Hollywood Jew Hopes To “F–Up Entire Generation”


“…They invent ways of doing evil…”

— New Testament Book of Romans 1:30

From David Duke


The filthy, stinking Jews have not only effed up entire generations already, but also entire countries! (INCOG)

Well-known Jewish Supremacist torture porn film director Eli Roth, who produced the sick “Cabin Fever” and “Hostel” horror movies, has said that he hopes his new internet-only horror mystery, “Hemlock Grove,” will “f— up an entire generation.”

The 13-part series is, judging by the two trailers released so far, is likely to be one of the most bloodthirsty shows seen this year.

One sequence shows a man mutating in eyeball-popping, sanguinary detail. “That howling visceral transformation… For this, we wanted something that would be beautiful and horrific, but which would f— up an entire generation,” said Roth, speaking at the MipTV conference to promote the show.

“I can think of endless horrible things to do to people!” he said.

Importantly, Roth – who directs the first episode and is an executive producer on the series – said that “Hemlock Grove’s” content is in sync with wider trends on cable TV networks and in cinemas.

“You can see that people want their horror horrific. With “The Walking Dead” getting 12.5 million viewers, “Evil Dead” just opened at number one in the box office … People want stories like this,” he said.

“They want their violence in “Game of Thrones.” What you’re seeing is a real shift … You wanna see the sex and you wanna see the killing and the violence. You want the murder to be scary and horrible!”

In other words, this wave of Jewish-created horror, violence, gore and sickness is becoming ever more mainstream.

This has to have an effect on society at large, and will unquestionably trigger lone lunatics who watch this evil depravity and then are encouraged to go out and commit vile deeds themselves.



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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313 Responses to Hollywood Jew Hopes To “F–Up Entire Generation”

  1. INCOG MAN says:

    OK, Karen.

    I don’t agree. Sure, some Jews do make it in here, but I can’t always know. Frank, I’m sure is a White guy. Also, I don’t like attacks on CI people or any Christians.

  2. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    Went down to the strip for a couple of hours today. Fu&k it. The fun started waiting for the bus though. Some fat asshole starts saying that i’m ” Walking around w/ a sign blaming a nice , victimized race of people while trying to kill everyone around w/ my ciggarette smoke”…ha ha. Well , we continued to insult each other once we were on the bus , and fortunetly there was a woman who knew me and supports what I do. So now she is telling this asshole what a peice of shit he is and we’re both filling the bus w/ facts about the jewish problem…and people are listening. Of course theres another idiot there who says “nah , the Chinese are takin’ over…” I’m like what ? look who controls the Chinese money supply…etc. I tried to keep it cival w/ him so as not to lose people who consider to consider these truths. But on the strip just a lot of idiots from different places. I saw plenty of joos. I could tell by their squinty eyes and faces. Some of them gave me the finger or made faces at me. But the general public really just looked like a bunch of worn out judeofied , brain dead idiots. Of course I don’t know what these people are thinking and I’m judging them on their reactions to a sign they see while on vacation wanting to have a good time. It was funny , one of these fast talking street guys is near me and I hear him as he’s trying to give out free drink passes to a club saying to his marks…”Have fun…escape”…And I’m thinkin’ , There is NO escape !”

  3. sog says:

    wanna see a dead nigger ..its treyboon and the court pictures od his carcass ..
    michell obama is a ?????????????????????????
    on the next site they say that treyvon martin was killed for his organs and martinez was protected ..phht ..if they wanted treyboos organs cus he was a unique type cross match group etc for someone they would have just kidnapped him and made him disappear ,,but erh niggs are callin the jews organ stealers ..try to hear this guy out even though he is kinda HILARIOUS ….

  4. sog says:

    all the top niggers aqre part of a nigger secret society for niggers ,,jaxcoon ,sharpciock and obomanoid ,,etc .

  5. Dave says:

    Niggers don’t need a secret society. They have been allowed a racial unity that is actually illegal for us European descended Americans. That has been a direct result of us allowing jews to legislate.

    Besides that fact any attempt at racial unity among European descended people anywhere will be defamed by the same. Extreme irony lies in the fact that the agency that does the most defaming here in the United States is named the, “Anti Defamation League”.

  6. American says:

    I know Incog can take the heat, and awaken the few “goyim” out of the flak I might have sent his way by accident. 🙂

    Spread the word!

  7. summerled says:

    and there you go billy you said it “”Have fun…escape”…And I’m thinkin’ , There is NO escape !” great caption and yes we are for the most part dealing with criminally
    jewped people

  8. Dave says:

    Jews are relentless and hypocritical. They probably bought the dictionary of our language already. For instance I have recently learned about a new word called, “twerk”. They have their own definition of this word that involves degeneracy as usual. Meanwhile I have been using this word for some time.

