Black Militant Obama Ratchets Up TRAYVON BS



CNN's White-hating liberal from Britain, Piers Morgen, had on Rachel Jeantel, sporting a new hairdo and clothes. They could not buy her any brains, though.

CNN’s White-hating media scumbag, Piers Morgan, had on Rachel Jeantel, sporting a fancy new hairdo and clothes. They couldn’t buy the dumb bitch any brains, though.

You know what’s so funny? Obama coming out to say this on the very same day Detroit announced the city was declaring bankruptcy. Detroit used to be so beautiful. But like so many other communities in the US nowadays, the worthless black race turns everything they touch into pure crap, soon enough.

Occasionally, I get link backs from brainwashed multicults like this ONE, where the fools act like it’s me who has committed a crime by writing about the stuff I do. Apparently, all the horrible crimes against White people mean absolutely nothing to them — simply me having the balls to say something about it, is what’s so bad.

In the above link back, the fools took umbrage at my post, “Violent Blacks Now Killing White People at Will,” which had numerous examples of terrible murders blacks are doing to White people nowadays, one of which was a black murdering a couple of little kids, a little 4 year-old girl and her sister, 6 years-old, along with a recent story about a White baby shot in the face and killed while in a stroller. IN A GD BABY STROLLER.

God in heaven, when will these IDIOT MULTICULTS ever get a GD clue? What’s it going to take to get through their thick skulls? And they call me “ignorant?” Jeesus H. Christ.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe what this stinking race does. Every single day there’s some new story about how murderous, sick and depraved Blacks truly are. Call me a racist, I don’t care. I say what anyone in their right mind would conclude about them.

Brenna Machus was taken at gunpoint just this week by a black male from the Family Dollar store where she worked and later found dead.

Just this week (7/18/13), 20 year-old Brenna Machus was abducted at gunpoint by a black male wearing a hoodie who had just killed her co-worker at the Dearborn, Michigan, Family Dollar store where she worked. The girl was later found dead in some nearby woods, shot in the head and badly decomposed in the hot weather.

Want to really know how bad it is? I can literally write my articles and come back later on to buttress my argument with examples from real life that happened just in the week or two I get around to finish my piece. In other words, if I don’t have the time to put in something from when I work on my article, I don’t worry because next week some other example out of this insanely sick race will occur. Think about that one.*

I don’t have to dredge up crap from years and years ago, like the Jew media does about the White race every chance they get. How many Charlie Manson and Zodiac documentaries have you seen? And every year we seem to have another brand new White murder circus trial they balloon up, going on and on about on TV. Sometimes it’s a White man who kills his wife, sometimes a crazy White woman like, Jody Arias. Last summer it was Casey Anthony, who apparently offed her cute little kid, they used to fill the airwaves with.

Many of the black crimes I read about just this week alone, would be news fodder for months, or even decades if a White person did it. And if a White person committed a horrible crime on a black like they do to our race all the time, entire cities might very well get burned to the ground.

Think about something else here: Every day dozens of homies get shot for being on the wrong street corner, wearing the wrong color shirt, or something of the sort. Think about all the tens of billions in medical treatment hospitals give out to surviving blacks if they don’t have insurance, to say nothing about the legal costs, prisons, etc., etc. ETC.NIG GANSTA SILO

I guess we now know why Obongo so wanted the “Affordable care” act, huh?

How about the 11 year-old shot at the big Negro celebration “JUNETEENTH” in Ohio? Anytime blacks gather in crowds something is bound to happen — whether a shooting or two, mob attacks on any hapless Whites, or just plain outright looting of nearby businesses.

How about the 36 blacks shot (7 killed) just over the Father’s Day weekend in ChiCONGO? Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, LA, Baltimore and anywhere else blacks live are now going off the deep-end in sheer, crazy Negrotude.

How about the black woman, Arkebia Albury, who ran over her own 4 year-old son, attempting to flee a security guard after she stole some lousy GD t-shirts? She threw her run-over, mangled kid into the car and took off before the real police caught up to her. Believe it or not, the shoplifting sheboon once received the county’s Equal Opportunity Council “parent of the year” award! So typical in today’s JEWIFIED AMERIKA!

How about the riot at the Orlando, Florida, mall where thousands of crazy blacks descended on a Footlocker store, trying to get a pair of sneakers. For STINKING tennis shoes. Of course, the media just called them “teens” or “youths” in the attempt to shield this insane race from too much exposure among White people.

