Globalist Jewry Turning America into a New Sodom

JOHNNY WEIR FAGGOTNBC had no problems putting on that flaming faggot, Johnny Weir, at the Olympics at Sochi — I’m just glad my dad’s not around to see what the filthy GD Jews are now doing to America and the rest of the White race.

So, I’m watching this past week ABC news with Diane Sawyer (the blond shiksa married to a big time Jew Hollywood director), when they do a TV report on Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer having till Saturday to veto bill SB-1062 — a bill meant to free religious business owners from fear of prosecution should they prefer not having to do any work involved with gay marriages.

Now word comes Brewer got chicken and vetoed it. People have no spine anymore.

The Jew-brainwashing ABC news portrayed such Christian business owners as hateful retards, while practically saying everybody else is against the bill. They showed you close-in shots of homo protestors in front of the Arizona state house, and implied it was in the thousands, while it was probably only a couple of hundred (the media does this trickery in both directions all the time). The report warned that transnational corporations might not do any more business in Arizona, while the ABC digital editor showed their logos spinning up on the screen to drive home the point.

Meanwhile, completely at odds with how the American public feels (no matter what the lying media says with phony polls); federal judges are busy making gay marriage legal in each state — one at a time. Never has a gay marriage vote or referendum ever been won by the homos. Not once. The Jewish-led change agents are doing an end-run on America by getting the traitorous judges to do it.

You got to stop and think about all this for a moment, even if you could care less about the pink team. If you will note, the media did the same kind of thing to Jan Brewer and Arizona about the illegal alien issue.

You see the real power structure feels free as a bird brainwashing America all the time.

You can see how they are doing with this Ukrainian business — only giving you half of the story, the half they want the general public to believe. FOX news does the same thing, if you pay attention. They only thing FOX does is pretend they are “conservative,” when they are tons of conservative issues they avoid the least coverage. Hell, there’s tons of stuff even the so-called liberal channels like MSNBC doesn’t report, when you might think they would.

I’m not exactly naïve about the homos. I once had a rich girlfriend who easily might have been described as a “fag hag,” meaning she hanged with homos but was straight.

I remember her taking me to a big homo party of a friend of hers. The condo was decorated with red plush velour everywhere: heavy brocaded red curtains, faux 19th century furniture, etc. Soon the place was filled to the brim with the various classes of gays sporting their particular signature looks — the phony bikers, the equally fake outdoorsy and military types (they so love the company of men), pasty-white, skinny pretend teens and of course, your typical limp-wristed queens, or what most straights imagine faggots.

They had a keg in the kitchen, so I went back there to get away from all these vile creatures coming in through the door and still stay close to the beer. So I parked myself with my back to the wall, maybe to protect my virginal butt, as I joke about to this day. Right then I noticed an art collage behind me on the wall. Looking closer, I saw it was made up of torn-out photos from gay porno magazines, showing the faggots doing all sorts of grotesquely foul things. There wasn’t anywhere I could get away!

Before you say this was the only exposure to homos I ever had, think again. The university I went to was in the city and believe me, I saw tons of disgusting sights out of the homo “community.”

Let me just state for the record: Homos are NARCISSITIC perverts, who get OFF doing ever-disgustingly sick crap and “out-queering” each other. Shocking straights and religious people is another huge turn-on for these sodomites. This is why they want “equality” so much — so they might get a chance to gross out a “breeder,” or pick up on a little young fresh meat they can personally corrupt.

The brainwashing, lying media wants you to think of them as merely, sweetly “lovers” who couldn’t help themselves when they discovered they were “falling in love” with a member of their own sex. Right.

The Jews are sleazing down America, no doubt. Soon this land will look like a underground cartoon by the sick artist, S. Clay Wilson.

People will get raped and murdered all the time by depraved monsters roaming around. The few families still together will suffer unspeakable tortures and killing on a daily basis. Bizarre perverts in strange hairdos will have no problems hitting on your children in public places and should you say anything or God-forbid, punch the SOB out, the Jew “hate” police will have you thrown in prison where criminal blacks will rape and beat the hell out of you.

You think I’m just being imaginative? This is the course we’re on, folks.

— Phillip Marlowe

The Jewy Fagging of America

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222 Responses to Globalist Jewry Turning America into a New Sodom

  1. bubba says:

    protocolsRtrue says:
    March 5, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    Gloria Steinem


    If not aware she is admitted CIA….they funded her Magazine.
    Her past is as murky as Obongo’s..she was given some “one only ever”scholarship to go to college.

    I always found it “interesting” that Kike Jews had ugly Betty Freidan and Bella Abzug then an attractive Steinem promote womens movement.

    Trivia…she is Batman’s(Christian Bales) StepMom.

