UK Jew Pol Angry Over Commie Dad Writeup


From Council of Conservative Citizens

Labour leader Ed Milliband’s father called for the “humiliation” of the country that had so graciously offered him sanctuary from the Nazis.*

Ed Milliband’s father taught Marxist ideology at Universities in Belgium and Britain.

Ed Milliband’s father taught Marxist ideology at Universities in Belgium and Britain.

In the past, this website [CofCC] has exposed the truth about Milliband’s family. Labour leader “Red Ed” is nothing but a multi-generational international Marxist.

Ed Miliband is a fanatical supporter of open borders and 3rd world immigration. Internal documents proven that the Labour party sought an open border policy specifically to recruit new Labour voters and to “punish” conservatives [it’s more than that, the Jews want to turn White Gentiles into a minority –INCOG].

Finally, the stuff we have talked about on this website has exploded onto the British press. The Daily Mail published an editorial about Ed Milliband’s father, titled “The Man Who Hated Britain.”

From UK Daily Mail…

On a hot summer day, a young man made his way  alone to Highgate Cemetery in North London to make a lifelong vow.

Solemnly, he stood at the  grave of Karl Marx at a moment when, in his own words, ‘the cemetery was utterly  deserted… I remember standing in front of the grave, fist clenched, and  swearing my own private oath that I would be faithful to the workers’  cause’.

The year was 1940. The young man was Ralph Miliband, a Jewish immigrant who, with his father, had fled to London from Belgium just weeks earlier to escape the Nazi Holocaust.

Miliband, father of Ed and David Miliband, died in 1994, aged 70, soon after the publication of his last book, Socialism For A Sceptical Age. In it, the venerated Marxist philosopher and academic continued to espouse his lifelong ‘socialist’ cause.

In his explosive memoirs, serialised last week in the Mail, Gordon Brown’s spin doctor Damian McBride argued that Ed Miliband was obsessed with maintaining his father’s legacy. Winning the leadership was Ed’s ‘ultimate tribute’ to his father – an attempt to ‘achieve his father’s vision and ensure David Miliband did not traduce it’. Again, that word ‘traduce’.

Ed is now determined to bring about that vision. How proud Ralph would have been to hear him responding the other day to a man in the street who asked when he was ‘going to bring back socialism’ with the words: ‘That’s what we are doing, sir.’

Ed’s victory over David, made possible only with the unions’ block votes, was perfectly in step with his father’s fervent and undimmed conviction that ‘alliance with the trade unions is not only one of the party’s great strengths; it is by far its greatest strength’.

Ralph’s Marxism was uncompromising. ‘We want this party to state that it stands unequivocally behind the social ownership and control of the means of production, distribution and exchange,’ he told the 1955 Labour conference, as the delegate from Hampstead. ‘We are a socialist party engaged on a great adventure.’

This was the immigrant boy whose first act in Britain was to discard his name Adolphe because of its associations with Hitler, and become Ralph, and who helped his father earn a living rescuing furniture from bombed houses in the Blitz.

As for the country that gave him and his family protection, the 17-year-old wrote in his diary: ‘The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world.. you sometimes want them almost to lose (the war) to show them how things are. They have the greatest contempt for the Continent… To lose their empire would be the worst possible humiliation.’

From Huffington post UK…

Ed Miliband tonight publicly hit out at the Daily Mail over an article it ran calling his father Ralph “the man who hated Britain”. The Labour leader said he was “not prepared to allow his good name to be denigrated in this way” after the two page article in Saturday’s edition of the newspaper.

He took the unusual step of using Twitter to express his deep anger about the piece and reveal that the Daily Mail had agreed to publish a response from him in Tuesday’s edition. “My dad loved Britain, he served in the Royal Navy and I am not prepared to allow his good name to be denigrated in this way,” he wrote.

The essay by Geoffrey Levy examined the political beliefs of the Marxist academic and how that influenced his two sons. It questioned what Ralph Miliband “really” believed in adding “the answer should disturb everyone who loves this country”.



