Obama Punts To Zionist Occupied Capitol Hill

BIBI IN CONGRESSThis picture says it all, doesn’t it? Israel’s PM, “Bibi” Netanyahu with congressional Shabbos Goys, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi. Look at that satisfied smirk on Bibi boy’s fat face! Not long ago, they let the SOB give a war-mongering speech to the entire assembled “American” legislators on Capitol hill (I bet they all knew to show up) and the Israel sycophants embarrassingly gave Bibi 29 standing ovations.

This past Saturday afternoon, HNIC Barrack Hussein Obama announced he will put the Syrian business before Congress when they return on September 9th. Probably for his so-called “legacy,” Obongo-STEIN doesn’t want to go into attacking Syria alone (his legacy was mud from the start). Sure, they’ll be tons of Jew media gabfesting as usual, but in the end the traitorous Zio Lobby will get America involved in another Mideast war.

This could very well be Zio orchestrated media BS (how are you really supposed to know?), while various military assets and forces in the Middle East jockey for position. The fact of the matter is that Israel wants Assad gone toot sweet, for a multitude of reasons.

The main thing is indeed Israel (the media buries the Israel mention, a little too obviously). One, Assad is buds with Iran, and the Zio Jews want America to eventually destroy them, as well. Two, like Iran and once Libya, Syria’s economy is not under the yoke of the International Jew bankers. Three, the Zio Jews have long wished for something called “Eretz Israel” where Israel totally controls the Middle East (using a Commie Jew-controlled America); with borders stretching from the east bank of the Nile (Egypt) to the west bank of the Euphrates river (Iraq).

They think God has promised them all this and more. Plus, they want to clear out the Palestinians once and for all and will use the “fog of war” to do the final uprooting and genocide operations. They also want to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem as soon as possible. All of this is has been the real agenda and groundwork behind the “Arab Spring.” Sure, your regular Semites in those countries do have their own various political and tribal reasons, too.

Now, some of you new visitors here might be saying to yourselves “that’s just a bunch of conspiracy hokum, blah, blah, blah.” I assure you it’s not. This devious backroom Jew thing has been going on since WWII, and even earlier, matter of fact. There is TONS of history backing all this up. Folks, we friggin’ got ourselves a murderous, demonic race/religion who have been secretly screwing up America, the White European race and even the entire GD planet!

And the perfidious Israeli Jews could very well have done the poison gas attack in Syria. All they had to do is pre-position smuggled nerve agents like Sarin by using embedded MOSSAD elements in Syria, remotely detonate Russian explosives next to them during an instigated conventional attack by Assad’s Syrian military and GTF out of Dodgestan.

You think these backstabbing bastards would never do anything so underhanded? You are one brainwashed fool! Jewry lives by the motto, “the ends justify the means.”

British MPs did vote down doing anything to Syria when Prime Minister David Cameron tried a major cajoling job last week. Even though Britain is also in the throes of the Zionists, these people just couldn’t stomach another Jew war. Bully for them! The MP’s probably suspect Zionist perfidy, although they won’t say so publicly. Now it remains to be seen if we got anyone with similar guts on Capitol Hill. I bet not.

For quite some time now, the US Jew media has been blabbing away about Assad being so evil. But they can’t seem to rectify matters since too many of us still remember the Iraq war and the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction (at least those of us with any brains, of course). A war that cost us over a trillion dollars, tens of thousands of Americans physically ruined for life and over 4000 without one.

Need I remind you we have White Christian males still in Afghanistan? Idiots out there are going to yell “oh, there’s blacks and Jews serving in the ranks out there, too.” Notice all the White gentile guys during real war footage in shows like those on NatGeo. And Jews have long been notorious for avoiding service in the front lines. Hell, more Hindu Indians are said to serve in the US military than the pussy boy Jews.

ANDREA MITCHELL STAR OF SATANThat creepy lying Jewess on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell (right), was talking to Zio agent Jeremy Bash last Wednesday during her afternoon media propaganda duties and she kept screwing up by starting to say “Saddam Hussein” when she meant Syria’s Assad — the woman just couldn’t keep her Jew wars straight and had to correct herself two or three times, making her producers and earbud piece work harder than usual.

