Happy WHITE Father’s Day!


My dad was a great dad. I’m not saying he was perfect. What man is?

When I was a kid, my dad didn’t like me to use the “nigger” or “kike” word. It wasn’t that he was all liberal and faggoty, mind you (he did sire the INCOG, right?); he just didn’t like his boys sounding classless. Dad was old school southern. That right there, is enough for White multicults to think he was evil.

Funny, how those who claim to be so sweet and understanding, are so willing to label and slime members of their own race. I wonder how that came about?

Truth of the matter is that my dad had plenty of black friends. He actually got a lot of them decent work. And quite a few turned out for his funeral, too. One of his more well-off and educated black friends went to Africa for vacation one year (probably after watching “Roots”) and when he returned from seeing how things really were on the “Dark Continent,” told my dad “slavery was the best thing that ever happened to his kind.” No lie. I heard the man tell my dad that myself.

My old man knew all the best barbeque shacks in the southeast. I’d be driving along in the middle of nowhere (when he was too old to drive, of course), and he would say “turn left here… see that abandoned tobakky barn? Turn right there…. wait till you see a piggly wiggly store and make another right turn… slow down when you get to that statue of the confederate soldier…

Sure enough, we would end up at some rundown little restaurant that had the most delicious, savory GD barbeque you could possibly imagine. And then he would run into someone he personally knew (this happened everywhere) and glad-hand away because he hadn’t them seen in a “coon’s age.”

Of course, all of this kind of thing is enough for idiot multicults to think he was a racist, etc. The brainwashed multicults feel free to slime us Southerners all they please. Isn’t it a major tenant of them not to stereotype? Effin’ hypocrites!

My dad’s hearing was insane. Back during my rebellious hippie period, I called him a bastard under my breath at least a half a block away while walking with another teenaged little brat. I barely even whispered it, I swear. And when I got back home, he gave me a serious whooping for calling him that.

Never figured out how he did it. Maybe it really was his hearing.

I did inherit my father’s gift of hearing and sense of direction. I can hear a squirrel fart in the next holler over, as they say. I can get into a car and drive somewhere I went to years ago, literally half the country away, without a single glance at a map. I always know pretty much where north is. I did get seriously lost once bushwacking deep in a big forest, but eventually figured out where I was at.

Sure, dad wasn’t above a little corporeal punishment. One time he broke his wrist on my face (I think it was the above incident, I don’t remember). It wasn’t that he was a sadist, only resorting to it if I fully deserved it. And damn if I didn’t deserve it a lot back then! But I did escape a few well-deserved punishments, along the way.

The one time I most seriously, most deservedly, needed a good ass whooping, dad refrained. Probably because he might have killed me for what I did (I’ll save the story for another time).

Dad did instill in me a sense of honor and decency. I remember one time he told me that you could steal a man’s wallet or car, but if you killed him, you were stealing the man’s life — as in the man’s future days. The concept struck a big cord with me and may have kept me from committing murder one time (I only thought about it for a second or two).

Too bad African “American” fathers haven’t learned this and passed it on to their progeny. Or maybe such elevated thinking is simply beyond the black race and their base desires and emotions? Maybe because they are now so spoiled and militant due to the insidious evils of PC, they are rapidly reverting back to their inherent nature?

Dad did love fishing. We went fishing everywhere. From the Gulf Stream to inland bass lakes. At one time I was kind of nuts about fishing and nature things. I used to get on his case when he threw cellophane wrappers and stuff off the boat. I didn’t like litterbugs. His generation wasn’t as brainwashed over so many things as mine.

Dad wasn’t into hunting too much. He loved animals and except for, say birding, the idea of hurting animals bothered him. Dad also loved dogs. We always had some kind of mutt or two running around the property. Shitty kittys, too (dad called them that).

Dad was also loyal and completely devoted to his family and my mother. Never once did he go for any strange. No, that was definitely not something him or his close buddies would ever do. Sure, he checked out any hottie strutting around on the beach like all of us straight guys will. Hell, kind of hard not to when they are practically naked right in front of your face.

He loved his boys and all of us never once went without, even when times were difficult. Dad always did his best not to worry his children or make excuses. Used to be that was real important to White people. So what changed?

I miss my dad.

— Phillip



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. summerled says:

    Scofield Bible creates pro-Zionist Christian ‘zombies’

    “Cyrus Scofield corrupted the Biblical message and produced a propaganda classic that has been working its evil for 100 years… The idea was to change the Christian view of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist sub-culture within Christianity…”

    “Never mind what Israel does, say the Christian Zionists. God wants this to happen… Anything, including lies, theft, even murder, is justified as long as Israel wants it.”

    I find the very idea of “Christian Zionism” both irrational and disturbing.

    Either Jesus Christ was the “true Messiah” and the Jews are losers who missed the boat, or the Christians are a heretical sect of Judaism following a “false Messiah”. There is no in-between.

    And if Christianity is the valid religion, then the Jews lost their Covenant with God by default, and are no longer the “Chosen People”.

    I have always been amazed that otherwise honest and decent people could be so wickedly stupid, and in my opinion, the Scofield Bible is a very significant part of the cause of this bizarre phenomenon.

    Jeff Goodall.


