Jew Media Now Milking Trayvon Like Mad


Are these devious SOB’s in the media trying to start a GD race war? The brainwashing bastards are just going on and on and on over this Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman business. Geez, I don’t know why I watch the “news” sometimes — I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. The “news” is not only a huge lefty joke, but now so obviously biased, it’s helping to awaken White people to the utter BS of Jewified Amerika.

Sherri Shephard of the "The View."

Sherri Shephard of the brainwashing show for White stay-at-home mothers, “The View.” The seriously stupid co-host boohoos “what am I going to tell my son when he goes out on a cold night and wants to wear his hoodie?”

So I’m watching MSNBC the other night and they have on this Jew bitch face named Lisa Bloom (who freely jumps around from CNN, Court TV and is now MSNBC’s Zimmerman trial Queen Jew “expert”). Bloom is co-hosting along with some black guy who’s name escapes me at the moment, but makes no real difference since we all know what the SOB has to say. Hell, the TV Jews, too (thought of as White by a fooled America).

Then they bring Gloria Allred on the split screen, who also just happens to be Lisa Bloom’s mother. The two Jews (top) have this big vomitus mother/daughter suck up session lasting eons before finally getting back to MSNBC’s nonstop race-baiting programming — how the Zimmerman verdict was such a miscarriage of justice and how terrible it is for hoodie-wearing black males in today’s “still racist” America, blah, blah, blah. Gloria Allred is the infamous greedy legal vulture Jew, grossly feeding for decades on “cause celebré” cases in the Jew media, so all the talking heads have some claptrap to drone on and on about.

For some reason, media HYPOCRITES everywhere are now going off big time about the black man suffering injustice, racial profiling and unfair rates of incarceration, etc., etc. But do they ever say one damn word about real black criminal behavior? Or anything at all about Whites being victimized by blacks? To these moronic multicults, black-on-White “hate” crime just doesn’t happen. Then how about the following horrible stories of White males falling victim to “Obama’s Sons?” Click “continue” if you got any guts.

OBAMA SONS 2Whites are brutally murdered by blacks all the time, but the media traitorously censors such crimes so the majority of us don’t get it. This is just two recent cases, but there are tons more.

Joshua Heath Chellew, 36, was attacked on July 1st, at a Chevron gas station in Cobb county, Georgia, by four black thugs who beat him senseless. When the White guy tried to get away, they caught up with him in the median strip of a five lane highway and beat him some more. The guy then either stumbled out into traffic, or his attackers tossed him into the roadway, where he was immediately run over and killed. Read more here

Imagine all the brouhaha if this was a black guy?

A couple of months ago in New London, Connecticut, 25 year-old Matthew Chew was simply walking home after work when at least six blacks confronted him and asked for his lighter. After he gave it to them, they slashed his face up and then stabbed him to death. The excuse? The young black punks were simply bored and looking for a little something to do. Read more here

So where’s the media on stories like this? Hell, this kind of thing practically happens every single day somewhere in America and nobody says a word. I ask you: Don’t us White people have the CIVIL RIGHT TO LIVING?

autumn pasquale murderPlease, just go to this website and scroll down for a minute or two, and you will see how bad things really are with this murderous race.

When 12 year-old Autumn Pasquale went missing in New Jersey last year, the media was all over it at first, so sure were they that it had to be a White perv responsible.

But the minute they found out it was two black brothers who beat and strangled (also may have raped) the girl dead in their basement, they dropped the story like a hot potato. Trust me: If it was a White pervert guy who did this terrible crime, we would now be getting daily trial updates!

And God help us all if it was two White brothers who killed a brave little “sistah girl,” with such a “promising future” and then dumped her dead “person of color” body in a garbage recycling bin, while all her relatives and friends screamed and cried in front of the cameras 24/7 — the multicults would go crazy about it for literally decades, yapping about all us “evil White supremacist haters” victimizing another poor innocent black person. You know it too.

Hell, in ChiCONGO, Trayvon Martin might have been shot just for his skittles alone, and none of us would have heard JACK about it.

But let me cut to the chase and state the “real deal” of what’s going on here.

