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Last month, cable movie giant HBO (run by Ashkanazi Jew Eric Kessler), scheduled a so-called “espionage thriller” called “The Debt” almost every day of the week, starring the feisty old gal British actress, Helen Mirren (below right). You’ll have to forgive me for not watching the whole thing, since I could barely stomach what I did manage to sit through, even though I dig Helen.*


The old, but still fairly hot Helen Mirren.

Basically, it’s about these three “brave MOSSAD agents” trying to kidnap a former concentration camp Nazi doctor hiding in 1965 Communist-controlled East Germany, so they could bring him to “well-justified Jewish justice” in sacred Israel. Just try to imagine all the brouhaha the flaming hypocrites would make about White Christians seeking extralegal justice in other sovereign countries?

Excuse me? All they had to do was to pick up a GD phone and call the STASI (East German Commie secret police) and tell them where he was at. No lie. They would have arrested the Nazi guy in minutes. Why do you think all the Nazis tried to flee to Argentina after the war, for crying out loud?

Because all Germans knew Communism really was a Jew thing from the get-go. Thanks to American military might (deja vu these days), the Anglo/Soviet/Jew power nexus laid waste to Germany — robbing, raping and eventually killing 17 million White Germans — women, children, the elderly, Nazi or not. Funny, how you never hear squat about any of that on the so-called “History” Channel, huh?

I guess they just don’t have time for it with all the evil Hitler Nazi documentaries and boring-as-hell reality programing with whatever Redneck/Hillbilly crap they find to run these days. Is this really the history of the world? TV is such a Jew joke nowadays, it’s pathetic. You’d have to be a real dumbass not to know something “just ain’t right.”

Globalist, Zionist Jewry can say what THEY want because they own THE MEDIA.

The head of the STASI at the time was a Jew.

The head of the STASI at the time was this smug, murdering Commie Jew.

The head of the Communist East German STASI at the time was a Jew (right) named Markus Wolf (who also went by the Jew diminutive nick-name “Mischa”). He ran the STASI for most of the “Cold War,” including the exact time period set for this Jew fantasy movie.

In fact, Commie Jews were in power all over behind “the Iron Curtain.” Adolf Hitler was so right. You think for one minute “Mischa” would have given the evil Nazi doctor some slack?

Reunified Germany later put Wolf on trial for all his secret police jailing and murdering of patriotic East Germans, though they nicely suspended his sentence of five years. Hell, some “holocaust” deniers spent more time behind bars then this guy.

At the end of the Cold War, the American Zionist-controlled CIA offered him a brand new name and nice suburban home in sunny California (which they did for other Commie Eastern Bloc Jews — secret intelligence insights or not). Later, Markus “the silver fox” Wolf was rumored to have hired by the US department of Homeland Security. Sounds possible, but it’s most likely untrue, since the old Jew peacefully died in his Berlin bed, in 2006.

The film’s sexy but tough red-headed MOSSAD heroine (Jessica Chastain, playing the Helen Mirren character as a younger woman) pays a visit to the hidden Nazi, now working as a gynecologist, to get her plumbing checked out. While the baby-killing Nazi is looking up at her from between her luscious creamy legs, she snaps his photo (three times!) with a square miniature spy camera she had around her neck, about the size and thickness of a quarter. They want you to think the Jew agents are “fair-minded” by first having to verify this is the evil Nazi they are looking for.

The head of the World Jewish Congress, Edgar Bronfman, meets with Eric Honecker, chief commie in East Germany at the time.

The head of the World Jewish Congress, Canadian liquor capitalist Edgar Bronfman, happily meets with Eric Honecker, Commie dictator of East Germany at the time.

I guess the media Jews behind this totally bogus crap thought today’s moviegoers will simply believe they actually had tiny digital cameras way back then, or could miniaturize analog plastic film down to the size of a wafer. Totally ridiculous.

