The Day America Was Murdered


By Phillip Marlowe

On November 22, 1963, America and much of the world was completely traumatized when our young president was assassinated suddenly in Dallas, Texas. President John F. Kennedy was full of promise and his beautiful family had captivated the nation. Not only was JFK handsome and rugged, he had boatloads of charm, wit and intelligence. Plus, he seemed genuinely patriotic for a politician and even fought in combat during WWII.

His assassination was a GD crying shame. He may well have been the last worth-a-crap president America had. If it was indeed just Oswald — as they continually tell us — or if others had a hand like I truly suspect, I pray each and everyone of the bastards roasts upon the fiery coals of hell for eternity while getting buggered by the freakiest-looking of demons.

I actually remember the day of the assassination, however hazily. I was in my first grade classroom, when my family lived in a clean, safe, White bedroom community of Washington, DC (dad worked downtown as a cog in the government bureaucracy).

Now I don’t remember all that much, just that I was in this big bright sunlit classroom that had one of those trapezoid angled loudspeakers, the kind made from shellacked yellow pine, up on the wall high above the teacher’s head. Sometime after 2 pm that Friday afternoon, it suddenly sprang to life, announcing the President had been shot and we would all be going home a little early that day. I recall no usual outbursts of kiddie glee.

I dimly remember going downtown the following Monday for Kennedy’s funeral cortege. This was the day they took that iconic photo of John-John saluting his daddy’s coffin. I was in the crowd (probably up on my father’s shoulders) not that far down the block, asking my daddy what the empty boot on the horse meant. That’s about the only thing that sticks out in my memory on that day. Mother also tells me we were downtown DC the day before, but I don’t recall. She said when they announced on the transistor radios Oswald had been shot, the news ran through the crowds like an ill wind.

I still pay close attention to old Super 8 movies and TV footage from that day, to see if I can spot my family out in the crowd. My dad had a Bell and Howell Super 8 camera himself, just like Abraham Zapruder’s, the Jew who filmed the assassination from an almost perfect vantage point.

Another time I was playing in this small area of real woods down at the end of my street. Dad pulled up in his Volkswagen bug with the sun roof (he so loved that little car) and asked if I wanted to go downtown with him to see a big parade. I believe it was Johnson’s inauguration, but I’m not sure. He said it was history (dad liked his boys learning crap), but I told him I would rather play in the woods and I did. Decent White people back then didn’t have to worry about their children’s whereabouts like they do today.

Not only did LBJ dramatically ramp up the war in Vietnam killing our boys, the jug-eared SOB signed the 1965 immigration act and helped Israel stab us in the back with the USS Liberty attack. The coward bailed for his ranch after one term.

Not only did Johnson dramatically ramp up the war in Vietnam killing our boys, the jug-eared SOB signed the 1965 immigration act and covered up Israel stabbing us in the back with the USS Liberty attack. After anger boiled across the land over Vietnam, LBJ bailed after one term.

I’m kind of happy if it was indeed Johnson’s inauguration parade I missed. I never did like the guy — even as a child. I thought he was mean old man creepy, maybe because he looked a lot like my grandfather, who was pretty damn mean himself. LBJ’s big Texas act meant nothing to me — kind of surprising since I was a huge John Wayne and “The Alamo” kind of kid (but liked Injuns a lot, too).

Let me state something here for you to consider: Johnson hated the Northeast Irish Catholic Kennedy and his brother, Bobby with a passion. I’ve noticed this fact has only recently received a little mention in media documentaries, when apparently all the reporters knew all about it way back when (like Kennedy’s sexual dalliances with various women).

It literally took decades for the media whores to get around to it. They are lots of things the media knows to stay very quiet about — then and now. Trust me.

They still mostly skirt Johnson’s hate of the Kennedy’s — especially so in any assassination conspiracy context (more in a minute).

Another thing they fail to mention is that Johnson was part of a hidden operation to bring European Jews into the US during the Nazi era. The Jews themselves say it was only in the hundreds, but it could easily have been in the tens of thousands. Along with the Israeli Bomb, International Jewry quite obviously prefers the American general audience (sheeple) not to know any of this. Johnson also could have been partly Jewish, or maybe even a full blown crypto — if it was truly on his mother’s side like they say.

Not long after Johnson got his ultimate power groove on by getting elected, my dad got another job in the private sector and our family moved to a fairly rural part of the country. Our new house was on the side of a mountain ridge, near the Blue Ridge parkway and surrounding state and national parks, with tons of wildlife of all sorts. I became the wild nature boy I still am.

This was 1967. That spring, Martin Luther King was shot in the face with a 30.06 rifle by über-nigger hater James Earl Ray (or the CIA), followed soon by Bobby Kennedy getting shot in the back of the head with a .22 revolver by Palestinian refugee Sirhan Sirhan (or a mind-controlled “Manchurian Candidate” assassin for the CIA). That summer, my middle brother and I were totally freaked-out little kids, thinking the country was going to hell and a hand basket, and that a big civil war was about to erupt. Dad tried to comfort us by telling us his hand could stop bullets.

The theory about Jackie doing the killing is a utter red herring, probably put out by some stinking Jew somewhere.

Horribly, Jackie saw her husband’s brains blown out inches from her face. The theory of her killing him is total BS — probably put out by some crazy guy or maybe even a purposeful red herring by Zionist psyops — all to get regular people to throw out the baby with the bath water.

This past Sunday [2013], I watched the National Geographic channel’s hyped like hell. but mostly boring “Killing Kennedy.” This was based on the debunking book by FOX’s Shabbos Goy tough guy, Bill O’Reilly (but actually written by his ghost writer).

Besides the required romance parts that fell flat (Goy-Toy Rob Lowe and the mostly talentless, somewhat goofy Jewess actress, Ginnifer Goodwin, had little chemistry); the made-for-TV movie’s all too obvious motive was making sure the now younger American TV audience thinks Oswald was merely a skinny punk loser — and hater — as the reason for why he did it. The ONLY explanation Americans today need believe.

If they don’t see it that way, then they, too, just might be big loser haters.

They even showed the bit about Jacob Leon Rubenstein (AKA Jack Ruby) leaving his little pet dog Sheba in his car before going down into the police garage to shoot Oswald in the gut on national TV. How could Ruby, on a important mission for the “secret plotters” to silence Oswald, bring along his beloved pooch? Believe me, that’s the only reason they specifically included that one brief shot in the shooting script.

Which brings me to my main point (besides waxing philosophic on my “White privilege” childhood memories): Everything the mainstream mass media puts up on TV, is purposefully geared to dissuading the general American public from thinking there could possibly be a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. The effort has been extremely noticeable over the years.

And if they do mention the various conspiracy theories in passing (the Cubans, the Mob, the CIA), they never, ever mention sacred Israel and the Bomb, nor Kennedy’s executive order #11110, letting the US government print money outside of the Federal Reserve’s monopoly control. Never.

Absolutely the same kind of mainstream debunking crap goes on with 9/11. Hmmm.

Now Jewry doesn’t have too much a problem with the American populace believing in any non-Jew conspiracy theory out there. Like the Illuminati, Bigfoot and UFOs — if it occupies the Goyim’s brains — fine.

