Ugly Truth’s Mark Glenn GOES OFF on the INCOG!


<rant>Wow! I simply asked this guy to show my small signature on the artwork I did that he used on his site (Netanyahu as Moses with a nuclear explosion in the background), and I get a HUGE RATION of crap right out of nowhere!

Now normally I don’t involve myself in this kind of petty backbiting on the Internet, but this is ridiculous. I’ve always been pointedly clear about my views on Israel and what the stinking Zionist Jews do over here in the West. Oh, I know it’s probably because of all my meanie chili beanie Negro talk (the insidious PC crap long used by Jewish HasbaRATS to create fractures among any who have the guts to utter the “J” word).*

My little comment:

Could you reduce [the] top artwork to show my signature?

I like getting credit for my work. Thanks.

Keep up the good work, Mark!


His comment, or whomever it is that has access to the site’s innards, inserted the following directly into my comment (this has to be done behind the scenes). Here’s the out-of-the-blue reply to my completely innocuous comment above on his site:

–ed note–Incog, do not patronize me or the rest of those at TUT with your ‘keep up the good work’ BS. I know what kind of bashing against me, this website and the accompanying radio program that you allow to take place on your website and which, as far as I am concerned, says more about your real feelings towards what we are doing here than the mealy-mouthed/2-faced sweet nothings you are whispering into our ears now. If someone asks I will tell them where the pics originate but to be honest I am more of a mind to go through and remove every pic of yours I have ever posted here.

And while we’re at it, thanks for being such a stand up guy when your half-witted/knuckledragging/racist readers were peddling lies and slander about us here as being ‘white haters’ and the rest of that BS, despite the fact that I lost readers here at TUT who left negative comments about you and for which I (foolishly) corrected them and defended you.

One of these days I am going to provide a list of all the white nationalist types I have known over the last 20 years who I befriended, welcomed into my home, nursed through various crises, only to have them turn on you for nothing or because when forced to choose between you and one of their ‘white’ comrades, will throw you under the bus in the name of ‘solidarity’ with their ‘white’ brethren.

WOW! What did I do to deserve that?

OK, so some folks here said bad stuff in the comments area about Glenn that he didn’t like. Maybe I should have said something. Sorry. Just didn’t know all the particulars. People over here are upset a lot — about a lot of things. I do try to keep the infighting down (I put people in my SPAMblinka all the time).

Hell, I see crappy stuff about me all over the place. They call me everything from a hidden Jew, to a latent fag, to a big fat hairy Jew fag, to a top secret Alien/NWO/ILLUMINATI/VATICAN/FBI/MOSSAD/ADL/AIPAC/SPLC/SPIC etc., etc. name-collecting and/or disinfo psyops gig. Cripes, I heard it all and then some.

I guess I should be happy no one thinks I’m Negro. What’s that tell you?

Then I got a tiny bit involved with the big battle between Zion Crime Factory and Mike Delaney. Delaney apparently got mad with me for putting in the link to the new “REAL” ZCF site and so deleted the link to INCOG MAN on his main Prothink site. Oh well.

I simply felt the original guy behind ZCF deserved to retain his own GD name and masthead, regardless of any religious (or lack of) differences. That’s just plain old fashioned fairness, of which I have always been a subscriber.

ZCF has done great work exposing the perfidious, lying, Commie Jew Zionists and I support the guy for all his past efforts. It’s not like I’m in love with him. I don’t even rightly know who he is, to tell you the truth.

I got news for all these crazy chumps out here in Internet land: I write what I damn well want to write. You don’t like it, don’t show your ugly mug around my site. “This is my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to…”

I take pride in my photoshop artwork and simply desire that my name is kept on the graphics I put hard work into (some do take a lot of time). I never had any problems with people using my art — JUST WANT MY GD NAME ON IT. Is that too much to ask?

— Phillip Marlowe

ThatsRacist* NEGRO TALK: Uh, I don’t quite get it. These blacks, negroes, whatever, are clearly an out-of-control race. Anyone with brain-one should now see it. They are committing crimes and brutally (really brutal) killing innocent White people all the damn time — isn’t that more than sufficient and understandable grounds for exposure?

If you read the details to a lot of these horrific black-on-White murders, anyone with the least human decency should be rightfully incensed.

I got news for the PC bozos who only expose Zionists: The same forces you’re fighting against for the Muzzies and A-rabs, are the same ones behind turning the undeserving blacks into heroes, pushing “White guilt” and this never-ending holohoax business. All that plus, brainwashing MY OWN RACE into paying for it all and breeding ourselves away. And for that I will not shut up.





