Commie Jewry Clamors For Spying On EU Citizens


From David Duke

Moshe Kantor meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, PM of Israel -- where Moshe's real loyalty lies.

Moshe Kantor meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, PM of Israel — where Moshe’s true loyalty lies. (INCOG)

In a move described by a leading civil rights group as a “dark day for European democracy,” Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress (ECJ) and former president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, have called on the European Union to establish national surveillance units to monitor citizens of all 27 EU member states suspected of “intolerance.”

According to an article in The New Observer, the two EJC leaders made the call at a “European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation” (ECTR) submission to the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE).

These “special administrative units,” the report says, “should preferably operate within the Ministry of Justice.”

“There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant,” it states, especially “as far as freedom of expression is concerned.”

European Dignity Watch (EDW), a civil rights watchdog group based in Brussels, has warned that this directive “aims to impose governmental control over the social and economic behavior of citizens in the widest possible sense.”

EDW said that according to Section 1, it broadly defines “tolerance” as “respect for and acceptance of the expression, preservation and development of the distinct identity of a group.”

Further, the draft statute goes on to say that “defamatory comments made in public and aimed against a group (…) with a view to (…) slandering the group, holding it to ridicule or subjecting it to the false charges” may be considered group libel and, therefore, may be treated like acts of intolerance — as well as hate crimes.

Of course the Jewish Zionist organization promoting such suppression knows that it will never be enforced against the ultra-racist Jewish extremists who in the media who constantly show disrespect and complete opposition to the expression, preservation of European identity, Muslim Identity, or any identity that opposes Jewish supremacism.

The target is Europeans and non-Europeans in Europe who dare to oppose the racist Zionist, tribalist overlords of media, government and international finance.

Conspicuously absent, of course, is any mention of balancing this with freedom of speech.

“The authors of the document — a so-called Group of Experts composed of Yoram Dinstein, Ugo Genesio, Rein Müllerson, Daniel Thürer and Rüdiger Wolfrum — go even further by declaring that ‘tolerance must be practiced not only by Governmental bodies but equally by individuals,’” an EDW statement said.

“They call this approach to ensuring tolerance a horizontal relationship, which refers to group-to-group or person-to-person relationships.

“This is in contrast to the more traditional vertical relationship between Government and individuals. The draft statute then firmly stipulates: ‘It is the obligation of the Government to ensure that intolerance is not practiced either in vertical or in horizontal relationships’.

“The extent to which this thinking has already found its way into EU policy becomes apparent with the proposed 5th Equal Treatment Directive.

“This proposal has been the subject of negotiations in the European Council for more than three years without finding a way forward, precisely because of all the controversial claims made in it.”

“Clearly such language could lead to situations in which vague or unwarranted accusations are leveled against individuals and groups.

“Faith-based groups and schools, adherents of a particular religion or even just parents who want to teach their children certain moral values would all be put under general suspicion of being intolerant.

“Even worse, if enshrined as EU policy, such language also could lead to the possibility that charges are brought on unclear or even without legal grounds.

“The chilling result of this would be the dramatic diminution (and possible disappearance) of the fundamental freedom of expression — individuals and groups would censor themselves, afraid that they might be prosecuted for expressing their own personal moral views.

“The authors of this proposed statute — under the aegis of an international NGO for tolerance and reconciliation — have invited the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee to endorse it as a legal project.

“But not only would an adoption of this statute at the national level of the European states be a significant step backward, but the supra-national surveillance that it would imply would certainly be a dark day for European democracy,” the EDW said.

Every imperialist, racist, supremacist power acts to criminalize criticism of itself. This is true of Jewish supremacism as well as any other oppressive imperialist power. Today, imperialism is no longer the preserve of a few nations, but the greatest danger to all nations is the globalist Zionist, tribal imperialism that seeks to control the politics, economy and media of every nation in the service of the most racist entity on earth.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    Aservant…long time no see ( so to speak ) my brother ! Yup…time to reverse the Protocols plan of action. Today was a totally surrealistic experiance for me , and I like to think everything happens for a reason. Funny but I see a lot more interest locally as far as my sign is concerned than I do when I’m on the strip. Maybe because everyone is there to party and have a good time and I’m like the party poop. But there is also a much wider diversity of ppl on the strip. Obviously ppl are there from everywhere in the world and everystate in the ‘Union’. So when I’m on the strip I hope I’m stretching the truth far & wide to ppl who may not show interest initially but have it in the back of their heads and start talking & learning about it when they get back to wherever they’re from. No Comprimise !

  2. Bailey says:

    Hey sog,

    Glad to see that you made it back.

    That Flit bug sprayer image came from a goggle search, mine is a lot cleaner, more like this one.

    Check out the soldiers with the canisters on their backs,

    I found mine in an old barn, cost me one judenfetzen.

  3. Bailey says:

    Damn, I missed this before I went to work this morning.

    It looks like the jews @ CBS closed the comment section to this “horrible” story.

    9 jews got punched since September ? Boo-fuckin’-hoo !

    I’d bet that 9 White people per day fall victim to this senseless nigger violence and the jews say nothing as the pigs do nothing.

    If the white people ever wake the fuck up in this wasteland once called America the jews and their niggers are toast and don’t forget the shitbag spics, legal or not.

