The Heroic T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia)


By Anonymous

T. E. Lawrence was born in North Wales on 15 August 1888. He was the illegitimate son of Sir Thomas Chapman, an Anglo-Irish baronet. His mother was Scottish. He became a legend in his own time as Lawrence of Arabia — a brilliant active life which ended in a motorcycle “accident” when he was only 46.

Many famous people attended his funeral: statesmen, writers, politicians. Winston Churchill wept and called him “one of the greatest beings of our time.” Lawrence is buried in a simple grave at Moreton in Dorset, which together with his cottage at Clouds Hill nearby has become a shrine to his admirers and all people dedicated to the ideals of British and Arab nationalism.

When told of the tragic death of T. E. Lawrence, Sheikh Hamoudi of Aleppo exclaimed in his grief: “It is as if I had lost a son. Tell them in England what I say. Of manhood, the man; in freedom free; a mind without equal; I can see no flaw in him.”

Lawrence was indeed a very great man, a great thinker and a great military leader and strategist. He planned, organized and led a national rebellion of the Arab peoples and gave them the first opportunity in 400 years to become an important Middle Eastern power. But for Zionism he would have succeeded in his plan. Unfortunately his work was betrayed by Anglo-French and Zionist interests over which neither he nor the liberated Arabs were powerful enough to prevail. As Lawrence himself put it, the opponents of Arab nationalism had bigger guns, that was all.

When war broke out in 1914, Lawrence was 26. He was fluent in Arabic, he had a deep knowledge of Arab tribalism and knew Arabia better than any soldier living. He was drafted into Military Intelligence with the rank of Captain. Several highly independent intelligence operations were given to him. One task was to make a personal approach to the Turkish Commander, Khahil Pasha with a bribe of £1 million to allow Major General Townsend’s besieged force of 12,000 British soldiers at Kut who were starving, to go free. The offer failed and the survivors had to surrender.

The historic role Lawrence was to play as leader of the Arab revolt did not emerge until January 1916 when he became attached to the Arab Bureau in Cairo. By then, spurred on by British suggestions, the Arabs had attempted a revolt against their Turkish overlords by attacking the fortified city of Medina. Sir Henry McMahon, Kitchener, and others in Cairo conceived the idea of harnessing the forces of Arab guerrillas to help defeat Turkey. Acting on initiative, promises were made to the Moslem Arabs of independence if they united and fought alongside the Christian British forces under the direction of British officers. The British Government endorsed the agreement and Lawrence accepted the task of planning and organizing the campaign under the nominal sovereignty of Feisal, Prince of Mecca.

In his epic work on the Arab revolt, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence describes his personal feelings and attitudes; especially his bitterness when his success was undone by the governments of the victorious powers. For Lawrence knew by November 1917, that all the Arab efforts and his own were to be betrayed. The aims of the Balfour declaration and the Sykes-Picot plan were to create a Jewish state in Palestine and partition the rest of Arabia between British and French colonial interests — which meant Rothschild interests. Although the full implications may not have dawned on Lawrence, the mere fact that the French were to get Syria was bad enough; hence his bitterness; but also his self-mortifying determination to entrench the Arabs in Damascus ahead of Allenby and the British Imperial forces at all costs to try to sabotage the conspiracy.

Lawrence at the head of the Arab armies had captured Damascus and installed a provisional Arab government with himself as head, deputizing for King Feisal. Three days later he left Damascus having established a semblance of order over which Feisal could stake his claim. The objective was an Arab State with Damascus as the capital. But soon this was overthrown by the French with considerable bloodshed. France was determined to stick by the Picot demands and annex the whole of Syria and this was done with force which the Arabs were unable to resist. Feisal, having been robbed and deposed of his kingdom in Syria was fobbed-off with Iraq and Lawrence was called back in 1921 to inspire and guide this make-shift policy. So after 400 years of Turkish rule, the Arabs were once again a force to be reckoned with in the modern world, though very much below the power and strength which Lawrence had intended for them.

After his efforts in the Colonial Office in 1921–22, working alongside Winston Churchill, he tendered his resignation once Feisal had been enthroned in Iraq. As a measure of recognition (and to attempt to placate the bitterness he held towards the allies) the British Government offered Lawrence the position of Viceroy of India. He turned it down; and as a measure of his disdain enlisted in the ranks of the Royal Air Force under the name of Ross. He was discovered while working at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough and discharged. After all, he had been a full Colonel in 1918. He enlisted again, this time in the Tank Corps — adopting the name of Shaw. In 1925, he succeeded in getting transferred back to the RAF. But he was never given any rank beyond Leading Aircraftsman. Usually, it is said that this was due to Lawrence’s lack of ambition. But the truth is, he was kept down. After all, he had committed the unpardonable offense of spurning the Establishment.

