426 Responses to A-Freakin’ Apes are Psycho FIRE FREAKS

  1. Brian says:


  2. squarepegroundhole says:

    This warm Christmas story has all the earmarks of Jewish propaganda.
    The vague description of the woman turned to a chestnut roasting on an open fire was most likely a coal burner who was actually dead long before being set a blaze.

    I may be wrong about the woman being another victim of mud shark madness. However there is no disputing Niggers are a dangerous weapon for the Jews.

    If you see a Nigger you are too close!



  3. Bailey says:

    My money is on this being a nigger crime.
    woman found dead with injuries not related to fire , womans car found burned , miles away.


  4. squarepegroundhole says:

    A-Freakin’ Apes are Psycho FIRE FREAKS!

    “She didn’t die in the fire itself,” Wydra said. “We are working with the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office to determine the manner and cause of death. We have a very active criminal investigation going and are treating this as a homicide.”

    Yep, the smart money says they got Niggers….

  5. squarepegroundhole says:


    Negro Throws Gas on Girlfriend, Burns Her to Death


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