They Made Their Beds — THEN DIED IN IT


From the “Do-I-Give-A-Flying-Flock?” department: Here’s a few photo montages (below) of White women who became involved with blacks and paid the ultimate price for their stupidity. I can’t entirely blame them, however, since Jew media constantly brainwashes our race to breed ourselves away. Funny how these insane hypocrites do everything possible under the radar, or even quite openly over in Israel, to limit this kind of thing among themselves.

Hate to get graphic about it, but these foolish women were stabbed, slashed, shot, strangled, smothered, slugged, stomped, had their faces and heads bashed in by anything convenient, maybe even burned alive by the black animal — gone bonkers about something or other — enough to murder “dat white bitch.” When things go really bad, these violently crazy apes might run off and slaughter the woman’s White friends, relatives, or any new White boyfriends — should the fool finally come to her senses.

Do I believe there’s a purposeful effort to push miscegenation (race mixing) by the Globalist Jew money elite and little Jewry all through the media? You’re GD right I do. It’s all been part of the insidious “PC” crap designed to mess with our heads and destroy the White race as much as possible.

If you think that’s bull, then Jewish brainwashing must have screwed you up in the head as well. SCROLL DOWN for a big fat dose of what is being done to the White race!

Data from way back in 1985 revealed that White women are 12.4 times more likely to get murdered by a black husband or boyfriend than a White. That’s 1,140% more than White male killers of their White female cohorts (so few White males take up with black women, the numbers are hard to ascertain).

And I’m absolutely certain it’s much, much worse today, with blacks going criminally haywire across the board. It’s hard to pinpoint exact numbers in America when the Department of Justice (DOJ) has actively worked to obfuscate black-on-White crime numbers to keep us White people in the dark. One simply has to use common sense (that little birdy inside that warns you blacks can be dangerous, unpredictable animals).

Also, pay close attention to local news, even though that’s heavily manipulated for “PC,” too — usually by not showing photos of both the perp and White victim in the same report, not detailing the brutality like they do for White crime, or showing sad shots of any grieving White family and friends. You might also note the media purposefully using any black friends, or even just neighbors, for TV visuals and interviews (continuing the multicult propaganda angle). Nor do they follow up much down the road (abbreviated trial coverage again drops White victim shots and gruesome facts of the case).

Nothing to see here, White people, move along!

Still, you can usually figure out the real deal by reading between the lines a little, since the media can’t totally censor crime locally, or too many Whites in the area of the murder might start to notice and tell friends and family (word of mouth). And don’t forget to extrapolate out local crime across the country as a whole to get an idea of just how much White people are the real victims today.*

Brainwashed by Jew Media… Murdered by black boyfriends or husbands

MONTAGE MUDSHARK 20MONTAGE MUDSHARK 19MONTAGE MUDSHARK 18MONTAGE MUDSHARK 17MONTAGE MUDSHARK 16MONTAGE MUDSHARK 15 FINALMONTAGE MUDSHARK 14MONTAGE MUDSHARK 13MONTAGE MUDSHARK 12MONTAGE MUDSHARK 11MONTAGE MUDSHARK 10MONTAGE MUDSHARK 09MONTAGE MUDSHARK 08MONTAGE MUDSHARK 07MONTAGE MUDSHARK 06MONTAGE MUDSHARK 05MONTAGE MUDSHARK 04MONTAGE MUDSHARK 03MONTAGE MUDSHARK 02MONTAGE MUDSHARK 01MONTAGE MUDSHARK 0These are selected cases from just the last few years or so, with the exception of the bizarre and tragic 1995 Debra Evans murders, or the Tiffany Campbell 1996 “Tanning Salon murders” (just recently solved), where Tiffany went out with a black briefly and because of that, got herself and an innocent co-worker brutally stabbed to death with a military bayonet. Imagine that. Anonymous silhouettes have been verified as White.


* Note the poor quality of many of these shots (or no shots at all). That’s because the traitorous media avoids too much coverage of “hush” crimes — dangerous to Jewish social engineering efforts — making White people like me do whatever they can, like enlarging tiny shots, using anonymous silhouettes, or pixellated screen captures of local news video.

News traitors (Jews and fooled liberals) cleverly work to hide the extent of black-on-White crime from White people as a whole, by trying whenever possible not to show victim pictures (many White victim images are deleted ASAP from local news websites). It takes some work to find the ones here.

The media has various clever tricks you can spot if you pay attention. They actually get “suggestions” and even written orders on how to do this from corporate. Editorial news people also get sent to special paid seminars to learn best how to obfuscate black-on-White crime for “PC.” In fact, industry people are now talking about even more radical censorship tactics because things are getting so bad with black criminal behavior.

