Somali Scumbag Kills Beautiful Canadian Mother

They let a Somali drug dealer immigrant run free and later hid doing all this from the public after police arrested him for abducting, raping, torturing and killing the young woman above. Imagine the living hell this woman went through. When the Somali had enough of doing to her whatever, the SOB dumped her mutilated, half-naked dead body into a ditch where it lay rotting for over a month. The story is unbelievably tragic and infuriating. Canadians and everyone: Please go HERE to sign an online petition created by Marissa Cartwright, the girl’s twin sister, over all this. [INCOG]

From Council of Conservative Citizens

The Canadian authorities and/or liberal media are too gutless to put up a shot of the stinking black punk.

The Canadian authorities and/or liberal media are too gutless to even put up a shot of the stinking black punk.

Two years ago, a beautiful Alberta woman named Jenna Cartwright was brutally raped, killed, and her body mutilated. The authorities hid information about the killer from the public. It has only now been made available.

The killer was a hard-core career criminal from Somalia that had already been convicted of multiple crimes in Canada. The Canada Border Services Agency deemed him a huge risk to public safety. They had asked that he be deported and held behind bars until the deportation took place. Instead the Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board released him to continue terrorizing Alberta.

From an opinion piece in the Calgary Sun…

His rights, as a convicted drug trafficker ordered deported to Somalia, were deemed more important than the guaranteed safety of Canadian citizens.

And so, despite warnings that Bashir Gaashaan was a flight risk* who posed a danger to the public, Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board let him go — a freedom that lasted exactly one year and eight months.

On June 15, 2011, RCMP in Alberta announced they had arrested Gaashaan, charging him with first-degree murder, unlawful confinement, offering an indignity to human remains, sexual assault and trafficking in cocaine.

The body of Jenna Cartwright, 21, a young mom from Red Deer, had been discovered in a ditch near Olds — and police believe the man ordered out of Canada two years earlier killed her.

“I’m so angry, even more angry than before — the whole thing is sickening,” says Marissa Cartwright, Jenna’s twin sister.

For the first time, she’s having a look at documents obtained by the Sun detailing Gaashaan’s release by the Immigration and Refugee Board.

“I am still in such shock about this,” says Cartwright, who started an online petition demanding stricter deportation rules.

“I cannot believe this has happened, I honestly feel betrayed by our government — we should be able to rely on our government and know they are keeping us safe.”

But public safety, apparently, doesn’t trump the comfort of a convicted drug dealer — even one already deemed unfit for Canada.

* “Flight risk,” as in allowing him to freely go where he pleased while his case for deportation worked it’s way through the Canadian system — probably even running loose after. We’ve had the same kind of BS going on in America, too. [INCOG]




50 year-old Maine woman wakes up to Somali raping her


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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256 Responses to Somali Scumbag Kills Beautiful Canadian Mother

  1. Bailey says:

    Ignore the bullshit story here and scroll straight down to the video.

    I wish that America would not be compared to Nazis and Germany.
    what we have going on here is jewish communism but the jews behind it would rather you think of Obama as Hitler.

    I find this very offensive as well as ridiculous,

  2. J.Y.D. says:

    Homo africanus Scheiße smears, khazar satanic zioNazi Chabad, Chabad-Lubavitch, or Lubavitch identity thief kike vampire pirates, slit-eyed chinks, mestizos, sand-camels, towel-heads and white skin coloured Kwans, there is really not a PC term for what they are.

    They, all the “off colour” misfits should have become extinct over 30 million years ago, they were not meant to live amongst the PURE White race.

    But being the bleeding hearts we are we gave them space and grace only to be repaid by tyranny, terror and slow Genocide.

    Conclusion: Behind any and every atrocity perpetrated against the White Nations, small or large, single or multiple, black on White or any other race against the White Nations – you will find the jewish hand.

    When the Roman historian Tacitus pointed out 19 centuries ago that the Jews are unique among the peoples of the world in their intense hatred and contempt for all peoples but their own, he was only repeating what many other scholars had discovered before him.

    For the next 1,900 years other investigators came to similar conclusions, either from a study of the Jews’ religious writings or from a study of the Jews’ behaviour toward non-Jews.

    “Most of the world’s leaders are junior members of this international cult.
    These leaders are kept in line through blackmail by being made to take part in occult rituals including human sacrifices, sexual orgies, paedophilia, rape, torture, and murder.

    “Like a security beam, Illuminati tyranny is invisible until you cross it.
    Then, doors silently close and positions of influence are denied.
    If you persist, you are slandered, bankrupted, or even killed.

    In the future, truth tellers and dissenters will be denied access to credit and trade.
    It is amazing how easily we have succumbed to this tyranny.”

    Rothschild owns the world.
    Simple as that.
    And not many even noticed.
    All the governments, more or less, owe them their whatever they have.

    They decide who is to be the U.S. President, the congressmen, and anyone of any significance.

    They connive, cheat, use and abuse the coloured races as pawns in their aim to destroy the White Nations – the jewish kike hates and FEARS the White man because they know that we have the Yahweh God given power to wipe them out.
    And wipe them out we will.

