Let a Jew Explain “The Real Deal”

Read carefully what this Hebrew-speaking Jew writer says, especially after the 6 minute mark. This is the Supremacist mindset of Talmudism really behind International Jewry. Think about what these people did to Russia back during communism, killing tens of millions of us non-Jews, or what they call “goyim.” Think it can’t happen again? These people’s long-running designs upon the world is the true source to the destruction of our White countries and Christianity, along with the never-ending strife in the Mideast. Wake up to it!

“When Israel Is Mighty.” Jewish Supremacy explained by activist Jew writer, Yossi Gurvitz. Transcript made for INCOG MAN by commentators “t bone,” “Pat” and “Bailey” — thanks boatloads, guys.

TRANSCRIPT START: Now, we all know what the rabbis say is the origin of Judaism: Moshe passed the torah down to the elders, the elders passed the torah down to the prophets, etc…all the way down to the Talmud, and there were no changes. The central motif of the Jewish understanding of history is that there were no changes (in the religion). In other words, what the rabbis are saying now are merely minor refinements of what the rabbis had said during the time of the ‘Elders’ – the time of the Mishnah and the Talmud.

Now, first of all, the problem with this version of history is that it is completely baseless. And second of all, that it has a few historical problems and these historical problems continue to this day, due to the fact that Judaism, as a religion, has been frozen in time for the last 1800 years.

Generally speaking, Rabbinical Judaism, as it appears in the Talmud – unlike what is generally taught in secular schools – the source of Judaism is not the Bible. The source of Judaism is the Talmud. The people who wrote the Talmud are the ones who decided what books would be included in the Biblical canon. What they decided wouldn’t go in – didn’t go in.

“The Christian Fundamentalists who send them money apparently don’t understand what they are dealing with.”

So, for example, while the Catholic Church included the Books of the Maccabees in its version of the canon, Judaism did not preserve them, and in fact only the Greek version of them was preserved. Whether there were Hebrew or Aramaic versions of them is an interesting question, but only Christianity preserved them.

The Book of Judith. The Book of Tobias. Many other books, mostly dealing with the Jews of the Diaspora didn’t make it into the Jewish Biblical canon, and were only preserved by Christianity.

Now, the Judaism that preceded Rabbinical Judaism was pretty much erased from history. In other words, there’s not enough information to know what happened then. We know there were Sadducees, there were Pharisees – the Pharisees are the rabbinical Jews – there were Essenes – we don’t know anything about them for certain, and the reason we don’t know anything about them for certain is, that when their enemies were victorious, the Pharisees established more than 10 religious holidays to celebrate their victories over the Sadducees, they simply erased them from history.

So you have to eke out a fragment [of information] out of a fragment [of information], so you can say, “Maybe it was like this” or “Maybe it was like that” – its impossible to know what really happened. What we do know is this: from very early on, Rabbinical Judaism is a Judaism that hates humans. It defines only Jews as humans – only Jews who believe in the religion as humans.

Okay, lets get this exactly right: it defines only Jews who believe in the religion and are men – as full humans. And everyone else is some level of ‘other’, that must be pushed aside, or, in extreme cases, destroyed.

Rabbinical Jewish law does not prohibit – okay, that’s not accurate. Rabbinical Jewish law prohibits the killing of a non-Jew, but it does not punish a person for doing so. In other words, if you kill a Jew, even a Jewish woman, even the slave of a Jew – and here it’s important to note that Orthodox Judaism has never abolished slavery – then there’s a penalty you have to pay. It could come to execution or it could be a fine. They didn’t have jails. But if you kill a non-Jew then you’re guilty, but there is no penalty. God will punish you.

And that is – how shall I put it? – a bit problematic. When you say something is a crime, but there’s no punishment for committing it, then it’s not really a crime. That’s the Talmud.

When you come to the writers of later exegesis, especially the Shulhan Aruch, by that point, he is already saying that there are situations where you can kill a non-Jew with impunity. Of course, it’s written in the 16th century, after the expulsion [of all Jews] from Spain [in 1492 C.E.] so he has to write what he wants to say in coded language. So he calls them “idolaters”.

But just so you know, there weren’t any [pagans] left in that part of the world [by that point] – not in Europe, and not in the Muslim world. So he calls them “idolaters” or other such terms, but everyone knows who he’s talking about [non-Jews].

The worst case, in my opinion, is the case of Maimonides, who decrees – first of all, he decrees that it is permissible to have sexual intercourse with a 3-year-old girl. That age of consent is – problematic.

