Great: Another Week of Benghazi Boobie Grabbing


You know how FOX news is going on and on and on about the Benghazi embassy attack that killed the ambassador and three others? Of course, FOX is catering to their “market demographics” — clueless conservatives and Christian Zionists who think Obama and Hillary Clinton failed to keep “America safe from the baddie Muslim terrorists” and how we had better do something or else.

This Wednesday, so-called whistle-blowers are going to testify in front of the House Oversight Committee, chaired by congress Zio rat Darrell Issa. Sure, it might be a tad embarrassing to liberal democrats like Obongo and Shillary, but will mean JACK to the real string pullers. Again, like 9/11, not a damn thing will happen to anyone.

Our country is clearly in the thrall of Jewish, Zionist manipulations — now jerking our chains left and right over a whole host of Jewy crap.

The whistle-blowers are going to say Hillary cut the State department counter-terrorism bureau out of the loop. They might talk about the “stand down” order to US aircraft in Italy leaving the embassy people high and dry from the sky. It reminds me of the stand down order from Robert McNamara to the US carrier feet when Israel purposefully bombed, strafed and torpedoed the USS Liberty back in 1967. But don’t hold your breath for the media hypocrites to note the similarity. That is, should they want to keep their jobs.

What is really going on here? It’s actually quite simple. The answer, although a bit subtle, should illustrate the whole rotten deal in America today. Read on.

They’ve known early on the perps were probably Muammar Khaddifi tribal supporters trying to get a little payback for what America did to their man. They wildly succeeded, thanks to the hubris of the homo ambassador Chris Stevens and “Shabbos Goys” like Hillary Clinton. Simple as that. What they don’t want the “silent majority” to understand, is that Khaddifi had lots of love and support in Libya. If the public sees that, they might wonder why America did what it did and what it’s now doing to Assad’s Syria (they want him gone in advance of war with Iran).

They want us to think it’s just more evil Al Qaeda terrorists out to get us Americans because they hate us wearing blue jeans and skimpy bikinis down to the beach. Never a word is ever breathed about sacred Israel, as usual.

This Muslim “War on Terror” merry-go-round is getting so tiresome. Plus, we got Israel itching to start another war in the Mideast — they bombed Syria twice last week. Trust me: It’ll soon be White American Gentiles dying over there once again.

This is all for Israel’s Mideast hegemony. No doubt whatsoever. You and I both are paying for it with our tax dollars and some of us with our loved ones. And it’s so obvious how the media spews Israeli propaganda anymore.

But what they really want to do is find a way to also include Jew-awakened Whites — turning us into hated domestic terrorists — without too many of the sheep realizing what’s going on. They have to be careful they don’t alert the masses, but you can readily see they want it bad. Real bad.

Hell, they’ve been gearing up for it since 9/11.

There’s another very easy fact for you to see that also exposes the utter BS going on in America. Doesn’t take a “conspiracy theorist” or anything like that. You merely have to use common sense and step out of the box these clever forces have constructed in your brain (abetted by a lot of overpaid shills who know what not to talk about).

This is easy: Remember when your parents used to tell you “money doesn’t grow on trees?” This was to keep you from blowing a lot of dough on a cute little honey at the mall, in the hopes of kissing her or maybe getting to feel her little boobies. Or, if you’re a girl, you might have wanted an expensive little outfit to make your girlfriends jealous or run that boobie-grabbing guy hot. We’ve all been there.

But where does money really come from? Does it come from the skies in a glowing celestial ray down from God himself? Or does it magically appear in some weird temple room hidden in DC or Jew York city?

You might be yelling “the treasury department prints it up only when needed.” Right bozo. Who makes the decision to print it and how much? That’s the operative idea. Actually, the treasury department handles only a small percentage — just the physical paper and coin you tote around. The rest are just green numbers on a computer screen somewhere — merely an accounting entry with absolutely no counterpart in the real world.

So here’s the deal: Why do we never see any in-depth explanation of the process in media? Sure, we occasionally get news about the Federal Reserve, but you never see anything on how this came about, like on the “History” Channel.

I’ll let you read up on it HERE, or the basic money scam explained: “Why America is going down the toilet”. Or watch a short video or two HERE.

Same kind of thing is going on with giant swaths of history, such as what happened in the Soviet Union and murderous communism killing tens of millions of White Christians. Or the established fact that International Zionists financially helped Hitler send Jews to Palestine (the Transfer agreement).

