Big Media Jew Excited Over White Minority Status


Joe Klein: Immigration will save the U.S. from White racism

By Kevin MacDonald

Writing in Time, Joe Klein presents the view that it is necessary to import millions of non-Whites as a cure for “our poisonous biracial era.” The subtitle says it all:  “Trayvon’s Death Is an Outrage, But …Thanks to immigration, stronger laws and years of hard work, our poisonous biracial era is ending.”

Yes, we are nearing the promised land of racial harmony that will be possible only when those evil Whites are a minority. Not surprisingly, Klein looks forward eagerly to a non-White majority America:

This is not the 1980s; race isn’t the issue it was 30 years ago. It isn’t binary–black and white–anymore. It’s a kaleidoscope now: Latinos outnumber blacks in the American population, healthy dollops of South and East Asians add to the mix, and the prospect of a nonwhite majority is just around the bend.

The logic is quite familiar—the same logic that has motivated generations of Jewish activists advocating non-White immigration in order to make it safer for Jews. People like Klein pose as moral paragons when their logic is nothing more than self-interested ethnic hardball: Demographically swamp White America so that the political power of Whites declines, making the rise of an anti-Jewish movement among Whites much more difficult. Recall Jewish sociologist Earl Raab on the Jewish role in promoting non-White immigration:

The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country. We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible—and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever (see here, p. 246)

People like Klein are only using the Black-White racial divide as a weapon against White power. And the result of their anxieties is to swamp America with tens of millions of non-White immigrants, making Whites a minority in the country they founded and built.

Of course, the world is still imperfect. For example, Florida still has “barbaric gun laws.” But the main point is that for Klein,

the Republicans can no longer profit from being a predominantly all-white, regional, rural party. The Al Sharpton version of the Democratic Party is 20 years in the past. There will always be injustices like the murder of Trayvon Martin, but in our multiracial future, led by our color-blind children, there will be fewer of them.

Klein looks forward to a future led by our “color-blind children.” But it’s unlikely our children will be color blind. Does anyone seriously think that the Black community is becoming color-blind given their virtually unanimous condemnation of the verdict as yet another example of White racism despite the very weak case put on by  the prosecution? Was Trayvon Martin color-blind when he called Zimmerman a “creepy-ass cracker?”

Will Whites stop profiling Blacks when crime by young Black males continues to be all out of proportion to their numbers? As Pat Buchanan notes, “Why are white folks nervous about strange young black men in the neighborhood? Perhaps because they commit interracial muggings, robberies and rapes at 35 times the rate of whites.” Being color blind can be very costly to Whites.

How exactly is the ongoing Black-Latino war in Los Angeles an harbinger of our color-blind future?




Big media Jew, Joe Klein, writes for TIME MAGAZINE, but you see him pushing the Jew schtick on MSNBC and ABC, as well. Like TV and Hollywood, both TIME and Newsweek have been busy brainwashing America with Jew crap for decades — you can easily spot the pro-Jewish, PC, anti-White, globalist agenda as plain as day. Folks, the Jewish destruction of America and the White race is ALL TOO REAL.

KLEIN ON MATTHEWS HARDBALLKlein is always on Chris Matthew’s MSNBC show “Hardball.” Matthews is one of the biggest media Shabbos Goy and Obama suck-ups in the liberal universe. He recently apologized on air to his black “colleagues” for racism “on behalf of ALL White people.” What a jackass.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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191 Responses to Big Media Jew Excited Over White Minority Status

  1. Greg says:

    Non-Whites will never get over the fact that they’re not White.

    A union of Whites and non-Whites will NEVER take place because of this simple truth.

    Down the line any kind of union will cause problems.

    As soon as White people show pride in their own race and culture non-Whites will start bitching and screaming ‘racism.’

    As soon as Whites unite to do what is best for our OWN race non-Whites will start pissing and shitting their already stained panties.

    It will NEVER work.

    If it ain’t right it ain’t White!

  2. Greg says:


    If it ain’t White it ain’t right!

  3. t bone says:

    Re:All Eyes@7:17

    I already knew so I cant say “WTF”. It pains me to even type his name as I would rather forget that I even read that spew.

    A real White man doesnt write such drivel while trashing the great Dr.William Pierce.

