Face Facts: White People ROCK!


JAMIE ANDERSON INSETAmerican snowboarder Jamie Anderson takes the Gold in the Women’s slopestyle at the Sochi Olympics! Not only is Jamie a fantastic snowboarder, but is another beautiful example of the White race (right). Congratulations, Jamie!

And sure, Jamie might be a bit of a hippie and eat granola, but that’s OK. I’m certain Whites like Jamie, would feel pride at being a White person, should they somehow manage to get past the purposeful efforts of anti-White racial brainwashing and guilt trips the Jew media has felt free to run on our heads every GD minute of the day for the last fifty years.

All you got to do is think it out by yourself — the multifaceted, hugely capable White race has brought enormously wonderful, beautiful things to the world. The talents and intelligence of Whites, both on and off any sporting fields, are literally legendary in the history of the planet. Our civilizations, technologies and culture are so incredible that all the other races have long envied and tried to emulate, or simply taken the easy way out by moving to our lands. Just do the barest of research and thinking on your own and you will indeed get it. Be proud of your White heritage!

And to the militant, racist White-haters who don’t like the Winter Olympics because they think it’s “too white” — I got this to say to the filthy creeps: KISS MY PEARLY WHITE REAR END!

Anna SidorovaRussia’s sexy curler, Anna Sidorava.

Silje NorendalNorwegian, Silje Norendal, took home the Silver.

British snowboarder Aimee FullerBritish snowboarder, Aimee Fuller.

DAFOUR LAPOINTE SISTERSThe snowboarding Dafour Lapointe sisters, Canada.

Some White guys for the ladies:

American snowboarder Shaun White American snowboarder, Shaun White.

kamil stoch of poland Kamil Stoch of Poland.

Skiing bad boy Bode Miller Skiing bad boy, Bode Miller of America.

Skiing star Aksel Lund Svindal Norwegian Skiing star, Aksel Lund Svindal.

slovenia peter prevc Slovenia’s Peter Prevc.

snowboarder surfer Nate Johnstone Aussie snowboarder, Nate Johnstone.

sven kramer netherlands Sven Kramer, Netherlands.

Maxim Trankov Tatiana VolosozharFigure skaters, Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar of Russia.

White People ROCK!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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379 Responses to Face Facts: White People ROCK!

  1. Greg says:

    Our nations and cultures are simply creations of our race.

    The White race is the creator.

    Don’t put creations before the creator. The jews have taken advantage of that in the past and will continue to do so if we can’t get past that.

    The jews have used and abused every White nation they’ve infested so lets stop pointing fingers and come together to handle our business.

  2. HKW says:


    It wasn’t the Poles using the most disgusting language that one can think of!

    It would certainly have been honorable to take part in and be able to do what you propose.
    Unfortunately the ‘subhuman’ Slavs are not considered as White and humans.
    Therefore, we will have to do it on our own and gladly so.

    Who looses?

    Who cares!

    But one thing, whether you like it or not, had to be clarified;

    POLAND was not liberated by Hitler.

    POLAND was INVADED by Hitler!

    We can get along, but ONLY when this kind of dis-info and manipulations STOPS!

  3. Greg says:


    Look what America did to Germany.

    Would you be at peace if your proposal was met or would you find something else to try to divide Whites?

  4. HKW says:

    Greg says:
    February 15, 2014 at 2:15 am

    “…or would you find something else to try to divide Whites?”

    Beg your pardon? !

    Did you see me before using another methods?
    Wake up from your slumber, man.

    You’re either truly missing the point or…..deliberately MISSING the point.

    Did you read those comments carefully?
    And yet still pick me as the target to tell off…?

    Wow! What else can I say?

    Nothing. Just laugh.

    Yeah! Good! Cary on…..Amuse yourself!

    In front of the ENTIRE WORLD!

  5. sog says:

    karen i havent been to canada in too long ..was back in the 60’s or so ..they had the indian problem and alcohol ..indian and alchol ..beautiful place

    hkw why dont you and the eunich get a motel room by the hour or go on a chat room for down syndrome persons …very tired of you and the jew boi jarwi …
    i hope the revoluition and death of all kikes niggers and muzzies and mexiscum amd niggers did i say niggers ..yes by all means kill all the fucking niggers ,,fer fuck sake ..worthless pices of fucking shit ..jews kikes commies nbpp noi every last muslim invader needs to impaled ..i have a dream …heh heh ..
    hkw liberated white people are too far above you to give one singlke fuck what you think say or do ..you are a complete fiucking 0 on here and eveerywhere else im sure ..
    god you two are so stupid i am laffing ..poles communsits wernt loacked up they were killing germans in danzig ..who was it that killed 400,000 pollocks post ww2 ..it must have been hitler right ..ooooh jar o piss yer sooo funnny ..gay and jewish ..yes that visual is amusing ……WHITE PEOPLE ROCK BIAAAATCH ..grimy little jew negro mexican hybrids suck ..got it jarweener
    sog means piss in greek ..alert the media ..you seem to preoccupied with perversion ..

  6. Hoff says:

    No problem t bone. I know you, I didn’t even notice until you told me. The nick spelling is to me a litmustest. If people can’t even notice how one nick is spelled, what else don’t they get?

    bubba as one example.

    Why was the buffolo exterminated?

  7. Hoff says:

    t bone re Robert Lindsay: Why I found his blog in the first place was that he have written some of the most harsh articles I ever read about the jews.

    Why I even bothered to link to his blog is because there are many shit for brain white commie/liberal shitheads reading his blog, and I could tell the truth about the jews and their fraud communism.

