It’s Us White Gentiles Getting SCREWED!

MARCUS KAUFFMAN MURDER MONTAGEWhite people: Just think it out and you’ll get it.

White people are no longer safe in America. No doubt at all.

In early December, a Christian Mennonite named Marcus “Marco” Kauffman, was returning from a Thanksgiving trip with his pregnant wife to his modest little North Carolina home when they noticed an out of place car parked nearby. Although thinking someone might have broke down, Marcus still rightly figured it would be best to drop his wife off at a friend’s first. When he drove into his own driveway to see what was up, he saw a gang of blacks busy carting his stuff out of his home in broad daylight.

While dialing 911, one of the black animals just walked up to his car and shot him right in the head. Marco didn’t die right away, but ended up brain dead in the hospital until they took him off life support on the Friday just before Christmas. Imagine how terribly sad that was for his wife, family and friends gathered there?*

Apparently, the murderous black race now thinks they can drive out anywhere and rob Whites at will. Even kill them dead, should they feel like it.

Right before Christmas, some guy in New Jersey was shot in the head by carjacking blacks while he was returning to his $80,000 Land Rover after buying presents at an upscale mall. The press reported on the crime fairly extensively, even ABC’s “World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer” did a brief mention (without describing the suspects, natch), but they quickly and cleverly segued way into a nonsense report on how to “protect yourself” while out shopping.

Why did they report on this one particular crime, of an apparently White guy, getting murdered? Because he was a sacred Jew, that’s why.

So how come the national news didn’t report on the above White Mennonite Christian man getting shot in the head? And it happened around the same time, too.

It’s because they don’t care about us European White Gentiles. Never have. Especially when it conflicts with the liberals and Jew’s Prime Directive of keeping White people stupid to the real nature of diversity. You see what’s going on here, don’t you?

Now, I’m not going to tell you to go out and buy guns. Truth of the matter is that many of you during the day or night can be vulnerable to these brutal, murderous blacks — even if you don’t live in “the hood” and keep a gun in the house.

tavis_smiley_pbsAs I’m sitting here typing out my angry rant, tomorrow is “Martin Luther King day” (a lot of people get the day off, too). Today, ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanoupolis” had on this black guy, Tavis Smiley, who has a lame interview show on PBS. Smiley boy (right) literally tells the Sunday show’s “roundtable” that MLK was the BEST PERSON WHO EVER LIVED in America. Unbelievable. Of course, not a one of those other talking heads said one damn thing.

Now think this out a minute. Here’s a BLACK, telling us on national TV that another BLACK was this country’s greatest citizen (ABC/Disney is owned and controlled by an Israeli dual citizen, Stanley Gold). Don’t you have a sneaking suspicion that maybe, just maybe, this guy could be saying that because he’s black? Well, yeah! You think anyone is going to call him out as a racist?

You see folks, the Globalist, NWO, Zionist Jews have created a situation in the White Western countries where certain classes always must be both victims and heroes. Only us Whites can be openly, publicly, slammed as the RACIST baddies, or fill the idiot roles. Blacks, homos, Jews, latinos — even freak show Gender Benders can say whatever the hell they want, whenever they want. The blatant hypocrisy going down today, stinks to high heaven.

Whites are MURDERED, ROBBED AND RAPED all the time by the murderous, criminal black race. Often-times just because they are White, too. No one says anything, because if they do, they are immediately accused of racism by the media and all the brainwashed fools out there.

Then we got to see them all over TV and movies like they are the “great heroes” and crap. Meanwhile, us Whites are constantly portrayed as evil and stupid. Hell, you can see all this even in advertising and commercials, for crying out loud.

Think what I say is a bunch of BS? Just go to this one link or this one, bookmark them and check it out every so often. Believe me: We’re the ones getting screwed here. Big time.