    And a San Fagsican sycophant is backing it all up like the kiss-ass jew I always knew he was.

    The whole article is a complete anti-White meme.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Aaahhhh this new terrifying weapon of the Jews, who could have imagined it, cunning Jews.
    Short haired blond girls, in short dresses driving like crazy in open convertables, bring it on Mossad I think I can handle this one.

  5. sog says:

    After a British army was captured by the American army at Saratoga, the French balanced naval power by entering the war in 1778 as allies of the United States. The British offered the Americans colonial self-government including freedom from taxation for revenue, but after years of war the Congress was committed to sovereignty and independence. A combined American–French force captured a second British army at Yorktown in 1781, effectively ending the war in the United States. A peace treaty in 1783 confirmed the new nation’s complete separation from the British Empire, and resulted in the United States taking possession of nearly all the territory east of the Mississippi River….
    although many histrians will say the conflict for liberty lasted 8 years it was in the bag after 6 years ..just me clarifying ..
    thanks for that information PAT .. about the charter expiring ..too bad the kikes dont expire with it ..we know kikes would have expired without that 1913 jekyl island meet ans subsequent congressional vote to pass the jewish money changer agenda …

  6. Bailey says:

    What we need is a guy like this.

    What was it JFK said about Hitler?

    “Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived…

    And JFK would be glad to know that that time has come.

  7. sog says:

    is it my imagination or has this loudmouther pro communist rabble rousing racist sharpton getting more and more transparent …he concludes that the usa should be subject to total communism ..him and jackson are woefully transparent in that they are the defacto leaders of the new marxist nigger nation fueling racial hatred among niggers against whites …i cannot believe how may attacks on whites have occurred in just the last year alone …”wrong place at the wrong time ” “youths” “robbery gone bad” opressed niggers just getting even ,all euphemisms and propaganda spread far and wide by a jewish owned communist media …remember when mob meant mafia ..police refusing to charge attackers under hate crimes ..the civil righrs movement was an unknown vague concept to many since niggers were already getting jewish support and special preferential treatment and welfare and free housing ..fucking monkeys ..
    just lke obama in the white house collecting free shit for his communist agenda being pushed forward in the usa is a subhuman that needs to be dragged out of the white house in chains for his crimes against this country and his race hustling violence pandering anti white agenda say more and more white people are getting knocked into an awarenenss of just how savage niggers are ..over on daily kenn i think it was a whire girl plating a sax in a park and a 41 year old she shitmonkey attacked her and the liberal white girl got a eye opening education ..
    the civil rights movement was nothing but a communist front working to destabilize white people and our home in the usa ..we see britain slipping away to the point where all whites worth a damn should leave and an a bomb dropped on the nigger muslim pakki hell hole …
    look at sharpton closely is an asshole who needs to have all his teeth knocked out and his face and skull caved in like how his nigger henchmen do to whites and then he should be doused in gasoline and lit up while concious …i’ll vote for that and ill second that vote ..dangerous entities that should be raided and closed are yawey ben yoway -elijah moporkhamm-ed –nbpp –nation of insane niggers noi–etc ..the civil rights movement itself and the splc along with every mason and kike organization in the usa ..
    the mason structure is by non virtue probably the most dangerous to white freedoms because it is a quasi super secret hierarchy with total loyalties demanded from members who cannot decide to vote their conciense once they have none ..masons are the white niggers working against us ..
    it is intersting how islam and communism seem to go together like 2 sides of a coin ..
    and how niggers can be marxist or islam or both ..
    to christains faced with the impending choice to fire on communist agents in blue or even many of the communist alphabet agencies you would be in your rights to fight off the wolves as a shepards job is to watch over the flock and sometimes to kill the wolves ..civil rights movement under martin looter king was a scam and if that nigger had lived long enough that asshole would sound just like a racist gasbag like the insufferable disgusting nigger sharpton much is this pimp niggers car a rolls royce worth and how much money this gasbag extorts from fellow niggers and other scam minstries and he owes the irs …alot of people go to prison for less than what this coon is getting away with ..why is it a racist communist jive ass nigger can get up in front of cameras and nigger cities and spew racial hatred and whites cant even get up and speak about equality or fairness ..what we see is a very unfair sentencing system in courts not for niggers but for whites ..niggers get a slap on the wrist and are put in the revolving door ..
    i like what modernheretic3000 says and i say it often myself ..that is that these terrorist niggers running around killing and raping and robbing whites when caught need to be summarily executed …in a sane culture these niggers would be executed are not going to make peace with a group of niggers who want to kick your ass maybe kill you and you might be chrged with a crime for fighting back because of niggers special protectUrd class stAtus aint aboiut robbery or rape its about hate which is why they can do anything they choose but randome wrong place wrong time beatings are polar bear knockout activities that morph to rape or murder ..hell they dont even think its wrong to take your shit so they dont even have a concept of stealing ..its normal to them …robbing you and taking your shit is just expected of you as an offering to the monkeys ..but get into their real pathology and their real home base and its about raw violence ..a nigger will always resort to this behaviour when challenged or stressed ..
    avoid niggers or engineer the contact in your favor ..we cant stand by much longer and do nothing ..the colonists did not wage their war against tyranny and brutallity in the xcouts or the halls of politics but in the field of battle and taking and making the other idiots die for their country ..patton r.i.p………our enemies are almost everyone and everywhere of all colors with niggers and jews being uppermost communist threats ..