Besides her daily whoring for mother Israel (like all the rest of the media people), the overpaid little prima donna Jew bitch is obviously biased up the ying-yang and incompetent to work as a TV news host, or so-called journalist. But I guess being married into the Jewish Power Elite (former Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan) and working for a Jew-owned network does have it’s rewards.

My guess is that we have ourselves another big false flag in the works this fall, possible on the anniversary of 9/11. Many others suspect something big is in the works, too. No telling what these nefarious Jew punks are up to.

Are you not sick of the bull? From the violent blacks beating and murdering White people all the time now (censored by the media), to the stinking Jews propagandizing us into another war, while at the same time brainwashing us with never-ending PC crap and working to breed us away, or turn us into flaming faggots. It just keeps getting worse and worse for White Europeans in our own GD countries!

Just what is America anymore? Do the Jews tell us what to do? Unfortunately, they think they do. It’s time we put a stop to these traitorous Zio punks and soon.

Will you not join the rapidly burgeoning White awakening and add your voice?

— Phillip Marlowe

“Congress has become ‘a Parliament of Whores’ incapable of standing up for U.S. national interests if AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is on the other end of the line.”

— Pat Buchanan, St. Louis Dispatch 10/20/90

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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326 Responses to Obama Punts To Zionist Occupied Capitol Hill

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Syria And AIPAC: The “800 – Pound Gorilla In The Room”


  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewish Supremacists Openly Support War Against Syria: Admit That “Jewish Lobbying” Reason For Iraq War


  3. Hoff says:

    According to blog.balder.org all “media”-jews in Denmark are all out warmongering on Syria. The zionist jews are ruling Denmark.

    I have followed Balder for years. At first he was its the moslems, then over time he woke up to the jews. Today he

  4. Hoff says:

    @&%*/( sony experia crap.

  5. Hoff says:


    Watch video. This is the zionist jew Kent EkeROTH. The jews rule SwedenDemokraterna. He has also been given prime time on BBC.

  6. Hoff says:

    Video in english.

  7. Hoff says:

    Avpixlat.info is a zionist blog. Its all Its the moooooooslem.

  8. Hoff says:

    Richard Daughenbaugh, father of six, killed by niggers inDes Moines, Iowa.

  9. Hoff says:

    AIPAC’s Michael Kassen leads the War Cry with, “America must stand strong against barbarism,” followed by Abe Foxman’s Holohoax spin, “Innocents being gassed invokes that special historical memory and sensitivity.”

    Br Nathan is controlled opposition?


  10. sog says:

    yeah frank the world should be as awake as needed to see the replication and redundant marxist rot agenda being used by isareal jews again and again ..iraq libya egypt lebanon syria hungary venezuela and this does not include the dozens upon dozens of countries that fell easily to the bolshevik kike kleptocracy ..usa is officially under obama dictaturdship ….
    anyway maybe weve missed the obvious here and dc is karens husband ..not an insult just on observation thet may have plausibility

  11. sog says:

    here is where american political corruption under kike insanity stands …
    In a rare moment of diplomatic candor, US Secretary of State John Kerry told a congressional hearing Wednesday that oil sheiks have offered to pay the United States to unseat Bashar al-Assad as Syrian strong man. The surprising admission came in response to congressional pressure on the administration to explain how yet another military operation would be paid for during a period of prolonged budgetary sequestration.
    anyway i think that saudi arabia is the place where the greasy oil shieks worm about ..
    i had an inkling they wanted syria and or iran as they are broke ,,or say they are ..
    they are a vassal state for israel anyway and wjc ..how is thet you say? marzxism ans islam serve the same devil ..and they want a piece of the middle east pie ..
    no more wars for israel and it isnt even for them this time ..a proxy proxy war ,where americans can bohica snafu and fubar all day long for the muslim marxists in saudi arabia ..you ever notice that nothing (terrorism)ever happens there except for yemen and that happened to us navy ship uss cole ..O’Neill the fb eye guy who investigated it was sent home after israel was named by assets as the real spooks behind the explosion ..anyway he got a call to come and be a wtc security bot and his first day on the job was his last day ..sept 11 2001……..


