Only Whites Can Star in Today’s Crime Circuses



Kercher may have been half Jewish, which might account for a lot of the press hysteria.

If you want to understand the insane BS going down these days, just take a look at the two “Amanda” cases in the news this past week. Amanda Hayes was convicted yesterday of second degree murder for helping her black husband, Grant Hayes, kill his White ex-wife over a custody dispute (double dose of mudshark madness); while Amanda Knox, that cute American girl from Seattle, Washington, was bizarrely re-convicted in Italy (in absentia) for supposedly taking part in killing Meredith Kercher, her British roommate (who might have been half Jewish on her father’s side and account for the press hysteria).

But most of America has little idea that it was really a black African, Rudy Hermann Guede (above right), who was convicted of actually doing the killing. Haven’t you noticed how the media rarely, or only briefly, showed you any photos of the blacks who physically did these two crimes? Yet they sure as hell go on incessantly about any associated Whites all over the place!

Looks like the filthy Jews have turned Italy into another bizarro upside down world just like they did to the US, or any White country the subversive bastards have enough media control. I didn’t read much about the Amanda Hayes case, but since the twat was married to that smirking little monkey (above left), who chain-sawed his ex into bloody pieces — she damn sure got what was coming to her. In spades, hehe.

Digging deeper into the Amanda Knox case, you find the dead British girl was badly bruised from desperately fighting back getting raped. When the black was finished doing his thing, he stabbed her dead with a knife he had already snatched up in the kitchen, after checking the place out to rob. That night, Foxy Knoxy was simply passed out on some killer ganja — shacked up at her new White Italian boyfriend’s pad (the poor sap is now paying dearly because of all this insane Jew media/Negro BS).

Believe it or not, the real black killer is already eligible for day release from prison so he can go to college!

This Rudy Guede, the actual killer of Meredith Kercher, came to Italy when he was five. At 15, his dad returned back to the Ivory Coast, while he was adopted by a wealthy Italian family. Big mistake. In 2007, the White do-gooders finally had enough and told him to get the hell out; Guede was already busy drug dealing and burglarizing neighbors, sometimes while armed with knives. Same kind of thing happens in America with these Africoons — fresh off the plane, or even born here after generations.

When interrogated for Kercher’s killing, Guede boy came up with your usual ridiculous, inane Negro story. Mr. Stud puppy said he was invited in by the Brit girl and only after a little consensual kissing and touching while fully clothed, said he had to go to the bathroom because he had a stomach ache. At some point he did go in there to take a big dump, but forgot to flush the toilet (these animals do this a lot).

Then he said he heard a scream and came out to see shadowy figures busy at work killing the girl. Unknown figures told him in perfect Italian “found black, found guilty, let’s go.” They always inject that race card, don’t they?  As usual, he immediately fled the country to Germany, where they had to extradite him.

But with his BS first story, he couldn’t explain his bloody fingerprints found under the naked, dead girl, his disgusting DNA inside her, or his stinking floater left in the toilet (yuck, they can DNA this too).

So Guede boy completely reverses himself by saying Knox and her Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were having a drugged up Satanic orgy and the evil Whites put him up to killing her. PC-twisted people stupidly believed his lying black ass. Common mistakes happened with the DNA evidence (she lived in the place — both her and her boyfriend’s DNA would be everywhere, for crying out loud). Italian PC media strolled along, inflaming the public to sell rags and TV viewership.


Because of the cuteness factor and simply being White, Amanda was seen everywhere on TV, getting herself a nice book deal, too. She can come hide out with me, if she wants.

That’s the thing, people. It’s not that black perps are ignored because the media so loves the White race, like some try to say. They have to fill the time with something, so the least White crime is conflated out of all semblance of reason. But the most important part to the Jew media equation is that they don’t want us Whites as a whole to know how murderous blacks truly are.

Notice how the media splashes up photos and artist renderings of White criminals on TV practically as soon as it crosses the wires (even FOX does this). Unindicted (not charged yet) White suspects get immediate national attention, especially if it has anything that can be deemed “White supremacist.” In the rush to cover, they sometimes get burned when a “person of interest’ also turns out to be a “person of color,” making the story immediately disappear down the rabbit hole.

If the White angle is solid and the case has a few interesting twists, a little blood, a little gore, they inflate the trial into another tiresome media circus that can run for months upon months. Every little detail gets talked about ad nauseum in mainstream Jew media. The all White perp and victim Oscar Pistorius trial in South Africa (where Whites are brutally murdered all the time by blacks) is next in the US Jew media hoopla docket.

You think all this attention they make about White perps is because they favor the White race? Don’t make me puke. It’s exactly the opposite. Tell yourself that I’m full of bull? Just watch TV with all this in mind and you’ll catch on to the real deal fast.

Char Dae Avery

This butt-ugly sheboon, Char’Dae Avery, got all drunk and high on skunk weed, drove the wrong way, ran a stop sign and plowed into a car, killing the driver. She tried to slink away on foot but witnesses stopped her. As usual, the animal went haywire on the cops. That same week another worthless black female wrong-way driver in California, Olivia Culbreath, killed 6 people, including a family of 4 latinos (what a multicult tragedy). Funny how ABC News neglected to show a mugshot of either when doing a big TV report on wrong way drivers.