A new book said to be “groundbreaking” on the Warren Commission and written by investigative reporter Phillip Shenon, was just released in time for the fiftieth anniversary. Titled “A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination,” the book touts bona fide insiders telling the author about important evidence getting destroyed and documents shredded — sometimes at the behest of powerful forces in DC. I haven’t read it yet, but a cursory glance at the photo section reveals just how many Jew lawyers filled the commission’s ranks.

Arlen Specter, future senator for the state of Pennsylvania, was a Jew lawyer on the commission and credited with coming up with the “Single Bullet Theory” — making it just barely possible for Oswald to have worked the bolt on his rifle within the time frame necessary to match Zupruder’s famous Super 8 footage. Maybe not so coincidently, Specter also worked to hide the NUMEC/CIA Apollo conspiracy to illegally funnel nuclear weapons grade uranium to Israel, so they could put together some quick nukes.

Few people have even heard the story, but it’s absolutely true.

ISRAEL ASSASSINATION OF JFKThe first prime minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, was obsessed with building the Bomb and hated the Kennedy family, thinking JFK’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, was anti-Semitic and a big Hitler lover. After a private, unreported meeting with JFK at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Jew York City, he pretty much told his buds the young president was a punk. Kennedy was seriously concerned about the Israelis building the Bomb and wanted to send over inspectors, but Ben-Gurion hid everything, even constructing a full-on phony facility. No wonder the Jews don’t trust the Iranians! Details of Jack Kennedy’s meeting with Ben-Gurion are STILL classified to this day. READ MORE

There is indeed a real possibility Israel did it. The best book on the subject (and probably only one) is the practically banned underground bestseller by Michael Collins Piper called “Final Judgment.” His book’s premise is the Israelis could indeed have done it and what their motives were to kill Kennedy.

Supposedly, the avuncular CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite, when hearing of the book’s premise, said this was the only possible way a conspiracy could have succeeded and remained hidden, if the Israeli Mossad was involved. He should know, himself neck-deep in the news media.

Personally, I think the business with JFK to be a little tiresome now. There’s plenty of evidence of the murderous Zionist’s involvement in 9/11 to prove to me these backstabbing bastards are capable of pretty much anything — including killing the young and promising Jack Kennedy so they could continue their secret nuclear program.

Imagine what would happen should the Iranians do something similar today? You think for one minute the American people would not hear about the conspiracy details every minute, until we went to war?

And ever since November 22, 1963, this country has been on a beeline to destruction by filthy immoral Jews of all stripes — not just the embedded Zionist traitors in government. Hollywood and the media constantly slimes the 1950’s as being “too White.” Movies like “Pleasantville” and countless others before and since, make out the 1950’s as “intolerant” (code for us straight Whites being the baddies) or simply way too boring, stick-in-the-mud, “leave it to beaver” period in America.

Although I don’t go back as far as the 1950’s, I’m here to tell you that things started steadily going downhill for White people after Kennedy was whacked. Looking back, one can readily discern a real, long-running “Agenda” being played out in our lands. Along with multicult and holocaust brainwashing, a commie socialist NWO plan was clearly at work to re-engineer America and Western Nations — turning us White people into a powerless, bickering minority and our countries unrecognizable.

Americans now run around like chickens with their heads cut off (if they even have a job); immorality and degradation of our women abounds; distrust and malaise fills people’s hearts; multinational bankers, government and mainstream media are in bed with each other — caring nothing about “flyover” America or middle class White people (regardless of cheap political talk); Wall Street elites rips us off left and right with utter impunity; criminal blacks beat and shoot us on the street or in our own homes; Israel gets away with spying upon America all the time; foolish Christian Zionists and the traitorous Israel lobby are always working to get us to fight wars in the Mideast.

The common denominator has always been the backroom, Globalist, International Jewry. Oh, I know a lot of brainwashed Americans don’t believe that, or more accurately, can’t let themselves believe it. Hell, for years I had a hard time myself.

The reason for why, is that us White people are inherently good and really don’t like being crude and impolite (this pertinent fact was true going back to the very beginnings of the Republic). Most definitely too good for our own sakes. Look around you nowadays to see what’s going down, for crying out loud.

That’s why the now oft-quoted bit from author William Manchester resonates so much with White people and why the media Jews use it to debunk conspiracy theorists. At the end of his well-written book, “Death of a President,” Manchester explains that people are suspicious about Kennedy’s assassination, because they take Oswald, a nobody, and Kennedy, a great man, and the whole thing doesn’t balance out on the cosmic scales they keep someplace. Surely, bigger, darker forces had to be at work.

That may be true, but on the flip side we obviously have ourselves a modern day media working to brainwash White people into becoming spineless worms by using the “Herd Instinct” against us, while they freely censor the rising tide of astoundingly brutal, violent crimes on us and the racist evils of the Zionist Jews upon non-Jewish people. In fact, everything the media, lefty Jews (the majority) and multicult idiots accuse us European Whites of through-out history, is being done by the hypocrite Zionist Jews right the flock now — whom the fooled people consider so sweet and innocent. Can you not understand?

Look, I’m not trying to say you got to love muslim goat herders or something. All I’m saying here is that these devious Jew punks are jerking our chains left and right, while at the same time sucking on our labors (fiat money) and America’s good graces.

If you step back and think about it all, connect the dots a little, you’ll be just as pissed as I am. Maybe more so. Hell, I don’t know.

— Phillip Marlowe

Meet Jacob Rubenstein: AKA Jack Ruby

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510 Responses to The Day America Was Murdered

  1. sog says:

    excellent bubba ..they are wanking to the devil ..operation shekinaw is also a name given to the greater israel expansion op and destruction of iraq and middle east ..filthy stinking shitkikes …if 6 million were roasted and gassed we would be celebrating this …

  2. sog says:

    excellent bubba ..they are wanking to the devil ..operation shekinaw is also a name given to the greater israel expansion op and destruction of iraq and middle east ..filthy stinking shitkikes …if 6 million were roasted and gassed we would be celebrating this ……..

  3. RED PILL says:

    always wondered what one could do to prevent evil, to insure liberty.
    and justices for all.

    you can’t, because this world we know is but an allusion.
    the only thing that is true is what you believe.
    so be it, that’s your reality.

    Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined.

    enter a new reality. if one has a faith in God, and that he alone has total control over your best interest, then that belief is your reality. the only test is does that work?.

    sounds like that shit they say in church, only they forgot the important part.
    like the Lord has a list of 10 items for you to keep the contract in force.

    what the hell would i know ? i am just a sorry piece of shit that doesn’t deserve
    all that i have….. but i am not complaining.

    Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
    2 Timothy 3:7

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
    Hosea 4:6.

  4. Barney says:

    Bubba – I was going to attempt to answer your question, but you (via BN) beat me to it, in a much better and more complete manner than I ever could.

    I’d piss on the wall any day, straight into satan’s eye.

    I read somewhere that the devil’s female gargoyles (jewesses) have their own part to play in the “mating with the devil” ritual on the other side of the wall, but I don’t know what it is – or even whether there IS another side to the wall.

    It could be said that the vermin have got a point – – SCREW THE DEVIL!