Lawrence moved in a wide circle of influential people, many of whom were associated with the Round Table and other quasi-political groups. During the early thirties, he became friendly with Lord and Lady Astor and the so-called “Cliveden Set,” Geoffrey Dawson, editor of the Times was a life-long friend and sponsored Lawrence’s fellowship of All Souls College, Oxford in 1919–20 in order to write about the Arab Revolt. Dawson, Lionel Curtis, the Mosleys and the Astors were all supporters of the idea of a central European bulwark against Soviet Communism, in the shape of National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy. Equally they were anxious to curtail French military expansionism, especially where this was likely to affect British possessions in the Middle East. To all this, Lawrence was a subscriber, though for security reasons while he was in the RAF he would have had to lie low, being a signatory to the Official Secrets Act. Also, his friendship with people like George Bernard Shaw the Socialist and Henry Williamson the Blackshirt would have been viewed with great suspicion by the authorities. Just exactly what was said or planned at some of these private meetings at which Lawrence was present may never be known.

What is known however is that Lawrence had been under some pressure from Henry Williamson and others to meet the leaders of National Socialist Germany including Hitler.

“The new age must begin Hitler and Lawrence must meet” wrote Henry Williamson. Lawrence had been out of uniform for barely a month when press reporters besieged his cottage, Clouds Hill, Dorset. When was he going to see Hitler? Was he prepared to become a dictator of England? He avoided these awkward questions by leaving his abode and touring the West Country, but not before the press had physically attacked his cottage, throwing rocks at the roof and smashing the tiles. Lawrence had to use his fists on one man. Then the police brought in day and night protection.

telawrence2-300x235On  May 13, 1935, he wheeled out his massive Brough Superior motorcycle for the last time and rode down to Bovington camp to send a telegram in reply to a letter received that morning from Henry Williamson, proposing the vital meeting with Adolf Hitler. The telegram of agreement was dispatched and then on the way back the accident happened. He was just 200 yards from the cottage. At least four witnesses saw it: two delivery boys on bicycles, an army corporal walking in the field by the road and the occupants of a black van heading toward Lawrence. After the crash the black van raced off down the road and the corporal ran over to the injured man who lay on the road with his face covered in blood. Almost immediately an army truck came along and Lawrence was put inside and taken to the camp hospital where a top security guard was imposed. Special “D” notices were put on all newspapers and the War Office took charge of all communications.

Police from Special Branch sat by the bedside and guarded the door. No visitors were allowed. The cottage was raided and “turned over”; many books and private papers were confiscated. Army intelligence interrogated the two boys for several hours. The corporal was instructed not to mention the van as being involved in the accident. Six days later Lawrence died, and two days later an inquest was held under top security which lasted only two hours. The boys denied ever seeing a black van which contradicted the statement by the army corporal who was the principal witness. But no attempts were made to trace the vehicle and the jury gave a verdict of “accidental death.” He was buried that same afternoon.

The following year, 1936, saw the banning of political parades in uniform and the forced abdication of King Edward, another patriot who like Lawrence had to be disposed of by the warmongers who were determined to destroy both Germany and Britain in another European war. And they succeeded.

On Lawrence’s gravestone is carved these words: “The hour is coming and now is when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God and they that hear shall live.”


Thomas Edward Lawrence, 1888–1935

Thomas Edward Lawrence, 1888–1935


This is in a new INCOG category: Assassinations. The purposeful killing of heroic White people who presented a danger to the evil forces of International Jewry, Zionism and the NWO. Americans need to know these stories.

“Even the Best of the Gentiles should be killed.”

–“Tob shebbe goyyim harog,” from the Talmud Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Bobby says:

    Wow. Great stuff man. Keep at it. I will share this with my family.

  2. summerled says:

    more about lawrence’s death
    The Murder of Lawrence of Arabia
    On May 13, 1935, Lawrence was out riding his motorcycle near Clouds Hill, his cottage close to Wareham. According to the official version of the story, he came to a dip in the road. As he rode up the rise, he found himself about to hit two boys on bicycles. Swerving, he lost control and was flipped over the handlebars of his motorcycle, sustaining a mortal head wound, but not without clipping one of the boys.

    Lawrence died six days later: May 19, 1935. An inquest was held at Bovington Camp, and Lawrence was buried in a local graveyard.

    Sounds simple enough, right?


    Almost immediately, rumors cropped up of a mysterious black car that ran Lawrence off the road. And shadowy sources alleged that Lawrence was killed by MI-5 on the orders of Winston Churchill. Rumors are wonderful things. They can be born out of thin air and take on lives of their own. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Lawrence.

    Dorset historian Rodney Legg and Lawrence biographer Desmond Stewart both believed that Lawrence was assassinated. Four witnesses stated that they saw the mysterious black car: the two children who were involved in the incident; a man in a delivery van; and a soldier, one Private Catchpole, who happened to be in a nearby field. The children were kept incommunicado in a hospital and did not testify at the inquest, which was conducted, oddly enough, at Bovington Camp, and controlled by MI-5 rather than the local police. Catchpole did testify about the black car, but he, conveniently, killed himself shortly thereafter. The inquest was held in the morning; Lawrence was buried the same afternoon.

  3. Van says:

    Perhaps for your new category another man born in Wales?

    This website is dedicated to the distinguished professional life of Gareth Jones, a young Welsh Journalist of worldwide repute for internationally exposing the 1932-33 Holodomor, & politically murdered in his prime by Chinese bandits in 1935.

  4. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:


    Taft tried to resist Jewry

  5. Stoneycool says:

    Is it true that this guy Lawrence was a homosexual?

