Jew Hypocrites DEMAND Jew-Only Israel


From David Duke

A gaggle of Jewish Supremacists — one masquerading as the “American” ambassador to Israel — have demanded that the world recognize the right of Israel to be a Jews-only state in return for a “peace deal” with the Palestinians — while simultaneously demanding of everyone else that they be as mixed and as cosmopolitan as possible


“American” Ambassador to Israel, Ben SHAPIRO. These traitorous rats only have one loyalty — and it’s not to America! (INCOG)

In the latest outrageous display of chutzpah, the “US” ambassador to Israel, a Jewish Supremacist “single loyalty” individual by the name of Dan Shapiro, was quoted by the Times of Israel as saying that the “framework peace deal currently being negotiated by US Secretary of State of John Kerry [real Jew last name: Cohen] will include Palestinian recognition of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.”

According to the Times of Israel, this is in line with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s insistence that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “recognize Israel’s Jewishness” which has been a sticking point in negotiations, because Palestinians say that agreeing to such a demand that would tacitly do away with Palestinian hopes for a “right of return” for refugees and their descendants.

Shapiro told Israel Radio on Friday morning: “But we do believe… that Israel deserves recognition as a Jewish state. That has always been US policy — that Israel is a Jewish state and should remain a Jewish state. That will be one of the elements of the framework we’re working on.”

Shapiro sounded confident that, in a final-status agreement, the Palestinians — indeed, the entire Arab world — would have to accept that Israel was a Jewish state and would remain as such.

“I assume that under the framework that we’re currently preparing — that we’ll see that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, as the nation state of the Jewish people” he said.

“And in the end, we’ll need to know that this is the end of the conflict, and that’s one way of verifying that… that everyone in the region and all of [Israel’s] neighbors will accept that there is a nation state of the Jewish people here, in the Jewish homeland.”

This demand for recognition of Israel as a Jews-only, ethnically-pure state, a “homeland for the Jews” is in direct contradiction to the well-established position of the Jewish lobby in America and elsewhere, which campaigns full-time to “promote diversity,” mass immigration and globalism in every other nation on earth.

Indeed, any nation which dares to assert to itself anything near the right which the Jewish Supremacists demand for their country—is subjected to sanctions, boycotts and even ultimately the threat of invasion or war.

Once again, it is one rule for the Jewish Supremacists, and another for all the Goyim.


Can you believe the absolute gall of these filthy, stinking Jews?

As the nervy Jews demand the world recognize Israel as a Jewish-only ethno-state, they are all over the place in our once White lands pushing for immigration and amnesty of even more non-White Third Worlders — right along with jacking up the other races against us White people in the media 24/7. Running parallel is the Jew’s various forms of depravity and foul homo crap — now being rammed down America’s throat before our very eyes (the sick f**ks will giggle at my metaphor).

You know something? Adolf GD Hitler and the Nazis had these subversive creeps pegged from the get-go. No doubt at all.

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273 Responses to Jew Hypocrites DEMAND Jew-Only Israel

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    Bailey take my personal apology I was definitely not aiming that comment at you. It was for the people who haven’t figured this shit out yet.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Socialism and Communism always works until they run out of other peoples money. — Margaret Thatcher.

  3. sog says:

    “……..I wonder why only Whites are racists, but no other race is????
    There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans………………………
    You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.
    You call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker or Creepy Cracker,’ ‘Honkey,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’… And that’s OK………………………..
    But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ..
    You call me a racist.
    You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you…(Not true as the white crime rate in USA rivals that of peaceful Belgium or Finland). So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?
    You have the United Negro College Fund.
    You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month.
    You have Cesar Chavez Day.
    You have Yom Hashoah.
    You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
    You have the NAACP, the Nation of Islam, the Black Caucus, the Urban League, and 300 other racial organizations including the Black Book Writers Association, the National Association of Black County Officials, the National Association of Black and Minority Chambers of Commerce, the National Association of Black Veterans, National Association of African-American Students of Law, the Emergency Black Survival Fund, the Black United Fund, the Association of Black Women Historians, the National Conference of Black Mayors, the National Black-Owned Broadcasters Association, the Council for a Black Economic Agenda, the National Association of Black Journalists, working for what they perceive to be the interests of Black people.

