ROT IN HELL You Ugly Damn Negro Abortionist!

Kermit Gosnell

Just look at that pie-bald, high yellar bastard! He’s tearing up a little in his booking photo only because he knows his profitable baby-killing gig is now over with. Good thing, too. The freaky-looking ape was convicted today of first degree murder for his house of horrors abortion clinic in Philadelphia and hopefully will face the death penalty.

Oh yeah, him and his lawyer claimed his prosecution was due to “racism.” Don’t they always use that excuse for everything?

Usually, I can’t bring myself to write about crimes like his, being the sensitive and caring New Ager kind of guy I am. No, in all seriousness the things that went on in this guy’s abortion clinic sickened me so much I couldn’t read a lot, let alone talk about it here.

Like faggotry and homo marriage, this whole business with abortion is directly attributable to the stinking Globalist Jew’s efforts to limit Goyim reproduction as much as possible. Oh, I know that sounds all conspiracy theory, but I’m sure of it. And subversive Khazar Jews do indeed fill abortion efforts from top to bottom.

But it’s really White people they want to have abortions. Look at all the special perks they give blacks to have children, for crying out loud. They give them extra taxpayer money per month, per porch monkey. Also, they give them $6000 or more at tax time, a nice chunk of change for something called earned income credit. Some of these Ghetto black women are literally baby factories to milk socialistic government freebies.

Sure, we have Whites that take advantage of it, but the Globalist bastards can’t come out and be so obvious as to say it’s just for apes openly. At least not yet. Likewise, they would prefer Jewess babes not having abortions, so as to bring up the population of rats infesting our White nations, or to stock up on Muslim displacement units in Israel.

I’m personally totally against Abortion, especially of White European babies. And yeah, I’m a White person and all. You got a problem about it, just go suck on something nasty (which you probably would regardless of what I got to say).

That being the case, I’m not going to break bad on White women here that may have done something when younger and stupider. The Jew brainwashing has been going on for a long time but, thank God, White women are now coming around to figuring out all the evil crap this satanic race has been up to.

pro life generation
There’s plenty of decent young people out there, ready to put a stop to the stinking GD Jew’s immorality in our nations!

So, anyways, if you want to read about all the sick things “DOCTOR” Kermit Gosnell did in his abortion clinic, you’re just going to have look it up elsewhere. I’m way too sensitive to write about it here. Go ahead and comment and add links down below.


If the filthy Jews get more control over our lands, they’ll certainly release Gosnell and give him a medal. Hell, they’ll probably build statues of the guy and make us watch tear-jerking movies of his “heroism.”

Think that’s bull? We see them rewriting history all the time to fit their racial agenda.

Anyway, I hope they hang this guy pronto before the Jews get a chance to free him. Hell, I’ll volunteer to be the hangman free of charge.

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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95 Responses to ROT IN HELL You Ugly Damn Negro Abortionist!

  1. (JTA) — A Norwegian newspaper removed an Op-Ed on its website asserting that U.S. media are unreliable because they are “dominated by Jews.”
    The opinion article, titled “Is there Jewish Dominance over International and Norwegian Media?,” by the pro-Palestinian activist Siri Lill Thowsen, was taken down Monday from the site of the Oslo-based daily Dagsavisen because it “gives support to old conspiracy theories about Jews controlling media,” Managing Editor and Foreign News Editor Ivar Iversen told JTA.
    Readers complained to Dagsavisen about the Op-Ed,

    Read more:

    White girl attacked by she-boon. White girl apparently sees no correlation between she-boon being what it is and what it does.

    Cops will destroy evidence

    A long diversion from reality. Ctrl+F+”jew”=1:

  2. Cleansweep says:

    Check out the new facelift of Homeland security.

  3. Cleansweep says:

    The sexual exploitation of White Children by organized Jews

    If you are the parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt of young White children, you
    have a sacred obligation to help them develop a life-long resistance to these Jewish
    attempts to destroy their racial and cultural identity.

    Dont wait until a policeman comes to your home bearing tragic news.
    Remember what happened to Christina Long.