— Phillip Marlowe

* On the very same day Marcus Kauffman was taken off life support, a black out to get payback from a former boss, was breaking into the Erb family Westfield Indiana home, where he brutally murdered a White mother and her daughter in the basement, possibly using a block of cement to bash their heads in (according to what he told a friend). He may well also have raped one or both, but we don’t know since the media works so hard to keep a lid on black-on-White crime, only reporting such horrible details if the perp happens to be a White.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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87 Responses to It’s Us White Gentiles Getting SCREWED!

  1. t bone says:

    I always thought Whoopi Goldberg was a jewess negress:

    “Her stage name, Whoopi, was taken from a whoopee cushion; she has stated that “If you get a little gassy, you’ve got to let it go. So people used to say to me, ‘You’re like a whoopee cushion.’ And that’s where the name came from.” She adopted the traditionally German/Jewish surname Goldberg as a stage name because her mother felt that Johnson was not “Jewish enough” to make her a star.”

    If any White person said what Fart-Cushion Goldberg’s mother said, they would be a “racist”!

  2. DICARLO says:

    Well, it’s super-niggerbowl time once again in Incogland, and a reminder for those who may not understand, watching the NFL is supporting niggers and jews. There’s just no way around it. I think all Whites owe it to themselves and their fellow Whites to boycott these niggerss and jews, and make others understand that football is just another pleasurable facet of our lives that jews have stolen from us. The NFL blatantly discriminates against prospective Whites trying to make the teams thus considerably less Whites are going out for these teams. Those that are, are routinely passed over simply because they are White, and instead, black players chosen. How can a prospective White player even put up with being around these idiot niggers all day long, anyway? Who would want to play in the NFL when the NFL is 80% black? Any Whites who patronize or follow pro or college football are being played as fools by the jews.

  3. Laydee Liberty says:

    Disturbing Demographics
    Video Cam footage of Subway-In-Paris
    It LOOKS like a third-world-crapper.
    Where are the White people?

    The real reason Sakozy LOST the election
    Jew Sarkozy Orders French People to Race-Mix –

  4. Smitherines says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    January 20, 2014 at 3:48 pm


    I’m friends with any White man who became Jew-aware yesterday.

    He wasn’t motivated to try to help our people for our cause, but that they
    STOLE from him, and if they didn’t, HE WOULDN’T BE ENLIGHTEN
    and he would still be puffing that Zionist cigar!

    Over 25 years I have had people spit at me, physically threaten me, call
    me every name you could think of.

    Looking back, not only would I have done the same thing, only wished that I
    was awoken sooner.

    Our struggle isn’t personal like him, I would of done it even if the Zionist
    had been my best friends, THEY ARE OUT TO DESTROY our culture!

    His motivation was and is PERSONAL, Cortina could give a rats ass about
    any of you!

  5. bubba says:

    Not really sure whats being achieved with these pissing matches.

    I’ve read Cortina’s blog, heard him interviewed. I think he’s got some very good stuff.

    He woke up to the Kike Jews maybe later in life, but at least he’s doing something, unlike a lot of other seniors that still swallow the Jew Kool Aid or ignore it.

  6. Flanders says:

    Note the comment criticizing the “racists” who print a story about a nigger who killed a 40 year old White mother of 5 children in Cape Girardeau.

  7. sog says:

    whatever anyones beef is with another site dont bring it here like some major revelation when its just gossip …

  8. bubba says:

    Re: Germans in South America

    A lot of Mennonites I know have connections in South Paraguay.

    This year I asked a Mennonite party what the background is.

    He said that after WW2, South American countries like Paraguay offered them homesteading….ie if they would immigrate to their countries…. they would get raw land in exchange for making it productive ie farming….and they would ultimately gain title. Historically, this is a common practice all over the world.

    HOWEVER…this is probably the foundation of KIKE Jews propaganda about ” Nazis ” hiding in South America.

  9. Flanders says:

    Many earlier Americans “knew about Communism”. What they didn’t understand is that the jews were the communists (almost exclusively). Most Americans didn’t even KNOW a jew, at least AS a jew. Why didn’t their jew-owned media tell them about that?