  8. sog says:

    —>in the COURTS or the halls of politics but in the field of battle and taking and making the other <————

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    I just don’t know the right answers. The niggers are out of control yes. And getting worse. Cops work hard to catch them. Public is waking up. Cops and legal system starting to realize that catch and release does not work. More cops wake up to where the real problems are coming from. White cops have kids too. They have the badge and the gun let them do their jobs. Step in to protect lives and property if no cops are around. Otherwise expect the Z-Man treatment, even from our zog. Niggers kill each other as much as us. Good thing. One goes to the cage, the other one goes to dead nigger storage. Simplest solution stop paying worthless welfare nigger bitches to have babies. Simplest solution rejected by libtard government and nigger leaders. More niggers dead today. More niggers in the cage. Don’t know answer. Answer that would work rejected.

  10. t bone says:

    About a month ago, I posted a pic on a social network site. It was a zebra with gold/blonde stripes and blue eyes. I believe it was real.

    Anyway, only one person (out of about 300) – a Christian girl I know – liked it.

    What does this tell me?

    The common kwan has literally been brainwarshed into feeling guilty into accepting anything that suggests Whiteness – even if it’s a frickin’ animal!

    And I believe – for the most part – thats exactly what it is.

  11. Barney says:

    Giving the benefit of the doubt.

    My understanding of that rant by ZCF is that he either doesn’t understand or doesn’t accept that we’re fighting (or about to fight) for the survival of our SPECIES, the Noble White Race, the inventors, the civilisers and the one group every other human-like species depends on.

    (Alternatively, it may just be that he’s an asshole)

    We HAVE to be fanatical or we won’t survive, and the entire world will become a turd world shithole populated by savages.

    I proudly admit to being a White Supremacist. We ARE superior to the beasts of the field, be they niggers, muds or the devil’s own kikenvermin.

    I’d rather not have to kill any of these sub-human half-apes, and the state of my health (or lack of it) probably means I won’t have that chance.

    Any humanoid species that has a country of it’s own should go back there and live in peace (if they know what that is) with my blessing. Their ways are not ours, and that’s the problem. They just can’t cope with our ways. All they know how to do is kill, rape and generally destroy what they wouldn’t be capable of creating.

    Niggers in niggerland. Muds in mudland. Chinks in chinkland.

    That’s not going to happen though. There are too many of them, so the only medium-term solution is to have White areas, muddy areas and black areas with border fences and regular patrols. If they stay away from us, we’ll stay away from them.

    Ultimately though, they will have to go back where they belong, where God/Nature put them in the first place and where conditions are right for them.

    Segregation followed by phased deportation is the only way, with cross-breeds (probably) allowed to stay on in reservations.

    The jew is a different problem though. They don’t have a country that’s truly their own, and if they did they wouldn’t stay there. Parasites can’t survive without a host, which is why they abandoned their homeland (Khazaria) to infest the entire world.

    The jew has never created anything, so if they could all be shipped off to an uninhabited island somewhere, something about the size of Madagascar (if it didn’t already have a population), they’d never bother us again because they’re too lazy and too unimaginative to ever build a boat.