That’s how these Talmudic, Zionist, Bolshevik creeps operate. FOR CENTURIES. They work hard at censoring and fully expect any sort of exposure to the Jewish agenda, Marxism and Israel’s criminal actions be suppressed from the public eye — no matter what.

These devious bastards could be baby-raping demons from hell (hmmm) or something equally freaky, and still expect the press to turn a blind eye and keep all of us “goyim” in the dark.

Here's his brother David Miliband and NWO whore boy, Billy Bob Clinton.

Here’s his brother David Miliband and NWO whore boy, Billy Bob Clinton. He’s now in Jew York city, as the CEO of a NGO called “International Rescue Committee” and making $630,000 a year.

Truth of the matter? These Jews have been nothing but never-ending trouble for ANY White nation foolish enough to let them in.

Note how Miliband’s father was practically hoping Britain would lose the war simply because the brits were so patriotic. The “us” versus “them” mentality so glaringly apparent in Jews. The hatred for nationhood and arrogant spite oozes out of the commie Jew’s words.

Note how the younger Milibrand is all for open borders in Britain — allowing parasitical Third World scum to fill up the beautiful White land of Albion. I’ve seen video of Ed Miliband’s speeches, calling for even more non-White immigration into Britain. This is all a direct assault on the White race. It’s really is that simple.

Oh, yeah, he’s a big Israel supporter, too. The Jew could care less about what the Israeli Zionists do to the Palestinians. Liberal? No, he’s really just your usual insane Jew hypocrite.

Same sort of stinking, commie Jews are doing all this in America, too. The sooner you get that, and the sooner you start speaking out, the better.

* The Jews never feel gratitude for anything from us “goyim.” That’s why the parable of the scorpion and the frog is so apt for these backstabbing creeps. Look at how they trash us White Gentiles (especially us straight guys) after all we did in WWII — and still do today. Friggin’ lousy GD JEWS!


Joyfully, [Ralph] Miliband described Labour’s 1945 post-war election victory as ‘the country’s capture from its traditional rulers’.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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169 Responses to UK Jew Pol Angry Over Commie Dad Writeup

  1. t bone says:

    Great reporting Frank/PRT

    I cant keep up!

  2. Greg says:

    There is no such thing as a ‘good’ wetback in America. Every single wetback is benefiting off of a corrupt system set up by the jews to favor them.

    If they’re so ‘good’ and ‘hardworking’ then they need to go back to Mexico and be ‘good’ and ‘hardworking’ there to make their country like America so they don’t have to run into the White man’s land to mooch.

    This liberal mentality has the White race standing on the edge of the cliff and the Earth is giving way under your feet.

  3. Greg says:

    I keep hearing:

    “Let’s find a cure for breast cancer” or something about curing AIDS.

    I’m curious when an effort will be made to find a cure for this cancerous disease called liberalism.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    Oh No the negress in dc also had post-partum depression. Single baby momma had a niglet. No word on niglet daddy yet. jews out the ass saying see we don’t spend enough on mental health care in this country. Just like they do everytime an asshole shoots up a movie theatre. Lets ban guns. OK lets ban mentally defective niggers from having babies. That would work better. They are trying to get a nigger off the death penalty in Tennessee for killing two postal workers in a small amount robbery. Reason? Low IQ. Well that pretty much covers all of them don’t it? So lets keep paying the UNs to have babies. Unmarried. Unemployed. Uneducated. And Unable to take care of their own selves. Yeah lets keep paying them to have babies. But they vote for jews and niggers! Traitors committing treason.

  5. TC says:

    Ill take a Mexican over a Negro any day of the week….but does not imply that I want to live with 40 million illegals either.

  6. Greg says:

    To say I have to live around anyone besides my own people is jew communism. Therefore I don’t support any non-White in a White land.

    And all wetbacks are illegal because when the jews started hording them into America White people weren’t asked their opinion on the issue.

    I’ve been around plenty of negroes and wetbacks and neither are desirable.

  7. t bone says:

    I second that, Greg

    When you actually have to endure the mooching wetback, it becomes very clear that they are equally as bad as negroes – just a different shade of shit.

    And I moved into a White neighborhood!