  6. Cleansweep says:

    The purposeful killing of heroic people who presented a danger to the evil forces of International Jewry:

    Jesus Christ – demanded to be killed by jews

    The war against Christ and Christmas continues today relentlessly by jews.

    The Jewish War on Christmas!

    Christmas traditions banned—Jewish symbols erected! Every year, the world’s biggest Menorah stands right across from the White House on government property.

    The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that Jewish Menorahs are allowed, but Christian-themed scenes and deco-rated crosses must be banned.
    (what kind of a fucking supreme court is that? it must be full of toxicated vermins)

    Even beautiful Christmas carols that have been sung since the earliest days of America are now banned in most schools.

    (…)the effort to destroy Christmas traditions has been led by the organized Jewish community. The American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the ADL and a host of powerful Jewish groups have led the attack against Christmas.

    To put it bluntly, the war on Christmas has been led by Jewish organizations, financed by Jewish financiers, fought in the courts by Jewish lawyers, and lobbied in government, by Jewish influence. Underlying the whole campaign is the Jewish dominated media. Extremist Jews who make up less than three percent of the population have prevailed over the wishes of 90 percent of the American people.

    Its the jews who have shoved down your throats the stupid wishing of happy holidays and seasons greetings.

    Its Merry Christmas.

    Christ will never die.

  7. Brother Finesnake says:


  8. Cleansweep says:

    Martin Luther on the jews and their lies

    They are real liars and bloodhounds who have not only continually perverted and falsified all of Scripture with their mendacious glosses from the beginning until the present day.

    Their heart’s most ardent sighing and yearning and hoping is set on the day on which they can deal with us Gentiles as they did with the Gentiles in Persia at the time of Esther. Oh, how fond they are of the book of Esther, which is so beautifully attuned to their bloodthirsty, vengeful, murderous yearning and hope.

    The sun has never shone on a more bloodthirsty and vengeful people than they are who imagine that they are God’s people who have been commissioned and commanded to murder and to slay the Gentiles. In fact, the most important thing that they expect of their Messiah is that he will murder and kill the entire world with their sword.

    They treated us Christians in this manner at the very beginning through out all the world. They would still like to do this if they had the power, and often enough have made the attempt, for which they have got their snouts boxed lustily.

  9. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    I would really rather see articles about Whites that didn’t sell out to jewry like the British have. In my book every single limey is a coward and a jewish stooge. They start the wars on behalf of jewry then bring the Christians in to fight them because the limeys are born with out testicles and eat others rectums because they’re pussified fee-males.

    Let’s have some articles about the Irish, Germans, Dutch, etc… but no more limeys. No discussions of limeys or stories about limeys or reading the missives that they post here acting as if their “friendlies” when in fact they’ve always been sell outs. Limeys help destroy Europe at every turn. Let them go back to masturbating to pictures of the royal losers. They hold their heads up as they sell out the White race. Limeys need to be put to death and nothing more. They deserve no tribute only bloody fiery deaths.

  10. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    Sorry, I take back the last part. I would really like to say that I would laugh out loud if I saw a limey on fire and could hear their screams as they inhaled the off gassing from their own burning flesh as it singed their lungs until their breath gives out. Yeah, that’s how I feel about the treasonous jew loving limeys.

  11. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    In WWII Christian White Americans were on the wrong side. They should have been allied with the Germans and been used to kill British and Eastern European Bolshevik slop like the Hungarians, Poles, Romanians, Gypsies…. This would have helped clean out those “claiming” to be White but we know now are the garbage of Europe many of which settled here to become the obscenely obese White trash we now see at Walmart.

  12. Cleansweep says:

    Citizens arrest.

    A black savage caught trying to steal a purse.

    With the amount of time it takes COPS to arrive on the scene, is it any wonder so many people just rely on self-defense with a firearm.

  13. summerled says:

    Mississippi Burning Man says:
    December 3, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    and our jew loving american traitors are???
    of coarse to numerous to mention

  14. summerled says:

    but you are right

  15. Mississippi Burning Man says:


    Oh no doubt. Not denying the traitors are here too. They settled in from Welsh, Wales, etc. They came and settled in and began selling out Whites here too and have all along.

    That’s one of my pet peeves about sites like this is a lot of you just don’t want to give up some of your jew programming. Especially regarding the British. You want to dismiss ALL the evidence against how the limeys have repeatedly sold you out. You just think to yourself “Now who could be the mole giving our information to the kikes?” You ask the limey this question and they respond “kaint say bloak got a fag?” and deny the whole thing.

    Here’s how I’ve always felt about them: If I had one bullet and one canteen and it was me a nigger and a limey crossing the desert, I would put the bullet in the limey and share the canteen with the nigger. YOU SHOUT WTF? You nigger lover! But look at this way, the nigger would kill me for the canteen for himself. That’s something you can understand. The limey would kill me for the canteen so he could give it to a kike.

    What is a limey? It’s a worm that hangs around beneath the kike’s rectum waiting for the next turd to slide out and plop on to the limey’s face. Look at the limey’s behavior during WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan. That says it all. They’ve always been the jew’s lackey to get White Christians to murder each other and people the kike’s want their shit. Limeys did it to the Indians, the niggers, the gooks…. and we did all the fighting and dying while limeys laid around eating fish and chips and fucking each other up the ass back at the barracks.

