The Day America Was Murdered


By Phillip Marlowe

On November 22, 1963, America and much of the world was completely traumatized when our young president was assassinated suddenly in Dallas, Texas. President John F. Kennedy was full of promise and his beautiful family had captivated the nation. Not only was JFK handsome and rugged, he had boatloads of charm, wit and intelligence. Plus, he seemed genuinely patriotic for a politician and even fought in combat during WWII.

His assassination was a GD crying shame. He may well have been the last worth-a-crap president America had. If it was indeed just Oswald — as they continually tell us — or if others had a hand like I truly suspect, I pray each and everyone of the bastards roasts upon the fiery coals of hell for eternity while getting buggered by the freakiest-looking of demons.

I actually remember the day of the assassination, however hazily. I was in my first grade classroom, when my family lived in a clean, safe, White bedroom community of Washington, DC (dad worked downtown as a cog in the government bureaucracy).

Now I don’t remember all that much, just that I was in this big bright sunlit classroom that had one of those trapezoid angled loudspeakers, the kind made from shellacked yellow pine, high up on the wall above the teacher’s head. Sometime after 2 pm that Friday afternoon, it suddenly sprang to life, announcing the President had been shot and we would all be going home a little early that day. I recall no usual outbursts of kiddie glee.

I dimly remember going downtown the following Monday for Kennedy’s funeral cortege. This was the day they took that iconic photo of John-John saluting his daddy’s coffin. I was in the crowd (probably up on my father’s shoulders) not that far down the block, asking my daddy what the empty boot on the horse meant. That’s about the only thing that sticks out in my memory on that day. Mother also tells me we were downtown DC the day before, but I don’t recall. She said when they announced on the transistor radios Oswald had been shot, the news ran through the crowds like an ill wind.

I still pay close attention to old Super 8 movies and TV footage from that day, to see if I can spot my family out in the crowd. My dad had a Bell and Howell Super 8 camera himself, just like Abraham Zapruder’s, the Jew who filmed the assassination from an almost perfect vantage point.

Another time I was playing in this small area of real woods down at the end of my street. Dad pulled up in his Volkswagen bug with the sun roof (he so loved that little car) and asked if I wanted to go downtown with him to see a big parade. I believe it was Johnson’s inauguration, but I’m not sure. He said it was history (dad liked his boys learning crap), but I told him I would rather play in the woods and I did. Decent White people back then didn’t have to worry about their children’s whereabouts like they do today.

Not only did LBJ dramatically ramp up the war in Vietnam killing our boys, the jug-eared SOB signed the 1965 immigration act and helped Israel stab us in the back with the USS Liberty attack. The coward bailed for his ranch after one term.

Not only did Johnson dramatically ramp up the war in Vietnam killing our boys, the jug-eared SOB signed the 1965 immigration act and covered up Israel stabbing us in the back with the USS Liberty attack. After anger boiled across the land over Vietnam, LBJ bailed after one term.

I’m kind of happy if it was indeed Johnson’s inauguration parade I missed. I never did like the guy — even as a child. I thought he was mean old man creepy, maybe because he looked a lot like my grandfather, who was pretty damn mean himself. LBJ’s big Texas act meant nothing to me — kind of surprising since I was a huge John Wayne and “The Alamo” kind of kid (but liked Injuns a lot, too).

Let me state something here for you to consider: Johnson hated the Northeast Irish Catholic Kennedy and his brother, Bobby with a passion. I’ve noticed this fact has only recently received a little mention in media documentaries, when apparently all the reporters knew all about it way back when (like Kennedy’s sexual dalliances with various women).

It literally took decades for the media whores to get around to it. They are lots of things the media knows to stay very quiet about — then and now. Trust me.

They still mostly skirt Johnson’s hate of the Kennedy’s — especially so in any assassination conspiracy context (more in a minute).

