Whites Victimized By Blacks ALL THE TIME NOW


why DO I want to see WHITE people DIE BRUTALLY[?]

— Actual search string typed twice by probable blacks leading to my site*

Folks, let’s get real here. Isn’t that what they always say? “Keeping it real?” The black race is totally out of control — killing innocent White people all the time now.

In June of this year, violent, White-hating Negroes shot to death Marley Lion, a handsome and popular young 17 year-old kid down in Charleston, South Carolina. The guy had left a party and thought he might be a little too drunk or was tired, so he did what might have been the safe thing and pulled off the highway to catch some winks in a nearby restaurant parking lot. Big mistake in this day and age.

Some blacks were getting ready to burglarize the restaurant, but decided to rob a convenient “cracker” instead. His car alarm went off when they tried to get in, or he hit a panic button, so one of them just ran up to the car and blasted away into the vehicle like it was nothing (security camera capture above). The poor kid had no chance. He did manage to survive long enough to give cops a description before dying at the hospital.


Click “continue” for even more brutal black-on-White murders.


I stumbled across the following story out of the blue while doing up my Mudshark montages for my post “They Made Their beds–THEN DIED IN IT.” While searching for shots of the victims, I read up on the crime. After some serious effort, I finally found the relatively clean photos above (which should tell you something).

The whole insane crime made my brain melt. The details were so shockingly horrible, it was simply unbelievable — but all too true.

Back in 1995 a nearly full-term pregnant woman named Debra Evans had two White kids, 10 year-old Samantha and 8 year-old Joshua, from a previous marriage to a White man. She later stupidly hooked up with a black named Levern Ward, had his mulatto kid, Jordan, and was also knocked up by him before he finally split the scene. Ward had a mulatto cousin named Fedell Caffey, who was hooked up with freaky black chick named Jacqueline Annette Williams (photos below).

The freaky Williams woman couldn’t have children for some reason, but the nutcase still told everyone she was pregnant. So her boyfriend decided to get her a half-breed baby and knew just where to go.

Ward, Williams and Caffey went to Debra Evan’s apartment and supposedly offered her $2,000 for the baby (the business about offering her money may be bull). They said she refused, so Caffey pulled out a gun and shot her in the back of the head so the bullet wouldn’t harm the fetus.

They soon found Debra’s White daughter Samantha hiding in a bedroom and brutally stabbed her to death. The poor girl must have put up a valient fight because she had a lot of defensive wounds on her hands and arms as if she was desperately trying to ward off the killers.

Then they proceeded to give the mother Debra an amateur Caesarian operation on the living room floor, i.e. cutting her wide open with scissors to take the baby out. Supposedly, the woman was still alive and breathing while all this was going on, maybe even conscious. Can you imagine? Extracting the baby, Ward gave it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and crudely cut away the umbilical cord. Then they stabbed the mother multiple times around the neck to finally put her out of her misery.

Jacqueline Annette Williams
All three of them should have fried in the chair long ago.

They left alive the 18 month-old mulatto child Jordan, since Ward was the father. Debra Evans’ other White child, 8 year-old Joshua, escaped the murder scene, but somehow tragically ran into the arms of the killers. Thinking he might not have seen the murders, they took him and the extracted, living baby to the apartment of Patrice Scott, a friend of Williams.

At this location, the young Joshua — the kid undoubtedly scared out of his wits — told the Scott woman what had happened (unknown if she was black, but I bet she was). Big mistake. Joshua told her that four black men did the crime, two of them coming in through the window (there is good reason to believe another black escaped justice).

Scott told Jacqueline Williams what Joshua said, who now knew she had to eliminate another witness. She tried to poison poor Joshua by forcing him to drink iodine, which only made him vomit. Then she had Caffey and Ward try to strangle him dead with an electrical cord, but that attempt failed also (he must have been one tough little White boy). Then Williams and Caffey just resorted to stabbing the little kid to death while Ward was driving down the road to find a place to dump his body.

Scott got a sweetheart deal from the prosecutors to appear as a witness, even though she obviously deserved major time — if not execution — actually being in the car as Joshua was getting stabbed in the back seat. Oh, yeah, the freaky Williams bitch was holding down the kid as he was being stabbed to death.

Folks, these blacks are insanely brutal, uncaring animals.

BTW: The mulatto baby violently cut from Debra Evans survived and lives today. His name is Elijah. In January of last year, the crazy Jacqueline Williams had the nerve to petition a judge for early release from prison. The wacko actually felt she served enough time for all this, when she’s lucky not to have been executed.

All this happened in 1995. I didn’t read a thing until 2013 and probably still wouldn’t know of it if it wasn’t for the Internet. But if the perps had been White, you can bet your bottom dollar everyone would have seen all kinds of things about the crime in the media. You name it — movies, docudramas, special reports, 60 Minutes interviews,  etc., etc.

And these murderous blacks will randomly kill you dead just about anywhere these days. There is simply no telling when and where.

Just this past August, beautiful White mother of three, Andrea Kruger, left work as a bartender in Omaha, Nebraska (ironically, her family moved there to escape crime). After picking up dinner at a McDonald’s fast food restaurant on the way home, she slowed to a stop at an intersection, but didn’t know the car in front of her contained two murderous black criminals.


Nikko Jenkins (just look at the evil ape’s face above!) jumped out from the first car, ran back and pulled Andrea from her SUV (always lock your doors). He immediately shot the poor woman four times in the head. She died there on the street, while they took off with her car, happily eating the woman’s Mickey D’s meal she bought only minutes before being murdered. Of course, being blacks, they later torched her vehicle. Other fellow blacks, including females, helped the two.

