Just Another White Murdered — Move Along


26-Year-Old Amber Long, Murdered in Front of Her Mother in Philadelphia: Can we just admit the suspects will be black so we can bury the story?

From: Stuff Black People Don’t Like

Amber Long is dead.

Shot in Philadelphia.

Murdered in front of her mother.

The city where the United Constitution was signed in 1787, designating rights devised, not from God, but molded from the experiences of white men to safeguard their future and posterity.

God didn’t give us these freedoms, just as God didn’t take the life of Amber Long.

Nor did God protect Amber. A 26-year-old is dead, the victim of a “robbery gone wrong.”

Shot in Philadelphia.

Murdered in front of her mother.

Two men, wearing hoodies… reports clearly state they were only going for the Amber Long’s just purchased $14 purse, believing it held a treasure of immeasurable value inside.

amber long's mother inset

Amber’s mother had to witness her own daughter cough out her last dying breath. (INCOG)

Amber Long is dead.

Shot in Philadelphia.

Murdered in front of her mother.

A white girl murdered in a city where freedom on this continent was birthed. Initially it was reported the suspect was white (“preliminary investigation suggested” this characterization).

Not true.

Turns out this tip/lead wasn’t true, its source an individual who owed the wrongfully accused suspects money. Snitch and get out of debt didn’t work in this case.

But Amber Long, a 26-year-old white female, is still dead.

Murdered in front of her mother; dying, in fact, at her feet.

She brought Amber into this world, and she watched – helplessly – as she was taken out of this world.

To find her killers, police released the above surveillance video compilation. Video is stopped right before the flash of a gunshot to Amber’s chest; she staggers back to her mother and dies at her feet. You can tell it’s black guys. [INCOG]

Video captures shooting of woman killed for her purse, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1-22-14 [SINCE REMOVED FROM THEIR SITE]:

The encounter captured on video from Front Street on Sunday night is startlingly brief, but heartbreaking, said a source with knowledge of the investigation. It starts with two men, heads down, walking toward two women.

It ends moments later, with a daughter shot in the chest and curled up, dying, at her mother’s feet. The footage is at the center of an investigation into the death of Amber Long, 26, who was killed in front of her mother, Stephanie Long, in Northern Liberties. They were accosted by two men who grabbed their purses as they walked to their car after a party around 10:30 p.m., police said.

They said Amber Long hesitated for a moment, almost reflexively, when she felt the tug at her purse, which she had bought for $14 earlier in the day. On Monday, police said they had two men “of interest” in custody in connection with the shooting. By Tuesday, the case against the men had fallen apart as detectives determined that the tipster who accused them was lying to get out of a drug debt.

Now, police must rely on the surveillance video and additional tips that investigators are “putting on the forefront,” Homicide Capt. James Clark said Tuesday. In the video, the source said, two men with their heads down and hoodies pulled up walk toward Long and her mother. The men flank the women.

One snatches Stephanie Long’s purse, while the other grabs Amber Long’s bag. For an instant, she pulls back, the source said, and the gunman fires a shot into her chest. The men run north on Front Street, Stephanie Long’s purse in hand.

Amber Long staggers toward her mother, the source said, then falls and curls up in the fetal position at her feet. Clark on Tuesday called the crime “vicious” and vowed to find the men responsible, with help from video footage and new tips. He also expressed frustration over Monday’s false lead.

Early Monday, police received information that two men in a house on North Camac Street in Fern Rock had Long’s mother’s purse, credit cards, and a gun. Police obtained a search warrant and brought six people to headquarters for questioning.

At a news conference Monday, Clark said the two men accused by the tipster matched the description of the killers and added that police hoped to make an arrest soon. But when police searched the dilapidated home, Clark said, they found nothing, and the men “of interest” had alibis that checked out.

They were released Tuesday morning – and the tipster who allegedly lied to police, Lamar Beatty, was charged with providing false information. Clark said Beatty, 44, of East Germantown, owed the men a drug debt and tried to get out of it by implicating them in a murder.

Clark said Beatty got the idea after seeing news coverage of the killing. Pressed by investigators, he said, Beatty admitted that he had made up the story.

A $14 purse.



In front of her mother.

suspect-sketch-miami-police-department“We’ll know soon enough the suspects in Amber’s murder fit the description Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey hears over the police radio on a daily basis… “Male black, male black, male black, male black. One after the other. All day long.”

Initial suspects was described as “white”… by some drug addict trying to get out of his paying a debt.

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

The suspect will be found in this crime – where a mother to a murdered daughter watched this act transpire at her feet – and they will be the type individual black Philadephia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey knows all to much about.