Another thing they fail to mention is that Johnson was part of a hidden operation to bring European Jews into the US during the Nazi era. The Jews themselves say it was only in the hundreds, but it could easily have been in the tens of thousands. Along with the Israeli Bomb, International Jewry quite obviously prefers the American general audience (sheeple) not to know any of this. Johnson also could have been partly Jewish, or maybe even a full blown crypto — if it was truly on his mother’s side like they say.

Not long after Johnson got his ultimate power groove on by getting elected, my dad got another job in the private sector and our family moved to a fairly rural part of the country. Our new house was on the side of a mountain ridge, near the Blue Ridge parkway and surrounding state and national parks, with tons of wildlife of all sorts. I became the wild nature boy I still am.

This was 1968. That spring, Martin Luther King was shot in the face with a 30.06 rifle by über-nigger hater James Earl Ray (or the CIA), followed soon by Bobby Kennedy getting shot in the back of the head with a .22 revolver by Palestinian refugee Sirhan Sirhan (or a mind-controlled “Manchurian Candidate” assassin for the CIA). That summer, my middle brother and I were totally freaked-out little kids, thinking the country was going to hell and a hand basket, and that a big civil war was about to erupt. Dad tried to comfort us by telling us his hand could stop bullets.

The theory about Jackie doing the killing is a utter red herring, probably put out by some stinking Jew somewhere.

Horribly, Jackie saw her husband’s brains blown out inches from her face. The theory of her killing him is total BS — probably put out by some crazy guy or maybe even a purposeful red herring by Zionist psyops — all to get regular people to throw out the baby with the bath water.

This past Sunday [2013], I watched the National Geographic channel’s hyped like hell. but mostly boring “Killing Kennedy.” This was based on the debunking book by FOX’s Shabbos Goy tough guy, Bill O’Reilly (but actually written by his ghost writer).

Besides the required romance parts that fell flat (Goy-Toy Rob Lowe and the mostly talentless, somewhat goofy Jewess actress, Ginnifer Goodwin, had little chemistry); the made-for-TV movie’s all too obvious motive was making sure the now younger American TV audience thinks Oswald was merely a skinny punk loser — and hater — as the reason for why he did it. The ONLY explanation Americans today need believe.

If they don’t see it that way, then they, too, just might be big loser haters.

They even showed the bit about Jacob Leon Rubenstein (AKA Jack Ruby) leaving his little pet dog Sheba in his car before going down into the police garage to shoot Oswald in the gut on national TV. How could Ruby, on a important mission for the “secret plotters” to silence Oswald, bring along his beloved pooch? Believe me, that’s the only reason they specifically included that one brief shot in the shooting script.

Which brings me to my main point (besides waxing philosophic on my “White privilege” childhood memories): Everything the mainstream mass media puts up on TV, is purposefully geared to dissuading the general American public from thinking there could possibly be a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. The effort has been extremely noticeable over the years.

And if they do mention the various conspiracy theories in passing (the Cubans, the Mob, the CIA), they never, ever mention sacred Israel and the Bomb, nor Kennedy’s executive order #11110, letting the US government print money outside of the Federal Reserve’s monopoly control. Never.

Absolutely the same kind of mainstream debunking crap goes on with 9/11. Hmmm.

Now Jewry doesn’t have too much a problem with the American populace believing in any non-Jew conspiracy theory out there. Like the Illuminati, Bigfoot and UFOs — if it occupies the Goyim’s brains — fine.

A new book said to be “groundbreaking” on the Warren Commission and written by investigative reporter Phillip Shenon, was just released in time for the fiftieth anniversary. Titled “A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination,” the book touts bona fide insiders telling the author about important evidence getting destroyed and documents shredded — sometimes at the behest of powerful forces in DC. I haven’t read it yet, but a cursory glance at the photo section reveals just how many Jew lawyers filled the commission’s ranks.

Arlen Specter, future senator for the state of Pennsylvania, was a Jew lawyer on the commission and credited with coming up with the “Single Bullet Theory” — making it just barely possible for Oswald to have worked the bolt on his rifle within the time frame necessary to match Zupruder’s famous Super 8 footage. Maybe not so coincidently, Specter also worked to hide the NUMEC/CIA Apollo conspiracy to illegally funnel nuclear weapons grade uranium to Israel, so they could put together some quick nukes.

