In What Friggin’ Countries Can We Feel Safe?

Margaret Molland Sunden Norway Killing
This past Monday, 19 year-old Norwegian Margaret Molland Sanden was stabbed to death on a bus, along with a couple in their fifties (probably White, too) by an illegal alien Sudanese. All because he was getting his dirty, stinking black ass deported the next day. Now he gets to stay in Norway — living a mostly comfortable life in a Western prison. Just what the hell is going on?

When a frequent commentator from Scandinavia named “Hoff” came here and reported on the above crime, I really wasn’t paying too much attention. I’ve been fairly busy with “real world” stuff and all the other BS the lousy, stinking Nation Wreckers are now doing to America.

Just look at these two idiot punk-ass libtards.

Just look at these two idiot punk-ass libtards!

Hoff left a link to some article about two liberal creeps in Norway, who said Whites there deserved being victimized (right). The words in the caption for the photo (translated by Bing): NO SYMPATHY with RANS WAVE VICTIMS: NRK-celebrity Elin Gjuvsland and Arild Ruhlin Opheim have written a feature article in Dagbladet where they believe that the rans victims in recent months deserve to be beaten and robbed because Norway leads a ‘inhumane refugee policy.’

Now look at the girl above again. Did this beautiful young White girl deserve to get gutted out like a fish by some stinking, proto-humanoid Sudanese just because he was angry about having to leave? Does Norway need to look like violent GD Africa? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THESE PEOPLE’S BRAINS?

And what country can White people feel safe and call their own? Iceland? I understand even that country has been targeted by the Globalist Jew banksters for financial rape and immigration of non-Whites. A few black-as-coal Africans have been let in already.

Here’s muslim “people of color” attacking White people in Sweden and videotaping it for laughs.

Beautiful Danish girl blinded by illegals.

GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED? Beautiful Danish girl beaten and blinded by muslims. Do us White people need this total BS crap in OUR OWN LANDS?

I was watching something on TV the other day — I believe it was that crypto-Jew-creep Bill Maher (his mother is Jewish, making him technically a full Jew).

The skinny little bastard and his roundtable of “witty and urbane” fellow media Jews (with one token White “conservative” to mix things up) were cracking jokes about Sweden being full of blond, blue-eyed Swedish babes — because everyone pictures Sweden that way. Not a word was breathed, by any of them, about all the dark, violent Muslims filling up the place and wanting everything on a silver platter or else they’ll burn everything down (which they do on occasion).

It’s like street reality just doesn’t exist whenever these precious multicult liberals “hold forth” among us.

You see, this is the way Jew media and idiot multicult Whites act. They completely, totally, ignore any reality that conflicts with their wish to turn White lands into “multicult heavens” — what they foolishly envision and have the GD gall to force on the rest of us.

On the 11-1-13, this Bakersfield, CA woman was beat up on the street at random by Mestizo women yelling "White bitch." If Whites had done something of the sort, the multicults would be screaming bloody GD murder all over the place.

GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED? On the first of November, this Bakersfield, California woman was beat up on the street at random by a bunch Mestizo women yelling “White bitch.” If Whites had done something of the sort, the multicults would be screaming bloody GD murder all over the place.

You could try to tell a liberal a little something about crimes against White people, but he or she will just blankly look at you, stupidly blinking lizard-like — sometimes even with this strange, self-satisfied smirk on their faces, as if they are pleased to hear it.

Yet it’s not like he’s happy over what you’re telling him (because they are not really listening to you in the first place), but are thinking to themselves, right at that moment, how you’re nothing but an “ignorant redneck hater” and they are so smart and hip about worldly matters. In reality, they are the total dumbasses, not seeing the racial brainwashing going on right in front of their blubbering fat faces.

These ridiculous fools actually think they are fighting against “The Man!” Un-friggin-GD-believable.