    The wetback breeds like cockaroaches (same color) and I truly dont recognize what used to be a mostly White town just a decade or so ago.

    Its culturally marxist-induced mexi-squat infestation.

  8. t bone says:

    And I cant refer to them as ‘illegals’ either.

    The jew law dictates whats legal and what isn’t.

    The stroke of one jew pen will take whats illegal today and make it a ‘citizen’ tomorrow.

    Like that makes it all better.

    The terminology changes yet its still a dirty, mooching wetback. That doesn’t change.

  9. thoughtandmemory says:

    t bone
    re email
    I’m looking forward to it

    re comments
    I just plain have to watch my mouth where I live. The pity of it all is that sensible people have been shouting warnings for the last two hundred years and more, back to the Phoenicians if I’m not mistaken.
    The other problem is the Christians. I think Revilo Oliver had things nailed down tight (I’ll send you links). But it’s not helpful for me to rile people.

    I’m working in my own way.

    I’ll send you some of the stuff I’m working on now when we write — pdf is at 347 pages, bibliography has 1600+ items (many of them read 🙂 ), and apart from jew voices they all tend in the same direction.

    Just today translating letters of a Luftwaffe pilot. I think what really irks the jews is that the Nazis didn’t hate them at all, just wanted them gone. Roughly the way we feel about all the foreign races stinking up what used to be our nations.


  10. sog says:

    all these corksukkers like miilibrand all concieve of off shoot names to organizatons tat only further planetary enslavement ..and the jews change their names to kerry like others or have spanish names that are really jew names ..these people are picked by the elite because they show a propensity for marxism ….marx was a jew a son of a long line of rabbis ,,jewish rabbis ..marx was a fuckin nut and one wonders why people belived in him at all as he was a walking talking dichotomy ..we have clearly seen how communism by jews works and has perpetuated itself with the jews helping it along as the ring masters ..
    it is anohter vile bonding factor in this 13th tribe…all jews want to do is sibvert everybody elses home and country ..normal people may ask them selves ,gee why would jews do that ..for power ,and monetary gain ..why the federal reserve and why make it sound federal and palatable when it is privately owned by jewish stock holders who collect 10’s of billions in interst profits every year from the interest on our currency may not have known that obamacare kicks in oct 1 ..did the dictator in chief hire the 17,000 new irs agents to monitor the obama care program is it better is unaffrodable to people who cant afford medical care is moire expensive for families that already have ,edical plans and this proclamation has cost jobs america ..a few people who bought up large groups of stocks in certtain companies stand to make obscene profits ..perhaps this is all obamacare is really meant to do just like other stock and financial swindles maybe the jews are looking for more undecipherable plots to implement that are harder to uncover ,,in the fiinacial swindle world they live and breathe in prohibition which was a scam from the gate ,it was also meant to do the right thing by the temeperance groups till an incredible number of women became addicted to alcohol ..there was more alcohol avilable during prohibition then before and the jew bronfman family was one of the major contributors and recipients of theis dowry for jew wealth ..when canada was dry the bronfmans set up a distillery in montana and smuggled booze into canada ,then canada goes wet and usa goes dry ,he switch hits froim canada …the amendment 18 was planned to derive profits and social destruction on the usa is amazing that it was repealed …they repealed it because there were more alcogolics than before they knew that by illeaglizing something and concentrating the business into certaibn hands that it caused more damage then when it was legal ..hmmm…
    all socialists are working for the demise of all monarchies and constitutional govts ..most are crippled with jews embedded in all levels ..why do they do this a group locked into mindset and convergaent thiught they are controoled by the evil of personnnified satanic human matrix behaviour ..absolute power corruopts absolutely ..when a man loses his soul he is a slave to the forces of anti human behaviour ..
    obama care in violation of free republic in violation of fair business practice ,in violation of basic american standard behaviour ..its a violation of human rights and the constitution ..are they relly going to fine people for not having it because they cannot afford it …obama and his family are exempt ..why the strong word exempt like its some kind of eveil virus ,because maybe it really is ..congress and their families are exempt ..
    justice dept and supreme court and their families are exempt ..federal judges are exempt //federal judges are hand picked by jews that control usa ..they must be syncophants and
    obsequious spineless turds who will always give a jew a special consideration .
    and 1200 corporations and unions ..
    so whatever scam this is like the global whining efforts to make a few rich and legions poor it is still a bothersome intrusion into americans lives who are already bothered by more and more govt intrusion and police state and nigger behaviou intrusions …obviously the jewish owned medias and the police work to getther to hide the true impact of the crime tsunami being currently waged by worthless gutter niggers and cesspool muslims ..
    another thought would be to get the nigger community to turn on the jew and the muslims although they might atttack white muslims surely they woudnt attack black ones ..except that islam was created by a causcasoid and like the niggers under marxist rule they are too ruled by a caucasoid jew cult mentality pitting the niggers against whites that jews dont like…can anigger learn who his real oppressor is and has been the same oppressor of all humainty for thousands of years ..we see in old test wheer josef litterally ransoms the whole of egypt kindgdom is this dangerous behaviour that has always gotten the jews evicted as personna non grata from host countries …just one look at america or russia shows what jews are capable of ,like a formosan termite nest can eat a whole house in a year and a half ..these were found to be imported and infested within new orleans a few years back ..they are bad hombres ..jews are like the termite or the army ant “ciafu” or like jackals .they resemble many dangerous animals of the field ..the jews are the very animals they try to claim that others are spades ..
    its simple ,obamacare is communist in its entirety and its definition and end result
    communism needs to be banned like it was in Germany and for good reason ..jews are the biggest sheep and followers of the kike pipers ..they have no stand alone strength to think for themselves ..they are the worst offenders in this regard ..they rally around the rabbinical communist talmudic hive and absorb all the vitriol and go to spread it to other jews ..they once attacked the usa’s isolationism they called it because no one wanted to go fight the jew war in germany ww2 ..the jewish media communinst rhetoric decried the abuse of kikes ,never mind that kikes were killing millions in ussr at the time and that they perpetrated the armenian genocide in 1915 and were acting as “rebels” in spain killinf women children and priests ..these were bolsheviks ,socialists ..franco would never kill his own people …like asad in syria ,he wouldnt kill his own but he should kill all the muslims ..the jews are the true isolationosts ,the true eliite ,the true racists as they preach multicultural ruin they have removed all nignoigs from israel ..the jews are also the most multiculturally mixed blood like “mexicans” are ..mongrels as they refer to us ,it is they who are the mixed mongrel race ..many people come to jew wise awakening but dont realize that todays jews are NOT related to the 12 tribes of jacob-israel through abraham ..these people were no angels either let me tell ya ..the mixed remnanats who converted the king bulan crew of khazzar mercnary feudal clan to jewism knew what they were doing bringing this blood thirsty medieval bunch intot the fold for protection and affensive tactical outreach ..todays “jews ” are of this marriage of peoples ..and more ..
    andthe pathetic obama lisrened to his cheerleaders and perpetrated a huge scam on americans when the seal team supposedly assassinated bin laaden ..the guy had been dead for almost 10 years already ..what a brain dead plan to rally the brain dead americans ..ya hoo and hoo ra ..what pathetic bull shit ..and what is more bs is that the order was given to cancell out all the participating mamebers of the team in the suspicious helecopter “accident” ..obama kills hundreds of foreign children for the jews and kills our american kids at the whim of aipac isralei jewry is easy enough to see the treachery and treason with wohich these people operate under many americans will support MILITARY COUP IN AMERICA AGAINST OBAMA?…
    is he not a liar and anti constitutionalist and an avowed enemy of america and an avowed muslim and marxist communist and surrounds himself with people like bill ayers a mulitiple cop killer along with marylin katz and the avowed communist ahndler of obama valerie jarret ,who are all criminals and tresspassers into our sacred halls of power and trust ..he unilaterally supports israel and anything they want except for may be ww3 ….

  11. Jimmy says:

    Excellent write up Incogman. I actually saw that article in the supermarket and was thinking it would make good fodder for Incogman.