A black male. [Annette John-Hall: Phila. police commissioner’s slow burn, Philadelphia Inquirer, 10-22-12]:

But because the “disease” afflicts African American males – who more often than not are victim and shooter – we respond with silence. ‘Where are we going?’

“I’ll give you my police radio and let you listen to the descriptions,” Ramsey offers. ” Male black, male black, male black, male black. One after the other. All day long.”

As a black man and father of a son, “it makes me feel bad,” Ramsey admits. “It makes me feel like, ‘Where are we going?’ ” “Black people are no more prone to violence than any other group of people,” stresses the commissioner.

“But when a community is left with folks who are in many cases unemployed, dealing drugs, doing this and that. . . . I would argue that it’s more economic class than race. Put any group of people in the same environment and you’re going to get the same result.” Which means whole communities living under a cloud of violence and grief, most of them grinding out a living as we all do every day, but with few options to escape the dysfunction that surrounds them. Kids becoming stickup artists at 12, or home invaders at 9.

Or worse, another murder statistic at 16. The thought of it puts Ramsey on a slow burn.

“The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world will be in Philadelphia tomorrow if a cop shoots some kid, especially if it’s a white cop and black kids,” Ramsey fumes, “but where is the outrage when you have black-on-black crime that goes on constantly in these neighborhoods?”

Ramsey notes that while hundreds of Philadelphians marched for justice for Florida teen Trayvon Martin, a West Philadelphia teen, Yasin Harvey, 16, was senselessly gunned down while walking to the store.

“Mistaken identity,” Ramsey explains. “This kid ain’t had nothing to do with anything. Good kid. Where’s the march? He’s one of ours. “We need to stop cherry-picking our outrage. That’s what we do; we cherry-pick our outrage.” 

Amber Long is dead.

Shot in Philadelphia.

Murdered in front of her mother.

We’ll know soon enough this murder was committed by a black male.

Just listen to the police radio in the city, and you’ll know the veracity of the previous sentence.

Once this arrest is made, you’ll never hear or read about Amber Long.

Her murder won’t be the type of story that sells newspapers or attracts viewers to Law and Order; it’s the type of murder that reminds people why Philadelphia (and all of urban America) is no longer a safe place to live.

AMBER AND HER MOTHERAmber (right) with her mother, Stephanie Long.

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    before i forget i want to post a witness to 9-11 who was there and saw a missile hitting the wtc in another post ..i have left out the guys name cus he dont want to go on record .
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    “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason over that of blindfolded fear.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to his nephew Peter Carr.
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    you can google “”police shove handcuffed woman onto the ground”About 29,614 results
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    id say j.b.campbell is right about the sovietized bolshevik communist jew trained american police ..fuck em all …
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  2. t bone says:

    Just found this site. It looks pretty good:

    The Persecution of Revisionists BY JEWS


  3. sog says:

    A freinds testimony About 9/11:
    I remember that day vividly…………. I was working in Telecom, MCI/World Com in Rye Brook Westchester County at the time…………
    First, the North Tower ( the one with the giant antenna on top ) had I believe 12 or 14 floors ( not sure exactly which floors ) totally devoted to telecommunications. I was always dispatching techs to the building whether it was MCI people or other vendors. NexTel was the largest carrier in that building but Verizon as well as WorldCom,AT&T, Sprint you name it had co-locations ( refered to ‘ co-lo’s ‘ in telecom terms ) on those floors……………………This was an extrememly vital part of MCI’s long distance network.

    To explain better : A co-location is a ‘ hand off ‘ point between two different carriers. Verizon might have say a phone line coming into the colo, that phone line would then be ‘ cross-connected ‘ ( jumpered ) to an MCI line going out of the colo. Even though the owner of the phone line only sees his line being own by Verizon, in reality it’s shared between Verizon and MCI. Incidently, Verizon pays a fee to MCI for using MCI’s portion of the line and visa-versa.

    This is a very common practice among all carriers making the network totally interconnected.

    MCI had an office on Church St about 2 blocks away from the trade center. When the first plane ( or missle ) hit the North Tower everyone in the Church St office was evacuated. My team in Rye Brook was instructed to stay at our desks ( No lunch, cig or coffee breaks ) in case the fire effected the colo’s we had in the North Tower to access any damage remotely.

    I called a friend of mine who worked in the Chruch St office, who was evacuated and standing in the street about a block from the Trade Center. I called his cell, he picked up and was giving me a play by play of what was going on in the area. It was total panic and pandemonium, and I could hear it all over his cell as we were talking. Fire trucks going by, police cars, people screaming, I heard it all as we were talking. We continued talking on his cell about what had happened when all of a sudden he started screaming into his cell phone ” Oh MY God Oh MY God’, over and over again, then I heard what sounded like an explosion.