    I almost forgot. You have BET….
    If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we’d be racists.
    If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.
    If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.
    If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’ OUR lives, we’d be racists.

    You have the United Negro College Fund.
    You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month.
    You have Cesar Chavez Day.
    You have Yom Hashoah.
    You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
    You have the NAACP.
    You have BET…. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we’d be racists.
    If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.

    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce. Wonder who pays for that??
    A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American Pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.
    If we had a college fund that Only gave white students scholarships… You know we’d be racists. There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US. Yet if there were ‘White colleges’ that would be a racist college.

    In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.

    You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.

    Not to be outdone, there are 600 Jewish organizations. We’ve all heard of the biggies — the B’nai B’rith, the American Jewish Committee, the Zionist Organization of America, etc.
    But have you heard of the other 600? The Jewish Committee on International Affairs, JINSA, AIPAC, the Jewish Student Press Service, the Coordinating Body of Jewish Organizations, the Jewish Documentation Center, the Association of Jewish Campus Professionals, Association of Jewish Book Publishers etc et al?
    I am proud of my heritage, my culture, the contributions of my ancestors, who built Western Civilization, which you are in the process of destroying…… But still you call me a racist.
    Why is it that only whites can be racists??
    Note: I’ve not even mentioned the trillions spent by whites working to subsidize black single mothers, rewarding promiscuous behavior, free rent, free Sail Phones, free heat, free school grants, free health care, free daycare, free medical insurance, et al that has gone unabated for multi generations now.
    Back to the topic at hand.
    Let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on. I sadly don’t think many will.
    That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country. We won’t stand up for ourselves! Its long past time, white men. Time for a testicle check…
    BE PROUD TO BE WHITE. It’s not a crime YET….
    But getting very close!
    we should have only have one emotion toward niggers anymore and it should be genocide of worthless niggers but that word genocide meaning infers to kill humans and niggers are just not human as stupid and violent as they are useless ……
    fuck niggers ..fuck their jewish fathers ..and their inbred cousins moooozlims and their excrement the mexicans ..

  4. Hoff says:

    Bailey, I dont think he was talking about you. He was talking to libtard commie shit for brains.

    I think it was Solzhenitsyn who wrote about how the jew checka rounded up orphans that was in a very bad pbysical state. Promising them wathever to get them into the truck. Then the jews ma hine gunned them.

    Everything the jew fucker claim the germans did to jews, the jews had done to the russian people

  5. sog says:

    south africa would have likely succumbed to the “rebel” type assaulkt on the society at large like many other places have seen these jew rebels in action like america saw them as sds college students and many countries have seen worse …what south africa should have done was to get proactive and learned from the boer wars and the communist anc and its agenda ..south africa should have wiped out all niggers in side rhodesia/zimba and south africa i mean they did get accused of this anyway ..they should have wiped out all niggers in nthe white lands ..yep ..thats a fact 55 white people a day are targeted for murder in south africa by the pseudo nigger bolsheviks under communist jew tutelage ..who really knows how bad it really is in zimbabwe now ..odd how jews are not a target of the nigger commie bolshivik murder agenda …

  6. sog says:

    meaning if not naively peacefully handed over the reigns of power to the niggers at the behest of the white communists ..its fucked up how intimidation ,murder and bombings and rapes of whites by niggers was never the focus of why there is a need for apartheid or that the blacks and jews just wanted to steal the land using any excues they could muster aginst the soverign benevolent govts of rhodesia and south africa ..or that these tools of terrorism are given names like revolution and change etc ..seeing the results of compliance with nigger jew anc ,we can see how things in america can and will just get worse and worse ..and they will still come after your guns …amendm,ents or not ,constitution or not ,a man has the right and beyond rights to own a gun for protection ..laws are only made for bending or breaking by the elites cus they sure as hell dont protect anyone..