Sub-Saharan Negroes are obviously a huge albatross around America’s neck. They have to do a lot of PR work protecting this absolute worthless race. Blacks always screech about how many of them are in prisons in the US, like it’s only because “dey be black.” Total, unmitigated BS! So many of them are in prison because so many of them are lousy criminals busted breaking the GD law, that’s why.

Then the PC mavens keep giving us the same, tired stupid explanation about blacks being low on the socio-economic totem pole as the only reason for their behavior, like the little angels are driven to a life of crime because they are so deprived.

That African in Italy was adopted by a rich family, what good did that do? He just ended-up doing what comes natural to this brutal, murderous race.

And how much help and opportunity has America given these punks in the last 50 years? Hell, as long as they can speak half-way understandably and maybe work a simple calculator, gets them jobs and promotions over any of us White people. This GD multicult BS has gone on for far too long!

Look, I don’t sit here and give the asians a hard time just because they have slanty eyes. Usually, I cut them a little slack since asians can’t stand worthless blacks just as much as myself — maybe even more so. I can’t tell you all the times I’ve “bonded” with asians of all sorts over this Negro business, while telling me “they number 10, they number 10!”

Or maybe it was that bottle of Crown Royal whiskey I brought with me? Japs go positively ape if I bring along Crown Royal and Marlboros.

Speaking of apes: Back to the filthy, stinking black race. I know I shouldn’t call my little asian friends slanty-eyed because that’s all racist, too. Oh, well. Never said I was a Mr. Nice Guy.

No, it’s just that Negroes are now going criminally haywire all across the country. No lie. Just turn on the Jew TV for your local news and read between the lines a little. That is, of course, if you live in an area that has any number of these filthy apes living. If you don’t, well, I and a lot of White folks envy the hell out of you.

Just go to this one site and see how bad things are going with today’s “diverse” nation. It’s GD friggin’ crazy!

DETROIT TORTURE KILLERSJust take a look at these worthless animals. These vicious blacks broke into a Detroit home and tortured 3 Whites to death before setting fire to the place (a common modus operandi of black criminals who have watched one too many Jew Hollywood movies). So how come the national media never does big reports on such crimes? Because they don’t want Whites to get the real deal!

Michael Hoots

Michael Hoots, one of the 3 Whites murdered in Detroit. This is the only tiny photo I could find of the victims, grainy with enlargement. Tell you anything?

These animals kill White people all the time. Just this past week a gang of 4 blacks (photo above), including one female ape, broke into a home in Detroit and tortured 3 Whites. One was stabbed multiple times and shot in the head. Then they set fire to the place. One of the victims died in the hospital from stab wounds and probably burns, too, so you know the bastards were not merciful. Just imagine that happening to your family.

Also this past week, a black named Sirdon Greer, in Corinth, Mississippi, shot to death two White brothers (one a Nam Vet) and set their house on fire (as usual) to cover up evidence of his crime.

The traitorous media barely reports much on this kind of thing. I could only find one single victim picture on the Internet of the Detroit crime. Stop and think about that for a moment: If 4 Whites did this to blacks, you would see it everywhere. Hell, you would already have Jew suits in Hollywood chomping at the bit to do another big Whitey-be-bad movie. You know it too.

The “powers that be” don’t want us Whites to recognize the BS, as they gradually work to turn our White race into a minority in our own lands before we all “get it.” Just look at all the BS with immigration — not only in America but all formally White countries like in Europe and even Australia.

I know I say this a lot. Why? Because it’s true. You folks coming here for the first time need to wake the hell up and fast!

— Phillip Marlowe

END STORY INSETJew music industry artwork for a rapper punk named “Chief Keef.”


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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302 Responses to Only Whites Can Star in Today’s Crime Circuses

  1. Kenneth says:

    Hoff says:
    February 24, 2014 at 5:53 am

    Of course the jews are behind the mayhem in Ukraine. Probably Mossad snipers was doing all the killing.

    Probably so. That’s the way it was during the “constitutional crisis” in Moscow in September and esp. October 1993.

  2. Bailey says:

    Check out this jew, under israels “right to return” law he was serving a life sentence in Israel for the murder of some spic in Maryland.

  3. gman says:

    Hmm..Mark Potok, senior sodomite at SPLC. That freak is hard to look. How have we let jews take this whole PC business to such a high level of acceptance? Some faggy jew like Potok is invited to come on some show and pontificate about “hate” groups being on the rise. Obviously the parasite race of jews is getting nervous because WE are actually starting to awaken to just how damn evil they really are! The jews have an entire large arm of jewry set up for just this kind of self defense. Between the media, the ADL, the SPLC and countless other jew groups that exist, they are ready to begin screaming “antisemitism, hate, holocaust survivor, Auschwitz, never again, lampshades, oy vey, etc” at a moment’s notice. Interesting how they can trumpet a tiny story such as a noose being hung on a negro statue but they can bury the multiple daily negro on white gang rapes and murders that are never ending in this sick nation. Ever wonder why jews like the sodomite Potok never touch the real hatred shown daily by negroes towards the white race? Seems like he could really make a name for himself by commenting on the daily black on white crime wave that is never ending. But that kind of crime is good for the jews as it causes harm to the white race. But let some drunk college kids hang a noose on a statue, well now, let’s hear from the Senior Fellow Mark Potok about hate groups being on the rise. Hey Mark Potok, if you come across my post here on this fine website, my message to you is this: FUCK YOU. That felt good!

