Hypocrite Jew Media Ignores Israel’s Illegals

“American Jews know too well the impact of restrictive immigration policies, and we have seen how the immigration issue can become a flashpoint for xenophobia,” says the bottom paragraph from the “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.” What TOTAL JEW BULLCRAP! [INCOG]

Illegal Immigrants in Israel and America: A Tale of Jewish Supremacist Hypocrisy

From: David Duke

While Jewish Supremacists in America continue to push as hard as they can for ever-increased immigration and the legalization of those who have flouted US immigration laws, in Israel they continue to arrest and detain scores of Africans who have broken the law in that country.

This hypocritical disparity in Jewish Supremacist tactics has been highlighted once again with the mass arrest of a over 150 African asylum seekers who deserted from a concentration camp prison in the Negev desert, south Israel.

The Africans managed to reach Jerusalem to take part in a protest at their continued detention and Israel’s refusal to even consider granting them asylum.

The protest was however short-lived, as Israeli police and immigration authorities arrested them all and put them on buses back to prison.

The protest, held outside the Prime Minister’s Office and then the Knesset, took place on Tuesday this week—but there has been absolutely no coverage of the events in the Jewish Supremacist controlled western mass media—unlike the case with any similar protests anywhere else in the world.

According to a report in the Jewish news source, Ynet News, Benjamin Netanyahu said in his response to the pretest that the “infiltrators who were transferred to the special detainment facility can either stay there or go back to their home countries.”

It is bad enough that the Jewish Supremacists in America ensure a media blackout on Israel’s anti-gentile immigration policies—but at the same time they openly push for exactly the opposite policies in the U.S.

For example, a report in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency from earlier this year revealed that an “array of Jewish groups urged President Obama and Congress to ease the path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants” in America.

The call was made in a letter signed by nineteen national Jewish groups, timed for the celebration of Passover.

Mark Hetfield, senior VP for policy programs at HIAS.

Mark Hetfield, CEO of Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

“American Jews know too well the impact of restrictive immigration policies, and we have seen how the immigration issue can become a flashpoint for xenophobia,” said the letter, which was spearheaded by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

Signatories represented all four major Jewish religious streams as well as the major Jewish civil rights groups, and the federation and public policy umbrellas.

“We are concerned the failure of national leaders to fix the broken immigration system has fueled racist, nativist, and extremist groups who blame immigrants for our country’s problems, and has been a central factor in the spread of state and local policies and laws that legalize discrimination against immigrants,” the letter says.

Notice the incredible hypocrisy: in fact it is the Zionist extremists who are the true racists and have the most restrictive immigration policies in the world in their country—yet the only time the Jewish Supremacists talk about “racism” is when they mean other, non-Jewish, people.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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77 Responses to Hypocrite Jew Media Ignores Israel’s Illegals

  1. bubba says:

    The gay plague

    Insight into destructive forces determining the way we think


  2. RED PILL says:

    speaking of stupid white people.
    bite my ass bitch. brought to you by yahoojew.cum in your face propaganda.

  3. Commander Goyim & His Lost Sheeple Airmen says:

    Proof Nigger Mandela was a Mossad AGENT

    you might want to use this for Header INCOG


  4. Bailey says:

    The shit gets deeper,


    I think it’s time we start speaking in code if we want to keep our jobs.

    Or we can just tell the niggers, spics and jews to go fuck themselves.

    Without us evil middle class working white people they have nothing but first the white people have to WTFU.

    We can do this if enough people woke up and opened their mouths, we don’t need online extremism or the day that extremists decide to do something stupid that would hurt our cause.

    I will not let some jew or his trained nigger threaten me because I dared to tell the truth.

  5. Flanders says:

    Below is an extract from a 7 page tract, “Homeschooling”, by Rodney Martin, Director- World View Foundations. I think that you and others may be interested in this American Born. I’ll get the link to you later and let you decide. It’s well worth reading for anyone concerned about the welfare of our White children.

    “In many public schools, especially in U.S. States such as California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico and nearly all large U.S. Cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Detroit, children of European-American decent are the ethnic minority and persecuted accordingly, both inside and outside the classroom. Culturally and racially aware European-American parents today face a daunting task as they confront more and more obstacles to raising children who will grow up and assure our survival as a distinct ethnic group. First and foremost, European-Americans must understand it is “OK” to be culturally and racially aware. Other ethnic groups, especially Jews have developed refined systems to assure their survival which reinforces the concept at very young ages that they (Jews) are a distinct “Racial, Cultural and Religious Group”, separate and unique from all others. Jews integrate these concepts in the education of their young, beginning in their Jewish Day Schools. For young European-Americans, the opposite is the case. Our children in public schools are taught from their first day of kindergarten that “Race is a social construct”, and their race has been responsible for every evil and holocaust in history. So effective is the cultural genocide of OUR children in “public schools” that by the time our young boys and girls, especially our girls, reach high school we see a phenomenon whereby young European-Americans have assimilated into foreign Cultures and Identities, i.e. our children are no longer culturally recognizable as they seek to be “Black”, “Mestizo”, “Native” or all of the above, all the while Blacks, Mestizos and the others are taught to preserve their independent and distinct Culture and Identities. Public Schools are the Cultural Marxists primary weapon and in reality are our children’s first introduction to Jewish inspired miscegenation. In addition to cultural genocide, there also is the very serious issue of violence our children face. Our children are in grave danger the minute they leave our homes to walk to or ride the bus to Public School, while they are at Public Schools and while they are on their way home, this transforms them into submissive minions to the Third World bullies the Public Schools teach them to worship.”