You see, the brainwashing Globalist Jews have made it out that all us White people have been evil through-out history and to this day (we can never, ever do enough because that’s not the point to begin with). This historically devious race has long lusted to turn the West into a Totalitarian Communist New World Order empire and turn us pogramming White Gentiles into a spat-upon minority. They just have to do it gradually enough so not too many of us Whites get it “en mass” and rise up and stick it to them once again.

GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED? Animal beat to death a 15 year-old boy and 55 year-old woman in Sweden with a iron pipe. Imagine that.

GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED? In Sweden last week, this black immigrant from the Congo beat to death a 15 year-old White boy and 55 year-old White woman with an iron pipe. Imagine that. Swedish media heavily censored the crime (link below).

Right now we’re coming to the end of the “gradual phase.” Whites everywhere are reaching the well-justified conclusion that we’re being effed over big time and getting downright pissed. The Internet is speeding up the awakening. The stinking Jews must find a way to silence the Internet, without being too obvious and awakening too many Whites to their long-running gambits and efforts to cloak themselves.

I once came up with something I termed “point zero.” This is what I call the huge paradigm shift on the near horizon — where the regular, everyday White person finally, finally awakes to the Jew, and it spreads like wildfire across the land, seemingly overnight.

I believe we’re right on the verge to all of this. Once the semi-hidden Jewish financial oligarchy understands things are fast spreading among the White “proletariat,” they’ll bring down whatever devious acts they can. Most certainly false flags, assassinations and Manchurian candidate mass shootings (this is probably happening right the hell now).

The media will go into overdrive about “racists online” and censor any site catering specifically to alerting fellow White people. My site here will be brought down immediately. Hell, they’ll probably try to throw my pimply white ass into a FEMA Gulag.

WHITES MURDERED IN SA MONTAGEWhite people in South Africa are viciously murdered all the time and the media in the West stays silent — like it doesn’t even happen (even FOX says nothing). Does that mean anything at all to you sheeple about the real deal going on? Anything?

America is actually allowing the criminal Somalis to places like Minnisota and Wisconsin.

America is actually allowing the worthless and criminal Somalis to immigrate to places like Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Getting back to the subject at hand, what countries can White people call their own? Few, if any, are not being undermined with Jewish PC brainwashing and immigration.

You see, the Jew has to do this to White people in as many places as possible (suppressing from general public knowledge the totality of what they are doing). They can’t stop the plans, or else the blowback against the Pharisees will be unprecedented.

When Germany went all Nazi and was raising itself out of the Great Depression by controlling their own money, this represented a major threat to the Talmudic “agenda” and had to be laid low. No way could they allow a racially White country to be fully free of Jewish meddling — financial or otherwise. Especially in our mass media modern age where other nations and people might start noticing their success and seek to emulate — unraveling the “agenda” before fruition.

All this stuff is not some kind of bizarre “conspiracy theory” as they would hope you believe. Common sense, “connecting the dots” about current events and history, or just watching TV readily exposes what is truly being done to the White race.

Folks: All this is not just going on in Norway and the US, mind you, but Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and even Germany. Basically, most of the formerly White, Western world. These stinking lousy Jews used our countries up the ying-yang to create and protect “sacred” Israel and yet feel free as a bird destroying our race, our countries, our jobs, our morals, our religion, our culture and even our sanity itself. No doubt whatsoever.

My definition of “Nation Wreckers!”

— Phillip Marlowe


JEW NWO AGENDA: It’s Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYBODY!

Gruesome double murder shocks Sweden


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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200 Responses to In What Friggin’ Countries Can We Feel Safe?

  1. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    Karen, what nationalist are you?

  2. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    I meant nationality and got autocorrected.

  3. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    @t bone

    Great excerpts from MK!

  4. Karen says:

    Gailuk, what do you mean be ‘what nationalist’?

  5. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    Karen, it was a typo due to an autocorrecting feature in Firefox I had enabled. I meant nationality.

