Obama Getting Serious Flack or Just More JEW BS?


Lot’s of talk in the media today about the Obongo-STEIN administration and various “scandals” like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, spying on the AP and the IRS giving hell to the tea party groups. Since our media doesn’t really give us the big picture, it’s hard to know for sure what’s truly up behind the scenes.

Steven Miller

Steven Miller. Don’t feel sorry for this smug punk, this time next year he’ll be laughing his Jew ass off looking at his bank statement.

Earlier tonight, Obongo “accepted” the resignation of Steven Miller, acting commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, who almost certainly is a Jew (it’s 50/50 with the name “Miller,” but look at his mug on right). Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew (big time orthodox Jew) is said to have forced him out. I bet Lew merely asked him to fall down on his sword for the team — watch as Miller lands himself a highly paid cushy job at Goldman Sachs!

These stinking Jews are not only all over America’s finances and getting filthy rich, but all over TV yapping up a storm talking about it! Just look at the news with this in mind. They are truly the common denominator to what’s going down.

The commissioner in charge when the tea parties were first targeted, is also a Jew. Douglas Schulman was appointed by Dubya Bush, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing. Republican or democrat, it’s grassroots White people getting good and angry about all the things these Zionist Jews are doing to this country, is what really scares them to see start-up in America. Believe me. Same kind of thing happening all across Europe, like Greece, Hungary and Great Britain, for example.

What may be going on with the mainstream media, is Jewish pressure to get Obongo to act on something. I’m certain they resort to this kind of tactic when they want the puppets to do something so big that it scares them. And they already know Obongo is not going to say anything about the sacred Jews. Could you imagine that? Not unless the Mulatto One wants another Dealy Plaza.

I believe they want Obongo to get us into another Mideast war — immediately with Syria and soon with Iran. Syria’s Assad is proving too strong to bring down with Jihadi militants alone, so they want Obongo to declare a “no fly zone” over Syria with our air power. Our military is not too keen since they worry this might suck in Russia.

With Syria and Iran gone, Israeli hegemony in the region can proceed. Under the smokescreen of war, they can now finally expel and genocide those Palestinians still taking up precious Jew space, possibly even invading Lebanon once again and the Sinai to increase Eretz Israel (Greater Israel) — what they’ve always wanted from day one.

Sure, you might call me crazy and a conspiracy nutcase, but trust me: These sneaky GD Jews do crap like this all the time. They think all of us out here are not as smart as them, hence they can pull the wool over our eyes time and time again. They don’t care one bit if millions die because of their scheming. Never have.

Now, some of you who have come here for the first time are probably looking around, saying to yourselves “this guy really hates Jews a lot.”

Uh, what don’t you get, MORON? Crissakes, these GD trouble-makers have been doing this kind of thing for a long ass time now.

I figured it out with all my studies about WWII years ago. Once you dig deeper than the high school books and the never-ending holocaust crapola, you find out all sorts of stuff. Look at it this way: You know how they always make it out Hitler was trying to take over the planet? All the animated graphics of the red Nazi menace spreading out across Europe, then fading out to black and white scenes of poor widdle Jews crying while forced into gas chambers at the point of a bayonet? To this day, the Jewish propaganda and brainwashing goes on and on and on.

There’s tons of stuff on WWII they don’t want the masses to know.

These devious mothers have been jerking our chains for decades. They sure as hell can’t have us come to that conclusion, so they resort to slander, censorship, financial destruction and even outright murderous war among us “goyim” before they’ll let people figure out the real deal with them.

What we ought to be doing, is dragging each and everyone of these sorry jackanapes out of their cushy GD offices and giving them the big boot.

These stinking Jews have so much nerve they literally say if you don’t believe everything and anything they say then it’s only because you hate them for being Jews. Talk about giant cojenes! It’s little wonder people hate them, once they get the gist.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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153 Responses to Obama Getting Serious Flack or Just More JEW BS?

  1. Joe says:

    The holocaust took place. The Jews were dragged out of their homes at gun-point — en-masse — and thrown into IG Farben slave/work camps. That in itself is disgusting and barbaric enough. And maybe 6 million didn’t die, but many Jews — qua Jews– were brutally murdered. Many millions — if not exactly 6 million.

    It’s the height of unfairness to say there was no holocaust. There certainly was a holocaust.

    The holocaust was also documented by the Catholic Church. Many Catholics — qua Catholics — were dragged out of their homes, their convents, their rectories, and their monasteries, and thrown into the IG Farben slave-work camps and brutally murdered.