100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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475 Responses to Ugly Truth’s Mark Glenn GOES OFF on the INCOG!

  1. russ hook says:

    U R a DUMPHUK Xian numbnuts, so I KNOW everything I need to about you! That GUARANTEES you are NOT veggie b/c to be veggie one needs a discriminating BRAIN that can compute it is WRONG to kill animals unnecessarily for food. You dumphuks are the KIKES’ biggest allies FFS! Those in the know call you BapDUHS GAYley, and RIGHTFULLY so. And yes I grew all my own heirloom tomatoes, for 10 years, close to 100 plants myself til my KIKE LL (Shatz) evicted me ILLegally! How can you be so WRONG about everyTHANG??? Oh, I forgot, U R Xian!!! (=

  2. russ hook says:

    I don’t hunt and you don’t know what I eat so STFU, go on to another assignment.
    @GAYley, you don’t MURDER the animal yourself, you just pay a BUTCHER to do it for you, so that let’s you off the hook? What a GUTLESS PIECE OF DOG SHIT you are GAYley. I aint done with you yet GAYley! I want to show some UGLY TRUTH about YOU and your xian ‘allies”. Not the SHIT-SKIN MarX Glenn version either. Why don’t you Google SLAUGHTERHOUSES GAYley, and see the SUFFERING of TRILLIONS of animals every year that your POS ‘God’ CONdones, and that YOU support? Left uppercut, then right cross GAYley, then I’ll bend you over, and watch you ‘turn the other cheek’, you FUCKING USELESS EATER!

  3. russ hook says:

    @GAYley, U remind me of a slinky, which is basically USELESS, but fun to watch when you push it down the stairs! 😛

  4. russ hook says:

    Multiple postings, excessive use of capitals and bad language. Typical jew behaviour.
    @ Barney Rubble, obvious DUMPHUK, cannot answer one issue I put forward, COWARD! Typical DUMPHUK behavior!

  5. Eric says:

    @ sal/hook

    That was farkin funny…

  6. Salvatore says:

    Generosus equus con curat canem latrantem

    More about russ hook and dasein :

  7. Salvatore says:

    @ Bailey

    I made many excellent points over at Northern Truth Seeker. The points I make — and the questions I ask at NTS — are legitimate and pertinent and relevant points and questions.

    The points I make and the questions I pose at NTS get to the very crux of the NWO. I bring to the fore dynamics of the NWO never addressed at any of the alternative websites. I wonder why. My points and questions are logical, pertinent, and legitimate.

    I stand by the points I make and the questions I ask at NTS.

    I shall continue to make the very same points, and ask the very same questions, at every alternative website that concerns itself with the New World Order. I remain undeterred, and shall always remain undeterred, by the lack of response to my points and to my questions by so many of the alternative online media web masters.

    Gutta cavat lapidem non vi, sed saepe cadendo.

  8. russ hook says:

    That was farkin funny…
    @ Eric da Red lol, Yes, I just AWESOMED all over the place! (; Greaseball Sal (W0Ps are part NIGGER) really likes to REPEAT himself don’t he? Do you think he may have some MENTAL problems? Maybe FUCKEDINDAHEADITIS? Or is it just the DUMB NIGGER genes showing?

  9. russ hook says:

    I made many excellent points over at Northern Truth Seeker.
    @Greaseball Sal, too bad a lot of it is just BULLSHIT tho eh Greaser? Like AH being a commie JEW??? You really LIE like a KIKE ya know! Didja shave yer back this morning Sal?

  10. $10 Bagel says:

    I see Ross Hooknose is still stinking it up.

  11. russ hook says:

    I see Ross Hooknose is still stinking it up.
    @Bagelboy, I see BB can’t even spell a 4 fucking letter word properly! Where do all you GENIUSES come from? The JEW-Skools maybe? I’m not a proctologist, but I know an AZZHOLE when I smell one! 😛

  12. russ hook says:
    Thanx Greaseball Sal, for linking me to National Socialism, or what the JEWS and their USEFUL IDIOTS call “Nazis”. Of course I adhere to these simple tenets that helped Germany escape from the INTERNATIONAL JEW BANKSTERS’ clutches, if only for about 15 years. Too bad most of your IDIOT fathers/grandfathers fought AGAINST that FREEDOM? They fought, and DIED (thank God) for their OWN SLAVERY. They DIED so their sons, and daughters will have the right to pay 90% TAXES, and pay for 3 houses to buy ONE! ALL going into the PARASITE KIKES’ banks! Aint dat just SPECIAL, in an OLYMPIC sorta way??? (=

  13. $10 Bagel says:

    You know who called me Bagel Boy?


