233 Responses to The Black Race is Clearly Demonic

  1. Brian says:

    White Child Gets Bullied By Negro “Sisters”

  2. Brian says:

    I helped set this show up. Check it out:
    The Chad Factor with Tom Metzger:

  3. someone who thinks you are mistaken says:

    Okay right winger. You clearly have some sort of hatred against blacks, for no reason at all. Whites kill. You certainly seem like someone who would kill. Blacks are people. They are no different. It’s YOU that has the problem. Why would you generalize blacks that they are “all” murderers. Oh no, one black killed. So do whites, smart one.

  4. INCOG MAN says:

    Look, brainiac, if a White guy did this to a black you would hear about it NON-STOP. Blacks committing crime on Whites is ALWAYS CENSORED by the media at large. Even your local news tries to obsfuscate it.

    Whites are brutally — and I mean BRUTALLY — murdered by blacks all the time. Look at some of my links over on the left. Just go to my photo montages of JUST A FEW:


    Try imagine any of these WHITES as a friend or family of yours, personally. Some of them were killed for being White, and some were actually tortured to death.

    As it is, you’ve been BRAINWASHED by Jewish media to think blacks are so victimized by us White people.

    I’ve had enough. Of course, the same jews have trained you to think of me as a Nazi, haven’t they?

  5. INCOG MAN says:

    I guess the spineless libtard can’t say a word.

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Atlantic Magazine Declares Beards To Be Racist


    Someone probably agrees with Atlantic Magazine.

  7. INCOG MAN says:

    Sticking up for my OWN RACE makes me the hater guy.

    This is the brainwashing the media Jews have done.

    I guarantee you that libtard would NEVER say jack, when blacks say racist things about us Whites.

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    You’re not the hater Incog. If he is white, he hates his own race. It is a shame that whites like that can’t be sent to black Africa to live for a few years. I wonder how those liberal white females would feel about having female circumcision performed on them? I would settle for them being forced to live in Detroit for about 5 years. If they survived I bet they would have more appreciation for their own race.

  9. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Black MU Students And Faculty Demand Campus Police Scale Down Efforts To Catch Black Perpetrators


  10. White South African says:

    I agree with you Incog!! We live in fear in South Africa, we never had this shit under apartheid rule, now we have a president who believes he cant get aids because he showers?? come on!! has anybody seen what happens in a farm attack? white women mutilated after being gang raped then having a broom stick shoved up her arse till it comes out the side of her neck? none of this shit is ever talked about in the media!! The black race are worse than animals!!

  11. Flanders says:

    Why is it that so many South Africans, those who are directly affected by the negroid violence, are either ignorant about or do not recognize the jew role in the creation of those conditions which destroyed a good country and which encourages the violence against Whites?

  12. lisa says:

    There are monsters in every race. You are clearly showing your ignorance. I have seen monsters of every color jackass.

  13. INCOG MAN says:

    STFU, you brainwashed idiot.

    I take it you are a White liberal, who only thinks what the Media Jews have told you to think.

    Blacks are clearly demonic animals — hell, they kill each other all the time over nothing. Look how any country and city they have control ends up sucking major ass. Everyone sees it now.

    WTFU jackass BYATCH!

  14. INCOG MAN says:

    I guess Lisa can’t handle the truth.

    Check out these White people who were killed by these animals:


  15. Bailey says:

    Here you go Lisa, Read the news.


    And read some history,


    Your liberal attitude can get you raped or killed – or both.

    Do you have a husband or boyfriend?
    Do you feel safe when you are with your man?

    Nobody is safe and if you don’t know how bad it is out there maybe this will change your mind.


  16. Bailey says:

    Here Lisa , Do your homework and share the cold dark truth with your friends.


    Ignorant? Not me or anyone else here at this fine site unless some jewrat sneaks in , but they never last.

  17. Someone who disagrees with you says:

    Lisa’s right. Why do you hate blacks so much? You’re obviously the bad guy here.

  18. adloe says:

    This site is full of sh!t.

  19. curious says:

    I’m Just curious here. if Africa is a land that is known as a black people land and country (South Africa), which they are the alphas of that land that has a long history of global white supremacy (covert institutional at most) and injustice even today by corporate imperialism using The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and corporations to gain natural resources all of which are owned by white nations or white people; along with military occupation to conduct black opts such as germ warfare all directed at the destruction of black Africans for benefit economically to whites or white nations, why would whites move to a country where they are fully aware that niggers would be there? why move to a country that is infested with savages with Ebola and AIDS seeping from their pores and monkey inbreed cannibal niggers only to face reverse racism. if its a nigger land let the savages live there in filthy why move there?

  20. Dirty south says:

    What pisses me off is when whites retaliate on a nigger its a hate crime and when niggers do it to whites it’s not even on the news half the time.Every time I look on the real news site that’s all you see is these niggers have so called games where that’s their intentions is to go out and beat the shit out of white innocent bystanders seriously it’s called knock white girl out or some shit like that and you never hear about it on the news that’s on t.v. For everyone to see but when it’s a white fucking a nigger up then it’s all the sudden a hate crime and all over the t.v.What I liked is I seen one time some niggers tried to do that shit to an innocent white couple walking down the street and the dude put a cap in his black ass lmao,that’s what he gets.They try that shit on the wrong white people then they will regret it cause they will have their black ass handed to them….

  21. JustAnotherDude says:

    The thing is, guys, you’re not looking at the actual Cause of all this shit.
    You should be looking at the Software rather than the Hardware.
    Blacks do this shit because they’re Ignorant and not educated. All the shit-for-brains insanity going on in Africa and the Far East is all about Islamic Shit burned into their sorry-ass brains. That’s pretty much the Cause of a good percentage of their mad-dog insanity right there. Now on the other hand, if they were brought up with a nice secular education, science books, and loving parents you would see an entirely different side to them. The rest is pretty much raw hate spread via ignorance–their parents tell them to never trust Whitie because their great-great-whatevers were Whitey’s slaves… The result is a persecution complex passed down from generation to generation which is only getting worse with racial hyper-sensitivity. All it takes now is a White guy to look at a Black guy the wrong way and he’s bitching about suffering mentral trauma for being looked down upon as a nigger-slave descendant and he wants to sue-sue-sue for psychological damage, blah blah blah…

  22. Iced prophet says:

    You good sir are 100% correct. We are NOT inherently equal. Its openly admitted blacks are the best at sports that include running, jumping, stealing and slamming your head into things. Not so good at staying afloat. What seperates man from animals is his cognitive abilities. The Eurasian races have superior cognitive abilities. As Ghandi said, the Kaffirs are hardly removed from the animals. As Thomas Jefferson said there is no greater inequality than equality applied to those who are unequal. Just because we can breed with these things does not make them our species. They are so fundamentally different they are self rendered incompatible with civilization. Blow your white guilt and shame up your ass, Odin is back to save us.

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