    For example: I gotta get back twerk in the morning. The bills don’t pay themselves.

  9. American says:

    I’m surprised lately at how many people come out and directly name the jew. This despite incessant “it’s not all jews” BS. Who gives a fuck, time for these supposedly good jews to step up and rat out some of those jews they know are in on it!

    Ain’t gonna happen, they’re all too busy covering their own asses.

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    Very true Dave.
    Sad to see the TNB at the walmart when niggers heard their was no limit on their ebts. Disgusted, fed up and sick of the bullshit. Just goes to show the Great Society is a colossal failure. Of course we already knew most of them are scamming the system designed to help the truly needy anyway. But unwilling and unable to control their behavior and act civilized they cant just be happy with what has already been given to them for free but swarm to take advantage in the system when given the chance. How much food and fresh meat was sold for cash beer/drug money and how many barbecues on our dime since most peoples freezers only hold so much. Just suspend the abusers from the program for a year when the system accounting takes place.

    Truly wish that I could say niggers are advancing in civilization. But I cant. Even after all the trillions we spent and all we are still doing to help them get it together. No improvement whatsoever. Actually regressing Haiti style. All the crime everywhere everyday. Detroilet. Chimpcago. Anywhere where large populations of niggers live. 3rd world shithole. And this is as good as its going to get. This is niggers WITH free welfare, food stamps/ebt, wic, commodities distribution,Medicaid, sailfones, housing, school systems they pay no taxes for, and the list goes on. This is Niggers WITH everything free. Gee cant wait to see how they act when the free money runs out.

    I have to admit it that I’m scared. Not just for me but for all of our kids and grandkids. The jews got this country all fucked up. Not a day goes by that I cant flip on the news or computer and read 10 more stories about packs of niggers going wild beating, robbing and stealing from innocent decent white people.

  11. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    Of course while I was there I saw a lot of white people. This is what I want. Lot of white people represents hope. The hope that these people who mostly just walk by me like braindead , judeoservants have the capacity to strip their minds of the bombardment of jewish brainwashing and take responsibility. I guess this is the big question.Can the dumbed down , Amerikan idiot/apathetic coward even begin to accept the immensity of the problem we face ? Judging by my time on the strip today it doesn’t look too good. But…I was just there a few hrs and it was earlly mon morning so…We can hope. These people who really do not know w/ whom their loyalties really lie should start to see the unmistakable , unbiased truth and commit to one side or the other. And of course , in the end there really is two sides. And if these ‘white’ people who consistently favor , support and send their kids to die for judeo-collectivist-despotism then they can not be considered as anything other than the enemy. Of course I want them to wake up , I mean thats why I do what I do. But are they too scared ? Too brainwashed ? Too stupid ? I don’t know. But I do know its time to know what the f&ck is going on and why. And then commit one way or the other. Like I said , the white race really is our last hope for survival. But the white race has been taught to be obediant , not give a shit , and scream ‘anti semite’ ! , at the mention of the word jew , zionist or israel , so herien lies the problem…The jews have taught whites over generations that they are no better than anyone else. And to prove it we will bus in blacks to your neighborhoods and schools. And you must love it. If you don’t your a racist. Whites have been judeofied. This is were the real power of organized jewery is because it permits all their other evils. They have stolen the very minds of your ordinary , white ‘American’. And as far as I can see people the world over. I don’t know what I’m really tryin to say here. just another weird day out there.

  12. American says:

    TNB is the symptom, jew the disease.

  13. WhiteVedic says:


    That is a funny video sog. The black man doing the “TNN news” said that he thought Trayvon probably looked up when he was dying and said “I wish my mother was here”…..I wish my father was here”, “I wish my brother was here”.

    I think he said………”Damn, I wish I wouldn’t have attacked that motherf***er!

  14. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    I guess what I’m trying to say is whites who are so judeofied in their mindsets and would die to preserve this demented jew created lie of a reality ( 9/11-Fedeal Reseve -U.N. – Hollywood and on and on and on ) maybe don’t deserve to be called white. White ‘Conservatives’ who live to promote jewish neo conservatism ( more Communism disguised ) are traitors to race and country. Not to mention all the admitted left wing freaks. I think everyone here knows what I’m talkin’ about. There are many so called ‘whites’ who have sold out , cowered out , or gave out and they do not help their race. They harm it by buying the jew plan lock , stock and barrel. It’s sad. I hope my sign sticks in these peoples heads unconsiously and pops up from time to time. That’s what I like about this sign , it’s kinda like something outa ‘They Live’. Like they don’t really see it , but they see it. Maybe they’ll see it in their minds eye at the right time.

