Media Crypto Jew Spews on SA Apartheid


Recently, I was reading a piece on “NewsNet 14” titled “Self Hating White South African’s memories of Nelson Mandela,” where a South African expat with white skin named Nadia Bilchik was whining on how terrible, just terrible, us evil White people were to the poor Negroes down there with Apartheid.

First off: I don’t think the woman can be called White. As in European White Gentile. And second, because she’s not White, she’s not “self-hating.” More accurately, Nadia is a member of that devious, trouble-making race, who considers themselves separate, apart and morally superior to all the Goyim out there — including us real White people. Yep, I think she’s a stinking Jew.

Checking her out, I found she often works as an editor producer at CNN (what’s that tell you?), and brags on her stuck-up media sales site about interviewing Nelson Mandela, Matt Damon and George Clooney. BFD. Nadia was born in Johannesburg, often called “J-burg” by locals because of all the Jews living there. She has her own media company in Atlanta, Georgia and is the talent director for “Jewish TV” on cable (can’t they really call all the channels that now?). Also, there are many Jews out there with the last name of “Bilchik.” Check, check, DOUBLE CHECK!

I think it’s a pretty safe bet this woman is a Jewess.

Now why would little old me take offense about this one woman and bother doing up something here? Well, because I’m GD sick and tired of these stinking Jews pretending they are White people who have “seen the light” and feel free making themselves rich milking the PC/Whitey-be-bad crap. It’s creeps like this smiling mascara lathered bitch who have long been busy turning the lives of us Whites into a racial hellhole — exactly what the globalist media Jews did to South Africa!

NADIA STANDINGIn her article, the little Miss Media Queen (right) describes how she once saw White South African policemen stop two black guys in a “White only” neighborhood of “J-burg” to check their papers, to see if they had any business being there at that time of day.

With the way blacks truly behave in the world, that sounds like damn good sense!

Today, black criminals in SA freely go around anywhere they please, marking potential homes with gang symbols for later home invasions that often end with entire White families brutally murdered. You think that’s a bunch of bull? Happens all the time, fool.

Creeps like Nadia here simply don’t give a rat’s ass about violence happening to White people — even to little kids. Never have.

You think for one lousy minute this self-absorbed Jewess would dare say anything about black-on-White crime in South Africa or even in the US? Like, HELL NO. Dead White people mean nothing to careerist media creeps like Nadia Bilchik. Look at her in her cute little pantsuit outfit BS, like she’s so professional.

So the woman moves her stinking Jew bitch ass to a somewhat safer America, goes to work in the White-hating, Jew-controlled US mainstream media, getting rich turning this country inside out. This is the type of Jew creep who loves to make heroes out of blacks, such as Nelson Mandela — a terrorist (like we’re supposed to think about those Boston bombers, right?). Mandela had no problems blowing up innocent White people in unbelievably horrific street bombings in Johannesburg (I’ve seen photos of the aftermath to some of Mandela’s handiwork).

Whites in South Africa suffer incredibly horrible crimes from white-hating blacks.Whites in South Africa suffer incredibly horrible crimes from white-hating blacks.

Whites in South Africa have suffered incredibly horrible crimes from white-hating and criminal blacks.

Funny, how Nadia never mentions one damn bit to any of that in her anti-White Apartheid article. Or that we never hear anything about it in the US media or on the “History” channel, huh?

When I say this woman is creepy, I GD mean it. I also say she’s a crypto, because I couldn’t find any specific place where she openly let’s on to being a Jew. But she is, I’m virtually certain.

This hypocrite bitch is sucking on America’s teet because she left South Africa and the potential crime dangers facing someone with White skin over there, to make herself rich in America screwing up White people in the head over here.

If this woman was so great and all, she would still be in South Africa with the homies, taking her chances like the White Afrikaners. But no, Jews go where they please, wherever they feel safe and hidden enough to scam the surrounding population. No wonder Stalin called Jews “rootless cosmopolitans.” Takes one to know one!

Gawd, I friggin’ can’t stand these hypocrite, subversive, GD Jews!

These are exactly the kind of insidious Jew creeps destroying America. Most Whites see a picture of people like Nadia and think, “oh, what a smart and attractive-looking babe. I’ll listen to her…”

Little do they know what a dangerous little rat she really is. Dolled up or not.


Larry Summers real birth name was Samuelson. This is a good example of the Jew rats destroying America for Globalist Jewry — immigration of non-Whites into our lands, promoting blacks constantly, moral subversions of all kinds, economic rip-offs and globalism. Jews like this fat smug bastard know exactly what they are doing.