    The download link is in a post on this page:


  6. bubba says:

    Being Jew Wise is a shortcut.

    Jew Wise is like say learning MLK and Rosa Parks were communist..and Judasim = communism= MLK and crew were controlled by Jews

    Even if it wasn’t exposed “yet”…that can extrapolate to Mandela was Jew puppett…same pattern /same suspects. Modus operandi meets Cui Bono?

    Jew Wise is Jews have their fingers everywhere.

  7. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    DAVE @ 10:52 ( or 11:32 ? ) Of course family is the 1st priority. But part of protecting our families is by force feeding the truth to these idiots walking around who call themselves ‘Americans’.And until people are willing to talk about it openly , they damn sure aint gonna do nuthin’ about it…This is why it is especially important to approach and speak w/ military whenever possible. And the way they’re pushing it now , even idiots and cowards gotta start comming around. We already know it’s only going to get worse , so , we may as well take advantage of any time we have and take advantage of the audacity they show , their deciet and hatefulness. If you meet someone say who was born in Ireland and loves Ireland , you say , “There’s not going to be an Ireland. Jewish power is homoginizing everything , everywhere and everybody….Don’t you see it happening “? People have a hard time denying these things now , it’s just so in your face. And anyone who pretends to deny the truth of this obvious conspiracy after being exposed to not just the obvious reality staring them in the face , but actual names , numbers etc. in my opinion is a walking piece of shit undeserving of respect. It is sometimes enjoyable to tell such people to their face exactly what they are.

  8. Revenge of the Goy. says:

    Round up ALL Jews and Negros and get them the hell out. Send them out with opnly a loincloth with a Star of David on the butt.

  9. summerled says:

    ok all shite aside nobody is willing to take a stand unless there is an organization
    willing them back them up and that’s most people otherwise its a hobby

  10. sog says:

    hoff or flanders or incog where was it that juze ordrerd there own to wear the star or somthing ti differentiate them selves from us gentile folk ..i saw it last month but been to a millio other places since ..it flies in the face of kikes sufferink by being told to wear the star when there were times when they were the ones that chose to do so of their own arrogant volition ..ahh anyway ..
    i guess the kazzaar jew trash in israel dont want multiculturalism as they are already classed as such them selves simce none of em are remotely decended from israelite scum ..
    hey ,there was nothing that god about isrealites ..they were bilge bottom feeders before during and after then they all disappeared into assimilation ..who cares ..
    whats good for the jew goose is good for the gentile gander ..meaning america deserves the right to send all niggers back as defective merchandise to afrukkuh ,, and to rid ourselves of the shit head mexican parasites ..the muslims should all be shot on site ..fuck them ..thats the one group if i had a choice to round up and ethnikliklikliky cleans e they wood be it …less than worthless mega parasites like jews and spiks ..fuck all of em …
    prt are you enjoying your triple dipped lewinski cigahhr this wonderful xmass season ….ayyhe? heh heh ..
    relax summerled ..anyone can go do what they want when they want ..no should ever talk about fight club ..

  11. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    summerled @ 7:51… Yes , this is why the more individuals that talk openly about it the better , because then real organizations will form ( maybe something similiar to Golden Dawn ) both political and para-military / militia groups focused on the Real Problem.

  12. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    In case anyone forgets:

    Not a single hymie ever died from bug spray, gas pipes, or easy bake ovens.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. Hoff says:

    Yes sog, at least one time the jews wore a yellow badge – by their own choice. Why? Because the jew was the kings banker and adviser, he told the king that he wanted the jews to be above the law. Anyone that messed with the jews got severly punisd.

    I read this years ago, no link and I don’t have a clue where or when this was.

  14. sog says:

    thanks hoff im sure i may find the link again buried in millions of hours of other articles .
    here is an article about isreal being mad at the usa for spying on israel ..wow ..and here i thoght the jews were spying on us all the time ..in fact nsa is jew opersaterd and never catches jewoish spies ..seems a might hypocritical on the face of it .
    oh and israel calls us allies ..lol..the usa is a helpless mass of undecipherable shit thanks to the jews who are usa ‘s masters and they revell in this and brag about it ..the usa is a vassal state of zog…

  15. Israhell on Earth says:

    Check this out: According to Wikipedia Only 1%-3% believe that Israel is responsible for 9/11.
    These Polls are a massive Fraud, no doubt about that.

    It also shows that the so-called Truth Movement was infiltrated, controlled and theatened by Zog agents. David Ray Griffin, Alex Jones, the “Loose Change crew” and all the others deflected the blame away from Israel. And they did a great job…


    Great Stuff:

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