Effin’ Had It With The Stinking Black Race!

FERO BAR KILLER XPRTThis murderous black beast, along with his brother and another black, brutally stabbed, slashed and maybe shot to death (we hope), before setting on fire four Whites and a locally popular Korean woman in a Denver bar in October, 2012. Whether you know it or not, your taxes go to guarding and feeding stinking, lousy animals just like him, when they need to GD FRIGGIN’ FRY!

Blacks are indeed stinking ANIMALS — that’s all there is to it.*

At a stop light in Omaha, Nebraska, this past August, Nikko Jenkins dragged a beautiful White mother of three out of her car and shot her point blank four times, killing her dead

At a stop light in Omaha, Nebraska, this past August, murderous Nikko Jenkins dragged a beautiful White mother of three out of her car and shot the poor woman point blank four times, killing her dead.

Just the other day I was working on a series of photo montage compilations of black serial killers, when I just had to stop to say the above headline and write out the following. I was putting something together on black serial killers, because of this one little black punk trying to comment here, saying that “all serial killers are White” (as usual, I left his silly Negro blather in my SPAMblinka moderation que).

You know something? I’ve just about had it with these stinking GD black bastards! Hate to get all up in your face over it, but sometimes these sorry-ass, worthless blacks well and truly get my dander up. Hell, it all makes me want to break out my modern-day version of old Betsy, if you know what I mean.

These filthy blacks are RAPING, ROBBING, KILLING my race. They have been doing it for decades. Not only all that, but we also got to listen to these worthless punks accusing us of always being the racist baddies, day-in, day-out — 24-GD-7!

I’ve obviously had it with the BS, as my site’s subtitle has said since the very day I started INCOG MAN over at the WordPress “blogosphere” in 2007 (almost immediately censored from the view of other bloggers there and later completely deleted). Even now, I’m attacked and blocked constantly on the Internet by Jewish, Zionist forces and PC police. They sure as hell don’t like us Whites getting wise to the real deal, now do they?


Just last week, a couple of black punks videotaped themselves punching out a little old White lady coming out of a store in upstate NY. They ran off laughing hysterically and posted the video online.

Some crybabies might say “oh, boohoo, INCOG MAN, you shouldn’t be so tough on the poor little Negroes, since White people out there might get turned off.”

Sure, I learned a long time ago, you can tell a person what’s right in front of his nose and he or she is still going to insist on being stupid. Even to the point where stupid cost them dearly. The saying “don’t cast pearls before swine” means don’t get all worked up over such morons.

But that shouldn’t mean I have to keep silent, especially in view of all those who work (and get paid richly) to keep us Whites in the dark. “Then how about being a little more subtle, use facts and figures to state your case?” Well, folks, I and plenty of other people have been doing that for years, sometimes even decades, and where has it got us? Nowhere. Nada. Zilch.

Besides, it feels good letting loose. It’s liberating to unequivocally state the truth. You need to try it yourself. Wallowing around in daily angst should be something only the psycho Jews enjoy.

I’m out there Jerry and I’m loving it!

Here’s the deal in a nutshell: No matter how nice you are about it, whatever facts, figures, examples you might bring to the table, whatever street reality is increasingly apparent these days — all of these multicult morons are still going to call you a racist. And then have the GD nerve to say you’re the ignorant one! I’ve had utter idiots — those I already knew couldn’t find their ass from a hole in the ground — tell me that.

Get this and get it good: You may as well go whole hog instead pissing around. It’s long past time all of us say “enough is enough!”

the dude INSET

The idiot libtard calls himself “The Dude.” I think that’s what they once called faggots back in the 19th century.

Then I turn around and find some liberal (right) from the San Francisco bay area coming on my site here, giving me a big ration of crap, trying to sound all cute and clever with his comment. I checked out his silly self-masturbation photography site and you can easily see he’s one of those softy, spineless liberal types who would bend over and take it up the keester, or even watch his own wife get raped by these animals before he dared say JACK in defense of White people.