  4. Cleansweep says:

    The ADL’s War On White America and White People All Over World.

  5. Douglas M. Foster, 26, of Houston, Texas primate is facing a felony charge of super-aggravated sexual assault of a child under 6 years of age, the Houston Chronicle reported today.

    Police in Houston arrested the man and say that Foster sexually assaulted the 2-year-old daughter of his girlfriend while he was babysitting the toddler.

    Investigators are saying that the injuries to the 2-year-old girl are so severe that the little girl will need surgery.

  6. Christina Regusters, 19, was charged in Philadelphia on April 29 with aggravated assault, kidnapping, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and a variety of additional offenses after being indicted for pretending to be the mother of a 5-year-old girl, signing the child out of her West Philadelphia elementary school, taking her to a nearby house, and raping her.

    Afterwards, Regusters left the abused and crying child at a nearby playground wearing hardly any clothes, according to CNN.

  7. Cleansweep says:

    Two entire branches of the government, the Executive and the Legislative, have declared war on us with the Disappearance Laws and the Murder Laws and the Take Away Our Citizenship Laws. They have put us under military rule, same as the Iraqis were, same as the Afghans still are. No difference.

    It’s true that most Americans don’t vote now, some being aware but most being apathetic. But apathy is better than compliance, so that’s a good sign. The way to turn that apathy into interest and then into action is what we are looking for.

    Almost eleven million guns were bought last year, three million during Christmas – another very good sign. Our mission is to bring as many of those new guns and the scores of millions of others into action against the tyrants. That’s what the guns are for.

    Some maybe well-meaning pundits are encouraging Americans to leave the country. Why? And go somewhere you can’t own guns? And miss out on the opportunity to kill tyrants here at home? This is unbelievable to me. We are about to change history. We have all the guns we need. All we do need are the guts and brains to use them to kill tyrants. Not harmless people, tyrants.

    Forget legalities. The government doesn’t care about legalities, neither do we. The government is getting ready to kill us. This is the new law – the law of survival — and the defense of our dignity.

    Once the home invasions start, all offenders and potential offenders must be shot on sight, either close up or from a distance.

    All Israelis in America are hostile enemy aliens and must be shot on sight. This also applies to their American Jewish helpers, the sayanim. The Israelis and American Jews are behind the crackdown that is planned for us, just as they were behind 9/11 and the attack on the Liberty.

    The resistance, therefore, has two basic goals, one local and one national. The local goal is to cleanse the local area, wherever in America that is, of tyrants who would be involved in martial law, i.e., state terrorism against us. Police in uniforms and plain clothes must make it very clear to us that they will in no way cooperate with FEMA, Homeland Security, FBI, etc.

    Any police who would cooperate with the federal tyrants gets the same treatment. As we know, the police departments of the major cities are cooperating with CIA and the Mossad, so the executives of these corrupt departments must receive executive action.

    The national goal is to cleanse the federal government of tyrants, most of which are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The war lords must be exterminated before they kill us all. Our lives and the lives of millions depend on the actions of the resistance to tyranny.

  8. Interracial Dating 101

    Man charged in death of girlfriend’s child has initial court appearance
    by Chris Norwood May 11, 2013

    The warrant states that the two year old child was beaten with “hands, fists and feet,” Kilgore said.

    The child had bruising on his face, neck, chest, stomach and back, as well as a lacerated liver.

  9. sog says:

    what cleansweep says is 200% true ..after all the ferreting out of similar and hidden secret behaviors and resposibilities by jews for the genocides and bad political machines in zoguppied areas of the world it all comes down to this …..the jews are soley responsible for the ushering in of the framework for the murderous NWO ..and in tandem is the ultimate goal of monsanto as a nwo tool is to destroy food as we know it,resulting in the mass starvation og humanity as weve seen it in ussr ,china , american depression ,german blockade etc and dont forget the mass graves of ireland due to jewish controlled endland siezing all of irelands food once .. ..all monsanto products are inferior and toxic …monsanto must be made a special interest observation is us or them

  10. t bone says:


    Normally, I would agree with you on your 4:17 post but I’m a bit vague on the details.

