The Jewish War on White People Heats Up


On Tuesday, Megyn Kelly of FOX news was talking about the Paula Deen “controversy” when she brought on the triple split screen a “conservative” black radio host on the left, and on the right, Leslie Marshall, for the libtard angle (because FOX is so fair and balanced, of course). Leslie Marshall literally starts off her line of bull by telling us “as you can see I’m a White chick…”


Leslie Marshall, radio host and FOX news pundit. Most Whites foolishly think this woman is just another White person like them when she’s really a subversive liberal Jew.

Uh, folks, this woman is NOT WHITE. She’s actually a Jew on her mother’s side (technically making her full Jewish and welcomed as a citizen of Israel should she desire). But smug media whores like Leslie Marshall are simply getting themselves rich by milking the PC mindset fostered by Globalist Jewry to keep us White people messed up in the head, as they create their NWO.

This is Jew media in action — FOX news is just like all the rest. Bring on a conservative (“persons of color” are doubly useful) and a hidden Jew liberal on a “news” show hosted by a cutesy goy blond babe, just to tell us White Americans what’s up and what we should think. But, if you notice, the one thing these lying hypocrites don’t dare touch: Blacks can now freely say whatever they like and get clean away with it. The minute any of us real European White people dare to say JACK, we get the shaft publicly, lose our livelihoods and everybody is supposed to act all shocked like the person committed murder.

And the Jew Media sure does love making Whites grovel publicly! TV crap like Entertainment Tonight (ET) and White brainwashing shows like “The View” spent the week eating it all up, bringing on Jew “PR” agents and even Jew psychologists to give us their take “on what poor little Paula should do,” when the fact of the matter is the woman can’t do a GD thing, because she’s White. I’ll tell you what Paula Deen needs to just come out and say:

You Backstabbing Jews and Race Hucksters need to KISS MY WHITE ASS!

Now Paula Deen’s admission of using the “N-word” came in a lawsuit deposition due to some creep (probably laughing her ass off now) she used to employ in her restaurant. Paula was simply describing what she might have said to her husband one night in 1986 after a black bank robber had put a gun to her head while she worked as a teller (before her cooking fame). When the ridiculous story broke, the media said NOTHING about that part of her testimony, only that she admitted to using the word like it was all so terrible.

The trunculent Rachel Jeantel testifying in the Zimmerman trial, said Trayvon Martin told her over the cellphone that a "creepy ass cracker" was following him. The severely butt ugly Sheboon could not even read cursive writing.

The truculent and Bigfoot ugly, Rachel Jeantel, testifying in the Zimmerman trial, said Trayvon Martin told her over the phone that a “creepy-ass cracker” was following him. The Sheboon was exposed as lying numerous times and was so stupid she couldn’t even read cursive writing and only passed the 11th grade at 19!

Then we have the Trayvon Martin murder case in the news. Basically, the Jew media desperately wants to see George Zimmerman convicted so the boogs don’t go haywire and burn down entire cities if the guy walks.

What they want to slow down — as much as possible — is more of us Whites from coming to the justified conclusion that these blacks are pretty much a violent and worthless race across the board.

Look, I’m not some kind of Zimmerman lover. The guy was obviously a Barney Fife type, as well as a Peruvian/possibly Jewish mutt. But the guy meant well, patrolling the neighborhood from black criminals that had been increasingly plaguing the place with break-ins and robberies.

Certainly, Mr. Zimmerman had to drill the black punk in the gut when the wild monkey was on top of him, bashing in his head. No telling how far these crazed animals will take matters before you have to resort to violent action to save your own hide. If the races were simply reversed in this trial, I can guarantee that you wouldn’t have heard a single peep in the media. But then again, most crime in America is due to blacks and mestizo scum in the first place.

You know it, too.

And blacks often shoot other blacks in self-defense and walk free. Let’s say one black steals another’s “ho” and finds himself at the mercy of “baby daddy” violently chimping out, forcing said ho-stealer to use that stolen Glock he keeps tucked away in his pant’s waistband. Cops see this kind of thing happen all the time. The taxpayer simply has no idea of all the billions spent cleaning up after this wacked race.

Plus, if he had bashed Zimmerman’s head wide open, Trayvon undoubtedly would have stolen his piece for later use in his budding Gansta career. In effect, Zimmerman saved himself and someone else down the road (most likely even another “promising” young black male). Hell, the guy deserves a medal.