    Many of the early communists attended Highlander Folk School at Monteagle, Tn. Eleanor Roosevelt gave them money and open support along with many other jew communists. I have a screen capture of the check she used from finally released FBI files. Bob Dylan and other “change agents” attended at various times (Dylan is actually Robert Allen Zimmerman, or in Hebrew, Shabtai Zisl ben Avraham). Highlander was a networking point for communist change agents [think – subversive jew Cultural Marxism). The school changed locations and slight change of names to continue operations. It is STILL ACTIVE in Tennessee and in several other states, though NC is the only one I remember for now.

  10. sog says:

    absolutely true dicarlo ..and some shitkike said a few weeks ago that there were too many whites in the nfl or wernt enough niggers etc ..sickening blatant anti white racism spurred on by shitkikes ..this shit comes naturally to niggers tho ..they dont need much pushing in that direction ..the nigger war against us is increasing all the time ..looking at sites whether they name the jew or not ,they name the nigger and the nigger race is on a jihad against whites like never before in history ..what with rediculous talk of reprations for niggers because of slavery i think the niggers should go after the jew ships that brought their worthless fore ape fathers here to a land where they wernt really wanted by 95% of america anyway ..
    when sites tell you to be armed and be vigilant that means they are telling the truth and you need to have eyes in the back of your head ..the gun control they keep trying to slip in will only make us more vulnerable to attacking niggers like in south africa ..niggers have 200 colleges just for them in the usa ..nigger colleges ..oh wone yuh donate to uh geeeewd cozz boruhhhthuh and gibbbz to dee unided niggercoolage fun uhmm hmm …personally id like to donate to the dead nigger storage fund ..whites NEED to go out at nite and go tit for tat quid pro quo on the niggers where they might beez n shit is random and mindless and senseless and it comes naturally to these evolutionary dead end criminal niggers dont have to think like they do or lower your self to thier level of stupidity cus if you did you would get caught ..heres the deal ,we got nigger crime all over the usa and the marxist in chief and his handjob maidens arent intrested in stopping nigger on white crime at all and in fact they really enjoy seeing it escalate ..most niggers out there are going to commit a crime or already have committed dozens of crimes of murder and rape and robbery and so hence it is a target rich environment …if a war is being conducted against you and me what profit does it gain to do nothing or wait for it to reach into your life …there are thousands of niggers out there who are waiting for their turn to “get even” with whitey for shit we never did to the jungle jitterbugs was the jews who predominated and ran slave ships and made millions in global shipping in that era ..many of the rich jews living in the bridgeport areas and noreaster seaboard were millionaires in that eras valuations ..they controlled the shipping industry and the far eastern india trading co. and opium and slaves and merchandise ..etc …jews have been large and in charge for much longer than people realize …they were just alot more hidden from the front lines than they are now …
    no body wants to hurt anybody as a rule ..except that niggers enjoy hurting whites and older whites who are helpless ..what kind of miscreant lawless shit is this ..starts with the 1964 act being illegal and illegally signed by a jew judge ..etc ..starts with having a homsexual drug user in as potus and a marxist trained jeehadist as well who is completely comfortable with americans white americans being slaughtered by niggers ..
    this dirty filthy halfbreed commie illegally holds presidential office in the usa because the jews hold him in power ..he isnt even who he says he is let alone his fake ss number and his non citizenship etc ….ok that makes me a racist .who cares even how they percive it ..hating is a energy best turned into proactive solution ..america needs to hate niggers and start giving them thier reparations one pop at a time ….this would cut down crime considerably …

  11. bubba says:

    Luke says:
    January 20, 2014 at 5:58 am


    Good points….( BTW my comments re white QB’s was a bit tongue- in -cheek ).

    I am watching pro sports in a new “Jew Wise” level.
    Games can be decided by one or two “plays”..or “calls” by the refs.