Now, every day I read about some dumbass White girl who was knifed, shot, beaten to death, strangled, burned alive by her black boyfriend or husband. Usually, I don’t care much about it, since these fools made their bed and get what’s coming to them. But what sometimes happens is the crazed black guy not only kills the stupid mudshark, but in a violent rage slaughters the woman’s family or friends right along with her.

How about Tiffany Sams? The Oklahoma City mudshark was chased down the street by her black boyfriend and beaten with a brick. She died the next day in the hospital — her head probably swollen into a purplish basketball. Imagine getting the life beat out of you with a GD brick?

Amy Gibbins and her son, Bryor INSETThat very same week in June 2013, in nearby Calumet, Oklahoma, a beautiful young White woman, Amy Gibbins, was found dead in her burned down little rural home. They think she died from blunt force trauma (they hope) and her five year-old boy, Bryor, died from smoke inhalation. But the real truth is that both could just as easily burned alive after the 30 year-old black male set fire to her home to cover his tracks after raping and smashing her head. He also robbed her debit card and cell phone.

These blacks are now attacking us Whites in the streets. Mobs of blacks gang up on White people, including families out attending public events, and beat us to the inch of death. This happens so much, that public events are often now cancelled. Blacks have a game they play called “knock out” where they see if they can hit a White hard enough to render them unconscious.

How about the case a couple of weeks ago where a White mother in her nice suburban New Jersey home with her young children when a black male broke in out of the blue and started brutally beating her like mad. The whole thing was caught on “nanny cam” (a video camera the woman had in her living room). Her and the children are actually lucky to still be alive.

There was this one episode of “The First 48” where a beautiful young 24 year old White mother in Birmingham, Alabama, Rachel Blair, was viciously stabbed 71 times by a black acquaintence who broke into her apartment during the night, to steal the meager money in her purse and diamond ring. Birmingham is 74% black and the seventh most dangerous city in the US.

I went on the Internet to find a photo of the dead girl for my now massive “Crimes against White people” folder (which only contains the few I take the time to look into). There wasn’t even a single shot of her! Not a one. Par for the course with GD Jew media today.

Oh, the ever-so-innocent blacks now feel so unjustly profiled for being criminals? Well, I got news for these punks: IF THE GLOVE FITS, WE MUST CONVICT.

Blacks are indeed vicious, MURDEROUS animals. Absolutely. Not only do they kill their own kind left and right, but kill White people, too. They’ve been killing us for decades, but the Jew media has worked hard to keep the White race in the dark, while stealing our tax dollars to pay blacks for being worthless. We’re getting it from both ends!

Get real, White people. Blacks are EXACTLY HOW YOU THINK THEY ARE.

They are dangerous, practically wild animals. They would break into your home, smash in your face, rape your wife and kill your children just for the sheer giggles of doing it. Worthless black woman would be right there alongside, laughing it up while going through all your shit deciding what to take.

Just because the media doesn’t tell you that, doesn’t mean it’s not reality. They don’t want you to see how bad things are getting for us White people in America. At least not until it’s too late for any of us to do anything about it.

— Phillip Marlowe

* Think about the viewpoints of all the people they bring on the News shows. Kind of one-sided, huh? That’s because they want you to think a certain way. They don’t want to show any truly contrary views, unless it’s to stigmatize as “racist” and “White supremacist.” Haven’t you noticed? It’s a trick called “herd mentality” and they have been using it against our race for decades now.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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208 Responses to Black Militant Obama Ratchets Up TRAYVON BS

  1. GTRman says:

    black man fucks piers morgan re trayvon

  2. GTRman says:

    herbie-vore! turtle whacks! etc

    Man admits having sex with 1,000 cars
    A man who claims to have had sex with 1,000 cars has defended his “romantic” feelings towards vehicles.

  3. Snow White says:

    We also have a # of really stupid whites.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    See thats another same difference between us Americans and you British men. We don’t brag about having sex with a thousand cars. The tailpipes look like jeantel. WE brag about fucking 1000 WOMEN in a our cars. Big cars with big back seats and suck up all the gasoline and oil left in the world. There was one tough girl once I wanted to fuck real bad and she refused me 100 times while putting my hand on her sweet spot. That movie sucked.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    Back in those days going to a drive in movie only cost 3 dollars per person unless you had a bunch of niggers or spics hiding in the trunk. Then it still only cost 3 bucks I was more concerned about getting my hand down this young ladies pants and maybe kissing a boobie. She was pretty much concerned about the same thing also. When we unwrapped and the security guy knocked on the window because it was all steemed up and said the double feature is over time to go now I said that was one definte good movie. Tell me what it was again so I can recommend it to my friend.