And the faggots won an important victory yesterday in the Supreme Court, too. Now they are legally entitled to every benefit us normal decent people do, at least on the federal level and probably forcing all large companies to comply. California’s Proposition 8 is technically still up in the air but, chances are, the homos will get marriage in that state very soon, regardless of the majority voting against it not so long ago.

The Jews simply will not allow their social engineering to be stopped by any of us.

Israeli Jew-owned ABC’s “World News Tonight with Dianne Sawyer” was positively gleeful last night about the Supreme Court decision. They showed nothing but nice, normal-looking gays out celebrating on Castro street. Funny how they always edit out any of the more typical disgusting faggots from their reports, huh? All of Jew-owned media is ecstatic about getting away with ramming this vile crap down our throats.

Then, late this afternoon, the Senate passed the comprehensive immigration bill, 68 for, 32 against. They are bound and determined to destroy White people’s political power in America. Traitorous “Shabbos Goys” like John McCain voted in the affirmative, even though hispanics vote overwhelmingly for democrats. The bill still must go through the Congress, however.


This vote was on the day after an illegal alien went before a judge Wednesday, for the rape and horrifying murder of a White 9 month-old little baby girl (right).

The mother was a insanely stupid multicult liberal, who actually let the Third World vermin move in with her. UN-FRICKIN-BELIEVABLE! She soon woke up one morning to find her little baby lifeless and purple — stone cold dead from head and severe vagina trauma, as well as her car and money gone. The illegal alien she foolishly took in, was eventually caught trying to board a bus for Mexico. They do that and come back all the time.

This is reminiscent of the last failed attempt at legalizing the illegals back in May 2007, when illegal Mexican, Eligio Chia-Duran, was convicted that month in Georgia for raping and paralyzing an 8 month-old baby. The media somehow “neglected” to report on that horrific crime, too, perhaps because it might put a damper on things in DC.

Notice how the mainstream media, including FOX news, also conveniently forgot to report one damn thing about the Treasury Inspector General recently discovering that the IRS sent $46 million dollars in “refund” checks to 27,000 illegals using the exact same address in Atlanta, Georgia. This was obviously an organized “Earned Income” tax credit rip-off. The parasites had a field day.

Folks, this is the country the filthy, subversive Jews have long been busy destroying from the inside out. They’ve decided, quite on their own, to turn our lands into racial and immoral hell-holes for us decent White people, while they scam the crap out of us and “people of color” beat, rape and murder innocent Whites constantly.

You simply have got to realize that Jewry has been in a “stealth” war against us Christian Whites ever since we let the thieving bastards into this country. From the 19th Century on, the Jew has been steadily enriching their race while quietly destroying White people’s sanity and sense of racial self-determination.

Everything fits like a glove: The GD Nazis were right all along!

— Phillip Marlowe



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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227 Responses to The Jewish War on White People Heats Up

  1. Dave in Ozz says:

    Just wanted to say had trouble getting to this site down here 18 months or so ago but found I had no trouble linking from Sarah Maid of Albion BlogSpot, that was even when Northern truth seeker was saying you were down . Just watched that vid posted above Hitler a man against time , the wifie and the eldest daughter are chuckling their guts up at an episode of modern family , do you have the pleasure of that one in the UK GTRman …..and I’ m the dickhead

  2. Eric says:

    parasites deserve METTLE STORM!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit,out of AMMO….

  3. Pat says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of research into what the jews have been doing to us. The next time this jewish question comes up in polite company, please explain to your “unconvinced” friends that within the realm of conflict there is a term called “Targeting Epistemology”.

    Information Warfare can be used to target every element in the epistemology of an adversary.

    Epistemology means the entire “organization, structure, methods, and validity of knowledge and belief.”

    In layperson’s terms, it means everything a human organism–an individual or a group–holds to be true or real, no matter whether that which is held as true or real was acquired as knowledge or as a belief.

    At the strategic level, the aim of a “perfect” information warfare campaign is to influence adversary choices, and hence adversary behavior, without the adversary’s awareness that choices and behavior are being influenced. Even though this aim is difficult to attain, it remains the goal of a perfect information warfare campaign at the strategic level. A successful, although not necessarily perfect, information warfare campaign waged at the strategic level will result in adversary decisions (and hence actions) that consistently mismatch or fail to support the intentions or aims of the adversary.