And second of all, he decrees that if a Jew rapes a three-year-old non-Jewish girl, then she must be executed. Her, not him – because she tempted him to sin.

And for this reason, you have to treat her like an animal that puts obstacles in a person’s way, and he quotes some verse about a bull or something like that.

And the Rabbis know that the parts of the religion that are misanthropic, that are discriminatory to non-Jews – pose a problem for them. Because if they try to implement them – there are some rules that are very unpleasant, like that 3 year-old girl we were talking about. If they try to implement them, there will be a Pogrom.

So to avoid that situation, the Talmud defines two different states of reality. There is one called “Darkei Shalom” (Peaceful Ways). In other words, “This is the actual religious law, this is how you are supposed to act.” “However, because it would cause a huge mess, and people will die, so due to ‘Peaceful Ways’, you don’t act that way. ”

Now, until what point does the “Peaceful Ways” rule still apply? Just as long as the other situation does not exist, which is “When Israel is Mighty.” That’s when there is a Jewish regime. It is independent, and it is merciless, it can do what it likes.

Under those circumstances – its all over, you go back to the letter of the law. No more “Peaceful Ways”, no more nothing.

Now, when you think of Jewish history, lots of people talked about the Hasmonean Wars, which is pretty much the only time that Jews wielded weapons, and they think about what the Hasmoneans did to the Hellenized Jews (who assimilated Greek culture) – which was to make them extinct, to destroy them. A small genocide.

And I remind people of this frequently, every time Hanukah rolls around. But they didn’t stop there. They embarked on campaign of looting and conquest, and at the beginning, during their first 20 years, wherever they arrived, they would destroy the local temples. It was prohibited for a place that was under Jewish rule to have a Pagan temple. That’s what we’re talking about.

They also forced the Edomites to convert to Judaism on pain of death. It was a forced conversion. Something we learn the [Spanish] Inquisition did later on. They took people and told them: ” Either you’re dead, or you’re converting to Judaism”. And things only got worse from there.

Now, when religious Zionists look at reality, they say: “We’ve got a state. We’ve got weapons. We’ve got a Jewish army. This hasn’t happened for 2000 years”.

“What this means is that God wants us to bring about the Messiah, that God wants us to build the temple”.

They skip over all the conditions that are imposed by the Talmud on what a Messiah must be, and they go back to Maimonides. And they go back to Maimonides. And Maimonides says, “There is no difference between our time and the time of the Messiah, other than the subordination to kingdoms.” In other words, the only difference between the time of Maimonides – he died in 1204 – and the time of the Messiah, is who is subordinate to whom.

Are the Jews subordinate to “kingdoms”, to other nations? Or can they subordinate other nations? And that is how Maimonides begins his Book of Kings. He explains what the rules are for a king, what a king can do. It emerges from the belief that, yes, there can be a king. You don’t have to first have a temple. You don’t need God to come down from the sky and point at someone and say, “That’s the Messiah”. You can have a king, and if he is victorious, then he’ll also be the Messiah. And then you look at what religious Zionists are doing about this. They want a Messiah. They want him now.

There must be cleansings. Religious law prohibits contact with non-Jews. Of course, the Kosher laws prohibit you from eating with them. Other laws prohibit you from treating them fairly.

You are forbidden to return a lost item to a non-Jew – except in order to “keep the peace.”

There is no prohibition from stealing from a non-Jew – except in order to “keep the peace.”

You can’t say “hello” to them – unless there is no alternative. And so on and so forth.

There are all kinds of prohibitions that are entirely psychotic, that are based on a religion of vengeance.

Religious Zionists have a serious problem with the fact that there are non-Jews here.

The Land of Israel is supposed to be only for Jews.

So, ironically, they would manage to get along with the Muslims, more or less, if we weren’t involved in a military conflict with them. Because according to Judaism, Muslims are not idolaters.

Muslims believe in one God. They don’t have idols, they don’t have statues, they don’t have anything like that.

So ironically, during the Medieval Era, Jews got along better with Muslims than with Christians.

But what can you do? We conquered a territory populated mainly by Muslims, and the Muslims are fighting us – so those defenses fall away. And look, now they are starting to talk about genocide.

You have the (book) Torat Hamelech (King’s Torah), which tells you that you can kill children if there is a reason to believe that one day they could cause harm.