    Yesterday’s NFL …I saw some plays in both games I thought WTF ???
    Something is going on.

    Then I harkened back to games in the past…YEP….its rigged.

    PS: IMHO, the Patriots are the leaders in pre -determined outcomes.

  12. sog says:

    heh heh good laydee ,but the jews ae already mixed ..they just dont want to mate with the piles a shit ..who in their right mind does …being brainwashed does lend a huge influence to nation wrecking …….
    just imagine a world without jews controlling everything ..i know they cant is their nitemare to lose control of the goy ..

  13. sog says:

    what i say is because we will find no relief or justice in this land …the immigration acts and the integration acts are pretty much the same poison ..blacks freed to do what ,i thought they already got their freedom after the civil war that cost whgites 7-8 hundred thousand good men from both sides …jew trickery ..nasty khhhhyyyycccchhhes following grant arouind with their carpet saacdks full of money ..where were the car jacking niggers then to shoot some jew crap and take their horse or cash …a comment i read somewhere that grant was from the north and he hated jews is standard fare ..every decent person in the republic hated jews ..jews are despicable assholes ,and basically teacherous duplicitious profiteers at any cost …cheaters swindlers liars killeres rapers and religious extremist delusional freaks ..thier putrid devious disgusting reputations always preceded them all throughout history which is why they hijacked history and re wrote it to favor their whining asses …todays jew is a cross between many diverse dna donors ..there are no fucking israelite people left as of mainly 700 bc but also after the fall of jerusalem and much of these kikes were mixed out …
    talmud humping secret society mongers who are like moles and even resemble them as they cant stand up to the honest scrutiny of daylight …thier time is coming is or in judgement day ..the day after ..

  14. sog says:

    germanics were also encouraged to do the same in catherine the greats reign ..come to russia and build whatever it is you can build ,greatness ,the arts,the farms ,the structures ..niggers wernt axxed to come over with their 10 wives and 50 chirrens ..russia was looking fo something a little more upward than mud huts and cow piss showers ..heh heh some o the shit in africa is bafoonish at best ..rings around your neck to stretch it ,plates in your lips ..cutting of of womens labias ..ouch dat beez hurtin n sceehit..shrunken head amulets ..etc ..cannibalism …sound like jews ..germans were a distinct part of russias heritage and aristocracy spakeith francais ..etc Absolutely true. Czar Peter Ist “Peter the Great”, Pyotr Alexeyevich preferred Dutch and German language, but Catherine II forced Russian nobility to speak French. By the beginning of 19th century high aristocracy didn’t know Russian – only in such volume as to speak to servants or to soldiers. When Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812, a strange thing occurred – nobility spoke to each other in the enemy’s language, and lower-class peoples suspected them as spies.. Revival of Russian language began after Napoleonic wars.
    The reason was that most arts and science were borrowed from abroad, so complex matters might be discussed only in foreign language. In the 18th century, France was the most advanced country in culture and science…..
    1762 Catherine the Great issues first manifesto inviting foreigners to settle in Russia
    Catherine the Great and the ‘Russian-Germans’

    250 years ago, Russia’s tsarina Catherine the Great signed a manifesto inviting foreigners to settle in her country. A German national herself, Catherine’s decree marked the beginning of the history of Russian-Germans.
    While the offer was directed at all foreigners, Catherine was targeting Germans in particular. Born in 1729 as Sophie Friederike von Anhalt-Zerbst-Domburg in Stettin in Pommerania, Prussia, the tsarina was herself a German national. Afer a coup d’etat and the murder of her husband Peter III. (who was born Peter Ulrich von Holstein-Gottorp and a German prince himself), Catherine came to power in the summer of 1762.