  4. Bailey says:

    If Sheinbein and his buddy Needle weren’t kikes this would have been one huge story, the kind that movies are made of.
    But they were jews who killed a spic and Sheinbeins parents aided him in leaving the country with a passport and a ticket to Israel.

  5. Bailey says:

    Oops, I almost forgot,

    FUCK YOU, Mark Potok !

    Thanks for reminding me gman.

    Here’s another scumbag jew who needs to STFU !

    Not all infections are bad for us ,

  6. gman says:

    You are welcome, Bailey.
    LOL, it would appear that I have a serious “infection” according to Abe. It never ceases to amaze me how these media jews get a free pass no matter what BS they spout. To hear that kike sit there and talk about us being infected is just totally annoying! Infected? The real infection is the GD jews that are festering in our nation and slowly killing us all with their satanic jew plans to take over this world and eliminate us whites. If seeing jews for who they really are is an “infection” , then we all better get infected real quick and start doing something about it!

  7. It will NEVER end … on it’s own.

    Look for the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of Holocaust TM survivors to be put on display next.

    The Show (victim shtick) must go on.

  8. Hoff says:

    The International Organization for Migration says the Somali government expects Saudi Arabia to deport another 30,000 people in the coming weeks.

    Now, exchange Saudiarabia with Ukraine, Germany, England, Sweden, Norway … whatever white country, this would be frontpage and on the jew”news” 24/7.

  9. t bone says:

    Negroball, jew-style:

    NFL expected to adopt 15-yard penalty for use of N-word on the field

    Maybe now they can all start calling each other ‘jewbags’ and be done with it.

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Bailey. I read that shitbein story my thought was a fifty percent chance at least that it is a cover story and that they really let the jewboy out of jail under an assumed name.
    The people who always point their fingers and cry “racism” are by far the most hardcore racists themselves. This describes niggers and jews to a ‘T’. Take jews for example. The very people that have no problem telling everybody that “they” are Gods chosen special people and their own religious doctrine is based on them being superior and destined to rule over all others as masters and Gentiles will be slaves have the fucking nerve to call us racists. That’s part of why I am what I am today. Tired of being “presumed” racist and they’re going to call us all racists anyway so guess what–what the fuck now I am. I have as much a right to be proud of my heritage and history as anybody else. I would compare white accomplishment and advancement of civilization to the niggers accomplishments any day, since niggers have none. I hope more and more people will wake up and quit buying into the racist jews and nigger bullshit and see things for what they really are. The jews war to exterminate white people out of their way in the jewish quest for jew world rule. Every one of these out-of-control wild nigger animals is only being used as a jew tool to kill as many white people as possible. How many rapes and robberies and assaults does it take before a nigger sees the inside of a jail cell for a few days? 20? 30? And don’t hold your breath waiting for niggers to figure this shit out. They’re just too fucking stupid not capable of figuring it out not nearly enough intelligence. That’s why jews pretend to like niggers so much–for now.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Actually, niggers have advanced civilization in a great way– if you like going backwards. detroilet, chimpcago, philly, Camden. Newark, fugettaboutit anywhere niggers are.

  12. t bone says:

    Whenever there’s a market for something, the jews corner it.

    Yeah, israel is indeed a jew world headquarters to control the planet.

    But it is a mecca for Christians, esp. wealthy Christians. Or more accurately – Christian zionists. Think about the tourism. The jew can jack up transportation, hotels, restaurants, souvenirs, etc…

    It has dollar signs written all over it.

    Its not any different from how they behaved when Christ kicked them out of the temple.


  13. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    MBM :
    The ( or one of ) the answer(s) to the possible future censoring of the internet is for those concerned to start going out and getting used to spreading the word on the streets via signs , flyers , face to face communication w/ strangers and familiars. This will hopefully result in real , grassroots meetings and independent but cooperative uncontrolled resistance.
    Talking to police and military whenever possible. And challenging PC all day and everyday out in the light of day. Calling in to joo controlled radio , making up a reason why you’re calling and them c,alling them out live on the air , and challenge them to live debates before they hang up on you.
    That’s just a few options. We are going to have to use our imaginations and abilitiy to adapt.

  14. t bone says:

    “The jew”

    Sometimes these holohoax films are good for a momentary chuckle:

  15. t bone says:

    Flanders posted this. I downloaded several PDF’s already.

    Incog, you should definitely link this on your sidebar if you haven’t already done so.


    Thanks for clarifying that it was Apostle Paul who said that. It didn’t appear to be something that Jesus would say.

