Jews Desperate to Radically Censor Internet


From: David Duketherealhategroup

Desperate attempts by Jewish Supremacists to censor the Internet because of the danger it poses to their conspiracy have been revealed in a special inquiry held before the Israeli parliament.

According to a report in the Jerusalem Post, the Anti-Defamation League is in an “ongoing relationship with Internet hosting company ‘GoDaddy’” to take down any website which it deems to be too revealing of Jewish extremism, and also “works with Facebook” for the same purpose.

According to the ADL representative, giving evidence during a Knesset hearing on the Internet and the threat it poses to Jewish Supremacy, the ADL has already succeeded in removing 30 sites hosted by Godaddy.

Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee chairman MK Yoel Razbozov called for even further censorship, saying that “countries” need to enact legislation restricting free speech.


Israeli MK Yoel Razbozav dressed as Superman at a Purim celebration.

Representatives of the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, the Israeli Internet Association and the Anti-Defamation League, among other bodies, testified at the hearing.

According to the report, “Facebook is coming around, they just need time,” Ronald Eissens of the “International Network Against Cyberhate” added.

The World Zionist Organization has established a “communications center” for the internet and is “beginning two pilot courses for training Israelis to engage in this struggle,” WZO Department for Countering Anti-Semitism chief Yaakov Hagoel told lawmakers.


MK Dov Lipman also does Zionist lobbying on Capitol hill.

“I don’t see us winning the battle but at least we are putting up a fight,” he said.

Committee member MK Dov Lipman told The Jerusalem Post that he “fear[s] that we are fighting a losing battle,” saying that countering the facts was not a way forward, and that only outright censorship provided any solution.

“I am convinced that our focus should be on getting Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and urge websites to remove anti-Semitic materials and not with setting up our own sites and pages to negate the anti-Semitism. I will present this proposal to the chairman of the committee and will push hard for this to be the government’s direction.”


This poisonous race is not only busy turning us all into self-centered little whores and homos, while also working to destroy our countries and White race from the inside out, but are desperate to keep the general public from knowing what Zionist Israel really does in the Mideast. They have embedded Jew agents everywhere (I call them HasbaRATS) and already own major avenues of the Internet. I, myself, have been censored at many places.

Believe me, the devious SOBs will not stop until they have total control of what the White race can say publicly. Hell, with their murderous history in communism and secret police operations, they’ll end up watching what we say in private, too.

Don’t you get what these arrogant bastards are up to?



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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251 Responses to Jews Desperate to Radically Censor Internet

  1. sog says:

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    also its in ” Applications ” —-Ubuntu Software Center —
    for a long time seamonkey was not in much development and the updates were effen complex but this is a bullet proof browser as ive come to find …
    there also tutorials for icecat and the other one i dunno ..too much shit ..
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    back up your bookmarks from FF and purge the present ff out of your computer and reload an older model /i liked 17 and 20 is good ..the problems also come from less control over flash cookies and lso ‘s in later stage flash player development updates ..ive had the lates one invite itself into ff vbrowser and i have not the same controls over deletions of saved crap on flash except to to flash player help and a web page comes up for your computer and you commit to many settings and exit it as convenient ,no and as secure etc ,,who in hell knows reality ..
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    they are still maintaining ucoontu 10.0.4 ..i checked on alive version loaded and checked for updtaes and there were 496 waiting …its a good system with the gnome 2 desk top …i dont like gnome3 or unity or etc ..12.0.4 is cool with the bigger better kernel and you can always use mate download for to get gnome 2 back on the top side or cinnamon ..i think in 12.0.4 you can just roll back the gnome 3 for gnome2 with a command line in the terminal ..i think thats true but i forget the command at the moment ..but then again barney i bet you know all this already ahhye ..try out the monkey ,its a great browser …unless you already have it in synaptic package manager as seamonkey suite ..
    the other thing im thinking is you may have put a plug in or extension on Add-ons that is leaving you wide open …so resetting to default in firefox for a while can be good and utilize the process of additionn or elimination of add-ons when reinstating them ….
    the last hurrah is the option of a firewall and port it to allow tor to go through ..all this shit is a pain but im still learning firewalls ..i dont likeem too much but if set up correctly they will keep you absolutely safe ..
    also virtual box or oracle vm ware etc is good whonix or just load your op sys in to the virtual environment and surf pretty carefree even from all the pronblems you usually have being o the front lines of te internet wont occur anymore as you are virtualized ..1 drawback is ram ,you have to have a shitload of ram to play in this game ..the ,ore the better ..virtualization ios the key to trouble free operation and many servers and businesses have gone this route ,,
    try the firefox reset …………keep flash off all the time ..i never turn oit on except for situations where i copy a web addy and go to a different browser and plug it in and look at the movie etc …
    i think virtualization is the key to just getting rid of all the crappy problems ..but you it is a ram hog and the more ram you use the better 5 gigs or even 20 if you are using a desk top computer or 4-8 in a laptop …ive used virtualization but i was moving pretty slow with the low ram sitch …good luck ..try whonix also ..find it at