Few people have even heard the story, but it’s absolutely true.

ISRAEL ASSASSINATION OF JFKThe first prime minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, was obsessed with building the Bomb and hated the Kennedy family, thinking JFK’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, was anti-Semitic and a big Hitler lover. After a private, unreported meeting with JFK at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Jew York City, he pretty much told his buds the young president was a punk. Kennedy was seriously concerned about the Israelis building the Bomb and wanted to send over inspectors, but Ben-Gurion hid everything, even constructing a full-on phony facility. No wonder the Jews don’t trust the Iranians! Details of Jack Kennedy’s meeting with Ben-Gurion are STILL classified to this day. READ MORE

There is indeed a real possibility Israel did it. The best book on the subject (and probably only one) is the practically banned underground bestseller by Michael Collins Piper called “Final Judgment” [Piper has since died]. His book’s premise is the Israelis could easily have done it and what their motives would have been to kill Kennedy.

Supposedly, the avuncular CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite, when hearing of the book’s premise, said this was the only possible way a conspiracy could have succeeded and remained hidden, if the Israeli Mossad was involved. He should know, himself neck-deep in the news media and knowing all the Jew control going on.

Personally, I think the business with JFK to be a little tiresome now. There’s plenty of evidence of the murderous Zionist’s involvement in 9/11 to prove to me these backstabbing bastards are capable of pretty much anything — including killing the young and promising Jack Kennedy so they could continue their secret nuclear program.

Imagine what would happen should the Iranians do something similar today? You think for one minute the American people would not hear about the conspiracy details every minute, until we went to war?

And ever since November 22, 1963, this country has been on a beeline to destruction by filthy immoral Jews of all stripes — not just the embedded Zionist traitors in government. Hollywood and the media constantly slimes the 1950’s as being “too White.” Movies like “Pleasantville” and countless others before and since, make out the 1950’s as “intolerant” (code for us straight Whites being the baddies) or simply way too boring, stick-in-the-mud, “leave it to beaver” period in America.

Although I don’t go back as far as the 1950’s, I’m here to tell you that things started steadily going downhill for White people after Kennedy was whacked. Looking back, one can readily discern a real, long-running “Agenda” being played out in our lands. Along with multicult and holocaust brainwashing, a commie socialist NWO plan was clearly at work to re-engineer America and Western Nations — turning us White people into a powerless, bickering minority and our countries unrecognizable.

Americans now run around like chickens with their heads cut off (if they even have a job); immorality and degradation of our women abounds; distrust and malaise fills people’s hearts; multinational bankers, government and mainstream media are in bed with each other — caring nothing about “flyover” America or middle class White people (regardless of cheap political talk); Wall Street elites rips us off left and right with utter impunity; criminal blacks beat and shoot us on the street or in our own homes; Israel gets away with spying upon America all the time; foolish Christian Zionists and the traitorous Israel lobby are always working to get us to fight wars in the Mideast.

The common denominator has always been the backroom, Globalist, International Jewry. Oh, I know a lot of brainwashed Americans don’t believe that, or more accurately, can’t let themselves believe it. Hell, for years I had a hard time myself.

The reason for why, is that us White people are inherently good and really don’t like being crude and impolite (this pertinent fact was true going back to the very beginnings of the Republic). Most definitely too good for our own sakes. Look around you nowadays to see what’s going down, for crying out loud.

That’s why the now oft-quoted bit from author William Manchester resonates so much with White people and why the media Jews use it to debunk conspiracy theorists. At the end of his well-written book, “Death of a President,” Manchester explains that people are suspicious about Kennedy’s assassination, because they take Oswald, a nobody, and Kennedy, a great man, and the whole thing doesn’t balance out on the cosmic scales they keep someplace. Surely, bigger, darker forces had to be at work.