    For instance:

    Could it be some kind of false flag or botched intelligence?

    Or, if thats not the case, perhaps some mexi-squats, jew pedos or negroes hurt one of his loved ones and he was considering retaliation; something a failed justice system wouldnt afford him?

    (I’m not condoning bombing by asking that)

    Plus, other variables. If its a White guy, the jews will exploit every angle and make a mountain out of a mole hill to further demonize Whitey. Sensationalizing stories like this will divert the masses away from shitskin and jews crimes.

    Like the links that LaydeeLiberty posted that you never hear in the jew news.

    I’ll re-read the link you posted. Maybe I missed something. If you have additional info, please post. Thx.

  11. sog says:

    yeah bailey the monsanto crew has sued thousands of farmers ..because monsanto is in the business of shutting down farms ..they buy a farm ahemm steal it in court or buy cheap and plant their anti human gmo crops near other farms so the franken pollen will cross with the other farmers crops ,,then they send their detectives in to check to see if the farmer is growing gmo crop without a license etc …it is the most obvious fraud ..the farmers used to make 50% of their income from seed harvests every year i dont think produce usable seed and if they do you cant use em ,you have to buy seeds from monsanto every year or get into legal troubles …so the crooks at mondanto purposely cross contaminate other farms crops with thier monsanto pollen and they hold the innocent farmer responsible ….monsanto should be crushed and all employees terminated ..we see through the veil of bulshit of how these are better crops ..they arnt at all and are mostly inferior ..usa supreme court struck down the ban on gmo alfalfa last year …70 % of farms use alfalfa for feed’s cause cancer and tumors in lab animals ..then congress passes a law in a lame duck session last year banning the home growth of crops in your yard ..they seize survival food where and when they can from citizens …we are citizens right ? by virtue of our constitution and birth certificates that everyone always wnats to see when you have to show 3 forms of ID ..etc ..monsanto is responsible for bovine growth hormone in milk ,anoither dangerous food additive ..

    It’s official. Monsanto Corporation is out to own the world’s food supply, the dangers of genetic engineering and reduced biodiversity(natural food) notwithstanding, as they pig-headedly set about hog-tying farmers with their monopoly plans. We’ve discovered chilling new evidence of this in recent patents that seek to establish ownership rights over pigs and their offspring.
    this is why the police came to a farm in michigan and shot the farmers pigs based on their color ..racist pigs shooting pigs ,heh heh ………………….
    In the crop department, Monsanto is well on their way to dictating 100% what consumers will eat, what farmers will grow, and how much Monsanto will get paid for seeds. In some cases those seeds are designed not to reproduce sowable offspring. In others, a flock of lawyers stand ready to swoop down on farmers who illegally, or even unknowingly, end up with Monsanto’s private property growing in their fields…..
    they continually use the courts as in the case where they were allowed to start using gmo alfalfa ..all sugar beets for sugar are gmo ..and they want also in another realm use aspartame and not have to label it in products …all dangerous shit like rounduop ready soy beans doesnt have pest enemies anyway as its toxic and pests ignore it to use a pesticide that grows inside the bean is just bringinf toxins to your table ..argentina has 4 million acres of gmo soybean fields they have dioxin ready technology cant make this shit up what they used to (20 million gallons conc agent orange ,blue etc )defoliate asia and currently brazil for hamburger cow farming is going to be ibn your food from gmo technology …like the smart meter program and all the other death defying technologies they implement against us the monsanto is as eveil an agenda as you can find is germ warefare as is the kike depopulation agenda vaxxine program used against us ..a good one was the mycoplasma incognitus fermentans bug and most of americans have this virus now ..mycoplasm discovered in the 1800’s has been the cornerstone of the germ bio warefare apparatuses ever since ..they had vaxxines around the civil war times that mostly just killed most of the people that took them ..brucellosis vax and tuberculin vax along with the hybrid sheep visna and the bovine leukemia virus matrix germ is a synergistic confluent that poroduces aids as does AZT …there is no aids virus per se …175 million niggeres in africa have aids tho or at least activated immune destruction from taking AZT and other anti virals that cause retinal damge and other side effects …better living thru science i think they call it ..

