Multicult Monsters Kill Aussie Guy “For Fun”



Aussie Christopher Lane, shot down for fun by Gangsta punks.

Aussie Christopher Lane, killed for jogging while White.

A popular, good-looking Australian kid going to college in America on a baseball scholarship, Christopher Lane, was shot down on the streets of Duncan, Oklahoma, last week while visiting the parents of his beautiful White girlfriend, Sarah Harper (photo below).

The guy went out for a quick jog and happened to run past a house where three yellow-belly punks were hanging out, “just chillin.” Seeing him run past, they thought it might be fun to do a fast driveby; so they jumped into a car, found him down the road and shot the White guy in the back with a .22 pistol, killing him.

The trigger-man was 16 year-old Chancey Luna, a black power militant wannabee, who has a White, coal-burning whore mother (just like Obama). With his black gangsta pal, James Edwards (seen clowning around with a rifle in a video HERE), together both face first-degree murder charges. Wigger Michael Jones (said to be a mulatto), is charged with accessory after the fact for driving. According to police: “The boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.'”

Just stop and think a second: If it was three White guys who thrill-killed a black basketball player here on a scholarship from Kenya, the media would be screaming bloody murder all over the place (even if one, or more, were Hispanics like George Zimmerman*). Race hucksters and extortionists, like “Reverends” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, would get prime TV time to spout White-hate and call for black protest marchers to gather from all across America; with transportation costs paid for by major corporations — eager to please the “Reverends” — and maybe even Eric Holder’s DOJ. You think I’m BS-ing you? Hell, the Media Jews even gave Sharpton his own cable TV show.


CHRISTOPHER LANE MONTAGE XPRTThe family of Chris Lane tearfully talk to reporters in Australia, where it’s big news and would be in the US, too, if it wasn’t for Jew media control. Folks, this is really, really sad.

So, when are you going to get it about this barbarous, savage race and the monsters among our own created by Jewry? Had enough of the BS yet, White people?

Timothy McNerney

Timothy McNerney, beaten to death.

This kind of thing happens all the time, my friends. Not only are we being gunned down in the streets for fun and money by these vicious, sadistic animals, but get beaten by black mobs in the streets. Then we got to listen to the multicults on TV telling us that we’re the haters etc., GD ETC.!

How about the story last October of the popular Pennsylvania man, Washington & Jefferson College football player Timothy McNerney (left), attacked and beaten literally to death by a mob of at least six Obama sons near his college campus?

judith pyle killingJust the other day I was reading about this sad case in Colorado I had heard nothing about until now. William James Trimble followed off a bus a 61 year-old mildly retarded White woman in December, 2007, probably because he thought she would be an easy target for a little quick “trim.”

The disgusting animal left her beaten and raped outside in the freezing snow. When the police found her she was nearly dead from exposure, but managed to give a description right before she finally succumbed. Can you imagine that?

Patrick Puckett

Patrick Puckett, shot dead by a punky-looking Obama son.

Obama son, 20 year-old Ernest Wheeler III, shot dead popular Lexington, Kentucky, high school football star Patrick Puckett (left) back in May of this year. The little black bastard took off running, but was soon arrested and hauled before a judge in June. Now the taxpayer will have to support his worthless hide for a few years.

How about the two Macon, Georgia White guys killed back in May, as well? Four Obama sons came across the two after their truck broke down beside the road and acted all helpful by giving them a lift to gas station. Later, one of them asked for a drink, so one of the White guys stupidly let them into his home. Big mistake. The evil GD blacks shot both in the head, killing them. Think of the fear of those two guys when they suddenly realized they were about to be killed by some black punks.


Had enough of the BS yet, White people?

Violent blacks have been brutally victimizing us Whites for decades — ever since the sixties when the gates were opened and we were forced to live with these animals. You only know about such crimes these days because of the Internet. They certainly don’t report much on anything beyond your local viewing area!

The filthy GD media has quite obviously been working to keep our race in the dark. While all the brouhaha was going on about George Zimmerman trial and Trayvon Martin, they kept the lid on a White baby shot dead in a stroller and the horrific blowtorch murder of a 12 year-old White kid named Jonathan Foster down in Texas. Mull on that one in your heads for awhile.

What is the common denominator?

The whole “PC” business has been part and parcel of the insidious NWO agenda of the International Jews. Not only PC, but blatant media propaganda and brainwashing of our race to breed ourselves away — resulting in half-bred, hip-hop monsters who are, for all intents and purposes, really just another kind of violent, criminal black.