That may be true, but on the flip side we obviously have ourselves a modern day media working to brainwash White people into becoming spineless worms by using the “Herd Instinct” against us, while they freely censor the rising tide of astoundingly brutal, violent crimes on us and the racist evils of the Zionist Jews upon non-Jewish people. In fact, everything the media, lefty Jews (the majority) and multicult idiots accuse us European Whites of through-out history, is being done by the hypocrite Zionist Jews right the flock now — whom the fooled people consider so sweet and innocent. Can you not understand?

Look, I’m not trying to say you got to love muslim goat herders or something. All I’m saying here is that these devious Jew punks are jerking our chains left and right, while at the same time sucking on our labors (fiat money) and America’s good graces.

If you step back and think about it all, connect the dots a little, you’ll be just as pissed as I am. Maybe more so. Hell, I don’t know.

— Phillip Marlowe

Meet Jacob Rubenstein: AKA Jack Ruby


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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510 Responses to The Day America Was Murdered

  1. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    Forgot High Tech and Media/Entertainment, i.e. California/New York.

  2. WolfCub - Gailuk says:


    This little girl looks like a cousin and godchild of mine.

    For this following link, go to post #1983 and look at the Hamshen Armenians

    I come from a region in Armenia that has, well, Swedes as the norm. My paternal grandfather was 6’4″, tall, muscular, green eyed, and totally blond, and so were his entire clan and the vast majority of town he came from.

    Like I said, people need to visit Armenia and see with their own eyes who and what their fellow Aryans are like and live like.

    Please, by no means trust Jewish propaganda about your fellow Aryans.

  3. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    Another Hamsheni village girl

    The southern portion of the Hamshen Armenians were forced to convert to Islam in the 18th century, but all have a picture of Jesus in the prominent shrine such as above the fireplace or hearth. Whenever they emigrate to Europe or Armenia, they resume their Christian Armenian customs. They have been randomly targeted for killing in Turkey by radical pan-Turkists in the last decade or so, but they are not defenseless.

    Keep in mind, especially Europeans, that radical Turks hate you as much as the radicalized blacks.

    In contrast, the more nationalist the Armenian, the more pro-European in mindset.

  4. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    My apologies. No more posts. I don’t want to hijack as a means to respond. My aim is to inform upon request.

  5. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    Then hit them back since hypocrites have sensitive nerves.

  6. Hoff says:

    I think there’s a resurgence of antisemitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re gonna be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century.

    Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” Barbara Spectre

  7. TC says:

    NJ Niglets play knockout game.

    Others of us that are prepared, play catch the Hollowpoint game…..

  8. Chris says:

    Obama’s CIA “Mommy Dearest” — identifying Indonesians for assassination

  9. Bailey, I didn’t get all the way through that Montana Mountain Man video, but I would have to say that judge definitely did not look like a jewess…

  10. WCG – okay. Unfortunately, about all I know about Armenia is what you’ve told me. That and it was genocided by kikes masquerading as Turks; oh and as well as the Turks themselves. That said, the Americans genocided the Germans under a couple of presidents with possible jewish blood.

    The core of Europe must be preserved; that is WHITE Europe. The Armenians you posted looked very white to me…

    It is interesting the Western European attitudes toward Turks, such as I’ve had the opportunity to know them. To the English, they are simply “the Turks.” Nothing bad, nothing good. I would have to think based on my compiled impressions that they do not hold them as inferior, or leastwise as inferior as some of the other people they have dealt with, like Chinese, Indians or Africans.

    Assad of Syria – the man is tall -like 6′ 4” or so- and has azure-blue eyes. He looks damn close to being Aryan. In this morass in ME, he and the Iranians – and the Russians- certainly are the good guys versus the Evil zionist Empire comprised of the majority of Western European countries, the US, Australia, and Canada. I am not that clear on Eastern European stances. In any case, I prefer to have a phenotype such as Assad’s in the first tier beyond Europe, than say an Arab or Afghani phenotype – which the JWO, is at present, trying to put in place there.