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  2. sog says:

    when all the crazy jews saw the moneymaking potential of faking more holyhoax stories they all went into high gear and wrote and toured till each and every holocrap writer was proved to have never even been in germany or europe or born yet etc ..

  3. sog says:

    sachenhausen just happened to be the place in the russian sektor postww2 ..they can never get the story right and it changes alot ..first it was 70,000 kikes then it was 800,000 rusians etc ..all preposterous jenkem influenced thinking along with typhus hallucinations and i think we have a patent winner for the next hippy era ..anyway this camp is where in factual reality and why they outlaw holocaust denial ..hell we all need a good laugh ..if iot was true we would laugh louder and the kikes youd think would be glad for lovkaps website where the kikes are found and working in the german war factories ..wanted to say that sachenhausen was where the friggin commie bolshivkx brought german citizens to and murdered them 10’s of thousand s so the jews once agauin seek to cover up their murders by superimposing a complete lie and fabrication over it ..the jews killed at least 14,000 young male germans after toturturing them there post ww2 ..see the jew creates a huge line of bullshit and outlaws the questioning of the holocaust because the jew has created all the real genocides against countries around the world and at suchenhausen ..and russia ..they teach in colleges in america now thet the russian holocaust or aka the russian borgeoisse purges never happened ..or that the armenian genocide didnt happen ..jews tell armenoians to stop whining and forgey about it ..but irs ok to promote a total hoax about german death camps in ww2 and then imprison peopl for dsicovering the horrible truth about the jews ..the jews are respon=sible for the genocide of getrmany dressed up as a war and after the war germans were hunted for sport and shipped off to labor death camps in other countries like france …the list aginst the stinking kikes goes on and on ..this is why they point their bony asspicking fingers at truthers and yell nazi ,anti semite to try to shut people up ..truth is jews also kill jews but who cares fact most of the work and penal camps were turned into places to live for jews and prisons for germans which were better than living in the open air death camps for german civilians ..
    even today the stupid rabbi yesciel eckstein of the zio christian jew wings of eagles ministry babbles about 6,000,000 jews in russia in danger of starving to death know when they last said that in 1921 irt was 6 million jews starving but it was really ukrainians starving from the cheka and communist rurssian troops taking all the food away from the ujkrainians ..some say the death toll was in the 7-12 million range ..the world sent food and its documented that no jews were starving ,just white ukrainians ..
    jews always cover their massive crimes by saying someone else did it or that it was done to them and not to the real victims ..there is a site that outlines the 230+ times the jews have used the 6,000,000 in danger or dying etc from back in 1800’s to now ..even now ..rabbi retchstein takes 800,000 $ salary off of the duopes who send this horses asshole money ..does he take food to kikes in russia ..nahh ..does he mention maybe thay millions of non jews are really starving and out of work ,nahh ..another slimy kike working with christian dupes ..and he wants money to bring shitkikes from russia to kikestan …usa already gave israel billions to bring these assholes in from russia ..and israel is an oil superpower now wirth ownin the iraqi oil fields so let em fly these assholes in themselves …eckstens bogus ministry is “wings of eagles” ..toatal bulls shit con artist ..
    barney i tried to reply to your dilemna but it got stuck in mod so i will pice it out in smal bits starting with seamonkey installation …fifefox reset under help button next to tools ..goes to a rset page ..reset it and keep all the addons off for a while This is video of a white gentleman brutally attacked for ‘walking while white’ in a crime ridden black neighborhood.

