What a Bunch of Stinking HORSE CRAP!

CORY REMSBURG MAIN ARTThe messed-up Cory Remsburg at Obongo’s “State of the Union” speech last week. Manipulative political forces and the media use our people all the time — yet feel free as a bird to screw our race big time 24/7. They can get away with it, too, because most of our people have been brainwashed, or PC intimidated not to say one GD word.

You remember Obongo’s State of the Union speech last week? When they had this big standing ovation for US Ranger Sgt. First Class, Cory Remsburg, a soldier who got blown up by a bomb in Afghanistan? They had him sitting next to her “person of color” highness, Michelle Obama. Yeah, like I bet she really gave a rat’s ass about the guy.

Well, the media has been going on and on lately about all the “sacrifices of the military, blah, blah, blah.” Actually, they’ve been doing this kind of thing since forever. I saw a big report by ABC’s Martha Radditz this past Sunday on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos;” plus, that same night the Super Bowl had the usual emotional stuff on soldiers coming home from deployment overseas — like the guy from Winter Park, Florida, getting a big hero welcome, paid for the Budweiser corporation so they could use it in a TV commercial, for crying out loud.

Let me just say this one thing before I go on with my angry diatribe: I know for a fact the men in our military are good guys. Patriotic, hard-working, brave, etc., etc. It’s just that certain sorry SOBs have long been using all that for a Geopolitical Agenda that’s NOT FOR AMERICA, while quietly working to destroy our race back here.

Yep, you heard me right. We got a bunch of GD Zionists (backstabbing Khazar Jews and corrupted SHABBOS GOYS) up in DC, NYC and in the media, jerking this country’s chains, getting us White Americans killed and messed-up like Cory Remsburg. And practically all of those who serve in the front ranks of combat are WHITE GENTILES and HETEROSEXUAL WHITE MALES (this includes Spanish people who are indeed fellow, usually Christian, White Caucasians).

But let’s just stop for a minute and list it all out. While our men are over THERE, shooting up raghead Muslim Jihadis and getting blown to bits by ad hoc improvised explosives (what the dirt poor locals put together to fight back against 21st century technology); we’re getting screwed in the ass BIG TIME back here in America.

Let me list out a few things that piss me the hell off:

  • “White Guilt” campaigns and brainwashing is widespread through-out the media and education. We have to listen to non-stop crap about slavery, Jim Crow and even stuff about the Nazis from years ago. It never ends.
  • Our industries has been off shored for corporate profit and many Americans are jobless or working several jobs part-time serving hamburgers.
  • They openly work in the media to mate off our women to black men.
  • Nasty-ass homo and really sick transgender crap is getting forced on America everywhere you turn.
  • They want to legalize the ILLEGALS and act like it’s a must, instead of calling for enforcement of existing laws.
  • They are obviously working to flood White countries with non-Whites to demographically neuter our race.
  • Innocent White people are getting smacked around and beaten in the streets by “urban youths” — PC media code for black thugs.
  • Whites (including little old ladies and children) are also getting murdered in horrific crimes by criminal and White-hating blacks, but the news carefully censors reporting on these things because they don’t want our race to “get it.”
  • Whites, especially us WHITE MALES, are openly and freely slimed in the media. They can’t even have a black actor playing the criminal in burglary alarm commercials, for crying out loud.
  • Christianity, too, is openly slimed in the media and blatant SATANIC worship is getting shown on primetime.
  • The Christian cross can’t be displayed on public grounds, yet the JEWISH Menorah is freely allowed. Every year around Christmas time (a CHRISTIAN holiday under attack, BTW) a 90 foot tall Menorah is erected in the park right across from the White House.
  • They have no problem propagandizing us to support Jew-racist, Zionist Israel in the Mideast and telling Americans that it’s in our best interest when it’s totally hypocritical. Obongo even openly proclaimed Israel as a JEWISH state during the State of the Union.
  • Our money is increasingly worthless due to them printing it up left and right for their International Banker and Wall Street chums.
  • These people have controlled the Federal Reserve since day-one. They even recently had the nerve to bring in a real-life “dual citizen” of Israel, Stanley Fischer, to be vice chair with the latest JEWISH Fed chairman, Janet Yellen. Talk about CHUTZPAH!