    There is a war going on, people. It was just never declared (though it was). Many ways to skin a cat, or boil a frog.

    PS, WCG, I am going to keep my jewdar on you. No offense, please, if you aren’t a hasbara. jews try to get in here and mold perceptions in all sorts of snakey ways. It’s diversionary and takes up time. I don’t know why we don’t have a plethora of Alabama good old boys storming this board. But anyone willing to lean in on this fight for, crazy to say, what is ultimately going to be the destiny of the world is acceptable to me. We must learn from Hitler’s mistakes. And Hitler had too much faith in humanity, including his own kind. Perhaps though, his faith is what made anything possible at all.

  11. RED PILL says:

    Was Israel involved in the JFK assassination conspiracy?
    John Friend’s Blog

    does the bear shit in the woods?

  12. RED PILL says:

    Get over it, they are not your children (so they say)

    Chipping children

    sick sick sick, i want to go home, WTF

  13. RED PILL says:

    What If John Kennedy Had Lived

    what if, what if, what if Hitler lived?, what if my ass was on my head?.
    All I Have To Do Is Dream – Everly Brothers

  14. Another thing about that montana judge. If she was jewish, she would have had that free born mountain man (my kind of guy, though I would never wear my hair so long) executed, without a doubt. Kike=Evil.

    HOFF – that is a very good segment from Mike King, ain’t it? Goes to show, you can’t trust a jew. There was a time when i had this feel-good aura forbeing able to say, “see, i am not an anti-semite, i admire the contributions to the cause of truth and liberty by this jew named benjamin diraeli who was englands first prime minister. He held office for fourteen years*” What was I thinking? I was believing what i wanted to believe…but it wasn’t true.

    The rothschilds are the emperors of the world. I have never had a doubt that they are the antichrist line spoken of in the bible. The sign is the image of a MAN. And it’s number is 666. The “Star of David” is an ancient occult symbol which the rothschilds absconded and made into their own insignia. It has six points, six lines, six interior angles and six triangles. Seems pretty sixy to me. The antichrist jews have accepted this demon line as their messiah. We could forgive these freaky and wicked kikes like the good book says, or we could throw them in jail for the rest of their lives like we have already done with so many millions of lesser criminals.

  15. WolfCub - Gailuk says:


    I take no offense when someone is being justifiably cautious. Armenian forums take the same level of caution when non-Armenians visit for the same reason. Turks and Jews are very much brothers in arms when it comes to propaganda. Turks in general kiss Aryan ass, as they did in the 1900s and started to do in the 1940s until they found Hitler’s side at a disadvantage, at which time they switched to the bolshevik side, and so on. My theory is that whenever Germany has been pro-Turkish, the Jews are at work there.

    Armenians do have a large section that are definitely Europeans, even a small section of Dinaric “giants”, very tall in the 185cm and up for the men , and a small minority of Nordics, very much so mountain regions, nothing to do with Slavic admixtures. Armenians tended to avoid mixing with other nationalities for a variety of reasons. My paternal clan is mostly Nordic in phenotype (the nickname for their city Marash was “Germanik”), but my mother’s side is more an Armenic/Dinaric mix, dark brown or hazel eyes, but still could pass a Italians and Spaniards. The majority of Armenians are of this type.

    C. Coon’s correction/redefinition of the Armenic phenotype is around 2/3 of the population, but Leese’s misconceptions were due to Jewish misinformation about Armenians in preparation for the genocide.

    Misinformation of all sorts is their main tool. They are now doing the same thing with the Boers of South Africa: i.e. either total media blackout or misinformation in the form of demonizing these poor folk, distorting their history, disarming them, creating an environment of murderous persecution and polarization until the time is ripe for the killing. That’s why the Armenian case is important for this day and age.