    Inviting foreigners to settle in Russia was one of her first official acts. Immigration from the West, says historian Yekaterina Anissimova, meant to the tsarina “the hope of both economic and above all socio-cultural progress of the backward country whose ruler she was.”
    martin looter king day ..heh heh ..fuck that zoo ape commie …lets have a fuck niggers day in the usa ..
    its almost impressive how the crafty kikes can make a pile o shit stand up but how in tarnation did they get it to talk ..
    anyway the germans were getting the boot from russia towards the 1900’s off of their farms and ancestral lands ..i think kikes controlled russia way more than we even realize then ..they certainly killed many csars to manipulate the political outcome of russia ..”caution -jews at work” suuuuuuuuuuuuch a deeeeeeeeeeeel
    yeah and eric the nigger holder has spoken how he feels about whites and their non rights and he is the top law enforcement orificer in usa ..somebody call ghost busters n get the nigger stains out of wash dc white house ….get that fuckin menorah shit off the lawn to ..the secret service could use a large pooper scooper i reckon ..
    In the Russian Empire, ethnic Germans were strongly represented among royalty, aristocracy, large land owners, military officers and the upper echelons of the imperial service, engineers, scientists, artists, physicians and the bourgeoisie in general. The Germans of Russia did not necessarily speak Russian; they spoke German, while French was often the language of the high aristocracy. However, the present Russian Germans usually speak only Russian, are assimilated into Russian culture, and have a poor command of German. Consequently, Germany has recently strictly limited their immigration, and a decline in the number of Germans in the Russian Federation has moderated as they no longer emigrate to Germany and as Kazakh Germans move to Russia instead of Germany…..,_Ukraine_and_the_Soviet_Union
    i like “expelledgermans” dot com ..foot note is he doesnt favor germans and belives in a holocaust so for this reason his script would be 100% unbiased ..but one caqn belive there is no holocaust which is the real truth and still not be biased ..anyway he has good articles on ethnic germans being expelled from all ancestral areas that are now countries that formed around the germn enclaves ..i rmember reading that german expulsion started in russai even befoire ww1 ,during and after but expelled germans sit really doesnt cover that ..
    when catherine the great made the offer for germans to come to russia she made it clear that no jews were wanted …or needed ..
    this influx to russia was at the same time when a great immigration to the americas was underway ..
    When Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, Stalin was worried that the Volga Germans might collaborate with the invaders. On August 28, 1941, he dissolved the Volga-German ASSR and ordered the immediate relocation of ethnic Germans, both from the Volga and from a number of other traditional areas of settlement. Approximately 400,000 Volga Germans were stripped of their land and houses, and transported eastward to Kazakhstan in Soviet Central Asia, Altai Krai in Siberia, and other remote areas. Other minority ethnic groups were also deported into internal exile in labour camps, including North Caucasian Muslim ethnic groups, Kalmyks and Crimean Tatars. In 1942 nearly all the able-bodied German population was conscripted to the Labor Army. About one third did not survive the labour camps.

    In 1941 after the Nazi invasion, the NKVD (via Prikaz 35105) banned ethnic Germans from serving in the Soviet military. They sent tens of thousands of these soldiers to the Trudarmii (Labour Army).

  15. sog says:

    French was the language of diplomacy, culture and romance…Ce que le baiser est cette merde…heh-heh- – – – – – –
    Russian ar istocrats were not alone in studying it, it was commonly studied by British, Prussian and most other European elites. Wellington and Blucher conversed in French. Wellington also spoke in French with his Spanish aides. Cuesta also spoke French but refused to speak it after the war with France started.
    For a good seven hundred years maybe after Latin had faded into disuse French was the international language.
    English starts becoming prominent amongst the nautical and merchant types from the 17th century but for the Elites it was French.
    its plagiurist day so i have stolen a few comments from around and pasted ..ho hum ..
    of interest to history buffs..