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    The racist jews like potok and fuxmen keep harping their racist bullshit into nigger brains from earyly early empty-head start onward. It gives niggers their built-in excuse– “The Race Card” that niggers always use to explain their failings and shortcomings. Blame the white guys. It’s their fault. Someway somehow it’s the white guys fault. White man holding us back. Look niggers that don’t even make sense. Not that you could tell. Do you niggers really think I want to keep paying for your food? For your housing? For your niglets? For your medical care? For your utility bealls? For your sailfones? Do you niggers really believe I WANT to keep paying for your whole miserable parasitic existence from pre-natal in 15 year old baby-momma womb till death finally removes you leeches off of my back? Hell No. I WANT to see you niggers grow up and become responsible citizens and earn a legal income and pay your own bealls for a fucking change. Hell you maybe might even pay a few cents in (legal) income tax some day. Yeah right. No Niggers, I’m not holding you back. Ditch the excuses you’ve had every handout and handup and assfirmative action diversity hire and promote and minority set-aside you deserve. Don’t blame the working white man anymore look in the mirror. I believe the real truth is you’d rather drink the jews koolaide and stay on your free shit gravy trains and smoke weed and drink 40 ouncers and fuck da hoes and rob rape and steal and murder and then blame the white man for your problems.

  17. Bailey says:

    Be careful Billy, the po-leece take notes.

    Great clip t bone,

    and, Well said pRt !

    Off to work now so niggers can turn the heat up in their section 8 apartments.
    We got another polar vortex rolling in and I want to be sure the niggers stay warm and cozy.

  18. Greg says:

    Zipper heads don’t belong in our nations either.

    If it ain’t White it ain’t right!!!

    Figure it out White people!!!

  19. t bone says:

    1940-1941 was the “year of horror” for the Latvian people. It was the year the Red Army moved in to incorporate Latvia in the Soviet Union. A phenomenal thing took place with the arrival of the Communists. Hundreds of Yiddish speaking officers led the Red Army cadres. Entire villages of Jews welcomed them with open arms. Jews joined the invaders and donned commissar’s uniforms. What they did then can scarcely be imagined.

  20. t bone says:

    The Magen David Adom (Hebrew: ??? ??? ?????, abbr. MDA or Mada) is Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service. The name means “Red Star of David” (literally: “Red Shield of David”). Since June 2006, Magen David Adom has been officially recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as the national aid society of the state of Israel under the Geneva Conventions, and a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. MDA has a dedicated medical emergency phone number in Israel, 101.

    “The Red Cross” moniker could have been ‘The Red Star”, suggesting its jew involvement. But they opted to use ‘Cross’ along with ‘Red’ as if its an admittance of the jew communization of the church.

    I need to look into this more. A few jew-sourced articles have suggested that The Red Cross is anti-jew. But that could be a bunch of jew fluff to exacerbate their victimhood status.

    Then there’s the “Red Shield” (Rothschild) aspect. This could get interesting.

  21. Greg says:

    t bone,

    The jews were pissed at the Red Cross when they came in and told what the israeli jews had done in Deir Yassin when they slaughtered up to 200 A-rabs in 1948.

    So in reality the jews hated the Red Cross for telling the truth. The jews just turn it around to make themselves out to be the victims of course.

  22. Cleansweep says:

    US Gun Production Sets New Record with 30% Increase

    The reason why Americans buy guns like there`s no tomorrow.

    J B Campbell Speech on Gun Control

    NDAA Equals Treason – J B Campbell

  23. Cleansweep says:

    White hating racetraitors get owned.

  24. sog says:

    good news…/One-Holocaust-survivor-dies-every-hour-in-Israel
    ha ha these people are mind controlled rubes ..
    Oskar Schindler and me: Holocaust survivor dies too soon to see hmm what ?
    ooh okayy hmmm another buulshiit memoir about oskar shitindler ..Leon Leyson was one of the youngest concentration camp victims to be rescued by the industrialist, but he died too soon to see his memoir published….all memoires when put to the light of reproof and daylight are always just what they are intended to be makers dowrys for worthless kike bank accountz and 100% buuulshit ..propaganda for which the jew lives on ..
    how many things can you find wrong with this kike drivel statement ..
    “….Mr Leyson was born Leib Lejzon in 1929 and was just 10 years old when the Germans invaded Poland and his family were forced to move from Krakow to a Jewish ghetto in Podgorze, a suburb of the city…….”
    another swindlers list spielberg propaganda film ….
    mark potok ‘s agent sends his regrets that markie pooo cant respond to cruticism as he is busy getting gang banged by morris child molester dees and the naacp,noi and nbpp …but he will send his regards later …
    have the bohemian rootless cosmo talmud turd obamas turned the whitehouse into a gay and trnasgender swingers HANGout …
    mark potok is watching his ass ..half of america is anti black if true so what ,,it would be becuse half of america has been victimized by a nigger 3 or four times ,raped ,murdered ,robbed ,car jacking gone wrong …are we supposed to love niggers ..i mean where is the marxist fleabag kike setting the bar of tolerance ..on an individual basis we tend to like or dislike people more or less than because of their direct actions against us or people we know ..some people can hate just the criminal each of these cases its usually a no brainer onn the nigger issue ….the swarm attacks the polar bear shit the robberies the this the that ,that never ends wirh niggers and besides the facts show niggers hate whites and dont want to elevate their status to semi worth as they are coontent to live apart from whites and live amongst themselves ..dazz raycizz ….but they want that white chedduh and they have made preposterous claims of racism aginst whites fleeing the ever groing inner city rot and crime that directs its nigger racial animus towards whites ..crime gone bad ..when whites leave a nigger fluxed city and go elswhere so they wont be raped 10 times or killed 7 times or mugged for their rent money it becomes darker and more dangerous for the remaining whites as there are less whites to prey on so the few left get to allow them selves to be treated to the coontent of barbaric lo iq nigger jungle hospital er hospitality ..oogoo booguh ..bohrhuuthuhh …
    when the working middle class whites move there goes the tax money to support the niggers in the manner they are acccustomed to ..and then there is less money for city govt admin niggers to embezzle and misappropriate “liberate” from duh whyte debble ..
    of course the jews destroyed these cities by committing to corporate sabotage and finacial skull duggery via control of laws and banks and congress …there are alot of dead cities full of white hating niggers on welfare ..the jews engineered this scenario and when the e/b/t/ stops the nigger riots of this event will make watts and La look like a slumber party could go on for ever about the evil that exists today …the black race teaches whites to be “racist ” exclusionary by their criminality ..people never want to be around someone they cant trust or have to worry about when and what the manian might do or we wouldnt have jails and mental hospitals and this is where most niggers belong along with muslims and la razan mexikoon beeners …break time ..

