NSA Surveillence Story: NWO Media Trickery

NWO JEWESS DIANNE FEINSTEIN The creepy and corrupt Jew Senator, Dianne Feinstein, speaking today on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” kindly offered to hold hearings on the NSA’s surveillance programs — but then tells us most of the hearings would end-up classified, anyway. What a crock.

Glenn Greenwald. You can tell this guy is another Jew boy!

Glenn Greenwald. I guarantee you this homo Jew is a paid NWO media conduit.

This past week the US mainstream media has finally got around to reporting on the massive government spying on ALL US citizen’s emails, credit card transactions, phone conversations, etc., etc. The “American” Brooklyn Jew columnist and homosexual, Glenn Greenwald (right), who works for the British paper “The Guardian,” supposedly broke the “startling new revelations.”

More likely is that Greenwald is a paid media operative, merely serving as conduit to “break” the news. All to further “condition” the American public to the Police State long in the works by the Jew World Order. Not long until the Gulags, Goyim comrades.

Greenwald’s source revealed himself earlier today. 29 year-old Edward Snowden was only a NSA contract tech worker low on the totem pole (only three months on the job at Booz, Allen, Hamilton); now the poor sap is “hiding out” in Hong Kong, because he fears getting arrested. Maybe so. But it took this one pipsqueak for them to “break the story?”

Uh, haven’t we all known about this NSA stuff on the Internet for years now? Has not the NSA built huge-ass black square buildings in San Antonio, Texas and Bluffdale, Utah containing acres of server racks, high-speed processors and miles of wire to do expressly all this? Haven’t we already read tons of insider accounts on the Internet (us crazies) of Feds putting the infrastructure in place to do this and more? And the US mainstream media is JUST NOW reporting one lick about it?

Please. Like they never knew a thing. Right.

Total, stinking HORSE MANURE!

You just got to see the enormous BS over this so-called media “revelation” of Americans getting spied upon. How the mainstream media kept quiet for years, but now acting like it’s all a big “breaking” story. This tells you: They can and do keep people in the dark. They are not working, nor have they worked for the American public — no matter how much talk they make about “freedom of the press!”

I guess all the fancy-pants surveillance efforts failed to pick up anything from those two Chechen Muzzie brothers who they say committed the Boston Marathon bombings. Either that, or the two were on a “special list” for a “special project” and purposefully ignored until needed. Think that’s crazy? Wait a few years.

And all the TV bozos are going on and on about Obongo doing the same kinds of things as Dubya Bush. Are they just getting that, or only letting on to the real deal a little? Uh, how long has it been since I had the two graphics of Bush and Obama being Zio clowns down on the left side of this page? It just kills me that people don’t see what’s going on here.

MEET THE PRESS 6-2-13 new

Another thing you absolutely need to get is just how prevalent all these NWO Jews and their Shabbos Goys are in the media. Unfortunately, not enough Americans have a clue (but more and more everyday). If you’re a White person (especially White male heterosexuals), you’re now just a “token.” Sure, there might be a few European Whites in the big anchor jobs at the moment, but that’s rapidly becoming just “window dressing.”

Everybody sees it. Just that most of the American public can’t bring themselves to see, or name the Jew. It’s right in our GD faces! These subversive mothers have been the pied pipers to the Globalist destruction of our formerly White lands. Such as:

  • The never-ending War on Terror.
  • The gradual constrictions on our freedoms.
  • The destruction of America’s Constitution.
  • Diversity and Multiculturism.
  • Non-stop Black hero worship in the media.
  • Miscegenation — they freely brainwash us to mate away.
  • Abortion — making it easy for us to kill our own.
  • Non-White victimhood, race-baiting and frictions.
  • Gender bending, open Faggotry and Homo “rights.”
  • Immorality and the destruction of Christianity.
  • White guilt propaganda — to keep us at each other’s throats.
  • Holocaust propaganda to protect Jewry and Israel.
  • Non-White immigration to destroy White demographics.
  • Lax borders so non-Whites can get here illegally.
  • Globalisation and turning America into a pisspot like the rest of the planet.
  • The offshoring of our manufacturing and industry.
  • Diversity brainwashing of our young from elementary school to college.
  • Gun control and the obvious wish to disarm White people.
  • Socialistic Big Government, leading to totalitarian communism.

Folks, these Jews have been behind all this from the beginning. They want to keep us White people in the West screwed up in the head as they slowly, but surely turn us into a spat-upon minority. A cohesive White race, free from control of International Jewry, is the absolute worst thing they can imagine.

All of the stinking GD Jews in our countries have been up to this crap.

Just look at this White-hating Jew bitch!

Just look at this arrogant White-hating Jew creep!

How about the story from Britain last year, where the head of the Department of Child services, a Jewess named Sue Berelowitz, purposefully obfuscated in a official government report, the sexual crimes of predatory Pakistani immigrant men upon naïve White teen girls? The Jew government creep (right) insisted on making it seem like White brit males were also behind such things.

Basically, Jews like creepy little Sue here, don’t want White people to get what they and the stinking scum they are letting into our countries are doing to us White people.

How about the story they ran tonight on ABC’s “World News Tonight,” where some crazy-looking guy ran out during the French Tennis Open carrying a lit flare and wearing a weird mask? The guy was protesting gay marriage in France (recently legalized against the wishes of the majority). Sure, the guy was nutty looking — which is exactly why they reported on the story (great visuals for faggot lovers).