I do this site to report on such crimes to fellow Whites on the Internet (the Jews work hard to silence us and are searching for ways to close down all non-PC talk).

And the tag line “BRAINWASHED BY JEW MEDIA…”? I mean that quite seriously (that’s why I put it on all the montages). The SOBs have purposefully created a political/societal situation that is now killing MY RACE in America, and many of our countries today, like Britain, Norway, Sweden and France. Think it all out, and you’ll get it.

These devious rats and their sadistic, murderous pet monkeys will reap the whirlwind soon enough.

– Phillip Marlowe


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295 Responses to They Made Their Beds — THEN DIED IN IT

  1. david says:

    Someone, please explain to me why i should feel pity on these liberally-minded white sluts? In nature, you see, the weak and pathetic are culled, often enough brutally, I see no reason this shouldn’t carry over to the “human”, and i use this term loosely, realm. As for the rest of the great white guilt movement, why just today i saw the devil himself (Rand Paul) lambasting the judicial system on its proclivity of proving negroid guilt, and on queue, the pavlovian dog hordes of libertarians followed in rank and file lavishing praise on their would be executioner.

    Some here will say liberalism is a mental disorder, and i am inclined to agree, but this “back to the connedstitution” rabble has the beaten out in many ways, the worship of jew godmen of the earth myth being the foremost. How can someone such as myself even attempt to protect a race, ideology, culture, or even kin when the self styled white non-racist moderate amerikan rushes willingly, no, gleefully into mass suicide.

    The white race has a heavy price to pay for butchering its own in the name of Jewish Bolshevism, a toll to be paid sooner, or later, in blood.

  2. Julie Mitchell says:

    Just fyi…. Listen to anti-white Andrew Anglin ( talking like a straight up WIGGER in a conversation with 2 full on niggers. Starting at about 2:00 he goes on a tirade about how negroes had this society forced upon them. At 2 hours 16 min he says with his own mouth that the “white race needs to be bred out of existence.” He goes on to say that he “he is only attracted to black girls.”

  3. t bone says:


    My sentiments, exactly. The Rob Schneider look-a-like has raised suspicion in me since day one.

    I’ll try to muster up the fortitude to listen to what you’ve suggested (believe me -I take your word for it!). It will only piss me off but I will listen objectively.

  4. t bone says:


    The MP3 doesn’t have time markers. Can you tell me where these key segments are – 1/4 the way thru, half way, 3/4, etc…?

  5. Dynavolt says:

    Julie Mitchell .. you are a Jew who goes about discrediting everyone while pretending to be all for the “white race” you are a Subversive Liberal bitch and many people are aware of your scheming. You like the Jew adam kokesh are always telling people to “rise up” while all along you have no intention of being at the front. You are a two faced Jew bitch who rants on about the Jews but in no way does anything about them. Just fuck off and Die you Kike cunt!

  6. Lena says:

    My DH showed me videos of his girlfiend in college, a beautiful, beautiful girl, gentle, blond, homeschooled for heaven’s sake, and then he showed me a picture of her today, after 30 years of marriage with a black man. Today, she is toothless, broken and bitter, but not wiser. She has no children, he has about 30. She financed college for him, and apparently, much more than that, as he never worked a day in his life.

    She still blames my DH for what happened to her life, and for the living conditions of those poor black people all over the world.

  7. INCOG MAN says:


    Sad story. But what does “DH” stand for?

  8. Greg says:


    I’ve seen the same thing with White women who race mix with negroes.

    They inevitably rot from the inside out.

    Making eternal excuses for the lowly state of negroes has gotten White people nowhere. And that poor girl can’t even look in the mirror and realize it.

  9. Lena says:

    Dear Incogman, DH is Dear Husband, DS is Dear Son, DD is short for Dear Daughter, in other corners of the internet.

  10. Lena says:

    Greg, I hadn’t even noticed this until mentioned it, but lacking teeth and loneliness in old age is actually something women who prefered black men have in common. I do know women who had good jobs, but as they never picked up good financial habits from their husbands or boyfriend, as many black people do not have them, and so these girls remain politically correct and childish all their lives. If they don’t get get murdered.

  11. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks, Lena. That’s what I thought, but wasn’t sure. You mind if I shorten it and use it for my “Quote of the Week”?

  12. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    I have zero sympathy for White women who become victims of black apes. Sorry, but enough time has gone by so these woman have no excuse.

  13. katie says:

    Are not they mostly Jews…you made my day…they’ve been gangstalking me for years.justice does get served…I sometimes wonder you know

  14. kate says:

    Many mongrel woman with light skin in the post!

    never distortion ça the concept of whiteness, this is very detrimental to the preservation of the white race!

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