Media Implying Whites Behind “Knock-Out Game”


Violent blacks protected by the media

beaten in San Antonio by blacks shouting race slurs

Corey Robinson was recently attacked and viciously beaten by a mob of blacks shouting “KNOCKOUT! …get the white boy… stomp the white boy…” in San Antonio, Texas. The local media employed all sorts of clever editorial tricks to hide the race of the perps.

From: Council of Conservative Citizens

For years we have talked about how the media censors black crime. Many major media outlets now openly admit to having a policy of censoring black crime perpetrators. However, an even more sinister form of censorship is rising.

This is what we call Stage 2 censorship of black crime. Where the media purposely leads you to believe that a black crime perpetrator was actually a white guy.

Jacksonville, FL is a hotbed of racially motivated black-on-white mob attacks and murders. We have been seeing racially motivated black-on-white mob attacks in this city for years. There was two more random mob attacks on white victims in February. Clear video of the suspects exists. However, the Jacksonville PD, which has a history of denying racial motive in black on white crime, is refusing to release the video.

News 4 Jax downplayed the hate crime attacks as “a game,” censored the race of the perps, and falsely insinuated that the perps are white.

News 4 Jax knows what race the perpetrators are. Even if their race was not listed in the police report, they interviewed one of the victims. We can tell that the perps are black because if they were actually white, the local media would be screaming it. If white thugs committed the mob attacks, then it would be a huge story and the race of the perps would be the focus of the coverage. We know that the perps are black, because the race of the perps is being censored.

News 4 Jax used an image of a white fist when talking about racially motivated black on white mob attacks. Not only did they censor the race of the perpetrators, they intentionally tried to lead the audience to believe the perps were white!

Jacksonville PD says they are not pursuing felony charges against the perps. The perps will be slapped on the wrist with minor misdemeanor charges.

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69 Responses to Media Implying Whites Behind “Knock-Out Game”

  1. Israhell on Earth says:

    “News 4 Jax used an image of a white fist when talking about racially motivated black on white mob attacks. Not only did they censor the race of the perpetrators, they intentionally tried to lead the audience to believe the perps were white!”

    People are waking up on a massive scale, you just have to check out the comment sections of these knockout game stories. The only options left for the media is either complete cencorship or a local ministry of truth.
    Maybe they can fool a few people with that scheme, but the majority knows that the term knockout game is synonymous with niggers.

  2. ICU says:

    Any non-kwan White in ANY major metro area, or anywhere in nigger smeared Jewnited Snakes of Murrikwa for that matter, that isn’t packing some sort of self defense weapon is Lost In Space and a violent crime statistic waiting to happen.
    It doesn’t even have to be a firearm, that The Pigs would love to catch you with if you don’t have a carry permit.
    A quick stout blade, that you had better not let go of, is a good Eggplant Slicer.
    If legalistic jeopardy prohibits that, try a BIC stick pen or a padlock in a nylon knee sock. Keep striking, keep your knees slightly bent, your weight forward, keep moving and try real hard not to wind up on the ground. If it’s not going your way, take as many of the sub-human motherfarking scums with you as you can, either to the hospital or the morgue.
    Why the Hell not ?

  3. bubba says:

    Street Fighting: Some good moves…not meant to be flashy, but how to be reactive defensive. Once the perp makes a move, they have left themselves exposed. Most bullies are idiots, stay a step ahead of them, as they generally think they can get you on the first move. Some good laws of physics to keep in mind.

  4. ihatekikes says:

    Hi Incog, and everyone. Just wanted to say thanks to you Incog, for all the stuff you put out. I wish I could send you some dough, but for now I cant. Shitty exchange rate. I hope the dollar crashes. I read in some jewspaper, that there was a white paper written by the ex imf somebody, that suggest a super currency. Then we fooked.

    Hey mossod, I love what you do. To everyone else keep the faith, tables turn, its a game of patience.

  5. botchamania says:

    cogz did you walk by me on 68 th ya sneaky jew.

  6. bubba says:

    Gang attack defence:

  7. Tom says:

    Pepper Spray at a minimum.

    I prefer a 38 Snubbie with Wadcutters in can carry states.

    Armed patrols must commence in every decent white neighborhood.

  8. bubba says:

    Keep in mind….

    Best to avoid the possibility of the situation. ie stay out of the war zone

    Even if you win the fight….there will be justice system to contend with and all the Kike Jew lawyers hovering over the case. Even if you are white and in the right you are wrong.