But did ABC report one damn thing on the famous French historian, Dominique Venner, blowing his brains out at the Notre Dame Cathedral in protest, or do one little bit of coverage at all of the hundreds of thousands of regular French people out in the streets carrying signs protesting AGAINST homo marriage? Get the media trickery going on here?

They feel free as a bird lying to this country, by saying the majority now supports gays getting married, when most decent people across the globe are still very much against it. Hell, every single public referendum ever held the faggots have lost. They just report ginned-up polls, or just the ones they take down on Castro street among the Sodomites themselves.

Now you might call me a “hater” and “White supremacist” and all that jazz, but I’m telling you, these sneaky GD Jews are totally out to destroy the White race. I am not friggin’ kidding you! They know it, too. They just don’t want us to get it before it’s too late. Simple as that.

The tricky dick Jews think we’re not going to anything about this NSA surveillance of our private correspondence. Oh, supposedly smart talking heads will blah blah blah away on TV, radio and print like they give a rat’s ass, but in the end will never name the NWO Jews and what they are doing to America. Trust me: These spineless SOBs only care about their fat paychecks!

What we need to do is arm up and form up into revolutionary armies, that’s what. I want to be the first who arrives in the fancy media offices, so I can personally help in rooting out these GD traitor bastards.

— Phillip Marlowe

Israeli companies have been involved in NSA spying from the beginning: READ HERE!

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

— Ben Franklin

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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236 Responses to NSA Surveillence Story: NWO Media Trickery

  1. Jason says:

    Hi everyone! Here’s kike Mark Potok of the SPLC telling us how the jews destroy White nations in under a minute. Right up until the very end where he slips in the lie in typical schmekel kike fashion.


  2. Jason says:

    That Mark Potok vid reminds me of this Netanyahu and Hillary press conference that was so cleverly edited. Hey, it’s Friday. Have a laugh!

  3. TMJ says:

    Incogman, you left out Schulman, Lerner and Miller. All 3 Bolshevik Jews auditing patriots.

  4. $10 Bagel says:

    A jew is a jew is a jew.

    And they’re all mad in the head.

  5. Bailey says:

    What’s my message? Go, baby, go!

    WTF, this Jonathan Powers has to be a jew.


    This is worth a re-post incase anyone missed it above.

    Man, It looks like the jews got it all wrapped up now with the tenticles of the Global jew Octopus and they’ve hung us white folks out to dry.

    Maybe Bono or some other shitbag will organize a big rock concert in Bangladesh, They’ll call it concert for America!

    Look at the Indonesians in the pic, No sign of OSHA there, huh?

    I think in America we painted the structures before we put them up.

    Globalization, I knew 20 years ago this wouldn’t end good, and our people are still asleep.

  6. Bailey says:

    Anyway, Gotta love that Marky Potok video.

    One of my faves and of course that Hillary video is a dandy, It must have been after she blew Netanyahooo-oooo.

    Got jews? Got problems!

  7. sog says:

    Maybe Bono or some other shitbag will organize a big rock concert in Bangladesh, They’ll call it concert for America! heh heh ……..all the money would probably go to the nigger ghettos and muslim traning camps ..
    a little clue how bolsheviks were reacting to germanies upsetting the commie applecart in ww2 .
    During this time Soviet partisans were also increasing in the Naliboki region. Although much greater in number, the Soviets did not match the Poles in successful actions against the Germans. Their reputation with the local population was poor, with numerous cases of robbery, rape, and murder….->(side note that ukrainians treated germans as liberators except that stalins order 0428 fakelmanner torchmen were dressed up as SS troops and were under orders to burn towns and kill even jews and ukrainians ..mix it all up ,a much better yield of total fear and confusion ..the stalin ordere 0428 is validated and confirmed ..the fakkelmanner torchmen would commit brigandage and rape and murder within a 40 60 km circle of advancing german operations and so the germans got a huge black eye from evil communist plotting up in moscow)<- see germancross web site under war crimes
    Despite this, commanders of the Home Army were instructed by leadership in London and Warsaw to combine efforts with the Soviet partisans against the "common enemy" of Nazi Germany. The Soviet leadership, however, was secretly undermining the Poles. NKVD operatives were passing information to the Gestapo on where to find AK members, and during joint actions the Soviets would sometimes withdraw and expose the Polish troops to German ambush. Spies infiltrated the AK units.

    like the much about nothing propaganda BIELSKI brothers hollywood movie which was total bullshit ..these clowns were victimizing anyone who would not bend to their parasitic communist indoctrinations ..jews saving jews by ripping off non jews in belarussia ..these guys were the uber parasite organism that attacked anything that and anbyone that could aid their survival in the voods ..even other jews they felt slighted by ..jews always try to out jew other jews all the time which is why a extremist orthodox group like hasidism lubavitch came to life to protect the ultimaste true agenda of jews ..
    israel is a constant freak show with all the delusional jews kazaars walking around in their preposterous looking garbs and doo's …freaks …100 people a year get locked up in psyc evaluation for messianic syndrome in jeruslaem …simply put ,,many unstable types go to israel and get all fucked up by all the differring unstable propaganda floating around in theior pea brains …imagine that ..what a surprise ..its probably soemthing the jews oput in tourists food or water or mind control waves ..etc ..
    but look at the combined effect of global jewism over the last 300 years …oy vey

    its off topic but i try to find some old links on the extent of helena wolinski-brus 's crime wave in poland ..she was into drug ansd gun running ..drugs for non jews and guns for jews ..murders galore etc ..a real peach …..
    look for michael Karkoc to be hauled up the yardarm and flogged in the jewish media asap …http://www.doomedsoldiers.com/smolensk-crash-an-inconvenient-tragedy.html
    someone had wanted a link to this tradgedy a while back
    the prism debacle is obviously being used as window dressing to take the focus off the failing stock markets in asia perhaps ..? ..but such obvious news that was already known to millions on the back and forth hacking of china and nsa is only being put up on the neon media board for nefarious reasons ..its all bs ..why now ..
    on the poland high eschelon liquidation aka plane crash is proof that russia and poland still have not worked out all the kinks from way back …poland wanted to renig on a multi billion doallr natural gas deal they signed with x-ussr and the poles had in the mean time discovered their own endless natural gas supply right in their own front yard …soem say that russia oligarcks were seeking a new polish regime to do cooperational business with ..