The short description? Our very own White race is being F&%#ed in the rear royally, by these insufferable, self-absorbed, lying, hypocrite creeps.


I did up this big poster on all this not too long ago. Please double-click on it to make it bigger and save to your hard drive so you can spread it around.

Basically, they send our men overseas to fight, while at the same time are back here working to re-engineer our country to make WHITE, CHRISTIAN PEOPLE a spat-upon minority — and sooner than you think.

This is NOT just something happening to America, either, but most White countries in the Western world. Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Australia and Canada, too. It is plainly obvious that a long-running, quiet AGENDA is being played out by international forces.

While you’re over THERE, taking chances for THEM, your friends and family back HERE in America, are being brainwashed and intimidated by “PC” so they don’t dare say a word. Hell, you can’t say the least thing anymore before the SOBs start screaming “RACISTS,” “NAZIS,” or the all inclusive, “WHITE SUPREMACISTS.” Except for their pet “minority” groups, who can say whatever they GD please about our race.

Even conservative political groups like the Tea Party are treated like the reincarnation of the Nazi party by the liberal, White-hating, press. The libtard scumbags only cut you soldiers slack because you’re the guys doing the dirty work for their real media bosses. They know it, too.

Let me ask you a question: Let’s say you talked about any of this kind of thing to buds in your unit. You know as well as I do, “upper management” would come down on you like a ton of bricks. They sure as hell don’t want this sort of thinking to become too widespread among the military.*

Actually, many of your fellow men in the military already know this is going on and think the same as I do. I can’t go into much detail since the SOBs responsible for all this watch me like a hawk.

Look, you don’t have to believe what this pissy old White guy has to say. All you got to do is turn on the TV for about five minutes and you’ll see some kind of example of the stinking HORSE CRAP they are feeding America and OUR RACE!

— Phillip Marlowe

STINKY HORSE CRAP SILOI’ve simply plain had enough of all the stinking HORSE CRAP!

* It’s only a matter of time before they get me shut down (they’ve already censored me elsewhere on the Internet plenty). They surely don’t want this kind of thinking becoming widespread — not only among the military, but our police and other White people, too. I do whatever I can to awaken fellow White people to the utter BS!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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332 Responses to What a Bunch of Stinking HORSE CRAP!

  1. jarwi says:

    I prefer boyfriends.

  2. jarwi says:

    Few of our posts and you send us to do threesome?
    Is that everything you have? Did we stepped on your nerve? I didn’t know shit weasel has one.
    You think I am bad? Wait for my brother in law to sober up.

  3. Aunty Sem says:

    Dieudonné must surely be a hero!
    Watch this;

    However, @2 mins and 16 seconds I clearly heard him say Adolf Hitler so I wonder why that wasn’t shown in the English subtitles.
    I hope that lots of people download a copy of Dieudonnes show because I bet that it won’t be available to watch for very much longer.
    My previous attempts to post this comment were blocked so I am reattempting to post this comment by a different internet provider.

  4. Bailey says:

    Yea jarwi, I kind of guessed you were a queer.

    Take your forum slide somewhere else.

  5. t bone says:

    Aunty Sem

    I can tip my hat to Dieudonné (from what I know – I’d like to read a translation of what he actually says about jews.) bit I would never refer to a nigger as a ‘hero’.

    So, he exposes jews. Good on him. Just as long as he keeps his damn, dirty paws off White women, everything will be OK.


    I don’t know who ‘gilbert’ is.

    Whatever the case, I’m seeing sides taken against a vet commenter like sog and truthfully, thats just bad form – esp. if you’re a new commenter.

    And now you’re coming down on Bailey – another vet commenter?

    I’m glad you ‘Poles stick together’. But maybe you should consider ‘we Whites stick together’. And the last time I checked, Poles were White. Think of the big picture here.

    Instead of trying to divide this forum over something that cant be changed (i.e. pro-Hitler sentiments), try bashing some jews – not White leaders/commenters who did, and are doing something about the jew problem.

