Jew BS Now So Thick You Can Walk On It


Mark Zuckerberg, the super squirrelly Jew boy who screwed over both Goy and Jew alike to become the billionaire owner of Facebook, is now making a big deal about “immigration reform” by repeating the tiresome media mantra “the system is broke.” Uh, the system is not broke — just the part about following the law and kicking out the illegals! Rich punk Jews like Zuckerberg don’t give one GD hoot about us regular White people and never have.

Subversive Jewry and fooled Goyim multicult libtards, are bound and determined to turn our lands into crime-ridden, stinking Third World cesspools. The more these trouble-making Pied Pipers get away with, the less America will be for us White people. Don’t you get what these creeps are up to? YET?

Last week, Zuckerberg imported a bunch of illegals to his headquarters for a “‘Dreamers’ Hackathon” for immigration “reform.” WTF didn’t immigration agents simply raid the place and cart off all the poor downtroddens? Or the FBI for that matter, since they were supposedly “hacking.” But Feds don’t really care all that much about hackers unless, of course, it’s banker and government sites. Us little people are fair effin’ game to all sorts of scam artists and computer hackers across the globe (I get attacked practically daily).

Zuckerberg’s multicult slumber party wasn’t really hacking — they had to have a cute name to sound “edgy and hip.” It was “perception molding” via technology on the Internet, something like what ISRAEL-FIRSTER Hasbara operations do all the time to protect the PR image of Zionist Israel. Last Sunday, ABC did a big Zuckerberg suck-up piece on “This Week with George Stephanopolis.” The glassy-eyed punk (he must get some killer ganja) was interviewed by a Goy PC-boy, David Wright, who made sure to say “UNDOCUMENTED immigrants” while tossing the billionaire softball questions so he could Jew spew about illegals being the “civil rights issue of our time.” They so love those heady days of the ’60’s, don’t they?

Sheryl_Sandberg_bookThen they show Zuckerberg without his “signature hoodie” (like he’s one of the homies, right); the poor boy having to wear a suit and tie while out lobbying Capitol Hill for amnesty (the things rich caring Jews have to do). In the video cut-away, it looked like his witchy corporation VP, Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) globalist and big feminist author, Sheryl Sandberg, was striding down the DC sidewalk alongside him, grinning away.

The Globalist Jew media recently built up this Jewess into a big time hero gal a few months ago because she wrote a book called “Lean In” — supposedly “rebooting feminism” by telling women they can have it all — big corporate boss careers and happy-time family life with a handsome “Mr. Right” — one of a rapidly dwindling few who hasn’t become too spineless or sleazy by now. Which is nothing new. Jewish-owned Hollywood and Jew feminists have been brainwashing women with romantic visions like this since the days of Betty Freidan, Susan Sontag (Rosenblatt) and that abortion-loving, former CIA agent and Manhattan libtard queen, Gloria Steinem.

This is an important component to the Globalist Jew efforts at keeping White people messed-up in the head, sleeping around and divorcing at the drop of the hat. This helps in destroying the Goy family unit, distracting us all from them and having as few children late in life as possible.

These stinking GD Zionist Jews are everywhere now, furiously working to re-engineer America into some kind of filthy, upside-down bizarro Jew world — with us Whites having to live in racial pig stys, as they richly cavort around in well-protected and insulated enclaves (ghettos were a beloved invention of the Jews, not the Nazis). The insidious creeps are indeed rotting America out from the inside — big time.

These filthy KHAZAR Jews are NOT the Israelites of the Bible, but a psycho semi-Mongol race from southern Russia who convinced themselves centuries ago (since 740AD) that the “promised land” belongs to them because YAHWE himself said so. Total BS! I’ve had it with these suckwad trouble-makers and traitors.

Then I was watching PBS’s Charlie Rose interviewing Israeli Haaretz journalist Ari Shavit about some book he’s selling called “MY Promised Land.” Along with Shavit, Rose had fellow libtard Jews, New Yorker’s David Remnick and Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg — lefty brother to that roly-poly Neo-CONJOB with the phony cool guy Fu Manchu, Jonah Goldberg, that FOX puts on all the time to spout Zio propaganda. Jews love working both ends of the stick — sometimes even in the same family. I bet they have tons to laugh about while spinning dreidels at mom and pop’s.

So how come only Jews get to say anything about Israel? Don’t these fools think there’s any of us Americans out here that see the sickening BS out of these creeps?

Ari Shavit’s book is about Israel and all the moral conundrums facing the poor Jews for what they did and are still doing to the Palestinians. Seems the guy is “left of center” in Israeli politics. The whole show was one BS statement on another (and a lot of stuff carefully avoided). Shavit is talking about how the Palestinians have to give up being pissed about the Jews invading the place, shooting them down like dogs and rousting them out from their own lands, while slowly thieving the rest over the decades. The Palis just have to suck it up before any “progress” might get made in peace talks.