  8. sog says:

    moer feinsstein …assault weapons we know to be fully automatic ..we dont get those from gun shops and neither do the spix in south usa or is it northern mexico ..mexicans use assauklt grade firearms as in fully automatic and they dont get thise form the usa or even fast and furious
    here here ..
    “On Nov. 27, 1978, former supervisor Dan White walked into City Hall with a grudge and a .38 revolver.
    He fatally shot Mayor George Moscone, walked past Feinstein’s office and then turned his weapon on Supervisor Harvey Milk, one of the country’s first openly gay elected officials and a rising political star.
    A stunned Feinstein, who at 45 was president of the city’s Board of Supervisors, had lost two bids for mayor and wasn’t planning to run for re-election. Then she announced the deaths of her colleagues to a city in a state of shock that looked to her to lead.”

    you notice that the bitch wasnt going to run for mayor anymore ….you will notice that nigger brown not jew brown was rewarded as mayoral candidate and winner as mayor of sf later on when the jew bitch made the big political leagues in congress ..
    how coincidental that moscone got wasted by dan white at this time ,and the extremely lite sentence he recieved and the subsequent rapid suicide of dan white on release from the can …all right there is some doubt on this …why didnt he just kill himself in oprison where it is far more miserable than freedom outside the gates …so he waits till he gets out and kills hoimself ,maybe the twinkies spoke to him and made him do it …naww ..
    and he hangs himself ..women hang themselves for visual apperances reasons ..they dont like to make a splash with a bullet to the noggin …..dan white was a gun user so why not shoot himself ..also the mossad/cia uses hanging almost as a calling card ..
    moscone and milk were also tapping jonestown peoples death temple funds which was claimed by jones cia handler and debriefer at the death scene and later as the bank funds were withdrawn ….
    it also seved as a way to get rid of congresman leo ryan who was authoring a bill to severely limit cia movement without congressional oversite .the hughes -ryan bill which disappeared as fast as JFK’s U.S Notes from circulation after his assassination .. ..the cia would not have been able to have a piss without raising their hand and asking permission if this bill passed …remember JFK tried that shit with the cia …”i will smash the cia into a thousand pieces” ..and his desire to eliminate secret societies all spoke of unseen jews in the wood work ..
    reiterating feinsteins nepotistic parasitic influence getting her hubby a lucrative pirate level contract underscores theneed for politix to be re structured …everyone i remember voted against this debacle ..doesnt california have amcrash already and tones of railroads already on the ground …and the land grab she was behind will result in the loss of pensions ..that was the california desert protection racket scam bill ..it gives billions in gold bearing land to elite jewish businesses ..etc

  9. Eric says:

    Good to see yer back sog!!


  10. Pat says:

    Following World War jew (II), Army psychological warfare staffs and units virtually disappeared during the post-war drawdown. Two notable exceptions remained. In the occupied territories, the theater military Psychological Warfare Divisions became Information Control Divisions (ICD). The ICDs focused on what they called “consolidation psychological operations” – which used a combination of deceit, coercion and “information control” to “re-educate” the Germans and other people in occupied lands.

    Part of the “re-education” process included the massive Holy Hoax Lie that was a vital component of jewey efforts to discredit German National Socialists. Fake atrocity stories are a favorite PSYOP tactic of the jews. To say that the jews lied about the Germans is a gross understatement.

    In the aftermath of the Israeli “Dual Citizen” terrorist attacks on America in September 2001, both the American people and the U.S. Government were told to try to understand why some people could hate the United States so much that they would perpetrate such acts. They were told that muslims did it. They were not told that the whole thing was an inside job pulled off by the Israelis, sell-outs and traitors embedded within the U.S. Government itself. In the post 9/11 PSYOP era, the jews who control America have again entered a war of ideas, of hearts and minds – a war of ideologies as potent and potentially dangerous as any physical conflict. The jews think that their failure to succeed could have equally dire consequences for their ability to continue to receive unearned income.

    The reason why the jews pinned the 9/11 PSYOP on muslims – and by extenstion, Islam – is because the real target is “Islamic Nationalism”. The jews seek to destroy any and all Nationalist movements – except their own. As you know, Islamic Nations do not practice jewish Usury. National Socialist Germany also did not practice jewish Usury. Islamic Nations do not tolerate disgusting jewish vices such as pornography and illicit drug use. National Socialist Germany also did not tolerate disgusting jewish vices such as pornography and illicit drug use.

    The jewish “War on Terrorism” is a jewish “War on Freedeom and Self-Determination”. It is a jewish global war where White soldiers are used as “Golem Solders”. The jewish War on Terrorism strains to label every Nationalist as a “terrorist” and strives to contain the wellsprings of independent thought and self-determination and to prevent further spreading, and then to erode and eventually eliminate those wellsprings.

