Israel-Palestinian Talks: Just More ZIO JEW BS

Just like GW Bush, John Kerry was a member of Yale’s “Skull and Bones” society, where his secret nickname was supposedly “Long Devil.” Kerry replaces Zio suck-up Hillary Clinton at the Zio Jew-controlled US State Department.

Last week the Jew media of the US, tried to sound all excited as they announced the new Secretary of State, John Kohn… um… I mean Kerry… was taking the bull by the horns and restarting the “peace talks” between Israel and what’s left of the Palestinians.

Look at this smirking Jew Bastard!

Aaron David Miller

Then we got ourselves members of the Zio Lobby, like that horse-faced, stuck-on-himself Jew boy, Aaron David Miller (right), that FOX and even ABC news (which should tell you something right there) brings on to give us the same old Jew double talk they have been doing since day-friggin-one. Miller once wrote to his fellow Jews that they shouldn’t worry about us Americans getting angry with Israel, because they now basically own us (his words: “Many American Jews refuse to accept it, but the real debate between Israel’s supporters and detractors in America is all but over…”).

I don’t think so, Jews. God, I can’t stand these arrogant MOTHER-EFFERS one GD bit!

Have we not heard the peace talks line of crap before? What? For 60 years now? You think anything is going to happen that the Jews won’t go along with for PR/Sheep purposes? What a laugh riot. These tricky-dick SOBs will play the game, but in the end the Palestinians are just going to be screwed over once again, without a doubt. All thanks to the control Jewry has had over America that anyone who really thinks for himself can see — most definitely not the blubbering idiot Kwans out here in TV land.

And the Zionist Israelis have been building “settlements” all over the West bank for decades, funded by filthy rich, traitorous Jewry over here in the new Jer-USA-lem of the West — America. That’s right. Psycho orthodox and Zionist Jews move over to Eretz Israel (Aliyah) to live in nice California-like homes, while they run around patrolling the place with fully automatic American M-16’s just in case some little Palestinian kid accidentally strays unto the YAHWEH-promised acreage and God’s Chosen have to waste him on the spot.

JEW TAKEOVER OF THE WEST BANKJews are insane, major league HYPOCRITES, going on and on about the Nazis 24/7, and telling us we need to let Third Worlders into OUR GD LANDS. Now do you get what I’m telling you about these punks?

The Israelis are always imprisoning and killing Palestinians, like this father and son shot down like dogs by IDF forces for fun.

The Israelis are always imprisoning and killing Palestinians, like this father and son shot down like dogs by IDF forces for grins.

I used to stupidly wonder why the Palestinians blew themselves up trying to kill Israelis, but now I’ve done a complete 180 and know exactly the deal. I was totally wrong and I’m now a GIANT Palestinian supporter. You hear me, you Zio fat boys out there?

In fact, I got myself a way cool combat green Palestinian scarf (keffiyeh), bought for me by a loyal INCOG MAN visitor. It was actually made in Hebron, at the last factory they have for making them on the West bank (a lot of Christian Palestinians live in that town, too). I made doubly sure to get it from them, instead of some cheap China knock-off — which by itself says BOTH the Palis and us American workers are getting it in the rear by these SOBing Globalist mothers.

I can’t wait to see the look on Bill O’Reilly’s scared face when he sees me wearing it when we finally roust these Shabbos Goy bastards out of their cushy media offices at the point of a bayonet!

The Jew media has always obfuscated this stolen land business. Oh, they mention it ambiguously, like it’s just the way things are, so we got to go on from here. That’s the trick these stinking Jews have done — something called a “fait accompli” which is frenchy talk for “it’s a done deal, so suck it up.” These Jew bastards (here and Israel) know they’ve been up to this little scam now for decades. Don’t try to tell me otherwise.

Now, I’ve read that the Israeli government gives the psycho orthodox Jews around $30 grand to park their worthless, Kosher behinds in these West bank condos, built by rich Jews in the US. Then they live off Kosher extortion money from the US and African Blood Diamond income from Jew York, London and Amsterdam, along with what the Israeli government gives them out of the yearly take from US taxpayers.

Hell, some rich US and European Jews even have their own stylish digs on stolen land in East Jerusalem, where they can spend vacation time in the motherland, overlooking the Temple mount, praying for the day Israel (or puppet America) drops a US-made blockbuster bomb on the Islamic Mosque of the Golden Dome, blowing it to hell so they can finally build the Third Jewish Temple, something they’ve lusted to do for nearly 2000 years, as they say.

Or the rich American Jews have a second home in Israel as place to escape to, just in case one of their US scam ops goes bad, or us Goyim finally, FINALLY, figure out what backstabbers this race truly is and everybody starts goose-stepping all around the place.

Getting back to the so-called Israel-Palestinian “peace talks.” We’re not the “good guys” here. Far from it. That stuck-up Jew, Aaron David Miller, also once said America functions as Israel’s lawyers in such matters. Hell, we’re tons more than that. We’re also a giant piggy bank for these devious bastards and act as their world-wide strong-arm thugs, too. It’s absolutely true: The tail is wagging the dog!

Yeah, like the Palestinians are going to get a fair shake. Good luck with that.

John Kerry's official State Department liason to the peace talks is his political advisor buddy, Frank LowenSTEIN, son of Civil Rights activist Jew, Allard Lowenstein.

John Kerry’s official State Department liason to the peace talks is his longtime political advisor buddy, Frank LowenSTEIN, son of “legendary” Civil Rights activist Jew, Allard Lowenstein (right).

John Kohn (or Kerry, as his Jewish ancestors changed their name to in 1900) and the Obama administration named Martin Indyk to head the US efforts in “peace talks.” They should have just appointed a Jew and been done with it, because Indyk already has a long history as a tool for the Zio lobby. At least it would be more honest.

