The Rape and Murder of Little Mary Phagan

THE RAPE AND MURDER OF MARY PHAGAN XPRTOver 100 years ago, inside a dingy, shuttered factory at the heart of Atlanta’s industrial sector, an infatuated Jewish serial rapist-pedophile viciously assaulted one of his teenage employees who rejected his sexual propositions — for the last time.


Mary Anne Phagan, a beautiful young White girl, was only 13 years-old in the spring of 1913 when a perverted Leo Frank raped and murdered her. Jews and the liberal media has ever since portrayed Frank as innocent and unfairly victimized by anti-Semite, racist White Southerners.

Mary Anne Phagan, a beautiful young White girl, was only 13 years-old in the spring of 1913 when a perverted Leo Frank raped and murdered her. Jews and the liberal media has ever since portrayed Frank as innocent and unfairly victimized by anti-Semite, racist White Southerners, when nothing could be further from the truth. (INCOG)

On Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, young Mary Phagan entered the office anteroom of her boss, National Pencil Company superintendent Leo Frank, just minutes after high noon to pick up her pay envelope for her work the week before.

However, for the past week Mary had been laid off from the Atlanta, Georgia, factory because the brass sheet metal required had all been used up on Monday morning, April 21, 1913. Without this one essential material, there could be no bands created and attached to the ends of pencils, so she couldn’t use the knurling machine at her work station to insert the rubber erasers.

Mary Phagan’s job was absolutely critical in the factory’s manufacturing efforts, because adding erasers to the base of pencils was the very last production stage before they were boxed in tissue paper, loaded up in monogrammed boxes and shipped for distribution nationwide.

Standing in the door frame to his office, Mary looked in and quietly asked, “Mr. Frank?” Leo could feel his heart suddenly beating as he recognized the voice and looked up, especially since he now found himself very much alone with the attractive child laborer under his skillful management — dressed gaily today in lavender and lace for the downtown Parade — a sweet young southern girl whom he had a crush on for some time, and one that had blossomed far beyond her tender age.

Jewish accounts of the Mary Phagan murder case over the coming decades purposefully leave out certain damning facts and details showing what surely happened next…

Leo had only recently fired another worker at the factory, the tall and handsome James Milton Gantt, supposedly because of a $2 shortage in the petty cash box. But all that was nothing more than a ruse.

Leo had seen Mary gazing into James’ baby blue eyes like he was her “Knight in Shining Armor,” and James did in fact look after Mary, so the superintendent decided to get the prince out of the way, so the jealous dragon could play. Mary was the one employee he was most infatuated with, but couldn’t have because of Gantt and she had spurned Leo’s pesterings and subtle innuendos since the spring of 1912 — humiliating his arrogant ego and making him ever more determined.

For a man like Leo Frank who doesn’t like taking no for an answer, now he would finally get even!

Frank said “hello Mary” in his nebbish, New Yorker accent. Phagan immediately requested her pay envelope of $1.20, but also quickly asked if the ordered metal supplies had arrived yet. Leo Frank said inquisitively, “I don’t know yet, let’s have a look” as he stood up briskly from his wooden swivel chair. While walking to the machine room located down the hall from Frank’s office, the two made small talk, wondering if Mr. Darley had received the brass in a timely manner. It was normally stocked in the closet next to the lady’s dressing room, located diagonal to the wall where a lathe work station was situated.

Although Frank told her he “didn’t know,” the requisition papers in his handwritten business ledgers had already indicated the shipment wasn’t to be delivered until early in the following week. Saturday was Confederate Memorial Day — a Georgia State holiday and deliveries would not be made because of the Parade.

The 5′ 8″ tall Leo Frank lured 4′ 11″ Mary Phagan into the metal room on the obvious pretext of determining whether or not she would need to report to work on Monday morning and upon him “realizing” that the brass hadn’t arrived yet, he planned to use her temporary laid-off status for sexual coercion, but something went very wrong and things took an unexpected, violent turn.

Inside the metal room, Frank’s heart began to throb and he whispered while sliding his effeminate hand over her shoulder: “Mary, If you still want to work here, I want you to be with me.” He could feel himself getting aroused already, his manhood pressing hard against his pants. Phagan looked down horrified and tried to swiftly pass by Frank on his left side and run out of the metal room, but he checked her like he was playing basketball for his class team at Cornell, blocking the attempt. This time, there would be no escape.

He seized her with both hands this time, but Phagan jerked, yanking away from his hands and told him “I’m not that kind of girl, take your hands of me!” At this point the incident had crossed the line and could no longer be played off as a joke.