  11. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    What pat wrote above at 7:54 is a precise and very accurate summation of the talmudic war on Nationalism and independent thought of all people. Re-read if even if you are jew-wise.

    It is getting more difficult for me to venture out in public with each passing day. The gleefully brainwashed whites are nothing but caricatures of the jewish filth they watch non-stop through their beloved talmudvision and film industry.

    Monkey see, monkey jew.

  12. Pat says:

    Suppose we think of the jewish parasite as carrying a deadly disease; a simple narrative about the jewish parasite might be:

    “We want world communities to respect human rights. Parasitical jews disrespect some of those rights. We can prevent them from doing more harm by taking action now.”

    This implies a whole series of things I ‘ought’ to do in reaction to agitators and jewish parasites (combat its spread, focus on this “public health problem” by inoculating people against it, consider those who try to spread it as ‘evil agents up to no good’—or at the very least, as modern day “Typhoid Marys,” etc.).

    The jewish parasite carries this disease and spreads it among their hosts. Symptoms of the disease are many. Degradation of moral code, the charging of interest for the use of money (also known as Usury), and the widespread practice of lying and deceit are just a few of the symptoms of the disease.

    We must act against this public health menace now.

  13. Pat says:

    In simple terms, our conflict against the jew is a defense of our basic identity and dignity.

    The cost of losing the struggle is unthinkable. It would mean that decency would be forever lost on this earth.

    Our struggle with the jewish parasite is over extremely basic questions of our identity and where our basic human rights are at stake.

    Because the jew has embedded itself into the fabric of our society, it is difficult to see how we could beat the jewish occupiers using traditional “force-on-force” confrontations.

    Many unsuspecting people know that “Something is Wrong”, but they don’t understand the cause. They see the smoke – but they don’t see where it’s coming from.

    We need to help out people learn about the jew.

  14. Cleansweep says:

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Thomas Jefferson

  15. t bone says:


    I think many people sense that the jew ‘might’ be the problem but they refuse to acknowledge it. Like a Pavlovian dog, they shut it off as soon as it enters their mind.

    People will search low and high only to come up empty-handed. They will point fingers at everything but the jew. Their efforts will prove futile. History has proved that its ALWAYS been the jew. And, in our current situation, it couldnt be more obvious.

    Soon, it will be the only answer left.

  16. Cleansweep says:

    A lot of people reading this have never fired a gun. I was given my first gun, an S&W Chief’s Special, when I was nine years old. But for two years before that I’d been rather strenuously schooled in firearms safety.

    My father would frequently try to walk in front of the muzzle of my weapon, even my cap gun. When he was satisfied that I would never let the gun point at anyone, he gave me the snub-nose .38 and I carried it at night when I walked the dog . We lived near where the Grimes sisters were murdered and he didn’t want me to join them, since the murderer wasn’t found.

    Anyway, I started out early and twenty years later became a hired gun in Africa for a couple of years, which is obviously unusual. So I have always known a lot about guns. He sent me to Wyoming in 1959 when I was twelve to be trained by the renowned rifleman, Les Bowman, who every morning had me hand-load six rounds of .30-’06 ammunition, fire them through a chronograph and keep a record of the velocity and accuracy of each bullet – before I fed the forty horses he had for his big-game hunters. I was also the horse wrangler for the hunting expeditions. To me, as a kid, guns represented safety, manhood and dignity.

    Only very useless people had no guns, for what could you do against outlaws without guns? All Americans were supposed to have guns and be good with them! Good guys, bad guys – no exceptions! You expect bad guys to have guns so you had to be good enough to deal with them.

    JB Campbell

  17. t bone says:

    Many people dont know how to identify the jew. They dont know that names like Cohen, Shapiro, Rappaport, King, Green, Brooks, Mitchell, etc…are jew names.

    Factor in the jews who change their names, or have Gentile-sounding names like: Tony Randall, Wynona Ryder, Matthew Broderick, Sean Penn, etc…and most folks are stymied.

    The jew seems to be all around us, esp. in the MSM and Hollywood.

    I bet half the kwans think Diane Feinstein is White.

    The White masses cant identify the camouflaged jews. The White masses are befuddled with their own heritage and accomplishments. The White masses have been taught how to think by the jew.

    We have an identity crisis.

  18. Pat says:

    t bone,

    The jews use deception to their advantage. In fact, it’s the way they do business. The principles of magic, which all of us—especially children—enjoy, include the following:



    Transposition of objects.

    Physical change in an object.

    Apparent defiance of natural law.

    Invisible sources of motion.

    Mental phenomena.

    Recall the kike double agents Kim Philby and Alger Hiss who were actually of spying for the enemy.

    They were of kikes, and the kike-media had worked long and hard to trick the non-jewish public into thinking that kikes are “one of us”. Therefore, many people consider the possibility that they could have been traitors inconceivable.

    If all jews are loyal, how can they betray their country?

    The trick was observable, but the mind did not want to believe.

    Even when Hiss appeared in the Venona decrypts, his supporters refused to believe he was guilty.

    If Philby and Hiss were guilty, a veritable “natural law” was compromised.

    This is how the mind works.

    Strategic influence is nothing new; the jews have conducted strategic influence campaigns since the first yenta pooped out the first hymie. The history of jewish strategic influence in America has been a roller coaster, with ups and downs and occasional unexpected turns in new directions. And like a roller coaster, the kikes always seemed to end up back where they started.