    These were his exact words to me : ‘ HOLY FUCK! Rog a missile hit the trade center !! It was like a missile went right though the building, I saw the whole thing!! ‘ – that sentence is forever embodied in my brain. To this day I can recall and hear his voice on the cell. At the time I didn’t really grasp the significance of what he said. He was an eye witness, on the ground, a block away from the Trade Center talking about a missile hitting the other tower and I was an ‘ ear ‘ witness on the phone. I heard everything, from the sound of the jet to the explosion, right over his cell phone.

    We stayed on the phone another 10-15 min’s, this whole time he’s telling me whats was going on downtown by the trade center, finally he was so shaken by this event he told me he wanted to get out of the city and he’d call back and then abruptly hung up.

    I had contacted other employees from that office to make sure they were alright. Everyone ended up being ok.

    But it was an experience I’ll never forget.

    I pretty much bought the ‘ official ‘ interpretation of events. I was working massive overtime trying to rebuild the network we lost in the North Tower so I was only paying scarse attention to what was going on at ground zero.

    Then things started coming up about the whole thing that didn’t make sense :

    – Both the North Tower and South Tower fell in a state of free fall, un-impeded, into they’re own foot prints. Apparently by fire weakening the structural steel.

    – No other building in the history of sky scrappers have ever fell in this manner, this despite the fact that a skyscrapper in Venezuela a few years before 9/11 burned for over 24 hrs and never collapsed.

    – Building 7 fell in a state of free fall, un-impeded, into it’s own foot print. The 9/11 Commission Report didn’t even give it mention. And NIST ( The National Institute of Standards and Technology ) in there final report on Building 7 gave no definitive answer as to why building 7 collapsed.

    – To date there are no clear images of what hit the Pentagon despite the fact that they’re were a total of 85 cameras at the Pentagon as well as the surrounding area working at the time. The FBI immediately confiscated all the video tapes the day of 9/11.

    – No substantial plane wreckage was ever found that either the Pentagon or Shanksville sites.

    – A General in Pakistani Intelligence services ( ISI ( Inter-Services Intelligence Service ) wired Mohammad Atta ( The so called ring leader of the hi-jackers ) $100,000 days before the attack.

    – A BBC correspondent in New York, broadcasting on live television, was filmed stating that building 7 had just collapsed, when it is seen clearly standing in the background of the live feed. The reporter continued to broadcast with building 7 in the background for approximently 3-4 minutes talking about the collapse before the live feed was lost.

    – Molten metal was found under both the twin towers and Building 7 rubble with temperatures in excess of 2000F. These fires continued to burn despite heavey rain fall on Sept 13 and 14th and a constant stream of a mixture of fire retardant and water flowing onto the rubble by the NYFD. These fires continued to burn until December 13th making them the longest burning structural fire in history.

    – Jet fuel from the planes that hit to towers would not be sufficient to cause these un-usually high temperatures.

    – These unusually high temperatures were verified by NASA satellite thermal imaging of ground zero

    – Fire Fighters, the media as well as citizens all reported secondary explosions before the towers collapse.

    – In 2002 the FBI released the cockpit flight recorder from flight 93 to the relatives of the victims as long as they didn’t mention what they heard to the press. For some unknown reason the last three minutes of the recordings are un-accounted for ( ie missing ). There was never any official explanation for this three minute discrepancy.

    – To date the cockpit voice recorder of Flight 93 has yet to be released to the public.

    Bro….the list goes on and on and on and on…so listen, I have done my homework as far as 9/11. The problem is I’m so mad at these people for ‘ hi-jacking ‘ our country and turning into a fascist state that it’s becoming.

    Someone once wrote : ‘ A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government. ‘.

    Those words have never rang so true…………………………………ok hmmm shit ..a missile ..
    hey pat what do ya think o that eye witness account ..just curious..

  4. sog says:

    cops digitally searching peoples orifcices on the side of the road ..tsa ..its like israeli treatment of palestinians mostly ..

  5. Flanders says:

    There is a good accounting for the jew problems throughout different time eras – and areas – in the tract linked below. It’s obvious – jews have never changed. The jew tribe has hidden behind “religion” and “race” as a convenience to extend the length and severity of damages to their host. The jew tribe have continued moving from one place they have savaged to newer worldly places of jews damage which are enough to make people remove them again. The jews now seek to savage the entire world and to reign over the world as kings while doing so.

    “In practicing usury on the Christians among whom he dwelt the Jew showed that he regarded them not as brethren but as strangers.