  14. russ hook says:

    B0W W0W! Bagel Boy! YOU use a KIKE username, and you call ME a Jew? I think you may be a Jenius! (; How didJEW get so FUCKING STOOOPID??? Fair question BB!

  15. American says:

    Looks like russhook is jonesin’ for some meat. Holy shit, how much can a peaceful vegetarian keep shitting himself in one day?

    I’ve butchered animals for food and it’s made me contemplate becoming a veg, but it’s hardly the reason we’ve gathered.

    I passed the guessing game “who’s a jew” a long time ago, but russbutt is the meanest vegetarian I’ve ever seen, just another jew. Look how he attacks “his own kind” about meat, it’s comical! I love the little fucker for entertainment purposes.

  16. $10 Bagel says:

    LOL, all Incog has to do is read the last couple pages of this thread to know who the kike is. You can’t stand us talking about ZCF and Mark Glenn so here you come to stir in ZCF-style anti-Christ bullshit. That’s what hooknose kikes do.

  17. American says:

    That’s right 10$ bagel, Israel pays broke jews to spew pro-Israel/jew bullshit on the internet. How dumb does a jew have to be in this giant jew-scam we live in to still be broke?
    The hasbarats are the most retarded of jews. They think they’re in the club! LMAO!!!

  18. russ hook says:

    LOL, all Incog has to do is read the last couple pages of this thread to know who the kike is.
    @Bagelboy, Is that ALL you have to do??? B0W W0W! You Xians are just JENIUSES arncha??? @American, who said I was a ‘PEACEFUL’ vegetarian? I KICK AZZ, b/c I have eaten LIVING foods(NOT DEAD ANIMALS) for decades, and that is another reason I am LIGHT FUCKING YEARS ahead of you TITANIC Twats! lol You expect a scrawny DOPE-SMOKING HIPPY, doncha IDIOT-STICK? I am the farthest from that! 6′ 1″ 200 lbs of muscle that knows how to scrap. The CANCER is growing in your cells as you CONsume the terrorized DEAD ANIMALS, and makes you STOOOPID at the same time while you ‘consider’ going veggie! Don’t worry IDIOT, there are lotsa JEW doctors who will ‘cure’ you for a ‘few’ shekels!
    You DUMPHUKS can’t handle any REAL TRUTH b/c you are way too PROGRAMMED/ADDICTED, and WEAK to make any positive changes in your PATHETIC EXISTENCES! Tell me what makes you any better than the KIKE? What have you done to make the world a better place except WHINE??? And ANYONE can tell me why they deserve a better fate than the innocent DEAD ANIMALS rotting in your gullets right now? Anyone up for it??? This should be good!
    A fucking 2 year old knows this stuff, BEFORE he gets PROGRAMMED/INDOCTRINATED by his IDIOT parents FFS! But hey, here comes those WARM FUZZIES again, knowing you DUMPHUKS are on my side!!! NOT!!! 😛

  19. summerled says:

    ah captain russ hook trolling the internet with his merry crew of vegetables
    so how is life on the jew funny farm ? not feeding you enough ? you say you
    don’t eat meat but i don’t believe that come on russ you can tell us
    you got a mouth like a clown’s pocket had to happen somehow!

  20. russ hook says:

    not feeding you enough ? you say you
    don’t eat meat but i don’t believe that
    @suckerled, I eat a little PUSSY now and again, but I always leave some for the next Goy OK! There you go DIPSHIT, you BUSTED me! L0L Of course you can’t beLIEve it Dog Breath. Your life-long PROGRAMMING has limited you and that is why you are just one of the many CATTLE grazing on the JEW LIES! With DEAD ANIMALS ROTTING IN YOUR STOOOPIFIED BODY! This is why NONE of you MORONS can keep up! GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT! Is this too much ROCKET SURGERY LOL for yah? Do you want me to TYPE SLOWER so you can ketchup??? LoL

  21. American says:

    The way to treat a hasbarat is to talk about him if you like, but never to him. He’s the absolute bottom of the barrel. How could a jew be so broke enough to need Israel’s minimum wage when the rats have stolen the printing presses, and thus all business, in every country jews infest?

    Why would Israel pay a dick like russbutt anyway? What does it say about the “country”, of course stolen from others like all things jew?

    • INCOG MAN says:


      Do you detect a hasbaRAT here?

      I’ve been busy with somethings and haven’t had any chance to look in here today.

