INCOG’s Blood Red Moons Passover Plot

Just the other day I noticed someone using a search string on the Internet to come here, apparently looking for what little old INCOG might have to say about the “blood red moons” — supposedly a sign from God about the “End Times.” Hate to burst any bubbles, but I pretty much don’t know a lot about it. Google on, my droogies.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I fully dig anything to do with cataclysm, world-wide destruction, God and/or Aliens smoting carbon-based Earthlings stuff. Sure, all that’s pleasant to contemplate. And I would indeed love seeing some of the blubbering fools in my neighborhood screaming and crying, dropping to their knees on my nice fescue lawn and begging to live, yet caring zero about anyone or anything else. Civilization and the home shopping channel would be in total chaos.

Hey, it’s all good. I didn’t go through the trouble of getting myself fully rigged military-wise, for a foo-foo garden party with tea and crumpets!

JOHN HAGEE SILOOne thing I do know is that Zio fat boy, “Bishop” John Hagee, is a big blood red moons pushing putz face. Therein lies the rub: No telling what secretly funded bull hockey the self-described holy man might be getting from a long-running Jew/Israeli black operation — codenamed “Goytard Prophecy” — all designed to brainwash America’s Christian Zionist Kwans with End Times fervor so we send in the marines wherever sacred Jews deem necessary. And the rotund SOB and his well-fed family are always going on Netanyahu-invited Holyland junkets — ultimately paid for by us American taxpayers if you understand fungibility and how much the Zio bastards suck out of us by the minute.

Do I think the Jews could be so sneaky and mean as to come up with some bizarre religious insanity for us Americans to believe whilst they control our brains and go on to the next stage of Israeli hegemonic imperialism and Jewish Global ownership? You bet your GD bippee I do! Whatever the flock bippees are (I think I got two big ones).

Now the first blood red moon is supposed to happen this Passover, which is coming up in April. I apologize for not warning you a week or two ago, but I’m not exactly the best “go to guy” when it comes to Jewish holidays or disasters on a biblical scale. Hell, I can’t even handle my own hang nails (had a real bad one on my stinky big right toe last week, no lie).

And I know I should already have it marked on my calendar, but then again, I don’t really have a calendar or expensively bound “organizer” where you write down stuff to do (mostly because I try not to do anything in the first place).

I can imagine keeping a calendar though: “Meet Joe Blow in AM over that big money-making Laundromat scheme he’s been bugging me about. Tell him not to bother. Scratch butt and remember to wash hands. Go shopping at Home Depot for more sandbags and barbed wire. Break out End Times outfit, load up magazines with ammo and hunker ass down in basement bathtub after cleaning out dog hairs and that funky purple mold left over from trying to make homemade LSD last year.”

Oh, I do indeed have a seriously cool, personally tailored (can’t exactly get others to do it) End Times/Zombie/Viral Outbreak/Race War/Asteroid strike/etc. outfit. My web gear is finally, FINALLY all in olive drab green (my fav) and mostly everything I need at the ready: 9 mike-mike pistol, magazine pouches, tear gas canister, bad-ass combat knife for purely sentimental male reasons. Also have a TV remote control drop down thigh-rig holster, with extra pouch for my travel-sized can of man hairspray.

creepy_ass_cracker_multicamEven got a couple of great Velcro embroidered patches. One of them is pretty funny, too, it says “CREEPY ASS CRACKER.” You know INCOG MAN had to jump all over that. I only hope Zimmerman is getting a cut of the action and not that fat moronic sheboon at his trial last summer. Fits perfectly on my tactical OD green backpack, too.

About the only thing I don’t have is one of those really cool black combat hatchets, which I must admit, I’ve been seriously lusting for. I am not joking here: I want one bad. I keep dropping great gift idea hints around the house, but all I get is funny looks and interrupted, hushed talk over the phone with unknown people somewhere.

OK, so next month is Passover, with the first of the blood red moons. Another one is due in October, again during a Jew holiday called SUK-IT, I think. Then, next year in April comes another Passover with an extra special blood red moon, one that also includes a full lunar eclipse with sun rays bursting around the edge — perfect for scary CGI news animations.

What I don’t get is just where this supposed “Lunar Eclipse of Death” happens. Does the Umbra path (the shadow created by whatever celestial alignment) go over Washington DC, Jew York city or the holy of holy, Jerusalem? Or is it some out-of-the-way place like Monkey’s Eyebrow, Tennessee? I thought these umbras were fairly narrow, so I think that would kind of, sort of, be a critical detail for God, Aliens, or those Jew creeps on Earth who actually consider themselves God, to factor.

Now I’ve seen a few lunar eclipses before, so it’s really nothing to get all crazy about. I’ve also directly seen a full-on solar eclipse and even that didn’t do all that much for me, either. But my first in-the-flesh, sighting of a buck naked adult woman (real boobies and everything!), DID do the trick. Oh yeah.

This scary lunar eclipse Passover blood red moon occurs in 2015 and is followed by one more blood red moons on another Jew holiday (Huggah-NIG, I think). Jews have tons of insane holidays — mostly involving them slaying the goyim — so celestial things are bound to coincide and get all mixed together. This is another reason (among many) Jews are wacked in the head.

My sneaking suspicion is this missing Malaysian Flight 370 has got to have something to do with it all.