  2. sog says:

    no worries eric ..although i must say i am beginning to think i have become a keyboard warrior ,commando ,potato etc ,,lol ..the time for glorious blood shed of scum bag communists will ,wait i think the time has come and the universe is waiting ..we have alot of justice for this white person and that that have had their lives taken by communist propelled niuggerdom ..and spikx..
    are we going to go quietly into that long night ,the long sleep without a whimper ..
    white freedom think tanks like incogs corner are neccessary steps in the progression to full blown action and the shit stains controlling the world know this …
    i winder if it is possible to back trace the serial numbers of 20,000 m-16s to a series of falsified paperwork at least a few years ago …maybe these weapons are going to the ms-13 la raza enforcement arm or to sinaloa psycopaths ,as PRT has suggested …as in here in the usa ..where they are rooting into the cities waiting for the cover of economic crash so they can begin to assassinate white people in synthetic riots and manufactured civil unrest …a core of murdering and raiding that goes the extra long distance out of the way for extra illegal killingsdof suburban whites ..they wont try that shit in nigger ghettos as they are well armed to the teeth in them thar places …it is the liberal sheep neighborhoods the “riot” will matriculate and unfold on taking the lives of innocent albeit stupid white people ..it will be like ww2 where the genocide of GERMANY was dressed up to look just like a war and so will the first stage of white auto genocide in america be dressed up to look like an economic crash riot etc …we can win this kind of war because there will be no rules and then whites can go to extra lengths to secure unsaid assets and hardware ans hostage personel ..you think of taking any low level prisoners in a mass produced tweet signaled riot by mestizos ,forget it ..the art of war ..use their cover for your cover ..if the counter attack is 2x greater and more vicious than their attack on us it will surprise their element of surprise ..this also will include niggers somewhat but they will most likely retreat to their ghettos for safety against the nwo agenda waiting for them next …
    of course the lead forces will have the full support of the technological benefits of the commnunist american forces ..it doesnt matter if we lose the internet ,,fuck it ,,there are much more important things we can help the communists lose ..a complete shutdown of key items would be a benefit and a blessing in that time ..learn what a ground is what a short is how to reverse polarity a system or bring a system to is knees …………………………..

    smart meters are suspected of contributing to causing the north american grid imbalances ,anyway ..seems clocks are going a little faster on the east coast and slower in some places ..seems the nwo wants to crash the grid …like people report having a meter put on the house and 5 minutes later their fridge and tv burn out or they cant hear any radio over the static of the rf/mw meter cycling at 3 billion cycles per second irradiating the house it is attatched to ..they know this ..
    many many fires from these meters and the manufacturers say ,it aint our meters causing the fires ..so why is “not their meter” shooting flames out 5-6 feet and or melting from internal heat …will your insurance company take this as an opportunity to drop your fire coverage …
    lookie here ,,now ,,50,000 microwatts coming off a single meter 100 yards away can fuck up medical equipment or electrical devices ..they out put this level on n off all day long 24/7 ..the perpetrators of this medical blight on america needs some justice ..
    so then they stick another on your gas meter …any chance the huge underground gas line fire they had a few years ago that burned down a neighborhood near frisco was sparked by a meter ..or in the future on other houses with 2 meters per house ..then water companies will be mass installing also so thats 3 meters per house ..study the science and consequences of wave ism behind the forced metering of america and it is being done very cheka like …
    heh heh lol prt ..hoffa is an intresting sort who “found god” truth and honesty in the slam ..the only problem when he was down in the joint he made a comment that was overheard and relayed to the capo for luchessi family i belive ..hoffa said when i get outtahere im gonna kick all the cosa nosetrils outta the teamsters financial areas like this and like that bada bing ..aahy ..
    only problem he didnt capishcate was that the kikes were the mafia and many many “made ” men are half jew or all jew …so the rumor of no jews in the mafia italiono is bs …punk bitch gotti was half kike from his mom …so his worthless kid became a 3/4 jew when gotti married a jewess ..so on and on ..the kid was runnin the atrophied remains of the gambino empire which is supposed to be proibito, vietato ..capische ? heh heh ..anyway fuck that shit ….hoffa was killed in michigan and set up by his worthless step son ,,killers were tony the greek and jimmy coonan of the hells kitchen westies irish gang …jimmy was an avid dismemeberer or member of the dismemberer club ..loved it ..paring knife and an electric chain saw for the bigger jobs ..anyway hoffa was set up for his attempt to go legit or his desire to make the teamsters an honest union ..
    they never found him cus he sat in a freezer in 20 different ziplock bags for freshness and prevention of freezer burn …uh for many monthes and in the meantime a rat in the maffia family had tuned in the ef -b- eye to an auto recycling yard where the eye took forensic tests on the shredding equipment ….wow …put a car on a conveyor belt and it comes out the other end in thousands of tiny pieces …etc ..no traces there ..he was still on ice …a year later they put his remains in a toxic sludge recycling truck and shipped em off ..giants stadium maybe ,and they looked there ,perhaps they should have hired faurisson …
    the main reason they wont come out with all this is #1 the jews dont want to clue anyone in to their stranglehold on unions but #2 tony the greek was on a “furlough” from greenhaven or sing sing approx ….the problem with that is thet when you are convicted of murder and are serving 12 years or whatever you dont get furloughs …so it was an illegal furlough program set up by greedy gaurds for a few grand you could slip out a side door and come back a few days later …this would not work unless it was involved to the top of the bureau of prisons …tony was on such an illegal outing from a maximum security prison ..lol ..they wernt worried about hoffa at all ,,they were worried about the illegal furlough program being exposed ..it was widerspread and proliferate and profitable …i think jimmy hoffa is still dead tho …weapons were silenced .22’s ,as tony wrote he said the first one was in front and center forehead ,,done deal after that …hey hoffa was decent guy and would have done what he promised but he did not know that he was threatening the jews ..he thought he could handle the mafia tho but there were always jews in there ..anyway tony the greek wrote a book ..jimmy coonan is serving life in ny .. greek is still breathing in protective block in some ny hellhole ..heh heh got the head phones on full blast with gene krupa and buddy rich battling it out ..hard to concentrate …

  3. Manoflove says:

    Barack Obama And Syria: A Reluctant Warrior Tiptoes to War
    By Patrick J. Buchanan
    Created 06/17/13
    Off Topic

    Barack Obama has just taken his first baby steps into a war in Syria that may define and destroy his presidency.