  7. sog says:

    “….While the present occupant of the White House cannot be assigned all of the blame for past events he certainly has played the part of role model in his position of highest profile “black community activist”(agitator). He continues to work to divide America by race and social economics. He gives speeches supporting special rights for black Americans and inferring that the system is bigoted and unfair…..” more from sinsin-atti is nigger shitpile .
    obongo says california isnt multicultural enough and of coures he means there are still some whites alive and semi well …there are 18 different non english languages spoken in california including nigger-bonixx….

  8. Greg says:

    The jews have absolutely no mercy on us and will gladly kill off every White person on this Earth if they have their way.

    There is only one way to deal with jews and it doesn’t involve peace, debating, compromising, or trials.

    The jews aren’t going to pile up in their own place and stay together. Parasites can’t survive that way.

    The jews would nuke israel off the map in favor of the diaspora. israel only exists because of American/White support….otherwise it would shrivel and die.

    Far as I am still aware the Rothschilds (thieves of Palestine) don’t even live in israel themselves. The parasite needs a host.

    As long as the jews roam the Earth the White race will never really be free from them. Memories are short and the jews would find a way back in eventually.

    sog and t bone are right.

    No more turning the other cheek.

    Not long ago White Christians would never have supported racial mixing. Now they support it. Now the push for homo invasion is on and will the White Christian churches oppose it or bend and accept it?

    Will queers be getting married in a church near you with the White Christians gleefully celebrating it? Will the jews be shooting gay porn in a church near you?

    Will they stand for our traditional White America or continue to limp wrist themselves into the flock of psychotic irrational liberal sheep?

    Its time to make a stand.

    Peace and turning the other cheek works if the people you’re dealing with can return the favor.

    With jews and negroes/etc. turning the other cheek will only get you slaughtered. Evil thrives off of weakness, seduction, and fear.

    This should be painfully obvious by now.

    For example: Back in the day negroes stayed in line because they knew if they didn’t it would be certain death.

    Now the peace signs are abundant and White people are dying at the hand’s of negroes daily and nightly.

  9. RED PILL says:

    Proud to be an American

  10. Laydee Liberty says:

    Classic Snordster
    on the Jewish Oligarchy !

  11. bubba says:

    If you can defy LOGIC…you can defy GRAVITY

  12. t bone says:

    “Can anyone hear think of some positive experiences they’ve had with multiculturalism like eating at Chinese restaurants and the like?” – beachbum @ 1:34

    I would put that in the “looking for silver linings” category. We come here because we REALLY are Sick Of The BS. ‘Chinese restaurants’ and the like, is hardly something to embrace as ‘good’ when we are really looking at feral negroes running amok, mooching mexcrement pooping out anchor babies every 2 seconds and a global jew mafia who is out for our demise.

    If ‘Chinese restaurants’ and the like, were our biggest problems, we might not be so vocal about the state of affairs we’re in. But the BS, by far, exceeds anything that may appear as “good”.

    We don’t come here to sugarcoat the issues at hand, or become polarized over insignificant issues. They’re not worth mentioning in a positive light as it dilutes the urgency to get to the truth.

    “No More Mr. Nice Guy” is the mantra everyone will be uttering once the BS has arrived in their back yard.

    It arrived in the Incoglander’s back yards quite a spell ago, I reckon.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    I feel good. Heyyy! I wish dey had the electrocutin’ chair.
    Families cheer as Detroit-area man is convicted of killing 4 women linked to escort site

    Ass Press

    MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. – Loud cheers and sobs broke the calm of the courtroom Friday as a Detroit-area man was convicted of killing four women in his basement and stuffing their bodies in car trunks after he met them through online escort ads.