  6. INCOG MAN says:



  7. Bailey says:

    These fake “poles” here are hasbarats.

    Who the eff’ is gilbert anyway?

  8. jarwi says:

    T bone,
    I am not a troll, in fact I am if you will, a member of professional Polish patriots group. Some of us came here today, not to cause any trouble but ONLY to support HKW – our dearest friend. Reading all the posts I particularly did not like Bailey’s opinion about “Poles thinking HKW is full of shit”. I understand this is a private forum and I don’t care what is being said here as long as Poland and HKW (in this particular order) are treated and addressed with respect. If only HKW wishes to remain here. I would like to think this forum have no double standards.

  9. t bone says:


    Again, think bigger. Your ‘Polish Patriots’ need to start thinking in terms of ‘White Patriots’.

    If your premise is to simply support what the majority of Incoglanders do not believe (anti-German propaganda) it will cause division.

    You can have all the Polish pride you want, but without the support of other Whites, you’ll have slim chances against the jew. And its not helpful to the rest of us.

    This should be about the jew, period!

    You’re thinking subjectively – exclusive to being Polish. You really need to look at it objectively – as White. Its getting late in the game.

    Every White country has had, and still has, its jew bidders. We’ve all been accountable at one time or another – with the exception of the few who stood up to the jew.

    That’s changing. You can get on board or stay secluded away from the rest of the White race. Make the right decision.

    Think bigger.

    Think objectively.

  10. HKW says:

    Bailey at 4.29

    And what else would you call the Dresden bombing if not holocaust?
    Wasn’t it a truly and well documented holocaust where people were burnt alive?!
    Your attempt of twisting it against me failed miserably.

    Tbone, thank you for your sensible opinion ,reasonable thoughts and kind words.
    I respect your views and even more so admire your manners.

    As I said before, I would not have reacted if it wasn’t for Hoff’s very WRONG statement.
    You may prize Hitler all you want, but please do not falsify history; he did NOT liberate Poland. That is an INSULT!
    Therefore, I’ve had enough of the BS as well.
    He took part in collaboration with the zionists to create the state if today’s criminal Israel!
    Jews also don’t like admitting it.
    Wartime Collaboration Between Zionists And The German Government
    By Dr. Harrell Rhome


    jarwis and bluebells; my heartfelt thanks to you guys for your support.
    However, please don’t even mention the jews here in positive way, if I may ask.
    In a way they are our misfortune.


    Your site is not being used to attack Germans.
    Should you be a fair person you would not allow such rude attacks on me while I was only defending my case.
    Nobody insults Germans. It was a statement of facts.

    Besides I addressed Hoff only and so far we had a civil dialog, which took a nasty turn by a fierce display of hatred by other commentators.

    Remember, what purpose the Internet serves.
    I might be locked in ‘Spamblinka’, but the website still is on public display.

  11. jarwi says:

    @ t bone
    Are you for real?
    gilbert says:
    February 8, 2014 at 6:09 pm
    “HKW, filthy polisch cocksukker”
    I have screen shoots on photobucket too. Do you want links?
    Review gilbert, take your actions.
    Please take me seriously T bone.
    Do you want white race stick together? Stay off HKW and I will be your most faithful ally. Simple as that.

  12. HKW says:

    INCOG MAN @ 5:23 pm

    I surely got that and have said it long ago!

  13. summerled says:

    c-c-can’t we all just g-g-g get along?

  14. jarwi says:

    @ T bone,
    Think smaller before you go bigger. We Poles are maybe insignificant but If you want us on your side listen to HKW. She’s got all the brains. I am only bodyguard hoping one day I will have that honor to take a bullet for her. Seriously speaking I see your neo-nazi propaganda as last breath of dying german beast being penetrated by necrophiliac muslims. Sorry for being so direct and so graphic. If it wasn’t for HKW I would be rather doing colonoscopy exam right now.

  15. t bone says:


    I am, no doubt, ‘for real’.

    Gilbert isn’t a regular commenter, at least from what I know. Whatever the exchange between him and Halina was, is something I need to see in full context before giving any feedback.