    This oscillating approach had been a result of a the viewpoint by non-jews in the Government that using persuasion and influence at the national level is somehow unethical and inconsistent with a democracy, that using “psychological tricks” is “dirty” and immoral, and that it’s completely unnecessary: there is no need to overtly persuade; the United States should just factually show the world who we are, and and to lead by example.

    The jews didn’t like this because they knew that their underlying motives were evil – and that any host nation would soon figure it out unless they were deceived.

    The successful sharing of true information by people who didn’t want to be jew-slaves also contributed to the American distaste for kikery in many circles for strategic influence.

    Anything that smacked of propaganda or psychological warfare became something that only the “dirty kikes” did. Fortunately, for the kikes – despite this attitude and resistance, most shabbos goy U.S. administrations in the latter half of the 20th Century sold out.

    A comprehensive methodology for dealing with jewish deception will never be written. It is a nebulous and ever changing field of virtually infinite proportions. Indeed, to believe that such a methodology is possible would be to misunderstand the nature of jewish deception. The only real solution is to remove the jew.

    Nevertheless, a few useful observations may be possible. Over the years, many pundits have quoted the Faber College motto from the movie Animal House?“Knowledge is good.” Trite as it may sound, it is absolutely true regarding jewish deception.

    The more that you know about the kikes and about the events which are unfolding, the better prepared you will be to combat jewish deception. Understanding jewish intentions and capabilities helps to define the general limits of their objectives and operations.

    Never rely on a limited number of sources of information or a limited number of information collection methodologies. Don’t get your news from “the news” – the kikes are feeding it to you.

    The more sources one has, the more cross references one can make. The more one knows, the harder it is for the bagel boys to manipulate information out of context.

  19. Pat says:

    I keep six honest serving-men
    (They taught how to see thru the jew);
    Their names are What and Why and When
    And How and Where and Who.

  20. Pat says:

    For those who are not yet convinced on “the jewish question”:

    In solving a problem of this sort, the grand thing is to be able to reason backward. That is a very useful accomplishment, and a very easy one, but people do not practise it much. In the everyday affairs of life it is more useful to reason forward, and so the other comes to be neglected. There are fifty who can reason synthetically for one who can reason analytically.” [Sherlock Holmes n A Study in Scarlet, 1887]

  21. brian boru says:

    I’m sure many of you have seen this; it’s just so evocative. It’s not only that there are almost no niggers or other muds depicted, it’s that the whites look so healthy and confident. It could have been the beginning of a new Golden age. Unfortunately, the jew woodworm was gnawing at the foundations even then. I wonder what any of the whites in these photos would think of Obongo’s America? How low the jew has brought us in only a hundred years!


  22. Pat says:





    Frustration, anger and sadness are common emotions when working for Save our Children. Frustration that we can’t do more, faster. Anger that so many of our children around the world are living in such terrible – and often dangerous – situations. Sadness at seeing them suffer with the bravery that only our children have. Looking around the world at what is happening, our challenges appear to be huge.

    We are committed to fighting for our newborn and child safety, and will work tirelessly to get all of our children decent educations in safe environments and to protect our most vulnerable from malicious brain-washing, self-hate and physical violence.

    The signs, as you will read in this report, are very encouraging. Even though the controlled media does not cover the plight of our children – more and more of our people recognize that “something is very wrong” – and are recognizing the identity of our true enemy.

    We intend to focus on humanitarian and crisis work that affects our children. Many of the more subtle problems we face are caused by government policies that discriminate against our people based solely upon their race. The resulting economic hardship impacts our children the most, from having to live in dangerous “diverse” neighborhoods to limiting educational opportunities where admissions are closed to many of our people only because of their race.

    Ethnically motivated crime against our people is often a direct result of their physical proximity to hateful ethnic groups, because parents could not afford to live in a less “diverse” area. Ethnic aggression always impacts our most vulnerable.

    Although we would like to engage in international work, we are committed to reaching children in the US who need us most. We are putting together programs to meet the needs of more of our poorest and most vulnerable children around the country.

    We have some terrific partners and have had huge support from an enormous number of individuals – but we need more direct support.

    More people have joined our cause. If you are already with us, thank you for your help and support. If not, then I would encourage you to join us. We have an important and exciting future delivering real change for our children who need it most. Our children need you.

  23. Pat says:

    Sponsoring a child is the most powerful way you can fight the jew


    For about $1 a day, you’ll provide children in need with access to life-saving basics like:
    • Safe housing in a less “diverse” area
    • Nutritious food
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • And more!


    • Choose a girl or boy to sponsor. Within 10 days you’ll receive a photo and information in your Welcome Kit, along with ways to connect with your new sponsored child.
    • In 6 to 12 weeks be looking in the mail for your first letter from your sponsored child.
    • Sponsorship fosters sustainability. We plan to work alongside community members to help build healthy communities for our children.

    Become a sponsor today and change a White child’s world – for good.

    Michael is waiting for a sponsor.

    He is 5 years old and lives in Alabama.

    Like many children in this country, he needs your love and support to have access to things such as safe decent place to live, nutritious food, and an education, so he can grow up to be a healthy and productive adult.

    Michael lives with his mother and 1 sister. His mother struggles to provide for the family. The father fell prey to jewish promoted vices and is not present in the Michaels life. Your sponsorship commitment will help to provide a more secure, less “diverse” environment so that Michael can have a better life.

  24. summerled says:

  25. Manoflove says:

    George Soros’ brother dies in NYC!