    Millipede is a slimey piece of Jew snake shit, his family are pure Jewish communist criminal filth who should have been brought to trial many years ago and dealt with.
    Unfortunately Britain is run by Freemason whores of the Jews who grovel before their Jewish masters.

    The British public have been so stupefied and brainwashed from decades of BBC Jewish communist brainwashing they are in a state of utter delusion sitting in front of their TV’s watching Jewish garbage to trash their nation and promote mixing and producing with Blacks, Pakis and Indians in fact any other racial filth the Jew can think of according to Rabbi Rabinovitch’s “prophecy” of 1952.

    Don’t be fooled the slimey Jew newspaper run by shabos goy Freemason scum did not out Millipede they are clearing the way for this turd to take the leadership of the country. What this article did is to “air the laundry” so to speak, to get this into the open and make light of it so it will not be a problem in the future.
    They sugar coated the fact this scumbag millipede has a full blown communist Jew father who he adored. They go on to chide anyone who feels Britain is a communist country “duuhh” by saying the article something to the effect they are “MAD”.

    Note how they are using the mental issue to deal with enemies of communism a long time tactic of communist Jews see Sergi Nilus and Victor Marsden of the Protocols.

    I sense the millepede Jew insect is being “washed clean” by the Jew media with the view of making him Priminister in the future; the outcry from yids is just false opposition garbage to throw dust in the eyes of the whites and to further sensitise the goyim, formerly Christian sheep of England to Jewish demands.

    Britian is in an iron grip of Jew control, much more so that America, through Freemasonry they affect every area of British life for their Jewish masters.

  12. Hoff says:

    me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official rep resentative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.

    Best wishes for your next ninety years.

    Ben Shalom Bernanke, jew.

    1. Accordingly, I hope the reader will forgive the many

  13. summerled says:

    Movie Review: “They Live”

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Jewish terrorist fusion center, the SPLC wages war on American liberty and is a major source of Zionist propaganda in the news media. The SPLC demonizing traditional values everyday, they seek to overturn every thing normal and institute a Jewish supremacist mind control matrix on the American population. Who are these aliens that are trying to overthrow the American Republic ?

    The movie They Live is science fiction but it is about us, all movies are about us, and their great appeal has do with where we are in our consciousness. Most films are markers in time of human consciousness, this one was a bit early, only now are we catching on to its true meaning. John Carpenter based this movie from a short story called “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” and released it in 1988, the appeal of this movie is gaining long afterwards as America goes under economically and becomes a repressive police state. With the police acting more alien everyday, the real life conditions are making They Live prophetic, especially Los Angeles where many drones are now flying overhead. Just like in the movie the people are under hypnosis of the media, as we wake up we are seeing who ‘they’ really are. Are we being controlled by an ‘alien’ specie or is it something far more mundane, like a supremacist philosophy? Our very survival demands that we discover who they are and how to deal with them, the inability to name the enemy is a determining factor of our slow recovery from bondage and oppression.

  14. Jimmy says:

    This is so hillarious for anyone with more than three braincells untainted by Jewish programing.

    The Mirror in the UK is reporting an interview with the,Tarantatarantaraaaaa “EVIL TALIBAN LEADER!!”

    The CIA, Mossad, UK Mil is hunting him along with 50 000 drones, but who finds him? good ol Mirror uk BWAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    This “terrible evil” Talibunny makes some of the corniest easy to digest by British sheeple statements you can think of.

    “I am told you can be trusted, but I warn you I must ask you not to break that trust and ­identify my face. I trust you when you say there will be no secret filming.”

    This suposedly hardened, shrewd Taliban fighter makes such a stupid statement about trusting what looks like a half breed Jewish reporter from the UK, the country he is fighting, truly pathetic.


    “With a blank stare, he replied coldly: “Regarding your soldiers’ death toll, when they travel that far to fight a war they are definitely not going to be presented with flowers and there will be deaths for sure.”

    The reporter adds some Jewish style propaganda.

    “Worryingly for this battered country, I knew this meant a return to barbarity that includes public executions for ­infidelity, beheadings and punishment beatings for disobeying a twisted version of the Islamic law.”