  9. RED PILL says:

    i have been the victim of the knock out tactic twice, knocked out cold for at least 7 min.
    one time and almost beat to death by a 17 yr. old another time
    i never had a clue either time that any thing was going to happen. concussions, lacerations, lost teeth, broken jaw,and lost wages was my fate.
    so i moved from that place which has a population density of 1,558.9/sq mi. to a place that has a population density of 0.46/sq mi.
    problem solved and there are no strangers here.
    bubba says:
    March 11, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    Keep in mind….Best to avoid the possibility of the situation. ie stay out of the war zone
    damm good advice bubba

  10. Smitherines says:

    Notice they NEVER demand reparations from the 1000s of Jew companies like
    Monsanto Corp or Lehman Brothers Banking that became billionaires on the
    African Slave Trade?

  11. sog says:

    for starters ,niggers have NO place in white america was white america and fuck anyone who dont like it was good and white america was prosperous till the fuckin jew came along and empowered his house pet niggers on white america ..the muslims are against us ,the jews are against us ,the niggers are dam sure aginst us and the spikx are here for all the free shit ,displacing the whites from jobs and housing ..chinks ,fuck the chinks to ..they have their own god dam country to go screw around in ..GTFO ..shitbags ..
    niggers have this grandiose idea they are going to sue for i said earlier they should sue their assholes for a new face ,one with smaller lips maybe ,buttlips ..heh heh ..nigguz izz gwan an gets em some frree gibzz me daht shit right now n shiuyyit ..reparations ..their own coward ass foreapes didnt want to go back to africa …i repeat : the fucking niggers foreapes did not want to go back to africa so how can you sue over something their forefathers decided upon niggers ,yes ,sue your nigger granpappy and the jews cus the kikes brought you over here so yall could collect welfare for life an get a free sailfawm n shit ..all the more reason to start exterminating niggers at the noi and nbpp levels first ..farracoon is a batshit syphlitic brain dead shit monkey who has killed his share of innocent whites to be inn the position he is in the noi ..thats all these marxist indoctrianted shitstains gibber about all day long is kill whitey kill duh wyt debbil nauseum ..niggers dont belong here ..look at the cities they “run” ..not without some serious white over seers ..we been supplementing nigger welfare colonist monkey breeders for over 2 hundred years is worse now than its ever been ..
    a case of shut the fuck up needs to opened up on the media communist jew propagandists ..for the sake and survival of the whites in america .all jews media needs to be crushed ..their fuckin equivalent to muslim loudspeakers in the middle east blaring out at the muslim devils that its time to stick your goat smellin asses in the air and worship a wole bunch of allah ..the moon god ..somethin about exhaust emissions standards comes to mind ..

  12. INCOG MAN says:

    I’ve been a little busy lately. Haven’t had much time for my site here.

  13. summerled says:

    scam after scam when is enough enough whats it going to take, the jews appetite
    will grow with the eating as we do nothing thay are hatching new scams by the dozen
    not having to earn a living gives them plenty of time to plan our new depths of hell
    false recession anyone? so thay can buy for penny’s on the dollar everything of value
    fuck man its cartoonishly obvious

  14. Hoff says:

    Gilad Atzmon:Once again, we learn that neither the French ‘Socialist’ government nor its Jerusalemite paymasters can cope with a certain type of parody. Is it a coincidence?

  15. sog says:

    whites should get behind a knockout game agenda ..if your gonna get blamed for it you might as well get in front of it ..we should be knockin the nigger outta of these tar bunnies .
    an eye for an eye ..the jews to eye for an eye back at them ..its biblical ..kikes like to throw out scripture at non intelligent sheep to silence them , like you nazzi or you anti semite ..yes and yes ,so waht shitkike ..fake kike ..non israelite ,decendant of mass murdering kazaar kikes eye for an eye is the least of what we have a duty to implement aginst our myriad enemies ..jews musloons illegal imminiggers and beaners ..
    this country was founded by white europeans for white europeans ..dont like it ,leave ,GTFO..
    the percentage of nigger rapes against white women isnt going to majically stop ,it will only increase as nigger behaviour continues to spin out of control more and more..the other tnb will also continue to inexorably worse to ..
    the fact that the kosher kike media is trying to sell bullshit propaganda on media thet whites are doing the knockout game is telling of how they are realizing that whites are waking up who do they seel this shit to ? ,surely not whites that heve ben raoped ,robbed, beaten or murdered by worthless nigger refuse ..
    any and all niggers in your immediate vicinity should be suspect at all times ..
    never mind muslims who should have targets painted o ntheir heads or the entitled marxist indoctrinated la raza bitches ..thre fughggin shit stain congolese or somaliapes being escorted right into mainland usa is a bold jewish move as in europe to where they will succeed in turning europe into a bnigger cesspoole with muslim excrement ..