    Not as many as the Jews, but enough to know there was a holocaust. To say there was no holocaust is the height of unfairness — and it’s mendacity of the highest order.

    See the videos I posted about WW2 and Pope Pius XII. The holocaust was documented by the Catholic Church in real-time, while it happened.


  2. dc says:

    No Joe,
    As long as the “holocaust” is not well defined, it makes no sense to argue whether “it” happened or not.
    Whatever their faults in trying to protect Germany, the National Socialists conducted no programmes to massacre Jews, Gypsies or anyone else except to the extent these groups were hostile to the German nation. There is no evidence for such a thing, not the least bit. We want rid of you, not your death; but if there is no alternative . . .

    • INCOG MAN says:

      My SS guards picked him up. Sorry, I was too busy hammering out my latest on that Jew Miller’s testimony!

  3. dc says:

    ad Incog

    “Do we have ourselves a Jew HASBARAT sneaking in here today?”

    That’s about the size of it. T bone had it right from the start.

  4. Pat says:

    “Joe” is a jew.

    “Joe” is spewing lies.

    If “Joe” had any intellectual honesty – or perhaps the intellectual ability to discern fact from fiction – “Joe”

  5. Pat says:

    If “Joe” had any intellectual honesty – or perhaps the intellectual ability to discern fact from fiction – “Joe” would know that the jews fucked over Germany and that the German people reacted to jewish filth.

    Unfortunately, the Germans didn’t genocide the jews. In retrospect, they probably should have. If they had, perhaps we would not be hearing from the likes of “Lying Joe” here.

    I think Hitler was too nice. Too polite. But that’s just my opinion.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Joe said

    “The holocaust took place. The Jews were dragged out of their homes at gun-point — en-masse — and thrown into IG Farben slave/work camps. That in itself is disgusting and barbaric enough. And maybe 6 million didn’t die”

    Joe, what part of the Auschwitz comedy video didn’t you understand?

    “Disgusting and barbaric” does not begin to describe what the Jews did to the Germans or to the Russian Christian peoples.

    Post after post of over excited mind bending waffle, the Jews are going to keep sending idiots like this to obfuscate, disrupt, disinform and try to create division.

    The Jews have tried all kinds of cyberwarfare/hacking attempts against Incog man this is just another form of attack.

    Joe it’s not going to work we have seen it all before, take your oppressed Jew stories, aliens, Sabatean Jews?!?!space lizards, voodoo Nazi dolls and fly!

  7. Pat says:

    The Japanese were dragged out of their homes at gun-point — en-masse — and thrown into slave/work camps here in the US. That in itself is disgusting and barbaric enough. And maybe 6 million didn’t die…


  8. Snow White says:

    All thieving K…Ts should be “dragged” out out of the homes we pay for. Don like what I say ….do some # crunching. I go some 50 miles away & see what? A black fellow with a ghetto blaster just coining along…in the middle of Nowhere! Corn country!

  9. Snow White says:

    @ Pat. Interesting they all get caught here.

  10. Snow White says:

    What posible use is a “has been rat?”

  11. t bone says:

    Thank goodness for Spamblinka.

    That mohel overloaded my jewdar with virtual gefilte and shorted it out. I’m gonna hunt him down and make him pay the repair bill.

    I knew it was imminent that the Incoggers would have him pegged. The arrogant jews think theyre smart, but we White folks are really the smart ones.

    Expulsion 110 awaits, arrogant jewbags! You wont try to pull this ‘cute’ shit the day that happens. And you wont weasle out of it this time with “But, I’m innocent”.

    Dont you know what ultimately happens to the jewboy who always cries Wolfowitz?


  12. Bailey says:

    Put the rat bastard to work until it can’t work no more and then send him to the chamber for a delousing.

    Joe, WTF?

    Even as everyone calls him out as an obvious rat he still spews his shit as if nothing is happening, kind of reminds me of what Hitler wrote about the jew.

    I remember when the rats used numbers instead of names, If you saw a post by someone like a6784 you knew it was a hasbarat and i’m thinking that the numeric rats were rookies who had to “earn” a name.

    Well, If the name Joe was earned from hasbarat central and carries weight within the internet jew rat community i’d say the jews are losing in this war between the truth and jewish bullshit.

    Excuse me while I go get a beer to celebrate, It may be incremental but it’s still victory.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      t bone called it right away. So did Pat.

      My Jewdar was busy with DC crap. Sorry.