Now, if you killed someone’s entire family and left only him alive, he will indeed have a reason to cause harm.

If you stole his lands, turned him into a refugee, tossed him to Jordan or Lebanon – he will indeed have a reason to cause harm.

Many people have said that the book’s arguments are not sound according to religious law, and so on and so forth – but no one really tackled it head-on. And it’s no wonder that it became a best-seller.

Because in general, what religious Zionists want is for the Land of Israel to be for Jews only.

Now the situation for the Christians, on the other hand, will be really bad, (according to Judaism) they are idolaters, and you will have to kill them, even if they do not resist Jewish rule.

In Jerusalem, religious seminary students have a despicable habit: they urinate and defecate on Churches.

If you go and talk to the Church staff, you will hear it from every Church.

Spitting on clergymen in the street is something that happens every day.

If the Priest has the gall to hit the person back, to slap him or something similar, then he is deported, quietly. They cancel his residence permit in the country.

If you want to justify a pogrom, all you have to do is say the words “Missionary Threat”. And from that perspective, Christianity, which is the historical arch-enemy of Judaism, is going to get a serious beating once the religious Zionists are in power.

The Christian Fundamentalists who send them money apparently don’t understand what they are dealing with.

But you know, it’s really a case of “a pox on both your houses”.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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105 Responses to Let a Jew Explain “The Real Deal”

  1. And now the desk of the JIDF agents assigned to my blog have been using another name… “Guiseppe” and have been trying to attack Mormons… LOL

    I have stopped posting any of their comments, because they are so ridiculous and are so easily sussed out…. I need to ask: Where are they getting their training? In clown college????

    They will not quit, and they are definitely coming in here to try to ruin Incogman’s site again… Be warned and on the alert everyone…

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Northern someone here mentioned they thought Salvatore was Joe. I didn’t know what they was talking about. I must have missed Joe.

  3. Bailey says:

    I don’t remember Joe either and I’ve been around for a long time, Must be hasbarats making up bullshit.
    That rat that talked about Joe made it sound like Joe had been around here forever.

    Looking at the comments tonight i’d say a couple of rats were here tonight.

    A couple nights ago it was some jew from the Bronx promoting that filthy old jew classic called Taxi Driver.

    And who’s the guy always asking for a t-shirt ?

    There used to be real pros like GW2BC aka, Goy with two brain cells.
    That dude was here for a long time and everyone was fooled until the jew did his 180 and turned into the disruptive jew that he really was, 21blackmale was pretty good too.

    But, like someone said above (sorry, I forgot who that was and i’m not going back to check) all the current JIDF hasbarats are clowns.

  4. Pat says:

    Take a look at the way-out-of-proportion hook-shaped smelling organ on this kikess:


    Why would a congenital liar lie?

    Why would a tribe-member attempt to obscure the demolition method used to bring down the WTC buildings?

    Who is this tribe-member loyal to?

    When is the last time this hook-nosed bitch visited her beloved Israel?

    As you well know, in the aftermath of the JFK Assassination there were tons of alternate theories concerning who may have been behind it and what methods may have been used. Many of those alternate theories were created and promulgated by persons in the employ of government. That was done as part of the cover-up and was intended to confuse the public as much as possible and to waste resources.

    That is what this smarmy kikess is doing.

    That stinking kike-hole did not perform a rational, scientific analysis of the event. If the kike-bitch had and was not a kike – that kikess would be discussing the Approved Demolition Plan that the City of Jew York granted to the builders of the WTC Complex.

    A real researcher would be looking carefully at the fact pattern which leads directly to the residual heat and melted concrete in the sub-basement areas.

    A real researcher knows that concrete melts at much higher temperatures than does structural steel. Knowing this, they would ask the question: “What could have generated that much heat and sustained it for such a long period of time?”

    There are answers to that question and they do not involve “Thermite”.

    Did any organization receive a US Patent for demolition of tall multi-story structures using a below ground implosion device?

    What organization?

    Was it the same organization that was on-site on 9/11?

    What if it was? Coincidence?

    judy wood is a fucking kike.

  5. Pat says:

    Watch this video:


    What do you think would happen to a tall multi-story building had that device gone off underneath it?

  6. Pat says:

    The kike judy wood has been spreading intentional disinformation around and “Inventing Evidence”.

    This is what kikes do to confuse people who don’t have a background in forensic investigation techniques.

    Kikess judy wood is hoping that you are not educated in structured investigation techniques.

