The Grammy Awards: Satanic Jewish Celebration


By Brother Nathan Kapner

JEWRY’S MUSIC ELITE united together in their slavish promotion of “marriage equality” for this year’s Grammy Awards.

“Marriage equality” is Jew-run Hollywood’s new term for pushing homosexual sex.

Grammy’s Jew producer, Ken Ehrlich, hyped this year’s depravity fest with “All things are possible on the Grammys. It’s what we do, one of the trademarks of this show.”

All things are indeed possible when it comes to promoting degenerate lifestyles and occult sorcery in the name of ‘entertainment’ when amoral Jews like Ehrlich are at the helm.

Perversion and demon worship is good business for Jews!

Last Sunday’s jewbilee was highlighted by homosexual couples exchanging ‘marriage’ vows before millions of viewers.

The stage was set neon church style while Macklemore & Lewis belched out “Same Love” which is known as the ‘gay rights anthem.’

Jew producer Ehrlich, noted by the Jew York Times for orchestrating every detail of the Grammys, also barfed up an occult performance for singer Katy Perry.

Jews control all sides of these parades of degenerate filth which they promote.

NATION-WRECKING JEWSIt’s a ‘Judaica Carney Show’ designed to defile Christianity and promote Jewry’s father (as Christ affirmed) the devil.

And THAT’S why Jews PUSH homosexual depravity.

At least one Christian in the audience rejected Jewry’s nation-wrecking filth.

Christian singer Natalie Grant walked out of the Grammys knowing she was witnessing a celebration of perversion and satanic ritual.

“We left the Grammy’s early, said Natalie. “I’ve many thoughts, most of which are better left inside my head.”

No Natalie, those thoughts instead should be stated boldly if you really have faith in Christ as you claim.

DO YOU THINK  Jews will be content to tone down their nation-wrecking agenda?

With each passing day they dig deeper into new depths of evil. They’ve been allowed to come way too far to stop now.  It’s not in a Jew’s obsessive nature to be able to stop.


Liz Feldman is a big time lezbo pal of Ellen DEGENERATE. (INCOG)

Productions of ritual sacrifice, bizarre sex acts, bestiality, and pederasty are on Jewry’s agenda. Even now, Jew-owned NBC is about to launch a follow-up to its homosexual “The New Normal” with Jew-writer Liz Feldman’s lesbian show, “One Big Happy.”

Once God’s law is scorned to embrace homosexuality, all devilish options are on the table.

But Christ will not be mocked and judgment comes to any country that sells out their last shreds of morality and decency at the altar of Jew-produced filth.

If the JEWS are NOT STOPPED NOW then America is toast.


GRAMMYS MONTAGE XPRT I didn’t see any of this, but I heard them talking about it on all the other TV shows, like it was so great. Oh yeah, the girl’s stage name is “LORDE.” No wonder the Jews are now busy yapping away about her! This anti-Christian celebrity routine is so old.

I watched only a little bit of the Grammys last Sunday night, until I got sick to my stomach on how blatantly they are negrofying America these days.

The opening music act had this one black guy rapping away some sort of unintelligible gibberish, while a mulatto woman, dressed in whorish fish-nets and butt-exposing shorts, was singing and gyrating alongside in the stage smoke. I later saw media whores everywhere on TV excitedly acting like it was all so great and that the two happened to be married. BFD. I thought the whole thing was pretty boring.

All kinds of black hip-hop crap was on display — both on stage and in the audience. Some pretend freakster, wearing this goofy-as-hell looking giant brown hat, came up on stage with a White girl. These media Jews so love teaming up beautiful young White girls with blacks on TV, don’t they?

Then I watched Katy Perry’s obviously satanic act (used in my main art above). I only watched it because I once kind of had the hots for beautiful Katy. Sadly, it looks like the woman has fully gone over to the dark side.

What I did see, backs up what Brother Nathan (born Jewish, but has found Christ) says.