  6. Eric says:

    kapner is a FRAUD…

    The Clergy’s Charge

    By David Abel
    Globe Staff

    BROOKLINE — When he first showed up a few months ago, the bearded man in the bright Sephardic yarmulke stood out from the synagogue’s other congregants. For one thing, he carried a crucifix. During services, he constantly walked in and out of the sanctuary. And after the rabbi’s sermons, the former salesman would clap – a no-no in any temple.

    At Young Israel of Brookline, the first impulse of most congregants was to help Milton Kapner, a 52-year-old fellow Jew who had been living in his green Buick since the summer. The rabbi welcomed him to services, answered his questions in classes, and bought him a membership to a health spa so he could shower. Others offered him clothes or took him out for dinners at nice restaurants. One woman even gave him a place to stay for the night.

    Approached recently at the McDonald’s on Harvard Street, where he often cajoles people to buy him a free meal, Kapner refused to speak. In a previous phone interview, he complained:

    “I’ve been excommunicated. It’s the worst thing that can happen to a jEW.”

    So, good ol milton er bro nat and his rabbi put there devious minds to work..

    And walla, we have a jew CLOWN masquerading as Russian Orthodox Priest wielding a
    Crucifix like a sword..& Collecting doNATions from tha gullible..

    BTW, I am Russian Orthodox and would NEVER accept that fucking COCKROACH!!

  7. Jimmy says:

    I think there are more than a few of us using proxies because moooosaaasd has blocked our IPs; when embedded videos are posted we can’t see em, it’s just a black block, maybe if we type out the titles on top we can look them up on Youtube ourselves.
    Perhaps something like this.

    (An Attack on Identity Exposed – Charles A. Weisman)

  8. Eric says:

    Jimmy, try clicking full screen..

  9. Eric says:

    Same problem.Had sound but no vision..

  10. Israhell on Earth says:

    Brother (do?)Nate a fraud!? Wow, that’s hard to accept; i really like his videos.
    For newjacks like me, who need comprehensible stuff, he was kinda perfect.

    Now i can literally see him blow the donated money on fancy sportscars, mansions, whores and dope, maybe the eternal jew is strong in this one. lol

    But that’s not all that bothers me; i have a spy programm on my computer that completely fucks it up, and one of my favourite english sites, “godlikeproductions”, blocked me for linking an article here.(I’m not sure if that’s the real reason, i linked the site before on german sites, but they were PC. I was never a member of GLP)

    But that’s ok, i don’t effin care who spys on me; the bashing will never end you truth-hating jews!

  11. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for the tip Eric, but it still won’t work, no worries though.

    Regarding that article by David Abel , it is a Jewish name, and it sounds like he was close to the Jewish community, if Kapner is a complete fraud (a Jew in disguise) why would a Jew be trashing him?

    I remember reading Kapners account of how he “changed” he says he was at first a Christian and thought he could keep his Jewishness and that the two were not at odds.
    He met very fierce resistance and hostility from Jews for his pro Jesus stance, in Israel he was treated badly by Jews and the truth gradually dawned on him.

    To me it makes sense, it had to have been a process of change step by step until he could see no way of being a Jew and a Chrisitian.
    If he had said he woke up one morining and was a Christian hated Jewish zionist plans and wanted out, then I would be suspicious.

    Some of the stuff Kapner is putting out is far too close to the bone for Jewish comfort it is hard hitting. He bashes Obama as a Jew puppet, do Jews really want that kind of stuff out there? I don’t think so.

    Even so I don’t think we should look to him for leadership in any way (you never know) I tip my hat to him and let him carry on his work in peace.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Some more encouraging news today. Rachel Jeantels college counselor suggested she think about a career other than being an airpane pilot. They don’t make cockpits big enough to fit her for one thing. Could you imagine being a passenger on a 747 and see Rachel jeantel come through the door? I’d say the odds of this thing ever getting off the ground just dropped below 50/50. And I know we won’t make it all the way to vegas. Newtons laws of gravity are going to win out this time.