    Such events are all too common today thanks to integration, lack of common sense on the part of whites, and a bold disregard for our judicial system by the blacks.

    Its unfortunate this gent did not have a firearm to equalize the attack and put the feral attackers down.
    1 million such attacks happen annually in America and 90% of them are Black ON White.
    try to go virtual ..use lots of ram ..try whonix to ..experement …
    i think firefox 17 was one fof the best releases ..maybe my comment will come up later ..
    seamonkey is excellent browser …

  4. Barney says:

    Better late than never, I hope.

    I tried several times to post this last night, but Tor couldn’t do it for some reason. I could get any page I wanted, but I got a “timed out” message when I tried to post anything, so let’s see what happens this time.


    Billy – Great video. I’ve downloaded it. I like the beard. It probably helps you survive by giving more of a “Brother Nathanael” appearance. Not a bad thing. Too “smart” an appearance and they’d probably have taken you out by now.

    You’re a brave man, Billy. Bravery isn’t the absence of fear. It’s being able to do a job despite the fear. Anyone who isn’t afraid in a dangerous situation is an idiot who won’t last very long.

    Example – “Sniper? What sniper? I ain’t afraid of no sn…” – (result – one dead idiot in a pool of blood).

    You’re no idiot and you’re no coward either. You’re there in jew town, telling the truth about the jews, and I’m not the only one on here who has a lot of respect for you and what you do.


    sog Thanks for all that stuff about Seamonkey. It did get through in the end. More than three links = Spamblinka until Incog approves it. Not usually a problem. Just delays it a bit.

    I’ve got Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit with 6GB of RAM and the capability to increase that to 24GB. (I’ve also got two hard drives totalling 1.75 TB, and I’ve just bought a 2TB external drive for backup, but that’s just boasting.)

    I still haven’t learned many terminal commands, but I found myself understanding a lot of what you posted. I’ve copied it into a text file.

    Last week the hijacker still appeared intermittently even after I installed NoScript, but I haven’t seen it this week. I’m going to clear FireFox out anyway and get a new installation (rather than ditch it entirely) because I like to download videos that I think could be of value in the future, especially if the entire internet goes down at some point (which imho MUST be taken as our signal to act).

    (I use the “Flash Video Downloader” add-on, which seems to work for most things)

  5. Tommy Thule says:

    Hey incogman – What’s the deal with Verizon blocking your site? I haven’t been able to access your site for years unless I use a proxy.

  6. t bone says:

    Yeah Tommy, I had the same problem when I tried Verizon. I switched back to my former provider during Verizon’s 1-month “worry-free” trial (they gave me a reduced rate comparable to Verizon’s deal with more options and better service).

    I used to use a proxy during that month. Now I get here no problem, as was the case before Verizon.

    Here are 2 sites that might be able to give you some answers:

  7. Canadian says:

    Criticism of the Holocaust of Ashnazi Jews and the state of Israel are criminal offenses in ZOG Canada.

    Incogman, can you assure Canadian readers and bloggers that you will not release any identifying information to the Canadian courts?

    The Zionist regime in Canada is big on idolatry of Jews, feminism, gays and lesbianism.

    Historian Ernst Zundel was harassed, threatened and imprisoned by the Jdf ZOG, so you can see how Canada is an oppressive state which favours Israel, Zionist Jews and ‘useful idiots’ like Christian-Zionists, feminists, gay rights and other liberal thought groups.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Of course. Never would I release any info at all. Matter of fact, I never even bother checking anything really. And besides, I can’t! Only the ISP providers can go that deep (NSA probably too but I don’t know how). I just keep out any stuff that could be considered illegal.

      That being said, I’m just a regular guy and I’m not some big expert.

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