    And now I have to question your integrity. You’re basing your support of White solidarity on the premise of two commenters, ‘Halina and gilbert’?

    If you don’t like the outcome, you’ll bail out on the White race?

    That’s what I’m getting from your comment.

    There will be personality conflicts from time to time, but being subjectively fickle will only prove futile in the grand scheme of things.

    I don’t agree with every single commenter. But as long as the White collective prevails, I’ll be greatly satisfied.

    That’s my motivation.

    Personally, I’d really like to get back to bashing the POS jews ASAP.

  16. HKW says:

    t bone says ; “You’re thinking subjectively – exclusive to being Polish. ”

    tbone, please show me who doesn’t think the same way on this forum exclusive to their own nationality.

    We’ve been instantly excluded!
    Even Jerzy Ulicki-Rek from the Polish Holocaust Forum, who now is in jail, would be.
    Not one word of sympathy. And yet remember the outcry when Zundel or David duke went to jail?

    Why? Just because he is a Pole.
    And what’s wrong with being a Pole? What’s so disturbing about?
    Why is it bothering others so much?

    I wonder…..?

    I had no idea you have such a great sense of humor!
    Thank you man, for being my ‘bodyguard’.
    Perhaps, some day you will see me smile directly at you 🙂
    You’re WORTH IT!

  17. jarwi says:

    @ T bone
    I have something to say off record contact me; pandorasmess at gmail dot com

  18. t bone says:

    “We Poles are maybe insignificant but If you want us on your side listen to HKW.” – jarwi


    I’m trying to be patient as possible but I’m not sure how to respond to that statement.

    No one says Poles are ‘insignificant’.

    And its as if you’re speaking on the behalf of the entire Polish collective when giving us this ultimatum.

    Perhaps you should listen/read what the commenters here are saying about historical events before reaching this end all/be all conclusion.

    You’re new here and have not heard us out. That would be the respectful thing to do.

    And you know what they say:

    “If you want respect…”

  19. t bone says:


    I cant think of anyone who posts negative about the Poles, in general. You may not agree with some of the historical comments – or feel that we are not recognizing Poles such as Jerzy Ulicki-Rek – but that’s no reason to completely slide off topic.

    If you want Poles like Jerzy Ulicki-Rek to get some notoriety, then post about it. No ones stopping you. I never even heard of him until you brought him up. It would be far more interesting to read about that rather than going completely off topic about jews.

  20. jarwi says:

    @ T bone
    I came clean in my first comment today about my hating priorities. Please find the time to review it.
    Before you question my integrity lat me ask you this: did your six years old daughter ever bring home a letter from Jewish school principal saying that you are antisemitic? I thought so! I also live in country of emigrants and I see what they do to destroy on our watch. So, please don’t try to question me again in that matter.
    This is my top ten list what I care about:
    1. Poland
    2. My daughter
    3. Halina
    4. White Race
    5. Liquor Store open 24/7
    6.Liquor Store open 24/7
    7.Liquor Store open 24/7
    8.Liquor Store open 24/7
    9.Liquor Store open 24/7
    10 Toilet available upon request

    I don’t think it is possible to came out any way clearer?

  21. HKW says:

    We all have “selective hearing”.

    Nobody is required to listen to me, but a little acknowledgment (even silent) of my protest against misinformation posted here regarding my country would be appreciated.

    If I feel is wrong I just leave a little note and go away again.

  22. jarwi says:

    @ T bone
    “No one says Poles are ‘insignificant’.”
    Again T bone I beg to differ. Many comments referred to that. Halina was the only one to be abused here. Bailey, gilbert, Hoff and few others constantly were coming down on her with cheap shots and faul language. The white man who publicly tells white woman: “eat bag of dicks” or refers to her as “cock sucker”is worst than negro to me. If we want to survive as white race then we needs to keep some basic manners. Otherwise we will be no different then savages. Agreed?

  23. INCOG MAN says:

    Yes, let’s cut HKW some slack, here.

    On the flip side, let’s not get so down on the NAZIS. The SOBs have been right all along.