  16. Dave in Ozz says:

    Found this earlier, relates to this article and lays it out well for people not so familiar with what has gone on
    …….. ……

  17. summerled says:

    Mississippi Burning Man says:
    December 3, 2013 at 11:17 pm
    really? but what is paying taxes to our jew infested government
    while most zombifed American sheep pay jew tax!!

  18. Dave in Ozz says:

    Another bit of false flag info and murdering schenanigins

  19. I think my article on the Normans is relevant to this discussion. Britain’s ruling class since way, way back in 1066 has been extraordinarily brutal and ruthless:

    Lawrence was a Norman name, btw. Churchill was also a Norman, actually a Spencer, as was Lady Di. An amazing bunch of cutthroats….

    I would also add this:

  20. Dave says:

    “The hour is coming and now is when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God and they that hear shall live”

    That was a great post. As good ol’ Hoff would say, a must read!

    Keep up the good fight! That is the “meaning of life” anymore. Good will prevail.

  21. Bailey says:

    The futures so bright I gotta’ wear shades .

  22. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewish Supremacist Blood Hatred Of Gentiles Revealed In Talmudic Discussion

    A lengthy discussion in a major Orthodox Jewish news site concerning the teachings contained in the Talmud as they might regulate the practice of donating blood has revealed the full depth of hatred towards Gentiles which exists in that book.

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    Protocol #9


    3. For us there are not checks to limit the range of our activity. Our Super-Government subsists in extra-legal conditions which are described in the accepted terminology by the energetic and forcible word – Dictatorship. I am in a position to tell you with a clear conscience that at the proper time we, the law-givers, shall execute judgment and sentence, we shall slay and we shall spare, we, as head of all our troops, are mounted on the steed of the leader. We rule by force of will, because in our hands are the fragments of a once powerful party, now vanquished by us. AND THE WEAPONS IN OUR HANDS ARE LIMITLESS AMBITIONS, BURNING GREEDINESS, MERCILESS VENGEANCE, HATREDS AND MALICE.


    5. The people have raised a howl about the necessity of settling the question of Socialism by way of an international agreement. DIVISION INTO FRACTIONAL PARTIES HAS GIVEN THEM INTO OUR HANDS, FOR, IN ORDER TO CARRY ON A CONTESTED STRUGGLE ONE MUST HAVE MONEY, AND THE MONEY IS ALL IN OUR HANDS

    israel carried out another assassination. In America jewish organizations and even some zog agencies like the irs work to destroy the lives and livelyhoods of anyone who dares speak out in opposition of jew world order. But they will also murder people without hesitation. Do you think there is anybody left in our government that will protect American Citizens from the jews? Think hard about that one.

    Hezbollah commander killed outside home; Israel denies involvement

    December 04, 2013/
    Ass Press

    Dec. 4, 2013: Lebanese residents gather near the scene where Hassan al-Laqis, a senior commander for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, was gunned down outside his home, some two miles southwest of Beirut, Lebanon. (AP)

    BEIRUT – Gunmen shot dead a senior Hezbollah commander outside his home Wednesday in southern Beirut, an attack that the Iranian-backed group quickly blamed on arch-enemy Israel. Israeli officials denied any involvement.

    Hezbollah ceremoniously announced the death of Hassan al-Laqis and described him as one of the founding members of the group, suggesting he was a high-level commander close to the Shiite party’s leadership.

    An official close to Hezbollah said al-Laqis held some of the group’s most sensitive portfolios and was close to the group’s leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

    His shooting death comes as Lebanon faces increasing sectarian violence pouring over from the civil war in neighboring Syria, where Hezbollah forces fight alongside President Bashar Assad’s troops, angering the mainly Sunni rebels seeking to oust him. Hezbollah strongholds have been the target of car bomb attacks and suicide bombers attacked the Iranian Embassy in Beirut last month, killing 23 people.

    Sunni militant groups have claimed responsibility for those attacks, calling it retaliation for Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria.

    Hezbollah said in a statement al-Laqis was killed as he returned home from work around midnight.

    “The brother martyr Hassan al-Laqis spent his youth and all his life in this honorable resistance since its inception up until the last moments of his life,” the statement said.

    A Lebanese security official and the official close to Hezbollah said assailants shot al-Laqis with a pistol equipped with a silencer at close range after he parked his car in the parking garage on the ground floor of the residential building where he lived in the Hadath neighborhood, some two miles (three kilometers) southwest of Beirut.

    He was struck by five bullets in the head and neck, the Lebanese official said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with regulations. The official close to Hezbollah spoke on condition of anonymity as he wasn’t authorized to speak to journalists.

    Footage from the scene broadcast on Hezbollah’s al-Manar television station showed the parking lot stained with muddied footprints that led to a nearby small olive grove. Yellow police tape blocked off the area.

    Al-Laqis was rushed to a nearby hospital but died early Wednesday from his wounds, the officials said.

    The Lebanese state news agency later published a photograph it identified as al-Laqis. The image showed a man who appeared to be in his mid-40s, with neatly cut black hair and a graying close-cropped beard, wearing beige-and-khaki military clothing.