  22. summerled says:

    suckerled ah come on russ you can do better than that judging by you posts
    you must write for must see tv or some other jew outfit maby two and a half jews
    of the the big shite theory yeah that’s your caliber, mine is 7.62 remember that kike

  23. $10 Bagel says:

    I got nothing but respect for vegetarians. Hitler was vegetarian.

    Ross Hooknose on the other hand is a kosher clown, a deranged, psychopathic, defective, mentally ill lunatic bent on paranoid ravings.


    Who do I sound like?

    I’ll give you a clue:

    It’s all cut n’ paste… and he calls himself an author.

  24. Salvatore says:

    I have the notion an “alternative” media supposedly about what’s best for the White Race should be disseminating information about, and discussing — And Highlighting — the Islamic Jihad going on in Europe, a Muslim/Mohammedan Islamic Jihad against White Europeans and White, Christian Western Civilization. Muslims are now immigrating to the US in large numbers — thanks to Zionist-Communist Uncle Sam. When the Muslim population here gets substantial enough as their numbers are in Europe, the Muslims will then start waging Jihad in the USA.

    The flooding of the White West is the Main Pillar of the Zionist/Communist NWO ; The flooding of the White West with Muslims is part-and-parcel, and actually, the Main Pillar of the Jew New World Order. Wherever Islam goes, their Islamic Jihad and their Islamic Sharia law soon follows.

    Islam and Sharia law fits-in perfectly well with Jew Communism. That’s EXACTLY why the Jews are promoting massive Muslim immigration into the USA – such like what happened in Europe. Now White Europeans are under siege .

    One would think an “alternative” media supposedly about what’s best for the White Race would be discussing all the above all the time — that’s how important the subject is to the White Race throughout the Occident , including the United States .

    Yet, it’s very much the opposite, NEVER any mention of any of the above — total silence about it. Amazingly, this same “alternative” media supposedly all about what’s best for the White Race, actually either actively supports the immigration of Muslims/Mohammedans into the West, the other “alternative” websites also support the agenda of massive Muslim immigration into the West in more subtle ways ; By never mentioning the issue — or, sometimes, some will mention it briefly, but only to play-it-down as if it’s not an important issue :

    Such “alternative” websites are actually supporting the Jew Zionist-Communist of massive immigration of Muslims/Mohammedans into the White West, including the United States. The websites of the “alternative” media supposedly so concerned for the White Race are actually Supporting the Jew Zionist-Communist agenda of flooding the West with Mohammedans, Islam, Sharia law — they are actually Supporting the Main Pillar of the Jew Zionist-Communist agenda — as they feign to be opposed.

    For an “alternative” media so supposedly concerned about what’s best for the White Race , the support of Muslim immigration into the West, either actively or through silence — acceptance by acquiescence, and willing acquiescence, by the way, NOT naïve acquiescence .

    The Support of the Main Pillar of the Zionist-Communist agenda, the flooding of the West with Muslims, Islam, Sharia law by an “alternative” media supposedly so concerned about the White Race is absolutely astounding. The web masters of the “alternative” media actually label me a “troll” for asking why they NEVER discuss any of the above — yet the very same web masters make such a constant big stink about how “honest” they are, how much they “love truth”, how “concerned” they are for the White Race in the West, and how “concerned” they are about the White Race in the USA. Yet, Everything about Islam and Islam’s Inherent, Inevitable and Consequent Islamic Jihad, is INIMICAL to the White Race — Yet, this “alternative” media that constantly makes such a big stink about how they care so much for the well-being of the White Race Actually SUPPORTS The Main Pillar of the Jew Zionist-Communist NWO — Islam — The Very Same Main Pillar of the Jew NWO MOST INIMICAL to the White Race.

    It’s beyond cavil. The expression I use, “it’s beyond cavil”, is to say the very absolute least about this matter. The so-called “alternative” media is just as silent about all the above as is the Jew-Zionist mainstream media. Just as Silent. No difference between the “alternative” media and the mainstream media vis-à-vis The Main Pillar of the Jew Zionist-Communist New World Order.

    You can all call me a “troll” if you all wish until you’re all blue-in-the-face, and then some more until the cows-jump-over-the-moon. My analysis of the “alternative” media is objective and objectively true. My analysis, my critique of the “alternative” media, holds up to honest, logical, scrutiny.

    I remain undeterred. I shall continue to hammer-away.

  25. American says:

    Like typical jew media, they’ll try to downplay russbutt in this video, but we must really ask ourselves what kind of assholes would pay other assholes like russbutt to lie, and with OUR money? They teach him to “say it loud and say it often”, regardless of the truth. The only good thing is russhole is getting paid almost nothing even though his team makes money out of thin air and for free. They still give him nothing. LMAO!!