  25. protocolsRtrue says:

    Those rascally teens (niggers) again. tick tick tick guess what? Another nigger just committed another crime somewhere in America. But niggers are good for us right? Diversity is good we can learn much much knowledge from diverse cultures. Especially niggers.

  26. Samueljrorozco says:

    My Personal Opinion Is The Jews Are Thugs.The Jews Are The Criminal Brains Of The Operation And The Blacks -African’s Are The Hired Muscle.
    I Worry For White Women. Knowing They Are The Light And Pride Of The World.
    Marking White Women Victims Simply For Being Honourable, And Having High Standards.
    And Those Who Envy The Beautiful White Women Attempt To Destroy Her Image , Her Confidence, Even Her Good Morals, And Even Distroy The White Women.With (Interracial Mixing) Sex Slavery) Drugs) Alcohol) Birth control. For Me This Is Personal.All My School Teachers Where White Women And I See To Much Women Abuse Hearing Blacks Music Calling Whites Names.Seeing Jew Movies Vilify Whites. HONESTLY Every Time Somthing Happens To A White Women. She Is The Victim Do To There Are A Few Good Old Boys Out Here Who Stand! I Reseached What Jews Did To Blondie In Russia And Germany Sweden And Every Where Else There Is A Blonde Victim Being Targeted By The Rat Faced Jew.Who In Tgere Right Mind Whould Ever Look At Theire Oen Race And Say To The Demon Jew Destroy It ? Bring Your Multiculturalism? Allow Interracial Marriage? DESTROY Cultural Values?
    I See All over Jew Owned Magazines, And On Tv Jews Dying Their Hair Blonde.Attempting To Replace The White Race In Its Entirety!
    The Jews Want Non Whites To Believe Jews Are White! So We None Whites Will Believe What The Jews Write Is Law! The Truth Is We All Will Not Recognize Jews As Our Rulers! Most Of Use Non Whites Believe We Live In A White Nation And WIth Our Belief Is Our Loyalty.The Jews When Exposed Will All Be Seen And Treated As A Foreign Invaders! No Different If China Russians Or Any Other Jew Invader.
    Sorry For Getting Way Off Topic.We American’s Have Been In A Subverted Nation War.A Silent Parasitic War From Within.
    Am I Scared? IF I Did not See The Jew As The World Biggest Threat And Enemy.I Would Not Be Educating My Self To Know For Certainty Who My Nations True Enemy Is.
    So Yes! I Am Scared.I Am Terrified! Knowing Our Nation Was Subverted Threw Secrecy, Secret Deals, Secret Meetings!
    If America Has Not Been Subverted Great! THEN Bush Patriot Act Does Not Exist! JEW Obama’S Spying On American’s Phones , Arial Surveillance By Drones Does Not Exist ! Our American Foods Do Not Contain GMo’s Genetically Modified Foods! The Moon Is Made Out Of Cheese ! And Obama Is not Black He Is A Half/ e.

  27. Holly says:

    Hi! You remarks are wonderful and so true! You are bright and educated. I have asked several on here what can we do!!!! I never get an answer, So we sit here,we bitch, moan and groan and the blacks are drooling to kill and slice all of us whites.
    I am scared, and should be. Are we going to sit on the internet? What do you think??
    It must be my celtic and Viking blood, but I ‘am not going down without a fight

  28. t bone says:


    I have answered you. So have others. You should go back to your questions and see for yourself.

    And I’ll say it again – Incoglanders have networked and it is encouraged.

    Speaking for myself, I do much more than just post on the internet. And I know others do as well.