  12. Bailey says:

    Anyone who believes there’s an 800 lb. gorilla in the room is infected with “anti-Semitism”. According to Abe Foxman that is about one in six americans.

    There is no Israeli lobby, that’s nonsense.

  13. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Interesting quotes:

    “It was anti-communist, against Stalin — to protect Europe,” Misch said. “I signed up in the war against Bolshevism, not for Adolf Hitler.”

    “He still believed in a union between West and East,” Misch said. “Hitler liked England — except for (then-Prime Minister Winston) Churchill — and didn’t think that a people like the English would bind themselves with the communists to crush Germany.”

    Following the German surrender May 7, Misch was taken to the Soviet Union, where he spent the next nine years in prisoner of war camps before being allowed to return to Berlin in 1954.

    He stayed away from questions of guilt or responsibility for the Holocaust, saying he knew nothing of the murder of six million Jews and that Hitler never brought up the Final Solution in his presence.


  14. Barney says:

    Completely off-topic – or perhaps not.

    Ever since kike cameron announced he was “going to” impose anti-“porn” censorship “by the end of the year”, those of us in the kike-infested, queer-infested (oops! I’m repeating myself) sewer that was once England (and will be again) have had to use a proxy to get to Incogland.

    I didn’t connect the two at the time, but for a few weeks now I haven’t been able to update my (Linux, Ubuntu) operating system. I get a message saying (something like) “Download failed. Check your internet connection”.

    I’ve tried switching to different servers, but it’s always the same.

    When I click for the detailed error message, this is what I get.

    W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubun-tor/ppa/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-amd64/Packages 404 Not Found
    , W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubun-tor/ppa/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-i386/Packages 404 Not Found
    , E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

    Though they use it themselves in a lot more cases than they want us to know, our self-appointed “lords and masters” (not for much longer!) don’t like us to use anything other than $eattle $pyware because it makes it that bit harder for them to interfere with our computers, so could this be a way of eventually making Linux unusable, by blocking updates?

    As a test, I successfully downloaded the .iso file for version 13.04 today, so it’s not the system itself that’s blocked, just the updates.

    I’ll be asking about it on the Ubuntu forum, but they had a problem recently and I haven’t got round to re-registering.

    Where does the time go?

    Btw, I MAY check back later, but as usual I won’t be on-line over the weekend (family matters, good manners, all that stuff).

  15. Karen says:

    @ Bonehead, er, uh, Tbone. Are you a Negro? Only other person with the name Tbone, is the jazz musician Tbone Walker. Do you consider Savitri Devi a mudshark? After all she was married to an Indian, a Hindu. Waiting for you to get mean big boy.

  16. t bone says:


    If I was a negro (Karen capitalizes the ‘n’ mid sentence – I dont…hmm), you would want to get my contact info to set up a date. Thats what negro-lovers do.

    And because you’re so full of colorful compliments, that is enough indication to prove that I am White. I dont fit you shitskin-loving criteria.

    And I’m still not trying to be mean. I’m just calling it how I see it.

    And yeah, there are a few jew wise shitskins and, although its a bit of an oxy-moron, there are probably a few jew wise race traitors – like you. Having said that, I can only respect Devi for her jew wise views – not for being a mudshark.

  17. Barney says:

    Karen – As far as I can tell from thousand of miles away, T-Bone is definitely one of us, a genuine, racially aware White Man. I’ve “known” him (on the internet) for a few years now, and am convinced he’s neither a shitskin nor a kike.

    He’s also met up with other Incoglanders in the “real world”, so although that doesn’t prove any of them are really White (they could all be lying), it seriously reduces the likelihood that they’re anything other than who and what they say they are.

    As far as I’m concerned, T-Bone IS White, and I’d rather have him watching my back than a comparative unknown like you.