Apparently, the Satanic, Jewish forces controlling America and the West are now openly reveling in their evil NWO/Zionist power. No doubt at all.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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186 Responses to The Grammy Awards: Satanic Jewish Celebration

  1. Flanders says:

    “A convicted killer who escaped a New York psychiatric hospital has been captured in Memphis.

    Raymond Morillo, 33, was caught at a Memphis bus station on Thursday night and remains jailed at 201 Poplar.

    The New York Post says Morillo was able to escape from a Queens’s psychiatric hospital after swapping clothes with a friend.

    He was convicted of slashing the throats of two men on a subway platform in 1998.”

  2. Israhell on Earth says:

    I’ve read the first 60 Pages of this Link; it’s a Book written ca. 1900…

    The Murder and Rape of Myrtle Vance, she was a 3 yr old little White Girl murdered by a “Colored”= Halfbreed Nigger in Paris/TX.

    These Men knew how to dish out real Justice; they hunted him down from Texas to Arkansas, brought him back and burned him at the Stake after torturing him.

    And they knew that Negroes are not like us, this was Common Sense back then…

  3. Flanders says:

    Thanks for the link, Israhell. I’m going to check that one.

    “Santeris McKinney, 25, faces up to life in prison if sentenced as a habitual felon. In addition to the murder count, jurors convicted him of vehicular homicide, carjacking and aggravated fleeing in the January death of Amanda Rengifo, 24.”

    “He was doing 95 mph when he crashed into the victim’s car”

  4. Hoff says:


  5. Hoff says:

    In 2003, Sinafasi Makelo, a representative of Mbuti pygmies, told the UN’s Indigenous People’s Forum that during the Congo Civil War, his people were hunted down and eaten as though they were game animals. In neighbouring North Kivu province there has been cannibalism by a group known as Les Effaceurs (“the erasers”) ………”…

  6. Hoff says:

    That crap is beyond …

    We are all equal and its only skindeep. Effing retarded white people.

  7. Flanders says:

    “EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s high school pot dealer who he thanked for the ‘good times’ was beaten to death with a hammer by his gay lover
    Raymond Boyer was known as ‘Gay Ray’ to Obama and his marijuana smoking ‘Choom Gang’ of privately-educated kids at Hawaiian high school
    Ray was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in 1986, seven years after he supplied the future president and his friends with drugs
    Lover Andrew Devere, a male prostitute, gave police a variety of reasons for the murder
    He said surfer Boyer put him down constantly and broke wind in his face
    Court documents uncovered for the first time by MailOnline
    Choom is island slang for pot smoking and group went on excursions to countryside to get high and party, sometimes in Ray’s surf van
    Devere is now living on the mainland after serving his life sentence
    Obama last week said marijuana was no more dangerous than alcohol

    Devere’s new wife Elizabeth told MailOnline doing drugs is fine if you are rich and ‘have the tools to deal with it’ but not if you are poor with problems”

  8. Bailey says:

    EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey (Reuters) – A man who interrupted a Super Bowl news conference on Sunday with Most Valuable Player Malcom Smith to shout a conspiracy theory about the September 11, 2001, attacks was arrested and charged, a New Jersey State Police spokesman said.

    The man, who grabbed a microphone and yelled “investigate 9/11 … 9/11 was perpetrated by people in our own government,” was charged with trespass and released, said Trooper Jeff Flynn.

    Police did not immediately release his identity.

  9. Bailey says:

    Here he is ,

    The best 30 seconds of super bowel 2014 !

  10. Bailey says:

    That was Hoffs link from 7:55, appears to be an instant replay of 7:51.

  11. t bone says:


    That guy has balls. I bet that at least a few million people saw that. Even the smallest fraction who might look into it could mean tens of thousands. Out of that number, a couple thousand could be on the road to waking up within as little as a couple weeks. Well, maybe at least half-awake. I’ll take it. Its better than nothing.

