Brits Bury Report on Rudolf Hess’ Murder

With his prison scheduled for demolition in a month (for years he was the only prisoner), Rudolf Hess is found dead, supposedly by his own hand as “they” tell us. But let me tell you a little something: The guy was a genuine hero and the SOBs had the old guy murdered to keep his real story secret.

New people: This is a crucial subject since it gives you a glimpse into the true nature of the murderous NWO power nexus today — once you think it all out. Please go to the end for my notes and CONNECT THE DOTS. [INCOG]

From Justice for Germans

A secret report covered up for 25 years indicates that Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess was murdered, as long suspected, by British SAS agents in order to stop him from divulging British wartime secrets. The British surgeon Hugh Thomas claimed that Hess was killed by two agents on high-level British government orders. Scotland Yard appears to be trying to re-bury the report to protect the guilty and to preserve the cherished British WWII mythology, at least for another few years until the Hess files are opened.

From: The Independent (UK)


Scotland Yard was given the names of British agents who allegedly murdered the Nazi Rudolf Hess in the infamous Spandau Prison but was advised by prosecutors not to pursue its investigations, according to a newly-released police report.

Written two years after Hess’s death in 1987, the classified document outlines a highly-sensitive inquiry into the claims of a British surgeon who had once treated Adolf Hitler’s deputy that, rather than taking his own life, the elderly Nazi was killed on British orders to preserve wartime secrets.

Released under the Freedom of Information Act, the partially-redacted report by Detective Chief Superintendent Howard Jones revealed that the surgeon – Hugh Thomas – had supplied him with the names of two suspects provided by a “government employee” responsible for training secret agents.

Withheld for nearly 25 years, the report has been released by the Yard’s counter-terrorism command following consultation with “other Government and foreign government departments.”

The death of Hess in Berlin at the age of 93 after he apparently hung himself with a wire flex in a summer house in the grounds of Spandau has long been controversial with claims that he was too infirm to commit suicide and a farewell note to his family had in fact been written 20 years earlier.

The Yard was called in in 1989 after Mr. Thomas, an eminent former military surgeon previously based in Spandau, claimed in a book that “Hess” was in fact an impostor sent by the Nazis to Britain in 1941 and his murder was carried out by two British assassins disguised as American serviceman.

In his subsequent 11-page report, Mr. Jones said the surgeon had “confidentially imparted” the names of two alleged suspects passed to him by an informant who was a former member of the SAS and had since taken on a role “training people for undercover or spying operations.”

Prior to his death, speculation had been growing that Hess might be released because a long-standing veto by the Soviet Union, which for decades had insisted on a severe regime for Hess, including forcing him to wash his hands in toilet bowl, might be reversed by Mikhail Gorbachev.

Mr. Jones wrote:

“[Mr. Thomas] had received information that two assassins had been ordered on behalf of the British Government to kill Hess in order that he should not be released and free to expose secrets concerning the plot to overthrow the Churchill government.”

The officer found there was not “much substance” to Mr. Thomas’s claims of murder but suggested that efforts should be made to trace and interview the alleged killers along with other witnesses to ensure the matter could be “comprehensively adjudged” to have been fully investigated. [and reburied – Ed.]

It is not known if the two suspects were tracked down after the report was submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service in May 1989.

But within six months the investigation was declared closed after the then Director of Public of Prosecutions, Sir Allan Green QC, advised that further inquiries were not necessary.

In November 1989, Sir Nicholas Lyell, the solicitor general, told Parliament:

“The inquiries carried out by Detective Chief Superintendent Jones have produced no cogent evidence to suggest that Rudolf Hess was murdered; nor, on the view of the Director of Public Prosecutions, is there any basis for further investigation.”

The unannounced arrival of Hess in Britain was one of the strangest incidents of the Second World War and remains the subject of extensive debate about its motivation, including whether it was an ill-judged attempt to unseat Winston Churchill by enlisting aristocrats with Nazi sympathies.

After flying solo to Scotland in 1941, Hitler’s deputy fuhrer parachuted to the ground and, after being taken into custody at pitchfork-point by an astonished ploughman, declared his intention to negotiate a peace with Britain to form an alliance against Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Hess was sentenced to life imprisonment as a war criminal at the Nuremberg Trials and incarcerated in Spandau along with other prominent Nazis including Albert Speer. From 1966 onwards, Hitler’s deputy – whose Allied guards were required to only address him as Prisoner Seven – was the sole inmate in the 600-cell prison.

They said the doddering old man strangled himself in a horizontal position, but it was clear someone murdered him.

Actual Hess autopsy photo: Look closely and you can just make out the red mark from his garroting.

Further doubt was claimed to have been cast last year on the circumstances of Hess’s suicide when photographs emerged of the summer house where he died, showing the short distance – some 5ft – between the cord from which he was found hanging and the floor.

His son, Wolf, had previously insisted that the height was insufficient for his father, crippled by arthritis, to hang himself and added to post mortem examination evidence suggesting a full noose had been placed around his neck.

In his report, Mr Jones dismissed such concerns, saying expert advice showed Hess’s injuries were consistent with an “unusual hanging situation”.


Mr. Jones’ statement is utter BS as can be expected and is easily refuted.  Can we really expect that Scotland Yard is going tell the truth? The British government has many dark secrets and skeletons in their closet, which if or when revealed, will blow their whole World War II mythology straight to hell, and will expose the War Criminal Churchill and his cabal for who and what they were: liars and mass murderers, who wanted war at all cost.

For those who understand German, watch this video. It contains testimony from a witness who worked in the prison and communicated with Hess, and who saw the crime scene. It also includes testimony from the doctor who performed the autopsy. At the 3:00 minute mark you will see some pictures from the autopsy which show that the strangulation marks went all the way around the neck, and that does not happen in the case of a suicide by hanging, especially as is alleged to have taken place.