    Their aversion to any kind of real work would soon lead to their extinction.

    Unfortunately there aren’t any large islands that don’t have an existing population, and we can’t send them to the moon (the bastards would probably find some way of switching it off if we did), so there’s only one solution, and we all know what that is.


    The enemy is in front of us, behind us and to both sides. They can’t get away now.

    Bit of an Irish-style joke perhaps, but it will be true when the time comes.

    Every one of us has an absolute right to life as long as we’re not harming anyone else. That includes the right and DUTY of defence of self, of family and of the vulnerable. The kikenvermin can TRY to deny us that right, but that doesn’t change the fact that it IS a right. The fact that we exist proves we’ve got a right to exist, whatever some monkey in the brown hut (formerly the White House) might read aloud from his teleprompter.

    It’s not merely our RIGHT to stay alive, but our DUTY, to ourselves, to those we care about and to our species.

    Let them take your guns and you’re dead, beheaded in a FEMA death camp.

    What would you choose? To go out like Bonnie and Clyde or to be guillotined? That’s exactly the choice many will face, so take as many of the bastards down with you as you possibly can. I’d join you if I could, but perhaps I’ll be able to play my part in my own country.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Australia was founded as a prison colony. We could do the same with Antarctica. One way trip. Eat a penguin. Baby seals and walruses are protected we’ll add 100 more years on to your sentence.

  13. Greg says:

    “Three black robbers used state of the art special effects to look white”

    But here is the problem folks.

    One thing the STUPID niggers could not understand or comprehend was the fact that the special effects didn’t work on their little things called ‘brains’ so the cops had no problem catching them.

    A cop could be digging through a donut box and still catch dumb niggers committing crimes at the same time.

  14. sog says:

    by jove prt youve hit the nigger nail on the head ..the answer is more dead niggers and more dead nigger storages just as more prisons were built to house the increasing niggergeddon of crime ….more dead nigger storage and more dead niggers ..or an inquistion not aginst an inquisition or the use of the iron maiden or impalement worked for spain when they had had enough of the shitkikes for 800 years of back stabbing sabotage never ending kike monkey shines etc ..we are past that point with jews ..

  15. sog says:

    attn : TOR has an option in settings can use what is referred to as “bridges” can be a host or a client of this option is specifically for people who are totally blocked on the net …they make you search the net for torbridges and thet might be blocked to you so if you need bridges can ask and “we” can put the bridge adresses for your settings for bridges up here on incog or hoffland …I have a list of 20 or so old briddges that may or may not be active but i can access the new bridge posts if you need em ….
    as communism and tyranny increase ,internet freedom decrease …

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    You’ve all heard of duck decoys. You’ve heard of deer decoys. I know the lady who lives here didn’t buy this thing her landlord did. And he plans on mounting it on a pole. Now what do you suppose HE is hunting?

    Giant KFC bucket appears in woman’s front yard

    Regular Photo Size

    WAYNESBORO, Ga. – When Aleena Headrick left her home in rural Waynesboro, Ga., recently, she was met with an unlikely sight in her front yard: an 8-foot tall metal Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket.

    She was stunned. She called her children and asked them to check the yard to make sure they were seeing what she was seeing. They were.

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    Now all the guy needs is a giant EBT CARDS ACCEPTED HERE sign and he could bag 2000 niggers a day.

  18. sog says:

    where can i get a ghetto size KFC bucket o chicken like this ..did it fall form the great watermellon patch in the sky or is it a new and clever franchise kiosk could put one on every ghetto corner in nigger city might want to bullet proof the bucket ..

    niggers taking responsibility for their egregious actions ,blaming themselves (That’s not going to happen.)
    That’s never going to happen.

    Why not? Take a look at newly-bankrupt Detroit,and other predominantly niggerised cities …..

    Coleman Young was mayor for 20 years, driving the decline. He said this:

    “It’s not accidental that cities around the nation that have the largest percentage of Blacks, have the largest percentage of poverty, have the largest percentage of crime, and the largest percentage of unemployment.”