    A little 911 research should definitely lead them to the jew.

  12. Cleansweep says:

    5 Guns The Government Doesn’t Want You To Have

  13. t bone says:

    “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” – Flanders post@7:45

    ‘Blessings’ jumps out at me as well, suggesting some form of spiritual faith – which could safely be assumed to be real Christianity, not CZ.

    And ‘domestic tranquility’ – a concept that is difficult to fathom as we have compromised our own nation for the support of israel. Our jew bidders have made israel’s enemies, our enemies.

    And all the shitskins, negroes, etc… who make unconstitutional demands on the threat of chimping out will never understand this concept with their third world/ jungle mentality. Hell, they’ll chimp out regardless. Its their nature.

  14. Bailey says:

    t bone,

    “A little 911 research should definitely lead them to the jew.”

    Absolutely, That’s how it worked for me.

    Yea, Good for that guy and they could only charge him with trespass and release him.
    I hope when he goes to court he’ll plead guilty with an explanation.

  15. Cleansweep says:

    In Memory Of Kalashnikov: 700 Round AK Burn

  16. Cleansweep says:

    Every day is the annual gun day.

    We’ll Shoot Your Stuff : “Commie Microwave”

  17. Great article again, Incogman.. And it is so true what BNK says…

    I for one hope that the incident with the guy getting on the mike asking to investigate9-11 goes viral…. And yes, if anyone has even 1/2 a brain that investigation will definitely turn towards the JEW as the perpetrator of that heinous attack…

    I must agree that the Stupor Bowl is ridiculous now.. Watching brain dead “athletes” perform like modern day gladiators to the plebs and serfs of America…. What a sick spectacle indeed….

    And about the “Grammys”… More jew-spew to weaken and destroy the Gentile minds… Watching Katy Perry do her ritual to her new god, satan was bad enough, but the entire show was nothing more than a Jew wet dream of filth……

    One other thing.. the term “jewbilee” fits the bill perfectly for that depravity… Too bad our youth of today are now totally warped by this disgusting garbage!

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    By presidential decree I hereby install the “mercy rule ” into future super bowls like they have in little league when one team is kicking the other teams ass so bad. Mercy on the players and mercy on the millions of people watching it on tv and the people who spent so much money on tickets. The team that lost the afc/nfc championship game must be on hand and ready to suit up at halftime and take the field and replace the team that’s getting their asses kicked. Another great prt idea right?

  19. Bailey says:

    I didn’t see this on the morning jew news but it did make the front page of my local paper.

    Hoodrats do knockout game on 67 y/o.

    Check the two comments.

  20. bubba says:

    sog says:
    February 2, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    First concentration camps in Africa ? that’s my understanding..though I am not sure if they existed during the Civil War.

    Regardless, the Kike Jews had a hand in them , but, as usual do the kosher mind f*ck and project this as a sin OTHERS do .

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    Thanks for the vid Greg it’s worth an encore presentation. If it had been a white cop he would be fired and facing 30 counts of reckless endangerment.

  22. bubba says:

    Earn College Credits for Bashing Whites:
    Jewish Professor Creates ‘White Privilege’ Confab –

    The WPC has a variety of partners, including the Anti-Defamation League, the City of Seattle’s Office for Civil Rights, the YMCA of Greater Milwaukee, and a host of other non-profit organizations, university departments and offices, and “social justice” organizations. High school, undergraduate, and graduate students are able to earn credit for their participation in the conference. –

    Dr. Kevin MacDonald, editor of The Occidental Quarterly and author of numerous scholarly studies and books dealing with racial issues from an evolutionary perspective, described the psychological mechanisms of white dispossession and displacement taking place in America and Western Europe today, largely as a result of effective anti-White propaganda and messaging.

    “Not only are anti-white messages prestigious, they are also badges of moral rectitude,” MacDonald noted. “Displacement-level, non-white immigration has become a moral imperative. To dissent from such policies is to place oneself outside the moral universe of the contemporary West.”