    The Jews in the Middle Ages after all were not so maltreated as to prevent them from amassing what was for that time enormous wealth. Of this they appear in those days, as they sometimes do in these, to have made ostentatious and, in the eyes of natives and Christians, especially if they had been victims of extortion, offensive use. A Cortes in Portugal, in 1481, complained of Jewish luxury and display, of Jews who rode splendidly caparisoned [ornamentally covered] horses, wore silk doublets [ornamented jackets], carried jewel-hilted swords, and entered churches where they mocked the worship. Jewish haughtiness seems sometimes even to have indulged in insults to the popular religion. At Oxford it mocks the miracles of St. Frydeswide before her votaries, assaults a religious procession, and tramples on the cross. At Lynn the Jews attack a church to drag out a convert from Judaism to Christianity, for whose blood they thirsted, and the people of the place are half afraid to resist them, knowing that they are protected by the king.

    Besides their usury, the Jews were suspected of clipping the coin. Their function as the middlemen of royal rapacity must have been most odious, not least when they handled for the king Church estates which he had wrongfully taken into his hands. In expelling them from England, Edward I, the best of kings, no doubt thought that he was doing a good deed, while his people were unquestionably grateful. The worthy Abbot Samson, of St. Edmondbury, in the same way earned the gratitude of the people of that place by ridding it of the Jews. The clearest, as well as the most terrible, case of persecution of the Jews for religion was in Spain, and there, it must be remembered, when the Jew was burned, the Christian suspected of heresy was burned at his side.”

    The author spoke on the jew problem of Russia, Europe and the USA in the next statements:

    “Jewish ascendancy and the anti-Semitic movement provoked by it form an important feature of the European situation, and are beginning to excite attention in America. Mr. Arnold White, Baron Hirsch’s commissioner, says, in a plea for the Russian Jews (“The Truth about the Russian Jew,” Contemporary Review, May 1892), that “almost without exception the press throughout Europe is in Jewish hands, and is largely produced by Jewish brains;” that “international finance is captive to Jewish energy and skill;” that in England the fall of the Barings has left the house of Rothschild alone in its supremacy; and that in every line the Jews are fast becoming our masters. Wind and tide, in a money-loving age, are in favor of the financial race.

    At the same time the anti-Semitic movement gains ground. From Russia, Germany, Austria, and the Danubian Principalities, it spreads to the Ionian Islands; it has broken out in France; symptoms of it have appeared even in the United States. Yet there is a persistent misapprehension of the real nature of the agitation. It is assumed that the quarrel is religious. The anti-Semites are supposed to be a party of fanatics renewing the persecutions to which the Jews were exposed on account of their faith in the dark ages, and every one who, handling the question critically, fails to show undivided sympathy with the Israelites is set down as a religious persecutor. The Jews naturally foster this impression, and, as Mr. Arnold White tells us, the press of Europe is in their hands.”

    “The Vexing ‘Jewish Question’: A Nineteenth-Century Scholar’s View”

  6. Flanders says:

    125 pages of jews who “emigrated” to the United States after the jews declared war on Germany, and 200 of 379 pages of more (probably all jews) who went other places (but may include some names from the first category). The jews classify it as an “escape”, “a flight to avoid persecution” or as “disapora” once the jews abuses to the citizens of one country have caused them to recognize that it is time to seek other victims in another country.



  7. Flanders says:

    “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” – Prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, President of the World Wildlife Fund

    Old Philistine Phil was likely born a virus parasite in this life.

    “Here are some things you never knew about Philip Mountbatten and the Royal Family.

    Prince Philip attended Bilderberger meetings in 1965 and 1967.
    He accepted an award from the Israeli government honouring his mother, Princess Alice because:

    “She hid three Jews in the palace in Athens during the Nazi occupation of Greece in 1943-1944.”
    Princess Alice was buried in Israel.

    Rumour has it that Duke Ernst of Coburg, the father of Queen Victoria’s husband, was homosexual. This rumour suggests that Prince Albert was the son of his supposed father’s Jewish chamberlain.”

    “[T]here is the interesting fact that the Royal family has always been proud to claim direct descent from the Jewish House of David.

    The first and second world wars got rid of a hell of a lot of white, northern European types and the Spanish Flu, which followed WWI, disappeared a great many more. We’re talking more than fifty million here. That’s fifty million that didn’t have slitty-eyes, a black or brown skin and a conservatory. That’s fifty million just like you and me. And, aside from the chemtrails, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis (and devastated atomic facilities that are still, as yet, untamed) one is always vaguely aware that the next (artificially created?) Bird Flu/Ebola/AIDS pandemic may be the one Prince Phil has been crying out for. On top of which there are, of course, the Iraqs, Afghanistans and the perennial planetary conflicts the press rarely mention.