Seems like a lot of stuff would be fascinating material for the “History” Channel, huh? Instead, all we get are redneck shows left and right.

They are many subjects they don’t wish to become common knowledge among the unwashed masses because they might just make them look at the world differently and ask questions better left unasked. They can’t keep it all completely under wraps, but they can keep most people from it simply by not covering such matters in the “mainstream” media.

It’s really obvious how the American people are carefully kept in the dark and the reasons why. It’s not some impossible “conspiracy theory” at all, just the real power matrix and little Jews knowing what kind of thinking could prove dangerous to them in the end.

A lot of people have figured out a big scam was going on, but usually end-up chasing ghosts. You know, the Illuminati, hidden nazi stuff, etc., etc.

I know, I know, you’re yelling “now comes the Jew part!” People laugh like that would be all so impossible. But what they don’t understand, is that even the sarcasm about the poor widdle innocent Jews being capable and powerful enough (they aren’t enough of them!) is actually just ANOTHER clever way they have in keeping us blind to what the SOBs are doing to America and other Western countries.

Of course, these people don’t have enough numbers to physically control our nation. They rely on deception, misdirection, covet means (money), the left/right paradigm bollixing all of us up in the head, AIPAC lobbying and the financial manipulations of our elections, Media ownership and control — having paranoid and traitorous racial agents working through-out — each on guard against any potential new “Hitlers” in their midst.

And let’s not overlook the simple fact they look mostly like us and have changed names, so the masses usually don’t recognize what’s staring them in the face. If they all had pointy little ears like Spock, the history of the entire planet would be hugely different. In fact, the world would be a mostly peaceful place. Believe me.

The most important control mechanism they have is “political correctness” or PC, which effectively keeps us shut up and at each other’s throats, as well as continuously distracted by all the never-ending changes they do to society.

Hell, we all should be absolutely furious for what these devious mothers have done to this country and with how they’ve jacked up the blacks into hating us White people enough to kill and attack us in the streets.

Now, I don’t like Hillary Clinton a whole lot. But if those of us who do will just look deep into themselves for a minute and realize that what is reflected is the RADICAL FEMINISM business — all part and parcel to PC. This is where you’re supposed to hate us evil, chauvinistic White guys and all.

Especially boobie-grabbers like your’s truly and most men out here.

Until you are willing to step out of the box and look past all the insanity — the web of political/social engineering these people have inflicted on America — they’ll continue to rob and fleece us on a daily basis, as well as causing death and destruction on a global scale for their insane NWO agenda.

It’s going to take you and every single one of us to get good and damn angry and start talking among ourselves. Whether you got boobies or cojeñes.

So, won’t you put aside your personal politics about sex relations and look at the big picture? Sorry about being kind of crude sometimes. Thank you for your time.

–Phillip Marlowe

I did this a couple of years ago and just saw on ABC “World News Tonight” the global Zionist Jews had this 93 year-old guy arrested who once worked at Auschwitz as a friggin’ cook. The GD psycho Jews are quite INSANE!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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200 Responses to Great: Another Week of Benghazi Boobie Grabbing

  1. Bailey says:

    I like that lady.

    But, Taking your money OUT of the bank will soon be impossible if you want to get paid.
    Many companies are starting to pay their workers via direct deposit only, there is no option of receiving a “live” check in your hand.

    Some jew corporations like Yum Brands pay their workers by loading their earnings onto a jew bank debit card.

    This will be the way of the future.

    It’s funny that when I type the word jew, a red spell check line appears under it.
    Same happened when I spelled Schpielberg earlier.

    Anyway, People are too stupid to protect themselves and to put a stop to our and it’s relationship with the bankers, one day they’ll all wake up to find that they have nothing and even then i’m afraid they’ll do nothing about it but spew some rubbish about the FDIC insuring their funds.

    LOL, We know how that’ll work out.

  2. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    The international space station is leaking coolant the epa better get on their ass to clean that mess up before we have 10 million niggers claiming social security disability because they’ve been poisoned.

  3. Bailey says:

    Hey PRT,

    This nigger here will be seeking reparations for the gutter on his house damaged by a meteorite.

    “Da’ meteorite broke my gutter, Dats raciss and shit”

  4. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Representative shiela Jackson lee says that health care is a constitutional right. Don’t bother looking the nigger bitch up you’ll only puke your breakfast. Totally amazing what niggers elect to congress. No , health care is not a constitutional right. You have access to health care but you DO NOT have the right to MAKE OTHER PEOPLE PAY FO IT! I don’t know who planted in these niggers brains that they have a “RIGHT” to other peoples money. The jews did.