    Of course I remember linking to Robert Lindalsay wordpress, here at Incogman.net

    Sorry to say Robert have gone down the memory hole the last years. Now its all Bigfoot crap. Well, anyway, we might have waken up a few brainded white commi/liberal shit for brain.

  8. Hoff says:

    Poland was liberated by Mr Hitler.Period.

    We are told the jew bullshit prooaganda that UK-France declared war on Germany because the english cared soooooooo much about the freedom of the poles.

    At the end of jew world war two the cheap jew-whore churchill gave Poland to the jew ruled Soviet.

    The jew ruled US-UK gave a fuck about the poles?

    No, the jews that rules America and England was more than happy to giveaway Poland to the jews that ruled Soviet. Endgame, jews ruled Poland after ww2, jew world war two.

    What was Polands best option: To be liberated by Mr Hitler or the sewer DNA leftover jews that ruled Soviet?

  9. Eric says:

    Adolf Hitler… The Artist…



  10. HKW says:

    Mandatory read;

    “In Moscow in August of 1942, Churchill asked Stalin how he had come to sign the pact with Hitler in 1939. Stalin replied that he thought that England must be bluffing; he knew that Britain had only two divisions that could be mobilized at once, and he thought that Britain must know how bad the French Army was and what little reliance could be placed on it. He could not imagine that Britain would enter the war with such weakness. On the other hand, he said he knew Germany was certain ultimately to attack Russia. He was not ready to withstand that attack; by attacking Poland with Germany he could make more ground, ground was equal to time, and he would consequently have a longer time to get ready.
    However, none of this was true. To Stalin himself and most Party functionaries, the pact was not a necessity, but a highly congenial alliance.”

    Hitler’s method of “liberation”;

  11. Bailey says:

    From the Catholic Dupe link above,

    “The Nazis’ first victims were the weakest members of society: disabled children. Officially, they were known as “life unworthy of life”; a cruder term was Ausschusskinder—”garbage children.”

    And here are some of the Nazi’s youngest victims,


    I’d bet that catholic culture site urges it’s readers to pray for our “friends” in Israel.

  12. The Bobster says:

    So what does NBC use as commentators? A bunch of queers and mudshark Lindsay Von Ho. And they’re whining about the dearth of nigger affwheats.

  13. jarwi says:

    @ HKW 10:36

    I wouldn’t exaggerate about my knighthood too much. I have been a noble for only two generation. My grandfather only won that House of Hohenzollern coat of arms in fair poker game from Wilhelm II. As grandpa was cheating, our family doesn’t brag about being noble. On the other hand if you go to the Guinness Record Book I am the only subhuman with aristocratic tittle: Jarwi Hohenzolern III. 🙂

  14. HKW says:


    Some lunatics here are brain-dead and a waste of time.

    One of my comments got caught up in moderation..containing perhaps some inconvenient truth.

    Lets not even bother jarwi.
    We must safe our energy for a much better cause, the one you’re working on.
    It’s more urgent and it’s worth it!
    I’m with you.

  15. Karen says:

    WTF? You people are still obsessing over a war close to a century old that pitted whites against whites & weakened white nations to make them easier for a JWO ?Jarwi, ever since the jews bought into English society knighthoods are a dime (well, actually much more expensive) a dozen. Jarwi, I’m the only aristocrat here, Russian aristocrat, and you peasant Pollock are just that, a peasant Pollock.

  16. jarwi says:

    @ HKW t 7:06 pm
    You have spoken my love, so it will be it!
    “caught up in moderation”?
    HaHaHa! same here. My very first one here, and rather long. Too inconvenient for this audience? I will copy and send you prv. Please do the same. I’d rather humbly embrace your feet and stay like that for ever. Why we are even here between history sodomites and cripple, half-dead german dudes with metal plates that think war never ended? Let’s move on for now. But one day we will be back and they better upgrade that IBM 286 machine on Oak Creek Dr to handle pissed off Polish guys. For now continuum INCOG MAN. If you don’t want any further trouble you better put mazzle on sog. HaHaHa! And btw what the hell were you thinking to choose chihuahua (t bone) to be your guard dog? I though you knew better. To be continue…

  17. jarwi says:

    @ Karen 7:32PM

    “I’m the only aristocrat here, Russian aristocrat,”
    I am sorry your highness. You are grandmother of Yeltcyn or Putin if I may know?

  18. Karen says:

    No, distantly related to the Tsars.

  19. HKW says:


    Finally, all I’m going to say is that certain individuals on this forum so far presented themselves and therefore the White (…?…hm…) German National Socialists in the most scandalous way, that only a few true Germans would be proud of.
    That I know for a fact.

    We deserve and can do better than that!

  20. Laydee Liberty says:


    Don’t know about or Believe in Chemtrails (MUST WATCH)


  21. Eric says:

    Cossack sword art – Shashka (Adyghe: (????????),Russian: (?????))


  22. Eric says:

    Karen, would like to hear yer thoughts on this vid…


  23. Karen says:

    It’s a melodramatic dramatization, not serious history.

  24. Eric says:

    melodramatic? karen,simple QUESTION..What province in china yer Grand Parents
    were BORN???

  25. Karen says:

    StarMedia? Get real, Eric.

  26. Karen says:

    I say this with a sad heart, but we, all of us, have been so permeated with media in all forms, movie, music, tv, news, education, popular culture, even religion, that we’ve lost site of who we are and have become Golems living in an archonic reality.

  27. Eric says:

    I agree with you 100% Karen, @ 707pm..

    But you still haven’t answered my Q???

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