The fact of them using Indyk sends a clear message to the Palestinians that Israel is running the show, since the last guy used for such matters, George Mitchell, at least tried to appear even-handed.

But according to Professor Kevin MacDonald, all that was a big joke, too. America has only ever rammed down the Palestinian’s throats whatever backroom-controlling Israel wants. That’s why this BS merry-go-round keeps spinning and why the Muslim world still hates our ass — not because we like wearing blue jeans and bikinis at the beach like the media Jews have led you to think.

Now these Shabbos Goys in the media are going to tell you that someone like me is an Extremist. OH GOD NO, not an EXTREMIST! Your FOX fools are going to say I’m a bong-smoking, yogurt-eating libtard because I got a Palestinian scarf and must be too fashion conscious to be a real American man (OK, so I do get a little queer over camo and tactical web gear). Or your MSNBC creeps will say I’m a racist right-winger because of how much I hate the hoodie-wearing blacks and that’s a BIG NO-NO since we should all love those who want to rob and kill us just because they get a little bored and need some fun in the streets.

Now, I’ll fully admit that the Palestinians are not the number one thing for me. It’s just one part of oh-so-much about these trouble-making HYPOCRITES I can’t stand.

Yes, indeed, the GD Jews are major-league HYPOCRITES. They are over here in America (Australia, Europe, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway and Sweden, too), screwing up WHITE COUNTRIES, by pushing immigration of NON-WHITES into our lands, just so us White people can’t threaten their multitude of scam ops they have going on, their NWO agenda (globalism), or their arrogant belief that only Jewry can “fix the world” (Tikkun Olam).


The stinking Jews have been openly brainwashing my race into breeding ourselves away and for that the SOBs will pay, if I got anything to do about it.

Basically, they are trying to slowly (so we don’t get it before it’s too late) genocide MY RACE. Or turn us into a spat-upon, powerless minority, at the very least. Look at what big media Jewry in the West did to the Whites in South Africa. Hell, that place was probably a test run for what they envisage the future for us European White people.

Yep, these media Jews have been behind all the race-baiting BS with blacks in America since day-one. Just turn on the TV for five minutes and you’ll see something about blacks victimized by us evil Whites in the past; either that, or the blacks are made out as saints and heroes. All the business with PC has been a giant Jew thing to protect Jewry, while at the same time getting us White people to breed ourselves away. Cheap-ass Jews so love the “two-fer” dealy.

If all that wasn’t enough, these punks have managed to get their filthy stinking paws on our economy and livelihoods, by installing over us the Federal Reserve in 1913 and the “FIAT” currency business — through which we constantly get hit with inflation. Basically, the SOBs have the stolen the right to print money as THEY see fit. Just like what happened in Germany’s Weimar republic. Ask yourself: Why do all the Federal Reserve chairman’s have to be Jewish?

Yeah, these stinking Jews have a lot GD nerve alright.

If you’re a libtard or conservative who’s read what I got to say, you probably thought I was nothing but a racist, right-winger, White supremacist, etc., etc. You need to seriously rethink your world, pal, because these Jews have been manipulating your brain since the day you were born. You want to be a real good guy? Then you need to show some backbone and say something about these creeps to all those around you. NOW!

Thank you for your time.

— Phillip Marlowe


The Filthy GD Jews laugh at all the BS they get away with!



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Hoff says:

    Can someone please explain the expression:

    No pun intended.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Oprah Winfrey, her name was supposed to have been Orpah, like the one in the Bible, but the dumb nigger writing the birth certificate couldn’t spell so it came out Oprah and they just kept it like that.

    Oprah has no illusions, she knows her masters are Jews and she is there to promote niggers, Jews, Mexicans, filthy homos, lesbos, anything that denigrates and defiles white people and Christianity.

    Oprah confessed years ago she lived on the streets and lied saying she was never a whore.
    It turns out she was a street whore, I suppose she’s still is a whore selling herself to the Jews selling lies and brainwashing to stupefied dumbed down white people.

    I wonder how many Jews have been involved in making her shows, we know blacks can barely organise a garage sale, let alone a tv show.
    I bet there is an army of filthy Jew scum behind the scenes waging war on white Christian people.

  3. t bone says:


    ‘No pun intended’

    Alerting the reader (or listener) that you didn’t mean something as a joke.

    For instance:

    “I cant believe they let that jew, Anthony Weiner, off the hook” (no pun intended)

    ‘Hook’ can be taken as a joke as in ‘hook nose’.

    A pun is like a joke or something funny.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    When you blow somebody off, as in disregarding their presence or their existence or something they say. Meaning you take no notice or care about them. The example was when an officer goes to the white house to swap the nuclear launch codes with mr. Clinton for updated codes and the white house staffers tell the officer to go away the president is too busy for such unimportant nonsense. For three months. And the president is actually busy with white house staffer monica Lewinski getting a blow job. that’s kind of a pun. so the president AND the pentagon officer were getting blown off by white house staffers. I think rahm Emanuel and mossad were holding on to the American nuclear launch codes for safe keeping.

  5. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    @ Hoff : A prostitute is walking over to make a big deal for her and some friends w/ a group of visiting bachelors when her friend says to her “don’t blow it girl”….No pun intended…Get it. Like the word ‘blow’ in the above ex. works in 2 different scenarios.

  6. Bailey says:

    Ballad for jew occupied America:

    Sorry, That vid above was not what I had in mind.

  7. Brian says:

    I helped set this show up. Check it out:
    The Chad Factor with Tom Metzger:

  8. Brian says:


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