    Simple technique of imbedding , so that any/all things that are positive, (maybe even neutral and not negative ) to a white person is deemed as “white privilege”..implying the White has to do nothing to earn it…..which again is that kosher mind f*ck of PROJECTION….ie NON Whites should be the privileged and be given things.

  23. Bailey says:

    This deserves a replay,

    Do a jewtube search for this and you’ll find some filthy jew “SEX IS MY LIFE” posting porn clips on the thread.

    Man interrupts super bowl MVP.

  24. Bailey says:

    All jews, all the time.

    Ben Shalom will head off to some Washington “stink tank”.

  25. summerled says:

    yeah bailey that Superbowl clip was great should wake up a few plebs!!

  26. Flanders says:

    Thanks T-Bone and Bailey. Matthew Mills reached the “consciousness” of more people in 5 seconds probably than almost all of our truly jew-CONSCIOUS sites reach in a week. There is an update on the information with that 12:25 replay.

    “February 2, 2014.. After the Super Bowl during the post game Conference. A Man grabbed the Mic off of the MVP and talked about “Investigate 911” and that “9/11 was perpetrated by people within own government. A spokesman for the New Jersey State Police, Stephan Jones Identified the Man as Mathew Mills, 30, of Brooklyn and said he was being charged with criminal trespassing. It’s being reported that Mills and was using a “fake press pass”, whatever that means with the understanding of the 1st amendment. The elite have been trying to crack down on the media with access to major events for a while now, keeping it to just their 6 corporations. The story is still developing so we’ll see how this one plays out.”

  27. Israhell on Earth says:

    Yeah, “Investigate 9/11” during the Superbowl, that’s epic Material, even 13 Years after the Crime.
    But let’s be realistic: 9/11 has already been “investigated” by that fithy Kike Bastard Philip Zelikow and other Kwan Traitors. It was a biased, underfunded, and deceitful Investigation and there will be no second one, at least not in the US.

    But i know deep inside my Heart that Millions of People are aware that the Jews did it. This paid Shill and other 9/11 Debunkers get bitchslapped around on Jew Tube 24/7 and i love it. 🙂

  28. Hoff says:

    As to war criminals, there was as yet no Moscow declaration in 101 existence, since, apart from the Bromberg Massacres, there was no knowledge of any war crimes. Nevertheless, American world Jewry was already proclaiming Nuremberg in advance. Clause number 30 on the map states: “The criminal perpetrators and their partners in guilt of this hideous war shall be brought to justice and unforgettable punishment administered.”

    Im going to read this book. Whoever wrote it knew to the core what the jews plan was with Jew World War 2.

  29. Flanders says:

    T-Bone, Thanks for reposting and replying to my earlier link. This information should be known and understood by all White people who are trying to awaken others.

    Almost everyone who can interpret true legal intentions and who understand the purposes behind our American Constitution support it’s Constitutional provisions and as Whites try to remain inside true Constitutionally legal frameworks, even when it’s obvious that those who subvert the Constitution do so based only on unconstitional POWER. That the provisions of the American founders applied to “to ourselves and our posterity” can have only one meaning – to give to US – their progeny – their posterity. That may become more clear as shown in this link:

  30. Hoff says:

    The chapter: The real victors, appears to be mandatory read.

    And so in 1941, even before America entered the war, certain plans by Maurice Gomberg were published relating to “A New World Moral Order for permanent peace and freedom” (Maurice Gomberg, Philadelphia, February, 1942). See page 104 of E . J . Reichenberger’s book Europa in Triimmern (“Europe in Ruins”). This is shown on a map printed in Philadelphia. It is the most incriminating evidence against those who dreamed of exterminating whole nations and races before America was even at war. The work is presented in such a way as to appear to be a draft of a world map after the Second World War, when the United States (meaning, by then, the Jewish world government) would take control of the whole world and would establish the New World Moral order 100 to ensure lasting peace, freedom, justice and security and to carry out reconstruction.