    This is why that kikess shows you lots of digital imagery. Hook nosed judy wood-kike sure isn’t going to explain to you that her digital imagery cannot be relied upon as “evidence” of anything because it can be created 3 ways:

    Direct Camera Capture,
    Software Created, and
    A mixture of both.

    Tribe member and jew-in-the-woodpile kikess wood knows this – but hopes you don’t.

    Kikess-jew-skank-stink-hole judy wood-kike intentionally leads people astray.

    So what to do if you finally realize you can base your opinions on digital imagery – if you can’t establish that that imagery was a Direct Camera Capture and was not altered?

    How do you proceed?

    You use logic and the Scientific Method.

    And you avoid kikes.

  7. Pat says:

    An important question to ask is:

    “What is Kikess Judy-Stink-hole’s role in the 9/11 Cover-Up?”

    That is the first thing anyone who visits kikess judy stink hole’s website should ask.

  8. Pat says:

    9/11………get it?

  9. Pat says:

    Look! There’s a Jewdy in the Woodpile.

    Check out her obnoxious probocis.

    Jew-dy Stinkhole.


  10. goldmansteinberg says:

    In my experience, those that use the spelling or descriptions of Joo or Kike are themselves members of the tribe and dual citizen Israelis.

    Anyone with a high 2 digit IQ knows Judy Wood is disinfo and a J ewess.
    I called her on RBN when she was a guest and asked her point blank if she had any relatives living in israel.
    I was hung up on.

  11. Hoff says:

    Sweden, a Jew Ruled Political Correctness Madhouse

    This article by BN is about jews who own all “media” in the western world. This is jew”media” in Sweden. TV4 is national and of course jew owned.

    You can translate the page but you really only have to look at two pictures. White women marry a black live on morning-TV. Who did the wedding are Mona Sahlin, ex-PM and ex partyleader of the SocialDemocrap party, one in three vote on this party.


    The jew Jan Scherman is top boss at TV4 and he want to show homosex on TV4.

    “TV4 is a Swedish television network. It started broadcasting by satellite in 1990 and, since 1992, on the terrestrial network.

    In 1994, TV4 became the largest channel and remained so for a number of years.

    The two channels of Sveriges Television (SVT) lost more and more viewers for a couple of years. But after making schedule changes in 2001, SVT1 had practically the same numbers of viewers as TV4. Since 2004 the TV4 Group has been a fully active member of the European Broadcasting Union.


  12. Pat says:


    Good move.

    I wonder how many listeners picked up on that.

    Most of the disinfo people are pretty easy to spot.

  13. Jimmy says:

    The Jewish/communist plan is to destroy white Christianity, this was always their plan.
    Dear departed pastor Peter J Peters explained it like this.

  14. Pat says:
    June 27, 2013 at 6:46 am

    Watch this video:


    What do you think would happen to a tall multi-story building had that device gone off underneath it?


    Ad hominem. I, personally, do not fall for ad hominem hit jobs. I don’t think most people around here do either. I am not speaking for anyone, however. It is just what I think.

    Pat, who appreciates

    forensic investigation techniques
    rational, scientific analysis
    logic and the Scientific Method

    Is also saying

    There’s a Jewdy in the Woodpile.
    Check out her obnoxious probocis.
    Jew-dy Stinkhole
    judy wood is a fucking kike

    People here know not to judge matters by what is on the surface. They know not to judge a book by it’s cover or someone by the color of their skin – okay, just joking on that last score.


    Anyway, I think if a nuclear device went off in the basements of the WTC towers it would have blasted steel beams and concrete chunks thousands and thousands of feet away, as it is the domed tower across the street had an intact, unscratched dome.

    A nuke would have burned the hell out of all that office paper and all the trees too. It would have incinerated everyone around the towers, including the several people miraculously found inside the towers.

    Would George Bush and Rudy Guiliani have hung out around lower Manhattan had a “nucular” explosion recently occurred there?

    Were the videos of the survivors giving first-hand testimony faked? They seemed more authentic than Sandy Hook or Boston – these weren’t “crisis actors.”

    A nuclear bomb would have blown apart the dike encircling the site, yet it was in pristine condition. Pristine.

    Furthermore where are the nuclear fissile radioactive isotopes – like iodine, caesium, strontium, xenon, barium and many others? Wouldn’t all those stockbrokers, bond traders and billionaries – jewish billionaires, masonic billionaires – have hair falling out, skin lesions and cancer?