Pathetic. I can’t believe we have such twit-for-brains members of the White race. Thanks a whole GD lot, Jews!

When I write about something here, it’s actually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the BS going down out there. Being just one angry White guy, I can’t manage writing and doing up photo montages or artwork on it all (the creative stuff is to get people interested enough to read what I have to say).

You know something? I’m not the one who’s the big hater guy in all of this. I’m just saying the sky is blue, the grass is green — and it’s us White people royally getting the shaft!

Blacks are $#@% ANIMALS!

OUR CHILDREN MURDERED XPRTThe White-hating media went crazy reporting on the Trayvon Martin trial, but you never hear one peep out of the bastards when blacks brutally kill our White children. Mean anything to you? Or do you have to wait till it happens to someone you love? Imagine the uproar if it was Whites doing this to precious black race?

The black race costs America dearly; not only in the amount of crime they commit, but in how worthless most of them are, even if they do manage to stay out of jail. Entire neighborhoods and cities are now full of obese, nasty welfare queens lounging around, pumping out babies left and right, while babby daddy #6 is out on the street corner selling dope to crack whores.

Blacks have always been a huge albatross around the neck of any White country. Just look at any city or country they control and it’s readily apparent the black race, as a whole, sucks — big time.

KK murder EXPORTEven the females are murderous beasts. Down in Georgia, a beautiful college student, Kimberly Kilgore, was coldly gunned down right in front of her best friend by a violent black bitch with the ridiculous name of “Sparkles” Lindsay, just a month or two ago.

Everybody knows blacks have no problem killing — look how much murder and mayhem they commit on themselves every minute. This past Christmas day (2013), five blacks were murdered in Newark, New Jersey. Hell, it’s so bad in some places in America, the murder rate is worse than US soldier casualties in Jew war combat zones!

And with Jewish media pumping blacks full of White hate for the last fifty years, it’s little wonder these filthy freaks feel the urge to slay innocent White people. Look at how they murder Whites in South Africa all the time, for crying out loud.

This past New Year’s Eve in Barberton, Ohio, a White family of four were gunned down in their own home. Three died (two of them teenaged kids) and one barely survived after being shot in the head and losing an eye (imagine that wound).

On top of all this, the lousy blacks feel free to slime us White people for being White all the time in the Jew media, like that so-called “comic” Chris Rock, or the obvious White-hating, overpaid “actor,” Jamie Foxx. Us White people surely don’t deserve this never-ending Negrotude and I for one won’t stop saying so!

Now you might accuse me of being unpleasant, or say my writing isn’t exactly polished, but you sure as hell can’t say I candy-coat things. I shoot straight from the hip and if you don’t like it, GTF out of here and don’t come back.

This is my site and I’m going to say what I think and when I think it.

So go ahead and call me an extremist, or White supremacist, or whatever stupid term the subversive, brainwashing Jews have trained you to screech like a parrot.

White people: The time for a cleansing wind draws near.

— Phillip Marlowe

* Actually, calling them animals is a major disservice to the animal kingdom, but you get the idea.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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297 Responses to Effin’ Had It With The Stinking Black Race!

  1. HAHA Joe is copy pastimg off of a FUCKING SCRIPT! – he fucked up

    January 15th AT 7:29

    Just curious :

    I’m just wondering what all you Nazis have to say about the fact your “great” “anti-Semitic” Hitler started the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood? The very same Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood your “great” “anti-Semitic” Hitler started that NEVER attacks any Jews in the Middle East. The Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood your “great” “anti-Semitic” Hitler started that NEVER attacks Jews in the Middle East, but only goes around KILLING Christians, and KILLING the Muslims opposed to the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood your “great” “anti-Semitic” Hitler started.

    FUCKING PRIC! – Now surrender and we will still kill you!