    Now for the cherry on top; have a look at the photos, this is no dusky battle hardened leathery skinned Taliban guerilla leader, he is white!!
    His eyes look English, look at his body language, it is fearfull and submissive, his entire demeanour is not of a bush fighter.
    I was looking if I could spot a MI6 id card through his shirt pocket LOL!!

    I live in Britain he clearly looks English to me, he looks delicate not the person he is being made out to be at all.

    This whole story of the Mirror finding him is complete shit reminiscent of the CNN interview of Bin Laden (before 9/11) when the entire world’s mil intel agencies were supposed to be looking for this big terrorist. He was being played up and “groomed” in the minds of the public for what was to come on 9/11. CNN was just part of the game.
    Like the Mirror is doing here.

    Note also how he allows the photographer to photo his eyes close up, if he is a wiley Taliban he will know about iris recognition technolagy which is being used by the US to identitify people in the middle east.

    This is clearly a psyop for the British people to condone the kiling of innocent people in Afghanistan and to gain approval to keep fighting and to boost moral to make British troops look like brave heroes;this has been an important part of the strategy of getting the sheeple on board.

    PS: note the Jewish message the evil enemy is white he looks like a white man from Britain, to subconsciously prime the British public to turn on their own.

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    2 important thing I need to point out.

    First. That movie “they Live” was a good movie. Put on the glasses.

    Second . I don’t even remember now but is sog going to talk all night ?

  16. summerled says:

    yeah jimmy now that is funny i like how he gave a model type photo shoot
    for the gallery they truly do think we are plebs i thought i saw an
    American Israeli pin on his shamrag ?maybe he forgot to take it off

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    This is inhuman treatment put me in fema buildind 2.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    Can we ask for wireless internet and obamafones without the zog guards and agents listening in to what we say? The whole place sounds good free food great roof not to hot and not to cold thanks to taxpayers paying money to pay our electric bills. All in All this place is better than having to steal for a living. This IS stealing from the evil white goyim taxpayers. They Pay us for our living. And the jail guards survive on us also. Traitors committing treason.

  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hobby Lobby Store Under Attack For Not Stocking Hanukkah Items

    Christian-owned Hobby Lobby stores under fire for not stocking rabbinic Hanukkah and Passover items.

    Can you imagine the reaction if Christians demanded they offer Christian items in their stores! It is amazing how much nerve they have.

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    I am the highest ranking person that pissed the jews off in this gulag fema camp. And as such I take my responsibility seriously. So the rest of you shut up jerk off and go to sleep. Live another day. Let’s say our nightly prayers. Please GOD and JESUS kill these jews who keep fucking up this wonderful world our GREAT GOD bestowed upon us. Please rid this planet of ALL Parasites and bloodsuckers. Please GOD remove satan and his spawns from our midst. In the name of the FATHER and the GLORY and the HOLY SPIRIT AMEN. Take that jews and shove it.

  21. Jimmy says:

    Amen! Prt

  22. sog says:

    just going to post that hoff ..heh heh ,,mind reader has a item about labor and the organization of labor and how jews like millibrand always control it ..unions can be good and bad but they can be totalt controlled and the union leaders and workers all make good money off the backs of workers ..communists always strive to control labor or deny labor to whites ..hoffa was offed gor wanting to clean out the teamsters union of thugs ,mostly jews hiding behind dagos ..jews have used work strikes and have offed other people threatening to use a strike aginst the business to get better living wage etc seems that most remaining unions arent very effective or worth paying into ..does the union offer any benefits or does the job offer these said bennys ..the union is an extortionist entity proividing nothing more than organized group of people with a lawyer could accomplish ..sposedly the union fights with the ownership odf said corp for you ..they probably sit and play cards and whore around together and laugh then cut up the rest of the benefits you used to get ..its a pathetic collusion whatever the jews success rate of controlling corporate and union endeavors ends up amounting to the jews are still highly represented on both sides of the fence for the jews and corporations good .
    “……..Communist Party….The Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) played a defining role in the U.S. labor movement from the 1920s through the 1940s. It played a key role in organizing major industrial unions and prominently defended the rights of African-Americans throughout that period….” redefined means lazy slow niggers were given jobs they didnt deserve …