    Police said James Brown killed the women in pairs, just days apart, at his Sterling Heights home in December 2011 while his mother was upstairs. The bodies were left miles away in a Detroit neighborhood. Two were burned beyond recognition when a car was set on fire.

    Brown, 25, was convicted of first-degree murder, arson and disinterment of a body after a three-week trial in Macomb County court. He faces life in prison with no chance for parole when he returns on April 15.

    “I wish they had the electrocutin’ chair. I want a life for a life. He needs to die,” said Chikita Madison, the mother of one victim and the aunt of another

  14. sog says:

    i always liked going into chin restaurants and getting the soup de jour or dog meat special ..terrier i think ,it had a real bite to it ..the meal that bites back ..i love that chinese waiter torture ..ahh roo rhave a uh are uh ooh soo spssshhewl urh uh troodray write broy uhh saki choopy choy uhh cheu hoi ..
    bubba i thoiught it was the udder way around/ If you can defy LOGIC…you can defy GRAVITY……If you can defy LOGIC………you can defy GRAVITY..

  15. RED PILL says:

    bubba says:
    February 28, 2014 at 7:38 pm
    If you can defy LOGIC…you can defy GRAVITY.
    RED PILL says one can test that theory by taking a shit standing on your head

  16. Greg says:

    Anyone who has ever worked with wetbacks knows that they are notorious for throwing used toilet paper in the floor instead of flushing it down the toilet. I guess that’s too advanced for the wetbacks to understand.

    I was told by a White man that his company put up a sign in English and Spanish to flush toilet paper down the toilet.

    These problems didn’t start until the wetback invasion but they put the sign in English so the wetbacks wouldn’t feel like they’re being discriminated against.

    WTF? In the name of equality White people have to be brought down to make the shitskins feel like equals.

    The same old tired excuse is used for the wetback invasion…..”they’ll help the economy.”

    No, they hurt the economy.

    The solution to our economic problems, first and foremost, is the jewish bankers must be rounded up and strung up.

    If Hitler was the evil of the world, as the jewish power structure has made him out to be, then we ought to be in paradise by now.

    jews are everywhere and controlling most everything and things continue to deteriorate.

    Germany had a problem with jews. Problems in America are being compared to problems in Germany. Those who have moved past Obama worship or never liked him in the first place are being led down the path of comparing Obama to Hitler.

    Meanwhile the jew has been, and is, in the middle of the whole mess in their cloak of invincibility thanks to their control of the mass media.

    Hitler has been gone for decades but the jews remain and the problems keep mounting.

    This ain’t rocket science. Time to stop looking for Nazi ghosts and see the jew right in our faces.

    Our people have to get past the emotional propaganda they’ve swallowed about eternal jewish victimhood, then the house of cards the jews have built can easily be blown down.

  17. Bailey says:

    @ pRt

    Thanks man, I was just kiddin’ around earlier, I know that you know that I know the deal. I wish we could meet some time.
    t bone and aop have been here and summerled is nearby, me bad for not getting in touch with him on a meet, I should do that tomorrow, later ? Whatever the eff’.

    So I’d like our HNIC to know that I worked extra hard during the month of February to pay for his niggers and their heating bills during this polar vortex and I thank gawd’ that I had enough money to heat my own fucking home.
    I also worked hard looking for some black history worth celebrating and came up with nothin’ unless murder, rape and robbery counts for something.
    I think the niggers are most proud of their new way to show their appreciation to us white folks for supporting their useless asses with the new sport they invented – The Knockout Game. Maybe next year the Head nigger in charge Obama will have some sort of brackets to go on the televitz with on what state will have the most scores.

    Hey jews, keep pushing, you jews always push too hard and then all of the sudden the people wake up, 110 will happen mother fuckers and I’m gonna live to see it.

    14/88 !

  18. Bailey says:

    Hey Greg,

    To the wetbacks the floor is for the shit paper and the toilet is for the hand towels that clog up the toilets and then they shit on top of it.
    If the spic bastards are polite they’ll put he shit paper in the trash can.
    Funny thing is how they have hand towels to clog the toilets with when they don’t wash their hands after giving birth.