  5. Bailey says:

    Just reading that made me wanna puke, it’s a safe bet that many jews are voting these niggers in too, niggers in government do not affect the parasite jews in any way, they could only help the jew.
    The niggers in political positions know who their enablers are and the jews put them there to further the destruction of the white race, all on our dime.

    And what do white people do?
    They worship niggers and the jews.

    Something’s wrong here.

  6. Bailey says:

    For todays quiz, can any spot what’s wrong with this news story?

    In other news, the Boston bombers are now linked to cold case crimes.


  7. Hoff says:

    Immigrant in Italy kills 1 in pickaxe rampage

    Yes, and what else is new today!

  8. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    What’s new today? I’ll tell you what’s new today. 5’000 nigger bitches without a job or without a husband or without an education had babies on your dime today. That’s what’s new.

  9. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Don’t worry it will only cost you and your fellow taxpayers a few million bucks to buy the special busses and busdrivers and mechanics to try and teach tyrone and shemequa how to sing their abc’s. And after all that work you get to provide 3 meals a day and air conditioning and cable tv in the prison. Because they murdered one of your family members.

  10. Furor Teutonicus says:

    Schpielbergs up and coming movie will indeed real block buster among the American Stooges Bailey. I’m sure they will come to Texico to do most of the filming.

    Why wouldn’t they? No one kisses jew butt better than all those Talmudic Texican Southern Baptists.

    Even though this is from VT, it’s pretty damn funny.

    “Listen up, all you kosher cowboys! Did y’all know that today is Texas-Israel Day?

    Time to saddle up and ride on down to the picnic and grab yourself a mouthful of barbecued motzoh balls! (Round these parts, we call ‘em Megido Mountain Oysters – just be sure and talk real nice to the motzoh while you’re cuttin’ em off.) Wash ‘em down with a splash of Lone Star of David beer.”

  11. sog says:

    yeah prt i read that 50% of a school districts budget can be spent just on bussing which dont count the special ed teachers and special needs of idiot nigger and mexichimop chirrens ..
    these races or what ever they are are certainly without cause or conscience

  12. sog says:

    the only thing new under the sun is the history you havent read yet ..ayyhe ,who said that ?
    never mind ,as you were or as i was was the lame mr. truman ..the guy that recived a couple million to illegally declare israel a state ..what a sick joke ..

  13. sog says:

    foergive me if this comes up as 2 times ..
    5,000 tar balls a day ..they encourage niggers to breed out of control like feral alley cats cus dey iz gowan a ged dat paper an shit ..these worthless nigger sows dont raise these chimps ,they dont even pay attention to them until they get righteously shot by a cop or another nigger kills the chimp and then the “parents ” sue some one anyone for nigger lottery…these chirrenz are the same chirrens we see acting true to their violent predilection and natures in the ghettos they created by acting lioke feral chimps in the first place ..what excuse do niggers use when they kill each other and rape each other ..they be practicing for gettin da white man an shit ..mindless soulless clueless nigger drivel ..have you walked through a nigger neighborhood lately ,did you survive ..any one in their white mind kniows better than to walk through a nigger community ..
    get a flat tire ,keep driving or make sure you have the hiway patrol self inflating tires ,or you are dead man walking ,aka white man walking ..
    does anyone still think jews are normal or not crazy or apologetic to thier tribe or that there is a diffferanc between a zionist and a talmudist or a hasidic or a rapist or a genocidal murderer ..why do jews propagate islam and they do in their stealthy way ..
    do you belive in the afterlife or eternity or even GOD is harder each day to bel;ieve in GOD ..with all the sub denomination chaos the jews agaenda is fulfilled ..there is a God ,of this there can be no doubt in a scientists mind …
    can a nigger walk through your neighborhood safely ,sadly the answer is yes ..the nigger is safer in your white neighborhood than he is in his own zoo but then whites are not safe in their own communities when niggers are present ..