  16. I think Southern United States and the South should be permalinked to this article, too.

    This issue extends outside of Jacksonville and Florida…

  17. sog says:
    It be da White mans fault we be fat!…niggers be suin us for their eating habits now ..

    “…A new “study” claims that racism causes a higher risk of obesity in female Negro(niggers)Americans.(africans)..these assholes do not qualify as humans or americans ..
    Is there ANYTHING that isn’t blamed on the White population? Blacks not doing well in school? Racism. Blacks sitting in jail? Racism. Blacks not climbing out of poverty? Racism. Black boys failing in all areas? Racism. Blacks unemployed? Racism. And now the latest – Black chicks fat? RACISM!
    blacks caynt seel nuff crack n shit ,itd b duh white debbils fault to ,,wahhh wahhh ..
    niggers make me want to puke ..niggers are stupid lazy worthless fly farms …
    “…….UNREAL… CNN Op-Ed Says We Need To “Stop Locking Up” Young Black Men Because It “Impedes Their Chances of Making A Successful Life”…HOW ABOUT THIS INSTEAD – Have the young black thugs STOP their CRIMINAL AND VIOLENT ACTIVITIES……or howabout just exterminating these ghetto rats ….”
    keeping the nigger problem in perspective ..look at how niggers have murdered 10’s of thousands of innocent whites in south africa after apartheid (legitamate soverign govt of sa)was deceptively removed ..and look at eurape ..white countries turning into abbatoirs and rape capitols by nigger/muslims refuse who should all be shot on site ..
    the jews do the same shit to countries they rape financialy and allow for the nigger hoardes to act like their natural selves the usa the nigger has the support of morally bankrupt noi ,nbpp,obama regime ,and a host of other nigger entitiled elite orgs like naacp and blacks only colleges because the sight of a white person is too upsetting for the the lil ol oppressed niggers ..guess who payes for all the nigger infrastructure and welfare for niggers ..nigger bitch sez she goona hab 12 chirrens and nuffin goan stop her ..nigger welfare should be threatened to be cut off after the 1st illigitamte nigger turd is born ..if they even think about habbin another nigger spawn they should be cut off nigger bitch gorilla would even think about havin a 2nd shitlain ..whites flee the cities that were once productive and safe but the jew and his corporate skull duggery has turned the cities into jobless war zones but the niggers are all to glad to just blame any white they can find ..niggers also are to blame for havin too many nigger babies that whites have to support with the welfare for life ..and the nigger baby factories churn out more nigger gangster refuse on the whites dollar ..and the nigger populations rise in the cities thay have conquered and habitate through sheer anti white terror and non stop baby making ..disgusting shit …as far as im concerned when the shtf there is gonna be a lot of payback ,justified and neccesary for cleaning up the planet ..
    sog knows whos been naughty or nice ..heh heh ..oh i think my attitude stretches over the multicultural different shitbag selections ,even some white trash ..

  18. sog says:
    niggers need retroactive birf control ..
    here is your highest iq nigger there is …yea right lol ,nigger doctors lawyers engineers ..heh heh ..inventors ..more likely JENKEM sniffers …
    off topic but of interest ,heh heh …da plane wasnt the only thing goin down ..

  19. Bailey says:

    Even the dupes are catching on to the knockout game, wakey wakey, white people ,you’re catching on but not fast enough.
    Forget about your nigger idols that play pro sports for the jews, they ain’t doing nothing for you except confusing you, most are just stupid nigger thugs off the field and out on the street, forget about those nigger rappers that dribble about raping your sister or puttin’ a cap in the ass of da’ ones keepin’ em down, I can’t believe white people even listen to that stupid nigger trash and to make matters worse the white man has to even dress like nigger now, like he’s gonna get laid or get some respect from the niggers that are trying to fuck our women?

    How about if us awakened white folk start playing the knock out game on all the white men who go out of their way to dress and act like niggers, we can call it community service, we can’t talk sense into these self hating bastards so why not beat it into them.
    Then we can blame it on the niggers.

    sog 2016, running on the motto – GET THE FUCK OUT !

    Thanks for the Bamboo Delight archive link, where the eff’ have you been on vacation?
    We got jews and niggers to bash.