  5. Nana says:

    Hi Bailey,
    I didn’t read the article but I saw the video. I don’t know where to start, OK. I am from Russia but I am not Russian I am Ossetian. It is a very small nation in North part of Russia, in the Caucasus. The number of Ossetians are so small (around 800 000 people) that we recognize each other by family names and by faces. In our cities everybody knows everybody and it is very difficult to hide secrets. We know our history and our family trees better than any other nations. And what I want You to tell is that I 100% know that Nazis were evil. There is no even one house in North Ossetia which doesn’t have an old WWII red army soldier dead or alive. The Ossetian people paid a heavy toll for the victory. The war claimed the life of every fourth Ossetian. Many Ossetian families lost all their sons in it. For example, two families -the Gazdanovs and the Kobegkaevshaves, all their seven sons were killed by Germans. Can you people think for a second and imagine what those mothers felt… I personally have a grandfather, my grandfather’s older brother and his oldest son (my uncle) who fought against Germans. They survived the war, but being wounded with lots of health problems they didn’t live long. So, what anti-Russian propaganda says is that members of my family are “rapist”. Unfortunately, they died when I was a child and I can’t ask them, but my grandmother, who was summoned for a war when she was 19 and died in 2006 at the age around 88 had enough time to share her memories with younger generation. So, she told us that she was always afraid of being caught and raped by Germans so she always had the last bullet in the pocket to commit suicide. Who said that Germans were welcomed by many nations? May be, but they were not welcomed by Ossetians. We lived with our Russian brothers in peace and deep friendship, and those motherfuckers were welcomed neither by Russians nor by my people!!!! We didn’t invite them and our fathers and mothers fought to the last drop of their blood to defend our lend when they approached Vladikavkaz, the capital of North Ossetia. In North Ossetia everybody knows the tragic story of Chabahan Bassieva (very educated and beautiful Ossetian girl), at the age of 25 she was brutally tortured together with her 70 years old mother and younger brother and then killed because she didn’t want to participate in dirty propaganda that Nazis are welcomed in the Caucasus. I don’t know if she was raped but I guess that she was. Another “rapist”, my friend’s grandfather, once on a family feast drank a little bit and began crying telling their family members how he was caught by Nazis and how they suffered in concentration camp and how starving people, including him, ate flesh from dead human bodies. My friend told me, that he was crying like a baby, feeling shame and guilt from what he did. O, yea Nazis are just nice cool guys… they just wanted to teach that “rapist” a lesson…
    Even if Red Army solders raped those poor German women I want to ask: Is that possible to stay cool and fair towards somebody who came to your house uninvited, took all your belongings, destroyed your house, killed your wife and child ( lets not mention rape)? What those Red Army soldiers felt while fighting 5 years (22 of June 1941- 9 May 1945) being hungry, dirty, cold, sleepless, under constant fear of death, knowing that Nazis are raping their land and killing their families. That’s why people say that Marshal Zhukov wrote in one of his orders: “Woe to the land of assassins. We will take revenge and our revenge will be terrible”. Russians paid extremely high price for that victory and they are called “rapists”!? You are here all angry at Jews and Negros, me too, but Russians have been suffering from Jews too… Jewish Bolsheviks killed their Tsar, they destroyed their churches and killed thousands and thousands orthodox monks and priests. Jews have been steadily but surely destroying their land… and you have no idea how deep that process is… And when I see even a tiny hint of anti-Russian propaganda I get very emotional.
    My conclusion is that people have to let it go… what happened, that already have happened… One day we all will pay the price for our sins and as an Orthodox Christian I believe in a judgment day..
    And I did my homework, unfortunately it’s on Russian:
    The article says about 50-100 thousand children born from German soldiers after WWII in USSR

    The article that describes all Nazis atrocities

    3. You can get connected with Svetlana Alexandravna Alexievich born May 31, 1948; she is a Belarusian investigative journalist and prose writer. She knows lots of staff about that topic because she talked to witnesses and to those who suffered from Nazis

    And the last thing that I want to tell you, without Jewish propaganda everybody in Russia knows what Nazis did to our women, but it is so painful that people don’t want to talk about it. Russians have different mentality…

  6. The wailing wall is a holy place, a mecca….

    for politicians.

  7. Hoff says:

    You think the jew ruled Soviet was antijews? Think again. Chapter 7 in The Jewish Paradox: Sickle, hammer and star of David.

    without Soviet the state of Shitrael wouldn’t exist. Not so much because Soviet voted for Shitrael in UN, but because all weapon in Shitrael was from communist countries.

    Then Nahum Goldmann claims that the

    was in contact on a daily basis with Ilja Ehrenburg.


    I’m on page 190 of 230 pages and the book is mandatory.

  8. Hoff says:

    He asked Soviet where he could meet jews in Soviet.

    – But – in the sinagogo’s of course.

  9. sog says:

    nana could be sam petrov in drag ..
    another time when germanies population was halved was the 30 year war caused mainly by rome and the jesuits and muslims therabouts ..remeber fackelmanner the order stalin put out to dress up bolshevik russians in german uniforms and to brutally attack villages/towns/cities of russians and to commit atrocities dressed up as german soldiers usually within 50 kilometers of german spearheads into russia ..russia was full of jew communists and communist russians who had to go along to get along …but its ok if russian jews communists kill 66 million russians then ahhye nana ..

  10. sog says:

    heh heh the word jewess was one and the same as prostitute a hundred years ago and now ? thank lasha darkmoon for herlink in veterans yesterday today and tomorrow ..

  11. Bailey says:


    Please forgive me, I’m not trying to be anti-Russian, I know what the Bolshevik jews did to the Christians in Russia and I all so know what the red army jews did to German women and I do not dispute the fact that German soldiers raped the women of their enemies.
    If you do read that link I left for you you’ll see clearly that rape was committed by all sides on any and all women.

    Our problem is the same Nana, It’s a jewish problem.

    I translated your #2 link and saved it, it’s kind of long to read right now but I will read it.

  12. Bailey says:

    Just skimming I come across this Nana,

    For German soldiers stationed in the Ukrainian Voznesensk, murder of prisoners of war turned into a festive entertainment. Every Sunday on the local radio announced: “The German soldiers! Those wishing to participate in the execution of Russian prisoners please come to the camp to 12.00. ” “The prisoners are building a box, surrounded by police, military guard with sheepdogs, and begins beating, and they are there about ten thousand of any innocent people – remember with horror the locals. – Howl was terrible, ” {228} .

    We’re not off to a good start here.

    I think sog may be right – as usual..

    And thanks sog for mentioning the fact that the red army kikes dressed as “evil Nazis” raped their OWN women.

  13. Bailey says:

    Sam Petrov in drag, LOL!

  14. Smitherines says:

    Zionism – The Greatest Criminal Ruse of All Time:
    War by Way of Deception Because Theft is Always By Deception

    The practice of thieving is based on the path of least resistance, why work when you can take? A thief must be clever and not be detected or identified later or the purpose of getting something for free is defeated. What good is stealing a car if the police identify you later? A thief’s real trade is the art of deception, stealing is the easy part.

    The primary way Zionism gains wealth is by theft, and in order to pull off really large scale theft the perpetrator can feign victimhood. One of the great hallmarks of Zionism is its ability to get billions of dollars by using a ruse like the Holocaust. We are victims now pay up!

    This ruse works only by its ability to control information, this is why Israel and the media have worked to get a monopoly on information. What is motivating the tribe to control information is the level of theft they are attempting, by controlling information they can turn the world’s people into milk cows. The Holocaust industry has failed because it has been exposed on the internet, the real holocaust was against the German people by Jewish banking syndicate.

    Much of the Christian world can not see Israel’s barbaric acts because of media deception. The Zionists can break every commandment in their book and the Christians will continue cheer leading their team even if it means their own demise.