    Thursday, while he was ringing in Gay Pride Month [1] with LGBT revelers, [2] a staffer, Ben Rhodes, informed the White House press [3] that U.S. weapons will be going to the Syrian rebels.

    For two years Obama has stayed out of this sectarian-civil war that has consumed 90,000 lives. Why is he going in now?

    The White House claims it now has proof [4] Bashar Assad used sarin gas to kill 100-150 people, thus crossing a “red line” Obama had set down as a “game changer.” Defied, his credibility challenged, he had to do something.

    Yet Assad’s alleged use of sarin to justify U.S. intervention seems less like our reason for getting into this war than our excuse.

    For the White House decided to intervene weeks ago, before the use of sarin was confirmed. And why would Assad have used only tiny traces? Where is the photographic evidence of the disfigured dead?

    What proof have we the rebels did not fabricate the use of sarin or use it themselves to get the gullible Americans to fight their war?

    Yet, why would President Obama, whose proud boast is that he will have extricated us from the Afghan and Iraq wars, as Dwight Eisenhower did from the Korean War [5], plunge us into a new war?

    He has been under severe political and foreign pressure to do something after Assad and Hezbollah recaptured the strategic town of Qusair and began preparing to recapture Aleppo, the largest city.

    Should Assad succeed, it would mean a decisive defeat for the rebels and their backers: the Turks, Saudis and Qataris. And it would mean a geostrategic victory for Iran, Hezbollah and Russia, who have proven themselves reliable allies.

    To prevent this defeat and humiliation, we are now going to ship arms and ammunition to keep the rebels going and in control of enough territory to negotiate a peace that will remove Assad.

    We are going to make this a fair fight.

    What is wrong with this strategy? It is the policy of an amateur. It treats war like a game. It ignores the lessons of history. And, as it continues a bloodbath with no prospect of an end to it, it is immoral.

    In every great civil war of modernity—the Russian civil war [6] of 1919-1921 [7], the Spanish civil war [8] of 1936-1939, the Chinese civil war of 1945-49 [9], one side triumphs and takes power. The other loses and lives with the consequences—defeat, death, exile.

    What is the likely reaction to our escalation from humanitarian aid to military aid? Counter-escalation. Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are likely to rush in more weapons and troops to accelerate the progress of Assad’s army before the American weapons arrive.

    And if they raise and call, what does Obama do?

    Already, a clamor is being heard from our clients in the Middle East and Congress to crater Syria’s runways with cruise missiles, to send heavy weapons to the rebels, to destroy Assad’s air force on the ground, to bomb his antiaircraft sites.

    All of these are acts of war. Yet under the Constitution, Congress alone authorizes war.

    When did Congress authorize Obama to take us to war in Syria? Where does our imperial president get his authority to draw red lines and attack countries that cross them?

    Have we ceased to be a republic? Has Congress become a mere spectator to presidential decisions on war and peace?

    As Vladimir Putin seems less the reluctant warrior, what do we do if Moscow answers the U.S. escalation by delivering on its contract to provide A-300 antiaircraft missiles to Damascus, which can cover half of Israel?

    Obama has put us on the escalator to a war already spilling over Syria’s borders into Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan, a war that is now sundering the entire Middle East along Sunni and Shia lines.

    He is making us de facto allies of the Al-Qaida-like al-Nusra Front, of Hamas and jihadists from all across the region, and of the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi just severed ties to Syria and is demanding a “no-fly zone,” which one imagines the United States, not the Egyptian air force, would have to enforce.

    Our elites shed tears over the 90,000 dead in Syria. But what we are about to do will not stop the killing, but simply lengthen the duration of the war and increase the numbers of dead and wounded.

    At the top of this escalator our country has begun to ascend is not just a proxy war with Iran in Syria, but a real war that would entail a disaster for the world economy.

    If the ouster of Assad is what the Sunni powers of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt demand, why not let them do it?

    Anti-interventionists should demand a roll-call vote in Congress on whether Obama has the authority to take us into this Syrian war.

  4. sog says:

    goodreads DOT com/book/show/110420.Contract_Killer
    fat tony salerno was in the forbes 500 …bad sob ..luchese family
    gotti could have enjoyed the fruits of the boss of gambino family but was an idiot with his even stupider sammy gravano …dumb shit …well when you got 2 scongeals with the iq of a rock you get what you get ..gotti knew big paullie was gonna eliminate him asap for dealin dope and talkin shit …there was no other halfway decent reason for gotti to kill paul with out council approval except to save his own big mouth …geees this knucklehaed was pretty dumb ..
    paul costalano had a several hundred million dollar legit project underway that would have set the family on easy street but gotti was a control freak and a dinosaur who sought to keep the mustaouche pete garrote union alive and well ,dealin effen dope that was the huge downfall of the families ..gotti did not have the council commisions permission to hit castellano so it was a matter of time before he got hit himself …
    never mind gravano ..if and when he gets out he is personna non grata ,pezzo di merda.