  2. Bailey – thanks, it actually means a lot coming from you since you, T bone, Bagel, ninja john, Biker, Jason and yes – SOG were my favorite people to exchange ideas with and BS when I first started exploring internet sites… memories… believe it or not I still like all of you…

    by the way – Bailey – if you didn’t see it – I was asking about the Mortimer Zuckerman article because I absolutely can not find it anywhere… blows my mind – I know why – in the article – End of the Promised Land – he laments the fall of communism and admits over 40 million deaths unapologetically – that fucker deserves the blood eagle for sure – anyway the best thing we could do is forget stupid rivalries and unite – a certain extent if rivalism is very European and healthy but after a certain point it is our greatest downfall…

  3. Gman – you bet your ass the Blood Eagle is for niggers – absolutely!

    I would just like to share this little story here ok – mandela died right – so I am getting some smokes at walgreens and later at the grocery store I repeated my anger – I saw magazines glorifying him. I asked the store to remove them – they were like why? I said because this asshole on the magazine – his favorite and most used sentence is “Kill the Whites” when people started looking at me I asked them if they supported “Kill the Whites”? A white woman with Black kids behind me in line pretended not to hear me so I decided to ask her if she wanted to “Kill the Whites” She continued to pretend not to hear me… when the clerk said he couldn’t remove it I asked why not? Here Ill do it for you – than a manager came up and said some dumb pathetic attempt of an excuse and I began holding the magazine and saying “Kill the Whites” to several incoming customers… nobody opposes or tries to sabotage anything anymore – I feel that if 30 people decided to overthrow the police in their town – not only would the police not know what to do but they would panic – many people who are pissed would join the attempt – that’s extreme but its metaphoric – we have way more power than we think – if some of us stick our necks out like Campbell does than many more than we think will follow – seriously – try it on a small scale for yourself – its amazing – the response you get from fellow whites – I do it all the time – I should start recording it… anyway – this translates to activism – it doesn’t have to be violent – how about if people get together and start stopping the police in groups of 30 or so people, whenever they pull a white man over to try and generate some revenue as the predator/parasite assholes that they truly are… What if we started confronting them peacefully or otherwise and said – “what the fuck are you doing” or “Its over motherfucker – no more stealing the white working mans money” It could catch on – create more angry people and when there is enough angry people we simply threaten the federal government to stop trying to kill us economically and abolish itself – or we will arrest/execute them under the 1996 war crimes act or something – according to the war crimes act we can execute every one of them and every reporter who supported Iraq and Afghanistan… Im thinking big here but the rest of the world is waiting on gun owning americans to put a stop to the great communizer – America under the jew – to stop the military from killing everyone – we really do have the power to achieve this – we just have to stop being scared and get really fucking angry…

    We need to be sending our military to South Africa and restore the whites – save them – we need to invade Zimbabwe – annihilate the fuck out of them and make it Rhodesia again… We need to invade Germany and free the 100’s of professors and other political prisoners like Udo Walendy and Ernst Zudel (they are out now but you get the idea) and every other person who went to prison in order to speak the truth… Everyone around the world is looking to us… It is also our Christian duty to help our fellow European brothers around the world who are suffering from the enemies of Christ – RIGHT?

  4. WHITEMAN says:

    When the race war begins in the USA, and it will, the NIGGERS will definitely show up in my neighborhood to loot and pillage. It will be a day of great rejoicing because my predominately WHITE neighbors will drop all pretense and stack dead NIGGERS like cordwood at every major intersection. THANK GOD for Texas law which allows citizens to protect themselves, especially from rampaging, bluegum, porch monkey, spear chuckin’, NIGGERS. Everywhere they go…..violent crime, lower standards, failure, trouble, strive, turmoil, ……death. I HAVE A DREAM – America without NIGGERS.

  5. INCOG MAN says:

    I always love it when WHITEMAN comes here and drops a line. Sure is inspirational!

  6. sog says:

    I am logged in for the first time on a Windows 8 machine by jim stone …………………………..
    and 80 things that the jewish communist state considers terrorists other than themselves of course ..and if you qualify under alll 80 things ,congrats you arer probably a stand up patriot ..a jew wise person ..