    with 15,000 rapes of white women per year id say there is a racial problem and the races need to be separated ..for our safety and the saferty of our white women ..
    niggers need to be hung for rape as all criminals of this type ..
    the senseless importation of feral niggers to white countries is a death sentence for these countries is the embedded jews who m ake these policies every day wothout the consent of the people they are going to negatively affect ..jews are busy busy biusy wrecking nation after nation …
    i am no fan of isalm ,period…i would ethnically cleanse tham all from america if i had the power …gtfo …we dont need this phony religion of “peace”…this phony eligion of peace is enjoying large communities of like mindless islamic drones where they seek to have self determination even in host countries and even at the cost of the existiing cultures freedoms and thier cultures and they murder christians worldwide if the islam is so good why does israel policy on iraq and irts subsequent overthrow and ensuing christian cleansing fron its borders install a islam govt ,puppet islam govt that is approved and abetted by zog ..they are supposed to be enemies yet they are like the presidential candidates allways from the same cesspool anyway it seems and so judeaism and islam are 2 sides of the same coin ..marxism and islam basically collates all jews and muslims under the same genocidal creeping laws they seek to install in the usa as a nwo theme ..DHS is none other than simply a jewish enforcement communist genocidal arm no less than shin bet or bnai breth and adl shlepps ..

    • Sweden apparently longs for the violence that comes with diversity. Earlier this year the Scandinavian country (under jew ass)announced plans to open an office in Ethiopia for the express purpose of importing Somalis to Sweden …?would that be a post office ..heh heh

    The cultural imprint of their homeland is apparent. Somalia has been without a moral compass or sense or a central government since 1991. It is a land in tnb nigger turmoil as warlords fight each other for gibs me dat prominence. Famine and disease have added to an estimated 1 million deaths…do we care ?.. The nation is unapologetically Muslim and is known to harbor hordes of militants, INCLUDING those who wish to impose terror on the United States ….So the amrican jew govt is 110% complicit in terrorism and 100% in control of who terrorises what and when ..nothin happens in this country without a wired in jew knowing before hand and allowing terror or being the cause and creator of events in violation of our constitutional securites ..

    Although Somalia is essentially entirely black, its disorder is due to multiculturalism as infighting between rival clans caused the ouster of its president in 1991 and keeps the East African nation in constant turmoil. When Somalis are imported to America, that turmoil is imported as well…in reality it is fucked up fubar ‘d snafood etc becuase niggeres run it ..nigers can only run their foul mouths and are tottally incapable og reason or running of govts. they only know how to run terror states like uganda etc ..
    bannana republics cus niggers like banannas ..

    strange how the jew/usa demonizes the muslims who well deserve demonization any way but “we” allow millions ? of muslims to come here and to other white countries ..most of these parasite hoardes hate “america” and commit much crime thru their now prevalent street gangs ..american niggers seem to hate america to or at least they pretend that they are oppressed here ..the innate violence that is part of nigger communities is based on what when niggeres kill each other ..the “what” is their basic nature at work ..but when it comes to raping and killing whites the niggers blame whites for the niggers bad behaviour and for slavery an shit ….we know it was jews who brought niggers here on the back of the preconstructed white slavery routes that already existed long befor nigger importation and long after it ended. .we know that slavery stilll exists in many other non white contries ..even in liberia the niggers utopia they all went back to and had to be supported by gimme dat cash as they couldnt organize shit on their own ….we know that slavery was ended by white europeans in the usa and britain in 1805 ..the first black slave was bought by a black slave owner plantation owner ..the first chattel slave in virginia was made so by a black slave owner utilizing the courts ..10’s of thousands of white saves were brought to the west indies and they perished there under very harsh conditions while the more valuable black slaves enjoyed the easier work in the houses and stables and were drivers etc and over seers of whites …white slaves wer brought to usa as well ..we know that kikes made multi-millions of dollars off the nigger slave trade whites (jews) were ever allowed past the beaches on landing on the coast of africa …the niggeres sold into slavery were already slaves to other black tribes and there was black slavery prevalent in africa for hundreds of years prior to kikes profiting off this shit ..there were no whites in africa in these regions then and were not allowed so there was no internal white european influence to shape the idea agenda of selling nigger slaves already under slavery to niggers in africa ,as it was already being done by nigger chieftans ..zoolooz an shit ..south africa is a different story however with the land empty of kaffirs and completely uninhabited and un developed for farms which the boers came to africa and made farms and civilization which the niggers came and gravitated to fior security and jobs and food and housing etc ,which is all now rapidly receded into a nitemare for whites and their farms caused by ANC niggers and nigger mugabe and nigger mandela and te god dam kikes commies ..