  3. thoughtandmemory says:

    Some small backup for Karen:

    Check the archives at Xymphora back to about 2008. “Darkmoon” posted under a half-dozen pseudonyms, regularly presenting herself as a brainless, cocksure know-nothing.

    A she-jew? I don’t know. But she has money behind her, and, seriously, very little content.

  4. t bone says:

    OK Karen/dc

    You’re getting my attention. I will keep an eye out for LD. I could very well be wrong about her, but then again, I dont frequent her site enough to gauge what she may or may not be.

    I remember jew exposing content only. However, about a year ago, I found one her articles to be questionable – but I could be confusing her with someone else.

    So, I’ll stay somewhat neutral until I find out more.

  5. Jason says:

    OK Karen.

    DC-there are 267 posts for 2008 @Xymphora. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. t bone says:

    Thank you, Jason.

    At least I know theres one person who can see this from my perspective.

    267 posts?

    Give me an hour and I will have read read them all.


  7. t bone says:

    You can tell that I’m experiencing burn out.

    I cant seem to to put together sentences today.

  8. Jason says:

    Don’t burn out t bone! Take a break. Anyway, here’s a page about Lasha Darkmoon. I don’t know what to say except I guess anyone who is anonymous could be a jew. If I can’t see someone to tell if they might be a jew I always fall back to “you will know them by their fruits.” But if I can see them I’ll assume they’re a jew if they look like proof of life on another planet. Perhaps Saturn is where jews are from originally? I’ll also try to picture them in a yarmulke and if it looks right, they might be a jew.

    And here is the 2008 Archives page from the site Xymphora:

  9. t bone says:


    Its a lot to sift thru.

    The ‘About’ page doesn’t strike up any suspicion with me. She says she’s ‘Anglo’ – so, for the moment, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

    I wish I could remember what it was that I read a year ago – or even if she was the author. It might have been pro multi-cult stuff, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

    She says she’s into Indian/Hindu? mysticism. I not sure if that constitutes pro multi-cult views if its really just her philosophical beliefs, albeit, I’d have to investigate it more. Its one of those grey areas.

  10. white storm front says:

    she’s Catholic

    Here ya go trip on this! > President Obama needs your help starting World War III!
    Find out how you can help!

  11. 0jr says:

    Hungaians have been villified by the jews and brussels eu and evensanctioned while the gypsys are protrayed as victims.The eu brussels have even to go as far as given them aid and ordering Hungary to pay for a gypsy militia.Gangs of them openly threaten to murder all Hunagrians with immunity.Gypsy criminals brutally beat and robbed a 78 year-old woman.This kind of thing happens almost daily last week it was a 72 year old priest that was beaten to deaththat would otherwise have given anythig to them if asked ! gypsy parents break leg and leave thier bite marks all over a 6 week old baby to stop her from crying

  12. Jimmy says:

    Got that on the Illuminati Tbone, no worries mate.
    I’m feeling a bit run down too, a lot of work hours is the problem.

    Time for rest and prayer to build up a righteous indignation against the Jew and his evils. Keep up the good work guys.
    Good comments from the whole gang, some good reading.

  13. t bone says:

    Get that rest, Jimmy. We got lots of jew exposin’ to do.


    I checked out your links. Thats news you never hear about.

    Same shitskin behavior, different shade of shit.

    Hungary’s gypsies are like America’s mexi-squats.

    btw – I’ve known a few White Hungarian women. They are some fine specimens, indeed. Hungary has named the jew lately. Cant forget about the shitskin problem, though. Protect those women from the savage shitskin.

  14. Joseph2U says:

    My God! I think I spoke to this pretty girl, driving through Red Deer 2-3 years ago! I had been thinking whites must reproduce more, and I failed to do this! Red Deer area was almost white (farms & near towns whiter) and might be good to live in outside US chaos. I saw her in a market with a baby and complimented her on her child – having one when many young white women do not. (Oops. Such a comment can get a “racist” reply from dumb white urban girls. I remember no hard reply.) She was cheerful, happy with her child… not attached. (I never got her name or contact, although the thought crossed my mind.) I’m not sure if this was the same girl. Anyhow, Jenna Cartwright’s fate was HORRIFIC!! (It makes me feel sick!)

    We need to “get out of Babylon” (a word denoting mixing, confusion) see Rev 18.

    We need completely pure (white) communities and our own “simple” economy. [One machinist here says that new hi-technology is vulnerable. I think it will collapse!] We need simple technology for young men/women can get real jobs (making food, fuel etc) outside big cities, without piles of costly education. Self-build simple homes in rural areas (or buy from elders who die*): AFFORDABLE so young men can have a home for a wife and kids!! (It was normal until 1980s, now rarely possible in large cities where most must live… filled with low-paid third-world aliens competing!)

    “Woe” to ones with children in these last days (Matthew 24:19), but Jesus will return and help his sheep (white kinfolks) especially ones with youngsters. (Isa 40:9-11).