    Its no secret that I am not fond of mexicants. I don’t say nice things about them – and rightly so. Please don’t take it personally. However, I like what you have said thus far. Stay that direction and you wont hear a peep out of me.

  29. Bailey says:

    t bone,

    Looks like team work to me.

    I don’t like people who come here with all of their keyboard warrior bullshit.
    Do these clowns expect us to admit to crimes we are plotting to commit or have committed?
    Yea, I was gonna spray a swastika on a sin-O-gog but the rabbi took my can away and said, Silly goy trix are for yids !

    If Holly thinks Samuel is so wonderful maybe she can ask if he’ll share his cubicle with her.

    Go fishing somewhere else, kids.

  30. Laydee Liberty says:

    More Mud-shark Madness

    Notice how the picture of this perp is cropped and presented in media

    Brooklyn dad killed baby, fed her to pit bull in 2006, police sources say

    Edward (Chuck) Brown holding daughter Serenity in Alabama when she was about 3 months old. The baby’s mother claims Brown delivered a fatal blow to the child’s chest, and then sliced up her body and fed it to a pit bull.

    Her name was Serenity — something she barely knew in her short life.

    But authorities didn’t learn about the giggly toddler’s disappearance until five years later — and are still trying to close the ghastly cold case in which a body was never found and no suspect ever arrested.

    City social workers discovered the child was missing during a 2011 visit, and cops opened an investigation into her mother’s claims about the horrors that went down in a Brooklyn apartment.

    Read more:

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    These jews are fucking amazing. jews cant go a single day without fucking shit up and causing problems. It’s in their dna.

    Ex-South Miami cop sues city for not paying him time it took getting dressed for work

    A former Florida police officer wants the city to pay him the time it took him to get dressed for work.

    Michael Weissberg, the former South Miami Police Department sergeant, filed a lawsuit against the city in October claiming he should be paid overtime wages for the hours it took putting on and taking off his uniform, The Miami Herald reported.

    Weissberg claims that he was “required to work approximately 30 minutes off-the-clock” prior to his shift officially starting, the report said. The time amounted to about 5-10 hours overtime each week or more than $17,000, he claims. These tasks reportedly included maintaining his weapon and his police car.

    The city, for its part, said it will fight the lawsuit, the report said.

    “These are items that are normally considered to be something an officer does on their own time. The city, for instance, allows a police officer to take their car home as part of their contract,” Mayor Phillip Stoddard told the paper. “The city provides them with uniforms as part of their contract. But there is a certain set of maintenance items that are expected that the officers will do themselves.”

    Weissberg, who became a police officer in 1997, told the Miami Herald that it would be impossible for a police office to arrive for work at 2 p.m. for a 2 p.m. roll call, and he should be compensated for the time. The city has since hired a labor attorney because the case can have “far-reaching consequences

    What about the time it takes people to shave and shower and brush their teeth before work too? MOST people have a set of dress standards before work—

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    Right on bailey. The ra– ra lets go out and hang a nigger posters are usually the rats or fucking scumbag coward traitors commmiting treason piece of shit zog agents that troll these sites because they are too lazy and cowardly to put on their badges and guns and get in a squad car and patrol the streets and stop the real American terrorists— The thug criminal niggers who rape rob assault and murder us everyday. It’s soooooo much easier and more comfortable for them to sit in their climate-controlled cubicles and troll the internet trying to entrap people into committing crimes so they can be the hero making a bust. American people cant even stop at a gas station or convienience store or grocery store or resteraunt in safety anymore thanks to the out of control thug criminal niggers that have been spun through the revolving doors of our injustice system so many times they really have to be caught with a severed head in their hands before they spend some serious cage-time. I’ll end this by saying 2 things. First, I have upmost respect for the police who DO get in the real mean streets to try to deter and catch these thugs. Second- I think it’s a damn shame that our so-called justice department spends so much time defending the thugs-rights and ignoring that these thugs are the real-life everyday terrorists not granny at the airport. Plus they consider anyone who believes in our Constitution is a terrorist and put us on their “watch” lists while packs of predatory wild animal niggers roam free seeking their next vulnerable victim to assault and rob. If the victim dares attempt to defend themselves or their property the jews and the media ALWAYS spin it around so the thugs were angels and the victim is somehow at fault.

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    Operation Fast and Furious. Almost every time I read another story about a violent shooting buried somewhere in the story is the fact that the thug trigger-nigger has prior violent felony convictions and therefor not allowed to have firearms in the first place. So what is atf doing that they have time to setup a scam and GIVE high powered assault weapons to KNOWN drug dealers? Not enough to do? These zog agents and their scams, lies, stings, reverse stings, upside down backwards inside out stings lies really piss me off. Stop creating crime to solve a crime! You want to find crime go where the criminals are! Niggertowns and Niggerhoods. The law-abiding black AND white AND brown people will appreciate it. You’ll rarely find thug nigger criminal gangs roaming the hallways and breakrooms of headquarters.

  34. Holly says:

    @ pork chops That was uncalled for; in my 50’s I’am hardy a kid. Show some respect forked tongue

  35. t bone says:

    Pork chops, Holly?