    How do you steal Palestine, get free airplanes and submarines and lots of free welfare? By lies and deceptions. How do you justify the theft in your mind? Supremacist ideology. “It was ok for us to steal Palestine because God promised us that land”. ‘God chose us’ is the exclusionary meme of the Jews, and that ideology is what is driving the bus over the cliff.

    How does Israel get the United States to fight its wars? The 911 deception. How did the tribe steal all of the world’s gold? By the deception of central banking, substituting the gold with worthless paper script.

  15. sog says:
    and lets not forget that soviet kikes communist shits were preparing to launch an all out offensive against germany anyway un warranted .since russia was the comintern hq then and under shitkike control it was wanting to fuck germany up for centuries and decades prior to germany being forced into war the many commie cell groups were working overtime in germany between post ww1 and commencement of ww2 ..there were 7-8 million communist sob’s in germany before it was banned and also career criminals were banned ..they were the niggers of germany white tho they were and were gypsies and kike some of them ..but 80% of `crime in the cities was due to career repeat offenders so germany said fuck ya and stuck ya into a camp for rehab and honest work ..
    communists were a dangerous liability to germany as it had no choice but to enter into conflict with france who initiated atatck in 1939 and england who incessantly bombed germany for 4 monthes befoire germany fired any return volleys ..her true number of dead from ww2 and post ww2 kike control in germany was closer to 40 million than you want to realize ..trainloads of war orphans shipped dead on delivery to ussr and millions sent to slave labor and millions perrish from forced starvation when the asshole allies had more relief food then they knew what to do with ..jews love to starve people …holodomor 1932 ans the lesse known 1922 ukrainian famine lenin engineered to kill politically resistant ukrainians …all the allies took over parts of germany post ww2 and took dominion over the work camps and forved german civilians into these camps for the purpose of working and starving them to death …and some of the camps where atrocities against germans took place are places jews tell tall fables about 700,000 russians killed here and there and then the story went to jews killed instead to cober the fact that jewish communinsm, was killing germans by the tens of thousands in post ww2 germany ..another place jews killed by starvation was during american depression and the naval blockade of germany post ww1 and in palestine where in fact jews starved oput 74 major cities with physical military blockade ,,it doesnt take long for people to die from lack of food and water …included in this line up is hundreds of smaller cities and towns and villages …jews have killed 3 million indigenous palestinians since 1940…never mind cast lead or jenin and other ops always going down in the unholy land by non isarealite fake basterds ..these operations kill children and women unarmed citizens with impunity same as they engineered in iraq thru zog generals in american forces …
    when shitkikes assassinated jfk they had wanted to elimninate all male kennedies ..this was the level of their phobia and devilishness ..they got jfk jr. later as he announced his intention to run for president someday to gore ..gore is a freak ..and he told the freak janet reno and the rest was academic..suffice to say that jfk’s plane had auto pilot and could have taken him right to the landing strip where he was going but a bomb interupted his flight plan ..what is disgusting is the jews also kept their word to eliminate any direct lineage in killing jr’s wife and unborn child …both idiot bushes senior and jr moron wer with suoer secret squirrel harriri kike kidon massad asshole near the plane the day before ..the civilian team who investigated behind the feds got the fear of god and threats etc ..odd how jfk jr and the rube who died in osamas bin looting place was dumped at sea and called a burial …you can see tha massive power of the hidden zio gaint here in the manipulation of this scene like at okc or 9-11 or at jfk assass in texas ..within 6 months of shoot dozens of witnesses were mysteriously killed …
    or look how powerful this cabal has become when a norwegian news caster can be sacked for wearing a crcifix and it isnt even muslims country ..but there is a highly visible connection between jews and islam and you can see this in the installation of shit beard komenay in iran decades ago by communist youth helping a islam cleric take power ? hello ” ? ..

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    Nana I read your story and you say you hate the Germans but end with you hate the Bolshevik jews too. Well which is it? Hitler knew that jew/communist/Bolsheviks were a grave threat to humanity. An existential threat to white civilizations. And he was right. It still is.
    Every army has some bad apples. Some are screwed up to begin with. Others are put in situations where they do things they would never do under normal peaceful conditions. And the more desperate their own situation becomes the less they give a shit about the non-combatants. But they all also start with the training to kill the enemy and propaganda of who that enemy of the day is. Hell we had Americans killing each other in our civil war that shit still makes me sick . Fucking jews. They profited well off that too army following peddlars and shoddy contractors. Grant had to ban the jews from the theatre of war the fucking jews following the troops around robbing them of their pay.
    Can we just move on? Sure. I wish we could. The jews have israel now. Will they quit fucking shit up and causing problems in the middle east? No. Of course not. I think that you know that they Will NOT Stop fucking shit up and causing problems Anywhere! Repeat Anywhere. Their gift of dispersion has given them the ability to nation wreck and fuck shit up and cause problems EVERYWHERE! And my conclusion based on my adult lifetime of knowledge and experience is that they will not STOP doing it. Some rabbis even publicly admit and brag about it.
    They will never stop destroying non-jewish peoples until their goal is reached. That goal is the extermination of all whites, and the enslavement of all remaining people who will be their humble and obedient servants.

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    Now aint that exactly what IS happening or is it all in my imagination?

  18. sog says:

    yeah bailey the reds even raped russian women pow/s that they “liberated” from camps all over the place …if germans killed anyone in russia it could be an anomolay not a mandate ,but any one who infiltrated the ranks of soldiers as a spy was rightfully shot becausr the asshole could relay troop intel and movement plans to the enemy so they were shot ..americans did the same to getmans all the time and upon sizure of german camps american shot hundreds of german soldiers many who were reahabbing from the frontlines and wernt even gards in the work kamps …i heard they would rape animals to as it is ok in the talmud to fuck an ox …so tha aklso marry women that resemble farm animals and have the same morals as alley cats ..fuck dem jews
    i dont want to go into the fact that germany could have easily just slipped someone into ussr and assassinated stalin etc ..the hang up in greece kept hitler from commencing op barbarossa on a timely fasshion to keep the winter old man from stopping the works and the wheremacht was stopped cold day motor oil circualtes and the next it is froezen solid from the wall of bitter sudden cold if hitler had gone into to russia a month earlier he could have taken moscow ..and what ? no long range bombers to obliterate russian cities ..germany was barely up and going militarily and caught up in too many fronts …jfk did say a nice thing about Adolf tho when he said that soemeday Hitler will be vindicated …

  19. Bailey says:

    Thanks PRT for reminding me,

    “Every army has some bad apples. Some are screwed up to begin with.”

    “I want you to hear it directly from me, the commander-in-chief,” Obama said. “It undermines what this military stands for and it undermines what the Marine Corps stands for when sexual assault takes place within.”

    When sexual assault takes place within ?

    It almost sounds like Obama is saying that it is ok for his troops to sexually assault women of the enemy.

  20. Hoff says:

    And I did my homework, unfortunately it’s on Russian:1. article says about 50-100 thousand children born from German soldiers after WWII in USSR


    I don’t belive a word. Not even the jew propaganda claims that the germans raped women wholesale. But you can search: Jew Ilja Ehrenburg + rape – and do your homework.

    The jews dressed up as germans, did the atroceties and then blamed the germans.