      Hey, anyone got some spare Zyklon-B? I’m running low.

  13. Snow White says:


  14. Snow White says:

    Why on earth would any one do anything but wish more more crippling stuff on fdr. HuH? One class A retarded little monster.

  15. t bone says:

    I’m low on Zyklon B myself, Incog, but I have a few industrial sized rat traps I can send your way.

    The ledge holds 1 tablespoon of gefitle, plus theres a latch right next to it that functions like a dollar bill holder. The jew rats just love it until….SNAPPO!

    It doesnt snip their spine as we all know that jews are born without spines.

    Perfect for disposing jew rats into the trash where they belong.

  16. sog says:

    yeah hey joe even ghandi had more stones than you heh heh .. your showin your hasbarat lo iq drivel ..you know the cultura marxist brainwashed drivel you jews spew…. .. …jewish holocaust hasnt happened yet ..what part of 40 million dead germans from ww2 jewish “allied” fronts attacking germany on nothing but the scantest intentional mis-translation of the jap german war pact ….what it really was sposed to mean is if some one attacked japan or germany the other would come to their aid and many nations came to kill germany for the jews instead ..germany who didnt want a war but the jews and churchill forced the war on germany ..ww2 basic knowledge 1a ..fuck wit ..kikes must have been pretty mad at germany if they wanted to kill a great host nation that had allowed them to prosper without prejuidice for centuries ..jews had globally decided to anhilate germany before lazy smelly kikes had to go to prison for breaking german laws and work for a change ..kikes decided to smoke germany before any kike mistreatment propaganda came up ..and all of this mistreatment shit was cut from whole searcukker cloth by kikes who had been driven out of berlin and aleswhere by new morallity codes ..kikes have no moral compass ..
    you pin dick kike even if the holacaust was real we could celebrate a wonderful victory over the jewish race ..we wish it was real ..it isnt .it took the black plague in 1300”s to slow em down for a while bringing about the great RENNAISCANCE of europe simply because the jews were no longer organized and on track for a while …if holohoax was real it would have been deserved executions for sabotage and espionage communist antipathy towards germany ..it would have been for a good enough reason ..what was the reason for 70-90 million murdered russians by jews in the ussr ,,,ahhhye ?? or spain or armenia ..etc ww1 ww2 civil war …civil war is real good hoax ..700,000 white people killing each other over the freeing of niggers ..gimme a fuckin break ,,congress could have passed a law and the same result would have occurred ,,,blacks would have been “free” to do exactly what they were doing before the war ..nothing changed and the nigger wasnt specifically welcome anyway ..i spose whites were racist cus they didnt want niggeres as slaves in the colonies anymore .heh heh ..youd think that they would have been grateful for the 700,000 dead amricans who died for niggeres and for the desire to send them all back to africa where they came from except for the fact that they would have been immediately remende back into slavery in africa as slavert in africa was the norm …cheap slave labor has always upset the naturaL balance as we see now with spikbeeners in usa …ad nauseum etc on and on ..

  17. Lieutenant Colonel Scott "hit 'em hard" Macalister says:

    Our American boys during the Good War — World War Two :

  18. Bailey says:

    Check out what this negro says about the Obamas,

    Aside from him believing the BS about the HNIC and Netanyahooo and the riff between America and the devil state he’s right on.


  19. Jimmy says:


    Yeah it’s true Jews do like to change their name, from professor to Lt col cocksucker

  20. Jimmy says:

    Lt col toasted foreskin, I like this video


  21. Jimmy says:

    Tax collecting Jewish filth. Jews don’t want to work they like to take money from white Christian people who have worked for it.

    The Jews have always desired to be slave masters over the white Christian people, they have achieved this to a large extent by destroying our white Christian nations with war and then using usury to strip the people to the bone.

    No more war for the Jews, more war for Israel, we must make sure if any attempt to invade Iran are quashed we must awaken our white bretheren to the struggle.

    No Jewish infiltration of bullshit storms can stop the process, the Christian goyim are awakening it is taking place the Jews will be in serious trouble.
    It is better for Jews like “Joe” to come forward now and to confess openly to the goyim of their evil and beg for forgiveness.
    If they don’t we will have our own “Nuremburg” trials where true justice will be meted out to those Jews who have been found guilty.

    I had a good day today visited many blogs and forums not related to yids and informed many people of the Jewish communist peril.
    I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunity of awakening my fellow white Christians to the dangers of Jews.

  22. t bone says:


    I got one stuck in your jew filter.