    How much more shit can go on before people have had enough?

    Niggers playing the knock out game on kikes is something pretty neat though, we should offer a pack of Newports and a 40 of Steel Reserve for any nigger that knocks a jew out, do two and get a rock of crack, Why not?

    @ Billy, It’s ok if you share a corner with a NBP foot soldier but aside from a quick hand shake don’t let him touch you and make sure you have some sanitary wipes to clean that nigger stench off of your hand.

    all joking aside, I work with a black dude and he isn’t stupid nor is his nephew that works with us, they know the jew story on slavery is BS and they know that Barrack Obama is a fuckin’ jew puppet. Some black folks who actually work for a living are pretty pissed off too, they know that they’re paying for their neighbors to sit on their ass or do other useless nigger shit while they’re out working to pay for them, they also know that niggers fuck up everything and i’ll admit that I kind of like talking with them as they bitch about “these motherfuckers” who don’t do shit but i’d never let them hug me.

  4. sog says:

    yeah bailey catch modernheretics illustration on the jews gettin knocked out ..we need more nigger war games against kikes ..but it better be convergent thought and not organized like the attacks on non jews whites ..
    yeah my friend i will be in and out from here to a certain point on the horizon ..maybe out for a week or two at a time ..
    ..the lessons of ww2germany ,sierra leone , south africa ,russia ,palestine,iraq,libya,egypt,lebanon,syria, are on our minds 24/7 ..
    someone needs to pay for this madness ..

  5. Bailey says:

    Hey sog,

    Just stop by now and then to let us know you’re alive and well.

    Do you mean this?

    I’ll check it out later, I need to go watch the inside of my eyelids, working two jobs to pay for niggers has me out sixteen hours a day, i’m effin’ beat.

  6. Eric says:

    Kolyma, GULAG, the ‘Road of Bones’ (Obama Approved)

  7. Karen says:

    There used to be Black Nationalist parties aligned with White Nationalist parties such as the NRP. Besides being jew wise they both favored strict segregation and at meetings would sit in separate areas. Many of these Black Nationalist were followers of Marcus Garvey and supported his plan for repatriation to Liberia. The jew destroyed these Black Nationalists with the same gusto they attempt to destroy White Nationalists.

  8. ——————————OFFICIAL STATEMENT——————————-

    alloverthplace has NO PROBLEM with negro youfs knocking out kikes.

    Repeat, NO PROBLEM.

    Go right ahead!

  9. sog is writing up the big one

  10. whoops, missed it, sog is here. hey sog.


    51 Photos From The 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

    by Ashley Lutz

    >>>What do you know. There just HAPPENS to be another jew on the media scene.

    Sack-cloth-and-Ashley is reporting on the emaciated heroin-sheik [sic] models of Victoria’s Secret. It’s dishing out a cheap diversionary article. Where will the women’s lib bull dyke cultural fascists be founbd to condemn the piece by the she-kike?


    Got it?

    jews can do this sort of thing without charges of contradiction or hypocrisy because this is the jew control mechanism. Problem, reaction, solution. Victoria’s Secret emaciated garbage>>>”outcry” to end the abusive objectification of women [with implicit implication that outcry is on compassionate, moral grounds; and with this being so “society” MUST react]>>>Solution to clamp down on natural male impulse n some way, either rhetorically or legally. Some other jew in the world of “rights” will agitate for liberation of women: the workplace is unfair; the home is oppressive.

    jew serving, jew returning. It is a jew tennis match and the white is the ball.

    I read somewhere recently (I think I got the link here) that a white guy founded Victoria’s Secret. A jew bought it for 5 mil and four years later the company was worth half a billion or something. 5 mil to 5 bil in 5. Lessee: 5 bil is 1,000 five mils – HUGE. (How do you suppose that was?) The white founder committed suicide sometime after.

    What a waste. He could have at least suicided himself like a kamikaze by attacking jewry full throttle, a sure way to die; for the kikes are not proselytizing, meek spiritual types with God always on their mind, they are unrepentant, rapacious freaks of nature with greed, lust, hatred and gentile blood continually on their minds.

    You know that variety of kike, it is often the planner/adviser that simply must be near the locus of power. They have a blood-complexion to their skin. I am taking about the Herny Kissingers, the Rham Emmanuels, Cass Sunstein. These creatures are hot for genociding whites. They can hardly contain themselves. Any flimsy excuse or pretext for some other oppressive law that is unjustifiable even on the mocked up pretexts which themselves make no sense even in the false reality in which they exist…any flimsy excuse to execute these ridiculous laws.

    1918: The whites and the reds are battling for the destiny of Russia. This is how the reds won: They said no debate. No engagement. Just start rounding up all opposition and throwing them in concentration camps to starve. That is how much communists care…they are willing to go all that way for equality…


    You see now?

  12. No way, PRT.

    the kikes will stop at nothing to have somebody else attack Iran, they will never do it unilaterally though. The chief reason is world public perception.

    allovertheplace says:
    November 13, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    Why would netanyahoo and kikestan attack the non-agressive country of Iran when they can get the American goyim to do it for them?

    Israel is not going to attack Iran.

    Here are the reasons:

    1) If they go in and start getting their asses kicked and the “americans” go in after them, the sheeple will get one step closer to figuring it out.