    A lot of people find it easy not to give a damn when it’s happening somewhere else but, just for a moment, imagine a world, where fat-cat commerce is more important than millions and millions of lives. Now, consider how you might feel when British Airways brings your next door neighbour back from a Vietnam in the grips of another encounter with Bird Flu. And he sneezes in your direction. Do you think you might find yourself holding your breath (in a politically incorrect kind of way) for a minute or two?

    And when that once nationalised now multinational airline brings an AIDS-infected African chap or an Asian with TB to your next dinner party, do you think you’ll be spoon-feeding him the caviar, like you did last time?

    And when that airliner take you to New Orleans and you get stuck in some stench-filled superdome with a few hundred tons of mean, black hatred and threat, are you going to be grateful to a corporate and political world that didn’t bother to warn you of the weather and the racial realities, because the bottom line might have been affected if they had?

    Oh, there are a billion ways to exterminate the lemming, folks, and, though the Philip Mountbattens may not be aware of them all, the secret rulers of the earth undoubtedly are.”


  8. Hoff says:

    One main reason why people dont get the jews take is because the jews contradict everything. I will give you clear cut examples. One jew capitalist, Jacob Schiff gave the communist jews money. Why would a capitalist support a communist? Simply because the jew fraud communism is all about the jews taking control of all nonjews countries. What jews will control the state is all about jew gang war. Bolshevik and menshevik was nothing but jew gang war.

    If communism is all about getting rid of capitalists, then why was the jew capitalist Olof Aschberg appointed chairman of the central bank in Soviet?

    It dont make sense, until you understand that communism is a jew fraud.

    In a link the AJC, or was it ADL? Complained about the jews bs accusation “antisemitism” in Soviet during Stalin in the 1950.

    First,”antisemitism” was punished with a bullet to the neck. This was the law in the jew ruled Soviet. Who, except jews could make such law.

    The jews was in total control of the Soviet state. But one day the jews decided to hand over their guns to russians? Just like that? Because they feelt bad over what they had done to Russia?”

    The accusation that jews was persecuted in Soviet is totally jew propaganda bullshit.

    What the jews do is they create their own “opposition”, all in order to confuse ignorant nonjews.

    The jews will also tell you they were pursecuted in Chekoslavia and Poland. Yeah, right. The whole east europe was totally ruled by jews. False flag op and controlled opposition.

    But to get it you must know that Soviet totally ruled by the jews.

    The Soviet was one big concentration camp where russians was killed by the ten millions in the name of communism. How many times every day of your life was you told this in school, on radio, on talmudvision in endless magazines and daily papers?

    No, you wasnt but every day all your life you are told about the holohoax. Nothing Germany did is even close to the jews pre planned mass murder of all russians who even remotely could stop the jews from stealing the worlds largest country.

    What do that tell you about what you are told? The jews as culprits or as victims?

  9. Flanders says:

    ““The numbers of western women travelling to lesser developed countries to have sex with the local men has risen dramatically in the past few years. Unfortunately the most popular sex tourist destinations appear to be areas with severe HIV AIDS issues. These women have unprotected sex with men in Africa then come home and give it to their husbands.”

    “I came across a case recently where a married man and woman were both infected by HIV along with their two young children.”


  10. sog says:

    a list of charges brought against kikes and the reasons for their expulsions from countries and this indicates truly that they are all in on it in some way shape or form together ..the atty. general under jefferson davis ,benjamin judah’s family had escaped from “persecution” over seas and fled to the usa …persecution litterly translates to criminal prosecution for the usual usary ,swindles etc …when gauleiter goebbels cleaned out berlins den of jewiosh filth the kikes ran scurrying to hollywoodland and NYC and told all manner of lampshade and jew soup mentallity fabkes against germany ..
    even the very term liberation is really meant as free killing zone for jews to operate freely and kill and rape more people under communism ..
    We Jews have made the World War! We, Jews, are nothing else than the world’s seducers, its incendiaries, its executioners! Our last revolution is not yet made! We, Jews, invented the myth of the “Chosen People.” Dr. Oscar Levy, prominent London Jew