  23. t bone says:

    Just in case my comment got lost, I’ll re-post the jist of it (without excerpts).


    256 references to 6 mil.

    This is some list that this guy compiled:


  24. Aryan says:

    Who opened America’s borders?

  25. Frank Fredenburg says:

    54 Colorado Sheriffs Say “NO” To Bullshit “Gun Control” Laws


    Some good news about guns.

  26. Pat says:

    The “good” war? I suppose that’s like referring to a “good” jew…

    Speaking of pieces of shit……….

    Was Eisenhower a Jew?

    Or did he just act like one?

    The question of whether Eisenhower was Jewish or not is probably not as important as how he became a General and the actions he took.

    Among other notable actions that Eisenhower was responsible for were actions such as:

    The massacre of surrendered Germans at Dachau, The fire bombing of Dresden, Operation Keelhaul, and

    The intentional starvation of over 1,250,000 “disarmed enemy forces”

    These actions alone clearly mark him as a war criminal and an embarrassment. But was he a Jew?

    Eisenhower Is A derivative Of Eisenhauer: A Jewish Name Now, I’m not saying Eisenhower was definitively a Jew. But he had a Jewish name and he did some pretty terrible things to White Germans. Didn’t he?

    Operation Keelhaul
    Eisenhower was responsible for ” Operation Keelhaul ” – where allied forces rounded over two million anti-Communists who escaped Stalin and tuned them over to Russian forces.

    Part of the Yalta Agreement between the Big Three — Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill involved the repatriation of Russians to their respective homelands where they were either immediately executed or sent to die in the Gulag.

    Eisenhower did that? Yeah.

    I never said that it was definite that Eisenhower was a Jew – but his West Point yearbook (The Howitzer) named his as “The Terrible Swedish Jew”.

    West Point was very conscious of any ‘ Non-White’ candidates. It was obvious from Eisenhower’s appearance that he was carrying another race’s blood. The headmaster quizzed him and he admitted he had Jewish ancestors.

    Now, I’m not saying that Eisenhower was definitely a Jew. But his father was a Swedish Jew who married a Swedish gentile woman. He had a Jewish name…and he did some pretty despicable things to White Germans.

    Eisenhower Was Considered Incompetent
    During World War II when Col. Eisenhower was working for Gen. Douglas McArthur in the South Pacific, McArthur protested to his superiors in Washington (DC) that Eisenhower was incompetent and that he did not want Eisenhower on his staff.

    Meteoric Rise
    In 1943, Washington not only transferred Col. Eisenhower to Europe but promoted him over more than 30 more experienced senior officers to five star general and placed him in charge of all the US forces in Europe. How did that happen? Jewish Magic?

    * July 1, 1936-Lieutenant Colonel

    * March 11, 1941-Colonel

    * October 3, 1941-Brigadier General (1 Star)

    * March 28, 1942-Major General (2 Stars)

    * July 9, 1942-Lieutenant General (3 Stars)

    * February 11, 1943-General (4 Stars)

    * December 20, 1944-General of the Army (5 Stars)

    Jew Bernard Baruch was Instrumental in Eisenhower’s Advancement
    Eisenhower’s military promotions on the eve of WWII and during the war are curious to say the least. Zionists found an Army officer who had been a military failure until Bernard Baruch promoted him to General.

    Eisenhower’s actions and responsibilities during and after the war are quite strange as well. Eisenhower had direct, personal negotiations with Stalin on the placements of the armies and the surrender of territory won by American forces – giving them to the Russians.

    Now, I’m not saying that it’s definite that Eisenhower was a Jew. But Eisenhower’s nickname at West Point was “The Terrible Swedish Jew”, his father was a Jew, he had a Jewish last name, his advancement in the military was pushed by a rich Jewish financier, and he did some pretty despicable things to White Germans.

    But Was He a Jew?
    Look, I’m not saying that Eisenhower was definitely a Jew. But Eisenhower’s nickname at West Point was “The Terrible Swedish Jew”, his father was a Jew, he had a Jewish last name, his advancement in the military was pushed by a rich Jewish financier, and he did some pretty despicable things to White Germans.

    And in 1952, although he had been a Democrat most of his life, the Jew Baruch endorsed Dwight D. Eisenhower for president.

    Yes, except for Eisenhower. It is an established fact that his father was a Jew. From here, it looks like the biographers just wrote down what someone wanted written. Why? Could it have had something to do with his Presidential bid? Hm….

