Obese Union Mutt Blames Whites for Black Failures

Good Lawd! I bet this big-mouthed mulatto is on a first name basis with maitre d’s, fast food restaurant staff and grocery store clerks all over the greater Chicago area. Sure does look like union dues have been berry, berry good for this White-hating, fat mutt!

Just take a look at that angry* mulatto COMMIE COW! That’s Karen Lewis, president of Chicago’s Teachers Union, who recently told people its White taxpayer’s fault the Jigroes in ChiCONGO are so stupid and worthless. Where do these “people of color” nutcases come up with this crap? Fact is, they always have to have some kind of excuse for real-life black behavior, don’t they?

“If you look at the majority of the tax base for property taxes in Chicago, they’re mostly white, who don’t have a real interest in paying for the education of poor black and brown children,”

– Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis

Say what? Doesn’t the Illinois and Metro Chicago taxpayer pay enough already? Don’t ChiCONGO’s black students get more per capita from education funds than the entire state? Rural White students get one third less tax dollars than the worthless urban black brats. Administrators are paid over $200,000 and teacher’s salaries average $70,000. White taxpayer’s money from everywhere else in the state is diverted to Chicago to throw at the “poor, oppressed chilluns” in the vain attempt to get the violent brats to learn something, anything. Read more here.


Maybe all these black run cities are going broke these days because bullets are so expensive? Nah, if they handed out free bullets to these animals to use on each other, now that would be worth the money!

Oh, man, when I read about that union creep, Karen Lewis, I did an image search and came close to vomiting big chunks all over my keyboard. And I sure can’t afford another keyboard writing about all these selfish swine now running loose in America today (if it sounds like I’m hinting for donations, just ignore me).

I’ve just basically had it with these big-mouthed, big-assed commie brats and their Jew handlers out there!

Let’s get down to the brass tacks, shall we? Black “students” are a complete nightmare. They are truculent, trouble-making, lazy-ass and could care less about learning just about anything non hip-hop related. I’ve read several accounts written by White teachers, describing how spoiled brat Negroes turn classes into living hell. Cripes, I myself remember well how they acted when I went to school. Could be as little as one of them to make things rough on everyone in the class — and not just the teacher, mind you.

Here’s how these crazy blacks act in schools. Videos like this come out all the time, but often get censored by JOOTUBE, so watch NOW.

True INCOG MAN story: My very first day in high school, I witnessed a mob of these animals surrounding a lone White student and beating him up. No lie. They assaulted the poor guy en mass. The female apes, too. It looked and sounded exactly like something you might see happen in the primate cage at a zoo.

How would you like to deal with such apes on a daily basis? Imagine that one!


How about a nice piece of chicken, my niggas?

Now comes word that the lovable southern TV cook, Paula Deen (right), is being accused of once using “the N-word.” OMG, the N-word! Seems someone who worked for her restaurant wanted to get a little payback and brought up some ridiculous piddling bull at a lawsuit deposition. Easy thing to do to White people these days.

This just in: Food Network cancelled renewing her contract, running out at the end of the month. Paula actually lost her TV show over this crap!

Can you believe the BS?

Blacks call each other “Nigga” all the time and laugh about us White people “not being allowed” to say it. They also feel free as a bird to call us Whites anything they damn well please on national TV and in print. Hell, they even freely laugh and make jokes about killing us White people just for being White.

The filthy media elites don’t say a thing about it. They don’t care. They only care about getting paid (very well, too, I might add). The sorry-ass “Shabbos Goys” and subversive Jews know well that if it conflicts with the PC Prime Directive, the hypocrites stay silent, even calling those of us who dare to say anything “White supremacists.” They know exactly the routine!

ABC’s “World News Tonight” did a story on Paula Deen’s PC troubles on Thursday at the dinner hour. If you paid attention you would have noticed how they acted like absolutely everyone out there was justifiably upset with Paula. “Twitter” quote graphics were put up, all angry at Paula’s so-called “racism.” They did interviews with people in front of her restaurant and every single person broadcast in the final edit was upset with Paula — when you know there had to be at least someone out there supporting her and/or pissed about this never-ending PC crap.