  20. sog says:

    these niggers were doin this shit in the 60’s at highschool games ..nigger bitches had purses full of metal pipes and would fuck up white people after starting shit with them was the niggers always starting the shit like all the riots the niggers started onn the advice of MLK nigger homo prophet ..the jewish opwned media would ony show the cops suprressing the nigger asshoiles rioting but never showed the niggers starting the violence even of cops show up to disperse a crowd it would not make a full blown riot and looting a justifiable thing but how it always happened was the niggers came with violence and anti white hatred and started to destroy cities on the words of their communist idol mlk ..
    etc ..nigger bs has always been the same ol shit ..they really are a worthless bunch of shitheads that thre jews have adopted for antio white agendas of their own ..
    never a vacation only study and observation ..thinking ..pondering ,and a another issue that would have sent me over the line ..i have recapped my composure for now for a little while dont feel right unless i am bashing niggers jews spiks and muslim excrement ..but there are strange tidings around me sometimes ..cant talk on it in here .
    some relllly weeerd shit im noticing …but the truth will not be squelched ..
    drinking any good beer over yonder bailey …good time for the bbq ..i really dont think planet earth has long to go ..the west coast has gone hot ..dead zone ..beaches i would say are hot with fukashima rad ..the jews did fukashima ..i have been titoring some people in the finer school of incogmanology …there are a lot of aware people out there ..wish we could put it to use shot at it ..jews are too fuckin reinforced and dug in ..
    jews do fukashima

  21. sog says:

    heh heh would be a refreshing thing to see the jews on the run and all the niggers sent back to africa ..we could make the muslims swim baCK to camel land ..mexicans we could just put em on huge gliders without wings and send em back parcel post no deposit no retrun aIR mail ..alot of people get fuckin fed up with the insanity of it all and take long breaks ,i understand that shit well …it is a complicated truth of many levels and compartments we have been made caretakers of we have a responsibility to study harder than most others to ferret oput the truths from the jew fiction would be better to just go to war and get it over with tha to try to carry the load on our backs ..
    look at maryland and the 100,000 gun owners the kike occupied govt there is trying to seize or the 6-700 thoudand in conn3ecticut or im off on the number but there will be a showdown there no doubt …is it a matter of thr mountain coming to mohammed or vice versa but the octopus needs to have its head cut off ..all members of the billionaire club and the bilderbergs are good places to look at ..trilateral comish etc ,they are all anti american ,antiu constitutional terrorist organizations fronted by the likes of banai briss and adl etc …jews coming to take our guns is what it boils down to ..and a subsequent culling of america to the tune of 2-300 million people ..they can kill off the mexicans and the niggers for all i care and the muslims have always been anti christian anti white terrorists ,slave traders etc ..nation wreckers as well as the jew ..
    yeah bailey the bamboo site is great ..he doesnt write any new articles like he used to but he writes bigger script like the site i posted ..check out his archives before he gets tossed off the air like alot of others ..

  22. Bailey says:

    Hey sog, Week nights is just an oil can of Fosters – Australian for beer.

    The cops still don’t have the time to bust the niggers, they’re too busy busting white college kids drinking green beer.

    Anytime is a good time for the bbq but this winter was really effin’ cold, too cold .

    Gotta get up early and go to work ya’ know, I got jews and niggers to pay for.

  23. Bailey says:

    With two jobs I got so little time to read, I may have to get me one of those smart phones so I can be like everyone else at work but atleast i’ll be further educating myself and not jerking off to porn or gaming with trekkies.

    Bamboo is kind of stealth , I don’t think the name of that site is raising flags with the jews yet, maybe we shouldn’t mention it anymore though.

  24. Bailey says:

    Forgot to mention,

    Glad to see that post from DICARLO made quote of the week, great stuff !

  25. Hoff says:

    What is is a tool to escape linkbaits, trolls, idiots and asshats. 
    What the tool does is try to capture the content of an article / blog post without passing on your visit as a pageview. Effectively this means that you’re not paying with your attention, so you can read and share the idiocy that it contains.

  26. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Rose McGowen: I Witnessed A Knockout Game Attack In L.A.

    Of course she doesn’t mention the race of the attacker. What else could you expect from a Hollywood liberal.

  27. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Rose McGowan: I Witnessed A Knockout Game Attack In L.A.

    I misspelled her name. Sorry. This should work.

  28. t bone says:

    Wetback with jew lawyer sues rescuers for rescuing him:

    Roy Ortiz was rescued from raging flood waters during the historic floods last September in Colorado.

    His vehicle plunged into a creek in Broomfield County after hitting a portion of washed out road near the intersection of U.S. 287 and Dillon Road in Lafayette.
    Ortiz is now filing an intent to sue the county and his rescuers for up to $500,000.

    His attorney, Ed Ferszt, says the rescue possibly took longer than it should have because divers didn’t know Ortiz was still in the car. He found a pocket of air and managed to stay calm for the two hours he was trapped in the cold water.

