Americans Don’t Know What They’re Dealing With!

During one year alone (1932-33), at least 7 million White Gentile Russians, Slavs and Germans (immigrants to Ukraine from the days of Catherine the Great), were murdered by the purposeful starvation of entire regions by Jewish-led Communists (who called it “liquidation”). You might think all this would be an interesting topic for a “History” Channel documentary, eh? But the real power structure controlling America doesn’t want such things becoming too common knowledge among the “proletariat.” Does that register one iota with you people?

I was writing this email to someone over the “JOO BUSINESS” recently, and wanted to say the following to him because he’s sensitive about things because he personally knows a few “good Jews.” Well, I’ll just let him read it here — it’s his issue on how he deals with it.*

This statement is kind of difficult for White people to accept, most certainly because of the media ignoring it and various other clever suppressions over the years, but also because of the constant multicult brainwashing of us White people in the media over the holocaust, the evil Nazis, slavery, etc., etc. Basically, “they” don’t want us White people to realize and internalize this one highly pertinent true fact. OK, so here goes:



Soviet Politician Lazar Moiseyvitch Kaganovitch

Lazar Kaganovitch was one of the most genocidal killers of the 20th century, but virtually no one has ever heard of the guy because he was Jewish.

Now I could add some distracting caveats like maybe more Chinese intellectuals and peasants were killed by the commie Mao Zee-DUNG, or maybe it was “just only” starvation responsible for a large percentage of the White deaths (but many Whites were also cruelly massacred, shot and even gassed in mobile NKVD “bread” vans). Back in 1957, the USSR fully admitted that 20 to 40 million were killed since the Red revolution of 1917, yet the real figure could be as high as 66 million dead. Some 15-20 million Germans were killed during and even after WWII ended — most of them innocent civilians — but that’s all just fine since they were evil Nazis who elected Hitler, right?

What difference does it make how these White people died? A lingering death over a month or so, versus a bullet in the back of the head has the same result. Same BS might be made over reasons for killing your sorry ass, too. What do you care at the moment of your suffering death whether it’s political, criminal or just some crazy gangstas from the hood who picked you at random to “put a cap” into a White “cracka” as revenge for Trayvon?

This ultimate truth over the nature of things has convinced me that I am not doing all this simply because I am a “hater.”

Let me pause and give you a few of examples of the insane hypocrisy going on today that you White people reading my words right now need to know.

I turned on the TV the other night to hear what ABC’s “World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer,” had to say about the hugely botched ObamaCare website. I wanted to see how they are spinning the government’s total incompetence in the roll-out of a socialist program already at work destroying the middle class of America — as the stinking Nation Wreckers itch to give amnesty to the illegal aliens and force even more social/political change down America’s throat.

So what do I see? One of the very first lead-off stories was about this completely drunk-on-her-ass black chick getting killed by a White man. Seems the messed-up girl ran away from plowing into a parked car and started banging on a random door at 4 in the morning. Who knows how crazy she was acting to make the guy reach for a weapon after getting out of bed, or what kind of crime-filled, “diverse” neighborhood he lives in.

Now the media is trying to turn it all into another big evil racist incident like Trayvon Martin, which they elevated to a huge White-hating circus just this past summer (don’t you remember?). Hell, they report whenever Zimmerman gets a speeding ticket on the national dinnertime news.

EVAN COLQUITT MURDERAnyway, they had this big report on ABC national TV news about it, acting like it was all so terrible. But guess what? Blacks brutally murder White people out of the blue all the time and the national news NEVER does up any big angry reports about these horrible incidents.

Like the White teen kid Evan Colquitt (left), that a mean little black woman shot dead in his own front yard this past January for reasons unreported by the local media. And they sure as hell didn’t spend much time on the story, either.

How about the popular White coed girl in Georgia, Kim “KK” Kilgore, shot dead by a black bitch in a road rage incident last month? Or the unarmed White guy, Joe Harvey, shot dead by a off-duty black cop with his handy pistol in another road rage incident? As usual, the black told everyone the White guy used the “N-word” — like that somehow makes it all A-OK? So where is ABC or the “fair and balanced” FOX news on these kind of stories of White victimization?

Delbert Benton

They kill our elderly all the time, too. 89 year-old WWII vet, Delbert Benton, was beaten to death by two black teens in a parking lot just a couple of months ago. FOX briefly reported it, but soon dropped it from the airwaves.

White people are brutally, horribly murdered all the time by blacks in this country — sometimes just for being White — sometimes even just for thrills. ALL THE GD TIME.

What must I say to get through to you people?

Hell, black mobs have long been attacking us Whites in the streets.† They even have this thing called THE KNOCK-OUT GAME” where they look for random, defenseless White people to punch hard enough to render unconscious — or worse (sometimes even killing them). Imagine for one second if gangs of White kids ran around doing this kind of thing at random to black people? The hypocrites would be screaming bloody GD murder!