    2) Too many precious jewish lives are at stake with a unilateral attack on Iran. If america attacks it is only american goyim “stupid animals” lives that are at stake.

    3) Related to (1). The dynamic of a reaction to a military reaction by Russia or China to american (israeli) aggression versus unilateral israeli aggression is entirely different. The kikes know they can use their msm propaganda on the sheeple yet again, like they have done always and incessantly. They can paint the american (israeli) aggression like american victimhood and iranian aggression within a few weeks. This will be a lot harder for the sheeple to swallow if israel goes unilateral. We can’t have americans questioning holocaust payments to peace-loving israelis, and other considerations.

    4) Even though israel outmatches Iran militarily by a wide margin on the basis of all of the equipment she seized from america, the jews are physical cowards. The jews do not take risks; they always make sure everything is rigged before they proceed in anything.

  13. Bailey says:

    In less than an hour this murdering nigger will be released from prison.,0,6183515.story

    Another case of criminal niggers receiving inadequate defense.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Most Americans are so fed up with endless wars for israel I dont see how the jews will get us to attack iran short of some false flag like terror attack in the us blamed on iran or a gulf of Tonkin type false flag. Or if our jew controlled federal government finally just says fuck it we dont care about what the american people think anymore and were not even going to pretend like we do anymore. I think the only thing that has stopped our zog from attacking iran for the jews up to this point is that our zog knows that millions more Americans will wake up from their jewtube induced comas and get jewwise. By that time though the jews would have already used America for all it needed and wanted and with israel reighning supreme in the middle east the jews can pack up their cash and gold and trinkets and leave to the next victim nation leaving behind collapsed economy and financial system and civil war and a nation full of detroilets and chimpcagos.

    What israel wants to accomplish does not require a ground invasion. Cruise missile strikes. Airstrikes (including stealth) to take out the air defenses, air bases, command and control, headquarters and govt buildings, and of course the nuclear facilities. Same stuff they wanted us to do in syria. And just like in syria and the usa stir the shit between different factions to cause civil unrest and maybe even upheaval and civil war. They’re fucking nation wreckers. Period.

  15. Israhell on Earth says:

    I’ve seldom heard so many lies in one video; this “zionist atheist” called Pat Conell really pisses me off.
    According to him Jews aren’t to blame for the multi-cultist hellholes our White countries have become. Of course they have nothing to do with 9/11 either, everyone who thinks they are indeed guilty is a tinfoilhead…
    And of course israel has a right to exist, and the palestineans are the only ones to blame for the conflict. The “no one has contributed more to humanity” argument (jewish nobel price winners) comes at the end of his pathetic video.


    -The presidents of the NAACP were all Jews until 1974
    -The civil rights movement was led and sponsored be Jews
    -As soon as 2-3 Whites meet each other to discuss race issues and/or demand secured borders the SPLC Jews call it HATE
    -Every Jew politician is a ultra-liberal, around the world, except in israel

    -Israel is to blame for 9/11; even if muslims were flying the planes, the Jews had foreknowledge and the attack could have been prevented. That’s a fact and can be proven.

    -Even if Israel has a right to exist( which is insane due to the eastern european heritage of the ashkenazi/khazar Jews living in israel today); they have done everything to prolonge the conflict and steal land. Even israel’s shin bet has admitted that the palestine policy was a failure from the beginning.

    I don’t like hate filled muslims in our countries either, but without jews they wouln’t be here. Maybe a few would be here, but it wouldn’t be a problem.
    The Jew thinks if he has to deal with this scum, we deserve it too…

    This guy deserves to be trolled by a real kike-wise guy…

  16. Israhell on Earth says:

    Oops, it looks like the video link does not work…

    The You Tube vid is called” Let’s blame the Jews” by Pat Conell

  17. Bailey says:

    Check this out,

    Protect your home, go directly to jail on the bullshit charge of using a fire arm during the commission of a felony.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    I just got that story too Bailey. So I guess here’s the law. If a drunk, high, disorderly nigger is on your front porch in the middle of the night “early morning”; you should assume that it’s only there for help or maybe late delivering a ups or fedex package or something. You must assume the best and hold your fire until the nigger shoots YOU first. Put down your weapon and call 911 instead, the cops will be there in 2 minutes. Yeah right the 911 call itself takes more than 2 minutes.

  19. Bailey says:

    Hey israhell,

    I guess that makes us supporters of Hamas.

    Lets try that link again.

    Catholic Church jew Hatred ?? – WTF???
    A guy I work with told me about how his church praises the filthy jews and the devil state and the parishioners “MUST” pray for them.

  20. Bailey says:

    It’s not embedded but it works.

    Just look at that piece of shit Pat Condell and think about how many fools in white nations think just like he does.

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    Her crash involved a parked vehicle six blocks away, authorities told The Detroit Free Press.
    That’s a long way to walk from the scene of your accident (dwi crime + leaving the scene) if you’re just seeking help is it not?
    On Thursday, a toxicology report from the medical examiner’s office revealed McBride had a high blood alcohol content and marijuana in her system when she died.

    McBride’s blood alcohol content was .218 percent, nearly three times the legal driving limit of 0.08 percent in the state of Michigan.

    Her crash involved a parked vehicle six blocks away, authorities told The Detroit Free Press.