    That intent to sue has sparked a firestorm of criticism.

    He’s been called an ambulance chaser and any number of other names.

    I got a few names I can think of.

  29. Israhell on Earth says:

    Another, even more outragious Case….

    Nigglet born in Prison wins $2.5 Million Nigger Lottery

    CINCINNATI – The state of Ohio agreed to pay $2.5 million this week to care for a Colerain Township child born to a prisoner.

    Marcquietta Nored filed a suit with the Ohio Court of Claims in 2011 after she said the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction caused her child to be born with severe brain damage.

    Nored, 47, said she did not receive proper prenatal care while behind bars at the Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW) in Marysville.

    The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction agreed to settle the lawsuit this week, but admitted no wrongdoing in the case.

    Nored gave birth to her daughter, Julia Nored, while serving a prison sentence for forgery in 2006.

    According to the lawsuit, two tests were done at the reformatory showing Nored was pregnant, but the staff never told her and didn’t treat her high blood pressure.

    Her lawyers claim they knew her high blood pressure could complicate things, but still didn’t help her.

    “That’s outrageous. She deserved better than that and she didn’t get it,” said Ohio Justice and Policy Center Executive Director David Singleton. “Obviously, there were multiple opportunities for ORW to provide prenatal care and to begin to deal with the problems of the pregnancy – and they just dropped the ball time and time again.”

    Julia, now a 7-year-old with cerebral palsy, has great difficulty walking. Nored said Julia will need care and medical treatment for the rest of her life.

    $1.3 million of the $2.5 million settlement will go into a trust fund for Julia’s care.

    The Lawrence Firm in Covington, which represented Nored, will get $1 million for fees and $121,000 for expenses.

    “No amount of money is going to undo what the prison officials did in this case,” Singleton said. “We’re talking about a 7-year-old girl who is never going to have a normal life.”

    Singleton said he believes lack of medical care in the prison system is unfortunate, but routine.

    “They should be treating folks who are locked up as if they were treating a family member or close friend and not just sort of pushing them aside and ignoring them because of their prisoner status,” Singleton said.

    Department of Rehabilitation and Correction officials were not available for comment Tuesday on the settlement.

    Nored’s attorney Richard Lewis said she is a fantastic mother and a great person from a great family. He said she is doing an excellent job raising Julia.

  30. Commander Goyim & His Lost Sheeple Airmen says:

    Great Quote DiCarlo; thanks for posting Incogman.

    Adolf Hitler is the greatest white leader to have ever lived….even his painting attest to this; tactical error (or not) on a battlefield are subjective.

    With a bit more time the Wehrmact/Luftwaffe would have been putting nukes on the A4 and Me -jets; London & Moscow would be green glass today

  31. MIKEY says:


  32. bubba says:

    Re Hitler.

    They claim he was a “failed” artist, frustrated and went into politics

    Oh yeah…have people actually seen some of his work ? Very good work !

    What was REALLY going on was the Kike Jews was perverting the German art scene, all that modern art crap we see (BTW …Picasso was a Communist)as a means to degrade and wipe out culture.

    Hitlers work did not conform to the Kike Jews run shit-art schools…which is why he didn’t “make it” as an artist.

  33. bubba says:

    The more I look at Justin Bieber, more I am convinced he is actually Miley Cyrus.

  34. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    Bottom line

    As long as kwans keep giving them power, they will continue squashing us all.

    Kill the brain and you kill the ghoul.

  35. Barney says:

    The devil’s gargoyles attack and then pretend their victim attacked them. It’s typical jew behaviour, as in the old Polish saying that “the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”.

    Nowadays it would be “the jew screams in agony as he sticks a knife in your back”.

    The jews murdered tens of millions of Russians, and then pretended the thirty thousand or so kikenvermin that died of typhus in the German labour camps were really six million that were “gassed” with bug spray.

    Translated into Human language, that means that if you force a kike to work, it’s equivalent to killing 200 kikes. One working kike = 200 dead kikes. No bodies. No graves. No ash. We just have to take their word for it. They’d never lie to us … would they?

    The vermin have been at it for centuries, committing every crime imaginable and then some, and blaming everything on their victims, so what’s the difference?

    Kikes attack Humans, then blame the Humans.

    Niggers attack Humans, then blame the Humans.

    Niggers are lower than apes, certainly not Human, and kikes are of the devil, the lowest of the low, lower even than a slime-mould. We should expect such claims from things that aren’t Human and, in the case of the kikenvermin, don’t even belong in this world.