    If that was directed at me, then why?

    What did I say that was out of line?

    You complained that no one responded to you and I told you that they did.

    If you want to see this get beyond the internet, then get yourself more involved. Posting a random comment every once in a while is not enough to develop a trustworthy rapport between commenters.

    Get to know some folks, and when you’re comfortable, exchange contact info. But thats up to you.

    Have you personally done anything to help rectify the things you are complaining about?

  36. protocolsRtrue says:

    As if on ” Q”. A van full of “people” do a home invasion. Man was in the shower. Perps lead police on chase. Perps crash van, claim injuries. Amberlampses arrive. Who pays for all this shit? Who’s the real terrorists zog agent boys and girls?
    Scumbag coward piece of shit traitors committing treason zog agents had a real fun time with me when I was in isolation cell on false gun charges. The cowards had fun destroying my life for fun and sport using taxpayer money to do it too. The fucking scumbag cowards piece of shit agents know who they are also.

    Who’s the real terrorists scumbag coward zog agents? When will you get it? How can we NOT come to the conclusion that the jews who are your bosses use niggers as a weapon to destroy America and kill and harm as many white people as possible.

  37. Holly says:

    Thank You Incog and T bone, I get lost on this site, and from page to page I ,am not sure which page I speak on. I have blond hair so ?? I am not stupid I have tried and tried to get white people to come to this site. They are indifferent at best, growing up in CA I remember that the Mexicans stayed with their own as well as the different myriads of cultures out there. In the 70’s people were somewhat cool. But as a southern girl moving into CA I was tortured endlessly by my own. My white “friends loved tearing me down. My point is, whites have always been ready to kick each others ass! Why? These niggers , these Mexicans, and the rest have always stuck together. This is why I’am afraid. Uniting the un united is a daunting task! Evan as I speak now many White idiot liberals are their screaming their cries along, with the jews! We need to stop this shit! If all were united, those kikes wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell, which is where they are going to go, along with the idiot whites who supported them. NO nasty comments–I’am speaking honestly about what I haved lived and seem. Mississippi Girl.

  38. Holly says:

    @ SOiBS great video thanks!

  39. Bailey says:

    Spot on pRt,

    Fast and Furious is more than likely how the guns get to the niggerhoods, just like the crack that zog put in da’ hood.
    the jews are no longer happy with that though so they are now putting heroine into the middle class white neighborhoods for cheap.
    WTF? Twenty years ago if you were stupid enough to do heroine you had to go to the niggered inner cities.

    @ Holly,


    I don’t even know what that means.

    If you are a mature woman, I apologize, I’m right up there with you in years, too many of them wasted, going with the flow but I’m better now thanks to people like incogman.

    You ask, what can we do?
    Educate yourself (not edjewcate) and talk to others, from family down to strangers in the supermarket, just make sure you are stating facts.
    The more you talk to people about jews the easier it becomes and people do actually come around. Those who don’t or wont have that little spark in their brain that will ignite when the shit hits the fan.

    Resist all things jew,

    That’s about all we can do, for now.

  40. Israhell on Earth says:

    Important SANDY HOAX Update:

    QUOTE from:
    (Please check out the Video in the Link)

    The Sandy Hook official narrative is now dead.

    Manual search of the Social Security Death master file lists reveals no deaths and no victims in the alleged Sandy Hook murders.

    Published on Feb 22, 2014 Sandy Hook – NO DEATHS, NO VICTIMS; According to SSDI Official Master FileAlleged Sandy Hook Deaths Searchable in SSID Master File (PDF)

    The originating website uses a purchased copy of the Social Security Death Master File, updated through 1 January 2014, which is public information. You are invited to search all of these records for the putative ‘victims’ of the Sandy Hook massacre.

    The Sandy Hook perpetrators know the SSDI or (SSDMF) is the best single definitive source for actual births and deaths in the United States. That’s why there was a systematic effort to deny public access to this database about one year prior to the alleged shootings. Even copies of the file used by searchable ancestry sites had been altered, and the victims variably inserted.
    It was this variability that led us to perform a search of the unaltered, original archived version of the MASTER file.

    The search revealed NO DEATHSs in the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre.

  41. Holly says:

    Thank You Bailey
    I agree with all of you on here. Christ I started researching the negative bloodline, the celts and the Merovingian King. All of this led to British royal family, how evil they are, the Bohemian Grove etc. Long ago I was a member of the Birch Society. In my 20’s I did not want to believe that a select group of ultra rich WHITE men were controlling the world. Once Obambam hit office enough was enough! Evan though I did not participate while young I KNEW. Obambam infuriated me, I’am from the south, I didn’t want a nigger up there. But I have a good heart so I said okay!!!! Okay my ass! Now I wanted I needed to know who the controlled this shit!! From one stroke of the key to the next, here I’am. I don’t want to hate, it festers the soul. But I am sickened, all the majestic beauty of my country is a lie! I worry about my kind, I feel that many are like me. I asked where is our unity? Yes I can come on here and yes I do. I did not navigate my pages well and did not find your posts. I am sorry about that. So I have been blocked. That’s my point. I’am not a jew troll. I’am a 5″8 in. tall natural blonde women, who has traced my geneology to the Driscoll kings. The house of Stewart and The lords of Audley. My great great great uncle founded Deloitte and Touche in 1901 in New York. Murray flew from Scotland to meet me, and yes incog I too have an ancestor who fought in the revolution. Company is now called Deloitte. Do not get so angry with me. I feel so sick, my relatives being bankers and accountaints, I’am sure are part of this. Bailey and T bone I’am sorry