    Say it loud and say it often, “NEVER AGAIN will the jew rip off!”

  26. American says:


    Not being one to tell you how to run your joint, fine as it is, if it were mine I’d put one in russbutt’s noggin. 🙂

    Bloodthirsty vegetarian?

  27. American says:

    Here’s the video, of course toned down as if the jew-rat is only paid to make positive comments:

  28. Salvatore says:

    Search Terms :

    About the Zionist-Communist NWO

    [ fascism and communism are two-sides of the same coin, and the coin is owned by the NWO gang, so are the Islamic Jihadists owned by the NWO gang ]

    ” Black Terror, White Soldiers, Islam, Fascism, and the New Age”

    Jews and Islam :

    The Jews wanted Islam for the West since the time of Charlemagne. You WN’ers should be studying Charlemagne, NOT Hitler. Hitler is The Very One Who Introduced Islam and Islamic Jihad into Europe with open arms in the very first place. Hitler invited Islam into the heart of White Europe, he invited, in other words, the MOST INIMICAL thing for the White Race — for wherever Islam goes, soon follows Jew Communism.

    And, by the way, the massive flooding of Europe with Islam and Muslims is a NAZI agenda. It started with the Third Reich. And yes, Hitler was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party before he “turned” Nazi. Charlemagne UNITED White Europe and simultaneously kept Islam OUT of Europe. Hitler did the EXACT opposite. Hitler actually INVITED Islamic Jihad into Europe :

    ” Sabbatean Prophets PDF”

    Hitler, by the way, supposedly the greatest anti-Communist in history, as per the mendacious “narrative” — ordered Catholic ANTI-COMMUNIST Poland be destroyed and ordered the mass-murder of the Polish Catholic ANTI-COMMUNISTS — the very same exact group of people who stood as a barrier of protection for Western Europe from Soviet Communism — the Polish Catholics — Hitler ordered the very same Polish Catholic Anti-Communists be eliminated.

  29. t bone says:

    Here we go.

    I knew you would derail sooner or later, Sal.

    You want us to hate Hitler, point the finger at muslims – not jews and perhaps sing kumbaya?

    I dont quite remember but I can do an archive search. I’ll look for Savatore aka Joe aka Vinnie, etc… I’ve noticed this shape-shifting pattern before.

    But really, if this is the meme you’d like us to believe, just say so.

    It doesn’t mean we’re going to subscribe to it though.

    Leading up to whatever it is that you believe is unnecessary.

    Say exactly what you think the problem is and we can have a nice little debate.

  30. $10 Bagel says:


    Hitler ordered the mass murder of Poles? Come on now!

    He had a legimate reason to go to war with Poland but he didn’t kill innocent Poles. That’s what the Russians did under jew orders.

    Give me the proof, I don’t believe it. 88

  31. Dave says:


    Got used to that one a long time ago. Personally, I was brought up in a family that served others as a missionary. We didn’t have much as kids. Adventure and culture to our fill, though.

    This might sound retarded, but the “truth” is that it’s “racist” to tell the truth these days. Does that even make sense or should I just keep dragging my nuckles?

    That’s what I do, BTW. Lol.

  32. t bone says:


    Thats why they say “Truth is hate speech”.

    The lying jews want to build a world full of liars.

    ‘Truth’ is the jews kryptonite.

  33. Salvatore says:

    ” Dhimmitude + Islam + Jihad”

    One of the main problems the White Race now faces, yet the “alternative” media supposedly dedicated to what’s best for the White Race is SILENT about the matter. SILIENT about one of the most important issues the White Race now faces — an issue of life or death for the continuation of Our Race — and the “What’s Best For The White Race ” “alternative” media remains, either, some are SILENT about the issue, others actually support the Zionist-Communist agenda of Islam for the West and the White Race .

    In the meantime, we get one useless article after another useless article about ” where do jews come from?”, ” hitler this!” and “hitler that!”, and “maybe us Whites should accept the Muslims into our White countries, considering what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians, you know, now that I think about it , that’s a good idea” . NOTHING, NOTHING about the intense Islamic Jihad against the White Race and White Western Civilization in Europe, however, and NEVER any true kind of opposition to Mohammedan immigration into the USA, or Europe or any White country.

    The Muslims, by the way, including the Palestinians, FULLY SUPPORTED Hitler’s agenda of rounding-up the European Jews en-masse and sending the Jews to Palestine [ however round-about via the holding pens we call concentration camps]. And they supported Hitler then in real time, and the Muslims still laud Hitler to this day. And the Muslims back then during WW2 days, knew fully well the millions of Jews getting dislodged, dislocated, and displaced from their homes in Europe and rounded-up by the Nazis and put in the holding pens would eventually arrive in Palestine, and the Muslims fully well knew that Palestine would turn in Jewish Israel. The Muslims Supported IT. The Muslims SUPPORTED THE ZIONIST AGENDA.