  13. Barney says:

    Brother Nathanael, formerly Milton, Kapner, tells a lot of truth about the kikenvermin, but he can never become a non-jew any more than a cow can become a non-cow – – – unless it’s a steak, that is. 😉

    Israel Shamir tells some truth about the jew, as do Roy Tov and others.

    Henry Makow seems to be slowly coming round to our way of thinking, though he still insists the holy hoax actually happened.

    We should welcome anti-jew speech from jews because it gives the message some legitimacy in the minds of the sheeple.

    Having a jew as a leader though? Not f***ing likely! Even the few genuinely good jews will give birth to demon-seed jews, and a jew will always revert to type, hating everything and everyone, especially whatever the word “God” means to them. They ARE of their father the devil, and always will be.

    Alex Jones names anyone BUT the jew, and is said to be married to a jewess.

    David Icke pretends to believe we’re all one “family”, black, White, brown, green, even the hook-nosed ones.

    These are just a few of innumerable “truthers” who must remain “suspect”, but we can’t deny that they do SOME good in alerting those who are stirring in their sleep to the fact that “something isn’t right”, providing an incentive to research further.

    If everyone tells us “nothing to see here, go back to sleep”, the majority won’t think to question it, but when they start to see others mentioning their own concerns and pointing out WHAT isn’t right, they start to realise it’s not just them, that others can see it too, and that can lead to various levels of truth.

    In my own case, I knew things weren’t right, and I’d even tried to do something about some of it before inevitably hitting the brick wall of public indifference, but I was blind to so much. For example, I thought niggers and muds were “just like us” until I made the mistake of (voluntarily) living among them.

    (Unlike some here, I was in my twenties before I even saw a nigger.)

    David Icke was my “gateway” to the truth. I went to his site looking for entertainment, probably to laugh at the ludicrous things he was said to believe, but instead I found unmistakable truth, some there and some on other sites he linked to.

    Twenty or thirty years ago, I was genuinely shocked to discover that a neighbour didn’t believe six jews were gassed by those nasty Nazis. How could anyone doubt what I believed was “proven historical fact”?

    I don’t believe David Icke would have told the truth about that non-event. Probably he wouldn’t dare. The links he provided did ultimately lead to indisputable facts though, and now I can see the physical impossibility of such a thing.

    My point is that even half-truths can start the process that leads to full awareness. If I hadn’t read in a magazine that David Icke said the ruling crime family were lizards (very easy to believe), I may never have visited his site, which started my own process of awakening to the realities of race and of the devil’s gargoyles (jews).

    We can never fully trust these “suspects”, but neither should we attempt to shut them up while the majority of our race is snoring in blissful ignorance of what is being planned for us all. I wouldn’t trust Alex Jones as far as I could throw him, but he’s getting his message out, and it contains enough truth to start some of our people on the way to full awareness.

    Can we trust Alex Jones, Brother Nathanael, David Icke and others? Certainly not! They’re doing some good though, and long may they continue to do so.

  14. Snow White says:

    “David Icke is/was a paid off dick…wake up. & I certainly do not will not hear still another bs chorus of duh duh doo da..drumroll..”every bodies bootiful (bs) in der own way. (fvk off) DOPE

  15. Snow White says:

    Can we trust “alecs jones” HuH? The guys married?harried to a jew & the daddy in law is a night of malta. What an asshole!

  16. Brian says:

    Truth Militia Radio This Sunday Night: Special Time 6pm est…
    (5 hour show!)
    Please tune in!

  17. mwaura says:

    There were some deep Masonic/military and intel elements in the Trayon shooting.

    “shooting certain elements of the case have remained underwater, hidden from view totally overlooked in the cacophony of anger,disbelief and expert judicial analysis.”

    IMO,this should be looked at much closer.

  18. Brian says:

    White Child Gets Bullied By Negro “Sisters”

  19. Brian says:

    I helped set this show up. Check it out:
    The Chad Factor with Tom Metzger:

  20. Brian says:


  21. That snap of Jenteal reminds me of the picture on the back of Alice Cooper’s Muscle of Love album that depicts Cooper and band lying bruised and bloodied on the ground after having the snot kicked out of them by a gorilla in drag.

  22. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    The jew was never going to jail.
    He was a “white”latino.
    The blame had already been assigned to whites.
    The rest was glided over, airbrushed, to the point where even white folk buy the narrative that the fat tool was white!
    A German name? Hahahaha
    A white?
    Kikes are niggers with a paint job who masquerade behind pseudonyms.
    Niggers and wogs are the jews golem.

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