  5. Manoflove says:

    allovertheplace says:
    June 16, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    I am convinced that the problem with blacks is not purely genetic. I really think the greater part of the problem is jewsmedia condioning. Note the difference in behavior between carribean blacks belonging to the Commonwealth like Bermuda. There of course is some white blood in there too, but in the final analysis it is both racial and cultural. The bad cultural elements are being driven by the jews, without any doubt. Regardless of the cause we have got to stop nigger violence against whites. The very most effective way to stop that would be to stop the jews.


    I agree with you. I have traveled to places like Bermuda, indeed, all over the world and black behavior is nothing like you see in the inner cities. Blacks in Bemuda, Bahamas, St. Kitts are well behaved and hard working. Truthfully, many are quite kind, decent people.

    So what makes for the difference? Media conditioning by the “Chosen” no doubt. At the bottom of all our problems, you will find the handiwork of the “Chosen!”

  6. sog says:

    good read manoflove ,,,the gas thing has been used against sadam hussein and is more bull shit excuses while slimy little kikestan sits drooling over the downfall of syria …the rebels thing again because people buy it ..why do the jews even use excuses ,america is asleep anyway ..what ? for aesthetic appearances or for who writes the history books ..asad isnt the one killing his people ..it is the cia jew backed mercenary rebels …i think if usa goes into syria and iran does nothing then we know that iran is all theatre ..
    when the white house makes any claim it is a jew making a lie somewhere in the cesspool of the inner sanctum or rectum in theis case …who in the hell would believe another lie stacked on top of several lies already ..fact is israel wants to overthrow and occupy syria and kill all the christians there and take all the assets and houses and businesses of the genocided syrians..same ol game plan different stage ..i think israel needs to be bombed back to the stone age ..all women children and male cunts ..turn that effen shit hole into a lake of smoking fire …fuckin jews again ..
    didnt they get enough when they massacred several hundered thousan cyrenes cypriats and romans in 117 ad and again in 200 ad and spain where the “rebels” showed up in 1936 or so and murdered 2.5 million spanish …but these killers were bolshevik mobile irgun russian death squads …hitler stopped this shit in 38 …
    kikes kill 79 million in russia afetr their kike coup there …ww1 was jew inspired ..this was the war that had the whole world asking after the fact ,”why was there a war” ..over gavril princlipps the terminally ill kike who shot the archduke of austria ..right so go kill all the jews in the serbian jewsih ghetto ..clean out the rats ,,ya dont start a world war …never mind ww2 ..that shit gets my blood boiling as does the civil war …jews jews jews now making anything criticising these miscrant piles of rat shit punsihable by prison ,,fuck the jews ..they need a good lesson ..
    didnt these kazaar decendants of russian jew mass murderers in fact bribe truman for statehood and weapons …didit hese irgun haganah palmach nut likkers murder many innocent palestinains to scare them out of ppalestine and they bombed the english occuoiers as well as many atrocities against british troops ..holodomored 67 major palestinian cities ,,yes ..not much info there tho .. but let op cast lead and jenin and gaza be your guide ..and many other operations like this continuing the mass murder and theft of land ..GOD DAMIT I HATE KIKES ..hehheh ..no shit ..assholes ..right ,chosen ..if they are chosen then god is truly dead ..or a hypocrite and i tell you he is not either one …jews are hypocrites and they are all dead …spiritually and morally ..
    may israel wake up to a mushroom cloud over tel aviv ..

  7. Karen says:

    Sog we’ve had our differences but you are awe inspiring. Drugs? High high high IQ? Computer where your brain should be? Neal Cassidy at the keyboard.

  8. sog says:

    yeah manovlove its the old phony yellow cake story they ran by the usa sheep just before iraq genocide #2 ..yellowcake uranium supposedly from nigeria ..and valerie plames husband told the neo kike cons that there was no yellow cake ..no cake gentleman ..so when hubby pushed it it was already too late and karl rove flameing anus decided to hang plames middle eastern assets and her ,putting her on the front pages also endangering her family ..karl rove is a fat piece of shit ..when they want a war they tell a million lies ..truth is the first casualty …there were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq …they however tried to send a bufoonish team into iraq with a nuke to plant some bs evidence ..word was they all got smoked by iraq security …ooops ..heh heh ..
    more bull shit from the white house and if it was true that asad was using sarin ,so what ,it isnt our problem ,it is a middle eastern problem .it is a jewish problem and the jews have already thrown a nuke at syria ..isnt the stupid nigger in chief concerned about that ..??….asad should use sarin against the rebels…. one minute there are no rebels and the next minute there are rebels ..like marlon brando eh rebel for a jewish cause …the rebels are killing innoicent syrian christians ..yes the jews still genocide christians and damscus is ensconced in christian history ..as is syria and syria is a sovereign nation that the god dam kikes are fucking with and once they get the place they will eliminate all christains like they did in iraq ,yes they ethnically cleansed christians from iraq as they did in russia and armenia and spain as priests were mainly targeted first in spain in 36 ..
    the hutu and tutsi genocide i say as both races lost many people ..1 million or so ..they had rebels there to …eritrean mercenaries and paid cia operatives mercs etc ..hutus and tusis beyond the propaganda got along fine and the borders were open for them to move around ….tutsis were mainly christian ….the bosnian conflict targeted christian churches and targeted serbs who were defending their christain bodies from the muslims albanians in a shirt version …but they un protected and backed the crats and albanians …the croats and serbs are the same people only divided by orthodox religious differences …
    why isnt israel pushing there war on iran as much ..look over here ,no look over there ..look at the asian economy about to crash ..it has to start somewhere and is a assuredly coming as did the economic plummet in 29..
    the Turks, Saudis and Qataris yes …turkey for all intents could have been named armenia as now armenia inhabits a very small dot to the n. east of turkey ..terkey is the jews not so secret militia and totally controlled by jews ..when the donmeh young turks began their genocide of christian armenians in 1915 and liquidated almost all armenians which was their goal of 4.7 million ..thier businesess and homes and assets all went to pale of settlement fence jumpers kazaaars who came in like cockroaches to assume the property and homes and businesses of the slain innocent intelligentsia christian armenians …the turks were the niggers of armenia and now the turkish niggers under jewish control rule turkey by jew remote control …sounds familiar …where are the rightful reparations to armenian relatives who desreve a fair shot in court to get their ancestors property back …jews wont have it tho …the jews already crow about the armeanies talkin it up too much about a armenaian genocide by kike …this coming from a tribe of psycos who have holohoax museums all over the world ..never forget ,,lol..jews genocided germany ww2 as well …not very nice peole for being gods chosen …
    hitler had sarin to …but the jews got flea sprayed with giftgas instead …jewish conspiracy delusion plot made in hollywood about the holohoax ..
    kikes got the site holacaustdenier . com shut down and gone for good