    Shipping Magnate Paul Soros Dies in NYC at 87


  26. Karen says:

    Off topic( comments are great) but the photos of jews you’ve printed over the years are the stuff of nightmares and always older jews. “We’re born with the innocent face god gave us and by 50 we have the face we deserve.” Doesn’t say much for Judaism.

  27. Pat says:

    The God-Damned Infantry
    IN THE FRONT LINES BEFORE MATEUR, NORTHERN TUNISIA, May 2, 1943 – We’re now with an infantry outfit that has battled ceaselessly for four days and nights.
    This northern warfare has been in the mountains. You don’t ride much anymore. It is walking and climbing and crawling country. The mountains aren’t big, but they are constant. They are largely treeless. They are defend by men who know they are fighting against evil.

    The Germans lie on the back slope of every ridge, deeply dug into foxholes. Their bravery and defiance stand tall against our more numerous forces. In front of them the fields and pastures are hideous with thousands of hidden mines. The forward slopes are left open, untenanted, and if the Americans tried to scale these slopes they would be murdered wholesale in an inferno of machine-gun crossfire plus mortars and grenades.

    Consequently we don’t do it that way. We have fallen back to the way of the coward – of first pulverizing the brave Germans with artillery, then sweeping around the ends of the hill with infantry and taking them from the sides and behind.
    * * *
    I’ve written before how the big guns crack and roar almost constantly throughout the day and night. They lay a screen ahead of our cowering troops. The big guns drop shells on the back slopes. By means of shells timed to burst in the air a few feet from the ground, they get the Germans even in their foxholes. Our troops have found that the Germans dig foxholes down and then under, trying to get cover from the shell bursts that shower death from above. Isn’t it amazing what the entire world led by jews can do to one noble country the size of Texas? We’re murdering our own kind – while the jewish bankers rubs their hands with glee. All the guns in any one sector can be centered to shoot at one spot. And when we lay the whole business on a German hill the whole slope seems to erupt. It becomes an unbelievable cauldron of fire and smoke and dirt. Veteran German soldiers say they have never been through anything like it.
    * * *
    Now to the infantry — the God-damned infantry, as they like to call themselves.
    A narrow path comes like a ribbon over a hill miles away, down a long slope, across a creek, up a slope and over another hill.

    All along the length of this ribbon there is now a thin line of men. For four days and nights they have fought hard, eaten little, washed none, and slept hardly at all. Their nights have been violent with attack, fright, butchery, rape, and their days sleepless and miserable with the crash of artillery.

    The men are walking. They are fifty feet apart, for dispersal. Their walk is slow, for they are dead weary, as you can tell even when looking at them from behind. Every line and sag of their bodies speaks their inhuman exhaustion.

    On their shoulders and backs they carry heavy steel tripods, machine-gun barrels, leaden boxes of ammunition. Their feet seem to sink into the ground from the overload they are bearing.

    Their faces are dirty and unshaven. They are young men, but the grime and whiskers and exhaustion make them look middle-aged.

    In their eyes as they pass is not hatred, not excitement — there is just the simple expression of realizing what they are doing isn’t quite right. That killing decent Europeans just isn’t quite right. But, they’re following orders. Jewish orders.

    The line moves on, but it never ends. All afternoon men keep coming round the hill and vanishing eventually over the horizon. It is one long tired line of antlike men.
    * * *
    There is an agony in your heart and you almost feel ashamed to look at them. They are just guys from Broadway and Main Street, but you wouldn’t remember them. They are too far away now. They are too tired. They are the men who fought for the jew who stole our future. These are the men who paved the way for nigger rapists and faggot marriage. Remember that next time you see some old guy wearing a “WW2 Veteran” hat.

  28. Pat says:

    What Is Sponsorship?

    Sponsorship is an incredibly powerful way to help one White child break the bonds of the jewish enemy. It connects you with an individual child who desperately needs your help, and lets you provide life-changing benefits to that child for a low monthly contribution. Sponsorship is your chance to build a lifelong friendship with an at-risk White child, one that will alter the course of his or her life.

    How Sponsorship Helps

    Your sponsorship ensures your sponsored child receives support through every phase of his or her young life. It provides health and dental care, as well as non-jewed medicine and nutritional support to help your child stay healthy. Your sponsored child will also receive alternatives to jewish media transmitted filth and brain-washing that is designed to debase and exploit them.

    If they currently reside in dangerous “diverse” area, they will receive relocation assistance so they can safely ride their bike without police presence. Your help will ensure that anti-White jewish discrimination doesn’t stand in the way of their education.

    When your sponsored child reaches age 12, he or she will have access to a world-class Youth Program full of activities designed to transform White children into confident and responsible young adults prepared for success.

    White children are our future. Without them, there will only be niggers who never even invented the wheel. Without them, what will the chinks copy when there aren’t any more White people around to invent things? Think of the beaners…whose lawns will the mow if there aren’t any White people to create them?

    Do your part to save the world.

    Sponsor a White child.

    And if you’re White – go have some kids.

  29. God bless America, and by that you know what

    I mean

  30. Romulus says:

    Yo Incog, check out this vile Judaic trash:

    Kinda makes you wanna drape yourself in a white sheets and jump on horseback…

  31. American born says:


    Pretty funny, apparently, Putin pockets Kraft’s superbowl ring. Right in front of him and just walks off.

  32. Pat says:

    “. . . what if the media is controlled by a foreign enemy?”

    The role of a nation’s news media is critical. The media are a population’s source of news about world events. The media is a talking head telling you what is going on beyond your neighborhood.