    Every species of earth has some level of morality, even the nigger, though it’s standards are pretty low, but the kike has NO morals. It would carve it’s own mother’s eyeballs out and sell them for a few shekels. It’s incapable of feeling, of compassion, of guilt, of any higher values. It doesn’t belong in this world.

    Send the vermin back to hell, and their pets won’t be a problem for long.

    Btw, over here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), the kikes have made it “illegal” for any White Person to carry anything that could be used to defend ourselves against an attacker.

    I once knew a White Man who was “arrested” (kidnapped by the enforcers) and accused of “going equipped to steal” because he had the tools of his trade in the boot (trunk) of his car, and that was twenty or more years ago, long before things got as bad as they are now.

    This video’s a bit weird, but the soundtrack seems either genuine Johnny Rebel or a fair imitation. Get it before they take it down again.

  36. bubba says:

    What happens when a Jew hits another Jew…..who cries in pain first ? or do they take turns?

    Like if a tree falls in the forest…will a deaf, dumb and blind Jew lawyer notice ?

  37. Barney says:

    If a jew speaks in the forest, and there’s no Human Being to hear his lies, is he still lying?

    Answer – YES.

    A jew in INCAPABLE of speaking the truth, as noted by John Kaminski around the time of my awakening to the jew problem.

    This could be the one. It seems to be the only copy left on the internet.

  38. Barney says:

    Gas explosion in jew yoik, but it’s ok (I think). As far as I can tell from the Bolshevik Brainwashing Cowards, it was in Harlem, which I understand to be populated entirely by jungle critters (though I could be wrong about that).

  39. RED PILL says:

    put Mel Gibson On Your shitlist

    “Gibson has quietly donated millions to charitable Jewish causes, in keeping with one of the highest forms of Tzedakah in the Jewish faith, giving when the recipient doesn’t know your identity.”

    “Gibson told me that he believed that 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.”

    sounds like the words of jewish suck ass to me.

  40. RED PILL says:

    the Manhattan building explosion was just another demolition job, i understand that there are two new buildings on either side of the explosion. what better way to do a demolition, collect insurance and rebuild,.. just like the cockroach Larry Silverstein

  41. bubba says:

    Was watching the news(rare event for moi) re that Malaysian plane disappearance.

    A company called Six Stars Travel (aka each star had six sides aka Kike Jew logo) is being investigated

  42. bubba says:

    Mel Gibson…?

    Fuck off traitor….the Kikes got to you….put yer shrivelled balls on e-bay.

  43. sog says:

    niggers all of em are born with brain disfunction and they call it damage ..its just genetic nigger prehistoric disposition …crush a nigger for mommy ..
    people are encouraged to sue for anything and everything to make jew lawyers rich ..a nuisance law suit will usually be settled before it even gets to court in most cases and its getting harder and harder for the people who settle on vexatious suits to ignore them as the threat of a jew cocksukker lawyer taking a frivolous pice o shit case to court and winning can ruin a business …this tort law shit is definitely jew fueled from the start ..they take a sensible good thing and destroy it into something hideous and unrecognizable and cause total disrepute to the law and all the while profit from it while all others are diminished ..
    yeah gibstein has swallowed the kosher kooolaide …some temples tried to exterot him along the way before he really saw the dead jewish light when jews were angry at him ,etc the temples told him if he was really penetent and all thet bs and then he should support the temples cus the rabbis were embezzling funds and the temples were in the red etc he totally caved in now ..the jewish media killed 6 million jews ..the jews killed 80 million russians -3 million spanish 1936 as “rebels” (bolsheviks)-4-5 million armenians in 1915-1920 -they had germany destroyed to the last woman child dog cat fish with inhuman carpet bombing of populated german suburbs and cities ..etc ..the jew is responsibole for releasing the anc niggers in south africa to kill whites as they please ..
    and the communists in the white house have released the nigger foot soldiers here in nthe usa to kill us along with the shit stain imminiggrents they bring in as muslim filth and such …its a war ..

  44. Commander Goyim & His Lost Sheeple Airmen says:

    Good post Barney.

    One thing they have not oulawed in the UK is shaving ( yet) and if you suffer 5 o’clock shadow; that is a sign you need to carry a nice sharp straight razor with you at ALL times for some creative touch-ups to keep those pesky shadows down.