Thankfully, the evil but thick-headed Nazi gynecologist somehow doesn’t notice the woman holding the impossibly small camera in his face and snapping his photo (three times!), and happily schedules her for another appointment. During the next visit, while he’s down there again face-to-face with her private parts, he asks up at her sniggering “did you have intercourse last night? Was it good?” Surely a line expressly designed to piss off feminist viewers.

She replies by screaming at him about Birkinau (Jews know this means Auschwitz — the doctor was probably a bud of Dr. “Angel of Death” Mengele) and puts the evil Nazi’s head in a naked leg lock (giving Jews out there an instant woody). Then she jabs him in the neck with a big ass hypodermic needle, knocking him out with some kind of special heart attack feigning drug, allowing her clever Israeli agent pals to drive up and kidnap him using a phony ambulance and medical outfits, while the Nazi’s ugly fat wife is bawling hysterically, thinking her husband just had a heart attack.

Later, the red-headed Jew heroine take a severe beating by the evil gynecologist who manages to break free from his ropes while the MOSSAD men are off somewhere. After he escapes the building, the tough Jewess drags her bloody self to the apartment’s upper balcony and lays him out dead with a single shot from a two and half inch barrel, 9mm Walther pistol at 100 yards away down a rainy dark street. Right.

But all this later turns out to be a lie (how do these people keep things straight?). The Nazi gynecologist really got away after beating her up, but the MOSSAD agent pals concoct the ridiculous story about her killing him with the pistol so it won’t be a national disgrace to sacred Israel to have lost their man. After-all, who’s going to know?

They spend the rest of their Jewish movie lives in a state of bitterness and angst for having to lie about their bravery. Or maybe it was just your typical Jew daily life issues like infidelity with each other and faggotry? Hmmm: There’s a metaphor for the holocaust buried in there!

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t worry all you evil Nazi haters out there, the Jews always get their man — no matter how old or infirm, all Jew-killers must die.

Helen Mirren just happens to stumble on the evil Nazi doctor decades later in an old folk’s hospital and has another knock down, drag out fight — just like their last wonderful time together in dreary East Berlin. It’s a totally bizarre scene of an elderly man and woman rolling around on the floor, fighting like crazy to the death. Hell, I bet that scene got the Jews worked up, too.

This time the feisty old MOSSAD agent babe finally succeeds, by picking up another big hypodermic needle from somewhere in the room and jabs the evil Nazi in the back killing him! No explanation on what was in the needle, or where she got it, but of course it did the job (air embolism, I don’t know). Another happy Jew ending!

You see this kind of fanciful, self-obsessed, Zionist Jew thing all over American media, once you know a little something about the “Jew question” and holocaust crap. Of course, most Americans have little to no clue, so immersed in Jew lies from birth. That’s why the business with “taking the red pill” (from the movie “The Matrix”) is so apt. Once you do know what’s going on, you start picking it out everywhere.

The point I’m trying to make here, is these Jew punks can make up pretty much any crap they damn well want. Not just stupid bull like miniature analog cameras and tough old lady Nazi killers, either — but entire GD swaths of history.

They know if you say anything about the immense daily BS out of them, they’ll just scream like crazy banshees, calling you a Nazi, anti-Semite, hater, White supremacist.

Now do you know how they get away with it all?

— Phillip Marlowe

* Is Helen Mirren Jewish? Publicly, she says she doesn’t really know. She goes on to say her mother came from London’s East end, where there was a sizable Jewish population, so she could be. She also told the Jewish reporter her “love of sparkle” (i.e. diamonds) might be evidence of the Jew in her.

NOTE TO NEW INCOG READERS: It’s not having a little Jew running through the veins that’s important here — it’s the social and political headlock on White lands enforced by supremacist, Globalist, Zionist Jewry that is. In other words, Helen Mirren’s personal genetics are immaterial to all he BS going down today, turning America into a racial hell-hole and our morals turned inside out by these nervy bastards. Sadly, like so many non-Jews out there, she’s just in it for the money.

Go here to see how many of these Jews are behind what Americans watch: THE JEW MEDIA OCTOPUS

General overview of massive Jew ownership of media

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