  31. Flanders says:

    Let us remember – “Never Forget”!

    “Never forget Jew terrorism such as the Beirut Marine bombing, King David Hotel, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, the Baruch Goldstein’s, the Adam Gadahns, etc.

    Never forget how Jews have infiltrated our churches claiming they are the racial House of Judah when they have Chinese Jews, Indian Jews, Turko Mongolian Jews, Idumean Jews, but not one pure racial Jew and not one member of the House of Israel that separated from the House of Judah ever mentioned.

    Never forget that the word Jew is an oxymoron. Words have to have specific meanings and not 5 or 10 meanings. The word Jew is hypocrisy in ITSELF!

    Never forget the Jews showcasing Christianity as a bunch of child molesters while they have the largest population of child molesters of any people on earth that goes unscathed in their Jewish media.

    Never forget when a Jew is reading from the Constitution he or she has NOTHING to do with that Constitution.”

    “In the world of the Talmud Sages, grown men have sexual intercourse with girls younger than three years old. The young girls are wounded and bleed from the activity, but the Talmud Sages were of the opinion that in one so young, virginity comes back: “Intercourse with her is like putting a finger in the eye,” (Niddah 44b) and the tears come back again and again.
    Apparently the Sages attributed the repeated bleeding during copulation to the repeated rupture of the regenerated hymen.

    Regardless how young, the Talmud wife is required to carry out her “marital duties” regularly and normally. Any problems are consigned to the lap of God.

    One who is under [eleven] or over [twelve] must carry on her marital intercourse in a normal manner;
    But the Sages ruled: The one as well as the other carries on her marital intercourse in a normal manner and mercy will be vouchsafed from heaven, for it is said in Scripture, The Lord preserveth the simple. — Niddah 45a

    And the judeo-christians are OK with this!!!”

  32. Flanders says:


    The following countries aided the ANC Barbarians financially to come to power- and start the White Genocide in South-Africa.

    These countries know of the White Slaughtering going-on- but prefer to ignore it- and keep a low profile to the genocide currently in progress:

    1. ENGLAND-
    3. USA-
    4. DENMARK-
    5. CHINA-
    8. SWEDEN
    9. USA
    10 CANADA
    11. BELGIUM

    A person can just wonder how citizens in these countries can call themselves “Human” – whilst their leaders sat in silence while thousands of innocent whites are been killed on a daily basis in this country? Your countries are a disgrace to human-kind.”

  33. Flanders says:

    “So you are an IsraHell first and a Judeo-Christian.
    Do you even realise what a clown you’ve become? –
    You proclaim Christianity on the one hand and on the other you proclaim the seed of satan.

    Don’t get uppity with me, I’m just sitting on the side-line watching you wasting your life away . . .”
    “So let’s look at what these “so-called-chosen” have to say about themselves.
    Surely you’ll belief the jews themselves, after all, all the atrocities happening around the world have a jewish hand wheeling and dealing out what comes naturally to them.

    And the Bible clearly states that we SHOULD . . .
    “Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.”
    – Titus 1:14.

    “The Christian cannot read his Bible except through Jewish spectacles, and, therefore, reads it wrong.”

    As a result, Christians don’t have God’s word on a certain matter, they have the jew’s word.

    Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every ‘Christian Church’ in America and World wide .

    1980 Jewish Almanac’s first chapter entitled “Identity Crisis,” begins with the following admission:
    “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew.’”
    (The Jewish Almanac, Compiled and Edited by Richard Siegal and Carl Rheins (New York: Bantam Books, 1980; p. 71)

    – Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol 10:23.