    As a new topic you brought up: Syrians are at a crossroads. There was at one point in recent Syrian history that they had a population of anti-Arab sentiments and even a Aryan party, but since the advent of the Pan-Arabist ideology of the Ba’ath party, even though it is more pro western, it is a form of Arab Nationalism that brushes away distinct ethnic groupings in Syria, Iraq, Jordan (where they have no direct influence due to a puppet monarchy, but do have popular support), and so on. There are absolutely Nordic villages in Syria’s north, both of Frankish (Crusader) descent or Armenian “Arevorti” (“Sun worshippers” who later were forced to convert to Islam) descent. Arab chroniclers remember the Arevorti Armenians as being “fair haired and fierce in battle,” and they do constitute a large part of the Alewi identity in Syria to witch Assad’s family belongs. It is a region that has many mixtures, but it is definitely a region that can be pro-European, and very strongly Christian in terms of overall lifestyle and outlook. Syria is a battleground for west and east. Armenia is not. It is definitely west despite it’s Gypsiesque underclasses being promoted by Zionist and Turkist interests.

    Contrary to what most media sources blurt out, the Syrians are being attacked by the two greatest partners of Zion, Saudi Arabia (and its Qatari minions) and Turkey. The war against Syria of course consists of many components, and the best report I have heard on this is the Corbett Report analysis.

    This above sums it up perfectly, and my opinion is that Judaan is the one ultimately behind all of it, as usual.

    One thing I would like to add: Armenians don’t pretend to be Germans or Swedes or other Nordics. We are what we are, but we definitely are an ancient Aryan race, perhaps the oldest as some theorized and still do. German scholarship, prior to being hijacked by Zion in the late 1800s was very much convinced of this. I would recommend reading Antoine Mordtmann and Peter Jensen as starters. Unfortunately they are only in German or Armenian. An interesting take also is a linguistic study by Robert Ellis entitled “The Armenian Origins of the Etruscans” which is freely available on the Internet. The Jew Berich Hrozny mounted a campaign of ridicule against Peter Jensen in order to detach Armenians and Asia Minor from Europeans, and this campaign has been going on for decades. The handing over of these keys regions to Turks and others is a Zionist plan that has very ancient roots. Asia Minor and the Armenian Plateau are literally the key to the world for the Russians and the rest of Europe. My theory on this is that the Jews always used the nomadic tribes of Central Asia to pressure and eliminated Aryan competition in trade and politics by weakening and/or eliminating the Aryan kingdoms of these regions. Look at the slow genocide of the Tocharians at the hands of the Uighur Turks, the Sogdians at the hands of Uzbeks and Turkmens, due to which a huge chunk of Aryan ancestral lands were Turkified and lost to us forever.

    This process is continuing to this day. Jews prefer populations of low IQ they can control.

  16. WolfCub - Gailuk says:

    Let me also say, in terms of preservation of races and cultures, the beautiful Baltic and Scandinavian cultures are under severe attack. When I was a child, I recall that Armenians would be more upset when, say, a French girl would clinch to some idiot Sambo than their own French community! In one instance my own mother asked her parents why they couldn’t find a suitable French man for their daughter, and they acted like they were offended and treated her like some ignorant provincial. You see, they are “moderns” an we are “primitives” for wanting to preserve our nationality, race, religion, memory. A human being without an identity or memory may as well be a *(&^#$%&*(^ monkey.

    Yes, of course, I am concerned about the disappearance of European strains in Europe. “Multculturalism” is genocide, nothing more, nothing less. I am shocked, SHOCKED to see especially Scandinavian countries with small populations and low birth rates importing garbage! Are they out of their minds, or are they totally controlled by Judaan, or a combination of both?

  17. Smitherines says:

    Here Mad Joo, Moo the race of the Perps gets CLEARLY SHOWN when JEWS
    are the victims of The Knockout Game, and Polar Bear Hunting:

    (Notice the bottom it says “police are considering Hate Crime charges as
    they are targeting Jews,” but Whites and Asians are fine to get their brains
    knocked out?)

    New York Jews Latest Victims of Black Youths’ ‘Knockout Game’
    A series of attacks on Jews in New York:

    A series of recent attacks on Jews in New York City could be part of a game being played by black youths called “Get the Jew,” or “the Knockout Game,” police said. A police investigation into several of the incidents is underway.