  2. HKW says:

    Eric says:
    March 6, 2014 at 5:32 am

    hkw, yer thoughts on this vid???

    Unless you also provide written link to this video so that I can copy and paste, I cannot view it.
    Besides, my thoughts seem to be totally irrelevant here anyway, therefore I no longer
    present them and no longer wish to.

    I offered Tyron a little HUG only without saying another word….

    What’s your problem guys? JEALOUS? 😉

  3. Laydee Liberty says:

    “$ 10 Bagel

    No, Nazi does NOT mean Nationalist Zionist.

    It is a derogatory shortening of Nationalsozialismus.

    It is pronounced Naht-zee-oh-nal.

    Eustace Mullins has done so much damage with his Na-Zi hogwash.”

    I do understand what your saying here.

    But I also hold to the opinion Mullins clip from the Canadian conference is largely taken out of the larger context in this sense:

    IT IS NOW USED TO CHANGE THE FOCUS from the bigger picture, As to what Mullins believed. Namely That “NAZI” was HOW HE referenced the agreement (between German NAtional Socialists and the ZIonists) WHICH PROVED THE FINAL SOLUTION policy meant getting Jews OUT OF GERMANY through emigration and or deportation; IT HAD NOTHING TO DO with any extermination plan or policy for Jews. ALL the factual documentary evidence supports THIS FACT and DISPROVES the Jewish-Zionist-Israeli Holocaust Industry Dogma’s that was used to establish Isn’tReal, terrorize Jews, and extort money and sympathy from non-Jews etc.

    Hitler did not hate or want to kill all Jews, he simply wanted them OUT of the country because at that time the Jewish oligarchy controlling Germany was destroying Germany and Hitler didn’t believe Jewish minorities and their oppressive policies should control the majority of non-Jewish Germans.

    As most can see on this site Germany was following the pattern other Christian countries have historically by expelling Jews because of their bad behaviors when they gain power over . Let’s face the fact oil and water do NOT MIX and they do eventually separate, it’s just a natural law.

    I hope this helps “thinking” people put the matter into proper historic context of what Mullins believed.

  4. Barney says:

    Try one parsnip? Why? (tyron[e] parsons). Tyrone=Try one. (Just me playing with words).

    If you’re genuine, try-one, why pick fights with people? If you think you know the truth, state your truth and leave it at that. Someone will always disagree because we’ve all got different perspectives and are at different stages of awakening.

    I don’t agree with everything said on here, and I’m sure people disagree with some of the things I say, but it doesn’t matter.

    A newcomer picking fights with respected regulars will always start the alarm bells ringing. Most of us on here will never meet (though some of us have), but we’ve been here long enough to know who we’d trust when the shooting starts. We don’t know you. You just appeared recently as a trouble-maker.

    I haven’t bothered to read most of what you’ve posted, btw. If someone acts like a troll, I just scroll past.

    I hope someone is reading every word though, in case you’re another one like “apollonian” who was responsible for destroying a lot of good sites, richard warman style (see Revelation 9-11 for a reference to “abbadon”/”apollyon” the destroyer).

  5. Jew York New World Order Church

    Little to no documentation exists about the meaning of the pillars and the rest of the Cathedral contains a lot of art with strange symbolism alluding to catastrophe and a new era

    Nursultan Nazarbayev

  6. sog says:

    you sure dont see the media praising the values of man and woman marriage ever …or do you ever see homoshitools ever demand that heterosexual values be taught in school or other ..
    there are many different layers of homodom in the world and most of em dont even get along like dykes and fairies and bull dykes and male faggots ..etc…stirred shit soup ..
    speaking of high pitched lisping down lo perverts , have you ever had the misfortune of lkistening to erik holder speak ..sounds like a fag ….
    anyway its a no brainer to see what happens to any place that has niggers or jews in it ..muslims all need to swallow cyanide ..mexicans need to gtfo of here before judgement day comes ..there are lots of beeners that need a lead burrito to ..
    heh heh what a freekin lisping jew faggot marrionette johnny weir ..heh heh put down obamas shriveled member and shut yer scrum dumpster ..

  7. ICU says:

    sog For President…running in the Harsh Justice Party

    How’s this for a bumper sticker…

    HEY ! jews and niggers
    TAKE A HIKE while you still can.
    Take a mestizo, under each arm, with you
    TODAY !

  8. ICU says:

    I centered the layout for that bumper sticker.

  9. Bailey says:

    Here’s another tranny, watch this MMA fighter get it’s ass kicked by a woman @ about 1 minute in.–mma.html

  10. Bailey says:

    The Harsh Justice Party ?

    I like that !

  11. Canadian says:

    “Conserative” party of Canada supports Israel, feminism and gays.

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