Haven’t you simply had enough?

You see, this is exactly how Jew media cleverly manipulates this country: Give you the story from the viewpoint they want all the morons out there in TV land to have, and totally ignore any opposing viewpoint like it doesn’t exist. Make it look like it’s universal. This is called “the herd instinct” and Jews have been using it on us for decades.

Folks, this is the America the social engineering Jews have created. These pied pipers of mayhem have turned White countries inside out, all in the effort to protect themselves and their scam operations, while setting up for their long-wished for global governance (NWO) scheme and turning our race into a spat-upon minority.

I’m GD sick and tired of the bull.

— Phillip Marlowe

*Looks like I may have to do a new banner above, so I can use that image of Karen Lewis here!

KAREN LEWIS IS A CONVERTED JEW! READ MORE HERE By the looks of her, she’s born partially Jewish, too (maybe her father).


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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176 Responses to Obese Union Mutt Blames Whites for Black Failures

  1. Pat says:

    Up above there, SOG mentioned Chris Kyle’s “death”.

    I’ve looked into that one a bit.

    His “death” has the earmarks of a “mind control murder”.

    All you have to do is get yourself some of this tasteless, odorless powder and put it in someones drink – and they will do whatever you say. Whatever you say. And they won’t remember a thing.

    Go here for the explanation of how that works:

    Columbian Devil Drug

  2. Pat says:


    Reliance on Talmud Vision as a learning device by a greater number of Americans is causing the interpretive and interactive skills of the populace to decline through disuse. It is much easier for the general public to accept information as presented and pre-processed by the media than to develop their own agendas and critical views of the issues.

    Gatekeepers pick the stories and then also decide the length, content, presentation style, and position in the newscast or paper.

    Back to Paula Deen of a moment – someone had to make the decision to run the Paula Deen “story” – decide how they were going to spin that story – decide how long the story was going to be, what the content was going to be, what presentation style to use and where it was going to be positioned. This didn’t happen in a vacuum.

    And I’m not even addressing the issue of whether or not this whole thing was invented – like the Sandy Hook Movie was.

    Audiences then weigh said stories in a similar fashion in their own minds, possibly subconsciously, but when the story is recalled later so will its assigned status.
    Status-conferral, stereotyping, and image-making all result from the press presenting an object’s attributes in certain ways, and the more a press covers a topic stressing these points, the more likely the audience is to absorb and “learn” the information in the way it is presented.

    Story placement, frequency and the authority of the reporters and sources gives stories their importance.

    Opinions that are most often and most prominently covered have the best chance to influence perceptions. Reports placed at the top of news programs are more likely to influence the public agenda than non-lead stories because stories that appear first tend to matter more in the eyes of the public. For the same reason, front page material in the morning paper is also seen as being more important and more likely to be read and remembered.

  3. Pat says:


    Even if a particular story being “covered” by the jewish media was not “invented” – they can take a real story and distort is to conform with their agenda.

    Distortions arise because of what jewish “journalists” and other jewish media gatekeepers want to present as news.

    THE jews CHOOSE

    The jews choose to publicize stories that serve an anti-White, anti-Christian agenda and downplay or ignore issues that are important to us.

    We see a lot of one-sided (jewish-sided), overly negative (against White people) “stories” designed to create a very limited image in the mind of Americans of what White people are like and what they should think – and how they should think.

    Such jewish reporting intentionally causes erroneous conclusions to be drawn about the root causes of events and what actions if any need to be taken to fix the problems that exist.

  4. Hoff says:

    Karen Lewis, president of Chicago’s Teachers Union


  5. Hoff says:

    Karen Lewis, president of Chicago’s Teachers Union

    YOU want this ………. blubb …….. Vomiting ….. to be your childrens “teacher”?