  23. sog says:
    michael hastings killed by explosive and was sober
    jason shwartz of reddit and anti internet censorship group ..
    John Noveske of noveskerifleworks …posted school shotters all on ssri meds ..and probably wouldnt sell his company to cerberus jew 2nd amendment left field approach to gun control by buying up all gun companies or killing stubborn owners ..
    Michael Loudenslager at okc murrah building blast site was seen actively helping then he was found dead behind his desk ..which officer yeakey thought was strange and asked about it ..this started a long and tortuous harrassment and surveillance of him and ultimately his death and his wiodow still recieves threatening phone calls ..
    eric the dick holder was the guy who ran the coverup crew and ops he is awash in innocent blood ..i presume he knew about the event prior to execution of activity ..ken trentadue was also murdered in his jail cell after bring picked up for god knows what but a inmate who had to clean the cell and had heard the commotion in the cell was transferred to another jail and hung a couple months later ..eric holder is a malignant virus upon america as is obama

  24. Frank Fredenburg says:

    JEW Parasite Strikes Again

    The JEW parasite working its way into a Gentile skull.

    “[In 2001] U.S. surveillance planes flying along China’s coast were threatened by Chinese fighter jets armed with Israeli missiles… Had Chinese fighter pilots been given the order to fire, they could have brought down the U.S. planes with Israeli Python III missiles… U.S. defense chiefs say Israel sold China the missiles without informing the United States.”

    Probably the technology in those missiles was originally ours. Greg Bacon mentions in this article that they copied the F-16 fighters we gave them and made their own fighter. How many billions of dollars do you figure we have lost because of them copying our technology and selling it to other countries? Add that to the billions we give them every year.

    Look at the picture Greg Bacon included with this article. It shows a worm sticking out of a man’s head.

  25. American says:

    FUCK ISRAEL and any ASSHOLE that supports it in any way. That means just about every jew on the planet, and a few million retarded zionist christians.

  26. sog says:
    where was the ATF that day …
    if i remember right it was Michael Loudenslager who was yellin at the atf when they showed up cus everyone in the building knew the atf had been having explosives delivered to the building ..all the ken starr clinton impeachment records were kept here in archives the “dog ate my homework again”
    forgot to mention how walmart is rabbidly anti union and will fire or kill anyone caught trying to organize ..hell these kike skinflints clear 12 -14 billion a year in profit and have around 100,000 employed and could still make aot of money if they paid 15 an hour which is still shit ..
    Lautenberg Cost Americans $68 Billion On An Immigration Bill…skipping around here but the battlefield is a very large one with the jews ..
    these kikes collect ssi and other freeshit ..

  27. soandso says:

    Well…they are the children of satan. Seems kind of pointless to slap the devil on the hand for being evil. Yea, they did 911, Black Plague in Europe,Bubonic plague in US, Russian Revolution, Civil War, maybe a half billion or so white people murderd, yada yada yada, and I’m sure they have a modern day agenda to take our guns and have whites slaughtered in their homes by nigers or something like that, boys will be boys… But they killed Jesus! Thats what pisses me off! But don’t worry, wherever theirs anarchy, The Ku Klux Klan will still be there to establish Law and Order once again.

  28. Bailey says:

    Damn Frank,

    That picture is effin’ disgusting , Great article though.

  29. Bailey says:


    Wow, that OKC witness link from the office is huge, no time to read that now but this quote from the top speaks volumes.

    “Even with the massive amount of evidence to the contrary, the presiding judge in the McVeigh trial made it plain, he wouldn’t permit anyone to call witnesses or to introduce evidence contrary to the government’s claim of ‘one man, one bomb’.”

    $15.00 per hour gets you a room in your parents house.
    Such a deal .

    The next time someone tells you America is the greatest country, puke on their shoes.

  30. Hoff says:

    S. 2165 (112th): United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012

    112 Congress, 2011–2013. Text as of Jul 19, 2012 (Passed Congress/En

  31. Hoff says:

    CALSBAD, Aug. 27 (Jewish Telegraphic Agency).–“The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world’s peace,” declared Dr. Nahum Sokolow, Chairman of the Zionist Exocutive Committee, at a special meeting of the Zionist Conference today.

