelly non sanitated Neanderthal crossdressing faggots need to get out of non white land before you get massacred!you people are full of cancer melanoma hemophilia and other abnormalities of sick disucsting diseases you filthy white European parasites! heres a video on youtube-mexica movement puts a smackdown on lou dobbs in san diego

  22. Israhell on Earth says:

    @ white colonialkiller

    Hey Asshole, you can keep your “non white Land”, no sane human Being is interested to settle down in the Turd World. But stay the fuck out of our Countries you filthy La Raza Parasite!

    Mexico is a Cesspool full of Corruption, Crime, and Idiots. The US has already been invaded by 20+ Million illegal Aliens, that’s enough.

    Fix your own Country, and don’t moan about “Colonianism”.

  23. Bailey says:

    Hey, Was that Tim Wise or some other Liberal jewish cock sucker?

    European parasites? If not for us, all of your niggers and spics would still be in the dark.

    Fuck-off, jew boy!

  24. Israhell on Earth says:


  25. FUCKOFFHONKY! says:

    all colonial crackers need death. why did you fuckers change the lords name to jesus when it is Yeshua? why did you change his identity and image? you all going to honkys killed the lord then adopted Christianity. you pigfaced pukes are all hogwash and stink like a bitches cunt was rotting during the PlaGuE!

  26. t bone says:

    Bring it on, negro boy!

    What’s the matter – you sick of seeing a gorilla face in the mirror every afternoon when you wake up?

    This ‘cracker’ will crack your skull if you so much as even flinch in my air space.

    Get ready to go down, boy! You is going down hard with all the rest of you stinking niggras. You can trust and believe that you stank, worthless mooch.

    And while you’re down there, give my boots a quick shine, Shine.

  27. Bailey says:

    I wouldn’t let a nigger touch my boots unless maybe I was kicking one in the face.

    I doubt FUCKOFFHONKY is a nigger, look at how the last word is typed.

    PlaGuE !

    Jew hasbarats type like that, like that hook nose one last week.

  28. t bone says:

    And by the way, if you’re a wetback, that still qualifies you as a GD stinking nigger – a miniature, size-6-shoe wearing, pot-bellied nigger.


    – are feral savages

    – stink

    – are lazy, dumb moochers

    And wetbacks are every bit as worthless as the sub-Saharan negro!

    Same beast of the field – different shade of shit.

  29. t bone says:

    Whatever it is Bailey, I don’t discriminate.

    I cant stomach any of them – jews, wetbacks or negroes.

  30. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “all colonial crackers need death”.
    Yup. You and yours.

    ” why did you fuckers change the lords name to jesus when it is Yeshua?”

    Christ didn’t come for you sambo. Hahahaha
    God made you a shit-skinned retard, can’t you take a broad hint?

    ” stink like a bitches cunt was rotting during the PlaGuE!”
    Leave your monkey mother out ‘o this.
    You are the plague.

    Watch this and learn some manners from you social and evolutionary superiors, then perhaps somebody will give a niggers nog what you eek or ook. Don’t bet all your bananas on it though.

    You’ll always be a nigger. Like all those before, and those to come. Wherever you go. Whatever you do.

  31. Bailey says:


  32. Bailey says:

    I got you t bone, It doesn’t really matter.
    Whatever it is that left that comment we know one thing, I’t aint a white man.
    Jew, nigger, spic ? All = Shit!

  33. t bone says:

    Haha CR! I like your youtube link.

    Here ya go:

  34. peter theodosiou says:

    The jews don’t like sun god worshipers they consider the sun god apollo as Evil for them so if you want to piss them off from you’re life then tell them i worship the sun god Apollo who’s father was Zeus

    If they tell you Jesus then say to them Jesus cannot create the earth
    only gods can create the earth

  35. carnac123 says:

    Europe has been betrayed by its leftist leadership. It is no telling how much money they (people like Merkel) have been paid or promised to destroy their countries. This is what happens when you give your allegiance or fate to a larger entity. The EU was the beginning of ruin for Europe. The EU dictates what happens to the whole continent and the EU is controlled by leftist new- worlders also. On a smaller scale that is what happened the Southern States after the civil war and eventually to every state in the Union. The Federal government eventually took over the states like it has today and it has not been for best to say the least. I would give anything to live in a nation that is white. Who wants to see or even live near a negro or any other 3rd world trash? If everyone was honest and not afraid of PC,…..all whites would agree that a nation without blacks or even dark browns is preferable to any other. The only nation that is almost pure in reference to its own race is Israel. Japan is a close second. Israel is in the process of deporting more Africans back to the negroid lands in the center of the African continent. The Jews are not keen on diversity in Israel.. Funny….they are certainly big on diversity and multiculturalism in Europe and America. I am tired of this attack on my race and my people’s nesting grounds (for lack of a better analogy). I am tired of seeing blacks and others destroying what we have built. I want them gone. Even God did not push multiculturalism. God put white people in Europe, Asians in Asia, blacks in southern Africa, Indians in America, and others in small place he set for them. I am NOT talking for God…only He knows his ways. I am saying …look at the world before we allowed the trash into our lands. We were somewhat divided to begin with. Why is suddenly multiculturalism and diversity soooo important. It is important to the Leftist because such programs weaken the west and the white nations. These stupid concepts must be obliterated and it falls on this generation to do it.

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