    We can never be certain about anyone we haven’t met face to face (and perhaps not even then), but I’m inclined to believe you are probably a genuine White Woman, but a woman who needs to get her thinking straightened out and stop attacking those who are (as far as anyone on here can be) above suspicion.

    Put your brain into gear before engaging your mouth (or typing finger).


    Now HideMyAss won’t let me post this, but I’ll keep trying.

  18. Eric says:

    Karen, this vid is for your friend.

    islam: how to Beat Your Wife


    Hmm,so that’s why they make em wear the burqa.
    Hide the bruises .

    And i thought it was to conceal an AK47 & some Plastic..

  19. t bone says:


    That vid is something else. I never knew there was a proper way to ‘beat a woman’ – complete with a list of instructions.

    @1:14, he refers to it as ‘beating etiquette’.

    I cant believe he could regurgitate such spew with a straight face.

    Seriously, you just cant make this shit up.

  20. Barney says:

    So now that we know how to “honour” a Muslim woman, perhaps we should all go out and try it.

    I wonder whether female kikenvermin would be similarly honoured to be beaten properly.

    Perhaps that’s why so many nigger women are so obscenely fat in the rear, as padding.

    Just more proof that shitskins are NOT like us.

  21. Eric says:


    Thats how mudlims treat there women.

    All of there offspring have been conceived by rape.

    Peace-full religion. What a load of bullshit.

  22. Hoff says:

    1995 – 2008 & Beyond: The meteoric rise of Obama defies explanation!


  23. Hoff says:

    We all know the story about World War II. The one about how “The Good Guys” banded together to stop Adolf Hitler and the big bad Germans (and Japanese) from taking over the world. . There is just one problem with this official version of the history-changing event known as World War II.

    .. It’s a LIE!


  24. Hoff says:

    In 1832, when Pope Gregory XVI was seen meeting Carl von Rothschild, observers were shocked that Rothschild was not required to kiss the Pope’s feet, as was then required for all other visitors to the Pope, including monarchs. [33] “ “Rothschilds… are the guardians of the papal treasure.”

    -Encyclopedia Judaica, 1901–1906, Vol. 2, p.497


  25. summerled says:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Joseph Goebbels quotes

  26. “Yarmulkled Eagle”

    LOVE that!

  27. sog says:

    sog says:
    September 6, 2013 at 6:41 am …………………………
    and also who cares who pays for it ,we dont want it ,it is an illegal war that wll come with the standard maimed and dead troops and civilians for israel and its vassal middle east states ..john kerry is a monumental asshole who should suit up and go fight all by hisself ..him and his fraudulent medals and his lame game of being a war protestor post nam ..it was a front to gain votes ..he’s a pile o shit ………….

    america doesnt want anymore gd dam jew wars for jewish oil wealth interests..sick aND tired of this shit ..they want to start ww3 ..these peole need a checkup from the neckup .
    why in the fuc=xk would we want to go into syria at all ever ..it is a soveriegn nation with a decent legitamate govt …and like every other fuckin war in the last 100 years ,it has nothing to do with the usa ..or spreading “democrasy”….
    the jewish backed and cia backed rebels have been proven to be responsible for the gassing in damascus ..but we already knew this ..i cannot belive anyone even a brain dead person in america would still not see the correlation between israels parasitic position in usa and the wars we have gone and fought for what ?
    …iraq never had weapons of mass destruction ..it was simply the usa colonising iraq for israel and the oil and now the pipeline that goes across israel and 1 across syria and lebanon .. who cares what these pices of arab shit say when they claim to be willing to pay for the war ..send your own fucking camel jockeys ..they will install a draft in this country and i read where they have already put a draft board and personnel into payroll and position for this apparatus …
    american people are ignored by the communist cock sucking worthless cogresswhores ..they only listen to the race hustler pimps and kikepac …its israel im concerned about having the atomic weapons and they were not encouraged to build their nuclear capabilities and then in 1968 they announced their a- bomb and are reputedly in posessio of 80 weapons ..dont laugh too hard ..try to visualize more like 3-4 thousand ..and the capability of supplying centrifuged uranium , and enriched uranium and plutonium ,to other emerging nuclear superpowers …the 2 differne t entities are used in different ways to achieve critical mass and fission blah etc ..the first nuklear test was at port chicago in concord california in 1945 ..no doubt 100% ..how does a 400 foot steel ship disappear and the other one 80% poof and gone ..