  15. Jimmy says:

    Thanks to Chris for posting that link on the Pastor Wickstrom Youtube video “Sheriffs.

    Really good, the guy does a very thorough job of explaining the Jew communist problem.
    I haven’t watched the entire video about 25 minutes. He is Christian Identity for sure and speaks of the white Christian nation.
    He is aware of the Satanist, spiritual element that many people overlook.

    I have seen with my own eyes how Satanists and Freemasons work for the Jews.
    Satanism and Freemasonry are just gentile extensions (servants) of the Jewish agenda.
    About half of the communist oppressors in Russia were not jews but gentiles, this is confirmed in the Harold Rosenthal interview where this Jew spilled the beans.

    In my comment at White storm front I posted the link of the coat of arms of the soviet union it clearly shows the pentacle a well known Satanist symbol (on american flag too) and it shows the sun symbol at the base this is to show they are luciferian or worshipping the sun as Satan.
    This has a long history going back to the ancient Egyptians and Horus whose eye is seen on Illuminati symbol he was also known Sol invictus or Apollo to Romans and Helios to the Greeks.
    This all worshipping Satan/Lucifer through the Sun.

    Notice how that booklet link that I posted of Joy of Satan ministries is called black sun 666, the swastika is in the centre of it, which is also a sun symbol. The eagle and swastika is a clear sun worship symbol, you can find echoes of it in the Zeus statues with the globe and eagle.

    These Jews practice sorcery and witchcraft spell casting which is devastating to our people who are not aware of it and how it works. Our useless Freemason infiltrated Churches are not engaging in spiritual warfare because they are with the enemy and even deny it exists.

    This woman Andrea Herrington is working for the Jews, she is a Satanist high priestess and her husband Cliff Herrington was leader of the American Nazi party, they are plants to lead white people nowhere and to make white separatists appear crazy fools, see the 60 minutes show on the American Nazi party, how they could agree to a Jew network interview and co-operation is beyond me. Only because they are plants infiltrators to trash and smash white hopes. That 60 minutes did what it was supposed to do, portray the American Nazi party as losers and thus defeat the idea of white liberation in the minds of the white nation.

    Read her booklet and see the venom she spews against Jesus and Christians the entire booklet is an attack on Christians, yet she spends two lines berating Jews.

    She used the name Maxine Dietrich to front this organization because it is German sounding.
    So she is promoting the Nazi Satanist image yet is not using her own name but a German name.
    This is a deliberate attempt to smear Germans as Satanists.

    The Jews do all they can to lead whites away from Christianity because there is real power in it to defeat the Satanic/Luciferian spell casting and sorcery they rely on. The Holy Spirit of Jesus gives true knowledge and discernment to a praying believer something Jews don’t want.
    Prayer as used to by Pastor Peter J Peters was also used to disrupt Satanist communication for these people and block their powers.

    I don’t want to repeat what I said earlier, but this White Storm is clearly a Satanist operator for the Jews, note his use of “slandering Satan” who speaks like that? And calls Jesus the “Nazarene” Satanists do that because they hate to even mention his name. He goes on to bleat about other nations of the world that make up 99.9 percent of the world he seems to infer we should mix on be equals with them.
    He makes a full on attack on Christian Identity just like Andrea Herrington (Maxine Dietrich) this is the sore point with these Jews CHRISTIAN IDENTITY!!!!!
    Christian Identity gives white people their true identity and shows that Jews are not Israelites and they stole that name, from us white people the ten tribes of Israel, sons of Isaac, further more about 80% of these Jews are of Khazar extraction they raped themselves white, with slave white woman and marrying into white families.

    Jesus said “I have come except unto the house of the lost sheep of the house of Israel” our perverted Judeo/Christian churches have told lies to the effect this means Jews, not true. Israelites are white people, true whites in reality God’s chosen race that are now “lost sheep” as our Lord put it.
    The Jews want to hide this truth from you with lies from people like Andrea Herrington and her BS Joy of Satan ministry which also includes a page “the Joy of gay sex” ugghhh.
    And our own Jew white storm front, who has still not shown his face here.

    White people have strong human qualities are very beautiful, just look at our woman unmatched by any race, the best of our white nation men are intelligent and in general our people are compassionate and caring in a way not found in black or Asian races, they just need to return to God and his ways and prosperity will return some weeding and separation and we can be saved.