    What if they lie?
    How would you know?
    Would the media do a story on it?

    Few inventions have done more to transform American society than television. By the mid-1970s, 97 percent of all American homes had at least one television set, and one in three had two or more sets. These sets were on an average of six hours a day and were usually turned to one of the big three: ABC, CBS, or NBC.

    Polls reveal that since 1961 television has been the most believed news medium in the United States. In 1968 it reached a two to one advantage over newspapers for reliability and fairness in reporting. Research also indicates that the vast majority of Americans watch TV network news.

    In 1978, 67 percent of all Americans regarded television as the source of most of their news. By June 1980, polls showed that 65 percent of the American public received 100 percent of its national and international news from the three networks’ news programs.

    Who watches TV news? Early studies conducted in the 1950s and 1960s concluded that well-educated and professional people were smart enough not to watch television.

    Later data have indicated there was no difference between the hours spent watching television by the college educated, professors, or journalists and the public as a whole. This, after research had revealed that adjusting the “flicker rate” could have a two-fold effect on viewers. One, it would put them in a suggestive mental state – useful for advertisers. Two, the induced suggestive mental state had addictive effects.
    Much has been written about the term mass media, which refers to media that are national in scope and circulation (or audience). Although many newspapers and magazines can claim to be national in their coverage, few have national audiences and none with the audience of each of the major TV networks. Consequently, the term mass media properly refers to these jewish corporations. Together they have the ability to reach millions of Americans simultaneously and constitute a much more powerful force than newspapers and magazines.

    So who, specifically, is doing this to us? Who selects what is on the news? The process of news selection “gatekeeping.” Executive management makes those decisions and micromanages the delivery. This “micromanagement” reaches all levels of the jewish news organizations, including who will be assigned to cover a story and how it will be reported.

    The announcers, commentators, editors, and producers who control TV news are the gatekeepers. Although Assignment Editors are powerful figures, the most influential single editor in network news is the Producer of the evening news show. The producer determines the story, format, the order of items, and the time given to each story. Thus it is this small group of editors and producers who determine and limit what most of all Americans understand as the news of the day.

    For example, consider slAnderson (pooper) sCooper’s “news” show on CNN. The Executive producers of that shit-show are David Doss, Charles Moore. So, as much as slAnderson (pooper) sCooper needs to be shot – Doss and Moore need to be shot….more.


  33. Cleansweep says:

    I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s instructive. The Rhodesian farmers became unable to drive into the villages of Mt. Darwin, Bindura, Centenary and others after dark due to ambushes. Their happy lifestyle that they tried to maintain despite truly terrifying terror tactics ground to a halt when the sun went down.

    So we in the security forces began to organize a convoy for each of the three routes out of Mt. Darwin, in my case, to protect the farmers so they could get back home after dark. It wasn’t a big deal, just a Ferret or a truck with a machine gun on it somewhere in the little line of cars.

    There was never an attack on one of these convoys because the terrorists knew we were prepared to fight. I found that merely sticking your rifle out the window of the car was enough to prevent an ambush.

    One day, a town-cop from Bulawayo who’d been doing his one-month-per-year bush duty asked me to drive him down to Salisbury, which required a risky and speedy drive between Mt. Darwin and Bindura, south of which it became relatively safe. He kept remarking how frightened he’d been for the past month and was terrified of being ambushed.

    I suggested that he stick his FN rifle out the passenger window and that way we probably wouldn’t be ambushed. He wouldn’t do it. He was so frightened that he just sat there. I repeated my suggestion but he was paralyzed with fear and seemingly didn’t want to offend the terrorists by brandishing his weapon. So I stuck my rifle out the driver’s window, which was a little awkward, just to show him what I meant. He just looked straight ahead for thirty terrified miles. I never forgot that, since I’d gone to Rhodesia looking for a fight, and I found paradise. This guy had just wanted a peaceful cop job in a sleepy little city and wound up in hell.

    A lot of what I’m talking about, regarding America, is also mental. We have to develop the right state of mind for what’s coming; we have to make it clear to the cops, to the soldier-boys and the CFR and ADL that we welcome this fight and have been anticipating it for many years.

    Now is our chance to clear our names, to make being an American an honorable thing for the first time in a couple of hundred years. Let’s put them on notice that they will be the first ones to be destroyed when they make the final decision to betray us.

    JB Campbell

  34. I just wanted to let you know that the illumnati is real. It is. That’s all. Goodnight, your friend, allovertheplace.

  35. Cleansweep says:

    Notice how powerful a stormrifle is!


  36. Cleansweep says:

    The Jewish One Party Marxist State

  37. Eric says:

    illuminati / parasite /izzy..

    by aloysius fozdyke

    “The Wand must be bedaubed. The Cup drained. The Sword dazzling. The Disc penetrated.”

    We have weakened societies by reforms which undermine authority, together with the destruction of national and communal identity and legal systems that are complex and pro-criminal. Couple this with a dependence upon government hand-outs and the sexual disorientation of children and we destroy from within: family, government, bureaucracy, society and churches. Solve et coagula, that’s what we are doing. I’ve stated this before. Destruction before redemption.

    We can only succeed if we give the sheeple what they want – spiritual, moral, societal and personal decay! A culture of hopelessness, if you will. Soon drones will deliver fast food, like pizza. This will calm the sheeple into their acceptance. Australia is at the forefront of this work. Drones will fill the skies to keep sheeple safe, degraded and irrational.

