Jew Menorahs A-OK — Christian Crosses NOT!


From David Duke

If you want to know who really rules America, just read this story. A memorial to American Korean War Veterans that has stood for decades on top of Mt. Soledad near San Diego has been ordered removed by a federal judge.


It had to go because the memorial to American dead simply included a Christian cross.

That’s right. The federal court ruled that having a Christian cross as part of an American war memorial that has stood for decades, violated the principle of “separation of church and state.”

A Christian cross as part of American war memorial must be forbidden, but in thousands of localities across America at this moment, Jewish Menorahs stand with the protection of USA federal court protection. Above is a picture of the Menorah that is erected every year in front of the White House.

The organization behind the federal court case to destroy the cross was none other than the Jewish War Veterans. In fact, over the last five decades has had the lowest percentage of service men than any other ethnic group, unless of course you can count the Israel army where many have served.


The chutzpah of these Jewish groups in endeavoring to destroy American heritage is downright shocking, but it has become so commonplace that it gets hardly a yawn from Americans any more.

Their control over America can be illustrated by the obvious lies that they get away with constantly. The justification the Jewish-overloaded Supreme Court has used to allow Jewish religious leaders to put up an ancient Jewish religious symbol for a Jewish religious holiday, Hanukkah is that the Menorah is not a religious symbol but secular!

When you are rulers you don’t have to make any sense, you can say whatever you want about anything and get away with it. This is one of those cases and it is so obvious it shameful.

The Menorah of course is the oldest and most important symbol of the Jewish religion. It is a symbol of Jewish racist opposition to assimilation. It actually celebrates the attack of radical Jewish Maccabees on Greeks and Syrians who were not trying to harm Jews but encouraging Jewish assimilation with them. The Jewish radicals massacred thousands of Greeks and fellow Jews who dared to adopt Greek values.

The Jewish religious celebration of the Jewish victory and massacre against assimilationists is celebrated in the Jewish religion as Hanukkah.

The giant Menorah religious symbol at the White House is lit by Rabbi’s and other extremist Jews who openly oppose intermarriage of Jews and non-Jews, and who support the “Jewish State of Israel.”

But somehow putting the oldest symbol of Jewish religion and lighting it in a ceremony of Jewish religious officials on the grounds of the White House is not a violation of church and state!

In fact, it is called secular by the Supreme Court of the United States whose biggest religious block is held by Jews who make up 4 out of 9 Supreme Court justices, a wildly disproportionate 44 percent of the Supreme Court coming from 2 percent of the American population.

Jews are Justices on the Supreme Court at a rate at 40 times more than non-Jews, a whopping 4,500 percent than their population would dictate in comparison to non-Jews!

That’s why Jewish genocidal symbols can be displayed but traditional Christian Crosses are illegal by the interpretation of the Ziopreme Court who is the ultimate arbiter of American policy, the one part of government that the President and Congress cannot overturn, for the Supreme Court is the only body that determines the Constitutionality of a policy.

The American people cannot ever be truly free until this malevolent, hateful power is defeated and deposed!


MENORAH MONTAGEJews now erect Menorahs all over America — public parks, shopping malls, city property, even US Navy ships (above right). The nervy bastards know they can get away with it. The stinking Jews think they can do whatever they please, anymore — just look at the creeps dancing with joy next to the unveiling of a public Menorah, on the left! 

berlin-march-92413Jewish Russian veterans of the Soviet Red Army freely march in BERLIN, GERMANY — where they moved to from Russia so they could enjoy the West, while collecting monthly retirement pay out of the German government (part of the never-ending holohoax extortion racket — these Jew bastards have done same thing to the US with the Lautenberg Amendment).

Can you believe this crap? After all the raping and murder of German civilians back in 1945? Un-frickin’-believable!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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220 Responses to Jew Menorahs A-OK — Christian Crosses NOT!

  1. Jenifer says:

    And thank you for wishing me a Merry and white Christmas.

    But ya know what and I hate to tell you this.

    I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas was written by one of the tribe.
    Heard the name the other night but can’t remember it.

  2. t bone says:

    Yeah, Jen, a lot of pop Christmas songs were written by nefarious jewbags, it seems.

    But for the record, I meant that sincerely. I wasn’t quoting the song.

  3. Ken says:

    The National Christmas Tree is placed on the same land as the Manure (aka Menorah). This land is called The Presidents Park (aka The Ellipse).

    Why do people lie? Then again, David Duke still lies about 9/11 and says Muslim extremists did 9/11 and Israel only knew about it before hand. LOL. Duke is a laughable Traitor and enemy of our people.

  4. Ken says:


    I agree with you that Hitler would not harm the hair of a single Jew and the laughable Holocaust camps were actually created to protect, house and feed Jews as Europe was turned into a war zone to kill the best of our people.

    The following are my concerns about Hitler:

    1. With all his emotional rhetoric he never hung a single traitorous Jew Banker
    2. He murdered Germans without trial during Night of the Long Knives
    3. He started Pre-Emptive Wars
    4. He worked for German Army Intelligence and was ordered to infiltrate the original NSDAP (DAP) which he then took over.
    4. He was very upset about The Night of Broken Glass and the Jews harmed
    5. He used an event he blamed on Communists (Reichstag) to destroy the GERMAN Constitution and take away GERMAN civil liberties. Same as the 9/11 event was used for to destroy our Constitution and civil liberties even though they claim Arabs did it.
    6. The best of the German/European people were killed in WWII.
    7. To top it off, his body magically disappears.