    Gerald Thurswell, the McBride family’s attorney, said the homeowner called 911 after he shot McBride, and said that police arrived within minutes.

    “If he had called 911 when he heard her outside his house, they would have been there within two minutes and she would be alive today,”

  22. Bailey says:

    Yea PRT,

    The drunk sheboon crashed into a parked car and walked six blocks to this guys front door?
    Did any of the witnesses call 911 when she crashed?
    Did any of the witnesses try to help her before she stumbled off for help?
    I don’t believe there were any witnesses, I think it’s pure nigger bullshit!

    I woke up one night to my dogs barking because a few drunken Mexicans were on my porch seeking shelter from the rain, I went out there swinging a nice length of chain and they’re luck that’s all I had.
    Or should I say i’m lucky that that’s all I had?

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    Had the lady crashed her car in front of the homeowners house and stumbled out maybe homeowner might think she was coming to ask for help. But since she crashed six blocks away the homeowner may not have known anything other than there was a drunk, high, disorderly nigger bitch on his porch in the middle of the night trying to get in his front door.

  24. Bailey says:

    We do think alike sir. 🙂

    Off now for slave duty, I got’s niggers, spics and jews to pay for.

  25. Israhell on Earth says:

    Why is this man still alive!? “Lucky Larry” Silverstein tried to sue AA/UA to get even more money. Most of the 9/11 first responders got nothing at all. All he deserves is a free bungee jump from the top of the new WTC 4 w/ a noose around his neck!

    Sorry; the link is from infowars and old news, but i didn’t hear about that…..


    The notorious owner of the World Trade Center, Larry ‘Pull It’ Silverstein, doesn’t think that his $5 billion in insurance payments are enough to reimburse his losses during 9/11. Despite admitting to ‘pull’ World Trade Center 7 despite moderate fires, Silverstein is now suing the airlines whose planes flew into the towers for extra billions.

    Instead of donating even a penny to the 9/11 first responders who were told they would be fine while inhaling toxic substances only to be denied healthcare for their chronic conditions, Silverstein says that he simply hasn’t been relieved of his ‘economic’ loss that suffered after 9/11. Even after receiving around $5 billion from his insurance company following the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings, he says that he needs another $3.5 billion to line his pockets. An additional 3.5 billion that brings the total to 8.5 billion, which airline attorney Roger Podesta says will be 2 1/2 times the fair value of the fallen buildings.

    Perhaps Silverstein wants to be in league with the global bankers, who make a cool $83 billion from taxpayer’s each year that is then turned into financing for Mexican drug cartels and terror cells as admitted by NBC. A New York judge will ultimately decide if Silverstein will be granted the billions following the completion of the three-day trial that started on Monday.

  26. I agree with you, PRT. Definitely. Mostly. I only said kikestan wouldn’t go unilateral unless the US and the rest of the vassal states were openly or surreptitiously backing it – because kikes have no good qualities, including courage.

    False flag to get vassal states involved? Definitely. How many have we seen? 9/11 for the GWOT; the imminent threat of destruction by Saddam’s WMDs for Iraq; false flags attributable to Kaddafi for Libya; Gulf of Tonkin for Vietnam; Northwoods for Cuba; Pearl Harbor for WWII, the Lusitania for WWI, the Taliban and “Al Quaeda” (the database) for Afghanistan, Al Quaeda mercenaries for Syria, the USS Maine for the Spanish-American War, and more false flags for basically every war and conflict the great “US” has been involved in. The last honestly justifiable war was the War of 1812.

    Now we have this:

    Headline: “Kerry warns fresh Iran sanctions could scuttle nuclear talks”

    Anyone who believes bonesman/Trilateralist/Bilderberger John Kohn earnestly believed that Iran was building the big one is a bone-head.

    Excuse me, wasn’t this “Kerry” dude the same motherfucker who was trying to lay totally bogus nuclear weapon development and chemical weapon stockpiling charges at the feet of Iran?

    How would he know? Why wasn’t “Kerry” there to stop the sale if he knew about it? In fact, did these weapons come from the US? Surreptitiously? Maybe not, but surely the cabal who has control of the west made money off the deal. And they’ll make money off of solving the “problem” they created.

    About any actual military engagement. israel, despite its absconded military might, is cowardly. Only cowards attack defenseless children. Only cowards suck off others. Only cowards pick fights with others then have someone else do the fighting. Iran is a large nation.

    The treacherous kikes will not relent on having “the west” attack Iran. Look for the false flag. They couldn’t rationalize their war the last go-round because of Kohn’s slip-up. Kohn wishes to save his political career, because if he retains high political power he can do more destruction later. His political base is Boston, and that brainwashed and highly educated corner of the country can only take so much cognitive dissonance, before it will ask the question, What the Fuck?

    (One can hope, anyway)

    So Kohn, the deceitful genocidal warmongering freak-of-nature, plays the peacemaker liberal role that has been crafted for, and by, him over a generation. It is what you call an intangible asset on the books of the cabal/cartel.

    How to reconcile competing desires? The asset (Kohn’s image) and a war led by “the West” (whatever the hell that is) can be preserved with a false flag. With a trumped up false flag, Kohn can feign righteous wrath in response.