  21. sog says:

    i will take differencial on germans raping ugly russian kike bitches ..didnt happen as in rarely ..german soldier would have been brought up on charges and in some very few cases were and executed so it was well known that you behaved like a gentleman or died like a rat kind to dog day dog is worth a thousand jews …one rat is equal to 10 jews and 1 jew is equal to 100 rats ..nice math ..heh heh
    jewish partisans in fact all so called ww2 partisans were jewish communists taking advantage of chaos and robbing banks and stealing everything not nailed down for the comintern war chest ..
    we do know that 6 million abortions occured in german occupied post ww2 areas because of russian rapes ..yeah sure russian commie jews will say thet germans raped 1-2 russian women kikes probably prior to execution for sabotage etc and say actually that germans did a lot of shit they didnt do as this is the theme of deception smitherines very articulately outlined very well …russians raped women to death and if a woman ran she was shot ..if she didnt she was raped quite often to death ..many german women in order to survive turned to prostitution for food in post ww2 …its no wonder pattons eyes ere opened could they not be opened was the deceptive pearl harbor and the ensuing meida blitz prpoaganda that got a lot of american kids to enlist …And go kill germans ..all german cities were bombed ..99% of these targets and in the hundreds including 70 major metro cites were not military strategic targets but residential areas thet the jew war mongers planned deliberately to obliterate …so the real targets were women children and whatever men were left after the front lines took millions ..
    they destroyed a country and dressed it up as a war ..jews wanted this badly ..and to nuke japan …when japan had lost the war for a year already and waS SUING FOR PEACE .. the actual numbers opf people living in nagasaki and hiroshima was closer to 9 million in each metro city ..nuclear fission creates humaoid vapor and is hard to count people dead when they blow awy in the wind dresden where if you think about it the actual population and the refugeee population the death count could have been 1.1 million but as it is hard to count people who have simply vanished in the fire storms and melted together etc they always downplay the numbers and say what aboiut coventry ..fuck coventry ..this is why the kikes took down exulatenhell web site as it shows the raw savagery and bomb type and tonnage dropped over every innocent german city in ww2 and is why they removed airphoto dot com because it proves the holocaust to be a shitkike myth on wheels ..trblinka and belzec and sobibor camps my fuckin ass the numbers and the math on populations in europe in the 30’s ..german allowed many jews to leave ? what they didnt stop and kill them ,no they let them go and under havaara agreement the jkiikes agreed to back off the global german boycott just to get germany to allow more emmigration from fatherland ..many jews would have left as well but didnt want to go to palestine oy vey not suuuuch a deal for them so they opted to try the waters and go to other places and ill be damned no one wanted these shit birds in their countries and with good reason ..they would have been entering as parasites and in need of social support etc and soon opened a new bannk de kike and the same ol proliferation of jeowsh over representation like a thoiusand other places ..people were jew wise quite a bit in the old days but not enough …so hitler just deported them back to the pale of settlement …

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    Other Losses. My Christmas present to myself.

    Shattering the Eisenhower Mystique
    By A Customer on February 15, 1999
    Format: Hardcover
    James Bacque deals with a topic most historians (especially Eisenhower apologists like Stephen Ambrose) want to avoid. It is the frightening account of how Allied forces, at the end of World War II, systematically used, abused and starved millions of German POWs in what Gen. George Patton described as “Gestapo tactics.” As an historian, Army veteran, and grandson of a German army officer during that war, it’s high time this story was told. So much is written about German atrocities during the war (Malmedy, Trois Ponts, etc). But little is discussed about such issues as this (another being “Operation Keelhaul”… forced ‘repatriation’ of Russians who served in the German Army). Bacque’s evidence is convincing, thorough, and hard to avoid. Too bad so-called “historians” like Ambrose can’t see this for himself. Must reading for any serious student of World War II history.

    very accurate presentation of what was really done to German
    By A Customer on May 14, 1997
    Format: Hardcover
    This subject is hardly ever written about. It is time that the truth came out. My father was one of the German POWs sent to France, he was relased in 1948. This book covers much of what he told me, but what he told me was worse. Unfortunately, he died between the time the first reviews came out and the time that I was able to procure the book from Canada

    Other Losses is a Very Revealing Book
    By John Wear on December 13, 2012
    Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
    James Bacque does an excellent job of documenting his claim that the Allies, led by the United States of America, intentionally starved to death approximately one million German prisoners of war. Not only does Bacque quote from German survivors of the camps, but he quotes a large number of American guards and officers who witnessed the German POW deaths. These Americans include Martin Brech, Daniel McConnell, Major-General Richard Steinbach, Lieutenant Colonel Henry W. Allard, Colonel Philip Lauben, Colonels James B. Mason and Charles H. Beasley, Captain Ben H. Jackson, General Mark Clark, Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Pollack, Sergeant Merrill W. Campbell, Captain Frederick Siegfriedt, Lieutenant Arthur W. von Fange, and a couple of American officers who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

    The Red Cross was prevented from providing food and shelter to the German POWs even though these were readily available. The German POWs were not provided tents or housing, and many died from exposure to the elements. Most of the German POWs were intentionally given inadequate food, and many died from slow starvation. Since Eisenhower and his associates at SHAEF controlled the media, pictures and stories from these camps were not allowed to reach the media. Eisenhower showed the piles of dead bodies at Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen and other German camps at the end of the war, but the pictures of dead bodies at the American-run German POW camps were not allowed to reach the public.

    James Bacque ends his outstanding book with an appeal for tolerance and understanding. Bacque states: “Surely it is time for the guesswork and the lying to stop. Surely it is time to take seriously what the eye-witnesses on both sides are trying to tell us about our history. All over the Western world, savage atrocities against the Armenians, the Ukrainians and the Jews are known. Only the atrocities against the Germans are denied. Are Germans not people in our eyes?”

    All documented, but not yet even complete!
    By V S VINE VOICE on June 30, 2008
    Format: Hardcover
    Amazing book, opened my eyes quite a bit. My ex’s grandfather was in the Luftwaffe, barely escaped with his life AFTER the war. Russians stopped civilians on trains leaving Germany, and other Russians took what they wanted at EVERY train stop. Their only money was hidden in a cheap alarm clock, which they stole. By the time they got to the border, they didnt even have coats.

  23. Bailey says:

    ..germany was barely up and going militarily and caught up in too many fronts …jfk did say a nice thing about Adolf tho when he said that soemeday Hitler will be vindicated …

    And he will, It’s happening right effin’ now, thanks to the internet and people who don’t have their heads up their ass.

    Think about it, 25 years ago we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    Hitler and the Nazis were evil and they wanted to rule the world, that’s all I or anyone I knew believed about WWII , I’m by no means an expert here but, my how times and attitudes toward Adolph Hitler have changed.
    I’ve said here before that in the early seventies my friend had an uncle named Adolph and we were all afraid of him just because of his name.

  24. Bailey says: kind to dog day dog is worth a thousand jews …one rat is equal to 10 jews and 1 jew is equal to 100 rats ..nice math ..heh heh

    You watch your mouth Mister!

    A dogs life is worth more than SIX MILLION jews or however many jews are on this planet right effin’ now.

    Sorry sir, In my response to sam petrov in drag I mentioned the fact that Germans raped Russian women, I got that from a piece on justice4germans were it stated that it did happen but in just a fraction of the percentage of german women and European women in general raped by the commie kike bastards and the allied dupes.