  32. Hoff says:

    “Peace on earth” jew style is when the whole world is ruled by the jews.

  33. Hoff says:

    “Peace on earth” jew style is when the whole world is ruled by the jews.

  34. protocolsRtrue says:

    Tim McVeigh was a hero. Maybe martyr is a better word. I do not condone the children who died I’d bet he didn’t even know they had a day care center in that building but nowadays since niggers and negresses run our zog of course there would be a day care center in the federal building. He could just as soon done it at nightime. Anyway the man sacrificed his life for us just like many others. One thing that has been proven is that zog KNEW beforehand that there were children in that building near waco but they still set it on fire. Was zog trying to deliver a message? Guess what zog you did deliver a message. The message says that our own is our own worst enemy. But our Constitution says it is not just our RIGHT, but our DUTY, to shed any who exists for their own benifit and not for the benifit of the people. It’s in there look closely between the lines.

  35. protocolsRtrue says:

    Bailey dont give up. Common sense will prevail. Even niggers will get tired of living around other niggers and paying taxes to support them. Since so many niggers work for and postal service guess what niggers? you pay for me now for a change. I’ll tip a beer every payday for the niggers and jews that worked so hard to fuck this innocent white boy over. Hi Niggers Hi jews!!!

  36. protocolsRtrue says:

    Declaration of Independance.

    When niggers and jews start taking your money and using your own money to destroy you…. It is time to stop paying them. When they come to take your money and property by force… It is your right and your duty to shoot them not just for yourself, but for your children, grandchildren and for prosperity. All future generations whatever.

  37. protocolsRtrue says:

    I retract what I said about Tim McVeigh. I (like a lot of others) was just frustrated at what’s going on in DC these days. I certainly don’t condone violence against innocents. Back then events like Waco and ruby ridge made a lot of Americans start to wake up.

  38. t bone says:

    I can understand your peaceful resolve, PRT, but I dont see shitskins as innocent. Sure, some White people were affected but, from what I can recall, it was predominantly shitskins. Its not an easy discussion to have.

    One can become conflicted over McVeigh’s methodolgy. If thats the case – why bring it up in the first place?

    Although there are some White crimes out there, I wont shed any light on them if I have nothing good to say. There’s already enough demonization of Whites. I prefer to shed light on what’s happening to White people – the stuff you never hear about.

    Lets remember what communists did, what the biological weapons – the shitskins – are doing now, as well as a whole laundry list of jew BS – some of which has not yet come to fruition.


    Thanks brother!

    I’ll keep all that in mind.

    I’m wondering if Reed specifies whether AH knowingly (allegedly) helped to implement the jew agenda – or that Reed believes that the jew just played AH like a fiddle.

    If the jew found a way to benefit from AH, I believe that it was never his intention. It is possible that Germany could have won the war. What then? The victors in war have the advantage of telling the story on how they see fit. In this case, the jew is able to further deceive the non-jews – as they have always done.

    In any event, I will start to read it in the near future. I have about 100 books/docs that I still have to read.

  39. Jo Jackson says:

    Great article Incog (couldn’t get your site for a while)

    These yids are absolute vermin and no longer surprise me in the least. Any white person (or coon for that matter) who believes these people are worth anything at all needs serious medication.

    Darky Asians from the Indian sub or host countries like Kenya, South Africa identify as “black” when they want something or feel the need to protest in a white country but “asian” when they want to make a standpoint. Yids on the other have always (until recently) regarded themselves as “white” when it suits them or Jewish when they want to make a standpoint.

    In apartheid South Africa they took advatage of ALL so called white privileges whilst surreptitiously undermining the white state.

    Look at the what the vile brother of Ed Miliband (now in America incidentally) said about South Africa

    Miliband will win the next election – be sure as the British i.e. English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish that make up the indigenous population of the BRITISH ISLES will collectively with the immigrant scum amongst them vote this prick into power. Guaranteed.

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