    Detroit is a black-run city.
    In Detroit, blacks aren’t just the majority, they are the authority.
    Blacks run the police. Blacks run the courts. Blacks run the schools.blacks run the dope .
    And Blacks have run city hall for 40 years…right into the ground with fiscal scandal after scandal …
    Black political power has meant Black economic prosperity,chocolate paradise and multicultural peace and harmony , hasn’t it?
    Once a city goes NIGGAH (black), it never comes back.
    Sucks, but true……………ahhh cry me a river niggers …sbhit stains and yaweh ben yack yack and nbpp homo destructiss ..niggers gone wild …CAUTION niggers at wotk ..
    and now one of the planet o the apes mouthpieces revrun sharpdick saeyz we needs communism n shit …what a fuckin kike commie rube ,an agitator ..if some have not noticed yet ..communism is the pricetag of multiculturalism ..both spectrums are blathered about but communism is the political expression of the talmud and multiculturalism is simply a communist tool to deprive white people of their God given rights ..niggers are a tool so is islam so is masonic and jesuit secret societies ..its all the jew like the wizzard of zog oz pushing buttons and pulling levers to actuate the propaganda machine ..communism and propaganda shore each other up ..jews own all forms of media so they can say what they want when they want ..they control the courts and certainly the supreme court ..but most of us already know this already ..

  19. sog says:

    i mean hey ,i woulda checked the buckit to see if there was any chicken in it ,,right ..isnt it odd that something this banal would have made it to the news casts …wtf eh ? ..does it come under the human interest header or the food page …that lady is lucky a busload of sharptons brothers didnt show up to check it for free chicken ,,hey gibzz me day n wher th eff is the watermellon ,gnomwsayn ..and then a cat 7 chimfest that usually follows niggers everywhere they coagulate

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    I was only attempting humor the guy is going to use it for a nigger hunting decoy. That’s all I was trying to say. I think it was a great idea actually. Especially when he mounts it on the pole and puts up the ebt cards accepted here sign. That’s all I was saying. Give peace a chance. Put some spotlights on it at night you’ll catch and KILL some niggers with guns. Now that I think about it all fast food joints and convienience stores in niggertown should have random undercovers inside every night. Do they do that already?

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    Looks like rachel jeantel did get her pilots license after all. Now the passengers only have to wait until scientists invent an anti-gravity machine.

    Airline Tells Passengers Flight Is Delayed For 86 Years | NR

    Passengers traveling on British budget airline EasyJet were told via e-mail that their flight from Geneva to London would be delayed 86 years due to bad weather in Switzerland. Jen Markham has the story.

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    It’s going to suck to be Swiss for the next 86 years.

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    Does this mean the price of cheese will go up?

  24. MJ says:

    Why dont you guys pray a righteous curse on this filth, Joe Klein?
    Clearly God is not with him. The miracle of G. Zimmerman saving that family was divine providence. It happened spontaneously.

    You need to ask God to wither up this piece of bad fruit.

  25. sog says:

    mabee a nigger or a muslim will throw acid in kleins face ..couldnt tell the difference ..
    we know niggers kill niggers all day long ..yaaaaawn …and only when a brown dude who the newspapers photshop the guy more white then the race huxters a nd nigger babblers go to work,oh and that is if a white person dares to defend his self .. ..the niggers are deafeningly silent on niggs killing niggs with oh lawrdy this and lawwrdy that ,we gowen t’haffta juss spenzzmo muhnee an shit in duh ghettos n shit …so nigger politicians can steal it all …paying a nigger to work is a waste of money ..
    anyway in south africa the village jizzbucket dog mugabe is killin many unsatisfied blacks down there ,,yaawn ..but i dont see revrun muh sharpdick or jasbo jackson spewing jew commie diahrehaa out their toilets about people ,well niggers that is in south communist africa getting genocided by communists .even a lo iq nigger can see that the jizzbuckit village dog mugabe is even dumber than they are and a hellavulot more evil than bad ol whietey to say the least and the dog mugabe is a kike communist puppet to the T…the dumb nigger and dumber nigger commie anti white racist gasbags are going to also be offed by the jewish zombiees ..yay ..heh heh ..seems a nigger just cant live in peace in zimbabble without a jew trying to buttf uck a po niggah ..nigguahs remember when south af was much more peaceful and not yet communist was far better .ahhye ? ..if the niggers had a lick o sense down there they would kill all the fuckin kikes and communists and leave the peaceful boers and white afrikaaners to tend to the farms ….
    its a given that whites never killed millions of niggers which the anti aparthied kikes propaganda bombarded the world with back when ..dont get me wrong ,there is no room for sympathy for dead niggers anywhere ..south africa is for whites ..whites built it ,tended it and gave niggers jobs on farms and security from the inner central african madness that really hasnt changed in 1000 years ..south africa belongs to the whites who settled it and developed it …so the real agenda of the snivelling scrote sackikes was to be able to buy up south africa realestate and commercial properties and industries …all the murder and propaganda and agitating are just smoke and static ..the kikes are there like soviet union and many other places in the past to rip the properties out from under the indigenous whites after the kikes tank the economy ..this methodology is how harvard jews went to russia after the fall and started buying up swaths of land and business like mexico to where 8 jewish billionaires own everything after getting a bailout down there 10 years back ,it was just hushed up …same banks afilliates ..bailout is best described as jewish theft striking twice ..1st time they riaded and siphoned and embezzled and cheated and they pretended to be broke and then they ripped off america again in the “bailout” ..give a man a gun and he can rob a bank ,,give a man a bank and he can rob a country …the jews and their bank regulator buddies shut down hundreds of privately owned smaller banks and non jew banks around 6-7 years back effen dominoes and for the most trivial rediculous reasons …i gues the kike banks were planning on concentrating and centralizing banking more for the convenience of americans — insert laff track here –but they bought up some ,merged others and took control and eliminated any and all competition and also the amount of hands that would have been out wanting a bailout …more for the jews ,right ,,,suuuuuch a deeeeel………………………………not my words below but anyway
    “It is tragic that the only outcry against Mugabe’s terror is from white conservatives like Bennett. We get the impression that the silence of American black assholes such as Al Sharpton is a form of consent to Mugabe’s abusive of black people.”
    could it be ..the po dirt nigger in africa aint got no scorilla (gorilla dollars)to gibs to frumunda cheese dick sharpto so he (shocking) doesnt gibbz a sheeyit about some worm grubbin plains nigger ..lawwwrdy lawwwrdy say it aint true ….either way sharpton is a gheto jizzbuckit dog …his wife or whore is a bought and paid for sheboon .
    We also wonder about the true motives of groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center that focus on very rare and minor or mostly imagined infractions aginst niggers in the United States, but seem to care little about the atrocities suffered by blacks elsewhere in the world. What are their true motives?..oh yes inquiring minds want to know …the jew swine at splc are init for the free money from their racial propaganda advertising and have ammassed a fortune of several hundred million sucker dollars ..
    but still the ideal end for communism would be a global roundupand mass execution of all commies and muslims jews and political niggers …noi -nbpp- yack yak ben yak yak -and you know but this is my dream ..martin looter queen had his dream and it was of getting drunk and f/n white women ,basically he was a commie degenerate and they have a effen holiday for this maggot i say i belive ,martin looter king would be up there with the likes of jackscoon and sharpprick talkin all dat commie jew smak if he was still wasting our air ..
    check nom de guerre’s comment ..good but it can go like this …poltical correctness isnt merging with tyranny ,it is a symptom of tyranny …me sog <—–

  26. sog says:

    “The Jews could be put down very plausibly as the most unpleasant race ever heard of. As commonly encountered, they lack many of the qualities that mark the civilized man: courage, dignity, incorruptibility, ease, confidence. They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom. Their fortitude, such as it is, is wasted upon puerile objects, and “”their charity is mainly a form of display.””
    -H.L. Menken

  27. Eric says:

    protocolsRtrue :says
    Australia was founded as a prison colony.

    Yes,in jew history books!

    In my humble opinion, it was the first act of White slavery by the jid!!
    Starving the Irish in so called potato famine

  28. Eric says:

    Steal a loaf of bread and yer off to Aus..

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    Now this coast was to witness a new colonial experiment, never tired before nor repeated since. An unexplored continent would become a jail. The space around it, the very air and sea, the whole transparent labyrinth of the South Pacific, would become a wall 14,000 miles thick. …….English lawmakers wished not only to get rid of the ” criminal class” but if possible to forget about it.