  16. sog says: excellent link from incogs library
    Superficially, I took the characters reverting to French as a means for them to demonstrate their education and sophistication, and their ‘European-ness’, separating them from the peasants in their social structure; perhaps an affectation on behalf of Tolstoy and the members of Russian society at the time….More than just an affectation..
    French was the language of the Russian Court and to be able to move in the highest social circles, a Russian needed to be born into the aristocracy and also needed to be well-educated. The best philosophical and political discussions were held in French..
    blimey batman really ?….
    Russian aristocrats also spoke in French when they wanted to say something but didn’t want their nosy kike servants to know what they were saying – a ploy used by all multi-linguists….sure nuff..
    It seems, however, that there were those who disapproved of this assimilation of the French language and felt that it detracted from their ‘Russian-ness’. Tolstoy has Levin embody this point of view in the novel. Levin, when observing Dolly, his sister-in-law, trying to get her young daughter to speak in French, thinks:

    “And what does she talk French with the children for? … how unnatural and false it is! And the children feel it so: Learning French and unlearning sincerity and ”russianity”..doubtful ..
    the end …….
    wasnt tryin to go off of topik or anything too much ..
    again i say we all need to be extremely watchful and armed ..having to worry about a bunch of jew fluxxed laws stifling the right to self defense is insane of the 2nd amendment doesnt cover personal protection then all said laws created under the shadow of anti constitution are excepttoianlly void viable connectio to the amendment and at worse since the 2nd amend does allow us the non negotioble rights to be armed then all the laws abridging this right to be enjoyed by all are greviously counter to what the american forefathers had in mind ..and in the stark contrast of the reality thet its all jews involved in gun control and that they only want law abiding gun owners guns it starts to look shady ..a bit a gonna tell yall thet even i am getting hinkey with all the nigger cockroaches running around with their obama fawns and obama guns ..the problem is it is happening everywhere in places not usually known for niggershines ..they are not going to stop … “i gotz me a osambo fawn n gun combo from eric dik holder wiff all duh serial numbuhs grinded off n sceehiyit” come every fucking nigger seems to have an endless supply of ghetto guns ..rmember the typical marxist narrative from stupid nigger dumpster mouths ..yezz ther beez a likka sto on evry conah n sheet cus o duh whytman keepin uz down …who forces niggers to buy dope or akkahol or gats ..truly a fucked up worthless race of shitcreants who blame anything and everything on whites ..fuck niggers ..its like they give all imminigrants to white countries guns to as soon as they get into the country

  17. Edster says:

    Hey Incogman…thanks for the good work. You’re truly an inspiration to me. 🙂


  18. Karen says:

    For starters, Cortina comes across as a spitting psycho.

  19. TREBOR says:

    Dear Jack:

    The Cartesian reductionist mindset embraces monism and seeks to delegitimize both dualism
    and teleology. See Climbing Mount Improbable by Dawkins. For a convincing refutation of
    the dismissal of teleology see The Collapse of Chaos by Ian Stewart – look up “Collapse of
    Chaos complicity” on the web for a convincing argument for “top-down” cosmological organization. To Dawkins – consciousness is merely a byproduct of organic chemistry with
    no “meaning” attached – which begs the question why we should attach importance to the
    pontifications of Dawkins any more than to apes clattering away on typewriters.

    Your own consciousness is not a Cartesian reductionist memeplex – it is a cognitive field.
    When cognitive fields of a tribe coalesce – the result is a “god”. A wolf-pack engages in
    social grooming behavior which yields a “wolf pack god”. This god then modulates the
    thought processes of individual wolves of the pack – sometimes causing individual wolves
    to sacrifice themselves. Wotan came alive after 1933 – yielding economic revival and
    unprecedented technological progress. The “god” cognitive field is an intelligence amplifier.
    The NS rallies were the tribal bonding mechanisms causing the emergence of the tribal god.

    The so-called Enlightenment sought to relegate the notion of gods to the realm of savage
    superstition. In reality this mindset blinds the victim to the existence of a phenomenon
    which in his mind cannot possibly exist. The tethered ox is then eaten alive by army ants.

    The good news is that the potency of tribal gods is directly proportional to population
    size. Which accounts for the push for multiculturalism, “white guilt”, “austerity” and
    many other “deaths by a thousand cuts”.

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