  12. Jason says:

    t bone,

    My fault for being vague. When I said fry this guy I was referring to the abortionist. You’re absolutely right regarding the story on the LA cops searching and seizing with no warrant as well as detaining another American unlawfully and without arresting him.

  13. Smitherines. says:


    By Rev. Ted Pike
    15 May 13

    One of the reasons Jewish control of big media is wrong is that it protects the sins of evil Jews, from Hollywood to New York to Tel Aviv, from being openly subjected to the cleansing effect of truthful analysis and criticism. This morally ghettoizes Jews, shielding them from the oxygen of constructive criticism, a force that functions to bless and mature everyone else. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)

    This past week in New York City we saw yet more examples of the Jewish media’s misguided protectionism of Jews:

    A congregant of a Hasidic Chabad Center, Claud Neufeld, was rearrested for child molestation. Neufeld was first arrested last October for sexually abusing an 8-year old boy inside the Chabad Lubavitch Center on Staten Island between December 1, 2009 and December 1, 2010. Yet he was allowed by Chabad’s rabbinic authorities to continue to visit the Chabad Center and associate with its children. He was rearrested last week for molesting a different boy inside the Center 10 times between January 14, 2011 and September 21, 2012.

    If a Catholic priest had molested an altar boy and been arrested in New York last week, it would have been international news. In fact, The New York Times this week dramatizes a 13-year old case in which the Archbishop of Newark, NJ failed to act promptly concerning charges of child molestation against one of his priests. This stimulated 11 pages of Yahoo! internet coverage of this “vital” issue. However, the relatively small Staten Island Advance and the “Failed Messiah” website are, to date, the only media reporting Neufeld’s arrest.

    One of my supporters, who lives on Staten Island, decided to see if, adequately alerted, the NYC primarily Jewish media would pick up the story. He talked to the news desks of the following NYC media, emphasizing the significance of yet another Jewish pedophile arrest: The New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News, WABC Ch. 7, WNBC Ch. 4, WCBS Ch. 2, Associated Press, XPIX 11 PV, FOX 5, and Ch. 9, NYC. To his knowledge, after nearly a week, there has been no mention in NYC media of it.

    Last Friday the long-awaited trial of Jewish pedophile Rabbi Yosef Kolko began. The trial was soon over when Kolko admitted to pedophilia after several other victims came forward. He may face 15 years in prison. Here is an account of Kolko’s misdeeds from The Asbury Park Press:

    In a tight-knit community of people accustomed to handling problems among themselves, one young boy bucked the trend.

    He accused a Yeshiva teacher and camp counselor of molesting him, and when a religious council of Orthodox Jews failed to take action against the man, the boy and his family went to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office for help.

    Because they skirted religious protocols, the boy and his family were ostracized by their community. Some in the community even embarked on a campaign to get the boy and his father to drop the criminal charges.

    And, a flier was circulated in Lakewood saying the boy’s father made a “mockery” of the Torah and committed a “terrible deed” by going to the secular authorities.

    But the family stood its ground. Now, six years after the alleged abuse occurred, the man accused of molesting the boy is set to go on trial in a case that likely is to be closely watched by Lakewood’s Orthodox Jewish community.

    Again, my supporter alerted the same NYC big media, speaking to the news departments. Although several international media reported on Kolko’s trial, I have been unable to locate any stories about it among the NYC big media print and TV outlets – except on the blogs of CBS and FOX which have few readers. NYC is the news center of the world. If they do not report it, it is unlikely it will be discovered or emphasized in media elsewhere. Needless to say, Christian media, such as pro-Zionist, evangelical Christian WorldNetDaily would never report such a story for fear it might be viewed as giving fodder to anti-Semites. Thus, evangelical Christian media and Jewish big media work in harmony to provide ironclad protection from public exposure to pedophiles within Orthodox Judaism.