    In the Modern Era JEWRY was expelled, punished or
    exposed by many Aryan States including the following:
    restricted JEWRY for slave trade, prostitution, and pimpery.
    1253 FRANCE — restrictions for violating Civil Law.
    1255 ENGLAND — 18 hanged for ritual murder.
    1275 ENGLAND — Parliamentary proscription of
    JEW usury.
    1290 ENGLAND — expelled from England for trea-
    son, etc.
    1300 RUSSIA — ongoing warfare between Aryan Rus
    and Khazars culminating in Bolshevik Revolution and
    ILLUMINATI take-over of Russia/Eastern Europe, and
    1348 SAXONY — expels JEWS to Poland, Turkey;
    1360 HUNGARY — expels JEWS for violations of
    Civil Law.
    1370 BELGIUM — expels JEWS for usury, treason.
    1380 SLOVAKIA — expels JEWS for usury, treason,
    1420 AUSTRIA — expels JEWS for violation of Civil
    1444 NETHERLANDS — expels JEWS for usury,
    treason, pimping.
    1492 SPAIN — expels JEWS for blasphemy, treason…600 years of treason …piracy ,child kidnapping ,selling of children turned into eunichs for sale ..death penalty for conviction ..this the jews call persecution ..sick minds thet need elimination ..
    1495 LITHUANIA — expels JEWS for violation of
    Civil Law.
    1498 PORTUGAL — expels JEWS for blasphemy,
    1540 ITALY — expels JEWS for blasphemy, murder,
    1551 BAVARIA — expels JEWS for treason.
    1913 RUSSIA — expels Bolsheviks for treason, murder.
    TRIA, CROATIA, VICHY FRANCE, expel JEWS for trea-
    sonous activities, usury, murder.
    1953 U.S.A. — Congress identifies and convicts JEW
    1966 U.S.A. — Senator McCarthy proven correct ,,JEW ‘r’ spies…jonathan poltard pollard and the neo cons all spied ..the list is endless littany of dual zionist kikes in thw white house spyin..why should polltard be released just because he is a swine jew and robert hanssen still gets to do life ..Barack Obama bombarded with demands for release of Jonathan polltard…
    1990 CANADA — Zundel Trials prove “HOLO-CAUST” a HOAX.
    1999 U.S.A — JEWish espionage in usa out of fuckin control
    The JEW has already emancipated himself in the juden way: The kike who is for example merely tolerated in Vienna determines by his money power the fate of the entire German Empire. The joo who is without rights in the smallest German state decides the fate of Europe…kARL mARX, “A World Without Jews,” 1840 …..
    from as far back as 1880’s germans were in peril from slavic and other shits ..

  11. Flanders says:


    Asked how many white people are mean, these children commonly answered, ‘ALMOST NONE’ Asked how many blacks are mean, many answered ‘SOME’ or ‘A LOT’. Even kids who attended diverse schools answered the questions this way…

    Of all those Vittrup told to talk openly about interracial friendship, only six families managed to actually do so. And, for all six, THEIR CHILDREN DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED THEIR RACIAL ATTITUDES IN A SINGLE WEEK…

    Reflecting later about the study, Vittrup said, ‘A lot of parents came to me afterwards and admitted they just didn’t know what to say to their kids, and THEY DIDN’T WANT THE WRONG THING COMING OUT OF THE MOUTH OF THEIR KIDS’…

    Vittrup’s mentor at the University of Texas, Rebecca Bigler… think(s) IT’S IMPORTANT TO TALK TO CHILDREN ABOUT RACE AS EARLY AS THE AGE OF 3.”

    “In 1988, Katharine Graham said this in a speech at the CIA’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia:

    Which is about as Big Sisterish a statement as we dumb herd types are ever going to find out about.

    It’s just about the equal of this one:

    “It’s horifying to imagine kids being proud to be white.”
    The supreme Court Justice, for whom Ms Graham’s husband worked, Felix Frankfurter, was Jewish.

    In his 2003, biography, Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Champion of Freedom, notorious jailbird and former owner of The Telegraph and Jerusalem Post, Conrad Black, tells us this:

    “It was the proximity of Frankfurter, (Ben) Cohen, and (Louis) Brandeis to Roosevelt and their deep involvement in the Zionist cause that apparently convinced Hitler that Roosevelt’s was a Jewish-dominated government.”
    Katharine Graham and her father, Eugene Meyer, were also Jewish, as is the Washington Post’s current owner, Donald, Katharine’s son.”


  12. Eric says:

    Yes, the parasite has weaved its black jid majik when the true King of England
    doesn’t give a shit…
    Aussie Mike the true King of England
    The man named by historians as the rightful heir to the English throne has a republican’s disdain for the big job. Matthew Benns enjoyed tea with the reluctant monarch.
    Read More :

  13. Flanders says:

    “Speaking at the United States Conference of Mayors on Friday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the approximately 11 million people who are in the country illegally have “earned the right to be citizens.”.