Then Shavit says, and I shit you not, the Palestinians have an “addiction to victimhood” problem. He actually had the GD nerve to say that! Unbelievable: This is coming from a Jew’s mouth? And with all the never-ending holocaust crapola? Man, that is so rich.

“The problem with Palestinian political culture is addiction to victimhood.”

— Israeli Jew author, Ari Shavit, on PBS’s Charlie Rose show (season 22, episode #60 7:56).

I was sitting there waiting for them all to burst out laughing at just how ridiculous that sounded, but of course, the intellectuals blathered on straight-faced like it was nothing — each trying to sound more insightful and “nuanced” than the other, while jovial jack-off Charlie Rose, continued licking Jew ass.

Excuse me a sec… just thinking about all this makes me want to go hug the porcelain throne.

The whole PBS show was indeed hugely vomitus. Shavit also says at one point “Jews are endangered not just in Israel but America too…Their future is not guaranteed…But if we look that challenge in the eye and work together, we will not only survive but thrive.”

Say what? Jews endangered? Please. The have all the latest and greatest weaponry us American tax paying fools can buy, plus several hundred nuclear bombs. Hell, the mothers even have sea-going submarines (extorted out of the Germans), capable of launching those nukes on cruise missiles. Don’t forget all the military hardware and personnel we station in the region, ready to respond to their beck and call. Believe me, the sacred Jews snap their fingers, we come a-running — and a-dying.

As far as America is concerned, about the only ones endangered are us White people. Yeah, and I’d say these punks are already thriving up the ying-yang. Obviously. While the rest of us have our jobs off shored, they offshore their DC government payola, Wall Street rip-off shekels and Big Media moolah in the National Bank of Israel. Some of them have plush second homes and condos over there in “the Promised Land,” or should we say, land stolen from the Palestinians.

A few of these filthy whores even have their own reality TV shows where they go around whoring up the place and laughing all the way to the bank, like the Kardasians.

So then I’m watching the “History” Channel’s “‘Definitive‘ Guide to JFK Assassination Theories.” What another huge crock of crapola! Believe it or not, one of the theories they had the gall to include was that the US Federal Reserve was secretly controlled by the Roman Catholic Vatican! Apparently, the Holy See was pissed at Kennedy for not taking orders and had him wacked. Totally insane. Yeah, I guess that makes perfect sense with all the Jews running the Fed.

And, of course, not a single word was dare breathed about Israel, Ben-Gurion and the Bomb, nor JFK’s presidential order #11110, allowing the government to print money outside of the very real Jew Banker’s Federal Reserve control. The worthless “History” Channel talked about anything but what could possibly come close to the real deal. Cripes, the Jew suppression efforts these days are now so obvious.


Also, last week, came a report about the big time Jew Hollywood producer, Arnon Milchan, bragging to an Israeli TV audience that he worked for Israel as a spy (not him, but getting secret info from other insider traitor Jews) for an Israeli government industrial/military secrets theft operation called “LAKHAM.” He also procured and shipped US military weaponry, including special nuclear bomb detonators. Another greedy little orthodox Jew, Asher Karni, did the same for Pakistan (they would sell their mothers for a lousy shekel).

FOX news reported, ambiguously and without detail, Milchan’s Israeli TV interview a few days later. Funny, this has been known about for years — in fact, the smiling Jew big shot was once under official US indictment and hid out in Israel (who have no official extradition treaty with the Goyim US); until he could get Zio insiders to cut him a sweetheart deal from the Justice department — allowing the punk to once again travel freely to Hollywood to turn out more Jew crap.

FOX news acted as if Michan’s traitor activities were no big whoop, even playing the James Bond theme song while bringing up the report. Ha, ha, ha — like it’s all just so GD funny. What — does Israel feel free trampling on our sovereignty, while the media merely laughs it off? Uh, yeah! Why don’t we just GD declare Israel the real capital of America and be done with it?

Michan also said another big time Jew producer/director, Sidney Pollack, did the same kinds of things for Mother Israel. I’m telling you: All these Jews are nothing but backstabbing traitors. Always have been.

The funny thing about these stinking Jews — the more they get away with, the cheekier they become, till eventually people get sick of the rats and toss them out on their fat wrinkled keesters. But here’s the thing: They know that. That’s why they have been working to destroy the White race in advance this time. They just want to do it quietly enough so we all don’t get wind of it and put a stop to their little shenanigans, like what happened in Germany and every other country they have ever lived.

These Jews are not going to get away with it, regardless of any clever Jew Agenda. White people are now waking up in droves across the land and are none too happy with all the bull. Only a matter of time now before the filthy, stinking Jew rats get their deserved comeuppance from the White race.

Believe me, when that goes down, I’ll be in the front ranks — ready for some serious “pest control.”