Now, you might think I’m being a big anti-Semite and all that jazz, but you need to realize how these stinking Jews — across the board — are screwing up America big time. “Manoflove,” one of the commenters frequenting my site, left a link to a video (seen HERE) of one of the biggest money elites in America advising “our” presidents. Larry Summers (real last name: Samuelson) was giving a speech where he seemed positively gleeful about the downfall of the West and the future financial prospects of Africa and Asia. No wonder so much of our manufacturing and industry is now offshore.

These filthy Jews are truly backstabbing traitors! Just think: After all we’ve done and are still doing for the Jews and Israel, they repay us by destroying our lands from the inside out. They repay us good White Americans by pushing for faggotry, the immigration of third worlders into our lands and globalization of our industry.

And you think I’m just being a SOB Nazi type, huh?

Well, you just wait until Nelson Mandela kicks the bucket and we’ll see what happens to the real Whites old Nadia left behind in South Africa.

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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207 Responses to Media Crypto Jew Spews on SA Apartheid

  1. Salvatore says:

    Excuse me. I made an error.

    “Jews and Schizophrenia” will access article also, plus there’s a lot more info online with the search term. Truly crazy. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be a shabbos goy. Bananas.

  2. Bailey says:

    Manoflove says.,

    @t bone,

    I am anything but smug. T-bone. I actually appreciate your insights because a lot of what you say make sense. And you did call me out rightly about the fruit punch on the beach. Touche! And you usually don’t get involved in the nonsensical name calling that certain other people casually do.

    What? Get the fuck out of here, T bone not getting involved in sniffing out a hasbarat?
    T bone is ace at spotting the jew here, Nobody is better at it, he should have control of the jew filter and you’de have never gotten so far, you had me duped for a few hours.

    I think you even had the man himself fooled as he mentioned you and your contribution about that piece of shit Summers in a feature effin’ article.

    But now your toast, Go back to the “chosen” and tell them you too have failed.

    Ever here of 21Blackmale?

    He was good, I think that maybe you’re him.

    And, Who the fuck says “Touche”, anyway?

  3. ihatekikes says:

    dis goed om te sien suid afrikaaners hier. julle moet besoek altyd. hierdie ou incogman weet wat gebeur in ons wereld. bring julle maats hier om te leer. los die chops choons en dops. sterkte boere. my suid afrika is so ver van my hart maar ek hoop om haar weer te sien.

    incog good to see fellow whites from south africa here. but what ras said they have been brainwashed over time. a tear drops my eye.

  4. sog says:

    manovelove …now i know ,,you are that silly ass petrov character that was here last year ..cannibal called you the fake russian ,,lol ..i am 99% certain …

  5. sog says:

    kaminski is not jewish from evertyhing already hashed ..
    if he was he has completed his conversion to humanity by his articles but he is for grown up readers who can sidestep his nihilism ..(agnostic -gnostic -atheism) mainly nihilism …religions ahve been the problems in the world since around the time usary was invented but as in catholics vesus prots in uk or caths vs. christians like serbs and croats -and these are races divided by religious concept ..this is kaminskis reasoniong but he can be very anti everything religious including christ …i anit gonna discount him cus of that alone ..
    anyway why is salvator cappin on kaminski ..

  6. Salvatore says:

    Salvatore is spelled with an “e” . It’s not “salvator”, it’s “Salvatore”. Also, we capitalize names in The English Language, by the way.

  7. Salvatore says:

    For all readers, including sog ;

    To learn more about John Kaminski, Go To :

    Go to the article about the French Jew who discriminates against North Africans.

  8. Salvatore says:

    Especially for sog, bless his recalcitrant heart :

    White Nationalists may make a bit more progress if they learn the English language. To constantly boast of how proud one is of one’s heritage, while simultaneously being so disdainful of one’s language is called Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance gets us Nowhere — and gets us Nowhere Real Fast : And keeps Nowhere. Lack of English skills gets us nowhere real fast also — cognitive dissonance or no cognitive dissonance.

  9. Salvatore says:

    Too bad the link doesn’t work. I guess it doesn’t matter. sog is most likely incorrigible anyhow.

  10. Gman says:

    Great catch on this crypto-jewess, Incog! The Talent Director for Jewish TV was the absolute dead giveaway!! Not a chance the head jew would throw that job to some non jew woman. Jews are well known to hide their jewishness when it suits their purpose. Our news shows are filled with obvious jews like Wolf Blitzer and also countless crypto jews that pretend to be white, the better to fool us silly goyim!! I love your website and try to visit often. I love to hang out with those who are wise to the filthy GD jews!! Our nation literally is teetering on the brink of self-destruction and the jewish BS continues 24/7!!! ARRRGH!!@#!#@@!!!! Keep up the fine work!