  7. sog says:


  8. Joe says:

    Just because one is not so quick to become a Nazi [ or anything else ], and not so quick to jump on any bandwagons, and not so quick to buy into a political philosophy ; Just because someone wants to study and learn as much as possible about a political philosophy/system before committing oneself to said political philosophy : It does NOT necessarily follow such a one is a “queer”, a “fuckin queer”, or any sort of “queer”. It just doesn’t necessarily follow.

    ~ ad hominem aeternum, amen ~

    More info about the Hegelian Dialect, Thesis and Antithesis, and Synthesis :


    The article I link to above includes the Hegelian Dialectic concerning Nazism/Communism, and the Synthesis of Nazism/Communism [ the synthesis being the present-day Zionism and the Zionist NWO.]

    I would be more inclined to be a Nazi if it weren’t for the fact Nazism is deeply and profoundly connected to Islam and Islamic Jihad. I know, because of my history studies — I always liked history since I was a kid, history was always my favorite subject — I know because of my study of history, Islamic Jihadists throughout history ALWAYS TARGET Christians, NEVER Jews*, but ALWAYS CHRISTIANS.

    And I know from my history studies the Jews ALWAYS wanted Islam for WHITE Europe since the first day the Arab-Jew Mohammad slithered out from his Sabian desert snake pit. Yes, Mohammed was an Arab-Jew. And the name “Sabian” is the name of Mohammed’s tribe, and the name of Mohammed’s tribe, “Sabian”, is the root of the word, “Sabbatean”, which is another word for “Jews” ; The great majority of the Jews in the world follow “Sabbateanism”. Many Jews don’t even know it, they’re so brain-washed, even more brain-washed then the 501c3 Zionist Christians and the Freemasons, including especially the Alzafar Shriners. Shriners, like ALL freemasons, take an Oath to Islam, but for some reason the Shriners are somehow the most ardent about their Oath to Islam. “Shriner Oath is Islamic”. Shriner’s also support Nazism. Nazism is joined-at-the-hip with Islam. TOTALLY unacceptable to me. That doesn’t make me a “hasbaratti” because Islam and Islamic Jihad ALWAYS targets Christians, and the White Race in-general, NEVER Targets Jews*.

    Freemasons are “Sabbateans” also. “Alzafar” is an Arabic word and means “Victory”. Victory for Islam, that is ; Victory for dhimmitude and Sharia law, that is. And Sharia law is as brutal and totalitarian as it gets. Sharia law and Noahide law are partners, and fit together perfectly well. That’s why the Jews, totalitarians-to-the-core, love Islam and ALWAYS wanted Islam for WHITE Europe :

    “Black Terror, White Soldiers, Islam, Fascism and the New Age”

    “The Sabbatean Prophets PDF”

    If Hitler was so opposed to Jews, and so opposed to the Jew agenda, and so “jew-wise” to their Jew Perfidy, why would Hitler then introduce Islam and Islamic Jihad into Europe ? For the introduction of Islam and Islamic Jihad into WHITE Europe was ALWAYS the dream and the goal of the Jews, it ALWAYS was the goal of the Jews, including ESPECIALLY JEW COMMUNISTS, to inundate WHITE Europe with Mohammedans and Islam. The Jews wanted this before the word “Communism” was coined. The Jews wanted Islam since the day Islam started.

    Why would Hitler, who we are told was so opposed to Jews and their Jew agenda, and so “jew-wise”, introduce into Europe something the Perfidious Jews ALWAYS wanted for WHITE Europe, namely Islam and Islamic Jihad. Especially considering Islamic Jihad ALWAYS TARGETS CHRISTIANS, and NEVER targets Jews*.

    Note : To those Whites who are not Christians : The racial enemies of the White Race label non-Christian Whites, “Christian”, by the way.

    * Islamic Jihadists will attack some working-class, low-level Jews here and there, but as a whole, the goal of the Islamic Jihadists is to WIPE-OUT Christians, and WIPE-OUT Christianity, NOT JUDAISM. It’s not the goal of Islamic Jihadists to destroy Judaism, but it is THE GOAL of Islamic Jihadists to DESTROY and WIPE-OUT Christianity. Again, the racial enemies of the White Race label ALL Whites, “Christians”.