This is exactly what the perfidious Jews planned to turn our race into. These devious mothers are now far along in destroying our race from the inside out, but just don’t want us to all get it before it’s too late.

They have created a system of media and social self-censorship, along with the left/right paradigm (republicans versus democrats), to keep us all messed up in the head and distracted as to what they are doing to our race. None of the White politicians or Whites in the media are going to say one GD thing because they know if they did, they would probably not see anything in the controlled media in the first place, plus lose their highly paid careers and turned into a hated pariah among friends and family.

Look, I don’t know if I’m reaching you or not. I can only write what I see is going down, jack. It’s up to you reading here right now to come to the realization that all this is true, even if it’s so terrible and you might worry people are going to call you a “Nazi.”

Blacks are indeed dangerous, criminal animals, no doubt whatsoever. But the bigger picture here is that the Jews have created all this so we don’t come together and put a stop to the long-sought Jewish agenda of Global governance and eventual White genocide.

Help me out, my friends, by telling those around you about all this.

Thank you.

— Phillip Marlowe

* DOJ Feds actually merges data on Hispanic murderers, who are mostly non-White, half-breed Indian Mestizos (legal or not), into White numbers when releasing nationwide murder statistics. This cuts back on the huge and way too obvious disparity between White murder rates versus black. They do similar statistical tricks with the rape rates. I know because I’m familiar with the relational database sub-programs my state once used for uploading data and talked to state police people about it in the past.




Jennifer Luna

Jennifer Luna

Those of the US media reporting on the crime, might be showing pictures of the White mudshark mother of Chancey, in the attempt to make the crime look more “white.” With the exception of a few brief reports on FOX, mainstream US TV has completely ignored the story. ABC “World News Tonight, with Diane Sawyer” has said ZILCH (I monitor them).

This goes to show you the specific efforts to keep the White race stupid. Do you get it — yet?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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322 Responses to Multicult Monsters Kill Aussie Guy “For Fun”

  1. GTRman says:

    My vote for comment of the week , if you still do that , or even of the decade , is by “Ronaldo”

    It’s almost poetry , sums up so much in 3 lines :

    ” This just keeps happening and happening.
    Truly sickening.
    We need to get these things out of here. ”

    Brilliant .

  2. GTRman says:

    or maybe this from “Mossad did 911” :

    “This is why I’m done with the nice guy routine. Our white bretheren need a big slap in the face…apparently , bullets from niggers in the backs and jew spit from the media in the face isn’t enough. The white race MUST shake off the jew brainwashing that has been going on unabated for decades. We can’t expect anyone else to do it.”

    Double Whammy

  3. Brian says:

  4. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    Uh OH! A non kike isn’t playing the game. She better watch her back! Fucking kikes will paint a target on her after this outrage!

    Oklahoma gov.: Would be ‘nice’ if Obama spoke on ‘thrill kill’ murder

  5. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    Frank Fredenburg says:
    August 24, 2013 at 6:17 pm
    “Wake up white people. This is coming to America soon.”

    It’s already here. They just do it stealth

  6. Brian says:

    White Child Gets Bullied By Negro “Sisters”

  7. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    Damn niggers are going to shove this down the throats of white North Fulton – and they’ll find jew money to pay for it, too –|topnews|bc|large

    Oh, they’ll do it, no matter what community people say. And the sad part is that too many whites are too stupid to think of the crime and the sleaze that rides on these rails. They’re already chirping away about how it will relieve traffic. Yeah, right. How insanely ignorant!! Traffic on the south side is just as bad, if not worse. White flight has gone north, not south. It’s downright dangerous to ride the train to the airport and be forced to travel through those nigger neighborhoods.

  8. Brian says:

    I helped set this show up. Check it out:
    The Chad Factor with Tom Metzger:

  9. This is what happens when our white lands grow darker. I live in Melbourne, Australia, which is experiencing a 2% growth in population every year. It wouldn’t be a problem if it were white Europeans moving into out city and suburbs. But the vast majority of new arrivals are non-whites, and plenty of them are niggers. With the influx of niggers has come a rapid rise in the number of violent crimes, most of them black on white. Sadly what happened to Chris will be as commonplace here soon as it is becoming in the US.

  10. Brian says:

    I feel so bad that this Aussie came here just for vacation and happened to get killed by racist niggers. This is what happens when white immigrants come here… even if it’s just for a short trip. Welcome to the JEW.S.A.

  11. Brian says:


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