    According to several reports, gangs of black youths walking down the streets of Jewish neighborhoods scout out a likely candidate, and attack the victim – the objective being to see if they can knock down the victim with a single punch. Others in the group take video of the incident, which is then posted to social networking sites.

    One recent example of these kind of attacks, Jewish community members said, occurred last week in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, when a Jewish man was pummeled by a gang of black youths. Nothing was taken from him.

    Before that, a gang of 15 black youths beat up a 12 year old boy in Crown Heights. According to a witness, two of the gang nabbed the Jewish victim and “ran back to the group screaming, ‘We got him,” and received a roaring cheer,” the New York Daily News reported. Two Crown Heights public officials, Public Advocate-elect Letitia James and Councilman David Greenfield and Councilman-elect Chaim Deutsch, are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprits in that case.

    “The recent ‘knockout’ attacks in the Crown Heights community are an outrage of epic proportions. Everyone, in every community, must stand up to these heinous crimes and denounce them in the strongest way.Violent crimes such as these will not be tolerated. Not here, not now and not ever. I have spoken with the NYPD and was assured that they are doing everything possible to get these cowardly perpetrators into custody as soon as possible,” Deutsch was quoted as saying by the JPupdates site.

    According to Thomas Sowell, “responsible authorities in New York seem to have been caught by surprise, even though this knockout game has been played for years by young black gangs in other cities and other states, against people besides Jews — the victims being either whites in general or people of Asian ancestry.” Writing in the New York Post, Sowell said that “attacks of this sort have been rampant in St. Louis. But they have also occurred in Massachusetts, Wisconsin and elsewhere. In Illinois, the game has often been called ‘polar-bear hunting’ by the young thugs, presumably because the targets are white.

    “Because Jews have been singled out in these attacks,” Sowell added, police “are considering prosecuting these assaults as hate crimes.”

  18. Aunty Sem says:

    Nuclear weapons are a scare mongering hoax which fleeces the taxpayer to finance it. The main reason that why they put JFK out was to kill off his debt free green back dollar and look where we are now without it.
    Who owns the fed? Oh yes, the Jews do, so as they were the major benefactors of JFK’s death you need look no further for your murderer or its motive.

  19. Aunty Sem says:

    Those canisters probably carried dirty chemicals for the filthy Israelis to make filthy dirty weapon heads with.

  20. Flanders says:

    Does it at times seem “pointless” to us at Incogman and other good places where the traitorious jew is exposed? Do we feel that no one will ever understand in sufficient numbers to make necessary changes to regain our country and our rightful heritage? This is not the only time where White Americans have felt that brunt of doubt, but perseverance and attentiveness to our individual duty will triumph.

    Elimination and major disruption of the jew media would be of the biggest benefit to our efforts, and would provide those we term as sheeple to finally pay sufficient attention and a chance to learn.

    “Colonial rebellions throughout the modern world have been acts of shared political imagination. Unless unhappy people develop the capacity to trust other unhappy people, protest remains a local affair easily silenced by traditional authority. Usually, however, a moment arrives when large numbers of men and women realize for the first time that they enjoy the support of strangers, ordinary people much like themselves who happen to live in distant places and whom under normal circumstances they would never meet. It is an intoxicating discovery. A common language of resistance suddenly opens to those who are most vulnerable to painful retribution the possibility of creating a new community. As the conviction of solidarity grows, parochial issues and aspirations merge imperceptibly with a compelling national agenda which only a short time before may have been the dream of only a few. For many Americans colonists this moment occurred late in the spring of 1774.” – T.H. Breen, 2004

  21. Flanders says:

    “What does it mean to be a White man in today’s America? For that matter, what is the essence of ‘White Privilege’?”

  22. steve says:

    I remember perfectly well. I was in the eighth grade. I also remember some clown on television trying to demonstrate that when someone is head-shot from behind, that the person’s head with go “backwards” in motion. What a freaking crock!

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