  24. t bone says:


    The White race needs to be much higher on that list. The reason you are commenting right now is because you were birthed into the White race, by the White race – as was your mother, father, grandparents, etc…ad infinitum.

    Your concerns are more about your personal feelings about Poles, rather than what’s BEING DONE to the White race as a whole – Poles included.

    Maybe Incog can do a montage to commemorate all the Polish females who were brutally murdered at the paws of the savage, negro yard-ape. You’ll clearly see who the real enemy is. One thing it is not, is your fellow awakened Whites.

    Start thinking about what is happening, and what needs to be done, RIGHT NOW – TODAY!

    Incoglanders have done painstaking research, for years, and I can safely assume that they will remain convicted to their viewpoints. The pro-German commentary will always be here – and rightly so. They’re White!

    Negroes have more power when they refer to themselves as ‘black’. They don’t divide it up into Kenyan, Ethiopian, Liberian, etc…

    Spics have more power as ‘latinos’ – not as mexcrement, dominicoons, etc…

    If the dominicoons said they want more dominicoon rights, it wouldn’t be nearly as effective as saying ‘we want more latino rights’.

    Same with jews – sephardics, ashkenazis, lubavitchers, etc… they’re jews!

    And all of the above are considered to be ‘minorites’ or more appropriately – non-White minorities.

    Its them against us – Whites. Its not them against the Polish, Germans, Italians, etc…

    Its non-Whites against Whites. The enemy knows this. The question is – how many of us really understand this?

    BTW – jarwi, please post the anti-Polish comments that you suggested were here. I’ll look at them and give you my honest feedback on it.

  25. INCOG MAN says:

    Remember, the HASBARAT Jews look for any minor thing to turn into a war between WHITE PEOPLE. They love it.

  26. jarwi says:

    @ T bone,
    “Perhaps you should listen/read what the commenters here are saying about historical events before reaching this end all/be all conclusion.”

    I did read all comments and I will tell you right away; I don’t agree with most of them but this is not about me. Halina’s well being is my only objective.
    I don’t want to still your forum’s thunder. Carry on, please don’t pay your attention anymore.

  27. t bone says:


    I’m trying to be as civil as possible.

  28. INCOG MAN says:

    t bone: I know that, bro. You are always on target.

    My problem is that I don’t always have time to sort out hasbarati activity. These Jews are tricky bastards.

  29. Bailey says:

    Dresden was a real holocaust Halina.
    It was you with this comment that compared it to jewish holohoax BS that pissed me off.

    “The jews constantly moan about their victim-hood and the Germans too rightfully bring up the Dresden holocaust a lot.”

    If you want you can go back a couple days to where I addressed that comment the first time, I’m not going to repeat myself.

  30. jarwi says:

    @ T bone,
    I see your good will, I really do. But you are not listening. You don’t need to educate me about “minorities” Over 24 years spent in this country they all worked hard to make me a dedicated racist. Right now I am at my peaks and is psychically impossible to bust my feeling any further.

    I have already submitted to your attention gilbert’s comment with exact time stamp. T bone you make me to repeat myself. Again please don’t spend any of your precious time with me. Halina is the boss. If she says we stay we stay. Is she says she goes ..well I will miss her a lot! HaHaHa!

  31. t bone says:


    Well, please don’t embellish what you said:

    “No one says Poles are ‘insignificant’.”
    Again T bone I beg to differ. Many comments referred to that.” – jarwi

    In that quote, you said “many comments”.

    Now you say its only gilbert’s comment.

    Which is it – ‘many comments’ or just ‘gilbert’s comment’.

    I’m not trying to make you repeat yourself, but you simply are not being clear.

    And if it is ‘many comments’, I’d like you to post them – if that’s not a problem.

  32. jarwi says:

    @ T bone @ INCOG MAN
    You don’t trust me? HaHaHa!
    The feeling is mutual. How do I know you are not Mossad?
    I guess the only way to find out is to show dicks. I am going first: I think gilbert is a dick!
    Enough fan for tonight. Good night!

  33. t bone says:


    I believe you’ve missed my point:

    Its not sephardics and Kenyans against Poles and Dutch – it jews and shitskins against ALL Whites.