    In a similar way, in February 2013, Orthodox Rabbi Nechemya Weberman was sentenced to 103 years in prison (shortened automatically to 50 years because of statutory limits) because of multiple acts of sex weekly with a 12-year old Hasidic girl over a period of three years. Of course, the internet reveals his conviction received no play from most NYC big media.

    Talmud Encourages Pedophilia

    The phenomenon of sexual molestation of Jewish children is one perpetrated primarily by authority figures in Orthodox Judaism. This includes Hasidic rabbis of the largest Jewish organization in the world, Chabad. Such indulgence comes from many encouragements of pedophilia in the Talmud, highest religious authority of modern Judaism.

    Understandably then, we do not see rabbinic authorities rushing to launch investigations as to the cause of this scourge or encouraging the police and secular legal authorities to take action. The credibility of the Talmud, wellspring of modern Judaism, is on the line. Instead, there exists a persistent tendency among Jewish authorities to dawdle, send the offender to Israel or not respond to complaints of Jewish parents that their children are being molested.

    This has recently become glaringly apparent in Melbourne, Australia, where sex offenders David Kramer and David Cyprys were allowed to continue to teach and associate with the youth of Chabad’s Yeshivah College (see Pedophilia ‘Rampant’ in Orthodox Judaism), even after complaints from parents that their children were being sexually molested. Yeshivah College is an independent, single-sex, Orthodox Jewish day school for boys. One parent testified in court that the director of Yeshivah College, Rabbi Yitzchak David Groner told him that, even though his 8-year old son had been sexually molested by Cyprys, he should not worry since children under 8 who had been sexually violated are not harmed. The father alleged that the rabbi told him he was informed by psychologists that sex at such an early age does not emotionally damage the child. If the father’s testimony is true, it means that Groner is actually referencing the authority of the Talmud in Sanhedrin 69b. It says: “All agree that the [sexual] connection of a boy aged 9 years and a day is a real connection; whilst that of one less than 8 years is not.”

    In the Soncino edition of the Talmud, the footnote to Sanh. 76a explains: “Marriage, of course, was then at a far earlier age than now.” Sanh. 69b says that if a woman allows herself to be penetrated by her minor son, she is fit to marry a priest. This is because a minor is not considered a “man” by the Talmud in the fullest sense. Thus, according to the Talmud, sex with a minor is of no moral or legal importance to the Jew (Sanh. 52b). A woman might, in fact, have sexual relations with a young boy without questions of morality even being brought up. “A small boy who has intercourse with a grown-up woman makes her [as though she were] injured by a piece of wood” (Kethoboth 11b). The footnote to this passage says: “Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless, the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood.”

    In my article, “Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret,”as well my book, “Israel: Our Duty…Our Dilemma,” (available at I fully document the Talmud’s frequent and whole-hearted encouragement of sex with 3-year old girls. The Talmud says of baby girls that “Scripture speaks of them as ‘fit for cohabitation’” (Yebamoth 60b). These many passages agree with Rabbi Groner that underage sex between a rabbi and a child is of no great moral, physical, medical or spiritual consequence. “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (three years and a day) it is as if one put the finger in the eye” (Keth. 116). The footnote to this passage says that as “tears come to the eye again and again so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years”. (See end of article for scans of these passages.)

    Of course, any credible psychologist would insist that sex between an adult man and an 8-year-old boy or girl has a lasting and extremely traumatizing effect, both physically and emotionally. That is why it is legally characterized as abuse. If Rabbi Groner did in fact base a further three years of inaction in this case upon the Talmud’s authority, it powerfully confirms that, just beneath the surface of the pedophilia scourge among Orthodox authorities, there exists secret encouragement and tolerance of sex with minors. That is why those in Orthodox Judaism most familiar with the Talmud, the rabbis, Yeshiva teachers and other authority figures – not the common laity – are most guilty of pedophilia.