  6. George says:

    Paula Deen was robbed by a nigger that put a gun to her head while robbing her. She was very lucky that that was all the nigger did to her. She should have told her masters that instead of going to her knees weeping. During the deposition she made for the crime she said nigger.
    See all that snakey looking shit hanging off that obese “teacher”‘s head? Niggers grow pubic hair on their heads and try to disguise it as snakes.
    Take the Superman movie. There are two magic niggers in the movie, one is the head nigger for all the white reporters and one is the head nigger for all the military. Just like in real life the niggers are in charge.

  7. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Latest report is that Snowden may be on his way to Cuba, after a short stop off at a 24hr kinkos copy joint in Moscow. They can make color copies on both sides and collate and even put it all in a spiral wound binder in less than an hour.

    That Putin. What a guy. First he swipes a patriots super bowl ring and now this.

  8. Salvatore says:

    Can we please move on to another article ? I can’t look at that fat mullatoe cow-face anymore. I don’t have the patience one needs for a face like that.

  9. silvernickel says:

    at .18 secs you can see the Yarmulke Brigade was on hand to put out the fire…….or did that hose shoot out gasoline to thoroughly cook the job?

    They are assassinating journalists right in our faces.


  10. silvernickel says:

    “Niggers grow pubic hair on their heads and try to disguise it as snakes.”~George


  11. silvernickel says:

    HuffPo already changed that Michael Hasting fiery crash video but you can still see the jew with his water hose at .37 secs

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Sharpton Believes Nation Of Islam Theology

    “White folks was in the caves while we was building empires… We taught philosophy and astrology [sic] and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

    -Rev Al Sharpton, 1994


    They actually believe those fairy tales!

  13. t bone says:

    “White folks WAS in the caves while we WAS building empires”-Al Sharpton

    Spoken by a real genius, quick-witted mathematician and obviously, an English major.

    I was waiting for an ‘ooga-booga’ after that quote.

  14. t bone says:

    Being that negroes are so far advanced, esp. when organizing entire infrastructures, do Detroit and Liberia qualify as ’empires’?

  15. t bone says:

    Ever notice how when a negro is given power, they get more and more anti-White?

    Their prime focus is ‘Its Whitey’s fault. Kill da White man’.

    Name one negro who didnt amount to that.

    I cant.

  16. Greg says:

    “White folks WAS in the caves while we WAS building empires”-Al Sharpton

    Then when questioned about why they can’t get their act together in America there is always an eternal excuse about how its the White man’s fault thanks to jewish propaganda.

    The mental and emotional abuse White people have endured from jewish propaganda has them in a state much like a person who has been abused (like a sex slave) where they still defend their abuser(s).

    Its delusional.

    Everything jews and negroes touch turns to shit.

    I care not that negroes were held in slavery even by jews. I don’t care what jews and groids do to or with each other. I just hope negroes accomplished some useful work.

  17. Salvatore says:

    Maybe Sharpton read one of sog’s posts and came to the conclusion all Whites are illiterate, inarticulate, slothful, and indifferent to their very own culture, as they can’t even be bothered to learn their very own language ; So Sharpton figured he might as well usurp White culture and heritage as the Whites don’t seem to care about it, considering sog’s recalcitrant refusal to learn The English Language. Language is the very basis and foundation of a culture, by the way.

  18. Pat says:


    In the U.S. there are two governments:

    1- A largely Ceremonial Government, the part that people see on television and at most public events. They are, for the most part, what is known as a “figurehead”, set off to the side to keep the government’s “alter- ego” working on policy, and
    2- The “Real” government, the government that formulates domestic and foreign policy, makes all executive decisions, and basically controls the infrastructure of the nation.

    The “Real” government is a “Shadow Government”.

    The “Real” government here is run by a foreign power – Israel. Yes, Israel rules America by proxy through their many “Dual Citizens” who were planted here. The fact we have a jewish government is covered up by the complicit media.

    The jews choose the news to shape your views.

    This brings up the question of what we do about that.