  19. Bailey says:

    Funny how the jews that act concerned like to compare our HNIC to Mr. Hitler and they use the gun control scenario as proof, try telling the kwans the truth about Hitler’s gun control and they look at you like you’re an idiot, they believe that is why six million jews died.

    Obama would be better compared to this piece of shit that was created and controlled by jews,

    This is not the image I wanted to use but this one I just found may work better.

  20. Greg says:


    Where would we be without jews, negroes, and wetbacks?

    I mean, who wants freedom, prosperity, and cleanliness? Who wants White societies free of filth and violent crime? Those things are old and outdated.

    Only a raysis redneck would want those things.

    We’re blasting into a brave new age and only old-fashioned raysis people are rejecting it. They’re just afraid of change.

    Our utopia is on the horizon. The sky will be filled with rainbows and unicorns soon enough.

    Global warming is probably responsible for the delay.

    Niggerball and patience will see us through.

  21. Bailey says:

    According to Oprah, we all have to die Greg, the utopia is not for us, it’s for after us.

    Oprah sucks jew shnozz among other things.

    Did white men ever do this to niggers?

  22. Greg says:


    No White man = utopia for the jews.

    The negroids would be shot down off of those pedestals the jews have placed them on.

    Can Oprah figure that out?

    I wonder how much money she’s spent on knee pads?

  23. Greg says:

    But in reality, how can the jews have a utopia if they kill off the host which feeds them?

    Their plan is retarded. They’re nothing without the White man to feed off of and make themselves Gods amongst through lies and propaganda.

    Otherwise they’re just filthy ghetto rats.

  24. Bailey says:

    To the jew, utopia is hell and hell on earth is when the white man is no longer here to make things work, the jew will sit back and watch the niggers devoir each other as they quickly find out that they were never even shit without us, nor were the spics.

    Then the jew can slowly rot and starve to death afterwards, once they eat all the money their finished and this filthy polluted rock will be left for the animals.

  25. Bailey says:

    Speaking of jews and queen oprah, check this out,

    Guaranteed to be the worst 5 minutes of your life.

    Oprah meets the jews,

    The jews make love through holes in a sheet and this jewess thinks she’s modern because she has a nice wig ?

  26. Bailey says:

    The jew kids don’t know who mickey Mouse is ?

    I just laughed so hard I shot my beer through my nostrils,

    LOL – repeat 3x !

  27. Hoff says:

    JTA) — He calls his troops “the Blue Helmets of Maidan,” but brown is the color of the headgear worn by Delta — the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution.

    Read more:

  28. Hoff says:

    Former Hasidic Jews Reveal Hidden World



    American jews? There is no such thing as an “american jew”.

  29. Hoff says:

    Paper on the floor. Well, there is a logic to it. The sewer pipes are small in wetback land. The paper can’t pass the pipe.

  30. Hoff says:

    AIPAC contacts each congressional office prior to the conference and provides them with a list of delegates scheduled for appointments—they will be expecting you

  31. Hoff says:

    AIPAC three day annual starts monday.

  32. Israhell on Earth says:

    @Hoff says March 1, 2014 at 3:42 am:

    “Former Hasidic Jews Reveal Hidden World”

    I just listened to the “Pastor Wickstrom and Rabbi Finkelstein – The Lying Jews” Interview. The Conversation is hilarious and shocking at the same Time, especially when you’re unaware that it’s a Fake. (the first Minutes)

    It’s a real Gem, i hope some Users or Guests haven’t heard it yet. Enjoy!

  33. Israhell on Earth says:

    Another Oldie but a Goody:

    a zionist rabbi accidentally speaks the truth

  34. Hoff says:

    One of my blogs:

    At all good people: Let me know here at if your comment show at

  35. Hoff says:

    Incog: Got one in Spamblinka.