    Citizenship by governmental edict is not AMERICAN citizenship, nor is it legal. That any illegal has “earned” anything is mostly laughable and a lie. The only thing most of the jew imported illegals earn are the benefits and the free monies supplied by the past earned taxes of real Americans, and all the extras they soon learn to scrounge from drugs, crime and unreported earnings while taking the money and benefits away from Americans. So long as the jews control the politics and the media of the American people the illegal importation (“immigration”) of minority illegals will never stop.


  14. sog says:

    yeah flanders and anyone else thinking iof taking that african cruise to see the beautiful african country and all its wonderment of inventive modern benevolent progressive intelligent peoples ..you probably knew i was joking by the time i said intelligent ,,lmao..
    caveat emptor ..if you buy a slave today he will want a cell phone ,white women,a loud radio ,a free crack pipe and free car wiff 25 inche wheels and a free gat ..gnomesayn ..
    traveler alert ..lots of whites are raped in africa and some dumb white shitlikkers actually feel thet they deserve it ..oy vey where ist der glorarheea steinham …dis ist verbotten ..
    so anyway onward to the point ..170,000,000 filthy useless niggers in africa have HIV ..
    i often wondered in my liberal days turning conspiracy sleuth why the world health org would vaccinate all the niggers with the live aids virus ..its much quicker to kill with starvation but the slidarity and strenght of decent whites in south africa kept the vultures at bay till the anti white racist anti aparthied tards started to do the jews dirty work ..anyway the BOERS didnt invent “apartheid ” and actuall recinded much of it later even prior to the turnoing over of the white run guvt to the stupid african cannabul bush niggers ..and the murdering anc who blames all their murdering handiwork on the whites …but to use the nigger as a living bio hazard weapon to help destroy south africa ..Another reason why the jewluminati /commies had to eliminate the legitamate benevolent soverign Apartheid government of SA, is due to the fact that SA was quite a strong military power.
    SA had a larger military than the rest of Africa combined, and were in possession of various Missiles, and 6 Nuclear bombs……..All of which were dismantled and sold off after the ANC takeover ……………………
    In their drive towards a one world government( jewish dictatorship), they can’t afford to have military superpowers who could resist the shitkikes …………………………………………..
    speaking of insane nigger posse violence ,mandela comes to mind ..all this nigger did was just to kill whites who never bothered him ..hell they would have even released this turd if he would just renounce his violent ways ..etc ..they should a shot him in the face …nigger…
    you know uh sorry for the jumping around a bit but the niggers and jews are keeping us busy with catchup reading ..

  15. sog says:

    that asshole jeh johnson is a jewish common surname ..sneak under a fence and become super citizen and be eligable for extrordinary rights and priviliedges ..yeah ..la raza ..viva mehikko ..11 million cockroaches have earned citizenship especially the ones that terroirse white civilaians citizens ..cus dat is the way marxism rolls ..they always let the criminal run free cus they aren anywhere near as dangerous as the jews ..but are dangerous to you and me white people ..””””All of which were dismantled and sold off after the ANC takeover ,for crack ….cus duh white debbil beez keepin duh genius black man down an makin dim smoke duh crack all duh time n shit ..
    i have a dream ..get all whites out of africa and nuke the whole fucking place ..stem to stern ,starbrd to port …good bye ..the other half of my dream is to see a mushrrom cloud over tel aviv …shucks ,ill bet that would hurt a bit ..
    oy vey the 90,000 that got away 2 differnt times ..shhhh……………………
    either the kike and his niggers go or were gone …

  16. Flanders says:

    I’ve not examined this site closely, but it is correct in much it has to say in this article, and has many details I didn’t previously know about.

    “Truth is that the revision of the English Bible began well in advance of 1853 and that it was an integral part of a grand scheme to destroy Western Christian Civilisation orchestrated by the Secret Masters of the Secret Societies. This Secret Agenda is ancient, massive and all-encompassing operating in every sphere of human organisation, and especially, in that part called Christianity. The dark Empire of Secret Societies – via innumerable fronts and disparate groups – desire to deny the divinity of Christ and all this entails and have worked tirelessly for centuries to do this in a variety of ways. And the corruption of Scripture, of Holy Writ, is an imperative of these wicked and evil people.

    The Secret Masters of the Dark Empire of Secret Societies assigned many people the task of corrupting Christianity and also directed others to concentrate upon corrupting the King James Bible by, especially, interpolating concepts into Bible teachings that hitherto had not existed. The revision of the English Bible began well in advance of 1853 and at least in the early 1800s where it manifested as the joint project of the Church of England and American Baptists: a project moreover sponsored and financed by the House of Rothschild through their innumerable fronts, but especially via Judaeo-Freemasonry, which they had carefully crafted and financed into being.”
    “Thus, Freemasons’ Hall in London, the home of the United Grand Lodge of England became a popular venue for many events, amongst which are recorded meetings of the British and Foreign Bible Society.