    The Hezbollah statement accused Israel of being responsible for the killing. It said Israel tried to kill him several times, but had failed.

    “The Israeli enemy is naturally directly to blame,” the statement said. “This enemy must shoulder complete responsibility and repercussions for this ugly crime and its repeated targeting of leaders and cadres of the resistance.”

    Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor denied any Israeli involvement.

    “Israel has nothing to do with this incident,” Palmor said. “These automatic accusations are an innate reflex with Hezbollah. They don’t need evidence, they don’t need facts, they just blame anything on Israel.”

    Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s minister of strategic affairs and intelligence, later told Israel Radio he wouldn’t comment on “rumors.”

    “We are used to this habit that with almost everything there is a tendency first to blame Israel,” Steinitz said.

    Hezbollah has fought several wars against Israel. Al-Laqis’ son died fighting Israel in the monthlong 2006 war. Israel’s spy service has been suspected of assassinating Hezbollah commanders for more than two decades.

    In 1992, Israeli helicopter gunships ambushed the motorcade of Hezbollah leader Sheik Abbas Musawi, killing him, his wife, 5-year-old son and four bodyguards. Eight years earlier, Hezbollah leader Sheik Ragheb Harb was gunned down in south Lebanon.

    But one of the biggest blows for the group came in 2008 when Imad Mughniyeh, a top Hezbollah military commander, was killed by a bomb that ripped through his car in Damascus.
    These killings not only take out the oppositions leaders, but also terrorize and send a message to anybody else who dares think about carrying on the struggle and resistance.

  24. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    INCOGMAN, this was an awesome post and thank you:)

    Aggressive Force – It’s Ok to be White

  25. bubba says:

    Victims in Iran-backed Bombing Awarded Millions

    Five U.S. families who were victims of a 1997 Iran-backed suicide bombing in Jerusalem have been awarded $9 million in federal court despite objections from Tehran and the U.S. Justice Department, the Washington Free Beacon reported Monday.

    The Nov. 27 ruling in the Southern District of California enables victims to recover $9 million from a U.S.-based defense contractor, Cubic Defense Systems Inc., that worked with Iran.

    It was hailed as a precedent-setting case by the victims’ legal counsel, the Israel-based civil rights group Shurat HaDin.

    “After more than 10 years of litigation in the federal court in San Diego, these victims and their families were awarded a Hanukkah victory against the Iranian Ministry of Defense and will soon actually recover more than $9 million in funds!” said Shurat HaDin in a statement on Monday.

    The motion by the 10 claimants — Jenny Rubin, Deborah Rubin, Daniel Miller, Abraham Mendelson, Stuart E. Hersh, Renay Frym, Noam Rozenman, Elana Rozenman, Tzvi Rozenman, and France M. Rafii — sought to collect “judgments against the Islamic Republic of Iran for personal injuries arising out of the country’s terrorist activities,” according to the motion.

    Seven people were killed and 200 injured in the bombing at the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall.

    The victims were initially awarded $70 million in damages by a D.C. court in 2003. They tried to collect part of the settlement through a lien on frozen Iranian funds held by San Diego-based Cubic Defense Systems, which worked with the Iranian government before the 1979 Islamic revolution.

    The Iranian Ministry of Defense argued that the collection efforts were a violation of its sovereign immunity as well the Algiers Accords, in which Algeria served as an intermediary to resolve the 1979 Iran hostage crisis and free 52 Americans.

    The U.S. Department of Justice also filed an amicus brief arguing that the Iranian government was not liable for Cubic Defense Systems assets.

    U.S. District Judge Barry Moskowitz said in his Nov. 27 decision, “Having carefully considered the arguments of counsel and the governing law, the court holds that lien claimants are entitled to the relief they seek.”


    Jews greed and chicanery knows no bounds.

  26. bubba says:

    The sun never sets on the British Empire…because God doesn’t trust the Limeys.

    They are #1 in ER visits……getting stuck playing leapfrog

  27. summerled says:

    ‘Convicted of genocide, Israel prepares new Holocaust’
    On November 25, Judge Yunus of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide.

    Israel’s response: accelerate the genocide.

    The Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip has crippled Gaza’s main power plant for more than a month – and it’s getting worse. The power outage has wrecked Gaza’s waste water treatment system and flooded the streets with raw sewage.

    According to the head of the UN Humanitarian News Agency, Israel is effectively destroying “all essential services, including hospitals, clinics, sewage and water pumping stations.” The New York Times states, “The sanitation department may soon no longer be able to pump drinking water to Gaza homes.”

    The Gaza Strip is the world’s most densely populated urban area. Some call it the world’s biggest concentration camp. Surrounded by barbed wire and Israeli guards, residents cannot escape. As it loses drinking water and is flooded with sewage – and as the Israeli puppet regime of al-Sisi shuts down the life-supporting tunnels to the Sinai – Gaza is on the brink of becoming an extermination camp.

  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Blond Woman Targeted For Deportation While Obama Celebrated Thanksgiving With Illegal Aliens

    I’m sure he will spend whatever it takes to track down any white person that can possibly be deported.