It was at that exact moment when she spurned the ultimatum of her lecherous boss for the last time — denying the advances of a man who had long earned himself a bad reputation amongst the child laborers at the factory as a lascivious creep — terror unfolded. In a sheer explosion of rage, like a bucket of bricks falling out of the sky, Leo Frank clenched his left fist as his gold wedding band tinkled in the dim light falling from the grimy windows and swiveled, punching hard into Mary Phagan’s right eye as she reeled back screaming in horror. His angry knuckles began reigning down in a flurry against her delicate feminine face like sledge hammers on the chain gang.

Jim Conley who was sitting idly on the first floor lobby of the National Pencil Company when the assault was occurring upstairs in the metal room, eerily described to the police the sound of Phagan’s bone chilling echoing cry of mortified agony as a stuttering laugh that broke off into a scream and then absolute silence.

Leo Frank kept pounding Mary Phagan’s face in, blow after blow, while the back of her head slammed against the the bench lathe belonging to Robert P. Barret, leaving behind bloody tresses of her dark strawberry blond hair tangled around its solid iron handle. Why it was never cleaned up after the murder tends to sustain the bespectacled Leo Frank’s irrational state of mind and short-sightedness.

Phagan crumpled at the feet of Leo Frank, whose heart-pounding chest was heaving in breaths of the stale, factory air. Face was flushed with blood and shivering with intensity, Frank immediately dragged Phagan to the doorway of the bathroom in the metal room, tossing her on the greasy wooden floor like a sack of potatoes.

Kneeling down, Frank ripped off a three inch strip of Phagan’s petty-coats, tearing upward from the hem to her crotch, then across and down to the hem again. He gathered the bunched cotton material behind her head like a sponge to soak up the slowly leaking blood from the lathe wound.

Next, Frank frantically hiked up and pealed open her torn dress, ripped her knitted underwear all the way to the right seam, unbuttoned his pants, pushed his underwear down. Soon, her innocence was torn away, bleeding. Phagan suddenly awoke from unconsciousness to agonizing pain, putting her arms and hands over her black and blue eyes, sobbing and crying out in pain repeatedly, “No, No, No,” with tears showering from her swollen face. Trying to roll away was impossible.

In a moment of morbid fear, before he could finish doing his thing, he saw his whole life pass before his eyes in Phagan’s tear-drenched, beaten face. Knowing his reputation in the Jewish community would be irreparably harmed if she told anyone about what happened; his wife from a prominent Atlanta Jewish family would surely seek divorce and his own family would, without a shadow of a doubt, disown him. Very likely he would also live out his life breaking rocks on a chain gang — so there was now no other way out but to permanently silence this goyisher girl and that’s just what he did.

Frank quickly stood up, looking around the room and pulled himself together. With the frightful realization of what he now had to do, he grabbed a nearby seven foot jute cord off a nail on the nearby wall and, with white knuckle fists flexing, hurriedly strangled her to death — burying the cord an eighth of an inch deep into her tender throat. When he knew the dirty, but necessary deed was over, he stepped back, looking down at the dead girl.


In the dark of the night early Sunday morning, Newt Lee, the lanky Negro graveyard shift night watchman — who the Jew racist Leo Frank would soon try to frame for the murder — discovered the mauled body of Phagan. She was dumped in the far end of the basement, near the incinerator and barely visible in the darkened space since the gaslight had been strangely turned all the way down by someone recently. Lee immediately called the police. He then tried to phone his boss, Leo Frank, several times to no avail.

When they arrived, they found tracks indicating Mary Phagan had been dragged face down 140 feet from the elevator shaft across the hard dirt cinders of the basement, dumped diagonal to the incinerator, but oddly enough the deep pocks and scratches didn’t show any signs of bleeding. This told the coroner and investigators the girl was already dead before being taken down into the basement.

The Rape and Murder of America itself by the Jew began over 100 years ago…

MARY PHAGAN MURDER MONTAGE 2Southern honor, justice for Mary and a completely fair trial (including Jews participating both on the prosecution and in the jury) — all were sacrificed for the arrogant and selfish insistence of Jewry about ANY JEW having to be innocent of ANY CRIME. Just think of all the backstabbing Jew spies down the years they never talk about, for crying out loud. It’s always us EVIL WHITE PEOPLE responsible. [INCOG]

Phagan’s underwear that was still attached around her hips, was soaked in dried blood and discharge. Her dress was still moist from top to bottom in urine, suggesting that someone had pissed all over her entire body. Wrapped around her neck was a strip of her blood soaked petty coat, hiding what was underneath, the cord buried an eighth of inch into her neck. Phagan’s face was black and blue, her tongue stuck out a half inch from her mouth and she had wounds on the side and back of her head, and two below the knees. The upper side of her shirt at the chest level had be torn open revealing her left breast.