    But how? We must form separate pure white communities! Then halt global force! Such as the horrible US forces put against Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

    So separatism is dangerous. You need POWER… and that is in Rev 3:12 – the hidden NEW NAME of Jesus, also name of his God (= his Father = our God = our Father, John 20:17). Jesus only intercedes (John 17:9) to save ones his Father gave him: sons of God (Hebrews 2:10-12), thus sons of Adam the son of God, lineage Luke 3:38. (Versus primitive pre-Adamite hoards from Africa, then other third world areas.)

    Your Elect status is not by your works! Nor by imploring (willing or running), but it’s predestined! (Romans 8:28-30 & 9:11,16) Does Jesus roll dice on your fate?

    No! He looks at your lineage!* Adamic (white, last made) children of God will be resurrected (or transformed to immortal, if alive when he comes). “Ye are gods” John 10:34+ is NOT about “Jews” whom he just rejected in 10:24-31! But “Ye are gods” in Psalm 82 is… you? It certainly fits Adam, son of God (Luke 3:38) [and Jesus Son of God Mark 1:1] and his descendants! But not pre-Adamites. It seems Jesus, the “last Adam” in I Chron 15:45-47 – acts for First Adam children, in the image of God (Gen 5:1-2). Jesus is also in the image of God (see 2 Corinth 4:4 or Colossians 3:15)

    Ones in the Adam to Christ lineage were all fair (pale-skinned): Gen 12:11-14; 24:16; 26:7; I Samuel 17;42; 2 Sam 13:1 & 14:27 etc. God himself is light, no darkness is in him! (I John 1:5) In I Peter 2:9 a group is called a chosen generation (descendants or race in RSV/NRSV) and it refers back to (white) Greek areas in I Peter 1:1. See?

    We get punished (chastised) for our errors, informs Hebrews 12:6-8, saying we’re treated by God as children. But bastards (mixed race) get no such treatment: so they are not among the elect… is the logical conclusion. (Their activity is irrelevant to God.)

    Rev 3:12 “new name” of Jesus is a real power! (Matthew 18:18-20; John 14:12-14)

    If you are of elect lineage and work on the name and want to separate, live rurally, heal or be renewed (Ps 103) write a northman on this project. He can point the way. He especially seeks younger people. They have greatest NEED for empowerment!

    josephfurs at

    * PS: Commercial pastors always shoot down lineage as the key, in Romans 9 talking against the flesh being important. They want to “spiritualize” things. Do not let them! This chapter explains that “not by flesh” means some good Adamic lines got cut off! Edomites, for example. (They became “Jews” when John Hyrcanus defeated them and forced them to become “Jews” in 112 BC at Marisa: Tel Mareshah. Earlier, Esau’s Idumeans burned God’s Temple (I Esdras 4:45), got cursed in Obadiah and Psalm 137 (after getting an “OK” back in Deut 23, often mis-quoted by pastors!)

    The AXE was even then (in past) at the root of some “trees” noted Mat 3:7-10 about Jew leaders who came to John Baptist and tried to get baptized to avoid their fate! White lineages that got cut include: Cain (son of Satan with Eve!), Canaan, Ishmael (often quoted as the root of Arabs, a word from verb ereb: to mix, turn dark, and it is root of the Hebrew noun arab: evening or sunset) – most of these became Muslims.

    So merely looking white is not enough! (Many “Jews” look white.) See Rev 2:9 & 3:9
    On top of that, some genuine white Adamites are DUMB and spoil things.

    Search Abu Bakr, the friend of Mohammed who took his writings (burning originals) and gave out Koran lines… often like Judaism, but minus lineage information. It was designed for mixed races by this man also called Shallum. Real surname ben Hushiel the brother of Nehmiah ben Hushiel, the “exilarch” leader of Jews in exile in Persia! Many Jews joined Islam (in 600s AD) and moved back to put Islam’s Dome of Rock on old Temple base! (Did you ever wonder why it was there?) It is another Jew front to divide and conquer. Search Christian data on this in a paper I found including title with “Per the Jews” and the origin or root of Islam. (From Jew records.) It seems the highest level of Muslims include Jew insiders! So they never unite to crush the Zionist state! Now I study how Jews infiltrated early Roman church and lead it to change holy days and adopt idols (Mary) to anger God against his children. We perpetually need chastisement. And God delivers! Instead, let’s restore original Godlaw ways and holy days! Dump manmade churching, law, money, democracy, calendar, idols, etc.

    This would make a white separatist community exceptional in the eyes of God, who will grant any wish (not conflicting with his goals, of course) asked in this NAME… clearly his new name now! (Things asked in “Jesus” at churches often do not work out now. So either the name they use is now obsolete, or Edomites run the ceremony.)

    Comments on all this can also go to josephfurs at

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  16. john says:

    I am a racist I do not like most people even most whites but the biggest trouble makers happen to be Jews, Niggas, and Mexicans. I want to see a civil war and wipe out what needs to be cleaned and sterilized. Yes I am racist, islamphobe, homo phobe, and any other kind of stupid word you punky traitors to your own race can use. ck all of ya

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