Blacks have long targeted defenseless White people for criminal acts. In fact, things are getting much, much worse. Continuously steeped in racial hatred for Whitey by the race-baiting PC media for decades now, combined with black’s natural propensity for crime, has resulted in prisons stacked to the gills with convicted black males and quite a few females, too. Yet they still blame their behavior all on Whitey!

Today’s hypocrisy is insane!

Then I was watching MSNBC (I’m a glutton for punishment) and they do a report on this BBC interview in Britain with Oprah Winfrey talking about Obama having political difficulties because of all us evil White racists giving him hell simply because he’s “black” (they have no problems celebrating skin color whenever it comes to them).

The “expert” pundits they trotted out on MSNBC for Americans to listen to, were all practically saying “you go, gurlfran!”

But none of these self-serving twats mentioned one damn thing about Oprah saying she can’t wait for old White people to die off because all these “racists” are the ones responsible for black suffering even to this day. Isn’t that a pretty important aspect in Oprah’s thinking to report about? Doesn’t her comment deserve howls of denunciations from people who claim to be so “non-racist”? Don’t they always go crazy over the smallest of things us White people say, or maybe even said a hundred years ago (like Paula Deen)?


All this is coming from a woman raped as a child by three black men in her family — one filthy old uncle even knocked up the 14 year-old Oprah. Millions of White women tuned to her TV shows and made the woman fabulously wealthy. Recently, she claimed a White Swiss sales girl failed to treat her with enough respect just because she was black (which was not what the poor sales girl says happened). Here’s a woman who can easily afford to blow $42,000 dollars on a handbag and still complains blacks have it so bad.

Cripes, the BS is so deep these days, you need chest waders.

Do Whites deserve this never-ending BS?

Just look at all the wonderful things White people have done for this world. White scientists in agriculture, medicine and technology have saved the lives of tens of millions “people of color” across the globe. Or how about the Civil War and WWII where tons of us White Christian men died fighting for this nation? Mean nothing to you?

I’m not writing about all this because I want to get White people pissed off (OK, maybe a little). I’m writing because this kind of sheer hypocrisy results in real people — even the poor widdle blacks — suffering on a daily basis, as well as a highway to hell for America as a whole — maybe the planet.

Say what, Cog Man? Bear with me, brother.

You know how the homies shoot each on the streets over gang or drug crap? And how we just have to find some way to get the “urban youth” to start behaving, not kill each other left and right over getting “dissed” or wearing the wrong t-shirt color? And how about when the media pretends to wring it’s hands, saying we need to have a serious conversation about race in America?

Well, my friend, nothing will ever change. NOTHING.

Same kind of  murderous crap going on in the Mideast — just a bigger street corner than one in Detroit.

Pain, death and sorrow is a universal condition — doesn’t matter one iota who the flock you might be, chumps. You White people are letting the real backstabbers of all history control the government and media, while they manipulate our brains into worldwide acts of evil — including the slow motion genocide of our very own race.

Get the real deal

And it will just go on and on and on, simply because these people want to keep a big PC lid on matters because they greatly fear the White race getting pissed and finally coming to the well-justified conclusion “PC” has targeted our race, terrorist paranoia and ginned-up patriotism is used to get us into wars for them and that Zionist Israel has always been the prime source of problems in the Mideast.

They just want “the sheeple” to keep their mouths shut and go with the flow. Say one thing different than the enforced PC dogma and they’ll freely call you “White supremacist,” “Nazi,” “KKK man,” “hater,” or other anti-White slander terms which they have lots to use.

Get real: The same forces at work today in places like New York and Tel Aviv, are the exact same forces that killed us White people by the tens of millions in commie Russia. In fact, these Globalist Pharisees have never, ever cared about blacks killing each other on the streets, or them killing us Whites, either; nor do they care one GD whit about Arab Muslim or Christian people dying horrible deaths from phosphorous munitions (supplied by your tax dollars), or blown to bloody bits by a hellfire missile, fired from a drone while attending a dirt-poor outdoor wedding party.

Just as long as it’s not their pampered, powdered fat ass, or their own spoiled little city brats, they could friggin’ GD care less.

ISRAELIS PRAYING OVER BOMBPsycho rabbis excitedly pray over a diabolical bomb of some sort (looks like cluster munitions), which the IDF is probably preparing to drop on the Palestinians.

“Even the Best of the Gentiles should be killed.”

–“Tob shebbe goyyim harog,” from the Talmud Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10

All this comes from a bunch who’s religious teachings call for destroying other people’s society, culture, religions and nations — even the outright slaughter of men, women, children, cattle, pets, should they feel the need to (and can get away with) — by telling themselves they have a mandate from God himself. And not only in ancient times, either, but to this very day. This has included any country that has given them refuge and support (hint, hint, America!).

This outright blasphemy and unbelievably treacherous ingratitude, from an arrogant, spiteful people who have the nerve to call themselves the “Chosen Ones” and a “light upon nations,” is specifically suppressed from common knowledge among the “proletariat.”