    they tested the gun trigger methid same as hiroshima little boy at 20 kt but only 2% of the bomb went critical over hiro ..then nukkasukki got the fat man ,a pluto implosion design ..needless and off topik to say was that japanese cities in thise like these days like tokyo and other cities have nearly 9 million souls aboard …hmmm lesseee if a boomb goes off and people are turned into sepa=rated molecules and maybe some smoke or vapor it is hard to count the bodies ..same math was done at dresden where they claim only 25,000 died ..right its only 25,000 not to worry ,,such a deal …

    in reality with the pop standing at 700,000 and the city filled with 700,000 refugees i’ll let you come to your own conclusions ..the type of bombing was genocidal and it was a hospital city as was dachau in 45 a recuperation center for wounded ..ok so dresden is NOT a military target so why did they destroy the seat of saxony culture ..there it is ..they wantrd to kill all germans and continued their german kiling machine in all the camps after the ww2 …now back to japan when the bombs fell japanese historians say there were 10 million people in these cities …not any more ..flash and gone like dreden where they meant to bomb in such a way as to cause bodies to disappear in a vapor or a puddle …jews planned every aspect of ww2 baruch morganthou ans others just like they planned out the post ww1 destruction of Germany.

    america should damn sick and tired of wars for israel and right on the fucking heels of iraq war and the damamge we are seeing it did to american troops and morale not to mention the litanous civilian war crimes committed by mercanaries and troops alike against the soverign citizens of iraq abd its children ..the body count is reputed to be 3 million and a subsequent christian church destructon and purge of christains …

    also israels repeated referanc to the sampson option and their strategic placement of nukeweps around the world for blackmail and extortion and intimidation and quick armament capabilities …i dont think its easy to “see” radioactive activity from a tactical or mini nuke when assembled and stored in a lead lined locker or chest …anyway israel is insane and everyone should see this very clearly.
    thanks for the back up t-bone ..
    meaning earlier that the usa executed 525 germans at dachau and most of em were not gaurds …Germans were also non judiciously executed at other camps as well …
    the civilian body coumt for libya is unofficial but
    anyway like at azerbaijan in the 20’s when and where rothschild communist marxist jew army wiped ot 200,000+ people attacted to the oil business and it was jewish russian dictators who sent the war party ,its always the same with jews ….civilians are considerd military targets ..maybe we can convice nato to strafe israel and the UN ..

  28. Brian says:


  29. Bailey says:

    Brain rot for the masses.

    I only read the 1st paragraph of the arty and had enough so I decided to watch the video.

    Scroll down to the vid on the right, If it’s at all possible play a soundtrack of war drums in the background.


    Awww Fuck it,

    Just play War Pigs !

  30. sog says:

    http://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/rnr/4053523448.html yess ss ss ss ss the fucking saudis jew vassal state of protected class holes ayrabs are prattling thier jawsbones and rattling the sabers of war only these subhuman flea bitten hairballs want america once againt to go in and conduct another 10 year war ..fuck the saudis ..i always held the belif that we should have taken over saudi arabia during the first gulf bullshit and kicked these oil geezers and shit stain so called kike royalty the fuck out …
    saudi royalty are jews who planted themsleves into saudi arabia several hundred years ago …hmmm like england ? and every country in south and central and north amerrica includes canuck ida ..the sun never sets on the jewish empire …