    For their ardent and loyal support, the Zionist NWO big-shot gang gave the Muslims Europe. The Muslims are VERY HAPPY AND SMUG with this deal. Including the Palestinians were constantly encouraged to feel sorry for, or to use to so much energy thinking about them. The situation in Palestine is between Jew and Arab. The Muslims, including the Palestinians, wanted Jews in Palestine. That was part of the deal. No reason to feel sorry for them. The Muslims got the best they could get in this deal, a deal they LOVE : White Europe. They got Europe in this Nazi-Zionist-Communist NWO deal. While us Whites get the Very Absolute Worst : Islamic Jihad directed against us.

    I wonder why the “White” alternative media is so concerned about a people — the Palestinians — who fully support the Islamic Jihad in Europe against the White Race and against our White Western Civilization. We’re constantly encouraged by the “White” “alternative” media to give our support to the Muslims in-general, to the Palestinians in-particular. Yet, they are waging against Whites in Europe, and took The Deal willing and lovingly to give the Jews Palestine so the Muslims could have Europe. The “White” “alternative” media is SILENT about all this. It does not necessarily follow I’m a “troll” for asking why, Why the Silence (?) , especially as Islam and it’s Inherent and Inevitable Islamic Jihad is one of the main life and death issues we face right now as a Race.

  34. sog says:

    russ hook nose forum slide guy ..entertaining to see such a buffoon though ..hows your mother doing ..
    salvatore to some history ..whatever hitler took was theres to beigin with till post ww1 …i wont waste my time telling you where to read ..go read halina hkw bergamos real name freak comments how poland was oppressed by germany ..not the case ..poles with little help or motivation form bolshevik irgun jews infecting the land sought rape and wholesale murder of peaceful indigenous germans living in their own ancestral lands of danzig and other pockets of poland ,that were partitioned to poland after ww1. .
    another internet bufoon salvatore and his clan kike coterie ..
    history spoke is what it is ..jews are scum and thet will never change …we need a hungarian type pogrom on all jews everywhere ..all of em
    ..russ hook ..what a clown ..salvatore yer a clown to ..stupid faggot jews sitting in your homosexual deviant yeshivas sucking down jenkem and communism all need to be dead ..none of you idiots are remotely decended from real zio scum israelites of ancient israel ..israel was dead and gone after the assyrian captivity for all intents and purposes ..stupid jews making up stories of being chosen an holy ..what a crock of rancid shit ..let the pogroms begin for revenge for all the murdered russians by communist jewry in post russian siezure of 1917 russian legitamte soverign monarchy ..
    FUCK YOU KIKES …kazaar mixed breed faggots ..

  35. sog says:

    russ hookNose and salvatore are total jew spam ..go to mark glenns site and shit all over it where you are no doubt very welcome by the asshole mark glenn herself …fuckoff you little dickless jewswess …

  36. t bone says:

    No Sal

    There is some talk of muzzies here. But as far as problems are concerned, it is dwarfed by the nefarious jew. And the jew media is always bashing muzzies and Christians. Lets not forget negroes and wetbacks either – something the jew media does not report.

    And we dont ‘support’ Palestinians but rather use it as a guage for what jews do when they infiltrate. It exemplifies what scumbags jews really are. They didn’t even put their own jew asses on the line to fight for that land – they just stole it outright.

    It sounds to me like you dont approve of Incogs articles – like you’d rather steer it in the direction of muzzies so that we shut up about the jew.

    I’ll tell you right now, that aint happening.

    You wanna bash muzzies, go right ahead. But two things need to be understood:

    1. Dont expect us to stop bashing jews and shitskins

    2. In two or three years when you catch up to us – when you’re done believing everything the talmudvision tells you – please dont tell us that you were with us on this all along.

    We do not have it wrong.

    One day, the masses will say:

    Incogland was right!

  37. Salvatore says:

    Excuse my typing errors. I make typos when I get pissed-off.

    It’s meant to read : ” We’re constantly encouraged to feel sorry for them”. [not “were” ]

    And meant to read : ” and took The Deal WILLINGLY” .

    It’s not that I’m happy about what’s happening to the Palestinians. It’s just that, as far as what’s best for the White Race — it’s not our concern. Its’ a Jew/Arab issue.