  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    SA Urging Its Citizens To Leave Spears And Shields Outside Of The Stadiums During World Cups


    You wonder why South Africa has turned into what it is today. Some of those blacks are straight out of the jungles. The blacks in this country are reverting back to what they were when they first came here. Savages! We can expect hell in this country. Pure hell!

  20. Greg says:

    Yeah Frank,

    When negroes were better behaved it was because they knew there would be consequences if they got out of line with the White man….and some of them still couldn’t help themselves.

    That state of emulating the White man is totally unnatural to the negro and only succeeds if there is a 24/7 threat over their heads.

    The jew is allowing negroes to return to their natural savage state of existence…while backed by jewish propaganda and money.

    If it ain’t White it ain’t right!!!

  21. Jason says:

    Hey Sal, by my count your first sentence contains 67 words. At least sog bumps into his period key every once in a while. If you really feel that way skip his posts. The loss will be yours I assure you. As for me, the guy has my bookmarks overflowing with knowledge.

    The town I grew up in was White working class but sandwiched between two small cities full of niggers. Everyone in town hated niggers. The niggers were very aware of it and wouldn’t even venture in. What finally ruined it? Walmart. An effing Walmart was built and that brought all the niggers in. At first it was only to pass through to get to that damn store. But before long they could be found everywhere you went. Now I won’t even drive through there. I don’t want to spoil my childhood memories with the sight of niggers where no niggers should be. I hate Walmart almost as much as I hate niggers now.


  22. Salvatore says:

    @ Jason

    I know how you feel : I grew up in the Bronx.

    I shall make a concerted effort to improve my writing skills.

    I like sog. I like a lot of things sog says, and I agree with him overwhelmingly. I appreciate all the links he leaves for us readers as well.

    I’m from the Bronx. We like to bust chops. It’s in our Bronx nature. It’s a Bronx way of appreciating someone. LOL.
    [ it’s true]

  23. t bone says:

    Throughout my life, I’ve noticed 3 very pivotal times where the dupes dropped the ball and gave it to the negroes. And there was ALWAYS a jew behind it.

    1. Roots- jew motivated-I remember negroes getting very uppity right at that time. The kwans compromised themselves, thinking that it would ultimately bring peace. The word ‘colored’ meliorated to ‘black’.

    2. New Jack City (and the like)-jew implemented- Negroes were filling theaters, chimping out and demanding more negro ‘entertainment’. It was around this time when Bill Cosby campaigned to pull the Little Rascals because it was ‘racist’. The kwans became apologetic even when they personally endured the negro savagery (e.g. Reginald Denny). The word ‘black’ began to morph into ‘African American’.

    3. Obama-jew facilitated-Negroes chimping out relentlessly. They have reached the pinnacle of arrogance. White apologies have failed to bring peace. The negro wants us dead and has proven this fact on a global scale. Race-mixing is rampant. Rap is synonymous with rape. Negroes get entitlement and still complain that its not enough. The word ‘White’ is being juxtaposed with ‘racist, Nazi, hater, etc…’.

    Whats next?

  24. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    I don’t agree with most of what this columnist writes, but she does identify the woman accusing Paula as being WHITE. Race traitor TRASH. Now Jesse Jackson is jumping into the fray, but NO black employees have filed suit. Another excuse for him to get his ape face into the media – as though he needs one.

    Savannah’s full of niggers. Some work at her restaurant. Some are what I would term as “black people” because they behave like human beings and not like apes. Albany, where Paula is from, is also full of nigger trash. So are Columbus and Macon, and of course Atlanta. Next time any of you plan a vacation, you’ll know which places to avoid.


    Lisa Jackson? Not necessarily a Joo name, but since the media is frothing at the mouth with such vigor, it’s obvious that there are Joo connections at work here. This whole thing is a setup against whites. So what else is new? SICK, SICK, SICK OF THIS!!!!!