Her hair and entire body were caked with black dirt. Her arms were reverently crossed over her bosom. Her pocket book was missing and the red flowers from her hat were gone. Her parasol was found at the bottom of the garbage strewn elevator shaft next to a pile of human excrement. The Jewish community would strangely claim for a century that the feces in the elevator shaft is what exonerated Leo Frank.

Police tried many times to contact Frank, but he wouldn’t answer his phone, even though it was ringing just under his second floor bedroom in the dining room below. Finally, Leo Frank picked up the phone in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 27, 1913.

When the police first arrived at Leo Frank’s residence at 68 East Georgia avenue, he was noticeably very nervous and kept delaying leaving the home, asking repeatedly for a cup of coffee. Inside the squad car Leo Frank nervously claimed he didn’t know an employee named Mary Phagan, or any of the girls at the factory, and even denied knowing her name when they showed him the girl’s mutilated corpse on a cooling table at P. J. Bloomfield’s mortuary.

When police and detectives took Frank to his second floor office at the Pencil factory, he opened his payroll ledger, and told the accompanying officers he paid off Mary Phagan at 12:03pm. The next day in the presence of his expensive lawyers, Leo Frank made a deposition to the Atlanta police at the station-house that Mary Phagan came into his office between “12:05pm and 12:10pm, maybe 12:07pm”

What Leo Frank did not know at the time of the sadistic rape-murder is that 14-year-old Monteen Stover, another little girl who had been laid off early in the week for the same reason as Mary — because the brass sheet metal had run out — was waiting inside his office all by herself. Stover waited in Leo Frank’s business office from 12:05 pm to 12:10 pm based on his wall clock, hoping to collect her pay envelope, but left after waiting a full 5 minutes, finally getting up to go because she thought the building might have been deserted due to the holiday.

For three and a half months, Leo Frank swore to the murder alibi that he never left his office when Phagan arrived, until 12:45pm to go upstairs, but then on the witness stand at his trial on August 18, 1913, he — completely reversed himself — making a newfangled and never before heard admission to explain why Monteen Stover had found his office empty during the exact same time he told the police Mary was with him in his office.

Frank seated comfortably on the hard witness stand, said, “NOW GENTLEMEN,” looked the jurors in their eyes and announced to a packed courtroom, that he might have gone to the bathroom in the metal room to use the toilet or urinate and that those were things that a man does “unconsciously.” He would re-assert this newfangled bathroom admission in the March 9, 1914 edition of the Atlanta Constitution (now called the AJC).

It was deliciously ironic for unbiased observers who simply wanted to arrive at the truth and didn’t care either way about his innocence or guilt, but for Leo Frank detractors it was the equivalent of an inescapable murder trial confession. Frank’s defenders would spend 100 years suppressing this “unconscious” incident and claim that all the best evidence at the trial indicated that Jim Conley murdered Phagan in the lobby, where no evidence was found after the murder. Except for a bogus claim by a senile octogenarian named Alonzo Mann, coming forward 70 years after Leo Frank’s verdict to say he saw Conley carrying Phagan there. The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith used this obviously imagined story to secure a posthumous pardon for Frank.

The “unconscious” bathroom revelation by Leo Frank was an earth-shattering admission on the witness stand, because earlier in the trial, Jim Conley said he found Mary Phagan dead in the bathroom area of the metal room on behalf of Leo Frank, who confessed to him that day of murdering her there because she wouldn’t have sex with him. Investigators and workers testified to seeing a five inch dried blood puddle diagonal to the bathroom door in the metal room, blood spots and a lock of Phagan’s bloody hair twisted and tangled around the solid iron handle of the bench lathe in the same room.


Had you been sitting in the Jury box or behind the judges Rostrum on August 18, 1913, listening to Leo Frank’s explanation for why his office might have been empty, when he claimed he was there alone with Mary Phagan at that exact same time, you would have involuntarily shivered as cold chills spilled down your spine, but for more than 100 years, the Jewish community has waged an anti-Gentile racist defamation campaign against Southern European-Americans, claiming they framed Leo Frank because he was Jewish.
The Leo Frank Case has evolved into the longest anti-Semitic Hate crime hoax and anti-Gentile blood libel slander in the history of the United States of America.