    The above is what the Perfidious Jews always wanted for WHITE Europe, and it was Hitler who invited what the Perfidious Jews always wanted for WHITE Europe, Islam and Islamic Jihad, with open arms into the heart of Europe. Hitler had to know the Perfidious Jews always wanted Islam for WHITE Europe, so he wasn’t as opposed to Jew perfidy as the Nazis always tell us. AND Jews played a huge role in creating and building the Third Reich and putting Hitler into power. That can’t be denied without the use of the device we call mendacity. Hitler’s handler was the satanic Jew Hanussen. Gee, how “jew-wise” was Hitler.

    Jews own and control the Islamic Jihadists that Hitler played a big role starting. Funny that :


    AND, speaking of a “fuckin queer”, sog mentioned something about a “fuckin queer” :


  9. Joe says:

    Our racial enemies, the enemies of our White Race, Jews and Mohammedans, label ALL Whites “Christians”, whether the non-Christian Whites like it or not. Our racial enemies have a very good memory. I must say, our racial enemies have a much better memory than us Whites, to speak in general. Our racial enemies remember when the Europe and the White Race was called, “Christendom”, something Whites have forgotten, but our racial enemies haven’t forgotten. Gotta give credit where credit is due. If only us Whites could have as good a collective memory as our racial enemies do.

    The White Race and Her Protestantism : The White race was so busy throughout the centuries protesting Her Spiritual Patrimony –Catholicism — Whites now never refer to Europe and the White Race as “Christendom”, but our racial enemies still do. The Whites who spit on Catholicism are spitting on the very Church that UNITED the White Race in the very first place and the Church that gave us Whites our Unifying language and our High Culture, and the very Faith which is the very ontological foundation of Western Civilization. Many Whites attack and spit on IT, as our racial enemies attack and spit on IT.

    It’s funny though, the White Leftists hate true Catholicism — true Catholicism is too “strict” — yet many of the same Leftist Whites, who claim to be all about freedom, and freedom of choice, and “do your own thing” , support Islam. Yet, Islam’s sharia law is Totalitarian to-the-core. Nazis, by the way, are not “conservatives”. Nazism is Leftism, a type of Leftism. Much of the Leftist agenda comes to us from Nietzsche’s “god is dead” Germany, and “god is dead” is the absolute antithesis of the very foundation of WHITE Western Civilization. I notice the Nazis attack and spit on the very ontological foundations of WHITE Western Civilization — Catholicism — as much as our racial enemies attack and spit on Catholicism, the foundation of the White West and our Culture and Civilization.

    There are two types of Leftists, the Nazis and the Communists. They have their differences, of course, but their ontology is based on the very same “god is dead” and Darwin and Existentialism [ Existentialism = “god is dead + Darwin + Kabala + Islamo-Sufism] . Both have the very same exact ontology at-the-foundation and same eschatology also, by the way. AND, both have an affinity for Islam, as both attack and spit on the very foundational ontology of the White West, Catholicism, both Nazis and Communists praise Islam. Funny that.

    Speaking of Hegelian Dialectics , thesis and antithesis, and Synthesis.

  10. ihatekikes says:

    hi all. incog, some really top notch articles these past few months. I am here every week. But the kikes dont allow leaving comments. Itss really difficult to send comments.

    Missed all you guys, and girls. Wish everyone a peaceful new year, and kikefree.

    Now joe, in one of your first comments, you mentioned, ‘its not all jews’ bulldust. Take your shit and walk. Then you mention, islama ding dong, sufi cabbalah crapola. You dont know shit from shinola dude. Cabbalism was long before islam. You making an excuse for kikes, and especially when anyone brings in shakira, shes got a fine ass, law, I know you another bullshit artist. All our problems start and end with the kike. Remove them, and I can guarentee every other ill would dissappear. So dont come her with your cabbala sleight of hand and red herrings.