  36. Hoff says:


    It is nearly 25 years since Ethiopia’s (and Bob Geldof’s) famous Feed The World campaign, and in that time Ethiopia’s population has grown from 33.5 million to 78 million today.

    So, why on earth should I do anything to encourage further catastrophic demographic growth in that country? Where is the logic? There is none.

  37. Laydee Liberty says:

    Has anybody here read
    the French science fiction novel
    about the destruction of White civilization
    by Jean Raspail ?

    I don’t think it’s really fiction anymore.
    READ IT and then tell me what you think.

    African migrants storm border into Spain’s Melilla

  38. Laydee Liberty says:

    Swedish Nationalist in Ukraine holds speech describing the brutal Jewish occupation

    Fredrik Hagbergs speech to the Ukrainian Revolution

    Nordisk Ungdom recently visited a Ukraine in revolution. In the city hall of Kyiv, witch has/had been occupied by the nationalists in Svoboda, NUs international contactperson gave a speech about the situation in Sweden and encouraged the crowd to choose their own freedom instead of choosing between the west or Russia.

  39. Hoff says:

    Of particular interest are Weichardt’s experiences living under the Nuremberg Laws.  He describes a couple of run-ins with the authorities, including one that involved an inspection of his gun collection, including ammunition, without confiscation.  He also reveals that he and his Jewish mother were allowed to vote in elections and even as ‘non-Aryans’ were given the protection of the state, if not all the privileges of full-citizenship.

    This little book is mandatory read. I have the book at my book blog:

  40. protocolsRtrue says:

    Nigger bitch didn’t get her “earned income” tax credit refund fast enough. This happened yesterday on the last day of nigger history month so lets add this to the list of things we get to celebrate. The fact that we cant even go get our taxes prepared in safety.
    4 people shot at Detroit tax business in dispute over refund
    February 28, 2014

    Four people were injured in a shooting Friday at a tax business on Detroit’s east side after a dispute broke out over a refund.

    Police arrested the shooting suspect near the scene, and a second person, wanted for allegedly assaulting a security guard, turned herself in to police Friday evening.

    The shooting happened just after 3:30 p.m. at Tax City Tax Service in a strip mall on the 7400 block of Gratiot. Police said four victims were taken to hospitals, one in critical condition. An update on their conditions wasn’t immediately available late Friday.

    According to police, a 27-year-old female customer became upset because her tax refund wasn’t ready. A physical altercation broke out between her and a security guard. A 19-year-old man who accompanied the woman to the store pulled out a handgun and started firing, police said.

    “She was a disgruntled customer about her refund check,” Third Deputy Chief Rodney Johnson said

  41. t bone says:


    The jew wants to genocide Whites but needs us for slave labor. This slave labor will become more and more off-White over time if all goes according to the jew.

    Their race-mixing agenda would produce a mongrel that would average out the global population. It would be a less-feral negro type of beast (in the mind of the jew) but still would lack the intellectual capacity of real Whites.

    Eventually, this mud race would not be able to excel in any field, hence, the jew would not have any Whites to parasite off of. This, IMO, is when it would become jew against jew. They will have shot themselves in the foot as the jew collective would be at each others throats to control the global state. The jew would want the only thing left – the other jew’s riches – and not the penniless mongrel’s morsels that they ‘earned’ through their Soviet-style slave labor.

    Even if the jew reaches its goal, its still ‘Game-Over, jew’ in the long run. Its in their cards. Their lust for decadence and power is insatiable It will one day over-ride their cohesion.

    Well, that’s how it looks from where I stand anyway.

    It might seem like a positive outcome but its really not. I want Whites to be around to see that its ‘Game over, jew’ because Whites finally made a stand. A winning situation MUST have Whites in the equation and in control of their future.

  42. summerled says:

    Radio Free Northwest – February 27th 2014
    Posted Feb 26 2014 by Harold in Podcast with 11 Comments

    HAC on the Ukrainian coup and reviving the e-mail contact list, Andy on GOP entryism and background checks, plus guest speakers George Lincoln Rockwell, Ezra Pound, and the Rev. Gerald L.K. Smith.