    Imperial maps are being redrawn. Look carefully at Africa. After the invaders leave Afghanistan, the Chinese will move in. All that, death for China!
    And the expense of a lifetime of the injured and unsalvageable!

    At the end of the process there will be the elite and our flocks. We will end national sovereignty and relocate what private property is left after the current economic meltdown. We’ve already stupefied and stolen their indoctrinated kids.

    Currencies will fall; interest rates will escalate and deepening national debt will culminate in complete collapse. All this will call for stringent measures, including work for the dole. Big business will flourish but small businesses will not. Free enterprise will be dead. Big government, big business and big surprises. Strikes will be organized so that even those with money can’t get the necessities. Racial violence will be a significant component of the breakdown of first world societies. Fear. Anger. Hatred.

    pa.jpgDon’t worry about the distraction which is ‘the gun debate’ in America. Sandy Hook was based upon the Port Arthur ‘psyop’. Both Adam and Martin were chosen, and for similar reasons – but it could have been almost anyone. Our media will destroy the cracks in any operation. And there’s more coming. Newtown is one of ours.

    Taxes will rise across the globe. I told you this before and it’s happening now! That’s what the sheeple want. One of the last currencies to collapse will be the Australian dollar, but it too will collapse and quickly. We’ve got that covered. Have no fear! Who really knows how many Americans exist on Food Stamps and with an aging population, their taxation and social security systems will collapse. Same everywhere. The perfect time for declarations of emergency martial law, international identity and surveillance microchip systems.

    Acting on their own, the Jews (and late in the day, the Bonesmen) stole the election from Romney then hushed it up! We can work with anyone, but Romney was our man of the moment. Anyway, what’s done is done. Those who control the counting control the election. Those who collate the numbers create the illusion. It’s what we’re great at.

    We commemorate Johnny’s precious Ides of March sacrifice while remembering that the Secretary of State for War made his statement on the 22nd of March half a century ago and the Member for Dudley was a largely unknown but very influential man – behind the scenes, of course.

    When the filth rise up we’ll crush them, for “the slaves shall serve”. They don’t have any political power. We will prove that! They gave us Our weapons. We will use them. They either don’t need convincing or can’t be convinced.

    The Usher of Desecration will appeal to the masses and they will follow. She will be subtle and hypnotic as She molds thought and crafts opinion. Some already believe that they know Her. Hers is the Time of Culling. She holds the jewels in Her cruel hands. Her Adorations are screams.

    Then Vindex will arise and although not of us, She will nurture and enliven Him. We will worship as He makes way for Our Deities upon this plane. And there will be ecstasy. I’ve told you this before but much of what I’ve stated has been overlooked. It is written in The Epistle of Matthias; ‘The Phoenix & The Harlequin’.

    I’ve advised both on China and The Egyptian. Cast pearls before swine when I mentioned Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This is the year. There is much energy being released and harnessed. Paradigms are collapsing and with them the empires and civilizations these support. We will reap Our Reward as is promised, both here and now and after ‘the mortal which must die that a Goddess or God may be born’.

    I mentioned purchasing Satan’s metal, but others knew more than I. I told how We cure cancer and disease, but no one bothered. I have foretold what will happen to the banking system, but people still hold their savings in bank accounts. I wrote about the destruction of pension and superannuation funds, yet the filth overlooked my words. Julia was given power to destroy the Australian Labor Party. The next federal government of Australia will be led by the former seminarian. But our special people are now ensconced behind the scenes and in control.

    Again, I strongly advise Xtains to remain on their knees. Our churches will grow as conditions deteriorate. Who else but a vampire would have his disciples drink his blood and eat his flesh in return for everlasting life? ‘And they brought young children to him, that he should touch they.’ Really? No wonder J. M. Bergoglio is confused.

    2013-03-29 16:57:50

  38. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Saudi Cleric Promises Jihadists That Their 72 Virgins Will Be Fair-Skinned White Women


  39. sog says:

    nice report eric ….
    feinswine is the #1 voted corrupt politician
    got hacked of sorts here ..had to break off for a while ..

  40. Snow White says:

    In regards to the recent Cyprus “haircut”. Google 1848 Foley vs Hill . Any $ deposited in any bank actually becomes the property of the bank…ONCE DEPOSITED THE MONEY IS NO LONGER YOURS . Thats why they gamble with it & you lose.

  41. Anti-Jew who Incog censors like a Jew says:


    The Jews have a backdoor built into your computer.

  42. Anti-Anti-Jew-Anti-Jew-Or-SomethingLikeThat says:

    Incogman would NEVER censor anything. especially not :

  43. zillalilly says:

    The so called “sog” works for the American government!
    He is mossad approved!

    Both were underlined in my posting.

  44. zillalilly says:

    Anti Anti..you are just another lying ass jew!
    It’s just pathetic now..
    Why is the term “jew” underlined?

  45. zillalilly says:

    I think T-Bone.Cannibal Rabbi, and Hoff are the best!

  46. Eric says:

    u been smokin them bucket bongs con/deez??

  47. Frank Fredenburg says:

    NSA And IRS Scandals. The Gentiles Did It?


  48. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Sog aside, Zillalilly makes a good point.
    As does Eric.

    Li’l JBunny tells it like it is homezzzz!


  49. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    And Marshall of course.

    Incog if i may address you thus, it’s good yer da gave you a knuckle or two!

  50. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Santa Monica shooting hoax in 2 minutes ..

  51. Brian says:

    Truth Militia Radio This Sunday Night: Special Time 6pm est…
    (5 hour show!)
    Please tune in!

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