  29. If Lawrence of Arabia were a homo I doubt he would have gotten along with the Arabs all that well. It would have helped him with the jews and masons though. So: I doubt it.

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    Peter O’Toole was the british actor that portrayed Lawrence in the movie named “Lawrence of Arabia”. Peter O’toole was a flaming homo. But then again what could you expect from a guy named peter otoole. Am I at a movie theatre or in a gay faggot bar or what?

  31. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    Outstanding work, as always, Incogman. I always enjoy learning from your posts.

    Let the Joos and nigs knock each other off. We all know at the root of the issue is the fact that Joos will slowly infiltrate a neighborhood and then all of a sudden, people see that they’ve taken it over. They won’t build anything on their own – they’d rather sneak in and establish themselves without having to do the hard work. I witnessed it it my own home town. All it takes is one, and others will follow. It’s another reason that as soon as we can, we’re headed for countryside where it’s majority white and there are no synagogues.

    Why in the world anyone would want to move into a nig neighborhood is beyond belief. Imagine the smell!

    “Councilwoman-elect Laurie Cumbo, who was elected to represent Crown Heights starting in January, released an open letter Tuesday saying that many of her black constituents told her they feel threatened by the growth of the neighborhood’s Jewish community — and she fears the tension could be spiking the recent violence.

    “Many African American/Caribbean residents expressed a genuine concern that as the Jewish community continues to grow, they would be pushed out by their Jewish landlords or by Jewish families looking to purchase homes,” Cumbo wrote in the 1,200-word letter, which was emailed to supporters and posted on her Facebook page.”

  32. Hoff says:

    Two Romanov killed by the jews, 1881 and 1918.

  33. The Truth Will Out says:

    What a great article, also the first time I’ve been able to access since my UK ISP started blocking this website.

    Whether coincidence or not it coincided with you posting the brilliant article here:
    Americans Don’t Know What They’re Dealing With!

  34. Barney says:

    The Truth Will Out – I’m in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), and the only way I’ve been able to get here and post a comment is by using HideMyAss.

  35. Barney says:

    Mississippi Burning Man (December 3, 2013 at 10:39 pm)

    Don’t judge everyone on my side of the pond by your standards, or lack thereof. Don’t forget that we’ve had to tolerate the devil’s jews for more than three centuries, during which they’ve acquired total control over every means of communication other than the internet, and they’re well on the way to censoring that too, with sites like this one (IncogMan) blocked at the ISP level. Some of us can get here using a proxy, but those who don’t know will just assume the site itself has been taken down.

    We always knew the jews were a secretive, money-grabbing lot, but most of the time they were (and are) invisible. A few wear the silly costume and dirty strings of hair at the side of their ugly faces, but most pretend to be White.

    We knew “something” wasn’t right, and a lot of us knew what wasn’t right, but how do you fight an enemty you can’t see? It was only once we had access to the internet, and were able to share knowledge that had previously been suppressed that we finally started to shine a light on the jew. Until then, we just didn’t know. We couldn’t identify our oppressor because the vermin were so well hidden in plain sight.

    I was amazed when I was able to get my hands on a copy of Mein Kampf. We Brits knew nothing about the jew, but Herr Hitler understood them so much earlier, and his words exactly describe the devil’s gargoyles as we know them today.

    I can almost guarantee that you, like myself, was one of the ignorant sheeple just a few years ago. It’s the internet that opened our eyes to the maggot-like jew, and we have to use it while we still have it.

    My ancestors fought for the jew because we didn’t know it was the jew any more than our American brethren did when they were doing the devil’s work, so don’t be too quick to condemn an entire Nation for the crimes of the jew-vermin.

    We all have our heroes and traitors, but more importantly, we all have the jew to deal with, and now that we can identify the scum that’s been blighting our lives for so long, we’re finally in a position to do something about it … and we WILL.

    109 so far. 110 will be the FINAL one because the vermin haven’t got anywhere left to run.

    If I felt like being especially nasty, I could throw similar insults at the Americans for “running away” from jew-occupied Britain, but I’m not like you, MBM. All White People are descended from the same White ancestors, and I have a lot of respect for (the aware among) my People, wherever they happen to be in the world.

    You’re no White Man anyway. Your filthy jew talk gives you away, and even your “name” says “Mississippi burning NIGGER”.

    Where’s the Klan when we need them?

  36. hens are liars says:

    I thought I read it here, but I am unable to find it?

    I am looking for a reference to the movie “seven days in may”, any input would be appreciated.