  43. t bone says:


    I checked out that Oprah/’What’s a schvatza doing in our house’ vid. I don’t believe a word they’re saying.

    First of all, jews lie.

    And secondly, how do they support themselves in a city environment?

    They obviously don’t grow their own food, milk their own cows, etc… And jews need to parasite off of somebody. This means that they must understand general public sentiment, hence – a need for TV, media, schooling, etc…

    Its a lot of fluff that is trying to make hasidics (parasitics) appear as “more Amish and Godly” or something, esp. after all the notoriety the Amish have been getting lately.

    The jew is trying to opinion-shape the public.

  44. t bone says:

    I Googled ‘mexicans toilet paper floor’ and found a bunch of stuff.

    I always wondered about that. Never knew it was a wetback thing.

    Feeling “enriched” yet, America?

  45. summerled says:

    Veterans Today was right again with our long held prediction that Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons program hoax would finally revealed for all to see.

    And when neither Israel or the US released any nuclear weapons Intel they certainly led the world to believe they had, we knew they would attempt to bury that memory be cranking up a new ‘replacement’ threat.

    Despite Israel’s frantic pleas for Iran to be allowed no nuclear program whatsoever, despite their being no proof of any subterfuge in their civilian one, the world has ignored the country with the largest WMD arsenal in the Mid East who has refused all international inspection…Israel.

    Personally I feel that the never ending false attacks by the Zionists to be what we all know was nothing more than a diversion from their own unmonitored program has lead to putting major wind in the sails of the boycott movement. The world is sick and tired of the Zio-Hustle. And by that I do not mean boycotting just the settlements, nor their WMD, but their own five warhead MIRV’d ICBMs they are building with India.

    Our phony corporate media of course hardly ever prints a word about any on this despite its being a major national security concern for all the rest of us. Crimes Against Humanity in Israel not only carries no social stigma,but is the national sport for some.

    The US and EU seem to be focusing on Neo-Colonialism and War as a salvation from their financial woes. And the carnage they have been willing to visit upon not only the people of Syria but now the Ukraine, that shows us the West prefers it’s victims to not have any serious defensive capabilities.

    Good gosh, what’s not to love about their phony spreading of freedom and democracy…the kind that requires everybody else to be unarmed?… Jim W. Dean ]

  46. protocolsRtrue says:

    The whole fucking state of California is starting to become like one giant nigger or jew. Always complaining and whining about something. If it doesn’t rain they complain about wildfires and droughts. If it does rain they whine about floods and mudslides. It’s either too hot or too cold or maybe an earthquake. Fuck California I’m tired of your whining and moaning. Your a big hemmoroid on the ass of America. Like I said California is like a giant nigger or a giant jew you just cant get to shut the fuck up.

    What I really came here to post was about the Russia / Ukraine thing. Stay the fuck out of it America mind your own business. Obami has to open his fucking jew tape machine and spout off. jews smell blood in the water like sharks and the possibility of turning something small into a major war of death and destruction. Put the jew dick down obammy keep your fucking stupid nigger mouth shut. Send sasha and malaria over there to straighten those Russians out first ok and send along your own personal checkbook and ebt card too! Yes that’s right Obama is on our ebt too keep working.

  47. protocolsRtrue says:

    I think tmz should hire me or sog as senior editors.

    The man noticed he only received on napkin and e-mail the general manager of the restaurant to complain.


    Man sues McDonald’s for $1.5M after receiving one napkin

    TMZ: Man sues for $1.5 million; They only gave him one napkin

    PACOIMA, Cali. –
    A California man is suing McDonald’s for $1.5 million because he only receive one napkin with his meal.

    According to TMZ, the man said the incident happened in January when he ordered a Quarter Pounder from the chain Pacoima, Cali.

    The man noticed he only received on napkin and e-mail the general manager of the restaurant to complain.