    It’s coming. They want their war. They will do anything to get it. A kike just cannot rest until there is mass gentile death. The rub is that, in their ardor, they will overplay their hand. They are overplaying their hand. Who but an imbecile cannot see what is going on?

    The precise reason we are not at war at the moment because peace-loving “liberal” John Kohn, in protecting his image-asset extended a disingenuous olive branch in the form of allowing innocent Iran not to get bombed to hell if it were to get rid of its chemical weapons.

    There is a war on in the kike-o-sphere about whether to throw out all pretense, throw Kerry’s and Frank Marshall Davis Jr’s image, such as it is, under the bus and have the vassal states attack Iran with the barest of bare pretenses. There is the overstep. They know how the sheeple react pretty well, however their hubris and gall are nearly unlimited.

    I am not sure they can help themselves. What they do is what they are. I am not sure we can help ourselves. What we do is what we are. The jews have been vampiring gentiles for centuries. Jefferson, a smart man to be sure, said that the people will tolerate what can be tolerated until they have no choice but to not tolerate it any longer, or something to that effect.

  27. Of course

    Dogs domesticated in Europe.

    Another reason to be proud.

  28. I need some financial advice…

    Should I keep sending Brother Nathaniel $1,000 per month?


    For the most part, these Victoria’s Secret models are…ugly.

    Check out the pretend British guards:

    Notice all the niggers. Also notice how all the models they use are frail men with narrow, pointy chins – like the jew.

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    We’re on the same side AOP. Thanks.

    Thanks Bailey for bringing up the dead nigger bitch white homeowner arrested story. I caught it from a different news source but the jewspin is the same.

    Lets ponder these questions?

    –How much help did the nigger bitch need if she was able to walk six blocks from the scene of her crimes to ask for it?

    — Was there a sailfone in the dead nigger bitches possession at the scene where she was shot? I ask this because it is so rare nowadays that a nigger bitch goes anywhere without a sailfone. Especially since they are free. Maybe she could have called 911 po-po at the scene where she crashed the car?

    — Was it even her car to begin with did she have license, registration and insurance? Those are other good reasons to flee the scene of an accident besides being three times over the legal limit and high also.

    OK so the jews have their new trayvon martin white racist story to cause problems with. That’s why jews like niggers so much. Because they are stupid. Here’s the reality. For the next few months and years every stupid assfirmative action diversity hired nigger in the detroilet prosecuters office will be spending evey white taxpayer dollar trying to prove and convict this white homeowner for an act that was at the very most an accident and in no way pre-meditated. It will take a million man-nigger hours and millions of dollars. But tonight there will be three more murders in detroilet . And tomorrow. And the next day. Store clerks, taxi drivers, pizza and Chinese delivery drivers working for a living. Plus there will be drug ripoffs gone bad, niglets caught in the crossfire, and more home invasions. There will be chimpouts with packs of niggers stomping white people to death for walking down the street, and the rare occasion nigger punching a jew. But the niggers will make this white homeowner their top priority for the next few months and years. See? That’s why jews like niggers so much. Because they’re stupid.

  31. Skyfall

    Daniel Craig looks like a jew. The latest movie had a homoerotic moment. The arch-criminal was white guy with blond hair. The “white guy”/jew hero daniel craig was getting hot with a mulatto. The mulatto was portrayed as not_crazy. The movie was a big apology for spy agencies and unbridled governmental power. They blew 007’s ancient Scottish family house to bits. 007 did not mind the loss of heritage. Not being willing to die for the oligarchy and their NWO was portrayed as the greatest sin. The arch criminal had to endure life under torture in service of this. He was resentful. The ovie painted it as an irrational hatred of the nice spy chief. The agents called the spy chief “Mom.” The death of the spy chief was followed by scenes of British regalia. “Cyber-terrorism” was shown to have tangible results with a big explosion in MI6. The hottest woman in the movie was an Asian. Daniel Craig risked his life to save her from prostitution. She was killed by a gun. Guns=bad. The final scene has the martyr spy chief dying in a chapel at the hands of the madman white guy. How many White conventions, customs and mores were trashed in this movie? No one knows.

    People are paying a lot of money to be propagandized.

  32. Especially since they are free.

    Or stolen.

    We’re definitely on the same side, PRT.

  33. So, no one thought my +BN vignette was funny? I was laughing my ass off when I thought it up….


    Life in prison for shoplifting. 3 strikes. Okay, three strikes is insane. The world simply cannot be that unforgiving and call itself civilized; however:

  35. Who would be STUPID ENOUGH to risk LIFE IN PRISON for a $10 item?

    I don’t even have to look at the video, I know the person is black.

  36. Karen says:

    Speaking of movies the Yid Pig who walks like a human, Eli Roth, talentless as he is, isn’t even original. His torture-porn hit Hostel which took place in Slovakia and featured Gentile villains, was loosely based on Yid Pig Israeli Zev Barkan and his band of Yid Piglets who kidnapped White tourist girls in Cambodia & Viet Nam for torture/snuff movies. They occasionally used brown children for such titillating titles as ‘child ripped to death by dogs’ but found White girls more lucrative. Google Zev Barkan porn snuff.

  37. Thanks, but no thanks.


    Can you believe that you may have at one time or another might have used the same fork as one of these people when eating out?