  11. Salvatore says:

    I get very confused over this whole Jew vis-à-vis White thing. If Jews aren’t White, how can they “appear” to be White? A lot of ’em look White to me. If they’re of another race, how come they look White? Chinese don’t look White. Blacks don’t look White.

    A lot of ’em look white, Caucasian to me.

  12. J Jackson says:

    Cannibal Rabbi
    “Jews fetishize chicken too. Could there be some sort of connection?”

    You’re so right about Yid’s obssesion with chicken…. and other animals. They’ll screw anything being the depraved alien satanic vermin that they are. They’re fucking sick filth BUT the “chickens” are coming home to roost now with the world getting smaller and smaller.

    I hope Snowden’s information expose blows these bastards out of existence… Putin has just welcomed this guy to Moscow 🙂

  13. Ras says:

    @ ihatekikes,

    Dankie, lekker om hier rond te hang.

    Ek woon in die ou liberale Kaap. Miskien is die binnelanders nou al meer `wakker` omdat hulle swaarder deurloop.

    Swart op wit misdaad in die Kaap bereik met spoed nuwe hoogtes, Tyd sal leer of ons mense sal wakker word, God wees met ons.


    Sorry guys, just a once off, we Afrikaners are not planning to `hijack` your site.

    Thanks Incog for putting our situation in the spotlight. Jews are still sitting in the ANC government today giving them muddy kaffers ideas on new laws to implement to screw whites. Like the jew Davies who got the law passed lately that no charity organization who supports but ANNY one White child, will get anny further state funds!

    Or the jew, forgot his name, that advised the muds who run (to the ground) our electrisity supplier, to tax all former white nighbourhoods (still 90% white) with an Increase on electrisity of over 400% over the last 4 years.

    We are getting impoverized by the day with bennefits to the muddy kaffers and them jew handlers!

    Keep up the good work Incog.

  14. Pat says:


    You can’t recognize a jew when you see one? Are you serious?????

    How bad is your eyesight?

    It’s usually quite easy to recognize a jew. They usually have an Barbara Streisand-like out of proportion hook shaped smelling organ. That one’s pretty easy to spot. There are many other characteristic facial features that identify their genetic malevolence.

    You really can’t tell a jew from a non-jew?


    And you’re White? Really?

    Most White people can tell if someone’s a jew. To non-Whites, the differences may seem subtle.

  15. Pat says:


    Are you “middle eastern”?

    Maybe that’s the problem.

    Many non-Whites can’t recognize the difference between a jew and a non-jew.

  16. Salvatore says:

    @ Pat

    I’m of Northern Italian, Tuscan, Catholic heritage. I’d rather not get into a long drawn out discussion about this matter.

    I just want to say I’ve heard it said many times that, “Jews are not White, they just ‘appear’ to look White”.

    I was just wondering how non-Whites can look White if they’re not White. Many Jews are obviously Not White, but many Jews seem to be white, Caucasian to me. And yes, I can most of the time figure out who is a Jew by just looking at the Jew. Kaminski for example. Very blatantly obvious.

    Qua White that I am, I could never pass myself off as a Negro or an Oriental { or even a race-mixed Arab, or Puerto Rican for that matter, if you don’t mind } so I don’t know how the Jews, at least a good number of them — who many say aren’t White — manage to “appear” White? That’s my question. That’s all. A simple question — and a logical question, too boot.

    I know that the Jews own all the banks [ thanks in part to all of our Non-Jewish shabbos-goy White sell-outs] So the Jews have the legal power to print $$$ out of thin air . Still, that doesn’t mean they have the power to “appear” to be White if they’re Non-White. [again, I’m talking about a certain number of Jews]. Jews like Kaminski are extremely obvious to me.

    I truly hope I clarified this matter with you.

  17. Salvatore says:

    Hey Pat, by the way, I’m the one who “outed” the John Kaminski as the Jew he truly is — no one online ever outed Kaminski — I did. So my jewdar can’t be totally off.

    Even very astute and knowledgeable webmasters online thought Kaminski was White — even very astute and knowledgeable webmasters thought Kaminski was one of us. You gotta give me some credit dude. Or at least not hassle me. My jewdar works just fine.

  18. Sundown says:

    Once again.. Good catch, Mr. Man! “Whatever is, is worth destroying”. Quote attributed to Karl Marx..

  19. Brian says:

    Truth Militia Radio This Sunday Night: Special Time 6pm est…
    (5 hour show!)
    Please tune in!

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