  6. Bailey says:

    I love you too Karen but stop calling me a jew.

  7. Laydee Liberty says:


    THIS is NOT APPROPRIATE VIEWING material for some people.
    IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE and experience REAL multiculturalism.

    This is THE REALITY for Non-JEWISH Whites
    living as a MINORITY in South Africa.
    Events like this occur every single day and the Jewish controlled media

    YOU are but a synagog of satan may ALL your evil deeds be utterly exposed.

    these acts of Black African violence around the globe,
    surely you’re damned for what you enable and encourage OTHERS TO DO.

    MAY THE KING of Kings and LORD of Lords cause
    YOU TO REAP the whirlwind of behaviors you have encouraged and have concealed.

    NOT FOR LONG. . .Jews. . .NOT FOR LONG.

  8. t bone says:

    Lady L

    Its a good vid in the sense that it exposes TNB.

    But I’m not so sure its a woman or that its White.

  9. t bone says:

    Lady L

    Its funny how the SA jews are now lobbying to be put into safe communities away from the beasts of the field.

    The jew is a natural born negro-lover. They need to practice what they preach. Effin’ hypocrites!

    Isn’t it the jew who always says “Theres only one race – the human race.” ?

    @ the jew

    So, whats the problem?

  10. soandso says:

    sorry, should have looked before I reposted something.

  11. Jans says:

    Norway here. You could not make this up. The liberals here are going crazy. We have had a lot of robberies here in Norway lately (by coloured people, of course), and the newspapers here in Norway report that the robbers are rewarded with a visit to Tusenfryd (an amusement park). The victims are ignored.

    (Article in Norwegian)

  12. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    @t bone,

    You mean that same group of “cosmopolitan egalitarians” who keep obsessing about “the Jewish gene?” Good catch by D Duke on that one.

    Oh, well, now their own scientists are throwing the “jewish gene” nonsense out the door:


    There will be no end to this as long as whites are taught to be docile and obedient. They seriously need to be anarchists against a “archon” that is their enemy.

  13. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    This book always haunts me and am always reminded of it whenever I see horror such as the above.

    The Dutch Boer landed in the Cape of Good Hope to find a land barren and unused, an ironic name given to a land of horrors of today. That is the core of the truth. Any other version is pure propaganda.

  14. I used to work with a classic-looking (she was blonde and very pretty) Norwegian lady here in Australia. She told me how she went back to Norway for a holiday a few years ago and was absolutely aghast at the huge pile of third world feces that had been dumped in her once overwhelmingly white and nice-smelling country.

  15. Gman says:

    Hi Incog,

    this would make a good article for you. It just came out about the rutting negro student raping his white teacher with tree branch before slitting her throat and stealing her underwear for it’s trophy. The cops are looking for the “motive”! No concept that niggers need no motive to rape and murder white woman, they are just hardwired from birth to do such things! Here is the link to this maddening BS about negro motives for TNB and white stupidity in looking for such things. Gotta go, my dog is barking at the front door and I am going to try to figure out the motive for his barking……..RIP to the victim of this nigger on white atrocity and may this evil event wake up a few sleepwalking white sheeple to the dangers of the negro race!!

  16. Gman says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing. The negro “soccer standout” left a note on her dead body that said, “I hate you all”. Of course what it really was saying was that it really hated all white people. Drives me crazy that cops are wasting time trying to figure out why the negro raped and killed this beautiful young white woman. Oh, btw, I figured out why my dog was barking at the front door, it is just what dogs do!! Memo to cops: Want to know why niggers rape and kill white woman, it is just what niggers do!!! Why the eff do you think we call it TNB? Typical Negro Behavior!!! That is all the “motive” a negro needs to rape and murder. This crime has really got my BP going through the roof!!

  17. Here is the JewBook page in memory of Margret

    Til minne om Margaret Molland Sanden

  18. Kelhos says:

    Both are uncivilized brainless monkeys and they will always stay that way.

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