  38. summerled says:


    Here is a partial list of the TRUE DOCUMENTED PROVABLE sins of a nation who’s truly demonic evil is nothing less than legendary – Biblical – factual and documented by the world’s most famous personalities throughout – not years or centuries – but MILLENNIA of warnings of the universally evil nature of jews!

    How ANY decent human being who calls themselves American and or Christian can learn these FACTS and not gather their family close and share these horrid TRUTHS with not just family but newspapers associates co-workers Church members and everyone they know – so as to save their country their freedoms their honor and their very lives – is beyond my ability to understand. Is there ANY American left with enough honor that his soul CANNOT be bought?

  39. protocolsRtrue says:

    niggers and jews are simply unsustainable. I don’t know how many new jew scams trying to figure out newer and more creative ways to steal your money and property you will put up with but it will never be enough. It will never be enough. They are simply unsustainable. Get the jews and monkeys off of your back, the sooner the better. And I’m not even sure this crime involved niggers sice they try to hide those inconvienient truths. But I’m taking an educated guess.
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. –
    Six people are in custody in connection to an attempted robbery and shooting early Friday morning.

    Around 12:30 a.m., police arrived to a home at the Cambridge Forest town homes on Bridgecrest Drive in Antioch to find a 16-year-old female lying in the front yard.

    The teen had been shot in the side and the bullet exited through her back.
    Another male, 23, also sustained a gunshot wound to his back. After the shooting, he drove himself to Thornton’s gas station on the corner of Bell Road and Eagle View Drive, where he was discovered by police.

    Both victims were taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Their conditions are not known at this time.

    Six suspects are currently in custody. Their identities were not immediately released.

    Police reported the motive for the shooting was an attempted robbery.

    The home where the shooting reportedly occurred and the vehicle at Thornton’s are being processed as crime scenes.

    Further details have yet to be released as authorities continue their investigation.

    one of the comments…..

    AS a 20+ yr resident of Antioch (now in SC), I am seen the decline of the area. Section 8 housing, transient apt complexes and such. Most of the crime is focused in the Harding Mall area (Nolensvoille RD to Antioch Pike) as well as around the mall. Gangs tagging areas and lots of walk-up robberies. I carried armed EVERYWHERE I went. Finally had enough and got out.

  40. savant says:

    You do know – a Polish reader told me this – that Aleksander Kwasniewski is Jewish? Real name Bronfman. His wife is also Jewish. But I’m sure this is just coincidental……..

  41. savant says:

    By the way, Kwasniewski/Bronfam wasn’t able just to transform his name. He also managed to transform from a dedicated Communist Minister under the previous government to a Polish nationalist under the new one. All within a matter of a few years. He’s now making a fortune on the ‘lecture’ circuit.

  42. bubba says:

    Karen says:
    November 15, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Speaking of movies the Yid Pig who walks like a human, Eli Roth, talentless as he is, isn’t even original.



    Oy Vey….

    next tink you tell me is Albert Einstein was a Plagiarist…err Play JEW Wrist

  43. protocolsRtrue says:

    You know you want to laugh but it’s not funny. Sure they caught two of the niggers munching on the chicken wings a short distance away. Great. Just great. So now what? We pay to keep them in the cage but I guess society pays even more when they’re NOT in the cage. In the end this will be just one more entry on the thug nigger criminals priors rapsheet when he finally gets caught for a homicide.

    You couldn’t pay me enough to be a delivery driver anywhere within a 50 mile radius of a single nigger. Chickenwings? fuggetabouddit.

    DONORA, Pa. —

    Police have arrested three suspects accused of robbing a pizza delivery driver of chicken wings Tuesday night in Donora.

    According to police, the incident was reported just before 10 p.m. on Short Street. Hal Perry, who works for Italian Pizza Village in Belle Vernon, told police he was approached by three men who demanded money.

    “I went to an address that looked legitimate to me. I got out of the vehicle, and three of them came around the corner. One of them walked behind me and I knew something was wrong. Then one grabbed the wings, one went over to the van and one tried going through my pockets,” Perry said.

    Perry told detectives that one of the men searched his pants pockets and one searched the vehicle for money. He said the men took off with the chicken wings, valued at almost $18, when he pulled out a gun.

    “I didn’t know if (the one searching me) had a knife so I took a couple steps back, bent over and drew my weapon. As soon as they saw that, they took off running. As they left they threw something. It turned out to be a pellet gun,” Perry said.

    Police said Perry was able to give a detailed description of one of the suspects. Tyler Hall, 18, and Dorian Ellis, 18, were arrested a short time later while they were eating the wings on a street corner. The third suspect, a juvenile from Donora, fled the scene on foot. He was later arrested in Ohio, police said.

    “I didn’t have to shoot. But if he had brandished the weapon, I would have had no problem shooting. That’s why I carry a weapon,” Perry said. “I think they were very surprised when I pulled the pistol.”

    Perry told Channel 11’s Cara Sapida that he works as a delivery driver as a second job to support his family.

    “I’ve never had to pull my weapon before. I’ve been doing this for six years part time. I have a full-time job during the day. I work three or four nights a week at night just to support my family,” he said.

    Hall and Ellis are charged with robbery, criminal conspiracy, terroristic threats and loitering/prowling at night, police said

  44. bubba says:

    TRUE story….