  25. Bailey says:

    This is what I posted that Nana (sam petrov in drag) is responding to me about.

    She/he didn’t even read it.

  26. sog says:

    plus it isnt likely that the order of mass rape given out by ehrenburg was related to any made up atrocitie germans dint do but rather part of the jewish pathology mind set against germans stuying jewish communist pathology it isnt a far reach to belive that the jews in charge of russia couldnt have cared less about anyone that died in the german invasion just made their genocide easier ..and throwing millions of russian conscripts to the cannons fodder realm didnt make an iota of concern to stalin was all fun aND games to commisarina stalin ..prior to barbarossa ussr was amassing equipment ans building many airfields on ussr’s westernmost borders …looked like a troop build up for invasion ..they did invade finland and got their ass handed to them ..
    when germany occupied france in ww2 they never stepped foot into southern half of france ..they let the french govt and police continue as it was ..germans went to france to secure the seawall ..of the english channel ..who didnt know the americans were coming ..7000 ships and prior there were hundreds of training bases and troop stations in england ..who wouldnt have known what theis shit was for ..if ameri`cans had never entered the war and lost 420,000 troops russia could have been defeated …
    just as footnote back on jfk …jr’s mother jaqueline told jr to not get an airplane and to keep and fly it ..she knew the danger for male kennedy persons was still a viable liability reality …mothers know best …heh heh ..hell they even tried to shit can the gore ..his airplane ,airforce # went electronically dead on take off from jfk airport ny/ny and what a mess that would have made on the ground ..they wanted a clear field for the moron bush when he ran for presidential level moron ..gore almost bought the shit farm ..too bad he didnt ..

  27. protocolsRtrue says:

    A judge does allow these parents to name their kid Messiah. What’s the difference? This kid is a niglet.

  28. sog says:

    southern half of france never saw a german and vice versa ..nary a shit kike in southern france ever saw a german but i’ll bet jews claim 11 million jews were gassed and barbequed in southern france during ww2 ..ha ha ..damn kikes ..

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ SOG. I think Teddy also had a plane crash that messed up his back pretty bad. If I was a Kennedy I wouldn’t leave my house nor let anybody in either.

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    Thanks Bailey and thank GOD for the internet. Download as much as we can and save for posterity people because the jews want us shut down asap.

  31. Bailey says:

    Yea PRT,

    The jews were at the hospital waiting as mrs. Campbell gave birth to their third child and took away right after the cord was cut.

    What kind of message is the gov. and media sending with this case?

    A part of me thinks this whole thing is an elaborate hoax to sway opinion and beliefs, I hope that’s the case anyway.
    If this kind of thing REALLY is happening it means the jews have won.
    Nobody protested this from the beginning and then we see Mr. Campbell show up to court dressed as a Nazi ?
    Of course the Campbell kids aint going home.

  32. sog says:

    yeah bailey you got it man ..the surviving german women were raped all the time by americans and russians so there is the 6 million abortion number floated by red cross of german women aborting rape babies ..maybe the number was 2 million but until 1950 many of these women were repeatedly raped and impregnated as a sop by occupation assholes and availed themselves of repeated abortions ..i recall that number being 6 million tho ..its possible with the remaining population and the time frame ..unlike the holocaust which is unlikely under any condition and circumstance that dies in the face of real scientific forensic examination ..i love dogs ..thats why i hate china as they skin them alive and leave em on a pile of dying dogs ..i saw the vid once ..also france uses abandoned pups to troll for sharks ..they hook em through the mouth and nose and i think i would kill some one dead cold if i saw that in front of me ..
    several thousand tons of animals are sent to china every month for dog food processing .
    looks like china is here on us soil right now in some deceptive war game scenario …
    the only good chink is a dead chink ..if they come around in a collection vehicle for arms and food and shit like that the sop is to grease all chins without one shred of mercy fact the usa shoiuld implement a eradication of all chins from U>S>soil ..
    that dam oil pipeline from iraq off of the trans arabian hub thet goes overland in israel ,you know the new one they built after they we smoked iraq ..rothschilds ships pick up this oil and take it to china for refinement or storage ..and to india ..the land of a thousand gods ..wash yer assday in the ganjes is coming up ..bring the whole family and commemorate it with a proifessioanl photographer while you dump grannies bloated corpse into the ganjes where “people” wash shit piss and eat in the water daily at the same time ..i wonder what the sludge on the river bottom feels like betwwen the toes ..fuck india ..
    credit is due to canibal rabbi for the illustrious termminology of “shitkikes” and “washyerassday” in the ganjes …ahhye we salute you canrab..

  33. Bailey says:

    @ sog and everyone else,

    I work with many poles who are older and wiser than me on WWII and they agree with what I believe that Hitler didn’t invade Poland but merely occupied it to head off the Russians.
    Their history books may have already been scrubbed by jews and re-written but i’m sure they listened to their elders.

    Yea PRT, any day now we can wake up to find all of this gone.
    This here internet was never meant for learning and discussing the truth, it’s supposed to be for paypal sales, video games and pornography, why can’t child porn be stopped but the jews can shut down websites that expose the truth?
    Or even if this is all lies and we’re stupid for believing it, why the fuck should it bother them to the point they need kosher alphabet soup groups to combat us?

  34. protocolsRtrue says:

    Yes Teddy was in a plane crash also and his sister Kathleen was also killed in a separate plane crash. My gosh people with holiday travel season approaching if you plan on flying check the manifest if anybody named Kennedy is on it take a different flight. Whoever said that you have more likely odds dying in a bathtub than you do flying in an airplane had an asterix * next to it (*unless your name is Kennedy). Of course getting shot in the head because of some commie jew plot is also a family tradition.

    June 19, 1964, Kennedy was a passenger in a private Aero Commander 680 airplane flying in bad weather from Washington to Massachusetts. It crashed into an apple orchard in the western Massachusetts town of Southampton on the final approach to the Barnes Municipal Airport in Westfield .[35][36] The pilot and Edward Moss, one of Kennedy’s aides, were killed.[37] Kennedy was pulled from the wreckage by fellow Senator Birch Bayh[35] and spent months in a hospital recovering from a severe back injury, a punctured lung, broken ribs and internal bleeding.[21] He suffered chronic back pain for the rest of his life.[

  35. Hoff says:

    they let them go and under havaara agreement the jkiikes agreed to back off the global german boycott just to get germany to allow more emmigration from fatherland ..

    many jews would have left as well but didnt want to go to palestine oy vey not suuuuch a deal for them so they opted to try the waters and go to other places and ill be damned no one wanted these shit birds in their countries and with good reason .


    The mafia jew Nahum Goldmann was at the Evian conferance. 30 countries and not one single country wanted the jews
    Of course that suited the zionistjews perfect.

    According to the jews there was about a half million jews in Germany before jew world war started. 2/3 left Germany. If Hitler wanted to kill all jews, then why did he let them go?

    Hey sog, you gotta read The Jewish Paradox. Mandatory read

  36. bubba says:

    Ted Kennedy ?

    What does the jury say ?

    Moi ?….I say thumbs down !!!!!!

    The Kennedy’s tried to present themselves as some version of Camelot (Camletoe?)Royalty.

    Teds brothers got whacked…who knows the truth about ChappaquiDICK?

    Basically a Jew tool for whole career.

    Listened to his eulogy speech….11th hour repentance?….rot in hell.!