    Herr Incog, open ze gaz chambor, ve hav vun shitkike.

    Tick tock mofos.

  11. Joe says:

    I have no idea who “shakira” is, nor do I give a fuckin flyin shit on a magic carpet ride to Sebettendorf’s Istanbull with ali baba and his 40 prophets and 313 helpers.

    baraka bashad and `alla-in-el-alla-cous-cous-hummus-salad-alla-gaga-shamallah-`ba`ba to your “shakira” and her “fine ass”. What is she anyway, is your girlfriend a donkey? Is that why you refer to her as an “ass”?

    If you’re talking about Sharia law, Sharia law is detestable. Just as atavistic, disgusting, as the kike’s Communist Noahide law. The again, kikes and mohammedans always had so much in common.

    Go stuff a Mein Kampf up your raghead gurlfriend’s shakira’s “fine asshole”, and go take a friggin carpet ride Unto Kolob and then U will know the joys of being an Islamo-Nazi-Commie dictator of your very own planet. Don’t forget to bring your Mein Kampf and your Noahide law and your Sharia law, your Sebettendorf and Heidegger, your Aleister Crowley, your Savitri Devi, and your donkey girlfriend shakira with you as you all Hie-Unto-Kolob.

    Search Terms :

    ” American Thinker + Islam”

    “American Thinker + Dhimmitude”

    ” American Thinker + Sharia Law”

    ” Islam Versus Europe”

  12. Joe says:

    Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring your Nazi Nuremburg blood laws with you when you and your shakira fly to Kolob. The Nazi blood laws were straight out of the kike’s Talmud. You’ll want to make absolutely sure each and every one of your 72 virgins has the right exact blood for you, comes from the very correct and proper DNA haplogroup, so you don’t reproduce any mongrels up there on Kolob, only Ultimate Penultimates.

    [ and NO, I do NOT support race-mixing, but the Nazi Nuremberg blood laws derived from the kike’s Talmud were way overboard ].

    Personally, being a spaghetti-bender, I avoid ALL IBM blood-tests. I don’t think I could pass, not being a Blonde Nordic like the Jew-Nazi-Jew Kaminski’s beach-blonde fuck-buddy, the mormo-shriner deNugent.

  13. Joe says:

    The Jews and the Mohammedans are fighting in the Middle East, a family fight between the two groups of habiru-sagiz, but in WHITE Europe, the Jews and Mohammedans are ALLIES. So NO, overlooking the Mohammedans and focusing on Jews only is NOT the answer. No good reason why we can’t focus on both together. After all, we’re dealing with ONE Snake, one snake with two heads. Jews and Mohammedans working together. One snake, two heads, same goal. A hydra-headed snake from Babylon.


    I notice today’s Nazis, just like their “great” leader Hitler, wants us all to focus every second, every day, 24/7/365, on Jew Perfidy, and while we focus on Jew Perfidy all the time, the Nazis introduce the most Perfidious of Jew tricks on us , the introduction of Islam on us. How important it is to the Nazis we accept Islam.

    Hitler had everyone focus on Jew perfidy all the time, and while they were looking at Jews every second, Hitler invited Islam into Europe behind everyone’s back. Yet, one of the Most Perfidious things about Jews is their use of Islam to attack the White Race, and the Jews always wanted Islam for WHITE Europe.

    I notice the “reformer” Martin Luther did the same thing : He had everyone focus on Jews every second, and while everyone was focusing on Jews all the time, Martin Luther introduced Islamic ontology, metaphysics, and eschatology into the fabric of Christianity. “Protestant Reformation + Islam” .

    Nazis like Islam way too much for my liking. I don’t trust anyone who likes Islam so much. There’s nothing, Absolutely Nothing, about what the Muslims/Mohammedans are doing in Europe to suggest even in the slightest they’re on our side, or somehow have the best interests of the White Race at-heart. Exactly The Opposite. Anyone who says otherwise is either severely naïve or is a liar.