It’s us White people who the Jew-owned and manipulated media are trying to keep stupid and in the dark. And it’s always been us White people who get victimized on a daily basis by the insanely murderous, criminal blacks. This is as obvious as that big schnoze on the stinking Globalist Jew’s smirking face!

You White people reading here for the first time had better wake the hell up.

They are turning America inside out with their never-ending social agitation, right along with Mideast war-mongering for effing GD Zionist Israel. They have been using, for the last fifty years or so, our own race’s good graces and sense of fairness against ourselves, to gradually destroy our demographics and racial cohesion, just so we don’t put a stop to their geopolitical scheming and moral subversions of White Christian people.

Plain and simple as that.

— Phillip Marlowe





100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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322 Responses to Jew Media Now Milking Trayvon Like Mad

  1. DICARLO says:

    hey t-bone — I just made about 25 responses at that newsnet14. They’re all in moderation. Hope they bother to post them.

  2. t bone says:

    Good deal, DICARLO.

    I’ll check over there in a bit.

    If its your first time posting there, it might be the reason you’re being moderated. Your type of commentary will work well at Newsnet14. I cant imagine them objecting to what you have to say.

    You’re very good with words and getting thought-provoking points across. The kwans will definitely get something to think about.

  3. DICARLO says:

    Well, thanks t bone. You’re not too bad yourself. 😉

    Still not up yet, so we’ll see.

  4. GM says:

    I dont agree Jimmy,
    There are close to 1 Billion Catholics.
    It is proven in history that it is Only Catholicism that has Expelled Jewry and taken their ill gotten wealth.
    What CI nation ever expelled them? I rest my case.

    They fear Traditional Catholics, hence their being on ‘the list’ There are millions of us now. We know the truth, were taught history and the truth by our parents, but our message did not resonate to others.
    Catholic Priest Father Coughlin (Who should be Sainted) tried to warn the world about NOT entering WW2 but they wouldnt listen, he tried to start a 3rd political party with Lindburgh (J EWs killed his baby) and for his troubles was sent to a remote Michigan parish, while having a radio show of 50 Million people, mostly Protestants!
    He urged us ‘to drive the money changers from the temple’, but we wouldnt listen. Sort of a lead a horse to water deal…
    Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland all have shown their resilience in being free and will do so again with some prodding and education. The numbers are there the key is education. Time is almost ripe.

    SOG, youre a pussy. All talk. Judeo trash talk.
    I will literally fight you or anyone of your ilk, anytime or anywhere.
    Im in the Midwest. Ive been hit by people that know how to hit. I sparred with HW Dale Crowe (Now in prison for murdering someone with his hands) who fought Klitchko, Olmpian Ray Mercer and Tony Tubbs. Ive fought MMA.
    Im too old to compete, but not too old to send you to a hospital in a few minutes, and thats a bona fide promise. Youre move, Moishe.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    King PRT has just been born. He came out weighing just over 8 pounds not counting the 38 snubnosed revolver. He shot 6 niggers and 3 jews immediately after reloading so it looks like we have hope for this world.

  6. Snow White says:

    The Catholics are a large part of the problem. Look into the origen of that weirdo fish hat the bum wears ( bum I say pope or is it POOP? Well a piece O shit by any name.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    King PRT wont be charged with a crime since he shot niggers and jews and he’s not 20 minutes old yet.

  8. Gridlockshire Esquire says:

    Here is a simple concept.
    The Jews are sociopathic & psychopathic PARASITES.
    However, in terms of parasitism, they have reached the top of the Food Chain.

    What does nature have that is very interesting? Phages
    A ‘bacteriophage (informally, phage) is a virus that infects and replicates within bacteria.

    There is another old saying, “Why did Willie Sutton rob banks? Because that’s where the money was.”

    Now combine these ideas and blend them up nice and what is the best way to destroy the Jews? Become Jew-Phages. Out-Jew-the-Jew. Find Jews and Parasite, exploit, and ruin them with every tactic that a smart White Man can enact. Discard your Christianity (it was a Jew Scam all along anyway) because if you fail, the Jews will guarantee a worse Hell on Earth than any you could find in the Afterlife. Pretend to be 1/4 Jews or 1/8th Jews. Like Bernie Madoff, treat Jews as your primary Host Victim to be bled dry slowly.