    The jewish enemy has been targeting both our Knowledge and Belief Systems using various forms of Psychological Warfare. Their infiltration of the Church is a very early manifestation of this attack against us.

    They disguise their attacks in various ways that I can explain in detail.

    Please understand that the successful destruction of a person’s Knowledge and Belief Systems constitute the destruction of that person in ways perhaps more heinous than their physical destruction.

  4. Pat says:

    Dave in Ozz,

    Your wife and daughter are laughing at their own destruction. And they think it’s “Entertainment”.

    This is evidence of a well-planned, well-executed Information Warfare PYSOP attack on your wife and daughter’s Epistemology.

    They are being attacked and influence without being aware of it. They have even been tricked into seeking out and exposing themselves to the PSYOP product.

    People who understand how this works view those kinds of insidious attacks in the same light as a physical, kinetic attack that employs guns and bombs. Even to the extent of advocating a kinetic response to Information Warface/PSYOP attacks.

    We really need to get with the program here and put up some defenses to this shit. Or else.

  5. Pat says:

    The Human Interaction Spectrum can be described as spanning four (4) basic types of conditions:

    Cooperation > Competition > Conflict > War

    Goal sets fully compatible = Cooperation
    Goal sets differing partially = Competition
    Goal sets largely incompatible = Conflict
    Goal sets mutually exclusive = War


    When the goal sets between people are “largely incompatible” or “mutually exclusive” – you get “Conflict” that may escalate into “War.

    The goal sets of the jews are “largely incompatible” or “mutually exclusive” to our own.

    The jews want to continue to operate the Usury Money Printing Scam that mathematically results in their ownership off literally everything on the planet.

    They jews also want to enslave everyone else.

    These are a couple of reasons why we are in conflict with the jews. The jews have invested in the development of Information Warfare against us over a long period of time.

    Incidents like the Sandy Hook Movie, Boston, and London are merely isolated examples of small-scale Information Warfare PSYOPs designed for political purposes.

    The zone of conflict is much, much wider than that.

    The jews are attacking us on literally every front – and most of our people are unaware of it due to the stealth nature of many types of Information Warfare.

    We MUST develop and implement defensive measures. The first step toward doing that is understanding the nature of Information Warfare.

  6. t bone says:

    “I hosted one of the Food Network’s most popular shows. We had great ratings, great cookbooks, the fans loved me. But as soon as this N-word thing came up, the greedy Jew executives at the Food Network dropped me faster than a baked potato on a summer day.”

    A shocked Garver responded: “I’m sorry, but did you say greedy Jew executives?”

    “Yes I did, Dave,” Deen responded. “I made those Jews all this money and they still stabbed me in the back. As soon as it looked like their profits would be affected, they told me I was no longer needed. That’s Jew loyalty for ya’ll.”

  7. Pat says:

    t bone,

    Paula Deen is getting bad advice.

    Either that, or she is a willing tool.

    If Paula Deen was getting good advice, she would have framed the Narrative in ways that explain that she was victimized twice.

    One by a nigger with a gun.

    One by being dragged through the mud for “saying a word” as a result of being victimized by a nigger with a gun.

    This reference to “greedy jews” frames the Narrative in ways that make it easy for the jewish Propaganda Machine to ridicule her.

    That’s my take on this.

  8. Pat says:

    Here’s how it should have gone:

    “I was robbed at gunpoint by someone who targeted and victimized my due to my race. Later, I hosted one of the Food Network’s most popular shows. We had great ratings, great cookbooks, the fans loved me. For some reason I was targeted and victimized again. The people who are trying to destroy my reputation are greedy jewish executives. They dug something up from 30 years ago and are using it to victimize me again.”

    A shocked Garver responded: “I’m sorry, but did you say greedy Jew executives?”

    “Yes I did, Dave,” Deen responded. “I made those Jews all this money and they still stabbed me in the back. Have you ever been robbed at gunpoint Dave? Have you ever been victimized in a racial attack? Why do you think these jews chose to victimize me again Dave? That’s Jew loyalty for ya’ll.”

  9. Pat says:

    Paula Deen has set herself up on a golf tee for the jews.

