Just Another White Murdered — Move Along


26-Year-Old Amber Long, Murdered in Front of Her Mother in Philadelphia: Can we just admit the suspects will be black so we can bury the story?

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Amber Long is dead.

Shot in Philadelphia.

Murdered in front of her mother.

The city where the United Constitution was signed in 1787, designating rights devised, not from God, but molded from the experiences of white men to safeguard their future and posterity.

God didn’t give us these freedoms, just as God didn’t take the life of Amber Long.

Nor did God protect Amber. A 26-year-old is dead, the victim of a “robbery gone wrong.”

Shot in Philadelphia.

Murdered in front of her mother.

Two men, wearing hoodies… reports clearly state they were only going for the Amber Long’s just purchased $14 purse, believing it held a treasure of immeasurable value inside.

amber long's mother inset

Amber’s mother had to witness her own daughter cough out her last dying breath. (INCOG)

Amber Long is dead.

Shot in Philadelphia.

Murdered in front of her mother.

A white girl murdered in a city where freedom on this continent was birthed. Initially it was reported the suspect was white (“preliminary investigation suggested” this characterization).

Not true.

Turns out this tip/lead wasn’t true, its source an individual who owed the wrongfully accused suspects money. Snitch and get out of debt didn’t work in this case.

But Amber Long, a 26-year-old white female, is still dead.

Murdered in front of her mother; dying, in fact, at her feet.

She brought Amber into this world, and she watched – helplessly – as she was taken out of this world.

To find her killers, police released the above surveillance video compilation. Video is stopped right before the flash of a gunshot to Amber’s chest; she staggers back to her mother and dies at her feet. You can tell it’s black guys. [INCOG]

Video captures shooting of woman killed for her purse, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1-22-14 [SINCE REMOVED FROM THEIR SITE]:

The encounter captured on video from Front Street on Sunday night is startlingly brief, but heartbreaking, said a source with knowledge of the investigation. It starts with two men, heads down, walking toward two women.

It ends moments later, with a daughter shot in the chest and curled up, dying, at her mother’s feet. The footage is at the center of an investigation into the death of Amber Long, 26, who was killed in front of her mother, Stephanie Long, in Northern Liberties. They were accosted by two men who grabbed their purses as they walked to their car after a party around 10:30 p.m., police said.

They said Amber Long hesitated for a moment, almost reflexively, when she felt the tug at her purse, which she had bought for $14 earlier in the day. On Monday, police said they had two men “of interest” in custody in connection with the shooting. By Tuesday, the case against the men had fallen apart as detectives determined that the tipster who accused them was lying to get out of a drug debt.

Now, police must rely on the surveillance video and additional tips that investigators are “putting on the forefront,” Homicide Capt. James Clark said Tuesday. In the video, the source said, two men with their heads down and hoodies pulled up walk toward Long and her mother. The men flank the women.

One snatches Stephanie Long’s purse, while the other grabs Amber Long’s bag. For an instant, she pulls back, the source said, and the gunman fires a shot into her chest. The men run north on Front Street, Stephanie Long’s purse in hand.

Amber Long staggers toward her mother, the source said, then falls and curls up in the fetal position at her feet. Clark on Tuesday called the crime “vicious” and vowed to find the men responsible, with help from video footage and new tips. He also expressed frustration over Monday’s false lead.

Early Monday, police received information that two men in a house on North Camac Street in Fern Rock had Long’s mother’s purse, credit cards, and a gun. Police obtained a search warrant and brought six people to headquarters for questioning.

At a news conference Monday, Clark said the two men accused by the tipster matched the description of the killers and added that police hoped to make an arrest soon. But when police searched the dilapidated home, Clark said, they found nothing, and the men “of interest” had alibis that checked out.

They were released Tuesday morning – and the tipster who allegedly lied to police, Lamar Beatty, was charged with providing false information. Clark said Beatty, 44, of East Germantown, owed the men a drug debt and tried to get out of it by implicating them in a murder.

Clark said Beatty got the idea after seeing news coverage of the killing. Pressed by investigators, he said, Beatty admitted that he had made up the story.

A $14 purse.



In front of her mother.

suspect-sketch-miami-police-department“We’ll know soon enough the suspects in Amber’s murder fit the description Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey hears over the police radio on a daily basis… “Male black, male black, male black, male black. One after the other. All day long.”

Initial suspects was described as “white”… by some drug addict trying to get out of his paying a debt.

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

The suspect will be found in this crime – where a mother to a murdered daughter watched this act transpire at her feet – and they will be the type individual black Philadephia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey knows all to much about.