    Dr. Oscar Levy went so far as to declare:
    “And are not they (today’s Jews) the inventors of the Chosen People myth?”
    (Dr. Oscar Levy, preface, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution, George Pitt Rivers (Oxford, England: Basil Blackwell, 1920; p. vi)

    “Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.”
    (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

    “Some call it Marxism [Communism], I call it Judaism.”
    – Rabbi S. Wise, The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935.
    (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communists.)

    “First of all, we have to understand what communism is . . . real communism, the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism
    – Bobby Fischer, a Jew, press Conference, September 1 1992

    “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our God is Lucifer and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.”
    – Harold Wallace Rosenthal 1976.

    This should make people sick to their stomach as our country gives over 20 billion in aid to these warmongers.
    This is a great reason for anti-antisemitism or anti Zionism.

    Still think YAHWEH God will save them at the last moment?

    Just looking at a jew makes one realise that they’re not from human DNA, they’re like their father . . . half devil half parasitical nun-human mongoloid satan spawned blotches on humanity committers of the biggest Mass Murders.


    YES, a thousand times YES . . . with the coming of Jesus the Christ these filthy, scavenging vampires from hell will be chosen . . . chosen for extinction, annihilated, wipe-out completely, there will not one be left.

    It is written:
    Obadiah:1:18: And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.

    We know who the house of Esua is, and it’s not the Arabs nor the Germanic, Anglo Saxon, European, White Christian Nations . . . it’s the yahoodi kike jews.

    The parasitic nation passing themselves off as the so-called-chosen living in that cesspit called IsraHell, and in each and every White Country where they have wormed in and are now promoting miscegenation – race mixing as part of their plan to destroy the Pure White YAHWEH God given seed

    And for more info, Israel was a name given to Jacob, a man . . . not a country, and while I’m on a flow.

    There will be no rapture, sorry . . . if you’re waiting for one you’re going to wait a long, long time.

    It ain’t going to happen.

    The end of the ages will require you to go and kill those non-believers, those who did not abide to YAHWEH’s laws, the race mixers and their bastard children.

    Then said he [the Messiah Jesus Christ] to them, But now, he that has a purse, let him take it, and likewise his money: and he that has no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one”.
    – Luke 22:36

    Buy a gun, get a weapon because you’re going to use it, whether you like it or not . . .

    Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.
    – Jeremiah 48:10

    The kike jews have sucked out all culture and values through that little box in your home called a television, for they are CEO’s of all mainstream media outlets.

    They are the self-proclaimed master race.
    And if racism is the appreciation and the study of unique races, what happens when there are only two races left to study – the Jew and the diversely moulded mixed-slave-race?

    Multiculturalism is a deliberate policy of ‘colour-blindness’
    — a belief in equal rights and reform of institutions to stamp out prejudice and abuse of power.

    But it also placed an onus on the newcomer to fit in.

    And therein lies the crux of the matter.
    These other cultures don’t want to fit into the expectations of their hosts.

    They want to live as they do back in their third-world home countries. Everyone around them must change to accommodate them and their uncivilised, foreign way of life.

    Never the other way around.

    The point of Immigration, especially using Third World aliens is Ethnic Fouling leading on to Genocide.

    This is the logical outcome of 12 centuries of chronic, incestuous inbreeding among Khazar jewish converts.

    And did you ever notice that the Hollywood Film Industry like to project their genetic shortcomings onto Southern Whites?

    It is being inflicted on us by jews, paranoid jews full of hate, jews who believe the Holocaust® Story, in short Zionist crazies WHO DENOUNCES the true Holocaust . . .

    The one perpetrated against the WHITE CHRISTIANS.
    How-come no one remembers it, and why was nobody dragged in-front of a judge for these crimes???

    Very clever.
    The jew avoids discussing ‘openly’ the subject of homozygosity within its own ‘sick’ community like the plague!

    And we’re to honour this smudge on humanity without QUESTIONS . . .

    The jews ought to be ashamed of themselves.
    There was no “Mid-East Problems” till they with the help of the UK and the USA invaded and stole what’s now known as Israel, that cesspool the kike jews waddle in.