  31. sog says:

    i cant tell if the utoob shit came up right …anyway its macclown stein vs. a real american ..google or yahoo or statrpage it ..shitkike levin and shitheel mCclown authired a military detention of us citizen bill ..we the people need to authoiar a fucking sweeping cleanse of all political marxist bull shit ..they have broken the brakes and broken the throttle to full on ..they have by virtue of destroying the parameters and boundairies of the countries that heve infected created an uncontrollable envirnment fir them selves as well ..their shit onlky works best when tere are set guidelines and controls in a sovereign nation ..and te crossover to complete anarchy is like fission and critical mass ..one never is honestly 100% sure it wont destroy all life ..the jews seek complete crossover to complete control of all nations and are spread too thin so they have their front men and straw men and the masons and sayans and goys swallowing marxist drivvel abvout the need for security measures ..we need to implement security measures against the new jew world out of control and out of order ..the jews could lose control of the whole game soon …then its mass world pogroms for the kazaar ashkenazzi kikel dirt bags …..

  32. S.S. WIKING says:


  33. Bailey says:

    McJew cannot respond to allegations of treason because that would be beneath him.

    Actually he couldn’t respond to such allegations because he knows his accusers are right. The cocksucker needs a team of spin masters to respond and unfortunately they don’t travel to those pesky town hall meetings.

  34. hens are liars says:

    “We got real evidence this time, this info came straight from Israel, hand delivered and shoved in our face by AIPAC, the Israeli’s said they intercepted a phone conversation and that is where the proof comes from, I got it all, it’s solid as a rock, I can’t physically show you, but I got it, I promise it’s all true, I just can’t show it to you, believe me when I tell you that I have proof, please don’t think I’m lying just because I can’t show you physical evidence……….”

    An unconfirmed quote from John Kerry 9/5/2013

  35. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Her other videos are good, as well.

    If Syria Disarms Chemical Weapons We Lose The War.

  36. thoughtandmemory says:

    Bravo Syrian Girl!

    Hundreds of thousands are being set up to die in order to satisfy the vanity of monsters. This is the worst I have ever seen.

    Hey Sog,

    Can you fill me in on the “sudo” deal, and I’ll do some hunting too. As far as I know Ubuntu is the only distro which tries to lock the ordinary user out of root.
    “Hey, but it’s my machine, and it’s my right to set or unset every last bit.”
    SuSE works for me, but maybe only because I’m old and stupid. Is there a user-friendly Debian out there?
    Seriously, is there any more to “sudo” than limited root access?
    And are you up to date on the Windows 8 monopoly try?
    Oh, belated thanks for the intro to TOR, which appears to be a very good idea.

  37. thoughtandmemory says:

    Immer bereit mit Rat und Tat, except I move slower with every year that passes.

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m surprised this article even made my local jewspaper, but I bet most people in this town still don’t get it. I capitalized some key words from the article.

    Pro-Israel groups have major stake in decision on Syria

    Washington (ass press) –Of all the interests backing President Barack Obama’s call for Congress to authorize military strikes on Syria, perhaps none is more concerned about the prospect of a “no” vote than Americas pro-israel lobby….

    Considered to be some of the MOST INFLUENTIAL lobbyists on Capitol Hill, officials with several pro-israel groups say they are running into RARE RESISTANCE
    from lawmakers, even among STAUNCH israel ADVOCATES on whose support they could almost UNQUESTIONABLY COUNT in the past.

    The administration has sought and won support for the vote from MOST of the major pro-israel groups that TRADITIONALLY have been MOST EFFECTIVE in promoting legislation to ENHANCE israel’s SECURITY.

    Among those that have released public statements and made PRIVATE CALLS to lawmakers to urge them to votes “yes” are The American israeli Public Affairs Committee , or AIPAC, the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wisenthal Center.

    It goes on but in the last paragraph make a note of the words PRIVATE CALLS because when I call my rep and congressmens office AT BEST I get a live jewish intern to answer the phone so who knows where my request ends up but usually I get an answering machine and leave a message so who knows what happens to that either.

    NO MORE WARS FOR israel!!!

  39. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m surprised this article even made my local jewspaper, but I bet most people in this town still don’t get it. I capitalized some key words from the article.

    Pro-Israel groups have major stake in decision on Syria

    Washington (ass press) –Of all the interests backing President Barack Obama’s call for Congress to authorize military strikes on Syria, perhaps none is more concerned about the prospect of a “no” vote than Americas pro-israel lobby….