The conviction of Leo Frank was the impetus for the formation of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith in October, 1913, after the 500 member strong Atlanta B’nai B’rith voted unanimously on September 24th, 1913, to re-elect their “wrongfully” imprisoned President Leo Frank to a second term as their leader. Frank ran the affairs of his B’nai B’rith chapter behind bars until September of 1914, when he was not re-elected again for a third term. Ever since, the ADL has been at the forefront of perpetuating the hate crime hoax that people were shouting and chanting “hang the Jew” and “kill the jew” outside the Leo Frank trial courtroom that had all of its windows wide open. This is a vicious racist lie by the ADL and Abraham Foxman and Leonard Dinnerstein and many other Jewish domestic extremists.

Why anyone would transform a vicious child molester and convicted child killer into a martyr of anti-Semitism is incomprehensible, but this is what we are up against if we want Western Civilization to survive the coming upheaval that is surely coming at the hands of our Jewish Occupiers. The Jewish community is unanimous in their efforts to rehabilitate Leo Frank and agitate against European-American culture, the same people who consider themselves God’s Chosen, who hold the reigns of power over the mainstream Media, Occidental Governments, U.S. foreign policy and Global Finance, people who hold in total and infinite contempt anyone who is not of their ethno-religious tribe. People who tell everyone else they should be multicultural but practice brutal racial supremacist Apartheid in Israel, where it is indisputable that Palestinians have few civil and human rights.

If you have even any doubts about Leo Frank’s innocence or guilt, then listen to the silent echo from time and space by his wife, Lucille Selig Frank.

Go to the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Queens, New York City, visit Leo Frank’s grave, and look to the left of it, and you will see an empty grave. It was specially reserved for his wife, Lucille Selig. Ask yourself why is it still empty? If you have doubts, go to the front office and ask them if it is indeed empty or not, because they will tell you it is.

You would think after reading all the insistent, shrill Jewish denials in mass media for the last 100 years; books, made-for-TV movies and docudramas– including heart-tugging plays and even a stage musical (Parade) in New York — that Lucille’s love for her husband Leo Frank was eternal and lasted till the day she died in 1957. So, once again, why did she specifically not want to be buried next to Leo Frank?*

Soon the world is going to find out about another girl Leo Frank raped one year before Mary Phagan was raped and killed. In 1912, Leo Frank raped another one of his child employees, and when he was done ravaging her, he slid down between her legs and bit her so hard on the innermost thigh that he permanently scarred her, but this didn’t come out until after the trial, because the girl had gotten pregnant and shipped off to a home for unwed mothers! This is the sadistic pedophile who has been used as a bludgeon for a century to attack, defame, slander, libel, and hate-hoax Americans! This is the man that they hold up as their holy religious martyr of anti-Semitism.

The Jewish Daily Forward ( is now foaming at the mouth, because 100 years of Jewish pathological lies in the popular mainstream culture are rapidly disintegrating, one by one. The International Jews never dreamed that the entire 1,800 page Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Records would end up online for the whole world to carefully read, and now there is no escape from the truth.

We will Never Forget Mary Phagan and we will never stop fighting for her honor until our very last dying breath and we will never stop fighting against the century old culture defamation war waged by the Jewish community, ADL and SPLC against the South and all of Western Civilization.

If you want to learn what really happened, please visit The American Mercury on the Internet and read their August 2013 Leo Frank Case reports — they are publishing an absolutely superb multi-part series on the centennial of the Leo Frank trial. It’s chock full of images and thoughtful analysis you would never get from Jews who go out of their way to distort what happened in the Fulton County court-house 100 years ago.

Introduction to the Leo Frank Trial:

One Hundred Years Ago Today the Leo Frank Trial Began.

Week One of the Leo Frank Trial:

Week Two of the Leo Frank Trial:

Week Three of the Leo Frank Trial:

Leo Frank mounts the witness stand

More analysis and articles to come, so stay tuned…

Visit The American Mercury:

Other articles about the Leo Frank Case by the American Mercury:

100 Reasons Leo Frank is Guilty

Did Leo Frank Confess?

Who Really Solved the Mary Phagan Murder Mystery?

Leonard Dinnerstein’s Pseudo-History on the Frank Case

LEO FRANK TRIAL LIBRARY: The Internet’s largest repository of Leo Frank case information.

* His wife made the specific request in her will not to be buried there and to be cremated. She understood the SOB did it. Also, think about this: If the “evil anti-semitic” southern police detectives and grand jury (which included Jews) had reasonable evidence that one of the factory’s black employees did the actual killing part, don’t you think they would have gladly charged him instead? Leo Frank, and International, globalist Jewry ever since, have long tried to pin the brutal crime on blacks — infuriating hypocritical, considering how the Jewish ADL has the nerve to forever slander us White Southerners as racist, etc., etc. Just think about the BS! [INCOG]

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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