    If we can agree that jews = non-Whites as well, then its more simple to say:

    Its non-Whites against ALL Whites – no White people are exempt from this.

  34. HKW says:


    Lets leave it at that and not escalate tensions any further.

    Bog, Honor, Ojczyzna – God, Honor and our Father’s and Motherland.
    Dignity and diplomacy – that’s who and what we are.

    Thank you and have a good night.

  35. t bone says:


    For the record, I’m not tense at all. Quite calm, actually. But maybe that wasn’t aimed at me to begin with.

    I hope jarwi gets her beauty rest (I’m assuming jawri’s a she) because we got some serious debate scheduled for tomorrow.


  36. jarwi says:

    @ HKW

    No problem girl. You know I would do anything for you.
    My usual fee $0.34/character + $180.00 for work over the weekend.

    How can I have a good night? T bone called me a Jew! Punitive damages coming out of you pocket. Agreed?

  37. HKW says:

    I’m pleased to hear about your coolness.
    That’s what keeps one sane.

    Jarwis a “she”?! You kidding me!
    That’s embarrassing! I nearly flirted with…promising my smiles.

    I truly do hope you’ll have a good, diplomatic debate tomorrow.
    Good luck!
    And if she actually is a female….hmmm…?

    Holy crap, she did it so well as a man 🙂

    Naa! Cannot believe it.

  38. jarwi says:

    @ T bone
    HaHaHa! Screw you. I’d prefer to be called jew then she. Never come at me like this again. Just so you know. You are funny guy T bone but only when you are not talking.
    Good white! I meant good night!

  39. HKW says:

    8:36 pm

    Ha ha ha, heh he he

    I knew it!

  40. HKW says:


    May good fortune come your way.
    White night. Sleep well.

  41. t bone says:

    Then explain this jarwi:

    jarwi says:

    February 9, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    I prefer boyfriends.


    That tells me you’re either a ‘she’ or a….hmmmm

  42. HKW says:

    What now… tbone?!

    Please read Bailey’s comments again and maybe then you will understand jarwis response.
    Bailey admitted to be friends with some faggots, not that is any of my business.
    But jarwi referred to Bailey’s comment out of sheer frustration for being impolite towards me.

    Call me a racist… I don’t care..
    But I wouldn’t like to associate myself with any homos.

  43. t bone says:

    Sounds like you got a gay bodyguard, Halina.

  44. jarwi says:

    @ T bone,

    hahaha! I knew that comment is going to bite in the ass one day. But also tells a lot about you. How come you saw that and not anti-Polish comments?
    I will think of revenge. Trust me, you will have to redefine everything you know about pissed-off Polish guy. HaHaHa!

  45. HKW says:

    Rubbish, tbone @ 8:56

    Just stay cool, man.

  46. t bone says:

    Go for it, jarwi.

    I tried to be civil and you neded to push it.

    You even said I called you a jew.

    Now if I wanted to do that, I would have just called you ‘jewri’ – but I didn’t.

    What really raises a red fag…ahem … I mean…FLAG… is your thoughts about ass-biting. I’m sure glad I didn’t email you.

    But proceed as you will.

    I’m game.

  47. t bone says:

    Its a perfectly legitimate conclusion, Halina.

    I wasn’t taking a shot at him when I addressed that.

    If he says he’s not gay, then what can I say?

    That’s certainly what it looked like though.

  48. summerled says:

    T bone that thing jarwi has the same old circular argument ingnore it

  49. HKW says:

    tbone at 9.08

    I’m afraid you didn’t get jarwi’s sarcasm towards Bailey about his homo friends.

    It seems to me, judging by your nickname, that you like steaks.
    So when you have a closer look at the animal’s body where this part of meat has been cut off from it is pretty close to its ass.

    Therefore, another form of sarcastic joke 🙂

    Maybe you don’t yet fully understand the Polish people, and their sense of humor…?

    Take it easy.

  50. Bailey says:

    Golly, I haven’t seen the queers I know in more than twenty years Halina.
    It’s not like I had wine and cheese with them over the weekend.

    Or is that whine and cheese ?

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