    Get rid of Israel & then there will be peace.
    Sick degenerate jewish animals must ALL be removed from western society so it can prosper again.

    And whether you Judeo-christians like it or not . . .
    YAHWEH God said that He will have all the jews bundled up for the fire, then YAHWEH God will sort you lot out as he calls you . . . twice the devils

    Matthew 23:15
    King James Bible:
    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

    Matthew 23:15
    English Standard Version
    Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel across sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves.

    SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full documentary 1878-2006 by A.C.Hitchcock
    This is a 5:29:21 long video and I’d advise a download for later watch.

  34. Flanders says:

    Incogman, My apologies. It is another of those auto-posts that happen often when I paste some information or link, and I intended only a shortened version of what had unintentionally pasted. If you can remove that comment – THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

    AND I DO try to be very careful with everything I load because it is irritating beyond words. I am CERTAIN that I did not accidentally click on the post button.

    I’ll go ahead and post the link to the site anyway:

  35. Flanders says:

    Our White people have faced IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS before. Just as our racial heritage is intentionally being stolen from us, so is there an intention to steal OUR FLAG. It is not a physical attempt at theft. It is a psychological theft.

    Our American flag was never a multi-racial flag. It was never a multi-cultural flag. It was never a flag to fly over the heads of unjust invaders of other countries. The American flag was never flown to the will of a foreign power.

    Just as jews attempt to steal White people’s heritage by calling themselves Israel. The jews use a supposed American friendship to steal the properties and lives of others whom jews consider to be their enemies, and to steal American lifes’ and blood to justify and prosecute WARS for which America has little or no vital interests. The jews of the New World Order attempt to use OUR flag to represent the authority of jack-boot thuggery against our citizens and to name our patriots with the label of an enemy.

    It is NOT the flag which is most important for true Americans. The determination to live in true freedom, and to live peacefully in our own nation unmolested by others is important. A determination that OUR blood will be spilled ONLY for the defense of ourselves and of OUR country is also important. An awareness of and rejection of evil, whether murder or outrageous usury, or a controlled press and media is of importance. Our conviction to live as free men in territory we control and with the determination to STOP evil in it’s tracks is a part of OUR White heritage as Americans.

    Let’s live free in America – like Americans!

  36. Hoff says:

    Everything else that followed was only the natural consequence of Jewish chauvinism. If one Jew succeeds in occupying any key position he will immediately try to employ as many Jews as possible. This is actually what happens during the judaisation of any institu- tion, section of society or profession. Those Jews who succeed in establishing themselves will help and assist more Jews to settle in too, since in their eyes only their own kind can be trusted in the furtherance of Jewish national aspirations. And so around the person of J. Robert Oppenheimer was formed a fanatical chauvinistic group of Jews. According to American sources, only the labourers in the laboratories of Los Alamos and Honmouth were non-Jews. The names of Julius Rosenberg, Martin Sobell, Harry Gold and David Greenglass became known later during the trials of the most notorious atom spies. Professor Pontecorvo, the Hungarian Pro- fessor Janosi, inventor of the hydrogen bomb, and Edward Teller, all belonged to this atomic sect.

  37. Hoff says:

    I have been reading some here and there and one thing, whoever wrote the book was a strategist who know the jews plan to the core.

    They command the U.N. armies against the North Koreans, and they stand behind the North Koreans facing the forces of the U.N.

    In Viet- Nam they oppose the Communists, and while many thousands of non- Jewish “legionnaires” died heroically at Dien-Bien-Phu, they kept the Bolsheviks advised of French moves from the French National De- fence Council itself.


    The Korea and Nam war was a total jew hoax. The jews ruled both sides. What the jews do is that they cycle wars. Every five-seven years cycle the jews started a war during the jew fraud cold war.

    Why? To motivate the military build up. And to keep the warmongering.



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