    It’s also a distraction from other things, like this new MERS virus. It’s coming in from the Middle East, too. Surprise, surprise. Maybe it will take this virus killing off Americans to make the politicians realize that this is taking tax money out of their pockets. Oh, I forgot – everything we have is theirs anyway (or so they think.) More reasons to stay away from these trash people and grow our own food – and heaven forbid we should have to go to an emergency room. It’s a breeding ground for these viruses with all the wetbacks and towelheads sitting around – not to mention niggers. Did I offend all the minorities in that sentence? Hope so. 🙂


    If you haven’t eaten at Paula’s restaurant, I highly recommend it, if you can bear to go to downtown Savannah. They bring out hoecakes and a small pitcher of syrup as an appetizer. That’s Southern heaven right there!!

  25. Jason says:

    Alright Sal, thanks for your response. Just so you know some months back it was generally agreed by all here that we wouldn’t get on each other over grammar and basic writing skills. I’ve had enough friends from around your way over the years to understand what you mean though. Keep it White brother!!!

  26. Karen says:

    Off-topic, but SouthernGirl, I’ve wanted to visit Savannah ever since I read Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil, which by the way exposes a jew (based on a true story)as a vindictive publicity hound who takes credit for White mens work.

  27. sog says:

    thats entirely true 100% t-bone ..take south africa look at zuma and the anc ..rest my case .yeah the niggers and their empire consists of creating new jack city types of neiborhoods which causes whites to hide in caves ..sharpton is a nuisance of the highest order ..a nigger so full of hate and arrogance is actually the noi bitch ..all these power niggers show their jungle caucus ..holder -obmama-michelle-jarret-and their handler non nigger katz,marylin…bobby rush coongressman is a very stupid muthrfukkr,
    sharpton and jackson should be hanged immediately ..nothing but marxist/muslim agitators ..whites built the usa ..a few niggers helped back then to be truthful but no nigger made the blueprints for any city or infrastructure ..are there any blueprints for mud huts ..
    oh yeh dim niggahs beeilt dat peeramid n sheeeeeyihd ..
    niggers were always arrogant AND hateful toward whites ..they have none of the tolerance they say we dont have etc ..waste of time to explain nigger trash anymore ..their time must end soon …

  28. sog says:

    so someone went out of their way to vet paula deen ..becuase she is no jew and wouldnt hire niggers or what for the show or some little jew got mad at her for something ..she was the epitome of manners and southern gentility …what was the problem ..thats me a white person talking …a nigger and a jew doenst thonk like that only if iot benefits them to a greater degree than you or thier target …pogroms that went back and forth in old countries consisted of false witness against someone to get them tangled up in the legal hell system ..ww2 saw alot of this ..jews pointing out anti communists to the bolshes and then the germans take the town and the anti comms left point out the commy jews etc ..but the good guys are always the anti communists ..
    deen for some reason got caught in a jewish purge of sorts ..we see no reason for her show to be cancelled for any real reason other than the political one she was persecuted for in the usa under a pogrom type mentallity …..we are crackers honkeys gringos racists etc and there are no consequences for mud hoardes to vent hatred of whites ….she can come over and cook for me anytime ..ahhye

  29. t bone says:

    White mortality has increased 10 fold in the last generation via the jews and their pet negroes. And why do jewbags like cigar-smoking George Burns live so effin long?

    Did George ‘jewbag’ Burns know something that we didnt?

  30. sog says:

    heres an idea ..maybe we should riot if martinez is found guilty ..its the priciple of the thing and the whole malicious prosection of him ..not to mention tortious interferance of life ,illegal detainment ,unlawful imprisonment ..other real charges are applicable against the state of florida …in reality …reality ..hmmm..in a constitutional run equal rights for all country he would have never been bothered with for shooting a shit heel nigger ..
    damn man ,he could eat ..
    maybe he died after he heard his food god ,deen was in trouble .

    sog knows where these spook ghost niggeres went ..i know where the light went when the lite goes out ,,heh heh …
    these missing niggers never existed except for welfare fraud reasons ..imho

  31. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Black Panther Leader Calls For Violence Against Whites


    Infamous NBPP Leader King Salim Shabazz Arrested On Gun Charge


    I take it this is the same guy. The name is a little different but the pictures with the two articles look like the same guy. He must have changed his name since 2008. Lets hope that if they put him in prison another black sticks a shive in him. Big if!