DHS PURCHASESIn addition to the present day Zionist imperialism of the West (NWO) and the destruction of Israel’s Mideast enemies, Rich Globalist Jewry was actually behind murderous Communism from the beginning. Who knows when the Marxist-loving, Police State Jews will once again get their freak on? The way things are looking, it might be any day now.

You think I do up this site just because I can’t stand the creeps for having funny looking schnozes? Please.

Want to fight the real “Man” and stand up for good in the world? Or do you want to just keep your lily-livered mouth shut, go with the flow and be the little pussy boy they now openly work to turn us White people into? You got more guts than that, pal.

— Phillip Marlowe


*Why should I bother to type up all this and only share it with an obviously confused person who may or may not even read it and think straight because of his life-long brainwashing by the very same people responsible for the BS in the first place?

†Also called “polar bear hunting,” this “knock-out game” has been going on for several years now, in both America and Britain. The media is just starting to get around to doing a few careful reports on it — certainly because Hasidic Jews in New York are getting attacked and how it’s waking up White people to the media’s anti-White PC censorship tactics. But notice how they only call it “hate crimes” when it comes to Jew victims. Funny, huh?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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362 Responses to Americans Don’t Know What They’re Dealing With!

  1. bubba says:

    Re: Japs and Pearl Harbour

    From what I have gathered, the US and its allies were imposing sanctions on Japan….especially re: fuel supplies.

    Then this forces a shit- or- get -off -the- pot decision:
    (i) do you seek peace till you run out of necessities and then get invaded
    (ii) you must retaliate , you have no choice.

    The US knew that Japan was cornered either way, and bet on a retaliation.
    As a collateral effect , via Japans alliance with Germany…if any of the Axis powers attacked the Allies members, war was declared on all Axis powers ie Pearl Harbour attack gave the US the” right” to attack Germany accoding to Allied BS.

    Lesson = go down fighting !

  2. bubba says:

    This video is pissing off a lot of Canadians…Yippee Yahoo !!!

  3. Bailey says:

    Hey bubba,

    As you may have already guessed, There’s no jews in York Region.

    Or maybe the bankers didn’t take the census.

    something tells me the steets are not as clean as the video would have us believe.

  4. Bailey says:

    I think it would be more like this,—————————————————>

  5. bubba says:

    @ Bailey

    Best way to understand Canada versus U.S. is think opposites.
    Countries one under British Commonwealth(Canada, Australia New Zealand etc.),have the same basic draconian laws that protect the Jews, thus the Jews are less obvious…more subtle. The US has less censorship, but the Jews are more public.

    Ends up the same difference , Kikes in control. Jew always play this sort of game …..2 separate jaws of the same vise, they tighten and eventually meet

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    At least I know where to go if I want authentic Chinese mandarin slant eyed fucking chicken chow mein.

    Tszkan Cheung, who had been in his fourth-floor apartment above the salon eating lunch at the time, described what he heard as “boom, like a bombing, like an earthquake.”

    He made it out of the building on his own but saw firefighters carrying out a woman with a severely injured leg.

    Jinjoo Yang, who lives next door, said, “I heard a big sound. It sounded like something big fell from the next floor. I felt the whole floor shaking.”

    The department of buildings issued a vacate order for the building in part because of the fire, but also because of illegal partitioning on some of the floors. It wasn’t clear how many people were living there but is not uncommon in New York to partition walls to make extra rooms, though owners are required to get permits to do so. Buildings investigators also found illegal plumbing and electrical work, said spokeswoman Kelly Magee.

    The building owner Mary Shiu was issued a violation. She did not answer a call to her New Jersey home Friday.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    jinjoo yang. Now that name must have sucked big doo doo in the days. We have anti-bullying laws for that nowadays.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    What’s the latest on the 6’6″ 280 pound nigger nfl football player who says he was bullied at football practice?? Has the nfl changed the rules yet? Can I play too? ? Pick me Pick me

  9. Incogman where can I send this piece that Carlos wrote?

    Flanders – less well know is Eduard drumont’s follow up about 12 years later Les Juifs Contre la France – the jews against France

    Leon Degrelle

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    I heard big sound. really big firecracker. BIG BIG FIRECRACKER.

  11. the jewish woman who died in Latvija on march 16th was Marina solodkin? My friend from Latvija gave me a different spelling… anyway I looked her up, what justice! and Joel Rubinfeld was kicked out of the march by Latvijan police – excellent!

  12. Jenifer says:

    Two websites for your readers:
    For a first hand look and detailed study of the vicious war against the Palestinians by someone who has been there, me.
    a website dedicated to clearing up some of the many confusions stemming from the unending lies about history. I include the Bolshevik hellhole, your estimates are too conservative, and many others. Slavery. German Deportations. The Jews in Spain. And more. Everything is distorted to make European Civilization look uniquely evil. It seems the propaganda has no end in sight and a beginning to far back in time to see.

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