    Dean of Yeshiva Univ. Says: “Don’t Report Pedophilia”

    New York’s Yeshiva University is the most prestigious “Ivy League” center of Orthodox Jewish education in the world. Yet, because the epidemic of pedophilia in Orthodox Judaism is spreading so widely and rapidly, particularly threatening Talmudic-oriented leadership and institutions of learning, one of Yeshiva’s top deans, international Talmud expert, Hershel Schachter, in February recommended that Jews no longer report incidences of pedophilia to civil authorities. The Forward says Schachter “…cautioned against reporting abuse to the authorities without first seeking advice from a Torah scholar, because, he said, police and social service workers often ‘don’t handle the situation properly.’” Schachter also says that children can’t be depended upon to tell the truth. He wants boards of rabbis/psychologists to now field all Jewish complaints of child molestation, only going to authorities as the last recourse. Schachter’s recommendation is particularly ominous, since, as the Forward quotes one rabbi, “Hundreds of rabbis hang on [Schachter’s] every word and interpret his every utterance as binding Jewish law…” Contrary to hopes of reformers, the already close-knit Orthodox community, especially with Schachter’s encouragement, is not opening itself to investigation—especially investigation into the unmentionable Talmudic basis for Jewish pedophilia.

    Again, if a Catholic archbishop or dean of a prestigious Catholic university, such as Notre Dame or Georgetown Univ., issued an edict that pedophilia by priests not be reported to police, they would be immediately fired—not to mention derided in world media for such blatant self-protection of the Catholic Church.

    Schachter’s recommendation, however, although posted in the well-known Jewish Forward, drew no attention, much less criticism, from big media. There, Jewish pedophiles, unlike Catholic ones, are a virtually protected species. The public has not been educated to expect Orthodox, “Torah-believing” Jews to be capable of pedophilia. Instead, especially for tens of millions of Christian evangelicals, even Jewish pedophiles are above being “cursed” through criticism. They remain untouchable as “God’s chosen people.”

  14. I don’t like what this douchebag says about Hitler and National Socialist Germany but the rest is very interesting. I knew Watergate was a takedown but this is a new perspective. I highly recommend it. This writer while saying that the denial of national protectionism by the criminal global corporate syndicate was unfortunate for the US but bad for the Germans to engage. What exactly is the rationale for the nation-state, Mr. Rappoport? If Hitler committed any of the imaginary genocides attributed to him hew was still far less worse than any communist regime or the frontier Americans who slaughtered Indians. It is either the nation or the nation subverted, which is globalization and its oligarchs. Make a choice.

  15. sog says:

    yeshivas and hasidism are more toxic waste introduction in our biosphere…kikes high on jew supremecy via talmudic delusional criminality …spawns of the devil as jesus once said and hitler and goebbels …
    kikes high on scam and deciet and free money …the kike infrastructure as a priority item must perish ..
    check this site out before you eat anything else today ..
    http://www.organicconsumers DOT org/bytes/ob281.htm
    james kopp had the nerve and the steel and conviction ….

  16. Smitherines. says:

    Israeli Airport Sorts Passengers with ‘Jewish Stickers’ and ‘Arab Stickers’

    Administrator May 15, 2013 |

    The Zionist Supremacists use stickers on passports of passengers at Tel Aviv airport in order to determine who is a Jew and who is not—and then treat them differently, it has been revealed.

    The incredible further example of blatant Jewish Supremacist racism—which is directly subsidized to the tune of over $8 billion per day by the American taxpayer—was unknown outside Israel until Palestinian Christian singer Mira Awad recently revealed it in a status update on her Facebook page after clearing passport control at Tel Aviv airport.


    Awad, who is a a celebrity in Israel who has participated in the Eurovision, the Israeli version of “Dancing with the Stars” and is also known for her role in Sayed Kashua’s television sitcom “Arab Labor,” also revealed that the Israelis used to use completely different stickers on passports to mark out Jews from non-Jews, but that recently this was changed slightly to “make it less visible to the trained eye.” Nowadays, the stickers are the same color, but are slightly different sizes.

    As Awad explained on her Facebook page: (original in Hebrew)

    So, I was checked at the airport, they asked the questions, put the stickers on, and I proceeded to the X-Ray machine. Suddenly, the young security man comes to me: “Mira? Mira Awad?”

    Me: “Yes?”

    Security man: “Can I see your passport? There’s a mistake with the sticker.”