NOTE: The video clip is part of a full German documentary on the Secret Hess Files which I hope to translate into English in the not too distant future. Volunteers to help with this project would be appreciated. Please e-mail me if you might be able to assist.

Please see my previous post on this topic and related article:

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Some of you might be saying to yourselves, “what’s the death of this one old nazi guy way back in 1987 got to do with me in this day and age?” Like BFD, right?

It has tons to do with all the crap nowadays, bub. Just think it out a minute. The MOFOS offed this one doddering old man because of the possibility of him talking about things from WWII and Hitler; stuff they don’t want both the general public to know (all the morons out there). Plus, even more importantly, all the hoity-toity court historians might just re-evaluate all the tired, accepted WWII bull they’ve been re-hashing ad nauseum for decades upon decades (not including the Jewish “historians” who, of course, prefer you staying stupid).

I can’t tell you all the boring books on WWII I’ve gotten for Christmas that basically say the same old tired crap, along with all the same old GD pictures — especially of all the dead Jews. I had to tell everyone to stop!

Just like the business with FDR purposely egging on the Japs and hiding his advance notice of them planning to attack Pearl Harbor; they don’t want people to ask inconvenient questions on “Cui Bono” (who benefits?) because they need to protect the installed belief system of today’s unwashed masses so they can continue raping us White people.

Get it?

The story of Rudolf Hess is so dangerous to the Zionist Jew blanket over our heads that the psychos went and literally had the poor man’s bones exhumed, ground up and secretly dumped far out at sea. Un-frickin-believable!


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  1. protocolsRtrue says:


    4. The part played by the liberals, utopian dreamers, will be finally played out when our government is acknowledged. Till such time they will continue to do us good service. Therefore we shall continue to direct their minds to all sorts of vain conceptions of fantastic theories, new and apparently progressive: for have we not with complete success turned the brainless heads of the GOYIM with progress, till there is not among the GOYIM one mind able to perceive that under this word lies a departure from truth in all cases where it is not a question of material inventions, for truth is one, and in it there is no place for progress. Progress, like a fallacious idea, serves to obscure truth so that none may know it except us, the Chosen of God, its guardians.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Fuck the jews and their holocaust lies. #15


    8. And how far-seeing were our learned elders in ancient times when they said that to attain a serious end it behooves not to stop at any means or to count the victims sacrificed for the sake of that end …. We have not counted the victims of the seed of the GOY cattle, though we have sacrificed many of our own, but for that we have now already given them such a position on the earth as they could not even have dreamed of. The comparatively small numbers of the victims from the number of ours have preserved our nationality from destruction.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    The irs bitch lois lerner retired after months of paid leave. Remember her? The skank bitch from the irs that plead the fifth for fucking with conservatives and tea party groups? Fuck you irs jew scumbag pieces of shit.

    Therefore we must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery when they should serve towards the attainment of our end. In politics one must know how to seize the property of others without hesitation if by it we secure submission and sovereignty.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    seizing the property of others was protocol 1 paragraph 23 by the way. And fuck you jews and irs and the rest of you stupid ass zog agents too.

  5. Sundown says:

    Fully agree with what Mr. Incog Man says but what can we do to fIx it?

  6. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Actually, its not a “riddle” and has been known for decades ….

    Nazis ‘offered to leave western Europe in exchange for free hand to attack USSR’ – It was one of the most perplexing episodes of the Second World War which, more than 70 years on, remains shrouded in mystery.

    ” But a new book claims to have solved the riddle of the flight to Britain in 1941 of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s deputy.

    Hess’s journey to Britain by fighter aircraft to Scotland has traditionally been dismissed as the deranged solo mission of a madman.

    But Peter Padfield, an historian, has uncovered evidence he says shows that, Hess, the deputy Fuehrer, brought with him from Hitler, a detailed peace treaty, under which the Nazis would withdraw from western Europe, in exchange for British neutrality over the imminent attack on Russia.

    The existence of such a document was revealed to him by an informant who claims that he and other German speakers were called in by MI6 to translate the treaty for Churchill. ”


  7. sog says:

    al lthats left of exulanten hell . com this site wants a un and a pw so its unaccessible of the tings is its crystal clear dsecription of how many bombs and what types were dropped on living civilian cities rams home the fact that the usa was roped into killing millions of civilians in a bombing agenda that killed civilians first and foremost ..this site said it like that..a cynic could read it and be changed by the horrible truths ..
    then air-photo . com went down and they had meticuolous articulate minutia on the hoax of the holo bs ..
    holocaust denier . com went down and the vids in stanford university some were posted on holodenier ,,that showed jews describin auschwittz as just a work camp ….
    the exulantehell also had pictures of the bombing aftermaths as well as bomb tonnage and type and who dropped what where …i havent really seen a site that complete on the bombing specs drives the facts home even in dense people ..women children civilians etc ..why was this allowed ..made people ask questions that lead to the jews .
    thats why i tell people to back up as much as they can from good websites like yhis one but incog has a mirror site still and archives …these other sites that go away ,some are given warnings by kikes to cease ..

  8. white storm front says:

    Germany’s peace treaty, brought by Hess – and ignored by the blood-thirsty Allies

    … a new book claims to have solved the riddle of the flight to Britain in 1941 of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s deputy.

    Hess’s journey to Britain by fighter aircraft to Scotland has traditionally been dismissed [by Jews] as the deranged solo mission of a madman.

    But Peter Padfield, an historian, has uncovered evidence he says shows that, Hess, the deputy Fuhrer, brought with him from Hitler, a detailed peace treaty, under which the Nazis would withdraw from western Europe, in exchange for British neutrality over the imminent [pre-emptive] attack on Russia.

    Read more

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