  32. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    People may knock us here at Incogland for our spelling and grammar, but I think the title of this entertainment story say a lot about the brainpower of the average white American who shells out 15 bucks per movie ticket and 5 bucks for a soda and 6 bucks for a bucket of popcorn. To the jews.

    ‘Monsters’ beats zombies, Superman at box office
    The Ass Press – By SANDY COHEN – AP Entertainment Writer

    And the really sad part is that niggers are even dumber.

  33. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    @ Jason. 2:53. Some people in Greenville SC could have used your niggers at the walmart story . The nigger that shot up the area with a shotgun had 100 shells with him too. Cops say his criminal history wasn’t that long, but then again he was only 23 and probably hadn’t been caught and coonvicted for every crime he ever committed. Nothing about his juvi record either of course.

    Our spelling and grammar skills may not be too good but remember sometimes it’s our poor typing skills that also make us look stupid.

  34. sog says:

    i think if i got a kill niggers tattoo on my forehead i would be popular with the locaL pOlIcE..ojoi pp ;jx jk heh heh ..oops ..
    frank hopefully someone up in the tombs will use him as a sex toy or a pin cushion ..the tombs ..gladiator school …dimly lit so it helps iniquity spread like aids and violence ..there is hope the nbpp nigger could get stabbed there as there is an average of 1 shankin a day there and 1 suicide per week …and its only manhattan municipal jail …im assuming since it got b-ooked in manhattan court it is in the tombs ..fitting place for a dead soul ..

  35. Hoff says:

    t bone says:

    June 23, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    Throughout my life, I’ve noticed 3 very pivotal times where the dupes dropped the ball and gave it to the negroes. And there was ALWAYS a jew behind it.

    1. Roots- jew motivated-I remember negroes getting very uppity right at that time. The kwans compromised themselves, thinking that it would ultimately bring peace. The word ‘colored’ meliorated to ‘black’.

    2. New Jack City (and the like)-jew implemented- Negroes were filling theaters, chimping out and demanding more negro ‘entertainment’. It was around this time when Bill Cosby campaigned to pull the Little Rascals because it was ‘racist’. The kwans became apologetic even when they personally endured the negro savagery (e.g. Reginald Denny). The word ‘black’ began to morph into ‘African American’.

    3. Obama-jew facilitated-Negroes chimping out relentlessly. They have reached the pinnacle of arrogance. White apologies have failed to bring peace. The negro wants us dead and has proven this fact on a global scale. Race-mixing is rampant. Rap is synonymous with rape. Negroes get entitlement and still complain that its not enough. The word ‘White’ is being juxtaposed with ‘racist, Nazi, hater, etc…’.

    Whats next?


    See South-Africa – then Tahiti.

  36. Hoff says:

    At incogman: Why do all my comments end up in Spamblinka?

    A police tells that during the race riots in Sweden the immigrants torched cars at dead end roads. When the fire and police was trapped – the immigrants attacked fire and the police.

    Google link – hit Translate:

    UPPLOPPEN I HUSBY Polis och brandkår ansattes mycket hårt under upploppen i maj. Polisens insatsledare Sebastian Sennerby säger att “man tände eld på bilar på strategiska platser, där vi var tvungna att passera under broar och åka in på återvändsgator. Sedan angrep de oss och räddningstjänsten när vi kom fram till brandplatsen.”


    Main page:


  37. Hoff says:

    Okay, thx incogman.

    I just posted up Pat over at BN:


  38. Salvatore says:

    @ Hoff

    At least your posts eventually get released from Spamblinka . Mine remain in Eternal Spamblinka.

    thx incogman.