    I almost told him: “No, you’re not mistaken, I see you put the right one on — the sticker for Arabs”, but I didn’t say that (security people have their humor extracted during their preparatory course).

    I gave him my passport, he opens it, takes off the sticker in the passport and on the suitcase and puts on a new one, different, the same color but smaller.

    Now the dilemma. On the one hand it’s obvious the young man has just made my life easier by putting on the sticker for Jews.

    On the other hand, it’s one of the things that it’s hard to say thanks for. I mean, thank you for not considering me a terrorist any more?

    Thanks that someone whispered to you, “it’s Mira Awad,” so the “Awad” isn’t scary anymore?

    Thanks for upgrading me to a Class A citizen? I turned into one of “ours,” or actually one of “yours.”

    A small sticker that carries with it such huge humiliation, and today even enfolds stupidity.

    Because since they cancelled the stickers with different colors, which we protested, they made new stickers with less recognizable differences to the inexperienced eye, and here they are embarrassing themselves with unaware patronizing like, “Let’s award you with the status of a privileged person!” — so you don’t say that we aren’t humane.

    By the way, it happened to me also last week, when a senior security man who wanted to “show off” (maybe you’ll say he wanted to joke around, but we’ve already concluded that he doesn’t know how to joke around, see earlier “extraction of humor”) and asked one of his employees to get me one of the “regular” stickers and then winked at me as he continued to speak him: “Can’t you see it’s Mira Awad?”

    So, the conclusion is, if you’re Israeli and your name is Awad – you better be famous! If not, forget about the duty free! Yalla, I’m out of here. For now.

  17. I HATE monsanto. Do you know that my kindle actually capitalized monsanto? I recall when my ipad capitalized obama but not Jesus. Monsanto has got to go. The jews, niggers and spics have to go. A simple plan is easier to follow.

  18. Actually, not all niggers and spics. Definitely the jews though.

  19. sog, did you read ghat rappoport article I put up? What do you make of it?

  20. Snow White says:

    erm…is ivey not an invasive plant that will, if not placed in the right place & contained …choke out one’s garden…

  21. Snow White says:

    Ivy leeg skool…is this another “joke?’

  22. t bone says:

    If I was in charge, I’d make sure ALL jew, jigs and wets got a good frog march far away from Western civilization.

    No exceptions.

    One day, people will say “T Bone was right”.

  23. Oh yeah, t bone, is that what you think? There must be a homogeneous mass of 25,000,000 whites all around you for you to talk so bold. Is this the case?

  24. Snow White = condeez

  25. t bone says:

    ‘Bold’ aop?

    I said “If I was in charge…”

    You seem to urgently defend shitskins when something bad is said about them. You could simply skip my comments if they bother you.

    Speaking of ‘bold’:

    Are you ready to go to niggerville yet? I’m waiting for you to set a date. And I wont come all the way out there to break balls either. In fact, I’ll conduct myself in a very respectful way. I’ll simply just observe what youre talking about when you suggest we should bring shitskins on board.

    Who knows? Maybe you’ll convince me.

    Lets get this thing done.

  26. Joe says:

    More about the true — and truly satanic — nature of abortion, the “daughters of lilith” & their minions — minions like Gosnell and everyone in the whole abortion “industry” period. Abortion : It’s all about satanism & child sacrifice to satan :

    It’s from a satanic website. It’s hard reading, it’s disgusting, but it’s truthful. It’s about the true nature of abortion ; Child Sacrifice to satan ;

  27. t bone says:

    “The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn’t help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about.

    “Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured thru your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn’t help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The jew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn’t remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.” —Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

  28. Joe says:

    The Sacrifice was made on The Cross by Our Lord and Savior. Don’t sacrifice your child to satan. There’re many organizations all over the country that will help you :

    ” Christian Anti-Abortion Groups”

    “The sword that pierced Me has sheathed the sword that was turned against you … now man’s captor is made captive”

    “If thou willingly bear the Cross, it will bear thee … if thou cast one Cross, without doubt shalt find another and perchance a heavier”

    The Imitation of Christ : Thomas a Kempis

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