  9. Kevin says:

    Someone should send to Mr. Glenn.
    Jews & Muslims dominate the Child Sex Slave trade in 1797


    In Constantinople(A) there is a market for slaves of both sexes, and the Jews are the principal merchants, who bring them to be sold: there are great numbers of girls, brought from Hungary(1), Greece(2), Candia(3), Circassia(4), Mingrelia(5), and Georgia(6), for the Turks, who buy them for their seraglios (harems).


  10. summerled says:

    why is my comment being moderated twice???

  11. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    And of course our jewish supreme court says it is illegal to require voters in federal elections prove that they are actually us citizens.

    Supreme Court: Arizona law requiring citizenship proof for voters is illegal

    Ass Press

    WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Monday that states cannot on their own require would-be voters to prove they are U.S. citizens before using a federal registration system designed to make signing up easier.

    The justices voted 7-2 to throw out Arizona’s voter-approved requirement that prospective voters document their U.S. citizenship in order to use a registration form produced under the federal “Motor Voter” voter registration law.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/06/17/supreme-court-arizona-citizenship-proof-law-illegal/#ixzz2WWwEdOvL

  12. sog says:

    uh ..think of this before you let a friend join the satanic jew led american military ..
    this message is carried by many …
    the shabby treatment of veterans since asia ..
    worse now cus the va has all nigger savants fucking the place all up ..and philipinos ..they are viscious little mother fuckers and alot of em work in usa hospitals and va hell holes ..
    your reward for serving the jew especcially in bozzneeyay hay is NO va after care ..why ,? you had to wear a un patch and that was while you were in the jew.s.a. mrritarry ..
    im begining to think the usa is being run by criminals .. laff ..i realized that 40 years ago ……..GOD help us ..gnomesayn ..
    heh heh ok i think its “gnomesayn niggyuh muhfugher n sheeehhyt”
    one time in the r coast i heard anigger song if you could call it that ..the words were ..shit god dam get up off you r ass n jam ..over and over and over 90 times .
    ..i had to laffmao ..

    no wars for the jews …..
    no homeland for jews / eternal suffering and misery for jews
    yeah the list they are compiling includes people who dont pay their library fines to so watch out …peace and strength to all here …

  13. sog says:


    “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, _foreign and domestic_ ;that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

  14. Cleansweep says:

    “…what if confiscation becomes law? At that point, we start making changes. We, the ones who pay the bills, take over the law. Our law will become what used to be called, “Frontier Justice.” Attempts at confiscation will receive the death penalty. We have no choice in this life and death matter.

    Anyone who would disarm us is our deadly enemy and must be put to death.

    We will not try to hide behind elected officials. We are responsible for everything, especially including our self-defense. We here in Teton County cannot expect a sheriff and a handful of deputies to fight federal gun-grabbers for us, which is a preposterous idea. The sheriff and his deputies can certainly help us and are expected to do so, but we will take full responsibility for defending ourselves.”


  15. Cleansweep says:

    Two patriots armed and ready with storm rifles(M-16,AK-47)
    confronted by an enemy police patrol(hopefully there are friendly ones too)
    will win.

    The usual armament police carry on duty are pistols and a shotgun.

    Two well armed and trained patriots with storm rifles could still win over
    several police patrol units, who would be armed only with pistols and shotguns.

    In an ambush situation a squad of patriots armed with storm rifles could win over
    several police patrol units. 7,62 penetrates all cars. The police cars would be obliterated. There would hardly be any survivors.

    These are hypothetical situations – but they could become real.

    Even an armored personnel carrier(APC) does not give that much protection.
    With armor piercing bullets they are vulnerable.

    If the government would decide to use tanks, helicopters, jets etc. against patriots
    then the situation would have already deteriorated so severly that it would mean that
    a state of an all-out war would exist.

    I am confident that we will win. The New(Jew) World Order will loose.

  16. Simon says:

    Nice piece about your dad Incog. Well written. RIP Incogs dad.