    Reports indicate McDonald’s offered him free food in an effort to make him happy, but the response did not satisfy the man.

    The man stated he is now unable to work because of the “undue mental anguish” he suffered as a result of the incident.

    So this week, he filed a lawsuit against the global fast food chain for $1.5 million.

  48. protocolsRtrue says:

    Actually, the whole story displays a third grade vocabulary and vernacular.
    ….he only receive one napkin…

    …the man said the incident happened in January when he ordered a Quarter Pounder from the chain Pacoima, Cali…. From the chain Pacoima? What the fuck, is it just me?

    Actually this story came out yesterday which was still nigger history month so lets celebrate all the niggers progress with the English language also.

  49. t bone says:

    “Reports indicate McDonald’s offered him free food in an effort to make him happy, but the response did not satisfy the man.”

    Negroes will never be satisfied with freebies. They will always want more and will exploit the situation to suit their mooching endeavors.

    “The man stated he is now unable to work because of the “undue mental anguish” he suffered as a result of the incident.”

    The negro is unable to work because he is a lazy, worthless negro.

    Negroes never leave their tax-funded homes without their “gibs me dat” negro card.

  50. Greg says:

    Incogman puts it correctly.

    The black negro race is nothing but a bunch of SPOILED BRATS!

    On top of the fact they’re the ‘beasts of the field.’

  51. protocolsRtrue says:

    This story is just too good to let go that easy. Not just the lawsuit but the professional news journalist reporting it. I’m sure it was a early head start head start early pre-k graduate. Onward and upward through graduation and assfirmative action minority scholarships set asides and assfirmative action and diversity hiring and promotion programs and look at the news editor now! Soon to be senior editor at tmz jewnews service.

  52. summerled says:

    The man stated he is now unable to work because of the “undue mental anguish” he suffered as a result of the incident.

    “undue mental anguish” yeah me too i have been permanently impaired by reading that story i will never be able to breath out unless some jew lawyer gouges tons o cash from WKRN

  53. summerled says:

    more murderess insanity

    Black Female Opens Fire on Drive-Thru for Getting Her Happy Meal Wrong

    Shaneka Monique Torres is particular about her hamburgers. Very particular.

    She’s so particular that when employees at a McDonald’s in Grand Rapids, Mich., goofed up her order twice in one evening, she expressed her displeasure by allegedly firing a gun at the drive-thru window.

    The first botched order happened Sunday evening when Torres, 29, and a female companion placed their order at the drive-thru window. Torres complained that the order was botched, and employees offered the pair a free meal the next time they came in, reported.

    She and her friend returned to the drive-thru at about 3 a.m. Monday morning and made the same order as before.

    When she discovered the order was incorrect again, Torres allegedly verbally confronted the employee and exited her vehicle. She’s accused of shooting one pistol round into the drive-thru window.

  54. protocolsRtrue says:

    If you think that’s bad what do you think is going to happen when the drive thru worker tells the nigger bitch the ebt card swiper is out of order?

  55. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Spike Lee Calls For Racially Segregated Neighborhoods. Black Audience Cheers.

    Not a peep from the the news media about this.

  56. silvernickel says:

    George and the Jews are televising their latest revolution in Ukraine, for more human [goyim] capital to feed their greed. I’m sure Incogman is working on this story to get everyone informed.–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead

    says George Soros: “………Ukraine, with its high-quality human capital and diversified economy, is a potentially attractive investment destination.”

  57. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    It is surprising to me how on any these White sites that there is still a number of people that think that what should be done is to sit down and negotiate with judenvermin.

    You don’t negotiate away the remainder of rights that you still have with judenvermin. You stab the judenvermin in the neck and kill it.

  58. Canadian says:

    Ashenazi and Shepardi Jews are the racist people in Israel. They segregate the Ethiopian Jews and some hospitals encourage Ethiopian Jew women to sterilize their reproductive system in order to gain Israel’s state benefits.

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