  16. Jimmy says:

    The Jews destroy first by destroying ideas, the idea (and reality) that we whites have a history and Biblical origin as the Adamic race (the word Adam means he who shows blood in the face or to be of a ruddy complexion) WHITES!! We are true Israel the white nation with a God/Jesus/religion and we have right to a white home land in a land as vast as America and Europe where Jews are not allowed because they are not of us neither are other dark races allowed.
    This is a prospect so terrifying to these evil, filthy scum Jews who are so busy robbing, enslaving, killing us and genetically destroying us with dark races that they will use any means to try and remove this idea from us.

  17. t bone says:

    “TNB is the symptom, jew the disease” – American

    Yes American, I think its safe to assume that Incoglanders do indeed understand this.

    Symptoms aren’t good to have regardless of the disease – they can lead to one’s demise.

    If high blood pressure is a symptom of heart disease (or some other similar disease) – not controlling the HBP could kill you.

    If intense vomiting is a symptom of stomach cancer, it could also lead to one’s demise.

    Look at the faggots with AIDS – they cant even catch a cold (a symptom) without the fear of dying from pneumonia.

    Getting to the disease will be difficult. Throughout our quest, we will have many debilitating ‘symptoms’ come our way. Deal with them accordingly and survive – or ignore them and die.

    We must be UP for this. It wont be easy. The jew has had 100+ years to put us in this hole. Our focus needs to be directed at the top where we can escape. But it is a deep hole without a ladder and it could take a while. We must survive in the interim – hence our focus needs to calculate many things at once.

    There are no alternatives.

  18. Commander Goyim & His Lost Sheeple Airmen says:

    we should not throw the baby out with the bath water; Christianity was/is NOT perfect– but because of any structual flaw, but because it must confront EVIL by using the power of LOVE to contain it…there are no accidents. Hitler was not perfect but he loved his people; much in the same way as Jesus. Evil and good/love are not absolutes to the imperfect human (condition) race but we know what is right from where we are sitting the flower of right smells much better.

  19. Commander Goyim & His Lost Sheeple Airmen says:

    Saying that, there are 600 million guns in America and I was learning how to shoot one when I was 5: lucky I guess but it is about time we started using them. Take shooting lessons (if you can) or practice alone –but practice. This is war and Madison, Jefferson, Washington –all agree.

  20. Jimmy says:

    TBone, my high blood pressure is caused by Jews heh heh heh.

  21. t bone says:

    That’s very Hegelian of the jew, Jimmy.

    They cause HBP only to sell the HBP medication – a market that had been cornered by the jew ages ago.

  22. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    I didn’t mean to suggest that there was any real difference between the so called ‘right wing’ neo conservatives to their left wing counterparts the ‘liberals’. Because it’s ALL left. It’s all jew controlled and hence , all left. The ‘two party system’ is just another neccesary tool for the jew on his quest for total jewish despotism. It’s funny watching some supposed ‘right wing’ political news correspondant like that oriental bitch or that pale skinny one from fox , arguing w/ some left winger and their both the same thing. They’re both just jewish tools. But I got rid of my jootv over a year ago so I’m not so much bothered anymore. But seeing these hords of people who have no clue of the reality they’re occupying and are really like sheep makes me think of how tightly wrapped the jews have tied up the minds of the masses. Anne Coulter , thats the one I was thinking of. And these people don’t see throught this shit yet ? It’s just a big , fuckin’ show…

  23. sog says:

    http://www.rense.com/general96/leftsnew.html The Left’s New Crusade – Adult-Child Sex…………………..
    yeah good point dave ,,secret societies or not ,they cant keep their agendas secret for very long anymore ..
    niggers in boule society ..just a bunch of apes in suits with fake college diplomas n shit ..

  24. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewish Extremists Anti-Gentile Hatred Present In Porn Industry


    This article is from a few years back but it is a nice article. It is a long article.

    Karen thinking too highly of myself has never been one of my problems in life. I think I know me better than you do.

  25. Brian says:

    Sick freaky kike should be put down like the dog he is.

  26. Jimmy says:

    Good points by Mossad did 9/11 the entire policitical spectrum is Jewish bullshit, conservative, liberal, are just two sides of the same Jewish coin. You can have any flavour politician you want as long as it is Kosher flavour.

    We get fucked from both sides of the political spectrum and the Jewish owned Freemason whore run media plays along to round the whole show off.

    It’s the same show in Britain, say for instance Labour(supposed liberal) is in power and they spend and create debt raise taxes and the economy is good and then?