    LBJ drove through moi’s hometown in the 1960’s….I was actually about 50 ft from this prick….DAMMIT…..if I’d only known….

    PS: What an Ugly mofo…always had this eerie feeling about this KIKE ” Texan”….

  45. Bailey says:

    From PRTs link above,

    “I didn’t have to shoot. But if he had brandished the weapon, I would have had no problem shooting. That’s why I carry a weapon,” Perry said. “I think they were very surprised when I pulled the pistol.”

    It’s a good thing Hal didn’t shoot a nigger robbing him while he was out working to support his family, he’s be going to prison like the guy in Detroit is for shooting the sheboon on his porch.

  46. sog says:

    baq @ yuh aotp ///
    3 strikes is good for niggers ,it should be 1 strike and your out for the savages ..
    yeah bailey the heretic put it in a way i couldnt if i strained at creativity ..
    met a very jew wise woman from brazil today ..she amazed me with her knowledge ..she also had a keen and unique gift fir insight must have been the cosmos playin a joke cus i pull up to a store and there is a nigger in a friggin spiffy new caddy with all the doors open and trunk open an hes sittin there playin with his cell ophone and this woman walks up an asks if i have a cell phone and could i call the assholes at triple a ..i laugh at them andd give a middle finger statement to a cell phone debate ..she was white and she is with ? the nig ahh yes so she is as i unravel the comedy taking place around me ..she is saying noiw that the jig his sail fawn is a new yourk number ? .. she starts to tell me about some old hag in the store who was a holohoax survivor and im all uhmm hmm right now this white jew cunt is actually married to this old jig in the caddy and she is yammering like ajew ,shit i laughed and said well be that as it may whaever ..was thies a rerun of driving miss daisy ? was it the twilight zone or planet of the ape raper and kike moron wife ..isnt it always the jews who have to show off and marry a monkey so they can be the first to give birth to the missing link and make money off selling it to the zoo or wtf ever ..what is even funnier is it took triple a an hour to show up shooda seen this vile kike bitch tellin me she met a old kike hologoax survivor yada yada and we were like soooo sholommies and oohh omg ..freak .
    and to boot shes with the missing link ,ie bigfoot or in this case bigbootlip ..i guess they emigrated from jew hell in jew york shitty …freak night ..i was freindly ..heh heh ..mainly because it was pretty entertaining was being at the zoo withoput having to pay an entrance fee mercy no sympathy for the devil and his cheerrins ..
    luicky larry had the clause for payment from aa united or whoiever it was as they filed bankrupcty the special pa larry fuckin silver terd in the kike neighborhood of 5 billion for loss of rental revenue ..the wtc was mostly uninhabited except for a few floors in reality was condemned by the port authority and on and on ..frank lowy of the j=kenya mall fame was also a major partner with silverturd the fix was in on the airline co. for larry …frank shitkike lowy will get major insurance payout for kenya mall scenario take on the mall mess was some people there were specifically targeted for exterminatio on political or financial motives and the rest was faked ..they used it as a cover to kill some people without suspicion ? and get insurance ducets ..anyway onward …. …. …. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . ..
    allovertheplace says:
    November 15, 2013 at 1:55 pm
    I need some financial advice…
    Should I keep sending Brother Nathaniel $1,000 per month?…………………………………
    ……….uhn uhn no no no ..send it to me instead ..heh heh ..
    send him a can of zyklon b to kill the lice and a shaving kit …
    how many people survived the russian holocausts or the ww2 destruction of germany holocausrt against germans …how come all you see is shitkike HH survivors …
    \if 6 million shitkikes died we would be celebrating it ..

  47. sog says:

    you see a disheveled nigger on your porch and its 3 AM what to do what to do ..of course you should shoot it ..its a gift ..and help the world become nigger free ..they would do the same for you if you were on their front porch at 3 am and in spades would be lucky as larry to make it to the front porch before a neighborhood full of savant knuckle draggers popped duh caps on yo ass n shit n open dat can of gheddo woop yo ass on yo ass n sheeeeeeeyidt ..if a nigger was creepin in to my house at 3 am or 11 am it would have to answer to the big waddeee mellin patch in duh big blu sky n sheeet ..
    niggers think they can just walk around in our towns and neighborhoods as they please but just let a white person car break down in a nigger open zoo hood and you are daed man walking …..goddamn bitch and her kike ass holohaox bullshit ..they get all fuckin dreamy and dizzy when they bring up the hh propaganda like she is having a 3 way lesbo vibrator party ..fuckin jews are crispy critters

  48. sog says:

    this pizza dude pulled a gun on some worthless niggers who no doubt will sue for ptsd for havuin a gun pulled on them ..right ..the pizza man shooda put the lead where it would do the most good ..with niggers it aint enough to brandish ..there is a need for elimination policy return no deposit ..cap it and bury it ..
    how many times has a guy brandished and had the upoper hand to defend hiself only to lose and die to a quick witted street wise urchin of spik or nigger desent ..
    like chesty says ..hell its simple man ,,were fuckin surrounded savages ..
    niggers kikes muslim shitstains mexicans the first real multicultural experement ,the result of many countries immigrating to spikland and the passes for a jew spehardics in 1542 ..the jews flooded mexico then and kept coming as did the spainsih all manner of europeans and mix they all did with mestizons, tortyillas ,taco benders ,
    it was like the united nations down there in the 1800’s ..mexicans a re the most watered down mongrels like the jews who are extrememly collaged together from all donors to niggers and monkeys to chiunks and mongols and you name it ..the biggest lie on the friggin face of the earth is that there are fabled 12 triber israliblighters left ..there arent any left ..NONE …AND if therer was there aint ..and if there was who fucking cares ..but there aint ..just multi cult multi mutt mixed miscreant excrement …