    ~thank you~

  37. Destroy ZOG says:

    LOUIS T. McFADDEN—Collected Speeches (before Congress). After becoming President of the Pennsylvania Bankers’ Association, he was for 12 years Chairman of the Finance and Currency Committee of our House of Representatives. “Understandably, Mr. McFadden’s scathing exposure of the financial operations of the Jewish community called forth the most venomous resentment. He was preparing to break the full story when he collapsed at a banquet and died. As two assassination attemps had already been made against him, many suspected poisoning”

  38. Destroy ZOG says:

    Depressions Deliberately Created to Plunder the People

    Mr. Owen revealed that there was a public document (Document 310, 67th Congress, 4th Session) recording the minutes of a secret Federal Reserve conference in May 1920, ordering a contraction of credit and resulting in the disastrous depression of that time. He made it evident, too, that it was the contraction of brokers’ loans by Federal Reserve operations in the week ending October 30, 1929, which marked the beginning of the world slump. In that week, over two billion dollars of brokers’ loans on account of out-of-town banks were withdrawn, and within the next three months twice that sum was withdrawn. In consequence, the value of all stocks and bonds fell from a third to one-hundredth of their former value, production was widely stopped, and 8,300,000 people thrown out of employment.89 “You have got to deal with and prevent those who know how to destabilize credit for profit,” said Mr. Owen.90 But the most scathing exposure of the operations of the Federal Reserve, and the most unsparing denunciation of those responsible for them, came from Mr. Louis T. McFadden, whom I have already introduced in a recent note. Speaking in Congress on January 13, 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression, he said:

    “It was in 1924 or 1925, as chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency, during hearings, that I first discovered what our bankers were doing to this country, and I began an intensive study, from that time on up to the present time.”

    With the result that, five months later, on June 10th, 1932, he addressed Congress in the following fashion:

    “We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks. The Federal Reserve Board . . . has cheated the Government of the United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks acting together have cost this country enough money to pay the national debt several times over. . .

    “Some people think the Federal Reserve banks are United States Government institutions. They are not Government institutions. They are private credit monopolies that prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory moneylenders. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man’s throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislation; and there are those who maintain an international propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us and of wheedling us into the granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime. . .

    “On account of [the Federal Reserve’s operations] we ourselves are in the midst of the greatest depression we have ever known. From the Atlantic to the Pacific our country has been ravaged and laid waste by the evil practices of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve banks and the interests that control them. At no time in our history has the general welfare of the people of the United States been of a lower level or the mind of the people so filled with despair.

    “Recently in one of our states 60,000 dwelling houses and farms were brought under the hammer in a single day. . . 71,000 houses and farms in Oakland County, Mich., have been sold and their erstwhile owners dispossessed. Similar occurrences have probably taken place in every county in the United States. The people who have thus been driven out . . . are the victims of the dishonest and unscrupulous Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks. Their children are the new slaves of the auction block in the revival here of the institution of human slavery. . .

    “Mr. Chairman . . . the man who deceives the people is a traitor to the United States. The man who knows or suspects that a crime has been committed and who conceals or covers up that crime is an accessory to it. Mr. Speaker, it is a monstrous thing for this great Nation of people to have its destinies presided over by a traitorous government board acting in secret concert with international usurers. Every effort has been made by the Federal Reserve Board to conceal its power, but the truth is the Federal Reserve Board has usurped the Government of the United States. It controls everything here and it controls all our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will.” 91

  39. Flanders says:

    Great comment, Barney, and truthful as hell!

    Unless someone had a relative who had found a banned book or two prior to the internet, they had no way to know anything of importance about the duplicities of the jews. The “Communists” were what everyone harped about. That faceless, hodgepodge of bogeymen was promoted – even especially – by the jews and their media.

    There were communists of course, and a small percentage were not jews, and the term communism was used to hide the jewish face, and to imply that all communists were “card-carrying” members. Most of them would not have been caught dead near the CPUSA, in order to hide their intents, but Americans bought it – because they had no other knowledge – nor a source to obtain that knowledge.

    Blogging began about 1994 in it’s most basic form, and jewry has had time to work their “communist” magic on many of the youth of America so that many will not seek truth, or even care to.

    Since 1994, many people have become sufficiently awakened to search for answers, myself included. We who have taken the time to check with an open-minded and objective interest have developed some “zeal” in our quest for more knowledge. That is natural when one realizes that your entire past has been upended for the benefit of a duplitious group of so-called “(“religious” at that) “people” whom you once trusted or even defended in the belief that it was the “American” thing to do. The extent of their treason takes a while to fully learn, but we are getting there. What I’m finding out is that the earlier people who learned about and exposed or “kicked jews out” of their countries did not know the full truth about how devious and treacherous these vermin are. Those did not have the vast knowledge now available on the internet.

    Treason is a term which once had validity against the members of our own race, and our own countrymen. It was dealt with in the harshest manner, as it should be. It follows that treason committed against us by vermin whom we have sheltered and who have pretended to be “among” and a “part” of us – Deserves the ultimate in punishment. The more I learn the more convinced I am that these heavily-financed anti-Christs are fanatical and unceasing in their crafty ways to destroy Whites and our countries. Let’s concentrate our energies against those traitors – and not against each other, as there is plenty of blame against everyone who has not been previously aware – but that blame resides against the machinations of the jew.

  40. Flanders says:

    An unsettling view of T E Lawrence is presented in this scholarly look at the roots of “Christian Zionism”. Although I have not completed reading it, the author documents many matters, identifies and describes many proponents of that satanic doctrine.

    T. E. Lawrence

    In 1916, Thomas Edward Lawrence, at 27 and an Arabic scholar, had been assigned to British military intelligence in Cairo, to sail to Jidda to seek an alliance with Sherif Hussein with the purpose of ending the unpopular pro-German Turkish occupation of the Middle East, while at the same time guarding the sea route to British India. Although Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom became one of the most popular 20th Century works on the Middle East in the English language, his official status was always that of a political intelligence officer, who in the end did deliver the Arabs to Great Britain.