    Wouldn’t the bomb itself have left a seismic signature, a singular spike?

    Pat asks,

    Why would a congenital liar lie?
    Why would a tribe-member attempt to obscure the demolition method used to bring down the WTC buildings?
    Who is this tribe-member loyal to?
    When is the last time this hook-nosed bitch visited her beloved Israel?

    Pretending the presumption is proven.

    These are questions that should be answered using:

    forensic investigation techniques
    rational, scientific analysis
    logic and the Scientific Method

    Otherwise, in the context of rational debate, they are “straw man” arguments.

    How do straw man arguments work?

    On Judy Wood:

    “There’s a Jewdy in the Woodpile.
    Check out her obnoxious probocis.
    Jew-dy Stinkhole
    judy wood is a fucking kike”

    …’nuff said…Victory!

    By association, the presenter of the opposing argument is attacked, as it is implied they are presenting false information. Lying.

    What do you think of people that present false information to you? Not much. But if that implied assertion isn’t true, it is a diversion.

    What happened to the substance of the argument? The scientific, methodological, evidentiary meat? The above is not substance. It is not dealing with facts and evidence. It is dealing with presumptions.

    Analysis of tower destruction disappearance>>>hook-nose jew liar.

    rational logic>>>irrational emotions

    See how that happens?

    I am as wary of jew subversion and obfuscation as the next jew-wise guy but if we actually shelve the tools of rational thought in the name of defending rational thought, it is then that we are not going to get anywhere. It is like forsaking freedom…for freedom?

    “Irrational emotions” is never a good jumping off point for any serious mental endeavor.

    I’ll paraphrase what Judy Wood says about investigating: look at the evidence and find what it is telling you and avoid latching onto a theory with which to back into the evidence.

  15. Jo Jackson says:

    Nothing racist about these lovelies is there??? I mean they bring SO MUCH cultural “enrichment” with their presence among the gullible white home grown Goyim…

    Fuck the BBC and DM affiliates


  16. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    For all of you white people just getting home from work so you can support niggers and jews and sheboons…. You should have seen the sheboon in the skittle nigger case today and yesterday. The sheboon is 19 now and cant read cursive and still in sheboon /nigger high skool. Sheboon gets all nigger attitude because she cant keep her stories and lies straight. On the widnis stand. Well Hispanics. This ones on you now. If Zimmerman gets convicted for defending a neighborhood they cant blame da white cracker. Da whole reason they want to make you Spanish people legal is so the jews can get somebody to do jobs niggers will never do as long as they get the welfare and free housing and free medical care and ebt cards and free sailfones. And keep voting for other niggers and jews and democrats. That’s why the jews and democrats want to make you legal. You be the nigger slave now.

  17. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    The case needs to be thrown out based on the “star” sheboon witness changing its story 15 times under oath. No kidding if I could post a picture of the word sheboon in an online encyclopedia this sheboon would be perfect.

  18. summerled says:

    so let me see if i got this straight you can say the word nigger years ago and be
    condemned made to repent and then lose your lively hood (white people only)
    of if your a jew you can say all the racist things you want and be praised for it
    Ah the pc conditioning is taken to new cartoonist heights with the pathetic remnants of Americans baying for blood whats next saying anything offensive at all in your
    entire life (NSA) will be used against you in a kangaroo court haha
    making sure thay have the dirt to bury you with it

  19. summerled says:

    hell i didn’t know shit could talk i guess this is how it sounds The remarks, made by senior rabbi rabbi Boruch Dov Lesches, have been made public in the wake of a growing scandal in the Lubavitch community in Australia over child sex-abuse at a Jewish school-Yeshiva—in Sydney.

    Rabbi Lesches initially said that the young boys who had been molested had consented to the sex. When challenged on this by an acquaintance—who taped the conservation and made it public in The Age newspaper, Sydney’s leading daily—Rabbi Lesches, said “you would be surprised” and pointed out that “goyim” began having sex “from the age of five.”

    Poor “goyyim,” Leches said, have “nothing else to do in life, [and therefore are] only thinking 24 hours about sex” with each other, members of their own families – and, Leches claimed, with “dogs.”

    He also wanted that involving police now would “open a can of worms” and urged for the matter to be covered up. Rabbi Leches is also one of New York’s leading ultra-Orthodox figures.


  20. summerled says:

    just watch JNN’s bull shitzer in the asphyxiation room
    thare is so much crap thrown about you will suffocate

  21. Pat says:


    Bull Shitzer’s real name is Zev Barak.