These blacks are also targeting Whites just for being White. On September 20th of this year, a black couple in Florida went out to “catch a cracker” — black slang for committing crime on White people. Tommy Davis and Adele Jones came across a retarded black kid out buying a popular new $150 video game, “Grand Theft Auto V” (typical) and decided to beat and rob him of his game instead. But they later freely admitted to cops that it was White people who they were really after.

The Jewish-controlled media wants everyone to think White people are the evil racists and blacks are always so victimized by us. Total BS! For years now, blacks play something they call the “knock-out game” where they go out and purposely try to slug and beat White people hard enough to render them unconscious — maybe even kill.

Just the other day, a gang of blacks brutally beat a 70 year-old White man in Syracuse, New York, putting him in critical condition at the hospital. If the races were reversed, the story would be headline news everywhere.

And blacks are always breaking into our elderly White mother’s homes, often raping the women before killing them brutally. People: These are sick, sick animals.

In May of this year, Kathleen Clark, 69, of Washington DC opened the door to who she thought was the mailman. A black man burst into her home, beat and dragged her around until she gave him the $40 in her purse and a change jar. The woman is literally lucky to be alive. Of course, the traitorous media neglected to mention the race of her attacker.

Fannie GumbingerNot so lucky was 99 year-old Fannie Gumbinger in upstate Poughkeepsie, New York (left). A 20 year-old black animal named Javon Tyrek Rogers broke into her home this past August and killed the almost 100 year-old woman in some way. Police only said “multiple injuries.” Could have been so brutal they felt it best to stay quiet.

If you’re a White American, you had better stop and smell the coffee. Things are getting worse by the day. Just think of what kind of country America will be in 10 to 20 years. It will be hell on earth for Whites.

All of these evils can easily be traced to Jewish social engineering efforts over the decades to undermine the White race and keep us all from any kind of racial solidarity (called “PC”), so we don’t put a stop to their never-ending world-wide gambits — be it Israeli Zionism, the continuing financial rape of our nations, Globalism (the NWO), or just plain Jewish faggotry and sleaze.

The filthy Jews are indeed the driving force behind the destruction of our race. No doubt about it.

As bad as blacks are, they are merely uncontrollable and spoiled rotten pawns in the Jewish agenda. Things are getting worse because of “PC” and the Jew media constantly getting them worked up over racism.


— Phillip Marlowe

* You should see some of the nasty stuff blacks write in the comments coming here. Sometimes I let them through when it’s funny enough, but most of the time it’s just stupid sick crap. Blacks are now totally off the hook.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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253 Responses to Whites Victimized By Blacks ALL THE TIME NOW

  1. MIkhelin says:

    Nigger is untamed monkey

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    European Media Declares 16th Century Dutch Naval Flag To Be A “Nazi Symbol”


  3. Frank Fredenburg says:






    I just watched this video and Snordelhans did it again.

  4. Nana says:

    The ultimate goal of bloodthirsty racist Jews is to destroy all nations and enslave the rest. Everything in this world goes according to THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION

  5. SomeGirl says:

    I just read this post. This is sickening. Blacks kill white people every single day and yet no one addresses the issue at all. I don’t understand what can be done. I would love to join a KKK faction in my area, but whites aren’t even allowed to THINK a negative thought about blacks these days without being called “racist” or getting killed, let alone organize in protest of their despicable behavior. Of course blacks can loot, kill, rape, riot, etc. every day due to how “racist” our society is and that’s fine by everyone. Despite the fact that my tax money literally pays for their homes, food, cars, guns, crack, etc. I don’t understand why we can’t just send them away or start stringing them up. They literally hurt our society in every single way.

    • INCOG MAN says:


      Why don’t you join the KKK group I have a graphic for on the left?

      Also, speak out to friends and family — you will be surprised at how many agree with you and admire you for your bravery.

      The black race has clearly played out their little race card. Whites everywhere are sick and tired of the bull.

  6. SomeGirl says:

    Hey Incog:

    Probably sounds crazy but I’m worried about anyone having my real information; I heard the government tracks people like us who use websites like this, I suspect because they want to suppress us.

  7. Bailey says:

    Hey SomeGirl,

    Eff’ them, They know who you are anyway so you may as well let THEM know who THEY are.

    Do you have a drivers license? a cell phone? a credit card? a GPS? a credit rating?

    Your being tracked, Smile and tell the FU !

  8. Bailey says:

    Tell “them” FU !

    We here at incogman do it everyday. 🙂

  9. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    9 October 2013

    Teenager ‘Beat 71-Year-Old to Death’ after She Took Him in to Help Him Escape Life in a Troubled Home

    It was his “White” great-grandmother

    A 17-year-old boy sent to live with his great-grandmother is accused of killing her Friday with help from his cousin.

    Joda Cain was sent to live with Jacqueline Bell in an effort to escape problems he’d been having at home, instead he killed her with help from his cousin Micus Ward, 19, and stole her Lexus, officials charged.
    The two murder suspects took cops on a high speed chase at speeds as high as 135MPH before they were apprehended. Cops pulling them over were initially unaware of the murder, only finding out after calling in the stolen car.

    Ms Bell died of blunt force trauma, officials said. They have not yet specified a murder weapon.

    Mr Cain’s mother sent him this summer to live with Bell because he was having problems back home in Kansas City, she told KSHB.





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