    Great book. The FATAL SHORE The epic of Australia’s founding. (Robert Hughes) It was hard to put this one down.

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I will misspell or mistype at least one word in every post. Do what I do figure out what it’s supposed to be by the context of the sentence and subject matter.

  31. summerled says:

    Japan Deputy PM Taro Aso retracts Nazi comments
    Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso has retracted remarks suggesting that the country could learn from Nazi Germany’s constitutional reform.

  32. sog says:

    1. The world’s smallest continent, southeast of Asia between the Pacific and Indian oceans………..montefiore empire
    2. A commonwealth comprising the continent of Australia, the island state of Tasmania, two external territories, and several dependencies. The first British settlement, a penal colony at Port Jackson (now part of Sydney), was established in 1788. The present-day states grew as separate colonies; six of them formed a federation in 1901. In 1911 Northern Territory joined the commonwealth and the Capital Territory, site of Canberra, was created. Canberra is the capital and Sydney is the largest city. Population: 20,400,000.
    there had to be a settlement for there to be a trans shipping route ..
    industry and cattle ,etc …white slavery by any other name is white slavery ..the jews early on controlled australia ..and still do as we can see ..the abuse and genopcide of aborigine nignogs is clearly a jewish tendency …
    it would be intersting to research the actual history of white slavery in australia and what they were forced to do ..eric is right ,the british courts always haveing been frivolous and a bit eccentric were sending whites to off shore prison camps for petty offenses …jewish inhumainty to gentiles …CAUTION jews at work ….
    jews who had industry and power in england also made their bones in australia

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    All right then it’s a matter of semantics. Criminals sent to Australia are slaves the same way criminals nowadays stamping out license plates are slaves. Australia was founded as a criminal colony and that’s my final answer. I wasn’t there I have no problems with Aussies now and I don’t need one.

  34. Len says:

    White man, even your rubbish is considered “magic” by the negro, over in South Africa they queue up around the rubbish bags on dustbin days just to search through your dirt to see what they can score,

    It’s your magic, they think they get when they kill you, you’re top of the list when the nigger witch doctor wants special magic for some or other strong potion.
    The nigger is disgusted with himself and this self hate spills over into an uncontrollable anger towards what he in his state of rage deems the problem of this hate cancer eating away at him . . . and the white beauty and intelligence he so admire and covert is at the top of his imaginative list, he then kicks into overdrive and has to destroy that beautiful, intellect he observes through a haze of “blood red” anger.

    The kikes, who shares DNA with the nigger also suffers from this, only difference is the kike jews implement their hate and envy in what we would call race hate. The kikes instigates black on White race hate for their own agenda, as low IQ’d sods are easier to enslave they reckon that by out-breeding, miscegenation and murdering the White nations into oblivion will result in them running the roost, it will make them the main kahoona on earth.
    Shame, not only are they ugly, they’re not even White . . . and just as with the niggers, that must upset the yid’s something chronic.

  35. t bone says:

    Very good comment, Len.

    I especially like this part:

    “The nigger is disgusted with himself and this self hate spills over into an uncontrollable anger towards what he in his state of rage deems the problem of this hate cancer eating away at him . . . and the white beauty and intelligence he so admire and covert is at the top of his imaginative list, he then kicks into overdrive and has to destroy that beautiful, intellect he observes through a haze of “blood red” anger.”

  36. Brian says:

    White Child Gets Bullied By Negro “Sisters”

  37. Brian says:

    I helped set this show up. Check it out:
    The Chad Factor with Tom Metzger:

  38. Brian says:


  39. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Illegal Aliens Demand Free Organ Transplants From U.S. Hospitals

  40. Caveman says:

    What happend in South Africa is now happening in the USA. Whites were forced out of government and a black man took over. South Africa was a strong country that stood out over the rest of Africa but with in a few years they broke it down to nothing. Our roads is bad as hell and our hospitals are death traps. Our white farmers get murdered and raped but the world dont hear our calls for help and now the same things is coming your way?????? I knew this would happen when you voted in a black president who have his own agenda. Stand up and do somthing about it or prepare to face doom and loose it all.

  41. Holly says:

    I know Caveman, I have not yet heard our battle cry!!!

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