    Europe should be our concern. The USA should be our concern. Spending so much time and energy focused on a non-White people who willingly let the Jews take /have Palestine so the same non-White Muslims could get White Europe in return are NOT a people we should be spending so time worrying about. Why doesn’t the “White” “alternative” show the same concern for White Europeans being attacked by Islamic Jihadists as they are so concerned for the Palestinians? They want us to feel as sorry as possible for the Palestinians [ and the Shia Muslims in Syria] to soften us up to the acceptance, even active support, of massive Muslim/Mohammedan immigration into the White West. Yet, very same Muslims/Palestinians ALSO, we’re being encouraged to feel sorry for FULLY SUPPORT Islamic Jihad against the White Race.

  38. $10 Bagel says:

    Hitler didn’t invite Arabs into Europe. That is preposterous.

    Mark Glenn thinks that Whites (because he thinks jews are White) are responsible for “displacing” Arabs and so it’s somehow our fault that they are invading us. It’s the whole blame the victim mentality.

    Let’s face it! As a passionate anti-Christian, ZCF decided which of his battles were most important and since his fall he has been fairly isolated and irrelevent.

    The REAL ZCF now turns out to be an anti-White multiracialist and it’s no wonder that he would be reaching out to people with similar interests in order to bring him back out into the spotlight.

    Many people still loyal to him were dismayed by this last Mark Glenn love letter (all except jew-lindsey) and he is never going to regain what he had. He is over and good riddance.

  39. t bone says:

    It is our concern, Sal.

    Do your homework. The jew took Palestine to make it a world jew headquarters for their communistic endeavors.

    We are friggin governed by israel!

    That CANNOT be debunked.

  40. Salvatore says:

    I don’t watch talmudvision. The “alternative”-“White”-talmudic-cyber-net-media is way too entertaining. Talmudvision pales compared to the talmud “”alternative” “white” media vaudeville show. And what a show it is! What a show you all put on.

    As much fun as a barrel of izzy monkey “priests” in a barrel.

    ~ A furore “Normannorum” Libera nos, Domine ~

  41. t bone says:


    I had you pegged as a rat months ago. And I dont forget these things. You have no consistency and you’re at it again. You come back sounding somewhat reasonable only to derail shortly after. You cant control your White hating impulses, can you?

  42. Elmer Fudd says:

    Well gosh darnnit, I’m getting mighty riled-up. Of course, can’t the troll see, if we’re ruled from Israel what’s the point of paying any attention to the intense Islamic jihad going on in Europe against our White European kin-folk , and why should we be in any way concerned about all the Muslims flooding into our White Countries, as we’re not concerned about the intense Islamic Jihad against our White kin in Europe? That would be stoooopid to spend any time learning about the intense Islamic Jihad going on in White Europe against our White European kin-folk if we’re ruled from Zionist NWO Israel.

    And that troll fella, that cannoli sucker, he says so many things, why, I’m always having problems following that boy’s thinking. I can hardly keep up with that pesky little fella.

    Now, gosh-darnnit, did that spaghetti-snapper say Hitler invited Arabs into Europe, or did he say Hitler invited Muslims/Mohammedans into Europe? Why, those Muslims are a motley group. I know there are Arab Muslims, but I also know there are a lot other kinds of Muslims tu. Not just Arabs are Muslims. Maybe sally-boy meant Hitler invited Islamic Jihad into Europe in general by all kinds of various Islamic Jihadists. Why, if I remember correctly, the “troll” didn’t specify “Arab Muslims” necessarily . Why I do believe, he said Hitler invited Muslims [ meaning in general] into Europe :

    ” Hitler’s Muslim Legions”

    ” YouTube + Hitler’s Muslim Legions”

    “Hitler+ The Muslim Brotherhood”

    ” Militant Islam Monitor + From Fuhrer To Florida”

    ” Nazism and Islam”

    “Nazism + Islam + Communism”

  43. $10 Bagel says:

    Elmer Fudd,

    I said it is preposterous because it goes against everything that Hitler stood for. He believed Germany was for Germans and Europe was for Europeans.

    Who were the Muslims? Germans? Europeans? I don’t think so. For example, no way did Hitler consider the Moors as European. Germans were Lutherans and Catholics.

    Just about every country that had a Muslim population began with an ARAB invasion.

    Well, I saw it on jootube so it has to be right. Right?

  44. $10 Bagel says:

    Ooooooo, and I just noticed that Salvatore and Elmer share the same email address. That is convenient!

  45. Salvatore says:

    “Ooooooo”, and I noticed a very long time ago, from the very first day, you overcharge for your friggin’ bagels. So the fuck what?

