Happy New Year’s Eve White People!

STORM COMINGWe’ll see what happens in 2014, won’t we?

Try to have a good one, at least for tonight.

And don’t get too toasted!


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  1. Bailey says:

    @ Flanders,

    The Morgan Affair,


    Cummings notes on Morgan,


    From History of Freemasonry In New Jersey by David McGregor Grand Historian.

    Chapter XIII The Anti-Masonic Period.

    The abduction of William Morgan of Batavia, New York, on September 11, 1826, by a few over-zealous and ill-guided Masons, for having prepared for publication what was said to be the secrets of Freemasonry, and the failure to solve the mystery of Morgan’s disappearance, led to charges of murder and interference with due processes of the law against the Masons in that neighborhood, and in time to the Fraternity at large.

    Many of the important political offices were at that time held by leading members of the Fraternity, including the Governor of the State, De Witt Clinton, who was the foremost Mason in the State. He had held the office of Grand Master, Grand High Priest and Grand Commander of the Knights Templar concurrently for some years.


    Now, That is all McGregor says about Morgan in his book and that is all McGregor says About Clinton, nowhere does he mention a reward being offered for information on Morgan disappearance or death.

    But if you read the Cummings notes on Morgan, parts 9 and 10 it doesn’t fit with what tis Grand Historian says at all.

  2. Flanders says:

    Did you have some follow up infor to share about the Morgan Affair, Bailey? I’ve been checking back.

  3. Flanders says:

    You might be interested in a 12 pg PDF: “IS THERE NO HELP FOR THE WIDOW’S SON?” Presidential Address Delivered At The Mormon History Association Convention April 20, 1974 by Dr. Reed C. Durham, Jr.

    I don’t know how to find or give you the url to where I found it. I use Tracker PDF. Maybe someone knows how to find the originating PDF.

    In the subject of Mormonism and Masonry, there is still much that is “new under the sun”. To begin with, Masonry in the Church had its origin prior to the time Joseph Smith became a Mason. Nauvoo was not its genesis. It commenced in Joseph’s home when his older brother became a mason. Hyrum received the first degrees of Masonry in Mount Moriah Lodge No. 112 of Palmyra, New York, at about the same time that Joseph was being initiated into the presence of God and angels and was being entrusted with the sacred gold plates.

    Masonic influence on Joseph was further highlighted when the heated anti-Masonic crusades flared up in western New York. His milieu was ripe with things Masonic. Pro-Mason and anti-Mason, the influence was unavoidable from both sources.

    Capt. William Morgan was so contemporary with Joseph Smith, both as to time and geography, that it would be difficult to deny the probability of their acquaintance. In fact, Dr. Rob Morris, an American Masonic biographer of William Morgan, wrote that Morgan “had been a half way convert of Joe Smith, the Mormon, and had learned from him to see visions and dreams”. Whether or not it was true that Joseph
    Smith personally knew Morgan during his lifetime, everyone in that area, including Joseph, had heard about Morgan’s disappearance and supposed martyrdom, causing most people to take sides on the Masonic issue. Joseph was no exception. He was one of the committee of 10 men who signed their signatures to an impassioned plea which was printed in the rabidly anti-Masonic newspaper, the Seneca Farmer and Waterloo Advertiser.

    The committee begged anyone with an ounce of Christian humanitarian concern to come forward and offer assistance to Morgan’s unfortunate wife. The many parallels found between early Mormonism and the Masonry of that day are substantial: conferences, councils, priesthood, temples, anointing with oil, the issuance of licenses, certificates for identifying legitimate fellow workers, elders, high priests, and even the Book of the Law.

  4. Flanders says:

    I didn’t find the PDF link, Bailey, but found this online, and in a later part of that is a discussion about how “American Zionism” was woven into Mormonism:

    “Is There No Help for the Widow’s Son, Masonry, Joseph Smith, & Dan Brown”


  5. Bailey says:

    Sorry Flanders, I forgot to do this yesterday.

    This is a letter that was with the book by David McGregor on the History of Freemasons in New Jersey, dated Dec. 5, 1945

    Letterhead reads :

    The Princeton Water Company
    166 Nassau Street
    Princeton, New Jersey

    Mr. Robert L. Harvey
    Rosedale Road – 2 -R.D.2
    Princeton N.J.

    Dear Bob,

    In the list of books for accumulation of a library on matters Masonic, I did not include HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY IN NEW JERSEY, by David McGregor, Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey. I omitted this purposely, as I was not certain if a copy would be available.

    I communicated with our Grand Secretary and he sent me a copy, which I am sending along to you as part of the library you plan to acquire. Please accept this with my compliments and best wishes.

    With the little history of Princeton Lodge and this volume covering the Grand Lodge of New Jersey as a starting point for reading and study, you will then be well prepared to branch out in the wider field of the craft in general.


    “Signed” Harry
    H.E. Hutchinson


    In the envelope along with the letter is a pamphlet:


    Issued Feb. 10, 1920

    Starts with history from 1765


    Interesting how Harry Hutchinson did not know if a copy of this book would be available and had to reach out to the grand secretary for a copy but you can now buy it on Amazon.
    I really need to read this book Flanders , just skimming it I found inconsistancies (?) between the book and what the web has to offer on the subject of that Morgan character who went missing after they learned he was trying to “out” them.

  6. Flanders says:

    Thanks Bailey. That is interesting and you have good questions. lLet me know when you find out more.

  7. Bailey says:


    The guy I got that book from is a younger man who got it from his grandfather who was a collector of rare paper.
    From what the guys says it detail how the masons made there way from the New England states down into New York and NJ, Buying up all the resources along the way, monopolizing jews and their dupes.
    This book is going to validate everything you and others have been saying.

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