  49. Bailey says:

    allovertheplace says:
    November 15, 2013 at 1:55 pm
    I need some financial advice…
    Should I keep sending Brother Nathaniel $1,000 per month?…………………………………
    ……….uhn uhn no no no ..send it to me instead ..heh heh ..
    send him a can of zyklon b to kill the lice and a shaving kit …

  50. protocolsRtrue says:

    They got that dead nigger bitch on the porch story even on my local news here and you know I don’t live anywhere near detroilet. It’s the new black racists trayvon martin case to keep niggers distracted from whats really going on in their niggerhoods and keep the blame on whitey, and keep the niggers attacking whites every single day. If the homeowners name was Goldberg this story would have never been told at all or Goldberg would be the hero who took a violent criminal off the streets.

  51. protocolsRtrue says:

    At 12:57 she crashed her car. 3 hours 45 minutes later and six blocks away she is at the mans screendoor asking for help. ???? Toxicology reported her almost 3 times over the legal limit more than 3 1/2 hours after the crash.
    And that is exactly the headline in the niggernews. She was seeking help after being in an accident.

    Their lives collided after McBride’s 2004 Ford Taurus struck a parked car in the 7200 block of Bramell near Warren in Detroit about 12:57 a.m. She walked away from the car and returned to the crash site about a half hour later. Witnesses said she was bloody and disoriented, and walked away again. Worthy did not say what happened over the next few hours.

    At 4:42 a.m., Wafer phoned 911 from his home on West Outer Drive, recordings released Friday show

    From The Detroit News:

  52. Israhell on Earth says:

    @Bailey says November 15, 2013 at 12:46 pm:

    “Catholic Church jew Hatred ?? – WTF???
    A guy I work with told me about how his church praises the filthy jews and the devil state and the parishioners “MUST” pray for them.”

    Yes, i’ve never heard that the catholic church hates jews nowadays; it’s a bold face lie and the polar opposite is true. Christian zionism is a wide-spread cancer in the US today, the jew has undermined this important institution with lies and deception.
    Besides that, Pope Francis is pro-jew, pro-abortion and and pro-queer; he’s Kike/Israhell approved so to speak and it kills me.

    Pat Conell is a rat and has an aganda, he’s the enemy.

    BTW: Thanks Bailey for linking the video, i was drunk and didn’t read your post until today.

    @allovertheplace says November 15, 2013 at 2:35 pm:

    “Life in prison for shoplifting. 3 strikes. Okay, three strikes is insane. The world simply cannot be that unforgiving and call itself civilized; however:”

    Russia Today should cover the broken justice in the US, where violent criminals are often coddled and given a free pass, sometimes until they murder someone..

    Look at this mess:

    There is a judge in SC who’s infamous for giving violent criminals a free pass, the excellent blog “Charleston Thug Life” calls him Judge”Felons Friend” Thomas Hughston. He’s probably one of the worst judges in the US.

    Or this infuriating case, a black career criminal with 40 felony arrests including murder was released from prison:

    You Tube Video “40 Felonies not enough”:

  53. Israhell on Earth says:

    @Karen says November 15, 2013 at 2:39 pm:

    “Speaking of movies the Yid Pig who walks like a human, Eli Roth, talentless as he is, isn’t even original. His torture-porn hit Hostel which took place in Slovakia and featured Gentile villains, was loosely based on Yid Pig Israeli Zev Barkan and his band of Yid Piglets who kidnapped White tourist girls in Cambodia & Viet Nam for torture/snuff movies. They occasionally used brown children for such titillating titles as ‘child ripped to death by dogs’ but found White girls more lucrative. Google Zev Barkan porn snuff.”

    I looked it up, just WOW… Those 2 mossad agents involved in the slaughter of an innocent human being got only 6 months jail for an unrelated charge. Sickening is an understatement.

    Just look at them, it doesn’t get more disgusting. Jews are the ugliest creatures walking the face of the earth. Hitler dehumadized them for a good reason in his propaganda.

  54. Flanders says:

    “It is incredible when the Jews demand an end to free speech in all White countries. But this is even worse: Australia is attempting to restore the rights of free speech for the people, and the Jews are flipping out, trying to make sure the oppressive, Orwellian thought-crime legislation remains in place.”

  55. Jenifer says:

    What is it people don’t see? There is no institution, political hack, religious leader, celeb, etc. that isn’t slavishly pro-Jewish and terrified of seeming critical of them and all the rest that never stop hating the poor old white folks.
    I swing from anger to desperation to exhaustion to cynicism and boredom. The trouble with most people is that you can’t even initiate a conversation on forbidden topics. Maybe a cleansing is inevitable.

  56. Jenifer says:

    PS I have always loved your graphics.

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