    You most likely charge extra for cinnamon raisin bagels. That would be my kind of luck around here, especially with you around. Cinnamon raisin bagels are my favorite type.

    All bagels $ 10

    Except :

    cinnamon raisin, additional $ 4.99

    cinnamon raisin $ 14.99

    Sides :

    cream cheese $ 6. per smear

    butter slices $ 2.50 per slice

    coffee -small $8
    coffee -medium $9
    coffee- large $12

    So you noticed something. So the fuck what? What the fuck am I supposed to do about it. Give you a medal? I notice things too. Big deal. I don’t expect to receive a friggin medal for it. Tell ‘ya what. You continue to notice what you notice, and I’ll continue to notice what I notice.

    One thing I notice around here, you like to over charge for things one get down the street for a lot cheaper. A lot times, less expensive and a lot better quality too. Mind your own business, and I’ll mind mine.

  46. Bailey says:


    These jew rats are still at it?

    russ hook should have been fired yesterday, Sal just needs to be reassigned to a new site.

    I remember when the rats used to use numbers and a letter or two in their screen names.

    sog, You’re effin’ brilliant !

    ..stupid faggot jews sitting in your homosexual deviant yeshivas sucking down jenkem and communism ..

    While the place goes to shit the jews owe back rent and ignore any and all lease agreements, they are just like Hilter said they were.

    Read about the filthy yeshiva jews here,

    Jews should all be living under bridges or tent cities on the outside of town, no ghettos though, we here know what jew ghettos were.
    The yeshiva jews in the link above turned a Historical Landmark into a ghetto for real and the city residents (the ones who work) pay for it.

    Filthy effin’ jews.

  47. Bailey says:

    It won’t be long before those Historic properties are converted into section 8 apartments for the niggers to finish off, along with the entire neighborhood, this is not by accident, it’s what the filthy jews planned and I’ve seen it before in a few different places.

  48. t bone says:

    Yeah Bailey

    This is how jews get the property for pennies on the dollar. As shitskins move in, it depreciates fast. The jew plan will be to buy up so much real estate and monopolize every staple industry until they have complete control of every square inch of America. It is at that point when the big commie push comes into play. You do what the jew says or its off to the FEMA gulag.

    Or we get our shit together real soon and take care of business. But I’ll tell you right now, its beyond nipping it in the bud. That opportunity would have been a hundred years ago.

    And that means that a lot of sleeping Whites better wake the fuck up!

  49. Bailey says:

    WE have our shit together, We’re just waiting for a hundred million or so white people to help us get things cleaned up.

    “Our species has amused itself to death”.

    Boston, 10/31/13–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9ZmlsbDtoPTQyMTtweG9mZj01MDtweW9mZj0wO3E9NzU7dz03NDk-/

  50. Bailey says:

    @ t bone,

    I’ve dropped that link about the yeshiva jews here before, If you have not read it make sure to save it and read it all when you have a chance, it really is damning for the jews and comes from folks concerned about their community, not “evil Nazis” like us. Consider it a mandatory read.

  51. sog says:

    markglenn ziocoonfactory salvahore and blow hard rus sucks it up hook boi …buffoons ..
    russty hook is an oidepus example ..rabbi bleu him up when he was a lump o shit with arms and legs and he lusted after his mummy and still misses the ass he was birthed out of so slivator morphs like a chameleon to and salvatore tries to get us to think hes the vangaurd of truth and incog should let him stay ..what you are really reading is the over the line psycopathy of jewish pathology ..the end result of judeasim is death spiritually ..some jews start at death already and proceed to play butt pirates with liittle kikes in the temple ..jared loughner was likely a rump rider co pilot …like alot of kikes who dont care if it is an animal or a male or femail they will “hit that” …shit litterally …
    so now the dog and pony show goes back to crusty hook and he is now non aligned with salvatore for the moment so to change appearances etc..y a w n ..russ kook says he is mad at salvatore but in the gay marriage im sure they have their own rooms to go and pout in..
    the only thing i see coming from hook is chaos and negative jewish anarchy ,like the kind of asshole that would suck tim wises shriveled cork and be an anti racist protestor idiot …most “normal ” people if they said the wrong shit on here and were chased outta here wouldnt stay on here and try to lead the forum slide .. .. ..
    hopefully someday hook you will be dangling from a lamp post by a rope doing the twitch and jerk kinda like how you talk now only to see people like you executed will be a great day ..

  52. Jason says:

    I remember that Charlemagne remark from “Sal.” It was posted here some months ago. It caused a stir then and so he? or she? simply recycled a saved, shit stirring commykike comment.

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