    The purpose of these Freemasonic projects was to lay the foundations of Christian Zionism and to make preparations for a Zionist Jewish State in Palestine by rendering Scripture as an instrument of Zionism. The ultimate goal being the establishment of a World Empire under the direct control of Freemasonry, or rather, the under the rule of the Masonic Christ sitting on his throne in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.

    The Secret Societies have deeply infiltrated the Protestant churches, have their placemen and agentur in positions of power and influence, and have used these traitors to destroy them from within. Such was and is the situation with the American Baptists…”.
    [American Baptists in 1836] “formed a new Bible Society, the American and Foreign Bible Society “to promote a wider circulation of the Holy Scriptures, in the most faithful version that can be procured.” This to was the year that Amschel Mayer Rothschild (1773-1855) posing as the first and pre-eminent Jewish Zionist purchased land in Palestine supposedly at the behest of Talmudic rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795-1874) who appealed to Rothschild to buy, if not completely, the land of Israel, then, at least, the city of Jerusalem. But, if not the city then the environs of the Temple in order to “bring about the miraculous redemption from below.” Kalischer, like all Jewish Zionists, asserted that the salvation promised by the Old Testament prophets could come only gradually and by self-help and direct action from the Jews.”

    Considerable more details are at the link.


  17. Hoff says:

    even the very term liberation is really meant as free killing zone for jews to operate freely and kill and rape more people under communism ..


    When the jew ruled Soviet attacked and invaded and got total control of the state the jews called that “liberating”.

    Then the jews did what they did to Russia, killed everybody the jews even remotely suspected could threaten the jews control of that country.

    See Romanov, the russian king, his wife and all his children was killed by the jews. This is what the jews did to the entire elite in all the countries the jews “liberated” with their proxy war machine Soviet.

    Today USA is the jews proxy war machine for jew world conquest.

  18. Flanders says:

    I’ve been wondering whether if someone had access to a fully stocked grocery store, and then removed every item which was marked with a Kosher branding, just how the nearly empty shelves would look in a video. The jew-extorted international tax on people’s products, once it became obvious, could help some people who have never thought about it start to understand that there is a big jew problem.

  19. Hoff says:

    The Education industry is a political tool for moulding young minds. It can be abused. It has been abused. It is being abused.Keith Windschuttle blew the whistle on one nasty and dangerous example, the teaching of early history in Australia.  His major book on the subject is The Fabrication Of Aboriginal History. He was written up in the Wikipedia for his pains.


    A mixture of fact, half truth, opinion and omission is a standard way of misleading us.


  20. Hoff says:

    Written by Brenton Sanderson on August 16, 2012 — 65 CommentsThe History of Judaism in Australia Jews have been present in Australia since the beginning of European settlement. Around a dozen Jewish convicts came with the First Fleet in 1788. When the transportation of convicts to eastern Australia ended in 1853, around 800 of the 151,000 convicts to have arrived were of Jewish origin. The […]


  21. sog says:

    the universal poisoned religions and non religions ..presbyteriat , jewdayism,methodist,all good covers for ill concived agendas ..someone of ilk can say oh im a presbuhteerieean yeah suh ..no validation is needed and is instantly accapeted..anyone can become a memeber of these entities ..someone who entirely rejects religion for the sake of sanity is not really a bad person in relity ..since the true nature of knowing your god has nothing to do with religion as well ..anyone who supports israel is greivously mis-led ,and may mean well but the path to hell is paved with good intentions ..judeao christains obviously never study any biblical or histrionix except for what they are fed in sunday indoctrination ..GOD most probably is not to be found in any of these church groups ..jews and israel are absoulutely not holy people or a holy land ..the kazaar fake israhlites have murdered 3 million mixed religious palestinians over the last 70 or so years ..but then ,genocide is the jews second nature next to theft and murder..

  22. mandy says:

    3 adult “youths” murdered David Santucci in a reported “failed robbery” even though they never got closer than 10 feet from him. Amazing how these are always called “failed robberies”. That is total bull$hit.
    Via LaydeeLiberty channel

    I hope someone is keeping track of these because other than COCC, OakwoodNS, & NewNationNews, I don’t know of anyone documenting or revealing the daily white genocide.
    Compare this to the ADL who receive 10’s of millions a year for crimes like rocks thrown at buses, graffiti, & name calling.
    This is an hourly occurrence and the crimes are so beyond what should be front page headlines. Tortures, whole families lit on fire, elderly beaten to death by multiple toads, etc.


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