    Unfortunately for us White Americans, so many of our leaders are Alzafar Shriners, and Alzafar Shriner Freemasonry, like ALL Freemasonry, is owned and controlled by big shot Jew Mishpuckas. If ALL Whites would leave and forsake their Freemasonry, we’d get somewhere. Until then, nothing good is going to accrue to us, and nothing is going to change, the status-quo will stay the same as always. Freemasonry is ultimately satanic, and it’s just disgusting so many Whites are involved in it. We got to change also, if we expect the Jews to change. Can’t expect the Jews to change their stripes if we don’t or can’t change our own stripes.

    ” Black Terror, White Soldiers, Islam, Fascism, and the New Age”

    The Nazis want us to accept Islam, yet Mohammed was an arab-jew. For a group of people who always claim to be so “jew-wise” to Jew perfidy, the Nazis sure do love the Arab-Jew Mohammed a lot. I don’t trust that.

  14. beanbhan says:

    Have you read Justin Cottrell’s book on black serial killers? There’s a Kindle edition at Amazon. He also did a most interesting interview on Tribal Theocrat about this subject. The interview is still available on that website’s archives.

  15. Joe listen – jewish socialism aka communism promotes the class war and rivalry in order to destroy us – it also promotes international control of the national economy…

    German socialism turned socialism on its head and used it against those who sought to enslave the European people – national socialism promoted unity and the end of all class war and rivalry as well as the national control of all aspects of not only the economy but every institution of the nation…

    jewish socialism and NATURAL socialism are polar opposites and at war with eachother – one seeking to destroy the people and their prosperity and the other seeking to empower the people as the ultimate master of state

    You are very confused about many of our ideas – let me clarify what I know many here feel but never voice – from my original Mike Strobach youtube channel that was deleted:

    Movements of today have evolved, nobody is going to start a movement for workers/farmers or make demands for economic prosperity, these are all ideas of the past. Today the only demands that we people of the resistance have are the following: The revenge killing and actual punishment of the opressors, we know who is doing what and we demand their execution, that is the only worthy demand or ideological movement of the modern resistor, actual results, the death by any means of the oppressors until the boot is lifted from the neck of the individual…

    That’s where we need to take this, we will not waste time opposing nafta or gat, but we sure as hell will try to kill every son of a bitch that set it up!

  16. The top serial killers are Brown Race. Here is a very simple Wikipedia page listing all the serial killers. At the top of the list are Brown race Aztec people.
    Search: List_of_serial_killers_by_number_of_victims

    Luis Garavito
    Luis “Alfredo” Garavito Cubillos, “The Beast”
    Luis Garavito, a brown Aztec, earned 147 confirmed kills. At his trial he said he wishes he had been a Mayan preist sacrficing thousands of people, to the shocked Brown Aztec jury. He was a Colombian rapist and serial killer. In 1999, he admitted to the rape and murder of 147 young boys. The number of his victims, based on the locations of skeletons listed on maps that Garavito drew in prison, could eventually exceed 300. He has been described by local media as “the world’s worst serial killer” because of the high number of victims. 300+ kills.

    Pedro López (serial killer)
    Pedro López (serial killer). “Monster of the Andes”
    A nut brown Atzec serial killer, “Pedro” as he was known, is the second most prolific serial killer in world history. López became known as the “Monster of the Andes” in 1980 when he led police to the graves of 53 of his victims in Ecuador, all girls between nine and twelve years old. In 1983 he was found guilty of murdering 110 young girls in Ecuador alone and confessed to a further 240 murders of missing girls in neighbouring Peru and Colombia. 240+ kills, falls just slightly short of “The Beast” kill score.

    The highest White race serial killer is Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer with only 1/4 of the confirmed kills as Aztec heritage Pedro and Luis. Since

    The greatest serial killers, those with the most confirmed kills, are Brown Race Aztecs, then how is Whitey evil?

    – The MacDonald Clan, island stronghold at Icelandic based WhiteHeritage.org

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