    Lawrence thought as an imperialist. He favoured the Balfour Declaration and the Zionist enterprise as a means to keep the French out of Palestine and perhaps out of the rest of Syria. He championed ill-fated negotiations between the Sherif of Mecca’s son, the Emir Feisal, and Chaim Weizmann (whom Lawrence genuinely admired). Lawrence’s prejudices were imperially motivated. He loathed Turks and Frenchmen, and he respected Jews, ‘the sooner the Jews farm it [Palestine] the better,’ wrote Lawrence in a letter home. In Severn Pillars of Wisdom, he notes that ‘only in… the everlasting miracle of Jewry, had distant Semites kept some of their identity and force’ in the greater world.161

    ‘Clientitis’ was a necessary fact of Middle Eastern politics in an era when autonomous Arab states did not officially exist and when there was no formal means by which local for tribal chiefs could express their views or aspirations other than through sympathetic British officers whose ‘career fortunes rose and fell in direct proportion to those of the particular tribesmen they were attached to.’ 162

    Prior to 1918, it was the belief of the Colonial Office, and practically all the local expatriate Arabists that when the Turks had been defeated, the direct descendants of Mohammed, the Hashemite family of the Sherif of Mecca were the only tribe with sufficient religious and political prestige to rule with any stability in Arabia.

    Lawrence, in particular, was a person overly influenced by setting. Among Arabs in the desert, he became pro-Arab; in Whitehall he was pro-Empire; with Chaim Weizmann he felt himself an avid Zionist. Thus to read the wartime missives of Lawrence, Miss Bell, and others-where, for instance, on one occasion Arab nationalism is proscribed, while on another Iraqi and Syrian self-rule is cheered on-is to find oneself in a muddle. And a muddle is what the British, with assistance from the French, made of the post-Ottoman Middle East.163

    On 2nd November, 1917, Lord Balfour, then British Foreign Secretary made public the ‘following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to and approved by the Cabinet.’

    His Majesty’s Government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a National Home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of that object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done, which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish Communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. 164

    What the Balfour Declaration left unclear was the meaning of a ‘national home’. Was this synonymous with sovereignty or statehood and if so what were to be the borders? In all of Palestine or just a portion? What was to be the status of Jerusalem? Furthermore, while it stated that ‘the civil and religious rights of the existing population’ were to be safeguarded and the territory was designated ‘Palestine’, there was no reference to Palestinians. ‘They were an actual, but awkward non-identity’.165 It was Balfour’s opinion that ‘the present inhabitants’ need not be consulted, either before or after.166 That 90% of the population of Palestine were Palestinian Arabs of whom around 20% were Christian seemed irrelevant to the politicians and Zionists who had another agenda.167 So the awkward questions were left unanswered and it is these ambiguities which have plagued Middle East peace negotiations and divided Christians ever since.

  41. thoughtandmemory says:

    Good for you Barney!
    And Mississippi you should be ashamed, as I hope you are. Big mouth and small brain.

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    Rest in peace. It was his biggest role somewhat timely post.

  43. Bailey says:

    On a positive note,

    Holyland USA is getting its trademark cross back, overlooking the shitty in which I live.

    The cross was taken down a couple of years ago but thanks to the mayor and some private investors holyland will live again.

    Now if the Mayor would do something about that menorah sitting in front of a beautiful down town church while the nativity scene is in the middle of the green with chicken wire around it we’de be getting somewhere.

  44. Bailey says:

    On a positive note,

    Holyland USA is getting its trademark cross back, overlooking the shitty in which I live.

    The cross was taken down a couple of years ago but thanks to the mayor and some private investors holyland will live again.

    Holy land will live again and so will the memory of some scumbag spic, raping,
    murdering and raping again the poor girl in the defunct holyland just a couple years ago.

    Now if the Mayor would do something about that menorah sitting in front of a beautiful down town church while the nativity scene is in the middle of the green with chicken wire around it we’de be getting somewhere.

  45. Bailey says:

    Double post, sorry about that (?)

  46. Holly says:

    Hi Barney
    I appreciate your comments about all of us being part of the White Race. Doing genealogical research I found out that Sir Alexander George Touch was a cousin of mine. Murray Lincoln David flew to LA to introduce himself and go over our geneology. They are Scottish, although I think they act British. The point is Sir George opened Niven and Touch in New York, which eventually became Deloitte and Touche, with accounting firms all over the world. I shudder to think that they have sold their souls to the Rothchilds, they would of had to, to still be alive. We whites need to stand together. It seems to me that the white race always fights its own. History proves this just by looking at what the British did to Ireland and Scotland, and on and on by all the Europeans wars. Where does it stop? There is petty squabbling even on this site. If the internet goes down, and it will, how do we get to each other and unite?! Someone tell me that please! And yes the internet has brought us together for now, but I need more.

  47. Jenifer says:

    Good point, Holly, we may be under the influence but still if you look at the mass murder called war in the last century the vast majority were white victims of other white nations. The Talmudic bunch would not have power over us if we were not willing to do their dirty work against our own.

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