    DailyKenn.com_blog: Black Africans were responsible for American slavery.html
    it is odd that the muslim hoarde is accepted hands down in the usa when it is supposed to be a terror groupo based on what israel tries to claim ..however islam is responsible for the murder of christians around the world and

    the first propaganda war was the war on drugs etc ..pot the gateway drug ,,yeah right ..tobacco and alcohol are truly gateway substances etc ..but the seizure laws were what they were after and many more people have been killed in the war on drugs ,than by drugs and the police do target individual properties and cars and whatnot for seizure ..its all bs this seizure crap ..especially money seized cus it has cocaine on it ..all cash has been proven to have coke on it and this is known is financially insurmountable to fight a case like these against the police in jewish courts in usa police state ..we saw this coming 30 years ago ..

  14. sog says:

    bascially the unconstitutionality of the drug war and seizure laws and no knock warrants based on the flimsiest of precepts were a test to get america used to injustice and tyranny .
    and for what we saw in bsoton or water town where hundreds of people s 4th amendment rights were anhilated and they were kidnapped by police and put in danger by the zog police ..
    niggers jews ansd muslims and dont forget the whiny spiks all scream for their rights which are usually some extraordianry combination iof swelf proclaimed entitlement of one kind or many and they get press and media and a pat on the back while whites get disturbing levels of depraved indifference from the govt and muds we support ..
    i cant recall how many innocent people were killed by no knock laws and wee hour home invasions by police when they try to call these events raids thay are no less as deadly than a pack o niggers breaching your domain ..wrong addresses were a real killer of inocent people in the heavy drug raid era …the cops made a killing off the siezure agenda …i knew a guy who was shot in front of his house and the cops came and emptied out his garage for “evidence” when none of these materiels of his business which was installing hi tek secutity cammeras for properties etc …so the cops took hundreds of thousands of dollars worht of security equipment that was totally unrelated to his killing ….basically the cops helped them selves to anything they pleased …seen em do it to another friend when they take credit cards from people they arrest and use the cards etc …ther is one tale id love to tell here but prudence says otherwise ..

  15. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I’m with you on this failed drug war too. I say we let good old American farmers grow pot and package it and sell it and tax it just like cigarettes. Sell it in pharmacies to people who can show an id over 21. If the jews can let 14 year old girls buy abortion pills than by GOD we can let adults smoke weed. Like I said cigarettes are legal and so is beer and whiskey (but not moonshine). So cut out the Mexican drug cartels and all the middlemen and niggers killing each other over a nicklebag save some coast guard and border patrol manhours too.

  16. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Keep the billions of fed reserve notes here in America don’t pay the Mexican drug cartels. Boy howdy that will wake them mexiniggers up. Then we tell white Texans and guys like sheriff Arpaio in Arizona that yes it’s OK to shoot illegal border crossers and stick their heads on the fence posts. Now that’s a solution that would actually work.

  17. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Don’t the jews shoot Arabs that cross the israeli border? And it’s the jews that aren’t supposed to be there in the first place. Now is there anybody else in this world that I have not pissed- off or offended yet? Because I’m Irish I can go on until I’m dead.

  18. sog says:

    heh heh , america is a zoo ..dont feed the niggers ,mexichimps and the joooz …lol ..nice work prt …
    what is real is that none of this absurdity needs to happen but the jews in postitions of power ,usually behind each—>other have decided to destroy the north american grid the post office which ran fairly weell with all the nigs and grints ,and sell off american infrastructure .that takes alot of chutspuh and planning ,,.even so when jews get to “modifying” things they usually blow up in everyones face slowly or not ..

    duh government had a scrapyard in the middle of a desert.(usa) The government said, “Someone may steal from it at night.” So they created a night watchman position and hired a man for the job.

    Then the government said, “How will the watchman perform his duties properly without proper instruction?” So they created a planning department and hired three people, one to write the instructions, one to instruct the watchman and one to do time studies.

    Then the government said, “How will we know the planning department is doing their assigned tasks correctly?” So they created a Quality Control department and hired ten people. Five to do the studies and five to write the reports.

    Then the goverment said, “How are these people going to get paid?” So They created a payroll division, and hired twenty people.

    Then the government said, “Who will be accountable for overseeing all these people?” So they created an oversight agency and hired three hundred people to staff it.

    Then the government said, “We have had this operation for only one Year and it is already $18,000,000 over budget – we must cutback on costs.”

    So they laid off the night watchman….
    which reminds me of when the boss called me and jack in to have a talk with us and he said i have bad news ,i have to lay you or jack off ..heh heh ..
    bye the way seneca sephard ,nice comment over on mark glen arty ..

  19. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Good one Sog.

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