  39. Salvatore says:

    Why do “honest” Jews who make videos always wear funny looking hats, i.e. “Bro” Kapner, that Morris fellow, etc..

  40. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Kate Gosselin Appears To Make Racist Gesture In Twitter Photo


    They go from one racist white story to the next. It’s an added bonus when they have blond hair. Huffington Post has to be one of the worst media outlets when it comes to the white people are all racist game. I always figured Arianna Huffington was a jew. She came from Greece originally. So did Telly Savalas! I read more than once he was a jew.

  41. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I forgot to mention Arianna Huffington says the love of her life was a guy named, Bernard Levin.

  42. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I forgot to mention Arianna Huffington has been accused of plagiarism. More than once. Another jewish trait.

  43. Leif Oldhart says:

    The EN-Word. How can a word be evil? Especially this word, which is similar to calling someone an Irishman or a Chinaman? Answer? It isn’t evil. You, White man, have been made to think it’s evil, so you will feel that YOU are evil because it runs through your head now and then (or more often if you are older). A friend’s mother graduated from a religious college in Kentucky. She’s long past 80 years old. Her college year book has a photo of students sitting on the grass, “eating watermelon nigger style.” So much for evil.

    So whazzup wit dat? Simple. The Jew needed a way to pile guilt upon all white people. That’s why the Jew invented the word, “racism.” No kidding! Look into some old pre-1920s dictionaries (if you can find them) and you won’t see the word “racism” in most of them, maybe in none of them.

    Take some innocuous little thing that all White people do, make it seem “hateful,” and, voila, you’ve found a way to make most White people question their honesty, pureness of heart, etc. Thanks, Jews!

  44. protocolsRtrue says:

    Now I’m going to tell you people I’ve been through there enhanced enterrogation techniques and renditions. I’ve been on there watch lists and fuck with this guy lists. don’t fear the cowards anymore. They are all big and bad when they are 15 to 1 and rea

  45. protocolsRtrue says:

    jews love to lie. when their lips are moving they are deceiving. hey shumer or where has the skank from florida been latley? whats her name wasserman slutlz? come on girl spit out some more lies i’m waiting. Anyway forgot what jew we were talking about. jews be running around now trying to find gentiles to come get my ass.

  46. protocolsRtrue says:

    Had some bad spelling and typing moments after fifteen beers. Fucking jews and coward zog agent scumbags can do that to you on taxpayer dime. That’s a protocol by the way.

  47. protocolsRtrue says:

    Had some bad spelling and typing moments after fifteen beers. Fucking jews and coward zog agent scumbags can do that to you on taxpayer dime. That’s a protocol by the way. protocol 5.

    9. We shall assume to ourselves the liberal physiognomy of all parties, of all directions, and we shall give that physiognomy a VOICE IN ORATORS WHO WILL SPEAK SO MUCH THAT THEY WILL EXHAUST THE PATIENCE OF THEIR HEARERS AND PRODUCE AN ABHORRENCE OF ORATORY.


  48. protocolsRtrue says:


    Did I already say head sheboon michelle should make ebt cards only good for celery sticks and carrots and cherios and Wheaties and milk? Want to help sheboons lose weight? Tons of weight? Cut the ebt cards back to produce and vegetables and corn flakes and 2 percent milk. Now that’s an idea that might actually work.

  49. Brian says:

    Truth Militia Radio This Sunday Night: Special Time 6pm est…
    (5 hour show!)
    Please tune in!

  50. Cindy says:

    Why is this fat chick claiming she needs ” more”… Oh you need less of everything especially soda and pie.
    People in most jobs who deserve a raise don’t get shit while these whiners already have great pay, great benefits and they don’t even work the whole 12 months.
    It pisses me off when someone gets fired over a word they said 20 years ago. As if nobody says words theory shouldn’t. Saying a word isn’t raping, stealing or murdering . Unless a liberal gets offended then you’re war criminal #1. I’m sure they NEVER say anything inappropriate.?

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