— Phillip Marlowe


Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Israel for Jews, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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216 Responses to Jew BS Now So Thick You Can Walk On It

  1. bubba says:

    Mysterious China-themed ‘city’ proposed in New York’s Catskills

    U.S. immigration officials are considering a proposal from Chinese investors to create a multibillion-dollar development in New York’s Catskills called “China City” — raising concerns among critics about the potential cost to U.S. taxpayers and, according to one analyst, the possibility it could be a “stalking horse” for the Beijing government.

    A spokesman from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services told that the proposal for Thompson, N.Y., has not been approved but is under consideration.

    The mysterious proposed development appears to be a step beyond the types of ethnic enclaves scattered throughout U.S. cities, like the Chinatown sections of New York City or San Francisco. The 600-acre “China City of America” is located far outside New York City in upstate New York’s wetlands and is a meticulously planned project, calling for family housing, a college and student residences, among other structures. In addition to needing federal approval, it would likely need a host of state and local permits before ground could be broken.


    I live in the midst of this type of scenario.

    Whats worse….3rd worlders? or rich offshore money ?

    2 vices of the same Jew Jaw

  2. Flanders says:

    Barney, You certainly can’t tell that you’ve had the experiences you described here in the work that you do. I wish you the best brother. I’ve had my own battles to resolve, but there is no way my resolutions dealing with them have been equal to your conquering attitude.

  3. Barney says:

    Thanks Flanders. We just have to work with what we’ve got.

    Bubba – Wouldn’t that new development in the Catskills be “racist”? A Chinese communtity in multicult Amurrika? They must be “haters” and thought-criminals to want to be among their own kind. Send them a few million niggers and jews. No-one else wants them.

  4. Flanders says:

    Forensic expert condemns Holocaust uniform for sale on eBay for £11,000 as a fake

    Forensic tests found thread used to sew on buttons and a name tag contained a dye not invented until after the Second World War

    “Expert Lorna Stevens said: ‘The black thread used to sew the badge and the buttons on appears to be coloured with a Reactive Black 5 dye, which was not invented until 1954.”

    Health and Safety chiefs have put paid to a church’s plans for a realistic Christmas nativity play – by insisting that Mary wears a crash helmet as she rides into Bethlehem on donkey back.^headlines

    Government ‘gave money to child sex ring in 70s’: Home Office has ordered an investigation into shocking allegations

    •Government allegedly gave tens of thousands of pounds to Paedophile Information Exchange, which openly campaigned to legalise child sex
    •Extraordinary move triggered by Permanent Secretary Mark Sedwill
    •Labour MP Tom Watson says retired Home Office employee told him he had raised concerns in 70s about funding, but was warned to drop matter

    “PIE was formed in the early 1970s and openly called for the age of consent to be lowered to four, despite public outrage. In 1976 morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse accused a gay charity that did receive Government grants, the Albany Trust, of helping fund PIE, but this was denied at the time.

    A one time chairman of PIE, Steven Smith, worked as a heating and lighting engineer at the Home Office’s headquarters in Whitehall until he was exposed by a Sunday newspaper in 1982. He went on the run but was jailed for possessing 3,000 drawings of child abuse two years ago.^headlines

    Tom Watson says a retired Home Office employee told him he had raised concerns in the 1970s about the funding, but was warned to drop the matter

    After a PIE leader Tom O’Carroll was jailed in 1981 it emerged that a retired diplomat, Sir Peter Hayman, had been a supporter of the network and police had discovered his collection of obscene diaries but decided not to prosecute him. The MP who exposed him, Geoffrey Dickens, also handed three dossiers on PIE and alleged child abusers to the Home Office and the Director of Public Prosecutions but it is claimed they were ignored.”^headlines
    Holocaust survivor’s family ordered to ship $10M gold tablet back to Berlin museum, court rules

    “The tablet, which details instructions for building a temple in the era of King Tukulti-Ninurta I, is slightly smaller than a modern credit card. It was unearthed during a 1913 dig by a team of German archeologists at the Ishtar Temple in modern-day Iraq.”

    “Flamenbaum, an Auschwitz survivor who lived in Great Neck, L.I., and ran a Manhattan liquor store for decades, brought the Assyrian relic to the U.S. after World War II.”

    Read more:
    EU Regrets Hosting Rabbi Accused of Holocaust Denial at Sponsored Event

    Rabbi Friedman Called Holocaust ‘Successful Fiction’

  5. Alyusra Khan says:

    Hi!!! being a Muslim I know it since the time of Prophet Mohammed… Our only fight since then is against Jews and will always be and it is for the same reason which is being identified by American so late (sorry to say)…
    1500 years ago they gave us the assurance that if we let them live in Madina they will stand by Muslim during the wars and they betrayed us and killed us………. Now you can imagine that these horrifying characteristics run in their blood, bloody pests!!!
    Please America, stop fighting against Muslims, we are not your real threat, these Jews bastard are!!! WAKE UP…………

  6. t bone says:


    Can you elaborate on how the jews were spared 1500 years ago?

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