  37. Bailey says:


    Do you have that link handy that I posted with the pics of the ganjes with all the pics of dead cows, dogs and humans floating past as the Indians washed their asses?

    I’ll be damned, I can’t find that but I know you must have saved it.

  38. sog says:

    yeah teddy had a crash at chappaquickdick with mary ho kopechne ..a two fer maybe ..mary’s room mate was congreesman hale boggs concubine ..hale boggs went down in alaska when he announced he was going to investigate thet pesky majic bullet warren bullshit commision ..and zoom off into a ice berg ..i think 5 people were on board like senator paul wellstone who dared to defy the maniac senior bush on the first iraqi invasion ….planes are dangerous enogh wiothout someone pulling your plugs and messin shit up ..teddy did promise to never run for president ..2 out of 3 he kissed a lot of jew ass and licked jew shoe sole for groveling record that should be in the guinness book of world records ..
    yes by all means pick 10 20 top sites and download everything they have …it might be too late in a year or 2 or even next week ..shit what the fuck do we know anymore …chinks are coming ,niggers are running wild and muslims are stealth jews behind shit stained beards ..spiks are mowing doen people in dui repeat offenses and police depts acroos the land are firmly under bolshevik control as well as medicne .politicks ,collegaeas ,fuckin 60,000 factories gone in 60 seconds in last 10 years taking 30 million solid jobs and much much more brought to you by jews ..
    by the proto your writng style is getting very good you know ..keep at it ..funny shit to ..we jhave to have humor in all this ..i will be laughing when communsits and islamics are strung up from trees everywhere which is why we must save all the trees from being cut down ..heh heh ..what is the future of america …many prophecies ive looked at and many many dreams people haVE had over the years put me 100 feet under the ocean as they say calif will sink under the continental shelf ..anyway fuck that they are sayinf the west coast and east coast will siccumb to a natural disater of epic proportions ..
    a natural disaster is what is needed to over take the communist jews and their smelly freak islamic and nigger brother henchmen mercy sympathy ..for the devil ..

  39. sog says:

    heh heh yeah it will take just a moment bailey

  40. Bailey says:


    great post sog !

    Drop that link if you can find it, I gotta go watch the inside of my eyelids now.

  41. sog says:

    bailey if you ever forget the link just google “filthy ganjes river” and remember chinasmack
    .heroin? i wonder if the guy will ever update the site with more appetizing photos or waht….. lmao ..

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Bubba I don’t like Ted Kennedy either (rip) he was a big part of fucking up this country but he also may have been under jew blackmail ever since the chappaquidick thing. I have a good book on that incident also any normal guy would have done some serious jail time over that.

  43. Bailey says:

    That’s it sog,

    Thanks !

    I need to share that with some kwans who don’t believe what I tell them.

  44. Bailey says:


    I just renamed it before saving—> filthy india filthy india.

    Tahnks again, Later !

  45. Hoff says:

    Australian Jews brace for fight against repeal of hate laws

    By Dan GoldbergSYDNEY – Jewish leaders in Australia are bracing for a potential showdown with the new Liberal government over its pre-election pledge to repeal sections of the nation’s race hate laws, which make Holocaust denial and the promotion of anti-Semitism unlawful.

  46. sog says:

    yeah bailey that would have been some German crafty ingenuity ..signing a non agreession act treaty with shit stalin to buy time as hitler had to have known what stalin was up to as well as obvious signs in the making of an invasion against germany …not really relevant but russian elites before the revolution spoke almost exclusively french and a lot of german also but as second language ..russian was a second language as well for many ..etc …when germany occupied poland germany lent their financial support and guidance to lead poland away from kike shit banks ..bolshevism still ruled poland under the detente jews still owned 1/3 of all real property in germany even after the so called removal of jews.. tonnes of kikes lived in germany and fell under thebombs and seved inn whermacht (150,000)a small number ..Germany had alot of mixed jew species …jews were not indigenous to the federated colonies of the rhine ..or anywhere else including israle ..teah the germans and russians were making nice on the partitioning up of poland which happened alot and we forget that lithuanians were once a matrixed people into poland and was a joint country etc …hell if you took the jew out of all history there would not have been 99% of the wars we had and tribulations etc ..jews are bad for the planet ..

  47. Nana says:

    Dear protocolsRtrue ,
    I reread my story twice and I didn’t find even one word “hate”. I could not use that word as I don’t hate anybody!
    1) I said “those motherfuckers (Germans) were welcomed neither by Russians nor by my people!” as they came armed and with bad intentions. If they were French or English or Americans they would have been not welcomed either. How can I hate Germans if I don’t even hate Chechens and Ingush people, our Muslim neighbors, who tortured and killed more than 300 Russian and Ossetian kids and their teachers in 2004 during the Beslan school massacre in North Ossetia? Besides, getting financial help from Saudi Arabia, they have been killing Ossetian people for a long time…
    2) I said “You are here all angry at Jews and Negros, me too…” I think there is a big difference between anger and hatred. And I mentioned Jews because they continue to discredit Russian people; they bring the topic about raped women only for that purpose.
    3) I would like to apologize if my first response was too messy and too emotional

  48. protocolsRtrue says:

    I got one in moderation about ted Kennedy earlier.

    I’ve been watching the supreme court case over Texas’s new abortion laws. The people of Texas made their intention clear but the pro-abortion forces would not let it go and the appeals made it up to the supreme court. The Texas law stands on a 5/4 decision here are the justices that were on the pro-abortion side.

    Justice Breyer, joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, said Judge Yeakel’s ruling should have been allowed to stand while the appeal was considered.

    It was basically about better regulation of abortion clinics and limiting late term abortion procedures and such. Of course the jew judges were on the kill-the-baby goyim side. I knew they would be.

    sorry Nana. Maybe you didn’t use the word hate but “those Motherfuckers” led me to get that impression.

  49. bubba says:

    protocolsRtrue says:
    November 19, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    Moi does not have time for Crypto Kikes…Sayanim..shabbos goy ….yada yada yada

    For US …or Against US….very binary

    … KIKE JEW Talmudic Grey bs

    …note lots of KIKES have last name “gray” or “grey”

  50. Hoff says:

    Elie Wiesel have been to Soviet many times to speak young jews who want to go to Shitrael.

    Page 2oo in The Jewish Paradox. The book is published 1976. This is the fraud cold war, jew ruled Soviet times.

    This scumbag jew went in and out of Soviet anytime it suited him.

  51. protocolsRtrue says:

    Notice the wording again? Joined by…. It’s trying to imply that he was the leader and the jews were just following him. Each and every justice had an equal vote. The words “joined by” could have been left out or even each name could have been put in any order to come up with the same four votes.

    Justice Breyer, joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, said Judge Yeakel’s ruling should have been allowed to stand while the appeal was considered.

  52. protocolsRtrue says:

    I hate some people. I hate people that are purposely fucking up this country and this planet. I hate uncivilized animals that seek weak unsuspecting or old and vulnerable people to criminalize or rape, rob, and murder. Yes. I do hate some people based on what they do not because of their skin color. On the content of their character so-to-speak. And I would like to see them removed from society so they cannot harm anybody else. That’s why we have jails and prisons. Now if we could only get the jews to just go to israel and live among themselves and quit fucking up the rest of the planet then we would all live in better peace and harmony.

  53. protocolsRtrue says:

    Bubba at 10:30. Is this in some kind of code or what? Most of us at least try using the English language.