    That interview paints her as both a “racist” and “anti-semite”.

    This was very, very predictable.

    Watch how the jews further marginalize her and turn her into a human pinata.

    This is so predictable – that I am not convinced she isn’t playing a role here.

    Frankly, it doesn’t matter if she is or not. Either way, the jews are using this situation as a weapon.

  10. sog says:

    yeah i will say it again ,,the niggers better be careful of what they wish for ..\
    we know where all the ghettos are and finding any nigger to terminate will be a priority in the salvation of whites as niggers press on with their violence against whites in america …
    the color of youre skin will be our uniform of alliance/allegiance…
    any nigger targets anyone we know for violence then we have a job to do as we cant sem to get into lockstep to start a premptive campaign …we have a right to self defense and self determination against our enemies that are many ….
    what will happen is the govt will attempt to BUS in protestors into areas previously never exposed to violent black occupation ,and for which gun seizure has not occurred in the time line as they wanted these neighborhoods will be armed and shooting back …it takes alive humans to operate the tools of the nwo military forces …anything and everything has an achilles heel ..everything ..pray for strength on that day …
    forget mercy ,forget kindness, and see to it that the black nigger communist buffoons and muslim flotsam morons in your jurisdiction are lawfully terminated , in self defense nigger better come in my yard or my neighbors yard with the intent of genocide …at that point its too late for any of us to turn the other cheek or turn it around to a more savory conclusion ,,but that depends on your definition of savory me a smoking pile of dead niggers by the hundreds and on fire is savory ..

  11. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    Did you all hear about this today? Paula finally fired her agent – Barry WEINER!!!

    “Rick” made a comment on the DailyMail UK’s website – he gets it!!!

    But Paula’s spokeswoman is identified as Elana WEISS. Boy, they’ve infiltrated deep and wide, haven’t they?

    WSJ article hints at comparison between Paula and Michael Vick recovering their careers. Coming from that bunch, that’s pretty typical.

  12. LaydeeLiberty says:

    Paula Deen Did NOT blame the jews for her firing.

    Ironically The Daily Currant (Political Satire) is also very likely influenced and controlled by those with Jewish ancestry.

    It is no wonder many Jews are shown little respect among the intellectually honest today. The Jewish Oligarchy control and play both sides of most issues and continually stir up the racial pot within the media, ALL for their own selfish political advantage.

    It’s almost painful to watch the indoctrinated and simple engage in “Pavlov’s dog” behavior simply because some lackey uses the trigger words “anti-Semite”, racist, hatemonger or some other over used pejorative. (Typically used as a lame attempt to silence any honest criticism.) Those who promote the use of these smear tactics are juvenile, manipulative and intellectually superficial. Will people ever grow up and actually start TO THINK and TO QUESTION everything promoted within the media?

    Maybe Jews should listen to one of their revered gods and take heed to what Einstein said about the CAUSE of anti-semitism. . .it is Jewish behavior.

    ” AntiSemitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced
    in the non-Jews BY THE JEWISH group (or individual).

    This is a NORMAL social reaction.”

    -Albert Einstein

    Quoted in Einstein on Politics: His Private Thoughts and Public Stands on Nationalism, Zionism, War, Peace, and the Bomb. David E. Rowe, Robert J. Schulmann. Princeton University Press. 2007. Page 306.

    Tragically, I really don’t see too many Jews or other indoctrinated simpletons breaking free from their victim mentality or Pavlovian prison anytime soon. Do you? Another reason why the Holocaust needs to be exposed as atrocity Zionist war propaganda used to establish and maintain unconditional support for Israeli military resume in occupied Palestine.

  13. LaydeeLiberty says:

    Opps a dreaded Typo.

    “resume” should of course been spelled “régime”

    Blast the lack of editing options available for on line comments.

  14. Julie Mitchell says:

    “Nazi” is a pejorative/racist term invented by Marxist Jews who opposed Hitler, who never gassed a single one of the reptiles.

  15. Brian says:

    Truth Militia Radio This Sunday Night: Special Time 6pm est…
    (5 hour show!)
    Please tune in!

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  17. LickmyFeetzNiggers says:

    GermanSoldierWoman Niggerboy come here Monkey lick these Boots and take them off clean the sock Negroboy … Oh and kiss the Feets Niggermonkey

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