    Considered to be some of the MOST INFLUENTIAL lobbyists on Capitol Hill, officials with several pro-israel groups say they are running into RARE RESISTANCE
    from lawmakers, even among STAUNCH israel ADVOCATES on whose support they could almost UNQUESTIONABLY COUNT in the past.

    The administration has sought and won support for the vote from MOST of the major pro-israel groups that TRADITIONALLY have been MOST EFFECTIVE in promoting legislation to ENHANCE israel’s SECURITY.

    Among those that have released public statements and made PRIVATE CALLS to lawmakers to urge them to votes “yes” are The American israeli Public Affairs Committee , or AIPAC, the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wisenthal Center.

    It goes on but in the last paragraph make a note of the words PRIVATE CALLS because when I call my rep and congressmens office AT BEST I get a live jewish intern to answer the phone so who knows where my request ends up but usually I get an answering machine and leave a message so who knows what happens to that either.

    NO MORE WARS FOR israel!!!


  40. sog says:

    only tuned in to jim stone ,,the sudo apparatus interwoven into the terminus etc is allegedly a psuedo port vulnerability that can be penetrated but not by an amateur at least ..
    i am fading with time as well amigo ..the systems like knoppix or bsd base op sys or soularis are systems where you can log in as root or not and can change root password often ..you can also change root password in ubunto either in terminal or under system >preferanc >”about me” selection and change passwd ..i used to correlate all this willingly and easily and now is seems like a pain in the ass ,but setting up a log in password that is the same as your root password is illogical ..setting up log in where no password is needed is convenient after so many years of james bond stealth ..lol.. yeah just set the screen saver to password only and have it go to screen saver when inactive ..also seting bios password is ok ..i dont think you can de-sudo a system thuis year ..the idear is to use systems that dont use the super user or invebt existing ways of securing it ..bsd has root and user accounts ,as do some solaris systems ,on the live versions of openindiana you use the generic login and root password as needed and change the root password while starting out etc ..when you log off it will go back to deafault when you reboot later on session ..i have always kicked the theory around some on the permeability efforts levels based on the password structures ..im still mulling it over for awhile with much other shit to do also …
    to me a user friendly debian is also based on ubuntu hardy heron not heroin and is the nexenta gnu debian w/open solaris kernel ..it is unix with a debian frosting and easier packaging …its changing and the iso mirrors may be thinning for this specific distro ..tho the newer release will be good with an illumos kernel etc ..i dunno i think kernel is a pretty high rank for computers ..i know that windows microshaft are a full running in root raw out in the open ..open to everything and everyone ..which is why limited account user is good option in xp vista ..
    In Linux and Unix in general, there is a SuperUser named Root. The Windows equivalent of root is ‘administrators group’. The SuperUser can do anything and everything, and thus doing daily work as the SuperUser can be dangerous. You could type a command incorrectly and destroy the system. Ideally, you run as a user that has only the privileges needed for the task at hand. In some cases, this is necessarily Root, but most of the time it is a regular user.
    By default, the root account password is locked in ubuntu. This means that you cannot login as root directly or use the su command to become the root user. However, since the root account physically exists it is still possible to run programs with root-level privileges. This is where sudo comes in – it allows authorized users ,normally “administrative” users to run certain programs as root without having to know the root password…which is where “sudo” command comes in …
    yeah i have to interpret jimstone some more ..i think i may have accepted his information a little to quickly and as usual we should always research our memories and exterior logical information ..before speaking ,,heh heh
    i would have to say that debian ubuntu is fairly safe then in this regard ..
    this means that in the terminal you should use -sudo- for commands that require root privileges; simply prepend sudo to all the commands you would normally run as root.. . Just remember, when sudo asks for a password, it needs YOUR USER password, and not the Root account password. so the logical move is to never use the same password for user and root ..case solved ..thanks for making me think dc …
    De reir a cheile a thogtar na caisleain …Slainte…mar sin lieb an drasda …..

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