  54. bubba says:

    protocolsRtrue says:
    November 19, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    Bubba at 10:30. Is this in some kind of code or what? Most of us at least try using the English language.

    No code….

    Simply saying that Jews love the colours of the rainbow to dilute what should be B/W


  55. protocolsRtrue says:

    Ted Kennedy was in a plane crash and had a sister Kathleen who also died in a separate plane crash. These are some of the most unlucky people on earth.

    On June 19, 1964, Kennedy was a passenger in a private Aero Commander 680 airplane flying in bad weather from Washington to Massachusetts. It crashed into an apple orchard in the western Massachusetts town of Southampton on the final approach to the Barnes Municipal Airport in Westfield .[35][36] The pilot and Edward Moss, one of Kennedy’s aides, were killed.[37] Kennedy was pulled from the wreckage by fellow Senator Birch Bayh[35] and spent months in a hospital recovering from a severe back injury, a punctured lung, broken ribs and internal bleeding.[21] He suffered chronic back pain for the rest of his life.[38][39] Kennedy took advantage of his long convalescence to meet with academics and study issues more closely, and the hospital experience triggered his lifelong interest in the provision of health care services.[21] His wife Joan did the campaigning for him in the regular 1964 U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts,[21] and he defeated his Republican opponent by a three-to-one margin.[

  56. Flanders says:

    Italy: Mossad Raids Across Zionist-Occupied Italy Target ‘antisemites’

    “The web bloggers who were alerting fellow Italians to the takeover of the Italian economy and the last remaining freedoms of the Italian people by the Rothschild bankster affiliates Goldman Sachs, as well as the deliberate sexualization and corruption of girls as young as five by Jewish ‘entertainment’ were accused of “spreading racial hatred and inciting racist acts of violence” when in fact no single case of incitement to violence existed. Such false claims however are part of the cultural and religious structure of Judaism in dealing with any opposition to their Satanic agenda and goals.

    Italian patriots and conservative pre-Vatican II Catholics had created a new website that took over from the Italian branch of the white nationalist website which police, acting on instructions from the World Jewish Congress in New York, had closed down in November 2012. The new website had a ground-breaking documentary ‘Il Nemico Occulto Un Documentario’ which was foolishly posted on Jewtube instread of Trutube and is now lost until some brave Italian with a source copy uploads it to Trutube. This hard-hitting and deadly accurate video exposed the Jews’ deliberate creation of the global economic crisis.” – [More on the JWO directed activity at the link]

  57. sog says:

    you seriously have to wonder if anyone is questioning as to why the fuckin hell the jews and their god damned masaad assholes are wanking around in italy ..jews are not italian and are not indigenous to the country any country ..they are simply the planet parasites who come and siphon off sovereignty in a country till they can reshape it in a way that allows corruption of all manner to be free to proliferate i am no pakki or afghanny expert at all but the afgannies did the same thing a few others tried when they challenged the kikes right to bring western corruption into ganny ..i dont see much difference between jew corruption and the evil, and corrupt muslim followers .but…
    but anyhoo the taliban goit sick of shitkikes and their landslide of corruption and burned the poppies ..uh oh ..heh heh and that pissed of tel aviv a lot they called up uncle goyim golem unt thuh uessay ant asked them to bomb afgahanusstain back to the stone age heh heh ..we cant its already still in the stone age they got the northern alliance ? like the contras ..ummm ghod blesss thoise contras yessiree ..heh heh the rail some ..the usa took back the power and replanted the poppies ..i wonder if us troops weere used in the replanting …the figures on the hectares of poppies changes ..800,000,000 a year to 80 billion in profit depending on what article you read why are scum jews going on like they belong anywhere but on a popsickle stick ..zionism is not at all really about nice jews retaking palestine ..even if there were real jews and real nice ones etc they still cant have palestine beceuse i fuckin say so …who leaves a house for 2000 years and decides to come back to a land they did not racially decend from …
    zionism is about global conquest is just a code name for global communism ..
    well we really have to face the fact that between brinwashed idiots and ziokike control of the world ,simon bar-sinister has taken the lead reigns of world commie power and we are going to have hell to pay fopr not assassinating each and every jew we come across ..that incident in crown heights when niggers knocked out kikes was funny ,right ..but since a kike got punched its anti semetism ..sogs dictionary sows that semites were from shem araschad abraha isaac jacob aka israel ad not one mother fuck can oprove they come from that line anymore ..gone ..forever into misegenation and antiquity and ignominy the very pages that describe a isralite the pages condemn race mixing and if you do you are kaput from the lineage …so how can a person be anti semite ..fuckin jews who are multi genetic mutation speaketh ….then you gotta wonder what the southern sucession was about with a jew president and a jew atty general ..theres a mystery that needs studying case you wondering ,yes i do jump around ..its good excercise ..anyway the shitkikes are always trying to put thier communist anti free speech laws into place and their anti christian petitions into govt hands 24/7 ..they are really interchangeable with muslims …i thought al queda re mix was bad but then muslims get there way every where they parasite from ..its a mad mad mad mad world .
    And JFK Jr. was about to publish the final truth about Rabin’s murder. This, Israel could not allow. It’s operatives were called into action.This interview with JFK Jr.’s driver appeared in Maariv shortly after the Piper crash.
    truth is shitsac rabiin was killed by the kikes likud party namely ehud barak and ohlmert and screwloose netanyahoo …shitsac was moving too slow on op shekinaw or greater israel or what wound up beiong the theft of iraq from its indigenous people and its assets stolen …etc communism ..
    jr was qualified to be a pilot instructor as he had enough flight hours and was instrument rated and the sky was (horizon) clear visbilty for 7 miles …the reports of the gas valve being shut off or that he fought with plane all the way down are ludicrous drivel ..the bomb on board took them out from the get ..disorientation and sudden shock waves ..stomach s=churning decent spinning etc ..nothin to fight ..gas valve was turned off by a cia shit head to add mystery and drama to the delusion ..his investigation of his fathers death and his investigation of shitzac rabin are of consequence but when he was deciding to run for president well thet changes things …it was larry flynt of hustler magazine that posted a million dollar rewaRD FOR information leading to solving the jfk assassination ..he got shot
    this guy was always offering million dollar rewards for this and that includiong mitt romneys tax return is probably because it doesnt exist ..romney was a shit ..

  58. condeez says:

    Thanks “sog” !
    Romney was a piece of sh*t!
    I guess a log cabin jew like you is off limits?

  59. condeez says:

    Sog , Larry Flynt was shot because he shown a black and white
    Probably your house make up!

  60. Hoff says:

    The Jewish Paradox by Nahum Goldmann, chapter 7: Vatican. Here Goldmann tell how he meet the pope. Last sentance:

    Ever since representant in Rome has no problem with the vatican.

  61. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Why Weren’t There Any Witnesses?

    There Were…Dozens Of Them

    Here’s One They Killed

    This video is 15 minutes long.

  62. MIKEY says:


  63. ————————————POLL————————————–

    How many white people out there honestly believe they would remain employed by the USG in a non-front-line-combative capacity if they were to run a website/small organization calling for the killing of mass numbers of negroes?

  64. MIKEY says:


  65. TC says:

    NIG NOG aka Feral Black Youth, plays Knock Out game on Michigan CHL holder and suffers the consequeneces.

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