  45. sog says:

    more special enrichment from multicultural mentality by nigger refuse ..if law and order actually worked these niggers would be taken out and shot immediately …a nation cannot survive these severity of crimes against white people by niggers ansd so it is high time to strike back in calculatyed ferocity at the nigger plague upon us //
    the niggers out there walking around free will commit crimes and some haev already against whites just because the white house communists assure them its ok ..if they were assured of a summary execution for committing the crimes they are committing and getting away with and when caught only slapped on the wrist they might actually think for a second reality the onoy time they think is when the barrel of a cold steel blue pistol is poised at their worthless faces ..then and only then do they think ..with niggers like muslims if you dont seek them out and kill them for their crimes then they have no “respect ” for the beleagured class they attack continually mainly the whites of the world in all the various places //its open season on us so it must be open season on niggers and muslims as well as the other miscreant criminal classes of sub human life forms ..

  46. Axe Man says:

    Edster: excellent video. Fuck niggers are dumb. Only a nigger can turn a minor traffic misdemeanor into a felony evasion. Paid for by US taxpayers. The cops should have blocked the niggers car from the front and blown out the tires.
    Bailey: smart phones are the way to go. I have mine with me at work everyday catching up on Incogman etc. They are slower to type with but at least you can take them anywhere with mobile reception. I disable cookies and location services and cover the cameras, just in case some kike traitor is spying.

  47. Bailey says:

    Hey Mel Gibson,

    Wipe that demon seed from your chin.

    The common man may need to be careful what he says at work when it comes to the jews , not out of fear that someone may be offended but out of knowing that without his pay check to pay check existence he’s fucked but why the hell would a guy who has no worries when it comes to money and feeding his family have to get on his knees and apologize between slurps. It must have been the filthy jewish Hollywood lifestyle that Gibson missed because he sure as hell doesn’t need to work.
    If a common man tells a cop that jews are the cause of all wars he’s gonna get his name added to a list whether he’s drunk and driving or not but why should I be afraid of a list that already has my name on it?

    To hell with the jews and eff’ anyone who feels they need to apologize to them and anonymously donate money to them, I would say that i’ll never watch a Mel Gibson movie again but I already don’t.
    I don’t watch any Hollywood garbage.

  48. sog says:

    niggers prove over and over again that they are worthless burdens to the usa where they were never intended to be in a welfare colony state of perpetuity ..they prove again and again they are dangerous and stupid ..they need to be exterminated ..
    they prove again and again that they are easily compatible with muslim terroist propaganda religion and terrorist communist marxist etc dogma ..they wish to anhilate the white race and are extremely vocal about it ..i think whites should extermiante these niggers and until we do they will be a constant threat to the safety of whites ..
    if it takes solidarity with mexicans to eliminate niggers and ifd it takes solidarity with asians to eliminate niggers then these are real and pressing decisions and options ..the terrorist nigger organizations sauch as NOI or shit licker NBPP are completely sanctioned and celebrated and supportrd by our current communist jewosh regime in the white house and who doesnt know that obama is a homo and a murderer who offed his faggot lovers when he was running for jew running dog puppet lackey for potus ..
    “….the black community defended the gang rapers . A large rally was even held by the New Black Panther Party,to support this behaviour and support nigger violence towards mexicans and of course the niuggers blame whites for niggers raping mexicans cant make this sick shit up and these niggers have to go .. the ignorant moron iq niggers also blamed the victim and white racists…shit ..i think enough was enough decades ago ..i dont know but do you think an 11 year old girl is precocious and sexual and deviant to the point where she would knowingly consent to and seek out a brutal gang rape by filthy niggers ..I hope the mexican community takes care of business and (………………………………censored…………………………….. )offenders and the nigger assholes in the media who have turned this into a marxist narrative ..they are celebrating extreme lawlesness ..this rot will reach into even protected areas if it is allowed to continue ..ive never known mexicans to let such henious criminality go unpunished in the court of street pay back …never ..niggers show their imbecilic violent trademark of sickening approval of a crime as such ..all these niggers and the noi and nbpp should all be taken out and shot …these are terrorists and anti white to the highest degree ..remembeirng what ben franklin said about the jews and how they should be removed from the fledgling usa back in its infancy it is also true that the union did not want the worthless nigger here anymore either and this sentiment is still the same ..we dont want niggers here ..

  49. Hoff says:


    USA: Topless Femen destroy Holy Bible


    She did this in Texas, JewSSR = USA.

    She is from Ukraine but living in France as political refugee. She is even on a stamp in the jew ruled France.

  50. Barney says:

    I can’t agree with what Johnny Duncan says about US (or any) politicians, but apart from that, never was a truer statement made into a song.

  51. Barney says:

    Here’s another one.