CRAZY CHINK WOMAN SILOMy guess is that the Anti-Christ (Obama, Putin, Snoop Dog — take your pick) used HAARP to mentally control this old, but seriously good at Kung Fu fighting, mean-as-hell Chinese broad. She hijacked the plane by rendering passengers and crew comatose by farting a special knock-out gas built up in her gut by sucking down massive amounts of an obscure Peruvian Inca Flava bean concoction; stored in multiple 3 liter Camelbak bladders strapped beneath her billowy kimono.

Wearing a NATO issue gas mask, crazy old lady Manchurian candidate (one really from Manchuria, too), expertly piloted and landed the plane at Diego Garcia — a top-secret tropical paradise island in the Indian ocean we stole outright from the black natives; about which “news” people are told not to discuss, even that master of the English language and famed snappy dresser, Rev. Al Sharpton.

“Dago” Garcia is not exactly all that secret — last I heard they got themselves a top-secret “Hooters” bar and grill, staffed with hot, but fairly doltish babes who believe they are only working in the Bahamas, 90 miles offshore.

Here, US/Brit ZOG minions in matching purple velour jumpsuits with Illuminati triangle eye logo patches, aired the missing plane out thoroughly with industrial vacuums and loaded it up with a bunch of suitcase nuclear bombs (sized to fit in overheads); while a mesmerizing Hollywood Jew psychiatrist known only by the name of “Murray,” implanted secret instructions into the brains of passengers and crew.

Now that the effects of Kung Fu woman’s special fart gas have fully worn off, the plane’s original crew and passengers are getting ready to take to the skies for this year’s big Jew False Flag Passover Gala. It’s going to resume the original flight path, pop up on radar screens exactly where it went missing, while the Murray-mesmerized pilots act normal, telling air traffic controllers: “C’mon, not a thing happened, everything’s cool — where’s the GD beer and White women at?”

The passengers will disembark in Ho Chi Minh city, each carrying their own suitcase nukes and quietly transfer on to other flights destined for a variety of Christian theme parks, Sandals vacation resorts and world capitals — the handful not already owned by the Bankers — setting the nukes off when they retrieve boxer shorts, Victoria’s Secret bras, sex toys, bongs, socks, whatever.

OK, I know that last part sounds a bit crazy. Maybe I could go to work for CNN, Alex Jones or maybe even the Mossad? Just saying.


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221 Responses to INCOG’s Blood Red Moons Passover Plot

  1. t bone says:

    Yep, its a faggot:

    “Chris Crocker (born Christopher Darren Cunningham; December 7, 1987), also known as Chris Cunningham-Crocker, is an American Internet celebrity, blogger, songwriter, recording artist and former pornographic film actor residing in Los Angeles, California.

    Crocker gained international fame in September 2007 from his viral video “Leave Britney Alone!”, in which he tearfully defended pop singer Britney Spears’ comeback performance at the MTV Video Music Awards; his video had over four million views in two days.”

  2. bubba says:

    No such thing as Gay is “Heterosexually challenged” or “missed the correct orifice by that much “.

  3. bubba says:

    Britney Spears is a good example why one shouldn’t let kids watch the “Talmudvision”…aka “the Electronic Rabbi”.

    They program these celebs to evolve from a “biblical Madonna” to Babylonian Whore…as the norm.

    Fight the Kike by $tarve the more Goyim shekels for Jew.

  4. sog says:

    nifong op sounds irratonal like a jew agenda ..dropping the rape charges but keeping the kidnapping charges installed ..nifong is probably a zio slug ..justice would have been better seved if nifong was put in prison for 7 years or so …
    the relatuionship of the adl a branch of the bnai briss over our police depts and judical system cannot be denied or overlooked ..that the usa congress and house of asshole reps are in the jews pockets is obvious as the day light …
    the relationship of the fbi and the jewish mobs is clear enough here ..
    bnai briss the sons of circimcision developed the adl as an enforcement arm to try to ru=n major propaganda to smooth over jewish criminal crimes now when you call a jew out for mass murder etc and they scream anti semite or the enforcement of their major propaganda hollywood script “the holocaust” …
    even john teflon don gotti was 1/2 jew …his children are 3/4 jew as his wife was jewess ..the american mafia was jewish in major proportion like any other time when supposed proponenets of slaver even ,were white it is true they were jewish or why would most niggers have jewish surnames …
    yeah good point hoff ..everytime we factor in jew math on the problematic equasion we often forget the influence of the more hardcore jewish mafia activities of the main reasons i felt that the ussr collapsed was from internal jewish mafia power ….but then it is exceedingly difficult to diferentiate the jewish mafi from jewish neo cons or politicians …

  5. sog says:

    the jews / jewish mafia has erected a monument to the jewish mafia persons who murdered thousands on the way up and corrupted police -hoover fbi – etc las vegas ..a jewish mafia museum ..signifigant but unseen is the symbiotic connection to the invisible jewish power brokers and communists that helped to power up the jew mafia and vice versa ..there has been a jew mafia for a thousand years and more ..the rabbis are no less a crooked mafia that wears their parochial outfits from hell ..and they attend kike only schhols called yeshivas that indoctrinate them in criminality and imorality which they are so adept at and raised with in jew homes ..
    well tney actually call it the mob museum it is more about the jewish mob that built las vegas and still currently owns and controls …

  6. Barney says:

    I suppose someone had to post this to finish the thread off now that there’s a new one.

  7. MIKEY says:


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