    “oh dear we have a recession tut tut” say the jew banks “we have all been bad boys and girls spending too much money you know mmmm and of course we Jew banks didn’t know anything about the coming recession nor did we set you up with it”

    The newspapers spin against the horrible liberal party wicked leftists and the papers start to talk about the new candidate they have been grooming to take power and boosting in the minds of the cattle as the new force, hand picked by Rothschild (like David Cameron)
    Then the conservative party is picked and of course the high taxes reamain in place, but now jews have put interest rates sky high, reduced capital in the market and the crunch begins services are cut “to save money you know” because we have to pay some unknown unseen creditor who is demanding money from us.
    Business fold and Jews eat them up, farms, houses etc all down the Jew’s throat with some crumbs for their Freemason goyim dogs who do their bidding.

    After this goes on for a while and the Jews has eaten enough the Jew press starts the whole cycle again by berating the evil conservative party and how they are bleeding the poor people dry and are only good for the rich etc.
    The poor goyim cattle with the memory of a gnat now like stupid animals start following the lead of the media again and the whole cycle starts again as they promote the Liberal party as it is dangled as the new hope for the country, again the sheep are drawn out induced to spend, happy days are here again etc. Many variations to this theme but the poor public cattle never suspect that they are being played by both sides.

    How anyone can believe they are free by being able to choose between two or three Jewish run parties is because “we as de vote” is beyond me.

    Same with socialist and capitalist both sides of our Jewish created “reality” our thought boxes from Tel Aviv, and they fk us from both those spectrums too.

  27. Bella says:

    Anyone take look into Julious Streiker….seems like one cool cucumber.

  28. I’m chiming in late here, so I would be very surprised if this hasn’t already been covered in the 300+ comments already made, but the Jews will always act in a manner contrary to the Bible. It’s in their satanic nature to do this. The Bible tells us to think on only those things that are beautiful, honest, and of a good report, whereas the Jews, through their mainstream media, want to cram our heads with filth, graphic violence, and lies, damned lies.

    By their fruit…

  29. Frank Fredenburg says:

    13 Hollywood Basterds by David Duke


    I don’t know if anyone posted this David Duke video. Eli Roth is mentioned in it. It is 10 minutes long.

  30. Laydee Liberty says:

    Serial Killer Ted Bundy shares his last interview With Dr. James Dobson Focus on the Family before being executed. WATCH:


    Bundy said the following:

    “I’ve lived in prison for a long time now,
    and I’ve met a lot of men
    who were motivated to commit violence.

    Without exception, EVERY ONE OF THEM
    was deeply involved in pornography –
    deeply CONSUMED BY THE addiction.”

    BUNDY is routinely SMEARED by the Jewish controlled media AS BEING A Pathological Liar.

    I certainly didn’t get the impression of Bundy being a pathological liar during HIS FINAL interview.

    I personally think this is a kosher SMEAR tactic employed by Jews so that unsuspecting MEN in general continue TO EXCUSE their own compulsive behaviors and still use porn. I think Porn is a very sophisticated commie-Marxist phys-op USED TO enslave men and women to their SEXUAL passions, thereby destroying the family unit as well as sabotaging themselves from meaningful relationships.

    Porn used to be labeled an OBSCENITY. NOW however THEY call it FREEDOM of speech. This can NOT be called FREEDOM for the SLAVE that is ADDICTED, then ruled and controlled by their own destructive passions.

    I sensed Bundy wanted to unburden his soul and share HIS LIFE experience – HOW dangerous, addicting, progressive and all consuming the influence of Pornography WAS TO HIM and as he noticed from HIS TIME IN PRISON to others incarcerated and especially to society at large.

    Bundy NEVER used this addiction as an attempt to escape his actions but was trying TO WARN society that their is NO PROTECTION FOR ANYONE from a society that TOLERATES PORN.

    Delete the other comment
    I don’t know why it duplicated the post like that.


  31. Laydee Liberty says:

    Hollywood Horror Movie Director Eli Roth is a psychopath.


    Eli Roth, the disgusting Jewish freak who DIRECTED the Hostel and Hostel: Part II movies, creating the HORROR sub-genre called “torture porn” or “gorno” to express his sexual fantasies, turns out to be a psychopath. Who would have thought?

    Eli Roth also played an ugly-looking Jew in Inglorious Basterds, and describes the film as Jewish or kosher porn. He also stated:

    “It’s almost a deep sexual satisfaction of wanting to beat Nazis to death, an orgasmic feeling”.

    Many Jews are psychopaths or partial psychopaths, the cause of which is centuries of inbreeding. This inbreeding is also the cause of several genetic diseases among the Jews, such as Tay-Sachs, Gaucher’s disease, Niemann-Pick and many others. The one good side effect of their genetic diseases is the high intelligence Ashkenazi Jews are known for, as scientists have found a correlation between some of the diseases and high IQ.

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