A black male. [Annette John-Hall: Phila. police commissioner’s slow burn, Philadelphia Inquirer, 10-22-12]:

But because the “disease” afflicts African American males – who more often than not are victim and shooter – we respond with silence. ‘Where are we going?’

“I’ll give you my police radio and let you listen to the descriptions,” Ramsey offers. ” Male black, male black, male black, male black. One after the other. All day long.”

As a black man and father of a son, “it makes me feel bad,” Ramsey admits. “It makes me feel like, ‘Where are we going?’ ” “Black people are no more prone to violence than any other group of people,” stresses the commissioner.

“But when a community is left with folks who are in many cases unemployed, dealing drugs, doing this and that. . . . I would argue that it’s more economic class than race. Put any group of people in the same environment and you’re going to get the same result.” Which means whole communities living under a cloud of violence and grief, most of them grinding out a living as we all do every day, but with few options to escape the dysfunction that surrounds them. Kids becoming stickup artists at 12, or home invaders at 9.

Or worse, another murder statistic at 16. The thought of it puts Ramsey on a slow burn.

“The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world will be in Philadelphia tomorrow if a cop shoots some kid, especially if it’s a white cop and black kids,” Ramsey fumes, “but where is the outrage when you have black-on-black crime that goes on constantly in these neighborhoods?”

Ramsey notes that while hundreds of Philadelphians marched for justice for Florida teen Trayvon Martin, a West Philadelphia teen, Yasin Harvey, 16, was senselessly gunned down while walking to the store.

“Mistaken identity,” Ramsey explains. “This kid ain’t had nothing to do with anything. Good kid. Where’s the march? He’s one of ours. “We need to stop cherry-picking our outrage. That’s what we do; we cherry-pick our outrage.” 

Amber Long is dead.

Shot in Philadelphia.

Murdered in front of her mother.

We’ll know soon enough this murder was committed by a black male.

Just listen to the police radio in the city, and you’ll know the veracity of the previous sentence.

Once this arrest is made, you’ll never hear or read about Amber Long.

Her murder won’t be the type of story that sells newspapers or attracts viewers to Law and Order; it’s the type of murder that reminds people why Philadelphia (and all of urban America) is no longer a safe place to live.

AMBER AND HER MOTHERAmber (right) with her mother, Stephanie Long.


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  1. Hoff says:

    The Education industry is a political tool for moulding young minds. It can be abused. It has been abused. It is being abused.Keith Windschuttle blew the whistle on one nasty and dangerous example, the teaching of early history in Australia.  His major book on the subject is The Fabrication Of Aboriginal History. He was written up in the Wikipedia for his pains.


    A mixture of fact, half truth, opinion and omission is a standard way of misleading us.


  2. Hoff says:

    Written by Brenton Sanderson on August 16, 2012 — 65 CommentsThe History of Judaism in Australia Jews have been present in Australia since the beginning of European settlement. Around a dozen Jewish convicts came with the First Fleet in 1788. When the transportation of convicts to eastern Australia ended in 1853, around 800 of the 151,000 convicts to have arrived were of Jewish origin. The […]


  3. sog says:

    the universal poisoned religions and non religions ..presbyteriat , jewdayism,methodist,all good covers for ill concived agendas ..someone of ilk can say oh im a presbuhteerieean yeah suh ..no validation is needed and is instantly accapeted..anyone can become a memeber of these entities ..someone who entirely rejects religion for the sake of sanity is not really a bad person in relity ..since the true nature of knowing your god has nothing to do with religion as well ..anyone who supports israel is greivously mis-led ,and may mean well but the path to hell is paved with good intentions ..judeao christains obviously never study any biblical or histrionix except for what they are fed in sunday indoctrination ..GOD most probably is not to be found in any of these church groups ..jews and israel are absoulutely not holy people or a holy land ..the kazaar fake israhlites have murdered 3 million mixed religious palestinians over the last 70 or so years ..but then ,genocide is the jews second nature next to theft and murder..

  4. mandy says:

    3 adult “youths” murdered David Santucci in a reported “failed robbery” even though they never got closer than 10 feet from him. Amazing how these are always called “failed robberies”. That is total bull$hit.
    Via LaydeeLiberty channel

    I hope someone is keeping track of these because other than COCC, OakwoodNS, & NewNationNews, I don’t know of anyone documenting or revealing the daily white genocide.
    Compare this to the ADL who receive 10’s of millions a year for crimes like rocks thrown at buses, graffiti, & name calling.
    This is an hourly occurrence and the crimes are so beyond what should be front page headlines. Tortures, whole families lit on fire, elderly beaten to death by multiple toads, etc.


  5. allenE says:

    bet they both voted liberal democrat

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