    Everyone likes a good story with some Hero in it, which is what is counted upon, and everyone likes to hear some truth from their heroes. The Jew run Al Qaeda sure tells some truths about Israel and Jews, yet never seems to kill any Jews as they only go after Arabs and Arab governments because Al Qaeda is a Jew run controlled opposition force. Maybe Hitler was an actual good guy but there are too many similarities with Jew controlled opposition actors today for me to be sure. Either way, we need to create something new because The South or The NSDAP is not going to magically arise again.

    If one is kept living in the past then they really do not control their future.? There are very good reasons why those of us who have awakened to the Jew are kept locked in the past by these Shills who day after day promote Hitler. I would wager that 99% of these people who create audio/video/websites are shills paid by the Jew to control the opposition.

  5. Jenifer says:


    Thanks for the link. I am aware of the horror in Russia. I actually did an audio
    study of it on one of my websites.
    Will they do the same thing here? I don’t know for sure. Americans have made themselves so available to push the Jewish agenda, it seems they’re almost too useful to get rid of yet.
    That phrase and its purpose is interesting. I thought it was just part of the mindlessness that’s required to work in most corporations these days. They script the words the employees can use; this prevents them from thinking even a little bit. Doesn’t seem as though most people are inclined to think at all anymore.
    Certainly America is being taken down, that’s for sure.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    Don’t forget Clinton also lost our nuclear launch codes for three months. When pentagon officers came to check on the codes they were turned away because the prez was “busy”. I think rahmmy Emmanuel was chief of staff.
    — A former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says in a new book that while Bill Clinton was in the White House, a key component of the president’s nuclear launch protocol went missing.

    “The codes were actually missing for months. This is a big deal,” says Gen. Hugh Shelton. “We dodged a silver bullet.”

    In his book “Without Hesitation,” the retired Army general writes, “Even though movies may show the President wearing these codes around his neck, it’s pretty standard that they are safeguarded by one of his aides, but that aide sticks with him like glue.”

    He adds that President Clinton “assumed, I’m sure, that the aide had them like he was supposed to.”

    What apparently went missing was a card with code numbers on it that allows the president to access a briefcase — called the “football” and kept by an aide always near the commander in chief — containing instructions for launching a nuclear attack.

    Once a month, Defense Department officials conduct an in-person verification to make sure the president has the right codes. At least twice in a row, Shelton writes, a White House aide told the Pentagon checker that the president was in a meeting but gave a verbal assurance that the codes were with him.

    Then one month around 2000, according to Shelton, when the time came to replace the codes with a new set, “the president’s aide said neither he nor the president had the codes — they had completely disappeared.”

    Shelton writes that all this happened likely without Clinton’s knowledge.

    CNN called and e-mailed a spokesman for Clinton on Thursday, but there was no immediate response.

    Fran Townsend, who was homeland security adviser to President George W. Bush and who is a CNN contributor on national security issues, said Thursday, “I can’t imagine a more serious breach, if something like that were ever to be lost or be compromised.

    “That’s the command and control capability of the president to launch a nuclear attack.”

    But if an unauthorized person found or obtained the codes, she said, it is unlikely that he or she could execute a launch, because they are only one part of the launch protocol. Another part of that protocol is the “football,” containing the launch instructions. Townsend said it’s a multilayered system.

    “Even if you had a piece that was required, it would be very difficult for one person to execute the command and control of this thing,” Townsend said. “There are plenty of things to be concerned about. I just find it difficult to imagine somebody could execute this thing, if they found a piece to it.”

    Shelton said the president was given new codes within minutes when the previous codes could not be found. He said the procedures have been changed since then so that the Pentagon aide who carries out the monthly check is required to wait at the White House until he or she can visually confirm the codes are in the president’s possession or an aide who is with him
    And SOG I’ve been planning the launch of our new line of Lewinski cigars. WE get posters and billboards of presidents Clinton and Obama smoking our cigars with the caption– These are the best cigars we’ve ever smoked; Period. Marketing department not sure about the word period at the end but says it just may work people will believe it.

  7. Bailey says:

    As the jews are busy removing crosses around America Waterbury CT. puts one up, bigger and better than the original and plans are in the works for the restoration of Holyland.

    Now if the good Mayor would ban the menorah on the green, that would be the ultimate victory. Let the jews erect their pitchfork on the sin-O-gog lawn.

  8. Catfish Punch says:

    I noticed the Menorah everywhere this year…No crosses, just “holiday trees” with the Menorah. I am very glad others noticed as well.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    Do you want to argue? Do you want to fight? I stand firm on my beliefs now until GOD or Jesus tells me otherwise. haden and chirtoff . And fuck the spittsburgh stealers fans also. You aint tough enough come see me all by yourself next time and let me know when you will be here scumbag coward traitor committing treason piece of shit jew boy and jew girl.

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