    The biographers like to try to muddy the waters a bit when it comes to Jewishness. Note the Jewish name Eisenhauer in his family tree. Eisenhower Is A derivative of Eisenhauer.

    From this vantage point, Eisenhower looks pretty damn Jewish.

    Eisenhower’s Jewish father marks him. The fact the Eisenhower and Eisenhauer are Jewish names mark him. Eisenhower’s promotion by a rich Jewish financier marks him. Eisenhower’s actions also mark him.

    The man was a disgrace. And a war criminal.

    Technically speaking, he was a gentile. Because Jew status is transferred from Jewish bitch to Jewish whelp. This is how the kikes officially determine who gets to be in the Natural Born Mafioso Gang some call Da Juice. It’s through the ma bitch’s blood/DNA/genome. This also applies to the ugly, in most cases, especially so after they’re fully grown.

    However, as mentioned, his paternal side had some Jewish (Khazar) blood. So, big shot Jews behind the scenes were probably assisting him in various ways and then they likely made him loyal and/or devoted to them somehow. Perhaps he was a faggot and they had pics of him banging some other faggot. Or perhaps he owed some Jews a bunch of money.

    They pull the strings, he goes from colonel to not just general, but 5* General. Quite a antiheroic leap, thatz. Then throw in Supreme Allied Commander status for a proven and disliked incompetent. (He was near the bottom of his class and Kwanye West Point.)

    He was just a tard, a turd, and total fucking son of a Jewish bitch. But how symptomatic of American stupidity is it that this fucker is considered some kind of national hero? Oh please no!!! Not the Kwa!!

    The question of whether he was Jewish by birth is basically moot. Same for many if not most AmeriKwans. Dumbfuck useful idiots (I don’t) like Ike might as well be Jews. Since they spend their lives totally unaware of the kikes, while the kikes run the mass media, big banks, federal government, etc. ai, the people basically become so Jew-like in their shit-headed ignorance that they might as well be “blood Jews”, ie actual demons.

    In fact, when Patton heard that Eisenhower was re-designating surrenders German soldiers as “Disarmed Enemy Forces” instead of “Prisoners of War”…to get around the Geneva Convention….Patton simply went around freeing his German prisoners and told them to “go home”.

    Patton finally figured out what was going on. But a bit too late.

    After looking over the facts, it’s pretty obvious what a huge turd he was. Too bad the Germans didn’t win that war. They came close against tremendous odds.

    But at least they fought.

    I’d rather die fighting – than live under Jewish slavery.

    There are things far worse than death. Death does not define you – it’s how you live that defines you.

    The Germans didn’t bow.

    The learning experience to take away from this is: simply don’t surrender to a Jewish enemy.

    Don’t surrender.

    They’re going to kill you anyway. And after you’re dead, they’re going to defame you.

    Surrender is not an option.

    Listen, I’m not saying that I’m absolutely positive that Eisenhower was a Jew. And I’m not saying that people who try to argue that he wasn’t a Jew are horribly uninformed or making “Jewish Guesses*” about Eisenhower’s Jewishness.

    I’m just saying that you need to look at the facts.


    * Jewish Guess
    –verb (used with object)
    to intentionally commit oneself to an opinion about (something) in direct opposition to existing irrefutable evidence supporting another conclusion or opinion to purposely mislead: I tried to throw them off with Jewish Guesses about specific aspects of 9/11.
    to intentionally estimate or conjecture about incorrectly: to make a Jewish Guess about the veracity of the holy hoax and associated lies.
    to pretend to think, believe, or suppose that something that is not true is true especially in support of Jewish Lies: I’ll continue to make Jewish Guesses about 9/11 until I’m brought to Justice.
    –verb (used without object)
    to intentionally form a false estimate or conjecture (often fol. by at or about ): A Jewish Guess is the same as an intentional lie.
    to intentionally estimate or conjecture incorrectly.
    an opinion that one reaches or to which one commits oneself with the intent to confuse issues and waste resources in defense of crimes committed by Jews and/or in support of the Jewish Nation especially in the presence of overwhelming evidence suggesting Jewish guilt.
    the act of intentionally forming such a false, misleading opinion: to take a Jewish Guess at what caused Building 7 to fall.

  27. May 21, 2013

    by J.R. Elliott

    “Two sources close to the inner circle of the Obama White House have communicated exclusively to RedFlag News that during the night of Benghazi, President Obama was ‘incapacitated’ due to ‘staggering, inapt activities’ between the hours of 1800 and 2300.”

    [link to redflagnews.com]


    Posted On: May 22nd, 2013


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