    Did you ever ask him why he called you ‘Incogman’?
    What about when you were a kid were you known as ‘Incogboy’?
    Seems kinda strange to me.

  17. INCOG MAN says:

    Don’t worry, Simon. He never knew me as the INCOG.

  18. Cleansweep says:


    West Virginia eight grade student Jared Marcum, 15, was reportedly arrested at his middle school after refusing to change his National Rifle Association shirt bearing an image of a rifle and the caption, “Protect Your Right.

    While Marcum was not technically arrested for wearing his NRA shirt, the unanswered question remains why the unidentified teacher questioned him about the shirt to begin with and why he was subsequently asked to change it.

    Based on the facts released about Marcum’s experience, it seems quite possible and even likely that the teacher objected to the viewpoint expressed via the teen’s shirt and thus asked him to change it. But the question is whether that teacher would have acted similarly if instead of an NRA shirt Marcum had been wearing a shirt bearing a gun control message.



  19. Manoflove says:

    2 days ago, Lawrence Summers of Harvard and formerly our Treasury Secretary, while in Africa, made a remarkable speech about the rise of Africa, Asia and the decline of America, Europe and the West. This guy was absolutely gleeful about this prospect. He was cheerleading. It was a remarkable speech that will leave you astonished and your mouth agape. Is this guy an American? Wow!! This is a must see speech!


  20. Bailey says:


    That video goes nicely with this article you left on the last thread.


    Go, Baby, Go ??

    This is the kind of shit the elitist jews are behind while our people are sleeping.

    If that bastard wants to bring technology to Africa he should have started by training the soundboard engineer and upgrading the microphones.

    That video and article is something that should be seen by all of those folks in Wonderland, Maybe some will actually consider what kind of future there will be for their kids and grand kids.

    The Global jews are pulling the carpet our from under us and they’ll be bringing the term carpet baggers to a whole new level, they’ll be packing the future of white people up and taking it with them.


    hitler had sarin to …but the jews got flea sprayed with giftgas instead …

    LOL !

  21. Cleansweep says:

    The Rothschilds wealth $500 trillion!

    More than half the wealth of the entire world.

    The Rockefellers, key kingpins in the US, which apparently are secretly worth more than $10 trillion bleak in comparison to the Rothschilds that are far more wealthier, and are by many considered the greatest controlling factor worldwide — the kingpins of the world!


    David Rockefeller: “I’m PROUD of” being “part of a SECRET CABAL working AGAINST the best interests of the United States”

    Wealthiest Americans NOT Gates or Buffet: Rockefellers Worth $11.48 TRILLION in 1998!

    Alex Jones: Police Know The Federal Reserve is Private! — The FED is an unaccountable, “private, offshore, Rothschild bank,” and must be ended or our children and grandchildren will be slaves. END THE FED!


    Top architect explains why 9/11 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and Al Qaeda didn’t have the technology or access to do it.

    Richard Gage:

    “We’re told that…the buildings collapsed due to structural weakening, due to the fires.

    The problem is that we don’t have large gradual deformations associated with collapses. And fires in high rises have never brought down a steel frame high rise building at all, ever.

    And what we have, unfortunately, is the evidence in the twin towers and the third skyscraper to collapse that day, which most people don’t know anything about it. We have the evidence of the ten key features of controlled demolition.

    We have 700 architects and engineers demanding a new investigation as a result of this evidence and the evidence in the World Trade Center that is very explosive.

    Almost every architect and engineer we show this information to agrees with us that these are controlled demolitions. If we can get them to look at the information, because obviously the implications of a controlled demolition are dark for our country. Because that means somebody besides Al Qaeda was involved.

    What we find down there [at ground level] is pools of molten iron. Several tons. …

    Jet fuel and office fires don’t produce molten iron or molten steel. It doesn’t begin to melt until three thousand degrees. But what we have is the fires only produce maybe fourteen, sixteen hundred degrees.

    So what produced all that molten iron? Well, it has in it the chemical evidence of a special incendiary, which is thermite, a high tech incendiary used to cut through steel like a hot knife through butter. … This is very high-tech thermite, nano-thermite, it’s not found in a cave in Afghanistan, it’s produced in very sophisticated defense department contracting laboratories. …the particles are one thousand times smaller than a human hair. … We’re talking about several tons of nano-thermite and ordinary thermite.

    One would have to have access through security. So the security company involved for the World Trade Center should be thoroughly investigated. And it turns out to be Securi-com, Stratesec, somebody should look to see who’s on the board of those companies. Some very interesting individuals turn out to be.

    In addition, one would have to have the cover, of say, an elevator modernization, which was in fact going on nine months prior to 9/11 [Compare with the Rockefeller article, below. Nick Rockeller’s statement was eleven months prior to 9/11! – ed.], so that there were workers throughout the World Trade Center, that had access to the hoistway which is immediately adjacent to the core columns and beams in the building.”


  22. Cleansweep says:

    Fuck the Rothschilds, fuck the Rockefellers!

  23. Zilla Rose says:

    Sog are you serious?
    What a load of sh*t!
    Do the Rothschilds mean anything to you?