  42. Ranger Pat says:

    There is only one way to rid ouselves of this problem and do it now… and that way is to ” rid ” our world of jews and niggers…

  43. Laydee Liberty says:

    Likely Meth addict, kosher media tries to make this tragic death out as a modern lynching against interracial dating.

    Alfred Wright’s body was found half naked and mutilated in woodland 18 days after witnesses claim the 28-year-old ‘ran off’ from a store after his truck broke down in Hemphill, Texas.

    Police called off search after four days and claimed his death was ‘classic’ behavior of a meth addict. Alfred’s family claim the Sheriff said the search was getting in the way of his hunting.

    The state autopsy found ‘no sign of trauma’ on his body from which his tongue, left ear and eyes were missing and his throat cut.

    But his devastated family believe the married father-of-three and brother of Savion Wright, American Idol finalist, was victim of a ‘hate crime’ and are claiming a cover-up. A second pathologist found ‘high index of suspicion of homicide’.

    Alfred has been romantically linked daughter of sheriff investigating death. She denies it.

    Such is the frenzied climate of suspicion and rumor that even a silver dime found close to Alfred’s body has led some, including his family, to believe it was placed there deliberately.

    Read more:

  44. Barney says:

    Divershitty be my strong. I no dat be tru cos I herd it on da radeeeeo n de tel-aviv-zion ebry day.

    I lern all dis cool nigger (C)rap toooo – betta dan moosik, no toon, jus good nigga chant. reel good shit. I make da big munny when simian cowterd sine me up 2 hiz record label afta I win x-fakta.

    (Apologies to purists for my use of punctuation and occasionally correct spelling)

    That’s my impression of the near future if we don’t DO something about the ever-increasing jew-nigger infestation of our countries.

    Switch the tel-aviv-zion on. What do we see? Kikes, kikes, kikes, kikes, niggers, intelligent niggers, heroic niggers, stupid Whites, muds of all kinds, beautiful White women wasted on Niggers and muds, niglets, queers of all sorts portrayed as no different to normal people. How long is it going to take people to realise how fkn FILTHY queer practices are?

    Years ago I had to deliver something to a queer. I wasn’t interested, but he insisted on telling me he’d had to wash the bedsheets because him and his boyfriend “had a bit of a session last night”, meaning not only the queers themselves, but the BED was full of shit – literally!

    Why do the disgusting perverts think normal people even WANT to hear what FILTH they get up to? It’s enough to make most people want to throw up, but I suppose most people NEED to hear about it to wake them up to the reality that queers really are wallowing in their own shit.

    Come and live here, IncogMan. I’m on the outskirts what is still a predominantly White town, though it gets blacker every week, and it’s only about 25 miles from one of the UK’s major queer towns. Another of your commenters (not queer) has the misfortune of living there.

    I never really believed in the existence of the devil as a separate entity, but what else can explain the motivation of the jew vermin? Everything that’s good, they want to defile and destroy. They consciously do the work of the devil in defying, defiling and insulting the creative force.

    There’s no depravity too evil or disgusting for this ugly criminal cult called the jew.

    Shit? No, that’s our favourite perfume. Theft, rape, murder, torture? All good. Animal cruelty? More please. Poison the food, water and air? Doing it already. Intelligence, art, music, plants, trees, flowers, beauty of any kind? Destroy.

    If it’s right and good, or “of God”, destroy, defile, defame. That’s what the jew does, and it’s found an easily-controlled accomplice in the dumb sub-ape known as “nigger”, which lacks even a basic type of what White People know as awareness. Like it’s boss the jew, the average nigger isn’t even intelligent enough to qualify as “stupid”. Kill? Steal? Rape? Destroy? Yes boss!

    All the nigger knows is violence and reproduction, and like all primates, it’s naturally attracted to our Beautiful White Women, but it’s nowhere near the behavioural standards of a gorilla. It’s a sub-ape, a million years removed from a real ape in evolutionary terms and about as far as you can get from a Human Being.

    Our domestic pets, and even farm animals, have far more “Humanity” (Human-like qualities) than a jew or it’s nigger pet.

    This is worth repeating. NAACP=Now Apes Are Called People.

    Send the kikenvermin and their nigger pets to Liberia to live among their own kind. Hanging and shooting is too good for them. Let them wallow in their own filth (they’ll enjoy that) and end up being eaten. Here’s a 53 minute video that shows what supposedly “educated” niggers revert to once they’re given a specially-created country of their own, rather than being sent back to the jungles where they belong.

  45. Whitepride says:

    Niggers do not belong amongst civilized white people!

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