  22. Hoff says:

    Here you can see the difference between Sweden and Denmark. It’s about a somalian “refugee” that raped two danish little girls and attempted a third rape. The first girl was 17, the other two nine and ten.

    First he got six years prisen and life expulsion from Denmark. In the next trial he also got six year – but could stay in Denmark. English subtitles. Something like this would never be on Talmud Vision in Sweden.


    The site Avpixlat.info are run by zionist jews. It’s the “It’s the Mooooooslem” jew propaganda bullshit. But there are some good info.

  23. Hoff says:

    Here the victim can have their say, in Sweden the victim would be portrayed as the culprit. -Did you really have to go there at that time? Wasn’t you dressed sexy? Sweden is a totally fucked up PC jew ruled shithole. In Denmark there are at least some common sense. But that this POS nigger can stay in Denmark is proof that the jews PC bullshit is starting to infecting Denmark as well.

  24. Pat says:

    The people Sweden and Denmark need to start making the niggers “real uncomfortable” in their countries. If they don’t – it’s all over.

  25. Hoff says:

    Golda Meir Was First Israeli Leader to Expel African-(American) Refugees

    The current furor in Israel about the “epidemic” of African refugees “flooding” the country is unfortunately not new. Nor is the plan by the Netanyahu government to throw them into concentration camps or expel them. In 1969, Black Israelites began to arrive in Israel from the U.S. They claimed to be Jewish, but Israel’s rabbinical establishment rejected their claims. This meant they could not become citizens.

    Finally, the Golda Meir government in 1971 began the process of expelling them.


  26. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    1 million men and women could pull their heads out of their asses today. And refuse to be lied to anymore. Thanks to Incog and his brave posters. If they keep allowing themselves to be lied to and keep believing the jew bullshit then they are just plain stupid. Well there is other reasons like bribery or blackmail or ignorance or stupidity. All these reasons are true. But when all the other reasons I mentioned above it will still come back to stupidity. Believing something a jew uttered from its lips. HA HA HEE HEE. You were so stupid to believe something a jew said? Ha Ha Hee Hee. Have fun now. Tell them Protocols said HI!

  27. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Your site was blocked by jew scumbag cowards earlier again. Hi jew scumbag coward piece of shit agent coward boys and girls. Piece of shit scumbag coward agent jewboys and jewgirls traitors committing treason. If you are a Gentile looking at a jew in the cubicle next to you and you haven’t figured out by NOW that the jewboy or jewgirl is a traitor then you are a stupid motherfucker and do not deserve to wear an American Uniform of ANY service wether Officer Or Enlisted. Prove me wrong coward. If there is a jew in your office or section than there is a traitor committing treason in your office, section, division, or department.

  28. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Fuck it how much easier can we tell them? If it is a jew then it is bad for Gentiles and especially bad for Christian Americans. Niggers will never figure it out because they are too damn stupid but real Americans what else should we have to tell them? What else should they need? Pull your heads out of your assholes and admit the truthes before your own eyes! What else can I do or what else can WE do? I gave up on niggers years ago. Just too stupid or too far under the jewish spell. But white people? Give up on the jewish spell and face the reality of daily life. The jewtv can tell you 4 hours a day with jewlywood bullshit black people are great,,, but when you leave your house and if you are lucky enough to make it to your car alive without being armed robbed or carjacked or backed into the house so they can do even worse? It’s OK now prt. just keep believing. niggers are getting better and so is America. OK breath deeply and say America is getting better… Repeat 500 times or until a nigger stabs you while you thought you were being peaceful.

  29. Sundown says:

    “Whatever is, is worth destroying”. Quote attributed to Karl Marx..

  30. Manoflove says:

    This sick anti-human screed is why I call these children of Satan, the “Chosen” because they are anti-human.

  31. DZ14 says:

    This video should be spread far? and wide. It clears out a lot of confusion for the many uninformed whites currently bumbling through life within our multicultural sh*thole.


    Alternate link:


  32. Brian says:

    Truth Militia Radio This Sunday Night: Special Time 6pm est…
    (5 hour show!)
    Please tune in!

  33. American says:


  34. Dr. Erk Erginer says:

    Dear Incogman,

    I read many of your articles with interest and agreement. I have one request for you to consider.

    Would you please take out the picture at the head of the page. I don’t believe it helps our strategy. Thank you.

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