  52. Laydee Liberty says:

    Police: 3 (NON-white Men) who attacked white couple went to wrong home

    MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The three men accused of severely beating a man and REPEATEDLY sexually assaulting his PREGNANT wife may have meant to target a different home for a robbery, authorities in Wisconsin said.

    Three men face sexual assault and armed robbery charges after police said they broke into a Madison home looking for money, found the couple lying in bed and assaulted the woman, who was six months pregnant, after beating her husband. But a criminal complaint shows a woman may have sought to send the men to rob the home of a man she was dating.

    The complaint filed Tuesday details a botched robbery plan that may have been intended to target the victims’ neighbor. Authorities said Efemia A. Neumaier told the assailants they’d find at least $1,500 in cash in the home of the man she was seeing, but that the men broke into the wrong home

    Rape is a HATE Crime
    Here’s my vote for castration with a dull dirty blade.

  53. protocolsRtrue says:

    Don’t sweat it Barney or Bailey or any other truth teller. I get blocked from Incogman 9 times out of ten. Funny thing is most other websites work fine. Somebody’s hating my free speech first amendment rights. What I really hate is that when I do get here and post a comment the squid url cannot be found comes back again so I wasted my time again. I should no better by now to copy my posts first before trying to send them . But who would or could expect that the jews will sink to such depths as violating our free speech rights but o then again only jews and scumbag cowards traitors committing treason piece of shits would do that in the first place. Collect your shekels now scumbag coward traitors committing treason against the very Constitution you Sworn to support and defend. Collect your shekels scumbag. How many pieces of silver did it take? It don’t matter you still sold out traitor committing treason regardless of the price.

  54. protocolsRtrue says:

    It doesn’t matter scumbag coward traitor committing treason whether it took one shekel to buy a beer or a prostitute or 100 million shekels because you know so much. You are still a scumbag coward traitor committing treason. But oh-NO Snowden is not. He is not for revealing what our zog.jew gov is doing to our own citizens. Americans are SUPPOSED to know what our zog is doing. Especially since the whole dc is run by niggers and jews. Protocol #1.

    3. It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorisation, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.

  55. protocolsRtrue says:

    Zog agents read and reread that protocol. Snowden is NOT a traitor. Snowden DID sacrifice his life and liberty to reveal the truth about our

  56. Bailey says:

    Victims were white people, when the suspect was identified as a nigger this story was dropped like a hot potato.

  57. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Bailey. That’s the story I was going to post yesterday. News reports even internet stories just described the perp seemed to drive through barricades at seventy miles an hour but on fux news they did a live telephone interview with a cop that accidently said it was a black male. I tried to post it and the squid url cannot be found came back and I said to myself aw fuck it the truth will come out eventually.
    Then fux news ran reruns of the day before white looking guy did a carjacking.

    Keep up the good work Bailey and the rest I’m getting a little frustrated here sometimes this is the only website that either dragasses or wont let me get here at all so I just give up trying sometimes.

  58. Bailey says:

    Hey pRt,

    Here’s one that belongs on the jewy fagging of America thread,

    Maybe we shouldn’t feel so sorry for the people that nigger ran over, they were waiting to see this piece of shit nigger,

    In other news, Jon Corzine’s drug addict son committed suicide in Mexico,
    Boo-effin’-hoo !

  59. kelly says:

    i contacted the jax4 news and they don’t have any idea on the comment that Israhell on Earth commented on…..I don’t remember a black-on-white mob attack story on the website, and a keyword search did not find anything. But if anything like what you describe was used, I would want to investigate it.

    If you can provide more specifics — date, what/when/where, or even a link to the story — I will get to the bottom of it.

    Steve Patrick
    Managing editor

  60. INCOG MAN says:


    Why don’t you go to the link and watch the vids yourself? You can see the white fist used in the report graphic right the hell there.

  61. sog says:

    right laydee liberty ,the niggers are about as smart as cops who routinely break into innocent peoles homes and shoot their dogs and terrorise the occupaqnts and sometimes get shot dead …cops should never be allowed to kick in any door ever anywhere unless thaere is a life in danger ..the only lives in danger are in danger when cops break in to houses ..and there are cops who rape and murder people as well and have been convicted of such ..any nigger who breaks into a house should by law be shot dead either during or after or when it is aperested …and these gun grabber kikes want our guns ..fuck you kikes ..
    a person has a personal right which is higher than a god given right to have the means and ability to defend his her life and family ..the second amendment is a nice reminder of what we should be able to implement anywhere anytime with out construct of law …

  62. kelly says:

    I do believe the truth and was only pointing out that the media site was full of crap

  63. INCOG MAN says:

    OK, Kelly.

    Just get the word out to fellow Whites.

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