    Infiltrate everything. Pretend to be friends in public to the Jews and curse their evil in private. Where there are Jews, there is always money to be taken back for the White Race. Jews never deserve wealth or power or trust. They are the top of the food chain right now, so eat your fill. All morality is a like a pointless fart in the wind when destroying the Jews. Use every tactic you can because MERCY IS SUICIDE when applied to the Jews.

    What are the weaknesses of the Jews? When there is an anti-Jew action in play, they band together, pool their stolen money, and seek to destroy the enemy with superior finances & trickery. Are you seeing where this is going smart fellows? Out-Jew-the-Jew.
    Intelligence is not only taking out an enemy, but creating thousands upon thousands of opportunistic enemies against the Jews that randomly attack them.

    Remind the thieving blacks & Mexicans (using their gutter-languages) that since the Jews are all rich, the best target of their attacks for the biggest reward is to rob, rape, & kill the Jews, be certain to share the Jew’s home addresses & schedules in widely printed leaflets as well as potential financial rewards or items to be stolen from Jew’s homes (golden Star of Davids) for them killing the Jew. For best spreading opportunity, ensuring that nothing can be tracked back to you (DNA, fingerprints, paper ID, etc), slip these “suggestions” as tiny cards into the outside wrapper of packs of Menthol cigarettes (dropped randomly near, but nowhere within camera ID range of identification). A bit of superglue on the fingerprints makes those ID’s useless, but DNA can be extracted from the trace finger oils if the feds are eager enough).
    Be creative, don’t be caught. A White Man Jew-Phage is always cleverer than any Jew.
    Oh how quickly the gutter enemy of the White becomes the blood enemy of the Jew.

    GOOGLE[ secret printer id codes ] (beware of being caught, hide your identity by emptying out the yellow ink or any other ID dots)

    Jews celebrate their Blood Holidays (the mass-murder of non-Jews) by murdering the children of non-Jews . Tit for Tat my dear fellows, Tit for Tat. Jews pay blacks to murder our White Elderly (or do it themselves) so they can steal any money from the corpse as well as the house & land & Life Insurance. Tit for Tat, Share with them That. Let their Alter Kockers be Coffin Knockers.

    Keep your motives secret, be a family Cabal of Jew-Phages smartly following the rule of Out-Jew-the-Jew. Thievery, lies, murder, defamation, rumors, vandalism, rape, and any other WINNING STRATEGY is the goal. Out-Jew-the-Jew. Look at the Translated Babylonian Talmud & all other Jewish scheming rules for inspiration. The main rule now is that you, the Jew-Phages, are “The Chosen People” and all Jews are unclean disgusting “Goyim” that are to be tricked & hurt & exploited because they are not human, they are merely vulgar fakes meant to be robbed & killed whenever possible.

    Remember that you are White, some of the cleverest & smartest inventive creatures ever to walk this world. You are destroying the Jews because they are horrible monsters, but also, most importantly “BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE THE MONEY IS TO BE FOUND & TAKEN BACK”.

    Also remember that any murder of a Jew is taken very seriously by the Jews.
    Paranoia is their religion. Use that against them.
    When a crook robs a bank, the best success is found with a big distraction somewhere far away. Have an accomplice set a fire in a field or to a Jew’s property. If one Jew is killed or even merely publicly slapped, all of the Jew-Servant-Police come running to find the anti-Jew culprit, and while they are there busy with a distraction, oh what delightful Jew-Phage mayhem can be enacted EVERYWHERE ELSE.

    Jews love to brag openly of their successes in creating Jew-Tyrannies.
    “Rule for Radicals” only shares a tiny bit of Jewish Mayhem Tactics.
    A clever White Man can exploit their bragging and send the fools off chasing phantoms every time. Why would you Out-Jew-the-Jew? BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE THE MONEY IS. The bigger the greedy fool, the larger the target, but remember that you can also become extremely wealthy by simple trickery against the greedy fool if the courts & lawyers are all your Jew-Phage property.

  9. Gridlockshire Esquire says:

    (See previous post)
    Also remember, that while being a Jew-Phage.
    Jewish Paranoia is exploitable in another manner.
    They react seriously to every threat, whispered or printed, any alarm that seems threatening to them as individuals or as their death cult.