  24. sog says:

    rothschiilds eat human flesh and have a table setting 24/7 for ..the debbil …he has his very own plate and forks …does he bring a body gaurd when he comes for din din at the rothschilds “house” …shit here is your problem family ..the rojo bros ,a bunch of kazzaar parasite bankers who suck devil dick for sport ..these maggets built the super weird mathematical spooky satanic nsa like super dooper kike headspy quaerters …come on sunday and they pass out secret squirell decoder rings …count me in .
    im waiting for some arabs shit stains to hijack an EL AL jet and fly it into that damn thing ..bah never forget kikes whine ..one thermobaric and some phosphorus for special effects over tel aviv and we copuld all finaly forget ..
    got roy buchannanananan blasting out the rest of my good eardrum ..man alive ,,,this guy was the shit ..i met him once ,looooooong agoooo….cops killed him in west virginny and set it up to look like a hanging in jail ..they picked him up drunk etc ,,seen this before ..umm hmmm ..ive seen cops kill before ..buttholes
    karen there you are …a genius i aint ,but thanzx for the vote …my dog is smarter than i am ,im pretty sure at this point ..
    just tryin to keep up with the good writers on here which is most posters ..
    heh heh simon your a joker ,ahhye ..




  25. Is the British “Labour” party on the side of Afghani and pakistani shit trash child rapists and pimps of the british laboring class? You may be surprised.


  26. sog says:

    why did i post this link ..the gubbamin has innoculated all soldirs with this shit from gulf war#1 ..it evidently goes airborn …some researchers say that 99% on americans have this ..a virus without a cell wall ..or the matrix mother effer visna virus mated with bovine leukemia and a hint of htlv-1 and add the synergistic tun=berculin attenuate and the brucelosis attenuate …we got sick and dying in the usa ..this mycoplasma has been around since 1847 approx…it is the foundation of all bio germ mixes ….does this matter ..mind over matter ..if you dont mind it doens t matter i spoes …in one manifestation of mpf it pacmans your blood and you wind up 1-2 quarts low and its a big nmedical mystery in general hospitals ..peole come in to emergncy from passed out sitch and they find the low mark on the dipstick that sez yer a little low ,so we can fill it up with some blood we got on sale from haiti ..heh heh …help mr.wizard ..
    hey cannibal rabboon are ya still out there mate ..
    im lookin for the link to the rothschild spy building in tel aviv that cost a few billion shekels …

  27. Meant to type “or” the British labor class… Damn stupid kindle.

  28. Manoflove says:


    Having watched that Lawrence Summers speech twice, I am still in shock. This is really a must see!


    This Summers is the President of Harvard University and former US Treasury in Africa cheering their rise and the decline of the West. Did you hear the part in the beginning of the speech when Larry Summers said, to the audience’s applause, that African countries now have better debt ratings than European countries and that Africa now has more foreign exchange reserves stored than America.

    No doubt, the poor state of the US economy that Lawrence Summers speaks of has a lot to do with his long tenure as our Treasury Secretary. Does Summers care about America? Definitely not! This guy Summers is unbelievable!

  29. Travis says:

    “sog” needs to go back to kindergarten and start all over again. Maybe the second time around he’ll learn the Rules of The English Language.

    We got spics, beaners, ragheads, and niggers here in Texas who have a better grasp of The English Language than “sog” does.

    “sog” sounds like ZOG after getting caught in a rain storm.

  30. Pat says:

    This conflict with the jews must be fought on a political and ideological first. That means we have to organize a viable political entity.

    This talk about shooting it out with the authorities is something Hal TurnerStein would promote to try to get angry people arrested and imprisoned.

    I don’t see good ole’ JB Campbell shooting up the local PD. Why not? He sure talks a lotta shit about it though.

    If there were some sort of massive disturbance – let’s say a detonated nuke or some kind of chem/bio attack here – the US Gov could and would respond aggressively.

    Let’s say they pull another false flag here and decide to lock down and declare Martial Law and begin disarmament operations. They will likely use the same methods and procedures they used in Iraq. Gun trucks, overhead Apache Helo cover, and SWAT teams on the ground. You think you’re going to counter that with your “storm rifle”?

    Keep on dreamin’.

    Better still, go back to you retarded First Person Shooter video games.

    Or how about hanging out with JB…you guys could sit around and watch “Dances With Wolves” together and discuss how evil White people are in front of his squaw. Sound like fun?

    Have at it.

  31. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    For sog…..

  32. yuri Jesus Christ was the “true Messiah” and the Jews are losers who missed the boat. says:

    The Swastika: The Knowledge of God through Divine Intuition.

    This archaic and sacred symbol depicts the whole story of the cosmos and man: their contrasting dual aspects, the four directions of space, the four seasons, the revolution of worlds, cyclic progression and the union of spirit and matter at the heart. The swastika appeared frequently as a symbol in the Roman catacombs signifying Christ as the power of the world. In medieval times (the period of history from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West [5th century A.D.] to the fall of Constantinople [1453 A.D.] ) it was the Gammadion, used to symbolize Christ as the cornerstone and also the four Evangelists, with Christ as the center. It is the symbol of good luck, fortune, good augury [interpretation of omens]; good wishes, blessings, longevity, fecundity [fruitfulness], health and life everlasting.

  33. yuri Jesus Christ was the “true Messiah” and the Jews are losers who missed the boat. says:

    Cannibal Rabbi,Jack of Spades.

  34. summerled says:

  35. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    And I thought American niggers like to vote for alien freakazoids. But even niggers don’t hold a candle to these brits.

    A city council member reportedly claims to have fathered an alien child

    A city council member in a small seaside town in the UK has raised some eyebrows after expressing his beliefs in extra-terrestrial life in a recent TV documentary.