    Whisper, “WOLF” every so often. Trick them into destroying their vulgar-races criminal accomplices. The enemy you employ is the enemy you fear the most. Jew-Puppets & Jew-Pets are all looked upon with the strongest suspicion.

    The alarm that always sounds is the one first ignored then shut off.

    The “10th Man” is the Jew assigned to stay wary when the dangers are proven false after the alarm ceased screeching. Find him, destroy or corrupt him. AIDS works by taking out the “Last Line of Defense” first. So shall you seek out and destroy their “10th Man”. Predictable attacks can be guarded against, tactics can be repositioned, walls can be barbed. RANDOM TINY ATTACKS all eventually achieving the same eventual goal can also win if they come from all sides. All random tiny attacks also have to come with pointless distractions as CONFUSION OF THE ENEMY IS YOUR DEAREST ALLY.

    The more the enemy is confused & bewildered, the more likely they are to destroy themselves or their allies out of reflex, which is a victory for you without requiring you to fire a single shot.

    Take a mix of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and a bit of virus & bacteria biological attack strategies to always win. You cannot endlessly multiply, but their paranoia can be made to imagine that you can. Barking dogs running around in wide circles & cardboard cutouts in the dark can cause an entrenched enemy to flee in panic a safe sturdy fortress when their enemy consists only of 5 loyal dogs and 3 humans. Remember that the Jew Rats always flee a sinking ship.

  10. Gridlockshire Esquire says:

    Thinking that it is wrong to destroy the Jews?
    Christianity is your weakness, a slavery cult created by the Jews to service the Jews by chopping the balls off any future enemies. Take a lesson from the Jewish Talmud. They see all non-Jews as non-Human. In the Talmud, Jews are the only creations of God and all other life (even if it appears to be human), exists merely to be exploited, enslaved, raped, robbed, murdered, or eaten. That is the core of the Jewish belief system as everyone outside of their vile tribe is a mere mockery of themselves. As their genetic-sociopathy & genetic-psychopathy believes, so they follow and enact.

    Even Jesus stated that the Jews should all be destroyed as they are against God & behave like vulgar animals to everyone else.

    To be a Jew-Phage, you must come to believe and accept without question that the Jews are simply anti-human beasts pretending to be human so as to come closer to then suck out the blood of their prey.
    There is no sin at all in harming a Jew.
    There in no violation of morality by destroying a Jew.
    The best of the Jews are like the best of Serpents, crush their skulls without mercy, for all Jews seek to destroy everyone & everything that you love.
    If you want more, GOOGLE up, “What Jews say about Christians Talmud”.
    Or GOOGLE, “Talmud Exposed”.
    Then consider yourself, the Chosen Jew-Phages, and the Jews are all vulgar “Goyim”.

    As a Jew-Phage, you should not adopt their rules about pedophilia (Jews believe that sex with a child under 3, even a Jewish child, is not a sin and has no harm to the child).
    Their dietary laws can be ignored, but cook all pork completely to kill the parasites found within.

    Remember that your strength comes from deceiving the Jews and the Puppets-of-the-Jews. Lying to a Jew or Jew-Puppet is no sin at all. It is about as morally a wrong as telling a lie to a brick wall because a brick wall exhibits more morality, compassion, and human soul than every Jew out there.

  11. Brian says:

    Truth Militia Radio This Sunday Night: Special Time 6pm est…
    (5 hour show!)
    Please tune in!

  12. Brian says:

    White Child Gets Bullied By Negro “Sisters”

  13. Brian says:

    I helped set this show up. Check it out:
    The Chad Factor with Tom Metzger:

  14. Brian says:


  15. Cindy says:

    I’m not prejudiced, in fact I feel the way I do because of my own experiences.
    It seems even the best blacks still cannot function to the ability of a normal white or Asians person. My boyfriend works with this older black man who at first seemed to be pretty decent, Christian, even a licensed minister. But it turns out he is cheating on his disabled wife, has wasted money on online girlfriends and tries to hook up/ schmooze pretty much any female in the room. He also wanders boff during busy hours and disappears from work for 45 minutes at a time.
    Not saying other racist don’t to this but he is the best working non criminal black we know. There are blacks who are respectable but I think its maybe 1 in 100…or less.

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