    Simon Parkes claims he has had experiences with aliens since birth, and his “real mother” is a 9-foot green alien with eight fingers, the Northern Echo reports. His first memory is being lifted out of his cot by an alien.

    The married father of three also claims he has sexual relations with an alien he refers to as the Cat Queen, and that he fathered a child with her.

    “What will happen is that we will hold hands and I will say ‘I’m ready’ and then the technology I don’t understand will take us up to a craft orbiting the Earth,” Parkes said.

    Parkes, 58, says he meets with the Cat Queen four times a year.

    “My wife found out about it and was very unhappy, clearly,” Parkes said. “That caused a few problems, but it is not on a human level, so I don’t see it as wrong.”

    When he’s not representing the residents of Whitby, Parkes spends his days drawing out his extra-terrestrial experiences to help him come to terms with them, the Northern Echo reports.

    “There are plenty of people in my position who don’t choose to come out and say it because they are terrified it will destroy their careers,” Parkes said

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/06/18/uk-city-council-member-reportedly-claims-to-have-fathered-alien-child/?test=latestnews#ixzz2WbwQSKJB

  36. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewish Agency Board Member Confirms Israel’s Hold On America

    “If the forms of ties between Washington and Jerusalem are ever revealed, the world will be flabbergasted”.


    Like the two of them joining forces in the 9/11 attack on America? Or the two of them working together to cover up the truth about the attack on the USS Liberty?

  37. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Sorry about that. I had two article I wanted to post and I got the addresses mixed up.


    The link I posted above was for a new book David Duke is publishing.

    The Wait Is Almost Over! Read The Intro To The Secret Behind Communism!

    Sounds like a great book.

  38. sog says:

    Zilla Rose says:
    June 18, 2013 at 5:12 am

    Sog are you serious?
    What a load of sh*t!
    Do the Rothschilds mean anything to you?
    yes ..taRGET AQUISITION you 4 flushin cunt ..suck your nigger daddys cork ,,ass wipe

  39. sog says:

    anyway ,,cheers rabbi…….happy fathers day ya muthuh..laff

  40. sog says:

    Zilla Rose says: gurgle slurp snorkk grulg
    June 18, 2013 at 5:12 am

    Sog are you serious? ….usually yes …
    What a load of sh*t!…………………….oh thay there homo erectus ,change yor diaper then ,,,ahhey
    Do the Rothschilds mean anything to you? bunch o cunts …
    yes ..taRGET AQUISITION you 4 flushin cunt ..suck your nigger daddys cork ,,ass wipe ….god dang theres that ieriisjh temper again

  41. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Lay off of sog. He was the first graduate of the evelyn woodhead sped ridden course.

  42. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    No shit some of you caught this story. The top of the dugout said in big letters COLLLEGE WORLD SERIES.

  43. summerled says:


    You want to know why revolutions happen? Because little by little by little things get worse and worse. But this thing that is happening now is big. This is the key ingredient. This allows them to know everything they need to know to accomplish the above. The fact that they are doing it is proof that they are the sort of people who might use it in the way I described. In the country I live in, they also claimed it was for the safety of the people. Same in Soviet Russia. Same in East Germany. In fact, that is always the excuse that is used to surveil everyone. But it has never ONCE proven to be the reality.
    Maybe Obama won’t do it. Maybe the next guy won’t, or the one after him. Maybe this story isn’t about you. Maybe it happens 10 or 20 years from now, when a big war is happening, or after another big attack. Maybe it’s about your daughter or your son. We just don’t know yet. But what we do know is that right now, in this moment we have a choice. Are we okay with this, or not? Do we want this power to exist, or not?


  44. sog says:

    hey travis im surprised you can talk with all the nigger dick in your kike throat ..
    yeah incog must have put me on moderation as he knew i would fly off the handle ..
    hey travis you fuckin bitch ..sqaushing you out would be as meaningful as stepping on a cockroach ……
    it dont matter …a better man then i would ignore your hasbarat ass …me ,im different ..we got niggeres and spiks and stupid fucken white peole who are no better than the mud races and i figure thats where your ilk fits in …
    any one can write serious and unoriginal …by attacking a patriot such as myself you are attacking the other patriots here and persons with far more intelligence than you can dream of …how old are you ..19 -20 ,,eff off ..son ..

  45. summerled says:

    40 Statistics About The Fall Of The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

    coming to a town near you brought to you by you overlords


  46. yuri jack of spades says:


  47. Cannibal Rabbi says:


  48. Karen says:

    Sorry Cannibal, wasn’t impressed by the Posey broad, but heres’ one….https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=o_wHuw9ze4Q#t=2s

  49. Karen says:

    C’mon Incog, fair is fair.

  50. Travis says:

    Perhaps, well maybe — just maybe, small chance — while sog studies The English Language [ if sog is not totally incorrigible ], “Bro” Kapner will get himself an acting coach [ so he’ll learn how to Stop acting like the clown he truly is, and learn how to act like a normal human being ], A dapper wardrobe consultant [ seriously], and a professional voice coach [ desperately].

  51. Karen says:

    Gee Whiz, Rabbi, that Posey girl sure was cool! And I loved her with-it hair do! Rabbi, you sure got taste!

  52. Jimmy says:

    Looks like we have another “Jew in the woodpile”

    SOG it’s time to release the alsations.

  53. Alsashions, i’ll have you know1

  54. Brian says:

    Truth Militia Radio This Sunday Night: Special Time 6pm est…
    (5 hour show!)
    Please tune in!

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